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Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) Tim Burton meeting James Hogg over a bottle of poppers, it'll all be in the correlations. COM Gtuenv h Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut). We're off for a few dates of loveliness with The Go! The most irritating part of the breakdown is not that we're a mere 50 miles from Manchester, but that we have a member of The Go! Team travelling Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) us, as well as support DJ Scotch Egg. We are repeatedly taunted by the vehicle recovery services, who promise they'll be there in 45 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes. Eventually, we give up and indulge in Scotch Egg's favourite pastime: trying to win Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) toy from those grabbing machines known as 'Dinky Winky' machines. We win him a little duck-like thing, which we lovingly call Lily. Finally, Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) cancelled our gig, Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) with time running out for Sam of The Go! Teamwe have Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) that the vehicle coming to transport us to Manchester is only 25 minutes away. We immediately spring into a lovely improvised ditty about Scotch Egg's other favourite pastime, eating KFC. As if on cuethe minibus turns up. The decision now has to be made as to who stays with our minibus and return to Brighton, and who meets the The G! T to travel to Cardiff? We girls make the difficult decision to forge on to Manchester and enjoy the delightful GIT'sshow. February Cardiff The Pipettes and our band The Cassettes reunite in one of those movie-style, running towards each 36 1 plan b other with open arms, moments; and we can finally look forward to playing a gig. We recently made a few changes to our setand line-up: firstly, we have three new songs we're desperate to play and, secondly, we've recruited a new keyboardist, Falcone the younger also known as Beppe. So it's devastating we couldn't play yesterday. But we're too darn excited to let our spirits be dampened for long, and treat ourselves to pizza and beer before preparing for the stage. We all thoroughly enjoy the show, nothing goes wrong and Beppe is fantastic. Next on isDJ Scotch Egg. It's pointless trying to explain this man's stage persona except to say that throwing the word 'genius' at him isn't good enough. He ends his set pelting scotch eggs at the audience, one of which hits Monster Bobby guitar in the eye, causing him to have egg eye for the rest of the evening. We try not to laugh too much. February Leeds The problem with having to travel so far in one Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) is traffic jams. They are never fun unless you can invent games to pass the time. I sit in the front with Falcone the older, aka Jon Cassette bassaka MC Coleslaw, as crowned by DJ Scotch Egg after displaying extreme spitting skills on Friday's KFC composition, who devises a way of embarrassing truck drivers, which is always fun. This involves sticking two thumbs up at Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) and then replacing this with an 'OK' sign ie, forefinger and thumb pinched together. We do this for about five hours, and it never got boring. We even get a few winks. Jon manages to get a hoot as well. When you're travelling at the same time as another band the chances are you'll see them on the motorway, so yet more time is taken up by swearing at The G! T's tour bus whenever we pass it. There's something about cabin fever that makes you act like a child. We also find out that tonight our gig is being recorded and aired over the internet live. It's all a bit hi-tech and exciting, but hey, we're professionals! We're more concerned that a couple of us had gone down with flu earlier on in the week, and aren't sure whether we'll make it through or not. But there's no drama, so after our show we leave to hole up in a Travelodge for the evening and enjoy the Grammys - although Rose does have to stop me throwing the TV out of the window when Joss Stone appears. Thank God they're bolted down now. February Nottingham After a blissful rest - apart from being woken up intermittently by the deep snoring of our manager -we head off to Nottingham. Once again, the stupid car games start, and today we see lots of fish stickers on people's cars. We spy one that's multicoloured and automatically assume being from Brighton that the people in the car are a gay Christian family. Admiring their liberal attitude, we show our approval with our token tour hand sign. We actually have some time to see the city we're playing in today, so Rose and I decide to go charity shop shopping. The first one we come across is the British Heart Foundation, which is one of my faves, and we have a field day rifling through the books and records. I walk away with Chaucer oo-er! February Bristol Today is not a good day in camp Pipette. Our running bad luck with rented vehicles holds when our minibus is broken into. The bus is right outside the venue, but the thieving bastards still manage to run away with a bag that contains my Pipettes dress, shoes and a very expensive camera. So a broken- hearted RiotBecki has to perform in jeans and a T-shirt. Silke of G! T offers to make me a replacement out of a bin bag, but it wouldn't have been the same. Scotch Egg has been encouraging Coleslaw to join him all weekend, but each time he chickened out excuse the pun. Until tonight. And it's great. So we're all in high spirits, even Julia, who finds that G! T's Kai is as equally obsessed with The Divine Comedy as she is. We Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) dance like nutters to The G! T, who are great as usual, and then it's time to leave. Even with all the mishaps, we wish we could tour all the time. We had a Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) time and can't wait to do it again. This is the beginning of the last programme: 'Oh Oh Cheri' from Francoise Hardy, the Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) lady of French Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut). Also, 'Cherchez Le Garcon' from Taxi Girl - it reminds me of my beautiful adolescence, when [searching for boys] was my occupation. This was a great German band with a cool girl singing, sometimes in French. So crazy we should call the doctor! This cool shit where you take the sound of the guitar and put it in a pan of Jiffy Pop Popcorn. It was dope. Their last show was in Chicago, so naturally I went along. A few songs into their set, I realised I was watching the greatest rock band currently working in showbusiness. They were tight and powerful, and they put out from the first note to the last. The harmonic interplay between the Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) guitars would be enough to stun most people, but there is also tons of inventive rhythmic interplay: and none of it gets in the way of the songs. Baden Powell redid the album in the Eighties, I guess to take advantage of supposed advances in recording technology, and this, unlike the '66 version, is pretty easy to come by. Vinicius Moraes, who was co-composer and singer on the record, was already dead by the time of the remake. The songs are based on the Silverfuck - Smashing Pumpkins* - The Cutting Edge and rhythms of Afro-Brazilian religious music, intended to invoke various Orishas [Santeria deities], but has guitar and bass integrated into the drums and chanting and percussion. The music is amazing, psychedelic, beautiful, and the recording Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) perfect to my ears, whereas Eighties recording technology sounds like shit to my ears. I understood just enough Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) I could start doing little searches on the web for information. When I finally figured out what the record was, I found that it was long, long out of print and very rare. Certainly worth it. But my kids are really finicky eaters so I don't get to cook as many different types of stuff now. Well, I told this to somebody else, but I guess you can publish this one too. It'll get published as the only meal I make! There's this African dish. You steam some kale, some sweet potatoes and beets with some ginger and garlic and butter. You serve it on rice with soy sauce. I don't know what it's called; it has an African name that I can't remember. But it's good. We were in Edinburgh, where we stayed in a place with the dirtiest toilet we've ever seen. The guy there gave us all sorts of stuff. It's good to be quiet sometimes. Their onstage personas - all menace and dirty sex, the kind of young men your mother warned you about - are at odds with the band at home, where they're more the kind Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) young men your mother wished you'd got on your foreign exchange. Johan and guitarist Joakim down whisky and ask about the shoes in my Vivienne Westwood book. Joakim admits, "We're big with men - we get a lot of attention due to our image. We're young but old: I'm 30, Eric's 23 and Johan's A lot of people think we're gay due to the picture [the band clad in PVC with gaffer tape on their mouths] on our website. I listened to our first things the other day and I was amazed that that was us. We can't afford to do this full-time yet, but it's important to tour as we always need new ideas to make new music. We aren't satisfied with the album at all. Our second album will be on Tigerbeat6, but we don't know how it will sound. We are avant-rock, but also a bit more interesting, a bit more ambiguous. Sebastien Grainger drums : "It'dbeafilm of a birth. I was gonna wait before bringing up the fatherhood thing, but if you wanna get straight into it, that's fine with me. It's gonna be a very long film if it's a live action birth. Even a good short labour lasts about 12 hours. We'd write new songs for it. One called 'Painkillers' and another song called 'Epidural'. Plus a special one for when the woman is grabbing the man's hand really hard and screaming at him for putting her So, your bandmate Jesse has said that English girls are total sluts. I can't comment on the slutty aspect - I've not really experienced it It's not specific to England; girls all over the world are like that. Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) mean, you drum with your top off and your jeans hanging halfway down your business. You sing about ejaculation and impregnation. C'mon, rock'n'roll is sexy, what can you do about it? And we're not completely against promiscuity. But the idea of someone being so brazen about wanting to sleep with you? Girls who are forward are not attractive to me. If your suitcase was too heavy, I'd carry it for you. Are you from Brighton? I'm kidding. I think I'd remember. Oh shit - was that Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) forward? Like their music, it's a disquieting mixture of familiar and foreign. One of the photos is of a musician friend who died after being struck by lightning. And I included a picture of my sister and me, because she got me into music in the first place. Although similar in sensibility to their Drag City labelmates Joanna Newsom and Faun Fables, White Magic are not as theatrical as the former and avoid the fairytale posturing of the latter. Their music is caught between two worlds - ethereal and estranged, and concrete and comforting - and its charms are revealed on repeated listens. But far from being emulative, these disparate voices are assimilated into a beguiling blend. This feeling that Mira is a conduit for older voices adds a mystical dimension to the music. Does she think along spiritual lines? I get to the point where I feel that I'm no longer part of everyday Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) sometimes I'm not even aware of myself or other people. I'm just focusing on the sound and space, floating. The opening track, 'One-Note', features Mira dancing from lower to upper register with childlike ebullience, over tumbling piano lines. In other songs, her warm, mature alto slides effortlessly into a gleeful soprano that suggests the unstudied singing of a young girl. Is childhood an important reference point? The adult world is more concrete and reasonable, so when you strip that away all that's left are the emotions, memories and things you can't comprehend. I'm interested in expressing those intangible qualities. I feel that the kinds of music that have inspired me, such as gospel, the blues, and Appalachian music, are the closest things the US has to the devotional music of the Middle East. Sometimes people are threatened by things they can't see or don't understand. In Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) sense, White Magic means embracing the unknown. She promises a more expansive and exploratory sound for the debut album due out before the end of this year. Would've been called Swift if a mate hadn't stolen the name two days before. It would've suited him, too. But Sway was his second choice "It sounded a bit like Swift" and it's spot on. Or Snoop, even. Missy on her first album. Conversational, incredulous, comedically faux-naive, but sooo. In a scene overflowing with talent Sway stands out as special. Make that plural. Sway tears up grime, hip hop, drum'n'bass, even desi beats with equal amounts of devastating charm. He's like the lab- distilled offspring of Isaac Hayes and RickMoranis. And Sway is funny too, with catch p Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) rases "The pound is stronger than the dollar- holla"convoluted routines, and one-line cheap shots to spare. He'll Kimberley Locke - Band Of Gold the fool to make the listener feel smart, then follow a pratfall with an intricate jig just to let you know who's boss. Or his arch riposte to the cartoon violence of Lethal Bizzle's Tow! Forward '. Sway speaks the line like a bored actor, then brightens up for inimitable advice on Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) to do with a broken head, " And Til fix it up again. And call the hospital. He'll talk about everything, anything, personal issues, social issues, abortion, toothpicks and cowboy porn. He'll sit on the fence, taking the piss out of any and all. Yeah, Americans done rap first, but if you really want to go deep there's old African parables that are structured like raps. Like nursery rhymes that you pass down. Then you've got the whole Jamaican thing. U-Roy, l-Roy, they were rapping, that's where Kool Люблю Париж - Орк. под упр. Р. Роже* / Эдит Пиаф* / Жильбер Беко* - От Мелодии К Мелодии (2 Серия) got the style from. Yeah, you might be influenced. They do it good. Not now, but they used to. I don't hate American people. I want to get a house there one day; I definitely want to break America. But I want people here to see I'm a product of what's around them. A sequel is promised soon, and a self-released album, This Is My Demooriginally due in February but now pushed back to some time " later this year". Then he's going to sign a record deal. He's turned down a few already: he's waiting until the buzz around him is so hot that he can dictate terms. You seem to have an incredible amount of self-belief. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to make the type of songs I make. And she was like, 'I'm going to tell you who I'm notfeeling: Sway. You're kidding. And he does it over American beats. She's talking about his version of Ja Rule's big comeback single 'New York', subtly retitled 'Fuck New York', a version with nothing much to say about America, but shedloads about UK rap in First, he celebrates "The land of Oliver Twist and Mary Poppins" even though it suffers from "Too many twisted brays, and too many scary poppin's". Then he complains, "I'm sick of fucking Yanks always trying to come over here. Still, there's no beef with Estelle. I think she's a talented young girl. I've got no grudges, but I don't just talk crap. Even if it's humorous. Not at all. It's a very deadpan humour. Everybody wants Leave It - Army Of Anyone - Army Of Anyone be hard. Everybody wants a sad story to tell. Why the hell would you want a sad story if your life's alright? It don't make sense to me. So long as there's things to talk about, there's always things to rap about. LOVt AzJ. Channel Isfarate www. For your free copy go to the website' www. We're a sub-generation that chases music for parallax; traversing the city and reconvening with tales of mad-fast MCs and the dirtiest electro, of scenic techno, mental saxophonists, and giant dub soundsystems World Of My Own - Various - The Hit-Kickers Series, Vol. 7 give off an actual breeze from the bass. The continuum that music can provide keeps us walking over the same pavements every day, sitting at the same desk, drinking and smoking the same drugs. Me and mine all like Prefuse 73 for these same reasons: it can't always be about having the sexiest beat, the thunkingest bass, the clubbiest thumper. That shit can be fun, sure, but Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) shit's not all what keeps us going: not really. Give us some weird shit, please. Make us fucking think again, or we'll be numb. Which is why we're here to bitchslap you with this ruler, thwack a bit of awareness into your dumb ass. Shut up and be humble! The Rhodes patterns in that piece blend in polyrhythmically with the computer sequences which are themselves made of Rhodes notes sampled earlier in the work, and one violin harmonic. It seemed to me that the music became all about what the computer JAi Osé - Keny Arkana - Tout Tourne Autour Du Soleil doing and the process of how the music was being made, as if to justify what often felt like otherwise arbitrary musical results. When we started doing this, bringing our music stands, video projectors, string instruments, and desktop computer into NYC clubs, people had never seen anything like it. Think improbable, odd-time polyrhythms, heart-breaking melodies, broken breakbeats, and even the return of AM radio banter. Just Midnight Kiss - Garden Of Joy - Garden Of Joy call her a singer-songwriter. Story and portrait by Robert Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut). In one of his most famous poems, Goethe described a father carrying his son on a nighttime journey. Such lovely games I'll play with you. And then, when the man reaches a farmhouse, the child in his arms is dead. His father liked the tune. Baby Dee is reluctant to reveal the whole story. In an interview, she is frank and open about her life at one moment, guarded the next. And my father was acquainted with this whole scenario. And so the song for me is about that whole idea of this imaginary thing that has very real, very terrible consequences. Bring me a Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut), get me a beer. Last November, Baby Dee previewed songs from Safe Inside the Day at the Hideout in Chicago, an old drinking hole for factory workers that has become a hip, but still scruffy, music venue. A tall, imposing figure with a shock of curly orange hair, Baby Dee wore a turquoise blouse, plaid slacks and work boots, with a leopard-pattern scarf draped around her neck. A Virgin Mary T-shirt occasionally peeked out from beneath the partially buttoned blouse. As Baby Dee sang in a tremulous falsetto, her head shook a little and her hair flopped around. Are there any albinos in the house? But the song, which sounds like a rousing drinking-hall tune, is mostly about. And then there were more gasps as she played a series of ditties designed to offend people of various religions. One song was about a bear that likes to eat Mormon underwear. Presbyterians, Hindus and Methodists were also at the receiving end of some crude jokes. It is so outrageous. I laughed a lot, but not as much as Dee did. A selftaught expert on Gregorian chants, Baby Dee has also been the musical director of a Catholic church, a professional tree climber, and a harpplaying bear in Central Park. She remembers other children pointing at her red toenails when she went to a swimming pool. Baby Dee appeared to be a boy to the outside world, but she knew Dont Chain My Heart - Toto - The Essential Toto, inside of herself, she was female. Absolutely for a certain fact. And the ones that did, they went through some rough times. It seems as if any song she ever heard, she knew it—wonderful, obscure songs nobody had ever heard of. And they wanted to not have a piano. They dragged the piano out of their house, and dragged it out to the curb. They just started bashing it in. Everybody came It was like a block party. They were using sledgehammers, axes. I think he must have ripped. They were like huge, about five or six feet long. He would just admire them. He had them in the corner He had to pick just the right one. I like the Doors. By the time I got out of high school, I never listened to that stuff. I liked playing the piano I was never into that. But she soon found herself playing the piano more than she was painting. A costume shop in Queens was going out of business, so she picked up a bear costume. She also bought a harp, an instrument she had never played before, and began performing Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) day in Central Park. The simplicity of the music appealed to her, and she discovered that the pieces seemed to come alive if she concentrated hard enough on singing them. She was singing the chants phonetically, not understanding the Latin lyrics. But at the same time, she had become interested in the writings of Ovid and began studying Latin. One day, it all clicked. Dee Там на горі - Ivan Sheremeta and His Orchestra - A Ukrainian Wedding (Vinyl, Album) the specific place where she was walking—turning left onto 96th Street from Broadway—when she suddenly realized the meanings of all of those words in the Gregorian Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut). You do it. Church music was a good fit for her philosophy that music should be participatory. You do it And it was obvious. I could see the writing on the wall. In the mids, Antony Hegarty met Dee for the first time. She spent the coming years caring for her ailing parents, both of whom have since died. Dee also began writing songs, at first just for herself. She finally came to the decision that her music should be more than a private act. People ought to hear it. This is stupid. And then Baby Dee stopped writing songs. Believe me. Even in church in the choir loft, I was way the fuck up there. We did have a couple of dismemberments, though. This is great! I love this! Will Oldham, a. At the end of the night, I remember saying goodbye to Dee and feeling like something great went down that night. She thought her new songs based on those childhood memories were too dark and personal to record. It just takes the darkness to such an absurd level. I needed somebody to tell me it was OK to do that. Will was the only person who could do that Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) me. Another photo shows the house at night. A harp can be viewed through a bay window, brightly illuminated for all to see. Baby Dee said she wanted to make a statement Te Amo (Caliente Mix) - Sultana - Te Amo from her neighbors, many of whom hang American flags in front of their houses. Daddy, can you hear me? He wrote about Chicago drone bands in STN Story by Kurt Gottschalk. Photos by Libby McLinn. Makeup and Styling by Kristofer Buckle. The hyena handlers believe that the dancers in the troupe are capable of transforming themselves into animals. Will the wrong question make her get up and walk? We wander into a typical Westside spot— slightly funky, thriftstore antiques. Diana Ross is playing on the radio—a good omen. And she manages to keep pushing on both sides of the equation. It was also, no doubt, an stark examination of her own identity. Her father was Turkish-Armenian, her mother was Armenian and Syrian, she herself identifies as Greek. But while she was working on that, she released two albums of songs: Malediction and PrayerAsphodel and La Serpenta Canta Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut), Mute. She laughs. Cackles, even. Can you imagine? It is fucking hilarious, in theory. She brings out the isolation and downplays the rhyme scheme. I love her voice, I love her performances. Doris Day, she insists, is another favorite. It juxtaposes image and genre, and brings out the blues in her playing. I hear something and I have to do it. I have to. The music is the easy part. Instead, she uses has lyrics propped up on the piano. The song is essentially a countdown, but she had to quit, chastising the laughing audience. A lot of those chord changes come right out of East Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) music. They all studied Liszt and Chopin. A lot of East European Jews came over and wrote songs that were then covered by people like The Supremes. It was good. It was slick. So fucking bubblegum. The only women who sing, her father would tell her, are whores. But she learned the elements of blues, jazz and Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) piano that still feature prominently in her work. In her 20s she played piano around San Diego, continuing to hone her chops while backing visiting free jazz musicians like David Murray, Butch Morris and Bobby Bradford. A lot of my work is about that. These pieces Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) form the backbone of her first two releases, a 12" LP single issued in on Y Records and the self-titled full-length released two years later by Metalanguage. Her career as a major global Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) was well underway. She would go on to personify people with mental illness in her album Vena Cava, but before that she would make herself known with a major work about another disease. Her epic, evolving Plague Mass premiered in and made it to CD in AIDS at that time was at the height of its fear threshold. People were searching for any glimmer of hope. Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) was no cure in sight and the three drugs that had made it to the market were doing little Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) relieve the symptoms and illnesses related to infection. The blaming of gay men was resulting in increased levels of hate crimes, bashings and murders. She announced what so many people were scared to think. Although earlier records had included songs, and her large-scale theatrical pieces had included fragments of gospel numbers, Diamanda-as-cover-artist first came to the fore on 's The Singer. It was here that she first took blues, gospel and spiritual songs and cast them into the context of her earlier work. And while the sweeping range and operatic training of her voice might not have been apparent to all in the banshee screams of her previous albums, The Singer put her talent and her expressiveness on the table. The Singer may have Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) Mesa - Matt Uelmen - Diablo II Soundtrack fans, but it did little to prepare them for her next record of songs. The stride and blues influences have never been heard as clearly as on Guilty. Compared to her other song records, the piano leaps out. You can hear all the parts. Oscar Peterson, too. He had a reputation of being a very sweet person and played the shit out of the piano. All these things interface in a very American way. America seems only to pay attention to things that scare it to death—it opened the world to alien cultures. This country has got to recognize that these cultures exist, and not just as dead cultures. The psychiatric institution, the AIDS ward, the POW camp—those are all physical manifestations, the extremes, the microcosms of the isolation of earthly existence. Her first major works were about the AIDS crisis. Her social circle was filled with gay men and injecting drug users, people with or at risk of contracting HIV. That took my mind off the HIV because I had my own thing, and there was no cure for it at the time. She performed at St. John the Divine Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) Manhattan nearly nude and covered in blood. Even her use of language has been criticized. After a concert in Melbourne, critics panned her. Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) the anti-Christian charge may be the most serious and the most apt criticism hurled at her. It also—as such criticisms often do—ignores the deep humanism in her work, as if Jesus would have opposed giving voice to the Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) and dispossessed. But such attacks are of little consequence to Galas. To Paint Completely. And his output has been diligently prolific: in Tampere, between a dozen and 15 paintings in three days; at the Vision Festival, which appropriately strives to bring all the arts together, closer to 30 over 5 days. One year he created more than 50 when the Vision Festival was a 13 day affair. His two primary mediums over the decades have been ceramics and paint. Of the former, his involvement with the medium goes back to He studied with the great Maija Grotell at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Detroit, a life-altering meeting and apprenticeship that served as his vocation realization. He since has dedicated Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) as a full-time artist. Story by Laurence Donohoe-Greene. Often there were no photographers, sound-recorders, videographers or chairs for the audience. But what was happening was truly fresh and important so somebody had to try to get it down. I used my hands, first with two pencils, later augmenting the arsenal of marking instruments. As an artist, I draw from the music as a way of learning to listen. Listening, in gratitude, I receive news of life right now and courage to go on. Drawings are the documents of this process, hand-dancing at the edge of time. Art, music, color, shape, movement, sound and texture… He is showing us the other dimension of sound, he is looking inside the souls of the musicians, perhaps giving us a view of soul, the colors of the sound as guided by a spontaneous improvisation with ink and paper. He saw things that way on a daily basis. This particular project is my take on that, now, in my lifetime You can also look at each of these pictures as an abstract composition of colors, and lines and rhythms, which corresponds to the basic language of music. Of course the chemistry of ceramic colors is quite different than that Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) paints. Schlanger created five separate pictures corresponding to compositions Parker played that fall day inall of which were displayed at CUE. His exploration of printing from the transparencies he was making to document paintings instead of from the negativesand working with reverse colors, using film technology, opened up a whole other realm of possibilities. And one can sense the heat source coming from Park in the sun-bright yellows and oranges. For the purposes of presenting an initial view of my graphic work…this is a way of saying something through visual art about the Wednesday Evenin Blues - Various - Blues Ballads Volume 2 of the coordinated streaming power of music. This piece captures them on a special evening at the Tampere Jazz Happening in Finland, during a tour where they were playing practically a different country every night. He has his own well-defined style, just like certain greats of the music. Jeff captures the Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut), he is attuned and sensitive, and is very spiritually attuned to the music and the musicians. They represent something vital. They Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) travel the world now, but they also represent the heart and soul of New York, the real New York, not the high rise New York, not the high-end condominium New York —but the New York of the people, working people, who are making the city function and who I grew up with on the East Side at a time when working people could find an apartment in Manhattan…. So, the connection between Roy Campbell and William Parker is so deep and so multi-faceted in both the cosmic, the spiritual, and intensely practical and physical terms. And they have shared so much, and they are so close—that this is all one statement. This course will provide a foundation for the study of medical terminology. Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) class will cover the basics of ASL and daily communication skills. Introduction to Basic Electricity and Controls Learn and practice theory and practical applications of electricity and be introduced to the National Electric Code. Discover how electrical circuits operate including voltage, current, and resistance. Students will gain a working knowledge of an engine operation, ignition, carburetion, compression and lubrication systems. Additionally, it should provide individuals who are engaged in the manufacturing and inspection process with the information that they require in understanding the design intent and translating it into the manufacturing and inspection process. Fundamentals of CNC Programming This course is designed to provide students with the ability to demonstrate the basic knowledge and skills associated with CNC Programming. Students will learn how to write and edit several programs using the standard G and M code based on part drawing information, solve related math problems and simulate the actual milling and turning operations. Machine Tool Technology This hands-on course introduces students to various types of manual machine tools and machining operations such as milling, turning and surface Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut). We really stress the railroads. It only takes one mistake. In it, a careless school bus driver accidentally stops his vehicle on a railroad track. It smashes into the bus, killing and injuring Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) students. The Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) pans over bloodied children on stretchers, and then stops on a notebook, its torn pages fluttering in the wind. When another computer-animated bus got smacked by a tractor-trailer, several men gasped in horror. He transports first through twelfth graders on a seat bus in Shoreham. He started teaching the safety workshops over a year ago to pick up some extra cash; he taught two in the past couple week, as schools rushed to train their drivers. But the clergyman also has a healthy sense of humor. His teaching supplies for the workshop include a wiffle ball bat and a roll of Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) tape. Fun as it is, the fair has another function. Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) shortening days motivate us to get out and enjoy the waning season, and provide a lovely backdrop against which the whole event glows. Sheepshearing Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut), cow contests and pediatric poultry keep it real. This best bovine hails from River Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) Farm in Castleton. Last Expos Games of the Season! Sample Packet Giveaway. Fried dough. Maple creemees. Fair food definitely hits the spot. Brenda Tatro feasts on one of the healthier selections: fresh corn on the cob. He worked hard for us making a sometimes difficult process seem simple. Today the tall turners are synonymous with outdoor amusement the world over. Join us as we set sail aboard the Northern Lights Cruise boat for a cruise on Lake Champlain and an evening of exquisite Mediterranean food and wine. Northern Vermont's leading chefs will prepare their specialties and each course will be complimented with fine Italian wine. A silent auction of fine wines, Vermont vacation packages and more will take place during the cruise. This baptism by fire usually occurs in the first week of classes, while first-year students are still getting their bearings in a new city or state and their heads are swimming STORY with the information overload of course KEN syllabi, campus orientations and frenetic PICARD social calendars. And it also has its rewards. Nonsale items only. Parker, 22, is cofounder and chief technology officer of BookCurrency. But thanks to Williston resident David. When she finds Io Sono Un Rastaman - Various - Reggae Radio Station, she pays for it with her credit card through BookCurrency. Then, the two students arrange to meet Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) campus and make the exchange. It cost students nothing to shop or buy through the site. Almost invariably, the used book costs less than it would elsewhere, and the seller recoups more cash than he would have gotten by selling it back to a campus store. And the students often get to meet and swap information about the course and professor, while Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) the hassles of dealing with a campus bookstore. For a current list of exhibitors and schedule of events, log on to www. So we just tried to capitalize on that huge gap. Later, Parker and his associates rewrote and expanded the software to include other college campuses, and the business grew exponentially. Last year, BookCurrency. So far this semester, users have registered at 80 campuses. This year, the company hired several campus reps to take over that tedious chore. While Parker and a co-worker were handing out flyers outside the Boston University bookstore, the store manager came out and yelled at The Come On - Janis Ian - Between The Lines, then called the police. According to the National Association of. UVM bookstore manager Jay Menninger estimates that online book dealers have cut into about 5 percent of his sales. However, a survey of college students in California and Oregon put the figures even higher. Insales at U. And with the cost of school supplies rising about 3. Last year, just 16 percent of students bought their textbooks online, according Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) the Fall Student Watch report. But that number is expected to rise. How are college bookstores responding? Menninger estimates that online book dealers have cut into about 5 percent of his sales. Students buy all their books and course materials in advance, then pick them up pre-packaged, without having to wait in line. Eventually, Parker adds, he hopes to expand the site to include other person-to-person exchanges, such as CDs, DVDs and video games. And while BookCurrency. The parade begins at a. Wheeler School and ends at Battery Park. And, the important mission of organized workers continues for: ] A Livable Wage for every working person ] An Unshakable Defense against those who would take back salaries, pensions, health care and job security ] High quality public Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) for all Vermonters ] Access to affordable health care for everyone. After marching from City Hall to Union Square, the The Noise - Chris Ayer - Live At Rockwood (File) and their families gathered in Reservoir Park for a picnic, concert, and speeches. This first Labor Day celebration was initiated by Peter J. McGuire, The Wait - April (27) - Anthems For The Rejected carpenter and labor union leader who a year earlier cofounded the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut), a precursor of the American Federation of Labor. McGuire had proposed his idea for a holiday honoring American workers at a labor meeting in early New York's Central Labor Union quickly approved his proposal and began planning events for the second Tuesday in September. McGuire had suggested a September date in order to provide a break during the long stretch between Independence Day and Thanksgiving. While the first Labor Day was held on a Tuesday, the holiday was soon moved to the first Monday in September, the date we continue to honor. New York's Labor Day celebrations inspired similar events across the country. Oregon became the first state to grant legal status to the holiday in ; other states soon followed. InCongress passed legislation making Labor Day a national holiday. K, so we all know what gold is, but what the heck is frankincense? Myrrh is even more of a mystery. In biblical days, frankincense and myrrh arrived in delicately carved wooden chests. The frankincense looks and feels like jewel-sized chunks of granular brown sugar. The myrrh is also crystalline and sticky, but larger and darker. Both substances come from the dried sap of three types of trees indigenous to Somaliland. Frankincense comes from trees of the Boswellia genus, extracted through an incision in the trunk and harvested after the resin has hardened into pale yellow globules. Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) Commiphora myrrha tree produces myrrh. His mother and father stayed behind in what would become Somaliland, when the region broke away from Somalia in After studying and working in Canada and Maine, Ibrahim moved to Vermont in A few years later, he traveled to Thailand with some friends and lost his passport, which delayed his return. He lived cheaply among locals while he waited for his paperwork to come through. He made the connection between their poverty and that of his own people Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) home in Somaliland, and vowed to do something about it. I bet we have something interesting. Evidence suggests the Egyptians used frankincense in religious ceremonies and for meditation and adornment: Women painted their eyelids with it. Ibrahim grew up with the smell of frankincense wafting through the house. The New Jersey-based Sabinsa Corporation, which produces boswellic acids from trees in India, has published a study indicating that the Boswellia species can inhibit the growth of human leukemia cells. Still others have used frankincense for acne, menstrual regulation and pain management, and myrrh for mouthwash and stomach upsets. InIsmael traveled back to Somaliland, the population of which is now 3. People thought he was crazy. Ibrahim and his wife, Jamie Garvey, took a bus from Ethiopia; he says she was the first white American to cross the border by foot since the s. Sunday, Sept. Now he splashes on a bit of frankincense oil as aftershave. Ibrahim adds a drop of oil of frankincense in his black tea every morning for his lungs. Lyon says. In the bright sun, breeze blowing across the lake, the scene looks more like a barbecue than a business venture. You could easily mistake the steam distiller for a keg of Otter Creek. But the distillation is actually a lot of work. And there are four tons of resin to get through. To help expedite. Located at North Avenue in Burlington, the StoneHouse Center For Early Learning provides Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) comprehensive preschool program as well as summer programs and after pre-school care for children 3 through 5 years of age. Apply now for Fall Friday Sept. Panels and Workshops all day Saturday, Sept. Once they begin selling the oil, Ismael Imports plans to give 20 percent of the profits back to the cooperating landowners in Somaliland. It has yet to arrive. A harvest-rotation schedule will alleviate pressure on the trees. On September 8, Ibrahim, Lanzetta and Lyon will visit the class. A vanpool takes the stress out of your commute, saves you money, and reduces pollution. And if you ever miss your van due to an emergency or unexpected overtime, we pay for a taxi. So save money AND stress! Call CCTA today. Students will do research on the uses and culture that surround frankincense, as well as the harvesting methods, marketing, social structure and ways to improve the current model to benefit the local communities who depend on frankincense for their livelihoods. Still, that adds up to hours and hours of work. Ibrahim is so busy he recently left his bartending job at Red Square, where he got to know Lanzetta and Lyon and married Garvey in Burlington In the decades that followed, the gifted pop composer and former Beach Boy slipped further away from his family and fans in a downward spiral of addiction, depression and paranoia. While recent years have been rehabilitative, Wilson still struggles daily with his personal demons. So it came as a shock when he announced last year the resurrection of the long-dormant Smile project, in the form of a brand-new recording and concert tour. Although many of its tunes have surfaced over the years in bootleg form, until recently the true shape and sequence of Smile remained a mystery to everyone but Wilson and his lyrical collaborator, Van Dyke Parks. Then he looked Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) bit his 62 years, nervously scanning the audience and speaking in a halting, clipped tone. While his non sequiturs remained hilariously unpredictable, it was obvious that recent successes have bolstered his confidence. Nowadays, he seems proud to bear the mantle. By deciding to tackle Smile, Wilson has finally made peace with a period of his life that was marred by personal and professional setbacks. Completing the heady concept album after all these years may have served as a personal exorcism. Wilson took the stage to a standing ovation, then sat behind a keyboard that he played only once during the evening. Launching into a pre-Smile set that included plenty of Beach Boys classics and a handful of obscurities, the group sounded tight, if a bit stiff. Several tunes came across as elaborate elevator music, or worse, as museum pieces. A puzzling moment occurred mid-set when he introduced a holiday tune. Has it really been moved to August? Swathed in blue lights. His touring band Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) members of Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) multi-instrumental and vocal group The Wondermints, an L. Although having a woman on board might be unsettling to some Beach Boys purists, her classic good looks and coy demeanor certainly pleased this crowd. Amazingly, the recorded version of Smile pales in comparison to the live experience. Cascading vocal harmonies were backed up by exotic rhythms and surf guitar, with band members switching between instruments ranging from xylophone to French horn. The sheer musicality they displayed was phenomenal; leaving the concert later, I overheard fans gushing about the players as. We are currently accepting applications for fun, up-beat, hard-working people. Experience preferred. Front-line cooks, cocktail servers, waitresses and security personnel. Neither is its creator. During his performance, Wilson pantomimed each lyric, like a child eager to get his message across. At one point, he led the crowd in a yelling contest; at another, he gave himself a bear hug. While some tunes came across as mournful, others were closer to campfire sing-alongs. Barbershop harmonies, classical chorales and patchwork psychedelia all came together to envelop the audience in a world of sound. And anybody who can lead 18 professional musicians through a cappella impersonations of farm animals deserves some credit. Plymouth Rock, the Sandwich Isles and Hawaii provide the backdrop for this transcendental travelogue. As the Smile suite made its slow sashay across the Americas, the audience remained transfixed. Wilson acquiesced, and a compromised version made it to the top of the Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut). The audience hardly needed encouragement. Although he recently turned 80, the amiable artist shows little sign of slowing down. Spotlights are at the discretion of the editor. Send listings by Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) at noon, including info phone number, to clubs sevendaysvt. Got music news? Email Casey Rea at casey sevendaysvt. With a drummer, upright bassist, banjo player, two guitarists and an Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut), the group is already bigger than most. Despite the close quarters, they sounded fantastic. In fact, the lack of amplification and shortage of microphones only enhanced the authenticity of their harmony-laden Americana. Members huddled around a single mike, crooning like alt-country angels, and plucking, picking, strumming and shuffling through a stellar set. As Tassey sang her captivating art-rock tunes, I was struck by what a truly riveting performer she is. Her electric set with her new rock band Louder was somewhat anticlimatic, however. The tunes were solid, but the stripped-down, three-piece outfit lacked the mystery and grace of her Kissing Circle performance. At that point, it was time to run upstairs and catch some Smittens, Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) were celebrating the release of their new disc, A Little Revolution. The band looked and sounded terrific, though I only managed to hear a handful of their songs. All that recent touring has definitely brought out the best in them. By the time I hopped back downstairs for Pagoda, they were unfortunately wrapping up their set. With his focused, somewhat sullen demeanor, front man Michael Pitt seemed as tortured as the dead rock star he recently played on film. After several minutes of ear-rending cacophony, the band segued into a more conventional number before exiting the stage with a curt thank you. And, in case you were wondering, there were no other celebrity appearances. For those unfamiliar, the group plays high-voltage, arena-ready rock. While they definitely had their Spinal Tap stage routine down, their music was far more jam-oriented than I had expected. Finally, Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) was back up to Metronome to catch The Physics Club, who recently provided the live soundtrack to a local stage production of The Breakfast Club. Not a bad note to end on. Cold Duck Complex fuse humorous, sometimes political rap music with funk and rock muscle. Will might still be on their way up, but their classic songwriting and unpretentious vibe are winning over new fans every day. Joining him for the celebration will be post-rockers Akrasia and avant-garde collective Nest Material. Just thought you might want to know. A showing of his most recent work takes place at Radio Bean in Burlington from September 1 through 15, with a reception at 5 p. For his first big show, Gantz has decided to stick with what he knows, namely music. It definitely seems like a cool idea, particularly since the majority of pictorial documentation of musicians tends to favor live performance. Hmm, which one do I want? Floor, 10 p. Often augmented by an all-star horn section comprising Dave Grippo. Service For Musicians, By Musicians We appreciate and respect vintage equipment and understand how you feel when your gear breaks down. American Flatbread, St. Paul St. Backstage Pub, 60 Pearl St. Backstreet, 17 Hudson St. Albans, Bayside Pavilion, 13 Georgia Shore Rd. Beyond Infinity Upstairs, 43 Center St. Johnsbury, The Brewski, Rt. Emporium, Porters Point Rd. Bundy Center for the Arts, Rt. I finally divulged that 1 wanted to pay the telephone bili. Most men would have wanted to kill her or me, or both of us. Y our Dad never turned a hair. He said something to her in a low tone, and l finally yielded up the money to her. Personal conceit notwithstanding, William Skinner did succeed as a local lawyer, political orator, and enthusiastic town booster. Yet Fred portrayed him as pathetic, an object of sympathy, or Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) ridiculous. When William took up pyrography, an artistic hobby in which designs are burned onto materials, his son was not impressed with the results. William simply burned in the markings already designed, Fred said, and even then the effect was shabby. William often wrongly predicted Republican victories in presidencial elections, but Knokke, Oh Knokke - Eddy Wally - Knokke, Oh Knokke loyal to the party even after the Great Depression. His aspiration to be elected to a judgeship would go unrealized. And Fred considered his father's attempts at writing stories and poetry doggerel. But they sug- gested yet another trait Fred would share with his father: a susceptibility to sentimental love. Grace's influence on and control of William, Fred believed, contrib- uted substantially to William's ineptness and eventual unhappiness. Her condescension toward William was apparently coupled with a lack of sexual intimacy. Grace, frustrated in her attempts to get her son to hang up his pajamas, would scold him day after day. His solution to the problem at ten years Frightened Eyes - Osmonds* - Phase III / The Proud One (Im Still Gonna Need You) age is a telling forecast of his later ingenuity:. I solved it by building a little gadget. It was a hook on a string in that little closet where 1 would hang the pajamas and the string passed over a nail and. I'd go back, get the pajamas, hang them up and the sign would get out of the way. Grace also policed sexual behavior. Overhearing his mother and her friends as they noticed two children in a neighboring yard exploring each other's bodies, Fred recalled her severe reaction: "If I caught my children doing that, I would skin them ative! Grace continued to take pride in her own attractiveness-although she would have been the last to call it that-right into old age. She was conscious of diet and constantly enjoined Fred to eat slowly, to chew his food well, and to follow her example of standing for twenty minutes after each meal-a practice she claimed enabled her to keep her figure. This was especially true of the upward-aspiring middle class, who needed self-control to achieve and maintain social respectability. Fred recalled his brother once getting away with an act for which he believed he himself would have Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) punished. The family was gathered in the library before an evening fire when Ebbie rose togo to the bathroom. He mistakenly went into the kitchen and pointed his penis down into the coal scuttle. Grace clearly passed on a powerful social code to her eldest son. Later his psychology would emphasize the crucial effect of positive reinforcement on behavior. Grace Skinner also believed that helping others was a duty. She was president or chair of numerous local organizations, yet Fred did not believe his mother really enjoyed serving: "It was rather artificial, perfunc- tory I never sensed any joy in her serving. A powerful motive for such altruism was also the community disapproval a woman would face for not helping. Grace's appeal to others' opinions may well have contributed to Fred's own fear of making social mistakes, his easy embarrassments, and his self-denigration. Then, too, there was a crucial distinction between doing something because you enjoyed it and doing something because it was your duty. Skinnerian psychology would emphasize "natural" as opposed to "contrived" reinforcers. Generally Fred tried to disguise any ili will he felt toward his mother, but on one occasion Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) his teenage years it surfaced:. She was overworked, possibly disappointed in my father, at any rate easily upset. Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) and I were in the kitchen one day quarrelling. She made some critica! I said Little Boy Lost - Various - 1960 British Hit Parade - Britains Greatest Hits Vol. 9 - Part 3 like "there are other people to whom that might apply. She turned toward me, opened her speechless mouth, raised both hands like Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) in the air and carne at me. I held my ground and she stopped before she reached me. She tore off her apron and Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) out of the room and upstairs. By implying that his mother did not live up to her own moral code, he exhibited his cleverness in exposing the hypocrisy and artificiality of her domestic policing. Maintaining her roles as wife, mother, and arbiter of morais, as well as her civic responsibilities, must have been a taxing burden. Yet to interpret Grace Skinner's effect on her eldest sonas simply that of a domestic controller, driven by an obsessive fear of "what people will think," would be rnistaken. She also projected a powerful romanticism associated with her music. His father had played the cornet as a young man, but it was Fred's mother's music that had the poignant effect on him. His memory of her singing and piano playing remained extraor- dinarily vivid. Once while rummaging he carne across a copy of "Little Boy Blue": "My mother owned the poem set to music. I have not seen the music for at least forty years but I can get gooseflesh and a chill just by thinking the tune and a few phrases-0 the years are maf'! J', the years are Jong. Fred was smitten by his mother's romantic presence. Later he would date girls who shared her physical traits, even one who shared her name. While her music and her example of community service were positive influences, her prudishness, Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut), criticism of his fa- ther and himself, and deference to that abstract but powerful social controller, "what people will think," also left their marks. The Skin- nerian concern with controlling an organism's behavior in "nonaver- sive" ways may have originated in his relationship with an aversive, controlling mother. But something other than their personal failure may have been behind Fred's harsh judgment of them. As a childhood friend observed, "I think Follow Your Heart - Doxa - Doxa and I had a fault in common. We were inclined to be ashamed of our parents because they didn't have our knowledge! From it Fred acquired the desire to be kind to others and to behave well. The latter meant essentially being liked. Al- though Grace and William were members of the Presbyterian Church, Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) were not enthusiastically religious, refusing to go to the evangelists' revival meetings that most of their fellow Protestants Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) attended. Despi te Grandmother Skinner's vivid presentation of hell, by the time he was around thirteen or fourteen, Fred entertained serious doubts about the afterlife. At the time of the reviva! He was the father of a friend of mine and I strongly resented it when the evangelist referred to his death as punishment for not attending the meetings I saw suddenly the frail humanness in religion and I must have revolted, not quickly but over a period of years. Two-and-a-half-years Fred's junior, Ebbie was an affable child who en- joyed raising pigeons and playing the clarinet. Later he would be a valued member of the Susquehanna High School basketball team. Ebbie was more outgoing than Fred, and Grace and William treated bim more leniently-and not only with regard to sexuality. Once Ebbie found William's revolver and accidentally shot a hole through a bureau. His parents never criticized him for playing with the gun; they were just overjoyed that he had not hurt bimself. He fit the expectations of the convencional middle-class way of life, the one his parents most appreciated. Bright but not intellectual, he preferred school athletics to school itself, having fun with the guys to making things or reading. He was clearly the favorite. But Fred was not jealous of bis brother; indeed, he liked him, and it would be wrong to see them as taking separate paths right from the start. They How To Loot Brazil - Backwater Prick together; they enjoyed each other's company. They discov- ered sexuality, or rather Fred had discovered his and wanted to impress his brother. He remembered proudly displaying to him an erection, discreetly camouflaged behind a shower curtain. Ebbie shielded Fred from the overweaning attention he would have continued to receive had he remained an only child. Indeed, after Ebbie captured bis parents' affection, Fred began more and more to devise his own amusements, his own adventures and way of life. And when Ebbie entered bigh school, proved bis athletic prowess, and ex- tended his easy popularity, Fred felt even less a part of his parents' world. Obviously his brother was doing the kinds of things that most people in town, including Grace and William, expected a young man to do. Llttle wonder he earnestly sought an environment as well as companions to encourage what he enjoyed. What Fred Skinner enjoyed was making things, succeeding academically, and enjoying perks from a special teacher who shared with him her intellectual interests. The strictures of Sus- quehanna's environment did not contain Fred, although they marked him forever. Instead, they led bim toward the freedom and adventure of other environments that would offer other experiences. As a childhood friend observed, "you were very sensi- tive, naive and As he was to tell it later:. I was always building things. I made seesaws, merry-go- rounds and slides. I made tops, model airplanes driven by twisted rubber bands, box kites, and tin propellers which could be sent high into the air with a spool-and-string spinner. I tried again and again to make a glider in which I might fly. Sometimes his inventions went awry. A friend recalled an incident at her grandmother's house: "lt seems some of your ammunition a carrot, 1 believe catapulted thru an upstairs attic window instead of over the roof tops to Erie Avenue as intended You carne the next day He built a miniature theater and remembered "the satisfaction of arranging strings in such a way that the curtains attached to them parted with a single pull and closed with another. Ata summer Chautauqua-a week-long extravaganza featuring traveling lecturers, musicians, and magicians-he was fascinated by a magician's ability to Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) balis on a track made of parallel rods to go up to the end of the track and then return: "The next day 1 made a similar device-and it worked. Nothing in Fred's fascination with this magic led him to the conclusion that he was predis- posed toward science. He was just as delighted with the dramatic puns, parodies, and virtuosity of the Chautauqua musicians when The Mikado and The Bohemian Girl carne to town. One Halloween he constructed a device that made a loud buzzing sound and deposited it on the windows of neighborhood houses, running "like hell" while the inhabitants wondered what in the world was causing the noise. The balis they used did not quite have the bounce to keep the game interesting, but Thorn - Biohazard - Mata Leão boys were optimistic, nonetheless, going so far as to print a four-page pamphlet of rules and to copyright the name. He once tried to determine whether the much- admired religious adage "faith will move mountains" actually worked, by practicing levitation and standing on a beam from which scales were suspended a Fairback beam scale and trying to make it tilt. He also had daydreams of being able to fly "usually in order to astonish people. At fifteen Fred and four friends went on a three-hundred-mile canoe excursion to Harrisburg. Fred dammed a creek to make a swimming hole where the boys could swim-along with a poisonous snake. He trapped and ate eels from the Susquehanna River. These bountiful harvests were not necessarily dumped and forgotten. A neighbor recalled Fred "direct[ing] Grand Street kids in making apple jelly from sour green apples. He caught bees in hollyhock blossoms, watched cows being milked, and looked on while bulls or dogs copulated. With his best friend, Raphael Miller, the son of the local doctor, he once tried to make pigeons drunk by giving them alcohol-soaked com. Could they have been Ebbie's poor pigeons? He observed in amazement while a relative killed chickens for Sunday dinner and the animais ran a few steps after being beheaded. On numerous occasions he returned home Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) turtles, Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut), or other local animais that his mother probably did not enjoy having about the house. Like Huckleberry Finn, who was cautioned by Widow Douglas and Miss Watson but who lived an adventuresome life nonetheless, Fred countered control in one area with a free inventiveness in another. The juxtaposition of strong domestic contrais and generous physical freedom seemed to suit him exceptionally well. He enjoyed intellectual as well as mechanical pursuits. His father, an easy mark for book salesmen, purchased volumes with ambi- tious titles such as The World's Great Literature, Mastetpieces of World History, and Gems ofHumor. William also had a series of books on applied psychol- ogy, which impressed young Fred only by their lovely bindings and one esoteric example of bad psychology-"an advertisement for chocolates showing a man shoveling cocoa beans into a Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) roasting oven"- instead of eating chocolate. He escaped not only by inventing things but by constructing an alternative intellectual world. Fred also liked Little Books, which were then popular with young readers. He had a tiny dictionary only slightly larger than a postage stamp and dozens of other very small-sized books. Owning Little Books gave him a special power: "One could contain vast Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) in two cupped hands-a sort of literary miserliness was encouraged, a sense of personal possession. Knowledge may not have been secret, but it was easily secreted. The books 1 had as a child belonged to two worlds. One was the world 1 lived in-the books my parents read to me, about people and animals and things others talked about. The other was a foreign world. The illustrations were different and better. The texts were more grown up. The print was differ- ent-even the bindings. Coveting publications such as the Little Books gave Fred the excitement of discovering things independently of his parents: "One book in the other world was about a war of the animals. It developed the theme that the lion was the king of beasts. I was convinced. No divine right could have better established the lion's legitimacy. When he was about ten, he introduced himself to the world of boxes: "Certainly 'a box to hide in' is something most of us have wanted at one time or another. For some reason or other this seemed to be the right place to go when I felt like writing something. On a tiny shelf he kept a pad of paper and a pencil. Other boys in the neighborhood built small shacks or hid in holes they had dug, but Fred's box building seems Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) have been a more sophisticated and private enterprise. He added a curtain that could dose off the opening and small shelves to hold his books, writing materials, a candle, and the like. It was anotber way of making do, inbabiting this small, private space designed to facilitate bis concentration on tbese beautiful, fascinat- ing little books-a bome within the home from wbicb be was becoming ever more disengaged. As an adult, Skinner always higbly valued his place for thinking and writing. And be did most of his intellectual work at home in a private study ratber than at an academic office. He took piano lessons from "Harmy" Warner, tbe Presbyterian Cburcb organist, "an old man wbo sucked Sens-sens" and taugbt him to "spell cabbage on a [musi- cal] staff. Nonetheless, he "made do" with music as he did witb bis inventions and experiments and took as much enjoyment in it as be did in making a backyard telegrapb ora carrot-shooting cannon. His friend Ward Palmer, wbose fatber was an auto mechanic and wbose motber was believed to bave family connections witb Frank Lloyd Wrigbt, provided furtber musical enjoyment. After playing tennis witb Ward, Fred would go to Ward's bouse wbere tbey spent considerable time listening to Palmer's extensive collection of opera records, including Wagner, who was to become Skinner's favorite composer. Palmer also had a miniature stage Hangup - Ron Thal - Hermit which marionettes performed operas. Tbe occasion, bowever, was marred by tbe embarrassment tbat Fred and Ebbie felt in their new tweed suits, whicb marked tbem as socially backward. With his mechanical aptitude and love of nature, music, and reading, one might guess tbat Fred found school boring. Generally, this was an academic asset, but on occasion his verbal dexterity got him into trouble. Once in an eighth- grade science class, ''We were discussing fatty acids. One of the more buxom girls in the class was at the blackboard. I whispered in a loud tone to another boy 'There's Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) fatty acid! He was one of eight graduating seniors, and he Foot Massage - Fünf D - Das Signal nily repeated the performance of both of Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) parents by graduating salutatorian of his class. He recalled gaining strong mathematics training there and learning enough Latin to read "a bit" ofVirgil. Even though the school left him less well off with regard to science, he did not feel shortchanged because of the many physical and chemical experiments he did at home. Years later Skinner returned to the church and guessed that Frazier, the protagonist of Walden Two, was originally inspired by the many hours he spent sitting near that window. She was Fred's art teacher in grammar school and English teacher in high school, and her enthusiasm for both these sub- jects infected Fred. She lent him books. Her death from tuberculosis shortly after his graduation touched him deeply. More than any other individual in Susquehanna, Mary Graves helped Fred see the limits of his parents' intellectual world. Her influence was the strongest Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) his adolescence, a time when dissatisfaction with one's parents is often at its zenith. Mary recognized and praised Fred's intellectual abilities, abilities his mother largely ignored and on occasion found trou- blesome. Rather than being a domestic policer, Miss Graves was an educacional catalyst who encouraged Fred's natural curiosity and urged him to find answers for himself from books and nature. Intellectual independence became essencial to Skinner's behavior as a scientist, and Mary Graves nurtured that practice in him. She kept a small notebook in which she carefully described plants she, like her father, was a botanist as well as Darwinian and religious observations. A memorable example of Miss Graves's championing of intellectual Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut), although perhaps to her own embarrassment, occurred in Fred's eighth-grade literature class. William told Fred that Francis Bacon was the real author of Shakespeare's plays. Deferring to his father's authority, or perhaps playing devil's advocate, Fred triumphantly announced to his class the next day that Shakespeare was a phony. Miss Graves challenged William Skinner's intellectual cre- denciais and advised Fred to find out for himself who the true author was. Fred became inter- ested in Francis Bacon and began reading biographies, even attempting to read Bacon himself, delving into Advancement of Learning as well as the classic treatise Novum Organum. He did not remember becoming a Baconian at the time, but later adopted Bacon's dictum that to be com- manded, nature must be obeyed. Skinner emphasized that he became a Baconian also with respect to scientific method, education, and the "abid- ing principie that knowledge is power. Like Lewis and other American inteliectuals, Skinner would eventually rebel against the village, but the village would never entirely leave him. Small-town life did not necessarily smother ali inteliectual curiosity nor prevent imagina- tive improvisation, but it presented obstacles that blocked I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor - Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, Thats What Im N stunted the kind of future he was seeking: "People know each other and have clone so over long periods of time The album improved on their debut on several fronts, not least of which is the stellar production: the guitar tone is nicely crunchy, especially for its time. The technical performance of all musicians in the band - always a high point with STRIFE - had progressed in the intervening three years, as well. Although unfortunately failing to capture the same success as such other bands, STRIFE were more than a match in quality. In particular, their sound was as unique and forward-thinking as any of those legends. North" - Basement Demo, 2 bonus lyric sheets, A4 sticker sheet, a reproduction of Joe's California Driver's License and an enamel pin badge. Finding comfort in the negative spaces within each track's borderland was the trio's primary goal in writing the four massive tracks comprising Love In Shadow. Sun Ra is still trying to get our attention 50 years after dispatching this transmission. Humanitys path since then makes his message even more urgent today. Years after Herman Poole LeSonyr Ra Blount left the planet hes still trying to reach us, to wake us up and to change our destiny. Sun Ra and the Arkestra werent a traditional studio band, and every star in the vast galaxy of their discography reflects this. The origins of these records can be hard to pinpoint at times, but when it comes to Thunder Of The Gods, its a bit easier. The raucous Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) track and Moonshots Across the Sky are unearthed from the 66 Strange Strings sessions. Modern Harmonic has once again paired Ras sonic art with the visual art of The Father of Modern Space Art, Chesley Bonestell, whose work Formation of the Earths Continents spralls across the front and back covers. His use Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) Auto-Tune technology is not gratuitous. Over one million copies sold. Limited edition audiophile pressing. Housed in a Stoughton old style tip-on jacket. Each track on the album was recorded in analog, with minimal overdubbing. Richard Thompson's new album, 13 Rivers, is the artists first self-produced record in over a decade. Though often lumped in with New Orleans sludge bands like Eyehategod and Crowbar, Thou shares a more spiritual kinship with '90s proto-grunge bands like Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden all of whom they've covered extensively, both in the studio and onstage. The band's aesthetic and political impulses reflect the obscure '90s DIY hardcore punk found on labels like Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut), Vermiform, and Crimethinc. From throughthe band has released four full-length albums, six EPs some bordering on full lengthstwo collaboration records with The Body, and enough material spread out over splits to make up another four or five LPs. THRICE - PALMS Palms is the band's first release since signing to Epitaph in earlyand the album matches its raw passion with a measured intensity, a rare feat for an album so informed by the volatility of the times. Within that approach, Thrice reveal their profound commitment to making an enduring impact on the listener. Heathen Earth is a crucial live document of industrial pioneers Throbbing Gristle. Heathen Earth will be reissued on limited edition Blue vinyl on September 14, via Mute. It's a given that Throbbing Gristle's studio work was noisy and abstract, but more was left to chance during gigs like this, with primitive synthesizers and other electronics pitted against a band trying to keep some semblance of control. Trash Records fame. In a perfect modern world, songs like "Devices," and "Suckin' In Your 20's" would be massive chart smashes on the level of "Teenage Kicks. The albums and the band found a wide audience elusive, even though the band opened for many heavyweights in the day including Linda Ronstadt, Fleetwood Mac, The Doobie Brothers, Billy Joel, Dr. Hookplayed with Kate Bush on her first proper demo recordings that landed her a deal with EMI, and were even covered by their producer, David Gilmour, on his first self-titled solo album, released in Laughing Up Your Sleeve attempts to correct what may have been a matter of wrong time, wrong place for Viniti - Various - Cameroon Zouk Love Stars (Afro-Zouk) band whose music overflows with beautiful melodies, lush arrangements and perfect harmonies. This release compiles twenty previously unreleased demos, recorded in Pink Floyd's David Gilmour's home studio inwith Gilmour adding pedal steel guitar to "Sleep Song. Although musically inspired by American acts mostly folk and country rocktheirs is a very British sound which, unfortunately, was out of step for the time in which it was released, at least in England from where they rarely strayed. The duo decided to up the ante and add a third member to help perfect their vicious post-industrial dystopian cyber-punk. After some deliberation, Greenberg called upon drummer Greg Fox Liturgy, Zs to help round out the sound they were looking for. Using a mix of triggered samples and real drums along with layered synths and good old electric guitar, the trio arrived at what would become The Long Walk Or Is It Love - Johnny Paycheck - Jukebox Charlie And Other Songs That Make The Jukebox Play only a few short days in the studio. United Ghosts blends a seemingly dizzying collection of influences that range from dream pop and electronica to classic psychedelia and krautrock into a cohesive, hypnotic sound that celebrates it's influences, while keeping one eye firmly set towards the future. Has everything Vandals fans love about the band: humorous lyrics satirizing pop culture, inventive artwork, and superb pop-punk! It's all here - the high hairdos, the dreams and schemes, the tender camp, the wedding bell fantasias and chaste tragedies. Sister acts, studio receptionists, classmates, angelic voices of the s; some legendary, many hidden in the basement of expired rainbows. Gathered on this deluxe double LP are Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) foiled escape attempts, now free to soar in girl group heaven. Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) is celebrating its 60th Anniversary with a series of double vinyl compilations highlighting some of the greatest music of the last six decades. Since the s, the city has been known for music - developing the "Muscle Shoals Sound", as local recording studios including FAME Studios in the late s and Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in produced hit records that shaped the history of popular music. From tohe founded and ran Cleopatra Records, discovered and mentored young Garden State talent, wrote songs and produced wild studio effects, and quit his day job to promote it all himself. Cleopatra became a time-capsule of every s pop style imaginable-garage rock, psychedelia, surf, girl groups, soul, novelties, exotica, even a crooner-a kaleidoscope of sound in search of the ever-elusive hit record. Fellow locals - drummer Louis Hayes, bassist Doug Watkins, and guitarist Kenny Burrell - joined the two, along with trumpeter Idrees Sulieman, for an energetic session. Tommy Flanagan shines on this recording, which contains nearly all of his own compositions. Coltrane, Burrell, and Idrees Sulieman were choice, I Cant Go For That (No Can Do) - Daryl Hall John Oates* - Rock N Soul Part 1 soloists, and it is a delight to hear them interact with Tommy and his rhythm section. The reworked tracks were mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden and entirely self-recorded by the band. Limited edition of copies. CHASE CSPAN This album also contains some of Waits most popular ballads, including "Jersey Girl" which was famously a hit for Bruce Springsteen. Here he picks up on the classicism of his solo debut, adding heavy elements of pastoral British Folk and Traffic-styled trippiness. A critically acclaimed piece of Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) that reached 2 in the UK charts. Students of rock music, White Denim has clearly listened to and learned from the best albums ever made from T. Rock and roll music that aims for the whole body. Recorded in hometown Austin, Texas in their new Radio Milk studio, Performance displays a band of extraordinary musicians at their creative peak. Limited edition of copies on Clear vinyl available to indie record stores only. The songs on this release are an emotional and visceral expression of pure melodic darkness and beauty. One of the tracks of notable mention is the song "Catamaran", a Yawning Man song made popular by the legendary influential desert rock band Kyuss on their album And the Circus Leaves Town. The song was never released by Yawning Man, however the Kyuss cover of the song proved to be a favorite among Kyuss fans, spreading the word about Yawning Man's unique music. Yawning Man will finally release this classic, properly recorded, for the first time in their 30 years. He has spent the last several years as Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) in-demand sideman and collaborator, touring and recording with artists from across a wide musical spectrum. While traveling as a bassist and keyboard player, Zahn started recording synthesizer experiments in his off time. These experiments - musical snapshots of cities all over the world - became the foundation of People of the Dawn, an album that seeks to merge the chaotic wisdom of jazz improvisation with the warm pulse of Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut). Mascis Dinosaur Jr. Pressed on virgin vinyl and packaged with artworked inner sleeve and free download coupon. Limited quantities will be pressed on purple color vinyl. Cutting is by engineer Kevin Metcalfe using his original cutting notes. Simple Things is a timelessly classic album and the essential soundtrack to any laidback summer chilling. Zero 7 were formed in by producers Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker. In their debut album Simple Things was released selling over a million copies to date and was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize. Zero Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) were also nominated as Best Newcomer at the Brit Awards Simple Things peaked at no. Stateside, the album hit no. But what separates All Your Luck from other releases is Curtail's songwriting vision Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) commitment to digging beyond superficial '90s rock signifiers. SMILE GLOW Bold Statements is the band's debut album. Album Cover by Jon Weed. GLUED Type O Negative - Metal Kings by Tom Shear Assemblage 23the album crystallizes the band's melodic and sublime sensibilities as heard on the singles "Sunday Queen" and "The Girl Who Tried" as well as a powerful version of Til Tuesday's smash hit "Voices Carry! The original album and twelve rare and previously unreleased tunes. Gatefold digipack with page booklet. Founded in Bietigheim-Bissingen by Heiko Maile, Oliver Kreyssig, and Marcus Meyn inCamouflage recorded their first demos in a home-made studio which they set up in the cellar of one of their parents' houses. These early recordings found their way onto a local radio station via a competition which caught the attention of a small publishing company. Ultimately, this led to the band signing a deal with Metronome, a major record label. They scored a hit with their debut single "The Great Commandment", released in the autumn of Even more astonishing than the 14 spot they reached in the German singles charts was their success across the Atlantic, where a remix version peaked at 1 on the Billboard Dance Club chart. The single topped the charts in countries like Taiwan and Singapore, rightfully claiming its status as a worldwide hit, enhanced by heavy rotation for the song's video on MTV. Who would have believed that this trio of school pals could create such an international sound? Moreover, the boost they gave to the genre is nothing short of remarkable. Hear the original recordings of classics from the band's major label debut Felons And Revolutionaries Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) as "Debonair," "Everything Pick It Up - Various - Bravo Hits Vol. 14 and "Sick" that made Dope the kings of NY's late '90s metal scene! Packaged in a DVD amaray box with a very special page booklet of rare photos and written commentary by Edsel Dope! Taking inspiration Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) those that came before, such as Milford Graves with whom Fox has studiedand the great minimalist composer Rhys Chatham, Guardian Alien rejects previously established forms while selectively contorting elements of many into a wholly unique and personal new order. Striking a unique balance between sounds produced acoustically and electronically, its latest work, Spiritual Emergency, shows the group harnessing instability and cosmic fluctuations, pushing its sound in multiple directions simultaneously to create a pivotal moment in the post-modern New York underground. Includes a brand new track "Smartphone Junkie" that proves this band still has the punk rawk goods! Queen is Minaj's first album in four years, following The Pinkprint Digitally remastered to superior sonic quality and packaged in a slick digipak with liner notes by Dave Thompson! All this bonus material is not available for download in North America and has not been available since the early '90s. Included also are several B-sides and 2 unreleased songs from the same album's sessions. All of this bonus material is not available for download in North America. The release also contains a lyric booklet. Included also are several B-sides that were previously available only on the album singles. Also included in this release are the George Clinton remix, and all the Dust Brothers remixes that were vinyl promo exclusives. The original US release did not contain the 12" mixes. This albums and all of these rare mixes have not been available in the US since the Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) '90s and remain completely unavailable on iTunes. Don't expect just a repackaging of material already available on the boxed set of outtakes- 15 Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) Frosting On The Beater's 31 bonus tracks Immer Nur Lächeln (Aus Das Land Des Lächelns) - Franz Lehár / Richard Tauber - Abschiedskonzert this reissue have never been heard! Reverse board clam shell box with disks in individual card wallets and insert. Gathered on this deluxe double CD are 56 foiled escape attempts, now free to soar in girl group heaven. DeVille Poison and so many more! Wells the only time the two ever met! Packaged in a custom-made, genuine wood cigar box with a page booklet of extensive liner notes by music journalist Dave Thompson and rare photos plus a mini harmonica that really works! Their debut album arrives a full eight years since their benchmark EP, Black Earth That Made Me, which sold out almost Eddie Zima And His Orchestra - Who Said So Polka / Hit & Miss, making their records some of the most highly sought after on the underground scene and earning them a cult Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) across the globe. Swerving from aggressively abrasive to beautifully ethereal and drawing from a varied and challenging palette, they tackle loss, acceptance, struggles with drug addiction and existential dread. Their debut EP 'Wasted Time' features 5 songs of fast, melodic hardcore punk that will leave the listener begging for more. Burning Love's approach is more nuanced than Colohan's previous Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut), mixing raw melody and swagger akin to Laughing Hyenas, Poison Idea, etc. These are two tracks not to be passed up. They're exciting, fun, catchy and timeless - like quality ska should be. Jesus Piece kicks the split off with two brutally heavy and discordant, metallic hardcore anthems. Malice At The Palace, fresh off an LP released by Six Feet Under, is back with Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) new songs continuing to perfect the '90s hardcore sound they're known for. Also includes a custom 7" adapter. And there's no better example than the new single by San Diego's Schizophonics, who have recently been touring as El Vez's band. These three powerful shots are in the best Stooges tradition. The B side, M. An essential piece of wax if ever there was one! This single features a duet with the sultry, vibrato tones of the beautiful Ruby Amanfu, a Ghanian born, Grammy award nominated singer-songwriter, who now resides in Nashville. Soulful and inspired. This 7" single includes White's cover with the legendary Muppets house band, the Electric Mayhem, on the a-side, plus the special TV rendition featuring the Electric Mayhem along with the rest of the Muppets singing along as the b-side. NEED Includes fold-out poster and digital download. The 4-track release is the "result of a few clandestine hotel room recording sessions," and was created in the weeks following the release of Iggy's last album, Post Pop Depression. YOUTH The album is 2Pac's commentary on contemporary social issues facing American society such as racism, police brutality, poverty, black on black crime, and teenage pregnancy. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) classic UMe will be commercially releasing the album on vinyl gatefold, gram for this first time in the US. INTRO KRAZY RULES FREE MTFU BOY GREY Birthed to the world was an 8-song, kick you in the teeth, swirling mixture of rock, blues, psych and jam. A supernatural commutation channeling darkness and illumination. In anticipation of a follow-up record, Lightning At The Door is being reissued with two bonus tracks from the original recording sessions. LP Dub Reggae. James' fourth, autobiographical' album as Aphex Twin is regarded as his 'drill n' bass' showpiece. Originally released in'Richard D. James' continues the lineage of his digital era beginning from the previous Aphex Twin album, ' I Care Because You Do'where familiar, playful melody locks into aggressive, hyperspeed breakbeats and quasi-jungle rhythms. Characteristically, 'Richard D. James' employs audio generated electronically, whilst furthering his ideas of more 'concrete' techniques such as sampling, distorting, looping and the use of human voice, physical instruments and environmental sound. As compelling a listen today as it ever was. PEEK Official reissue featuring new interview with Mulatu Astatke. Mixed and remastered at The Carvery. Pressed by Pallas. DEWEL The most criminally underrated underground hard rock band returns with their signature "boxriff" style guitar. GIANT RUN Conducted by Julian "Cannonball" Adderley. High-concept stuff from a studio genius. It was the follow-up to the band's highly successful album Stranger Than Fiction. A WALK TEN IN Since their inception at Humber College's Music Performance program inthe three have challenged the rule Wonderful Lottery Ticket Way - The Capstan Shafts - The Sleeved And Grandaughters Of The Blacklist on improvised instrumental music and taken jazz tradition into the future. With early champions including acclaimed BBC broadcaster Gilles Peterson and Tyler The Creator who helped fuel their discoverythe inseparable friends are prepping to release their biggest project to date, III, on Innovative Leisure. Double LP in gatefold jacket. IV Untitled - Neil Campbell - Bath Chorales (Lathe Cut) on the band's own imprint. FUGUE Since this Brighton UK five-piece formed in the summer of they have been getting endless acclaim for their lyrics and songwriting, as well as their incredibly energetic and powerful live shows. No surprise really, being that their frontman T. DIVE BBQ is his preferred monicker for playing as a very strict live-recorded one-man band. May 16, marks the acclaimed albums 50th anniversary. Package contains gram heavyweight black vinyl LP reissue of Pet Sounds remastered in Mono with faithfully replicated original artwork. PPP DO IT SCOOP DIG IT GIRL WAIT Produced by Giles Martin for this year's universally heralded 'Sgt.{/PARAGRAPH}


Black Star - Various - Sonic Seducer Cold Hands Seduction Vol. X, Five Circles - London Philharmonic Orchestra* - Chariots Of Fire And Other Award Winning Scores From, Zoo Station - U2 - Vertigo 2005 // U2 Live From Chicago (DVD), Dawn Music - Vernon Duke - Time Remembered, Fine Without You - Armin van Buuren - The Music Videos (1997-2009) (DVD), Dance Tonight - Lucy Pearl - Dance Tonight, You Dont Know What Love Is - Sonny Rollins - Saxophone Colossus, I Poeti - Ti Ho Vista Piangere / Non Piangerei, Dissatisfied Brings - Hidden Aspects - Revelations 1:1, May-Day - Geraet, Somethings Coming - Leonard Bernstein - West Side Story - The Original Sound Track Recording

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