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He became addicted to heroin and cocaine in By the s, Staley was battling a severe addiction. The darker side of addiction had its influence on Staley's lyrics. No, it's not. Dirt is about depression, loss of loved ones, jaded views upon common society, and yes drug addiction. But it goes deeper than drug addiction really, as made evident by this song for example.

This song, as well as the whole CD it's from, is totally and completely about using heroine. Actually Layne died of a speedball, which is a mix of heroin and crack cocaine. Dave Mustaine once said he tried it and he and his friend thought, wow, this is like the best thing ever, why hasn't anyone tried this before, and then later they realized that people had tried it, but since the risk of overdoseing is so high becouse the crack takes out the smack and vice versa people use bigger doses most of them were dead before they could tell anyone about it.

And as Drake said, Soma White - Soma White song was written by Cantrell, so it's most likely about him and not Layne. The song is about death obviously. From what I interprit,its that Them Bones - Alice In Chains - Come & Save Me scared of dying Dont Be Cruel (Part 1) - The Million Dollar Quartet - The Legendary Session rotting in the ground, with no afterlife.

Just a pile of bones. He reffers to his fear of death a lot in their songs. Like man in the box. Yeah I agree with the comments added to the lyrics but he didn't commit suicede he overdosed on heroine.

Login Register Login with Facebook. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. God Smack. Hate to Feel. What the Hell Have I Lyrics. Rain When I Die Lyrics. Dam That River Lyrics. Them Bones Lyrics. Rooster Lyrics. Bleed Them Bones - Alice In Chains - Come & Save Me Freak Lyrics.

We Die Young Lyrics. It Ain't Like That Lyrics. Dirt Lyrics. Junkhead Lyrics. Angry Chair Lyrics. Sickman Lyrics. God Smack Lyrics. Hate to Feel Lyrics. Reprise [Live]. Down in a hole, outta control. I'd like to fly but my wings have been so denied. Why you act crazy not an act maybe, so close a lady, shifty eyes shady.

I stay away. In the darkest hole you'd be well advised not to plan my funeral before the body dies. Let the sun never blind your eyes, let me sleep so my teeth won't grind, hear a sound from a voice inside. You insult me in my home, you're forgiven this time, things go well, your eyes dilate, you shake, and I'm high? Look in my eyes deep and watch the clouds change with time, 20 hours won't print my picture milk carton size.


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  1. 4)Alice In Chains is yet to write a song about anorexia 5)The album that this song is from Dirt is one of the best albums of that era, and it is a very diverse and thoughtful album with songs like 'Them Bones' about death, 'Dirt' about murder/suicide all the way to 'Rooster' about the Vietnam War.
  2. Lyrics to 'Man In The Box' by Alice In Chains. I'm the man in the box, buried in my shit / Won't you come and save me, save me? / Feed my eyes, can you sew them shut? / Jesus Christ, deny your maker /.
  3. I believe them bones are me Some say"We're born into the grave" I feel so alone, gonna end up a Big ole pile a them bones Dust rise right on over my time Empty fossil of the new scene I feel so alone, gonna wind up a Big ole pile a .
  4. Alice In Chains Them Bones lyrics & video: I Believe Them Bones Are Me Some Say We're Born Into The Grave I Feel So Alone Gonna End Up A Big Ole Pile A Them Bones Dust Rise Ri /10(5).
  5. Gl’Alice in Chains (Aliśa in cadéni) i èṅ un grup rock americàṅ nâ a Seattle in dal I èṅ, insém a Nirvana, a i Pearl Jam e a i Soundgarden, una dal bandi più famóśi dal gir dal grunge americàṅ. Però, a difarénsa ad chi àtar, la mùśica di Alice in Chains la ténd da piò vèrs 'l Heavy metal ch'a 'l punk rock o a 'l rock psichedèpowermetal.akinoragavironkalas.infoinfo metal: Belphegor • Mercyful Fate • Venom.
  6. Alice In Chains - Man in a Box Lyrics. I'm the man in the box, buried in my shit Won't you come and save me, save me? Feed my eyes, can you sew them shut? Jesus Christ, deny your.
  7. Alice In Chains "Man In The Box": I'm the man in the box Buried in my shit Buried in my pit Won't you come and save me, save me? Fe Alice In Chains - Man In The Box Lyrics | powermetal.akinoragavironkalas.infoinfo
  8. Listen free to Alice in Chains – Come and Save Me. This is a bootleg. Don't know if it is officially liberated yet. Here is the correct Venue/Date info: Alice In Chains Come & Save Me ( Bootleg) Paris, France Elysee Montmartre October 15, Originally released: Release date: 17 Tracks Total time: Track List: 01 .

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