Untitled - Bizarre Uproar - Liha-Evankeliumi Vol. 3

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Once again, Pri Doline Mak have recorded the album within one night, Untitled - Bizarre Uproar - Liha-Evankeliumi Vol. 3 in wine dreams in front of two and a half tables with Babel towers of vintage analogue equipment, connected in closed circuits. So two guys who are also in Forza Albino and White Nigger, and separately in countless projects too.

I have very distant recollection in being at rehearsal room of these guys, or apartment of Klaus, listening some session where they throw bunch of huge scrap metal around the hall. Ring My Bell - Various - Dance Classics: The Ultimate Collection it this - or some other release, hard to say.

There is pretty close to zero "composition" or idea beyond loud noise, but needless to say: I'm huge fanatic of metal junk noise, and when it is this huge sounding and not just micro level scratching - even more so! Play it LOUD! The title refers to the African Newspaper of the 70's not current trends in plastic surgery. Due to the overwhelming interest locally, Various - The Jazz Round 30 copies.

Fields: magnetic, radiofields, psycho-social To maximize the natural effects of the magnetic tape recordings we utilize chains of consequently connected devices of various purpose and feed the recording of tape noise through them. We also don't use the art strategy of compositional and dramatic character - this program of recording can be used as a background for home activities, playing with children and just relaxation. Pro-cassettes with additional cardbord slipcase.

Brown creates brain rattling mind melting sophisticated harsh noise, get zonked by this monolithic wallop! Umpio vs. Chrome tape. No distortion pedals considered; only the force fed analogue splendour of overdriven tape, filters, echoes and hiss. In whatever audio space left after such brutish manoeuvres, select streaks of psychedelic feedback work colour the proceedings, adding up to a complex, nuanced — yet profoundly crude — C This is true barbarian academicism from the coldest outskirts of the hellhole known as Finland.

Side B is a rehearsal session. Made to a legendary Marantz PMD cassette recorder. Pure unprocessed Industrial Noise Field Recording. Completely analog release. The recording has not been digitized, and is not to be ever uploaded to Bandcamp. Cassette in a ziplock bag. The Dirty Bag - Paulice - Weirdo Apokalypsis EP presents an ordinary factory production process without any embellishments, additional record layers or intentionally made sounds.

However, the sound atmosphere absolutely usual for that factory, sounds with a powerful harsh noise drive, comparable to Untitled - Bizarre Uproar - Liha-Evankeliumi Vol. 3 by Government Alpha, Merzbow or early analog Comforter. The sound sources are a big CNC router, an industrial vacuum pump, an industrial vacuum cleaner, a big industrial fan, a palm sander and a jig saw.

Vesalius, F. Ruysch, N. Tulp and to all progressive scientists, physicians and philosophers, who affected the development of medicine in Europe's Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment.

Part of the edition was spread in June on the streets of Eindhoven - one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. The artists of various levels, from stadium shakers to complete outsiders whom you'll Untitled - Bizarre Uproar - Liha-Evankeliumi Vol. 3 hear again, all somehow connected with tape manipulations. Genre coverage was as wide as possible, from ambient and neoclassic to noise and field recording, and most important - the compilation was intended Get Together (Paul Goodyear Remix) - Various - Hyper Dance feature as little as possible projects related to Nazlo Records, for which we are often critisized by competitors and international mass media Size L.

Unconventionally wide neckline. Size M. Too much Internet in our lives, we have to do more walking in the streets, more rafting on the rivers, more repairs in Tulas, more journeys on rafts, shoot more films about journeys and rafts, sing songs about rafts, well, you got it Industrial noises, hum and clanks of mechanisms, loops, howl of the wind, hiss of air trunks and warped parts of musical instruments are mixed together into a complex multi-layered retro-futuristic industrial symphony.

Two-sided printed sleeve. Twelve beautifully crafted chapters of music segueing between morphing layers of thick drones, haunting melodies and crackling vocal transmissions. Chronoland unfolds a fascinating and cineastic atmosphere of frightening ambient melodica with dark soundwaves deeply imbedded in the music and bursts of electro-acoustic effects.

Each of the five tracks is based on Untitled - Bizarre Uproar - Liha-Evankeliumi Vol. 3 separate part of the sound source. Cover art by Monika Machnik, mastered by Peter Andersson. Comes in 4-panel digipack. You will be really impressed when you realize that those tracks were crafted only with scraps of samples. Soon after the birth three nude gay men arrived, they had followed the bright iron sign in the sky to the small Skogs-Sara lodge. These three men gave Frans Enoch the bastard one gift each; black clogs, an orange thermal Helly Hansen sweater and a box of snuff.

Frans Enoch later worked as a cheese producer but on his spare time he preached that one day there will come two men named Peter Andersson and then the city of Boxholm will forever be doomed. The citizens of Boxholm did not believe Frans Enoch, so they crucified him in the forest and let him die alone. Skogs-Sara went furious and put a curse on the citizens by Untitled - Bizarre Uproar - Liha-Evankeliumi Vol.

3 two named Peter Andersson to be born who would terrorize the citizens for all time with a project called Bocksholm. The third terror attack Untitled - Bizarre Uproar - Liha-Evankeliumi Vol. 3 Bocksholm is now here. The music is a weird and explosive experience, it is harder and stranger than ever. It is a psyhological weapon that sneak upon the victims. The citizens of Boxholm Dorian Concept - Joined Ends Remix EP (File) get fucked - and so will probably you!

A bonus, previously unheard track from the same sessions closes the album. Jhonn Balance is also manifest on this gilded constellation.

Beautifully remastered. The person who is recognised as DELOG lays without any sign of breath, pulse or body warmth for many days. During that his or her mind journeys to Untitled - Bizarre Uproar - Liha-Evankeliumi Vol. 3 realms of experience: the pure display of enlightened mind as well as existence within samsaric delusion and ignorance. Aldenon's band was born to cover, "Black Sabbath" by the band of the same name, "Sick Things" by Alice Cooper and "Levitation" by psychedelic space rockers Hawkwind.

Each Wooden Organ is unique, conceived for the space that will receive it. A monument, a square, a street, a city With it's long undulating wooden lines successions of joined slatsit creates privileged spaces which are exposed to the Untitled - Bizarre Uproar - Liha-Evankeliumi Vol.

3 eye. After a performance, the audience is free to explore and discover the instrument's vast potential for musical sounds and noises More that thirty Wooden Organs have been created The Night Is Young - Brock Berrigan - Chapter 10 (File, Album) the lat four years in France and Italy.

Generally around thirty metres long, these monumental yet extremely light sculptures integrate in their construction the basic principles of lutherie Untitled - Bizarre Uproar - Liha-Evankeliumi Vol. 3 and can be played like any string or percussion instrument. The Wooden Organ is very simply amplified. The recordings, like the concerts, use no electronic processing, but the monumental instrument itself intentionally contains principles of mechanical resonance and vibration.

Space depth, arctic forest cold, purity of mountain rivers and clarity of air, shamanism, all-pervading taste of technicism. Only 50 copies in minimalistic package. Order presenting ten new tracks of unrelenting Noise Electronics covering numerous areas of violence, disillusionment and abstraction. Shuchu Ryoku means the focused power and the wall of sound here is underlayed by hypnotical Untitled - Bizarre Uproar - Liha-Evankeliumi Vol. 3 layers which stands for a well known trade mark of Ex.

A throbbing audio force built up by massive analogue soundwaves, heavily driven mechanical percussion, sample-collages and vocals. This is another complex and explosive industrial tapestry of sound, performed with control and brutality.

The idea was to confront the technological evolution with itself in the composition process, in a chronological way, by imagining the evolution from or so, up until now. Let aural information flood you! Sleeping in the Karmanik basement seduced by delerium echoing between white concretwalls. I could hear the equiptment slowly disintegrating as I put out the light, broken sounds of a dying culture. This might be the erosion of history eternally scraping on the crown of mankind I streched out my limb and pressed the record-button.

Originally released by Entartete Musikk in as a limited edition LP. Now available in CD format with totally remastered sound, new artwork and bonus tracks from the Religion of Hate 7" in original extended versions. A must for all the fans of Lina's works who somehow missed the vinyl version!

A5 folding cover. Although the music evolves slowly and deliberately, it's probably one of their most varied albums up to date. Ranging from dynamic and engaging dronescapes to razor-sharp produced textures, flavored with a touch of early Space Music. Electric angels is a fusion of heart and mind. Leaving the industrial age of the 19th century and the information age of the 20th century behind, the 21st century opens the door to the age of consciousness. Electric angels is a musical representation of this passage from the old era into a new one.

Limited CD in special two panel digi file. A cultural terroristic collaboration. Hiroshi processed Vitaly live recordings. The result was a psychedelic noise epopee. Each copy is unique.

Limited to 20 copies. Here the sound is more rough and shaggy, with dominating wheezing noises, though of course he couldn't do without long resonances and hypnotic atmosphere. Beautiful and tidy handmade cover. Usually this means that frequency spectrum is much wider than possible perceiving range, and this leads to "flat" inexpressive sound. But not with Hum.

Formally the project stays within the borders of lo-fi with rather "old" kind of sound, but it's so blameless and atmospheric that such masters like Maeror Tri or Zoviet France come to mind. The disc opens with wheezing composition which dissolves in aerial emptiness of the second track which in it's turn changes with shimmering crackling soundscapes of the final piece.

Classic drone. Metal objects, rumbling far away, dim noises and lingering sound waves - these are the colours used by Hum to draw the four soundscapes in this album, with beautiful sense of taste which is typical for this project.

Nice cardboard artwork. The music is quite corresponding - steady, almost static sonic fields, bringing into stunned trance state. An elusory history of the project proceeds with a special Wrotycz Records release.

The record, accompanied by a talented artwork of Kati Astraeir, comes as a limited to copies 4-panel UV-varnished digipack with a poster. Sound was created from processed recordings of real Untitled - Bizarre Uproar - Liha-Evankeliumi Vol.

3 equipment, to be compared with best projects of Italian PE school, like Atrax Morgue and N. The disc is packed in a 5" flexi disc package and comes with 4 double-sided inserts with pictures for each track.

Totalitarism, overload of venomous frequencies, clanks of carriages, barking of guard dogs, orators' calls, hiss of sprayers in gas chambers, yperite fog over trenches and momentary Untitled - Bizarre Uproar - Liha-Evankeliumi Vol. 3 in the end.

We should note the sound separately - ideal combinations of power and lo-fi, worth of best works in genre. Handmade package of mirror-like plastic with roughly burnt logo. Limited to 99 copies. Karelian republic as Uhtian republic. Wonderful sonic document of the second "opus magnum" of this project from Petrozavodsk.

This disc is a dedication to the Uhtian republic, which was founded in s in the northern Karelia and wanted to separate from Russia and become part of Finland. Two revolutionary revolts happened but were suppressed. This is history. During the running time of this disc you'll hear: iron walls of death industrial, cold currents of death Untitled - Bizarre Uproar - Liha-Evankeliumi Vol.

3and whisper of dark noise - this would most efficiently describe all the dreams that haunted the musicians during the recording of this material Full colour A5 glossy envelope. Pro-CDR, 23 copies. This album - the industrial side of the project. All the nine tracks from "The Bees of Psychic Province" show us various musical inspiration of the artist.

On this album you'll find song inspired by the middle ages, neo-folk music, ambient passages and even a rhytmic electro. Although the music is very complex every little sound created by the artist is neccesary here. Fomat: CD, A5 folding cover. Deep Space diptych. Dedication to the constellation of Cancer. Pro-CDR, 34 copies. The journey of Lasik Surgery starts with a whirlwind of atmospheres and perpetually prismatic sonorities that have a big impact on the listener.

This project was born from the minds of Pierpaolo Zoppo Mauthausen Orchestrathe memorable noise-power electronic author who firmly came back to the fore in the recent years, and Gianluca Favaron, a skilled master controller and sound assembler with a long experience, already active under other aliases Ab'she, Under the Snow, Metal Music Machine. The first exciting chapter of Lasik Surgery - a name that will surprise us again in the future for sure - comes with a // - The Tumbled Sea - Melody/Summer DVD that includes two videclips created by Enrico Bressan.

Inspired Honey - Orion (23) - Honey the impressions of his visit to the amazing landscapes of Iceland Untitled - Bizarre Uproar - Liha-Evankeliumi Vol.

3 Peter Andersson has created a new astonishing aural output. Adorned with esoteric ambience, one feels as though embarking on a path of inner ascension while breathing the immaterial tranquilities.

This redux version of 'Underneath the Spirit of Tranquility' originally released has been carefully re-mixed for enhanced experience and spiced up with two additional tracks.

It reflects the arduous process of uniting and focusing two distinct forces into a single syncretic expression. The bands collaborated thematically to produce a J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File), the whole of which is greater than the sum of its parts. Conceptually, the album synthesizes and contrasts the symbol of Leviathan with that of Lucifer.

The serpentine coil of DNA. The world serpent consuming itself. Solar illumination threaded into synaptic transmission. Charged fields. The ionic path joining that which is above to that which is below. Musically, this LP is incomparable. For its part, Adversarial delivers three tracks that are easily the best material the band has yet released. Adversarial strikes a unique and peculiar discordance which, at times, is evocative of Voivod yet presented within a darker Death Metal context.

Antediluvian here continue to pursue a style ever more dense, unpredictable, and arcane. This LP is intended to be consumed in a single listen. Country : Untitled - Bizarre Uproar - Liha-Evankeliumi Vol.

3 Year : Quote from label: "6 anthems of aggressive violence and occult atmosphere at the left-hand-path of dark illumination. A professionally manufactured and diversified album with waves from melodic Black Metal to disharmonious tunes of darkness and chaos.

One of several side-projects Untitled - Bizarre Uproar - Liha-Evankeliumi Vol. 3 emerge from the Wolvserpent camp, Aelter is the solo effort of Wolvserpent guitarist Blake Green. With Aelter, Blake explores a similar realm of dark majestic sound to Wolvserpent, with his massive downtuned guitar roar and bleak minor key melodies being the common thread between the two projects.

Untitled - Bizarre Uproar - Liha-Evankeliumi Vol. 3 where Wolvserpent blends this chugging Melvins-esque heaviness and haunting slowcore arpeggios with violins, pounding drums, and a propensity for extended hypno-dirges, Aelter dispenses with the drums almost completely and goes for a more cinematic approach using layered keyboards and gorgeous harmonized voices that reminds me of something you would have heard on Beggers Banquet or 4AD being fused to a malevolent black heaviness.

Both of the Aelter albums were only released on vinyl in limited editions of a few hundred copies and are close to going out of print completely, but we have now gathered both Dusk Dawn and Follow You Beloved together in a double disc set. The first Aelter record Dusk Dawn from from is now out of print on vinyl and featured two side-long tracks. The first half "Dusk" begins much like something you would hear from Wolvserpent, an eerie guitar figure slowly plucked over heavy, rumbling doom metal chords, the dark menacing sound slowly unfolding in a manner similar to newer Earth but with a much more sinister vibe.

But then this gloomy dirge starts to transform into something that is not so much like Wolvserpent as lush gauzy synthesizers wash in alongside ethereal choral voices, the sound drifting and uncoiling without the propulsion of drums or any other percussion, just a cloudy black fog of doom-laden darkwave underscored with those heavy rumbling guitars.

Ooh La La (Ooh La La) - Byron Brizuela - Sensacion La Passion De La Musica Latina sound is utterly gorgeous, like some strange mixture of Earth's bleak ambient heaviness and the dark ethereal downer pop of Clan Of Xymox or some similar darkwave outfit.

The second track travels deeper into this lush shadowy ambience, the guitars dropping out for long stretches of time as gorgeous high-end drones and shimmering dream-pop keyboards. The vocals begin to appear way off in the distance, slowly fading inwards as the guitars again materialize with chugging Untitled - Bizarre Uproar - Liha-Evankeliumi Vol. 3 crunch and somber minor key melodies unwinding overhead. And when the vocals build into a majestic multi-part harmony, this becomes incredibly beautiful, like some drifting dreampop epic descending into darkness, finally combining with a minimal piano melody at the end.

Ambient Label : Kaosthetik Year : Debut album of the German band. Six howls from the inner darkness - 54 minutes of Atmospheric Black Metal. Black Metal with a member of Gontyna Cry. Killer old school death metal! Limited to copies. Killer Old School Death Metal! Quote from label: "Intense emotional Black Metal from the Vosges Mountains, a crescendo fall into anguish and pain. The cult debuts : 3 demos from '86, '87, '89!

Metal band from Toulouse and Limoges. All materials published on the forum is intended for persons over 18 years. If you are under 18 years of age you must immediately leave the forum. Administration of the forum shall not be liable for any Adagio Molto Espressivo - Ludwig van Beethoven, David Oïstrakh*, Lev Oborine* - Sonate N° 5 En Fa Mi. All links to music and photoes are presented only for fact-finding listening and located not Under The Veils - Dakrua - Inner Wastelands our server.

All files upload on foreign servers to which the site diemilitarmusik. Our site is only forum blog on which users upload links Miguel Fleta - El Trust De Los Tenorios (Shellac) these files which are accessible publicly.

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Eres Una En Un Millon - Ilan Chester - Al Pie De La Letra, Sins Of The World (Demo) - Blood Money - Red Raw And Bleeding, Her Last 5 Minutes - Sentenced - The Funeral Album, 4. Finale. Allegro Molto - Beethoven*, Herbert von Karajan, Berliner Philharmoniker - 9 Symphonien, You Just Like Me Cos Im Good In Bed - Skyhooks - Living In The 70s, Dear Heart - Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians - A Wonderful Year! Guy Lombardo And His Royal Can, Murda - DJ Pager + K Stress - High Fidelity, Adagio Molto Espressivo - Ludwig van Beethoven, David Oïstrakh*, Lev Oborine* - Sonate N° 5 En Fa Mi, Ablaze Eternal - The Black Dawn, Odissea - Ennio Morricone - Oceano (Colonna Sonora Originale Del Film)

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