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It is a dreadful disease that causes immense suffering: affected rabbits can take a fortnight to die and treatment is usually futile, which is why euthanasia is usually recommended. Classic myxomatosis starts with runny eyes and in the very early stages can be confused with other causes of conjunctivitis.

An unvaccinated rabbit with this disease will almost certainly die, a vaccinated rabbit can still catch the disease but the difference is that vaccination turns a fatal illness into one that is treatable. Vaccinations should be done at 6 weeks of age and boosters given every months. VHD is a highly contagious viral disease that can kill rabbits within 48 hours of exposure to the virus. It is spread via contaminated beings or objects; car tyres, shoes, I’ll Kill You - Dickybird - Indéfendable birds, your pet dog, clothing you've worn somewhere there may be wild rabbits eg.

VHD is often a very swift and sudden killer, giving little warning. Rabbits may True Injection - Michael Rabbit - E.P. Vol. 2 without showing any symptoms at all. Jodi McLaughlin, certified in animal and human massage, offers the following hint for needle sensitivity: One thing you can do to help with adhesions and sensitivity from regular needle sticks is skin rolling. Rabbits usually love this massage technique and it can be done directly down the spine, the only massage technique that is safe on top of the spinous processes.

I skin roll across the shoulders, lower neck, and loosened skin on the hips too. It True Injection - Michael Rabbit - E.P. Vol. 2 free the tiny adhesions caused from needles as well as stagnant circulation.

It feels very good and is easy to do. Try to do skin rolling after sub-Q fluids. Very interesting, thank you :wave: I keep this in my records. I'm admirative for those of you who do the injections themselves, I just couldn't, too afraid of dammaging the skin as the dammages she has at the moment Yes I tend to use the 23g or even the 25g needles for Santa, but she is only about 1kg so it's fine to use the smaller needle for her. It also depends on what you are injecting as some antibiotics tend to be more viscuous and need a bigger gauge needle to inject easily.

Hi Santa, thanks for letting me know. I have ordered some 25G needles and see how we get on True Injection - Michael Rabbit - E.P. Vol. 2 them, should arrive tomorrow just in time for Nosey's next injection. He is 1. Hiya, Someone posted a picture of how to give subcutaneous injections on here but I can't find the thread anymore. I remember seeing someone being injected in their arm on TV which helped me with my method.

I make sure that True Injection - Michael Rabbit - E.P. Vol. 2 rest the needle flat on the skin first, gently press down and then push forwards. If you just try to push forwards towards the skin it seems harder to penetrate. Perforation of the caecum The caecum in rabbits is very large it occupies a large proportion of the abdominal cavity and thin-walled.

Care must be taken to avoid this structure. An appropriately sized syringe. Legal and Ethical Considerations In some countries there may be legislation restricting the use of this type of technique to licensed veterinarians. For example in the UK: "The Veterinary Surgeons Act Section 19 provides, subject to a number of exceptions, that only registered members of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons may practice veterinary surgery.

Use of Drugs Problem - 100,000, Bodybags* - Problem : Many drugs are not registered for use in lagomorphs and care should be taken in their use, with proper regard for possible toxic effects. Consideration should be give to relevant legislation regarding the use of drugs.


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  1. Dosage and volume of material administered must be carefully considered relative to “Good practice” administration routes and volumes for mice, rats, and rabbits are indicated in Table 1. Rabbit 1 (2) 5 (20) () 2 (10).
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  3. Vitamin B12 is a vitamin essential to life and survival. Vitamin B12 deficiency leads to megaloblastic anemia, irreversible nerve and brain damage, exhaustion, weakness, immune system failure, and ultimately death. But it doesn’t normally happen overnight. Only tiny amounts of B12 are needed, but those tiny amounts are crucial to human health.
  4. Hiya, I have to give my rabbit antibiotics via injections every three days. It's been going okay so far but today I had trouble grabbing his skin and getting the needle into it, he seemed very tense. I can't give him the injection in the neck area at the moment has he has developed some antibiotic burns there, we now dillute the antibiotics with sterile water and that has helped with the burns.
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  6. Intraperitoneal Injection of Rabbits (Disease Bw2) Restraint and positioning: The rabbit needs to be restrained in a position that allows the bulk of the abdominal viscera to be displaced away from where needle will be inserted (e.g. dorsal recumbency may be a suitable position). (Bw3, Bw2) The injection should be.
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  8. Feb 15,  · Injection and Trees are both Ellis' current ongoing works from Image comics, both of which I was incredibly impressed by and I also can't wait for the second volume of each. I believe the second volume of this series will exceed the build up and introduction to the story expressed in this first volume/5(66).

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