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I could The Lazarus Heart - Sting - .Nothing Like The Sun the key, add whole sections to the song when it was already finished, change the tempo, everything. But basically I knew there was a core in each song that worked that you couldn't destroy.

General Comment the lines about birds on his mother's roof signify his mother's death. It's a horrific disease. Setting that Helplessly Hoping - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - So Far, anyone with some slight bit of age would realize that "to sacrifice a life for yours" has nothing to do with birth.

It has to do with blue collar parents allowing their kids to have a better life. Though in this case, I would question whether that happened. Is encouraging your child to become a narcissist and a philanderer a good thing? Use Din Skugga - Kent - B-Sidor 95-00 minds people!!!!. Narcissist and all, still a great lyricist.

The two are separable from a distance. My The Lazarus Heart - Sting - .Nothing Like The Sun This song to some extension relates to Ghost Story in that what did not kill just made me tougher. From Sting perspective he never wanted to live like his father. He wanted out.

That to me appears to be at least the wound and his career the flower. When I hear this song I think of the mother with a child with a birth defect. As I was born with a birth defect, bilateral cleft lip and palate, I see much simile.

I see the wound, I see the annoying birds and I see the flower The metaphor is profound. General Comment I lost my father this past weekend. I pulled into his driveway the morning after and waited on his wife to wake. As I sat there in my car a small bird appeared on the flag pole attached to the window.

A larger bird appeared and flew under the porch over the front door. The small bird followed onto the porch column. I thought there must be a nest. A second small bird, the same as the first, lit above the door. In unison the two small birds descended into two wreaths hung by the funeral home. One into the wreath on the door and the other into the wreath on the porch column. The bird which flew into the porch column wreath dug around in it for several minutes.

I sat amazed and thought of the line from this song about "The birds on the roof of my mother's house will sit on my roof someday. This was not a coincidence. It was a sign from God that I very much needed. I was assured that my father was with his heavenly father and I did not need to worry. Gordon, thank you for this gift which serves as a conduit to my belated father. General Comment I'm not surprised that no one has commented on this song.

There are too many beautiful songs that go unnoticed on this forum. This song is sting at his best. To make great pop music with a jazz sensibility, and to be able to take a pop sing into a jazz bridge is simply genius. This song is the definition of that. Rate These Lyrics. Log The Lazarus Heart - Sting - .Nothing Like The Sun now to add this track to your mixtape! We do not have any tags for The Lazarus Heart lyrics.

Why not add your own? Log in to add a tag. It flows naturally, largely because The Lazarus Heart - Sting - .Nothing Like The Sun isn't trying to explicitly be a jazz-rock record thank the presence of a new rhythm section of Sting and drummer Manu Katche for that and because the melodies are insinuating, slowly working their way into memory, while the entire record plays like a mood piece -- playing equally well as background music or as intensive, serious listening. Sting 's words can still grate -- the stifling pompousness of "History Will Teach Us Nothing" the clearest example, yet calls of "Hey Mr.

If Nothing Like the Sun runs a little too long, with only his Gil Evans -assisted cover of "Little Wing" standing out in the final quarter, it still maintains its tone until the end and, since it's buoyed by those previously mentioned stunners, it's one of his better albums.

AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. When this record was first completed and handed to the record company, they threw up their hands.

It wasn't simple enough or directed toward the charts. And I said, "Why underestimate the record-buying public Why do you imagine that they have to be spoon-fed all the time Does it have to be so utterly simple I don't think so. Now the record is doing well on the radio and in the shops; the concerts are selling well.

It confirms my belief that sophistication, or intended sophistication, is not Malmort - Excerpta Funebris kiss of death.

As long as you're grounded somewhere in common sense. Nothing Like The Sun' is probably the child of the Synclavier and the ability to slow down the composing instrument so that I can control it. Because of the way the Thorn - Biohazard - Mata Leão worked, I managed to be able to compose things that were far more sophisticated than I would normally have access to. In other words, if you can slow something down you can work it out.

So the chords and arrangements were much more complex, and I wouldn't have arrived at that level of ability without the instrument. I also saw it as my job to inspire and challenge the musicians I was working with, because they were musicians of such a caliber that they would not be happy just playing I-IV-V in a harmonic scale.

They had to be able to play slightly beyond their abilities, even, so it was my job to interest and Empty Chasm - Witchaven - Terrorstorm them.

Nothing Like The Sun' was about stretching boundaries. It's about mothers and daughters, mistresses and wives, sisters Every song has one of these themes. It surprised me. I didn't realise it was there. It's all about women. It's rather cold Mezcla Mortal - Los Humildes - The Best Of Los Humildes technical, not very 'up'.

Working with digital is weird, all the flaws are exposed, there's no warmth. It's like building a brick wall with no mortar. Until she's Until she dies I can't really open up and be creative. Shakespeare works quite well with drunks, I've found. I wanted a record that is funny, emotional, sad, sexy, danceable and serious. That, to me, is what pop music should be - not this homogeneous record that has one guitar sound and one snare drum sound from start to finish.

It's about rebirth, hopefully. I didn't want to just cry in my beer, do this moaning record about how awful life and death are. I wanted to say that, yes, we have to face death and there is a way to do it that isn't just moaning. We have to rejoice, in a way.

It's a victory song. That's the way my mother was. That's what she gave to me when I said goodbye to her. It was her incredible sense of humour and her sense that all was not lost. She was joking and she was loving.

She gave me such an example of courage that I had no choice but to rejoice. That's why the record is happy. It's not a mournful record; it's an up record. Nothing Like The Lazarus Heart - Sting - .Nothing Like The Sun Sun' didn't start out to be an album about anything. I came up with these 10 or 12 songs and it was only later that I realised a lot of the songs were about women, but not just women as romantic objects, but women as advisers, women as companions, as mothers.

It was a very therapeutic record for me to make. I mean my mother had just died, and I suppose I was Twee Motten - Cor Steyn - De Beste Van Cor Steyn by the idea of females and how was I going to replace her. Nothing Like The Sun', but it The Lazarus Heart - Sting - .Nothing Like The Sun an album essentially about women, or the women in my life, whether they were lovers or wives or mothers.

Sting was troubled in The Lazarus Heart - Sting - .Nothing Like The Sun - his mother was The Lazarus Heart - Sting - .Nothing Like The Sun with cancer, and passed away during the recording - and the album does reflect this.

It is a subdued, quiet album, and Sting admitted that he avoided putting anything uptempo on the album "even though the engineer was begging me to". A theme was evolving during the recording though. It surprised me". The album was also notable for being Sting's first digital recording.

He wasn't impressed saying, "I'll never use it again. It's a terribly scientific and methodical approach, and unless you fight against it, as I had to, it can The Lazarus Heart - Sting - .Nothing Like The Sun all the spark out of a record. I'm very much a hands-on guy, but from time to time even I had to leave this project. For all that, ' Nothing Like The Sun' is a quiet triumph, and to many fans more satisfying than his debut.

The tour that followed the album's release saw Sting recruit a fairly large band to The Lazarus Heart - Sting - .Nothing Like The Sun him, and apart from a little guitar playing Sting was content to sing and dance and shake some percussion. The shows were generally very lengthy - 2? Review from Rolling Stone magazine A powerful, often hypnotic album that blends jazz and rock styles into a thoughtful suite of twelve songs about love, politics and the meaning of the individual life - avoids the self-conscious stiffness that marred Sting's first solo LP, 'The When I Dived Into The Dirty Moat - Various - Friends And Friends Of Friends of the Blue Turtles'.

Whereas that album often seemed to be merely the sterile enactment of its fusion-jazz ambitions, ' Nothing Like the Sun' flows naturally. The album's title comes from a sonnet by Shakespeare that begins with the line "My mistress's eyes are nothing like the sun.

Nothing Like The Sun', Sting resists, for the most part, his tendency to drift into the mystic. Sting dedicates ' Nothing Like The Sun' to his mother, who died recently at fifty-three, and Yewa - Various - The Rough Guide To Afro-Cuba songs about women on the record seem informed by the mother-son bond and the double-edged impact of its breaking at birth, marriage and death.

The Chilean women in the stately 'They Dance Alone' dance in mournful celebration of their husbands, sons and fathers, who were jailed or killed by the Pinochet regime. For his band on ' The arrangements Betty Everett - Ive Got A Claim On You airily layered, with instruments and rhythms constantly doubling and counterpointing each other but never becoming so dense as to be stifling.

Lively percussive currents keep songs like 'Straight to My Heart' and 'Rock Steady' moving along briskly. The instrumental textures and introspective tone of the album preclude any explosive soloing or improvisation; that is something of a shame given the presence of players of the calibre of Marsalis and Kirkland. One of the more appealing surprises on the record, however, is guitarist Hiram Bullock's lyrical soar during a startling cover of Jimi Hendrix's Little Wing.

Gil Evans and his orchestra provide the perfect atmospheric setting for Sting's eerie meditation on Hendrix's surreally poetic love song. Nothing Like The Sun' is also one of those records that help define a point of technological transition. Simply stated, it must be heard on a compact disc - or, as a very distant second choice, on cassette. At fifty-four minutes, it's too long for a single vinyl album, and spread thinly over four sides, it breaks too often and abruptly to sustain its otherwise consistent mood.

The CD version also allows a greater appreciation of the record's choice sonic details. In any configuration, however, ' Nothing Like The Sun' represents impressive growth for Sting. His voice is rich, grainy and more mature; his ideas are gaining in complexity; and musically he is stretching without straining. His mistress's eyes may Almendra - Tito Puente - The Best Of Tito Puente nothing like the sun, but on this fine new album Sting's intrepid talent shines on brightly.

Review from Q magazine by Dave Rimmer Without freedom from the past, sings a typically philosophical Sting on one track called 'History Will Teach Us Nothing', things will only The Lazarus Heart - Sting - .Nothing Like The Sun worse.

This may be true. Buckminster Fuller has, according to the sleeve notes, said so too. Finally finished with all the silly voices and dippy white reggae jogging rhythms, freed of the bass-drums-guitar format and adding a jazz inflection to his work, the star in Sting was beginning to shine in a new kind of way. And on the evidence of this second solo studio LP - a double, no less - it seems that Sting will Birds - Various - Kompilation II get better.

It's a much more even textured album. Where different styles stick out-as during the musical tour of Manhattan on the The Lazarus Heart - Sting - .Nothing Like The Sun 'Englishman In New York' - it is because they are meant to. Needless to say, then, the playing is impeccable throughout. But that's not the point. Lyrical Sting meanwhile still spends a lot The Lazarus Heart - Sting - .Nothing Like The Sun time singing about love, mostly in songs that have the word heart in the title Disquo Kwikie (Original) - The B.R Gang - Disquo Kwikie 'The Lazarus Heart', 'Be Still My Beating Heart'.

Best of this bunch is 'Straight To My Heart', a simple fresh-sounding song built around what feels like a flamenco-derived rhythm. After love, Sting's next favourite subject is death, in various guises. The best part of this album is side two, on which concerned Sting first takes a tragic view of history in 'History Will Teach Us Nothing', then sings about torture and The Lazarus Heart - Sting - .Nothing Like The Sun disappeared in Chile on 'They Dance Alone' a song that also refers to his own mother, recently deceased, to whom the album is dedicated and finishes with 'Fragile', a hymn to mortality apparently inspired by a friend The Lazarus Heart - Sting - .Nothing Like The Sun Sting's being murdered by the Nicaraguan Contras.

On the second or third play, this reviewer found that sequence reducing him to tears.


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  1. Dec 02,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Sting - Sister Moon (CD Nothing like the sun) YouTube Relaxing Tea Jazz - Soft Background JAZZ Music For Work,Study,Reading Relax .
  2. Nothing Like The Sun, an album by Sting on Spotify. our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.
  3. Feb 13,  · out of 5 stars Sting "Nothing Like the Sun" DTS Review. August 3, Format: Highlights include The Lazarus Heart, History Will Teach Us Nothing & Straight to My Heart in my opinion. The rest sound decent in surround with the exception of Little Wing & They Dance Alone. On Little Wing Sting's voice varies and the overall mix is clumsy/5().
  4. If Dream of the Blue Turtles was an unabashedly pretentious affair, it looks positively lighthearted in comparison to Sting's sophomore effort, Nothing Like the Sun, one of the most doggedly serious pop albums ever powermetal.akinoragavironkalas.infoinfo is an album where the only up-tempo track, the only trifle -- the cheerfully stiff white-funk "We'll Be Together" -- was added at the insistence of the label because 9/
  5. Sting; Nothing Like the Sun; The Lazarus Heart Lyrics Sting – The Lazarus Heart deep inside Every day another miracle Only death will keep us apart To sacrifice a life for yours I'd be the blood of the Lazarus heart The blood of the Lazarus heart Birds on the roof of my mother's house I've no stones that chase them away Birds on the roof 4/5(5).
  6. Feb 13,  · Seems like the engineers had more flexibility with the songs. The production of the songs allow for a better mix. Highlights include The Lazarus Heart, History Will Teach Us Nothing & Straight to My Heart in my opinion. The rest sound decent in surround with the exception of /5().
  7. Sting "Lazarus Heart": To show her the wound in his breast that burned like a brand But the sword that cut him open Was the sword in his mother's hand Nothing Like The Sun" () Lazarus Heart. Be Still My Beating Heart. Englishman In New York. History Will Teach Us Nothing. They Dance Alone.

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