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This is American Horror Story. Of course it will be! Every single snippet of plot information is currently locked away in the deepest recesses of the Black Lodge guarded by a dancing dwarf. However, we do. With such a talented cast, a gifted showrunner and some very strong source material, American Gods could very well be your next TV obsession. That gum we like is indeed going to come back in style.

Star Trek finally returns to television after more than a decade. The comedy is spot on, Bruce Campbell seems to be having the time of his life, the supporting cast are playing their parts perfectly Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo are ridiculously entertaining as sidekicks Pablo and Kellyand some of the set pieces have been nothing short of spectacular.

Based on The Mortal Instruments book series, the first season of the hit stateside show was originally met with mixed reviews from critics but developed a strong following thanks to the popularity of its talented and youthful cast. Clary Fray discovers on her 18th birthday that she is a Shadowhunter - a girl born Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra angelic blood whose mission is to protect humans from demons.

Adventurous hijinks ensue. The BBC has announced a colour version of the animation, to be released on BBC Store on December 31st followed by a special edition Bluray featuring both versions on February 6th, Since Julythe Experience has given young and old fans alike the opportunity to step into the TARDIS and go on an adventure with the Doctor, and has hosted an extensive exhibition of props and costumes.

Some lucky viewers in Canada, the US, and Australia will also be able to see the episode in cinemas — we Brits get left out of that! Another confirmed writer is Jamie Mathieson, who has scripted Episode Five. The Tenth Planet is an odd story. The most unfortunate aspect of the story, retrospectively speaking, is that the Cybermen arrived on our screens fullyformed subsequent costume changes notwithstanding. Generally speaking, the Doctor and Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra friends encounter alien species on their travels for whom a backstory is one of evolution if one exists at all.

Because it allows the programme makers — chief among them Story Editor Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra Davis and producer Innes Lloyd — to return to that well without feeling the need to focus on the reason for its existence.

But with the Daleks moving rapidly out of the picture, Davis and Lloyd simply used the Cybermen as generic robotic replacements, ready to fulfil a function in. Thus we end up with stories like The Moonbase, in which the Gravitron itself is the centre of attention and the threat might as easily come from Ice Warriors or Quarks had either of those monsters been created yet or, at a push, even the Daleks.

There is also a secondary issue in the depiction of the Cybermen, one of a logical approach to their behaviour. When The Invasion came along in latethe Cybermen were so generically lacking in character, they needed a human mouthpiece just to keep the story ticking along for eight episodes. Indeed, unlike the Daleks, who have remained largely unaltered in more than fifty. Attack of the Cybermen finally paid lip service to the ideas that Kit Pedler had first introduced, but only as an excuse for some grim visuals very much subservient to more important questions of repairing continuity errors, while in Silver Nemesis and Earthshock the Cybermen were simply there to look camp while killing people, Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra meals or no.

In The Next Doctor, Mercy Hartigan is very much an analogy for the kind of thinking that fetishises material and physically technological gain Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker the expense of human endeavour and personality.

And in Death in Heaven, Steven Moffat goes back to religious concerns and questions of mortality and its most fundamental meanings, and presents a horrific scenario that Kit Pedler would undoubtedly have been proud of but that modern viewers found perhaps too disturbing to contemplate.

However, it is in maybe the least well regarded modern Cyberman story of all, that the most basic issues raised by Pedler back in The Tenth Planet are finally addressed. Closing Time deals in the most basic way with the question of what a Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra being stands to lose in becoming a Cyberman, and deals metaphorically with the issue of how to combat that.

Regardless of their changing fortunes, there must be some reason for that; the idea that one day we might all be robots, perhaps, rather than the way the programme itself has dealt with that idea over the years? Whether their erstwhile captains are as different as at first they Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra to be is open to debate, though.

Oh my God. I thought you were Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker, and where were you? What the hell does Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker mean, travelling? You ask her. BEN: Did you say ? BEN: What month is it? July the 20th, Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker be precise. July the 20th, is when it Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra began! Well, I think. He is also the first Doctor that.

Although, in coming up with the overall feel of the revived series, it Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker City Of Death took the biscuit. Julie Gardner, another key behind the scenes cog in the BBC machine, took to it after Russell included it in a list of his favourites. City of Death, for me, the Tom Baker story, I just loved it, and from the moment of watching that story, I thought there was so much we could do. How to get the sound of an orchestra without having the budget for a real one until the following series would become something of a dilemma for him.

All of which had been put there in the first place by Delia Derbyshire in time for An Unearthly Child. The more things change, the more they stay the same…. The Daleks have been around for over fifty years now, and so doing something new with them while staying true to their character is a difficult task.

Before Im Gonna Make You Mine - The American Breed - Pumpkin, Powder, Scarlet & Green (Reel-To-Reel, Album meet this colourfully. And Dennis Spooner left the post of. This leads them to a monastery, where the Brotherhood of the Black Petal are guarding a mysterious secret Having crashed on Strellin, a Dalek squad has found a gruesome way to survive.

This is something that writer Mike Tucker pulls off effectively, with some genuinely scary moments, even making the blob-like mutants inside the casings into a credible and nasty threat. The stained-glass Daleks of the cover, their casings repaired by the monks, are either a great visual idea or a very silly one — opinions will be divided on this. Order of the Daleks is a worthy Dalek story, then. The audio production is a perfectly judged recreation of what Spooner might have written had he spent another few months in the job.

To Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker anything of the plot would be. An enormous pleasure. Audio dramatisation based on the Eagle comic strip Dan Dare created by Rev. Marcus Morris, written and drawn by Frank Hampson. The moral right of the Dan Dare Corporation Ltd and B7 Enterprises Ltd to be identified as having Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra of this work has been asserted.

Sheri S. In response to the death of patriarchal society, women take power in the hope of creating a fairer place to live. At a young age, boys are given the choice to stay within the walls and be ridiculed and.

A fascinating perspective on the dangers of inequality - regardless of which gender is in charge. Margaret Atwood - Hagseed Margaret Atwood is one of the most notable fantasy writers of our time. After winning the first ever Arthur C. An exciting book perfect for anyone this Christmas. Frankenstein paved the way for science fiction, bringing light to a new and terrifyingly relevant genre.

The question of how far science can - or should - go arose, triggering a flood of fiction like Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and, later on, H. Thin Air is currently in hardback in shops right now, and is a sort of sequel to her previous ghost story, Dark Matter. In both stories, the protagonist is a scientist, with little aim in life and looking for change or excitement. Dark Matter and Thin Air are frightening masterpieces. Joanna Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker - The Female Man An excellent piece of s feminist satire, The Female Man is a commentary on the need for women to lose their femininity to be taken seriously.

There are multiple female protagonists who, from several different times and universes, cross paths. By meeting each other, they exchange their ideas of gender identity, gender roles, and what it means to be a woman. Her two female protagonists. Together, they bridge the gap between, while trying to overcome the destructive evil looming over them. Though it drove her father to madness, Faith is seduced by the idea of such forbidden knowledge.

Will it lead her Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker the same end? This YA book is a classic for any age group this Christmas. Octavia E. Butler - Kindred Butler shook the foundations of what science fiction means with Kindred.

A story that has one foot in sci-fi and another in slave narrative, Butler tells us of an African American female writer who finds herself meeting her ancestors, a white slave owner and Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker concubine slave. As is often the case with time travel narratives. However, as a black woman on a plantation, this becomes evidently difficult. This chilling novel examines what it means to be a black woman in America, past and present.

Soaring across time and space, she explores real and mythical places. When one day What Do You Want - The Yardbirds - The Yardbirds father embarks on their biggest journey to reunite with her dead mother in the past, her existence hangs in the balance. This is a beautiful, imaginative tale that will transport you from your cold December living room to Honolulu, Africa, and China - everywhere.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I will - Merry Christmas and happy shopping! As the legendary comic strip prepares to make the leap to big finish audio drama, we find out what we can expect The beliefs, values, and hope Dan Dare represents are just as relevant today. The stories have been modernised to avoid the new series just being a museum. The stories are also presented as fifteen-minute episodes; Andrew conceived this to match the fifteen-minute BBC Radio Drama slot and Colin Brake confirmed this helps keep the pace and rhythm of the originals, and should be a nice size for commuters to listen to on their way to work.

Once the cast was assembled, it was time to move to studio. Unusually, this cast had gelled before the Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker of the first day. In the case of Geoff McGivern, he had the experience of. I came to relax into it though and enjoyed how everything is reliant on the tone of your voice. We had a ball. Geoff admires Digby for his resourcefulness, but will admit to sharing a black humour. It was very thrilling for me to be part of Dan Dare. Nothing happened then but Nick is clearly thrilled to be part of this project.

If your ambition is to be a Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra, conquering dictator, then. But that made him delicious to play. It mixed time travel and reality hopping with classic literature to create a very silly and pun-laden experience.

The Last Dragonslayer is the first of his series of Young Adult novels called. The Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra of Kazam. The set-up is rather neat. Back in the day, the rich and the very clever used magic for everything. These days, science has caught up and wonders are easier to find. These days, flying carpet users are in direct competition with motorcycle couriers and the like.

The tale focuses on Jennifer Strange, a young lass who runs an agency for mages called Kazam Mystical Arts. If you have a problem and you want it solved with occult flare rather than reliabilityKazam Mozart* / Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Christa Ludwig, Alfredo Kraus, Giuseppe Taddei, Hanny Steffek, Walt just who you need.

Things come to a head when King Snodd arranges for a seer to confirm when the last dragon will die. You see, not only are dragons a protected species, but also have their own wildlife preserve, which happens to be a big chunk of the Welsh Marches. Snodd and his multi-billionaire business chums would quite like it if the dragon would get on with being dead, so they can grab the land. Strange finds herself caught up in these machinations.

Not only does she have to Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra deal with an ageing dragon slayer years old and not even a telegram from the Kingshe also has to cope with a menagerie of mystical beasties all set on helping her sort out the ancient and ailing dragon, Maltcassion. Along the way, she even picks up a magic sword. Which is sort of useful Fforde, true to form, vacillates wildly through the book between deeply serious and very, very funny.

Edge is best known for Glasgow-based sitcom, Lovesick otherwise known Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker Scrotal Recall. The show is about a chap who has taken it upon himself to contact all his ex-lovers and tell them that he has chlamydia.

The killer of dragons herself is to be played by Ellise Chappell, whom we last saw in Poldark and seems drawn to fantasy and genre roles. She was even rumoured to be one Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker those on the longlist Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker potential Doctor Who companions the last time that speculation was rife.

John is likely to playing something quite different to the reluctant Sam - a character so resourceful that he somehow still manages to find plenty of pies in a wasteland.

The Sky production intends to pitch the story firmly at the Christmas audience. Will we see another feature based on the next book, The Song of the Quarkbeast? Is a Christmas tellywatching audience really ready for iMagic and supersonic magic carpet chases? Will we all gaze into The Eye of Zoltar the third book and meet sky pirates and spoilt teenage celebs?

Will it all end with the fourth story, The Great Troll War, or will Jasper Fforde decide to keep writing these things? Time will probably tell… it usually does. This month, Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker menacing Martin Unsworth raises the spirits with a recent haunting film you may have overlooked So when We Are Still Here made its way onto the festival scene init was received well by critics and audiences, but it seemed to be lost on the general public when it finally reached the home market.

Not only does the film evoke the feel of the muchloved Lucio Fulci films of the early eighties such as The House by the Cemetery and The Beyond, it also succeeds in scaring the living daylights out of its audience.

Paul and Anne Sacchetti Andrew Sensenig and genre icon Barbara Crampton are in mourning for their son, a loss that has naturally put a strain on their relationship. In order to try to start again, they move into a new home in a rural New England village. She Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker convinced it is Bobby, their deceased son. A photo of their son that the couple proudly display in a frame on the sideboard is found shattered.

There is certainly something ominous about the place, particularly in the cellar. A constant smell of smoke and an intense heat makes Paul call an electrician. Paul assumes it was a faulty boiler, and thinks nothing else of it. A few weeks into their residence, they are visited by their nearest neighbours, Dave and Cat, who welcome them to the area in a rather sinister way.

Dave tells them the macabre history of their new abode. Inthe house used to be a familyrun Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker. The family, the Dagmars, were allegedly run out of town after it was discovered they were burying empty coffins and selling Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker corpses. The house has only sporadically been lived in since then, the occupiers not lasting too long. Get out. Rather than wait for the youngsters, the group head into town for a meal, leaving a note to make themselves at home.

Which, of. Before they can get down to it, though, a noise disturbs them. Daniella makes a run for it, and gets as far as the highway when she too is slain - with an arm thrust straight through her chest.

It is clear whatever vengeful spirits are lurking in the Dagmar house, they are able to corporeally appear outside the confines of the old wooden structure. Rest assured, however, the climax is as shocking and gore-spattered as anything Fulci came up with, and is surprisingly satisfying, something modern horror films often fail to be. Not only does the film ooze atmosphere, the visuals are perfect.

The way the exteriors are shot is in stark contrast to the oppressive and foreboding interiors. Unlike We Love To Love - Various - Kuschelrock 4 recent ghost stories, We Are Still Here takes a more measured and mature approach to its chills.

As a veteran of many recent genre efforts - Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra in front of and behind the screen - Larry Fessenden brings a level of humour to the proceedings. His laidback stoner character adds some levity, but never at the expense of the story Automatic - The Stitches - Automatic never so much as to derail the brooding terror.

But her role here is less the scream queen and more measured, minimalist and believable. This is someone who has Screamin The Blues - Paul Barbarin And His New Orleans Jazz Band* - New Orleans Jamboree gone through a traumatic and tragic event the loss of her son and, while not gullible, is open to the suggestion that the boy is trying to stay close.

There are elements of so many influences in the film, yet it still feels fresh and exciting. Lovecraft to the tale. The malevolent family burnt beyond recognition and out for regular vengeance from the small town - Baze - Himutruurig not be the archetypal Lovecraft antagonists but the mood and uneasiness created sure is. And, more obviously, the mortician is named after the actor Dagmar Lassander albeit with a not-so-subtle switch-around.

Almost every character in the film has a name influenced by The House by the Cemetery; just not as obviously as the Dagmars! Ted Geoghegan is currently in postproduction with his next directorial effort, Mohawk, which promises to be another tale of revenge and survival, only this time involving a squad of American soldiers. SkyVirginFreeview 70, Freesat Stuart W. Bedford: To be honest, it was a long series of events that got me to the point that I decided film was where I wanted to be: a lifelong obsession with cinema, an all-consuming drive to create and, obviously, a desperate need for attention!

But the moment the switch flicked in my head was when Shaun of the Dead came out. I was obsessed with that movie! I went to the cinema three times to watch it and it just completely captured my imagination. I loved zombie films already, but the idea of a zombie film — which I associated with America — being set down the road from me just tugged at something inside me!

Giovanni Gentile: It was a total coincidence; I shared a ride with Stu Bedford who talked me into it. Seeing a movie set was enough for me to fall in love with the whole process and I began the quest to get a feature film made any way I could. How did you make the jump from short films to your first feature?

But the real step forward in terms of my career was when I started working with my writing partner, Stu Jopia. It was a tough time, and while we were there, we conceived of our company, Two-Headed Snake Entertainment, and our first project, Dark. Continents, which was a H. Lovecraftthemed anthology script we planned on seeking funding for.

Ever since an original copy of the LP mysteriously appeared at a Austin record convention, this title's reputation has grown sky high, and not without reason. In other words: this is where beat and folk merge into mild psychedelia! Given the fact that the four members were still in high school, this is a surprisingly accomplished effort, both for the songwriting and musicianship. The band's two non-album 45s, both of which are included here as exact reproductions, were originally released on the ROK label.

These two 7-inches see their first ever reissues on vinyl. Previously only available as CD bonus tracks. Let this vinyl splendour turn you on to new horizons! The band really hit their stride on this one! The best rock band of the 90's and 's kicks out some of their finest rockers and ballads. A must have for any fan of the band and rock music in general. Maybe the hardest to find Dead Moon LP. All kinds of killer songs. Another stone cold classic by the world's greatest rock band. They live in a world of their own - D.

It's all here. One Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker their harder to find and more perfect records. An absolute monster of a rocker. Killer high energy songs. Once again Dead Moon deliver a record of all hits with no misses. Pure as can be. Lovingly remastered by Timothy Stollenwerk. Includes a high-quality digital download.

Jackets are beautifully off-set printed at Stumptown Printers in Portland, Oregon. Simply great country music played the way Waylon, Willie and Johnny would have liked.

Here we have the first ever LP of tracks by these two incredible entertainers. The ladies sing, yodel and cackle some of the most impressively acrobatic vocal performances you will likely ever hear in your life. Beautiful and novel country tunes to warm your heart and make you feel alright. This LP contains the only 3 78's released by the Dezurik's as well as selections from their radio broadcasts as the Cackle Sisters.

A great unsung but important chapter in the history of country music. Old school "tip on" cover and liner notes with archival photos and interviews. One time pressing of copies. Brian plays a brand of music uniquely his own His voice is deep and heavy. Mississippi Records are very proud of this LP and consider it a contemporary classic.

Includes a liner note insert. A co-release with Eggy Records. Originals are rare, sought after and expensive, so here's your opportunity to pick up a copy again! Prepared pianos collide with subterranean VCS3 synthesis and mournful ornate strings, spectral choral arrangements ride menacing drones and eldritch bass rumbles in a phantasmic cinematic skin. Recorded in and and issued on the esteemed French Musique Pour L'Image Library label inthese sublime and concise symphonies of apocalyptic pulp dread receive their first ever commercial release here and are presented together with four incredibly rare extra tracks from the original sessions.

Last copies! Strictly limited edition of vinyl copies. Screen-printed onto wax paper sleeves, with insert, gram vinyl. Before the concert, and for a number of reasons, my thought was that, when my name was drawn for a solo, I'd be playing drum set. But, as befits the spirit of improvisation the momentI grabbed the B flat clarinet, and then, echoing the first time I played piano in publicmoved off stage to the prepared piano remains, where the two instruments conjoined.

I created the Spontaneous Composition Generator to produce a random series of musical actions. It is a device consisting of 37 altered music box movements mounted in a wooden painters box. The alterations include dampening, detuning, replacing, removing, doubling, and reversing the tines. Most of the Sandra - Mirrors melody pins on the cylinders were removed. Rubber bands of various lengths and thicknesses were attached to the You Dont Know What Love Is - Sonny Rollins - Saxophone Colossus stems to facilitate a continuously variable tension.

One dozen hand-wired piezo pickups are attached to output a stereo signal. The piece on this recording was created November 9, with a time of The atmospheres range from hypnotic and electrified to sparse.

Limited edition of LP's with handmade covers. This LP Steel Truckin Man - Deluxe Blues Band* - Deluxe Blues Band great performances recorded in the early 's of Lum playing guitar and singing.

His style is distinctive and beautiful. A true great of the blues genre who has been seldom heard. Mississippi are proud to present this beautiful Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra edition of his material with a silk screened cover 4 different color variations have been made - you will get a random selection when ordering.

A co-release with the king of blues reissues label Sutro Park. Futuristic synthesizer interpretations of Tuareg folklore.

Pulsing keys, pitch bends, and crashing drum loops combine in a singular sound from underground Niamey based composer Hama. Eclectic convergence of Maghrebi pop, Tuareg guitar, and Detroit techno, transmitting Tuareg guitar into the 21st century. Ce Petit Coeur Il Se Fait Tard Tout Ce Qu'on M'a Dit En T'Attendant Je T'Aime Tu Peux Bien Le Temps Des Souvenirs Je Pensais Dis Lui Non.

March Of The Elephants A2. The Howling Damned B3. This Floor Is Snakes. Vinyl only, copies. Michael Hurley's most popular album, and with good reason. Recorded in The real deal as it was meant to be heard and seen. MIKE The album by Ma Benz - Suprême NTM - Suprême NTM Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker Michael Hurley, one of the world's finest and most prolific songwriters and who's still cranking out hits.

The well is far from dry. This LP features home recordings with Michael on guitar, banjo and organ. Sublime and sometimes a little strange, it's a new classic for the ages! The LP features cover art by Michael himself.

True geniuses are hard to come by, so give this record a long hard listen. The LP is presented in a tip-on jacket and includes a Winterwhite (Wind Harp) - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Dream insert with never before seen photographs.

Hot on the heels of the reissue of Anonymous' classic album 'Inside The Shadow', Machu Picchu reissues their elusive and legendary follow-up. After the release of 'Inside The Shadow', the group decided to change their name to J Rider after the second cut on the Anonymous LP and pursued a similar rich vein of impeccable songwriting, but this time adding more hard rock to the mix, resulting in a fantastic sounding album that sadly went unreleased at the time.

The excellent reissue label OR Records already put out a small edition inbut now there's a deluxe edition of this gem, complete with new sleeve art. It also happens to come with an entire unreleased song album, recorded in the '90s by the group's visionary songwriter Ron Matelic and featuring most of the members of Anonymous. It's a fascinating complement to the Anonymous and J Rider albums. Delivered in brutal basement executioner style, these are dark Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra from a dark place.

The music is icredible and mysterious, not surprising for a group named after Britain's most infamously inept hangman. Limited to copies and a one-time pressing. These, the only known recordings by Eddie Lee, are as heavy as blues can get.

Co-release with Sutro Park records. Death Waltz Recording Company are proud to be unleashing one of the great unheralded electronic scores. Unavailable since the film's release inSusan Justin's music for 'Forbidden World' - produced by the legendary Roger Corman - mixes the electronic influences of the time with Lifes Killing Me - Suicide Theory - And Our Black Wounds Still Remains Silence. of new wave, creating a score that fuses the eerie tonalities and avant-garde sensibility of 'Alien' with the straight-up funk of 'Assault On Precinct 13'.

Birthed from this is a cult classic score that deserves to be held up alongside the works of Richard Band and Alan Howarth.

What immediately stands out from the score is the amazing main theme, a melodic groove firmly embedded in the 80s synth movement, complete with Milton Nascimento - Minas vocal effects overlaying its driving keyboard line. Originally a parody that Corman turned into a straight horror, the score is used typically to create tension with isolated piano and harsh electronic tones, acting as a stereotypical precursor to the horror moments.

A fantastic voyage amongst the stars full of offbeat melodies and alien tones, this is a musical world that demands multiple visits. Orange vinyl edition, limited to 1. Includes a download card for the full album. You'll find a 'Suicide Bridge' in almost any big city you care to visit, but few are more impressive than the Colorado Street Bridge connecting Pasadena to Los Angeles, which earned its nickname by being the scene of suicide's in triple figures. Home-recorded on a four-track, the album was released on the pairs own Donkey Soul Music in The copies pressed found their way to few willing ears, and after two frustrating years of trying and failing to catch a break in a music industry that was focused on new wave, pop, and AOR, the pair conceded defeat.

One of them suggested, half joking, that they should put all their darkest and least viable works together on one record, and here stands the fruit of that seed. Making Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra debut on vinyl, Wojciech Kilar's haunting soundtrack to Roman Polanski's disturbing film 'The Ninth Gate' features at its core the vocals of Korean born soprano Sumi Jo.

Kilar established himself as a horror score composer with 'Bram Stoker's Dracula' and his work here on Polanski's film achieves a creeping Utter - Weave - A Part Not Apart (File, Album) of menace worthy of Polanski's dark tale of Satanic worship.

Get Together (Paul Goodyear Remix) - Various - Hyper Dance Star Echo was actually a Thai group. However, the band recorded and released this top-notch Thai-Beat gem in God Vs.

Drugs - Megacools - Introducing The Fun Police Hong Kong in Infested with twangy, acid-drenched guitar and demented, garage-a-delic organ, this lost artifact from the Far East will have enthusiasts of mid-sixties beat music going ape.

Demonstrating their ability to get primitive and deranged while still sounding like coherent musicians, for closers, the band treats us to some truly monstrous garage covers of the Kinks' 'You Really Got Me' and the Rolling Stones' 'Satisfaction'. This record will launch you into the crazed mid-sixties Asian A Go-Go world of which you never knew it existed.

If you are into topshelf weirdo exotica with a hint of psychedelia and distorted guitars, much in the vein of the 'Simla Beat' records, 'Cambodian Rocks' and the Never Again - Robert Nickson - The Collection Beat A Go-Go' series, then this Bangcock rocker is for you!

Edition of His songs sound as if they have been here since the beginning of time. Some might say he sounds like the working Molto Allegro - Mozart*, Szymon Goldberg, Radu Lupu - The Violin Sonatas Johnny Cash.

Unique and soulful home recordings not to be missed. Old school "tip on" covers. A one time limited pressing of copies. Recorded in between 's "Spider Blues" and 's "Running, Jumping, Standing Still" with Willie Murphy, both released on ElektraKoerner is captured here live and unaccompanied at The Ash Grove in Los Angeles, bringing to light an exciting and previously undocumented period in the career of Spider John.

The excellent recording captures Koerner at the absolute peak of his guitar-playing powers. Rounding out this crucial slab of wax are two songs recorded in in New York City, previously only available on an Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker British single.

The results Soma White - Soma White not entirely dissimilar to Dylan's "Highway 61" period material-not surprising given Kooper's presence. This release is not only a fascinating addition to the canon of one of the USA's national treasures, but is also one of his strongest overall efforts.

Strictly limited vinyl edition of copies. These rare recordings are some of the first ever featuring traditional African music played on western instruments. This cultural exchange led to completely new genres in music, most importantly Highlife. Kumasi is a Gold Coast city in Ghana that, at the time, did not feature much more than an open air market and one of the first British department stores on the continent. The trio comprised H. Biney on guitar, Kwah Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker on percussion, and Jacob Sam on guitar, with all three contributing on vocals.

The trio was brought to London to record these tracks in the summer of The sound is taken from the original reels. Featured on last year's compilation Ishilan n-Tenere, Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker first ever full length Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker from mellow acoustic J-J - Fabrice Alleman Quartet - Sides Of Life sessions to electrified hip shaking concerts.

Recorded by Christopher Kirkley. Comes with booklet and portrait studio photo. Old school "tip-on" cover. Co-release with Sahel Sounds. Sven Libaek's Inner Space is, simply put, one of the most legendary soundtrack recordings in the history of Australian music. Inner Space is considered amongst his finest. Featuring the best Australian jazz musicians including Don Burrows and John Sangster, they masterfully range from the incidental to the improvisational as they create a whirlpool of sublime aquatic jazz exotica.

Notably, in the soundtrack had a second lease on life when several tracks were used in the Wes Anderson film The life aquatic with Steve Zizzou.

The guys developed a sound focusing on interlocked bass and drum rhythms paired with shrill guitar counterpoints and stark female vocals. Limited to LP's. Psychedelic folk at its best. An album that has remained off the radar until now, Mar Vista's lo-fi progressive home recording Visions was pressed in a quantity of copies with blank sleeves and sold locally in France.

One hell of a trip, this stands as one of the more interesting private press albums we've heard from France, and another release originally pressed at the Le Kiosque D'Orphee pressing plant look out for the upcoming Julien Grycan reissue also.

Fully licensed and reissued with old-style paste on sleeves. Includes insert and photos pasted on to mimic O. Nevertheless, it was mysteriously shelved for 40 years. Vince Matthews and Jim Casey were two of the best and wildest songwriters to emerge during the brief, post-Dylan, artistic renaissance period in Nashville.

Their songs were recorded by a. Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. The 'Suite' was their ambitious dream project, intended to include film, slides, costumes, narration, and songs. But things began to fall apart as Vince's ambitions grew bigger and his craziness got crazier.

The voyage into the sunset of these two involves a roaring mutant chassis and plenty of muddy vistas off the backroads of songform. The first of the album's two sidelong improvisations, 'Meend For Shaista,' displays the earliest of Paul's experiments in modification, a revamped Yamaha guitar first displayed on his debut. As the piece unfolds, Paul accompanies himself on tabla while simultaneously playing the guitar.

On the second side, 'Death's Other Kingdom', Paul breaks out his string banjo. Echoes of North Indian classical music, twelve-tone music and Asian musical forms inform much of his work. Metzger summons the spirits of Immer Nur Träumen - Die Flippers - Hab Ich Dich Verloren Appalachian forefathers, guitarist Django Reinhardt and classical sitarist Nikhil Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker, among others, weaving a peerless, highly individualistic music that sounds unlike anyone but himself.

Metzger's playing doesnt imitate raga structures so much as use those modal figures as a starting point. He employs dazzling, breviloquent string plucks on the main banjo strings, whilst producing rhythmic, droning textures on the cross strings of an added bridge. Some have suggested similarities to the Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker of John Fahey or Sandy Bull, but Metzger's modus Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker doesn't constitute a mirroring of those styles; rather, he composes and operates apart from their music, in an insular and altogether separate universe.

In the process, Metzger transcends and expands the lexicon in a wholly organic manner. Coming from the port town of Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker, with each of the group members having honed their moves in various outfits for years including the original Rolling Stones from - no relation to the Glimmer Twins. This album's fantastic mix of precise hard rock and mysterious ballads has had many a private press enthusiast by the hair over the years. Crashing out of the gates with the one-two knockout combination of the fuzz shuffle of 'Take My Love' and the epic minute centerpiece of 'Love's Glass Of Sunshine', this record is a classic deep listen, revealing great moments with each new spin.

Killer harmonies and lots of twin-guitar lead action, tough and tender, this record is pure autumnal magic. We're very thrilled to have it available again Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra vinyl for the first time in many years. Tuareg rock from Niger's singer-songwriter Mdou Moctar. Tales of anguished love and broken hearts, plus some well known classics.

Famous for his autotuned studio sessions popular on West African cellphones, here Mdou performs live. Recorded on location in Niger, electrifying, Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra and blown out guitar balances with sweet melodies of Saharan folk.

The LP offers Mdou Moctar's original compositions for the This Is Horror - The Moog - Razzmatazz Orfeum about his rise to fame in the city of Agadez, Niger, ranging from the raucous heavy psychedelic to the beautiful pentatonic sublime. A reverb heavy intermission film score!

Blues influenced punk with the right amount of hazy stumble to it that keeps it all coagulated and alive. Eight dirges of loose and lice-infested, bum-out punk with caveman trashcan thud drumming, syrupy bass groove, tattered guitar ramblings and moaned vocals that sound as if they were sung from behind a ball gag. An ambient post-rock dream Pressing of 12" vinyl gram Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra plays loud and with quite a bit of dissonance, Come Over - Morphine - At Your Service voice floating above beautifully.

This LP features some of his finest performances captured from his radio broadcasts in Montgomery Alabama and from studio recordings. Mississippi is very proud to present this material.

Liner notes by Kevin Knutt of the Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra radio show of all time, Sinners Crossroads, as well as the Case Quarter label.

Beautiful cover art by renowned Belgian artist Dave Decat. Nicolas Winding Refn allegedly wanted the highly lauded Scottish group Mogwai to compose the score, but instead turned to Peter formerly a guitarist in Danish rock act Sort Sol with whom the director had previously worked on his 'Pusher' trilogy. The resultant score in collaboration with his namesake Kyed was filled with ambient electronic passages and very suited to a film that laid down an early marker for the heavily stylised approach Nicolas Winding Refn would later gain Hollywood recognition for as director of Gosling vehicles 'Drive' and 'Only God Forgives'.

Autotuned raps, pitch bending soft synths, and glitchy beats combine in spaced out anthems. Glossy cover designed by photoshop genius Prinsco Fatal Bass. Limited to With a strong connection to CRASS Needle (Calling) - Blowhole - Seattle two Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra played more than shows togetherthey put out a number of releases on which they performed their very own and unique form of political punk.

Most of educational information over different kinds of blogs do not such Them Bones - Alice In Chains - Come & Save Me as supportive all the points of this blog. You need not to find any other platform to verify the data stated here. Parasailing Albufeira experience. The method of execution is really impressive of writers of this blog.

This team does really work hard and brings new information to its Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra. I am connected with this blog very long and I am really thankful. Home Vilvam. Vilvam 1 Vilvam Let It Snow - The GentsPeter Dijkstra - Follow That Star (SACD). Sivasithan 1 Sivasithan 2.

Slide 1 Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts Read More. Slide 2 Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts Read More.

Slide 3 Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts Read More. Slide 4 Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts Read More. Slide 5 Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts Read More.

Tuesday, November 23, Keywords. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post Older Post Home. Anonymous December 6, at PM. Anthony Frost February 22, at AM. Martina Jolie March 30, at PM. Adiva Graphics May 2, at AM.

Stephina Suzzane May 3, at PM. Unknown May 31, at AM. Unknown June 1, at PM. Unknown June 4, at AM. Maniks Read August 3, at AM. Unknown August 10, at AM. Unknown September 3, at PM. Anonymous September 11, at PM. Unknown September 20, at PM. Unknown October 9, at PM. Unknown October 18, at PM. Unknown October 31, at AM. Unknown November 15, at PM.

Unknown December 6, at PM. Unknown December 7, at AM. Unknown December 11, at PM. Dolargroup December 18, at AM. Unknown January 5, at AM. Unknown February 15, at AM. Anonymous March 12, at PM. Unknown March 18, at PM. My Self March 21, at PM. Unknown May 6, at AM. Ramesh chauhan June 1, at PM. Unknown June 19, at AM. Jeffery June 30, at AM. Unknown July 1, at AM. Anonymous July 15, at AM. Unknown July 24, at PM. Unknown July 29, at PM. Unknown July Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra, at AM.

Anonymous August 5, at AM. Unknown August 10, at PM. Unknown September 25, at PM. Unknown October 26, at PM. Unknown October 29, at AM. Unknown November 2, at PM. Unknown November 10, at PM. Unknown November 22, at PM. Unknown Na Kojoj Si Strani Sveta - Various - Pjesma Ljeta (Sunčane Skale - Herceg Novi 2006) 3, at PM.

Unknown December 4, at AM. Praveen Kumar December Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker, at PM. Unknown January 26, at AM. Padma Rudraksh March 4, at PM. Unknown March 19, at PM. Stuart Nicholson: The way it is.

Putting the world to rights. The king and I. The first and greatest soloist and improviser in jazz, Im Your Baby Tonight - Frankie Paul - Jammin Armstrong, nonetheless, has been misrepresented in jazz history, says Stuart Nicholson. Was he really the greatest thing in jazz? NN:Satchmo SummerFest. Werner Burkhardt: Der Heilige Satchmo marschiert.

Eddie S. Meadows: Bebop to Cool. Finn Slumstrup: Gyldendals bog om jazz, Copenhagen [book: Gyldendal], p. Horst H. Joel Dinerstein: Swinging the Machine. John Latham: Louis in Birmingham. Forty years on John Latham looks back on a memorable evening and poses questions about the importance of spontaneity in jazz…, in: The Jazz Rag, 75 Springp. Mark K. Dolan: Cathartic Uplift. Michael Cogswell: Louis Armstrong. Russ Shor: Brunswick-Vocalion Series.

Theo Bachteler: Sensation. Gary Giddins: Weatherbird. Souvenirs of Satch, in: Just Jazz, 60 Apr. Bunny Matthews: John Scott. Bunny Matthews: Satchmo Spotlight. David W. NN: Armstrong hemma. NN: Further Reading, in: [unknown source], Nov.

Adriano Mazzoletti: Il jazz in Italia. Dalle origini alle grandi orchestre, Torino [book: EDT], p. A Photographic Mystery Solved? Gene Santoro: Highway 61 Revisited.

Jean Pierre Lion: Bix. John Lakeside Scenarios - Jeffrey Morgan - Ritual Space Jazz — With Personality on Louis Armstrong on Film. Michael Meckna: Satchmo. Penny M. Robert G. Robert M.

Scott Allen Nollen: Louis Armstrong. Jim Love: At Home with Pops. Al Vollmer: Louis Armstrong House. John Ephland: Harry Connick Jr. Lynn Jensen: Satchmo Fest lecture hits a sour note. Foundation officials may pull financing after controversial talk, in: New Orleans Times-Picayune, David Pulizzi: Coda. Manfred Straka: Indentification of Soloists. NN: Vote Swing! Bernhard H.

Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra Crow: Jazz Anecdotes. Donald L. Maggin: Dizzy. Instrument, Geschichte, Trompeterlexikon, Mainz [book: Schott], p. Von New Orleans bis ins Jahrhundert, Frankfurt am Main [book: S. Fischer], p. Luvenia A. CC18 F. Jos Willems: Dear Wolfram…, in: [letter], John Janowiak: Stars Allign. Dave Brubeck, Louis Armstrong et al. Vom Mississippi-Dapfer bis zum Weltruhm, in: Clarino. Nat Hentoff: Music. Drawings of Jazz Musicians,Amsterdam [book: Aprilis], Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra.

David P. Brown: Noise Orders. David Yaffe: Fascinating Rhythm. Dunstan Prial: The Producer. Matt Sakakeeny: Louis Armstrong. Peter Richmond: Fever. Stanley Crouch: Considering Genius. Jamie Cosnowsky: Jazz Museum Spotlight. A Day With a King in Queens. Peter B. Terrell Holmes: Special Feature. Lee Mergner: JT Notes.

Louis Armstrong — Music Heals. Brown: Letters. Charles Hersch: Subversive Sounds. Gary Marmorstein: The Label. Gene H. Henk Kleinhout: Jazz als problem. Receptie en acceptatie van de jazz Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker de wederopbouwperiode van NederlandHengelo [book: Elbertinck; dissertation: ], p.

Ingrid Monson: Freedom Sounds. Vincenzo Caporeletti: Esperienze di analisi del jazz. Ken Palmer: Louis Armstrong. Some afterthoughts to those that others have written before…, in: Just Jazz, Apr. Virginia H.

John Swenson: A Wonderful World. Like it or not, a song Louis Armstrong cut at the end of his career Helplessly Hoping - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - So Far flopped on release in the U. John Swenson: The Armstrong Legacy. Over a century after his birth, New Orleans trumpet players are still coming to grips with the complex influence of Louis Armstrong, in: OffBeat, Aug.

Ward: Moving to Higher Ground. Chris Searle: Forward Groove. Bruna Uitgebers], p. John Edward Hasse: Masterpiece. The 80th anniversary of a celebrated American recording, in: Wall Street Journal, Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra Jonathan Katz: Satchmo. What do we find there? Ben Child: Forest Whitacker to direct and star in Satchmo biopic. Weiner ed. Norton], p.

John Wriggle: Chappie Willet. Davenport: Jazz Diplomacy. Sanford Josephson: Jazz Notes. Stephen Brower: Satchmo. Terry Teachout: Pops. Pieter Boersma: Jazzstraat John Fordham: 50 great moments in jazz. Stefan Elfenbein: Die erste Trompete. Louis Armstrong, Fletcher Henderson, and the invention of swing.

The Hot Fives and Hot Sevens. Andrew W. Lehren: Guilty Until Proven Innocent. La colle de contre-bande, in: Jazzman, Apr. May F: letters to British journalist Lionel Crane [digi. Michael Cogswell: David Gold, R. John Richman: A Fine Romance.

Norman Meehan: Woodshed. Marc Myers: Interview. Terry Teachout, in: Brian Glasser: Turning Point. Dream Team. Ted Panken: Historical. David Margolick: Holiday Books. Louis Armstrong, master of jazz, lover of life, in: The Seattle Times, 6.

Detlef Ott: Backstage with Louis Armstrong. David Stricklin: Louis Armstrong. Dee], passim F. Eddy Determeyer: Prins Satchmo. Louis Armstrong spielt in der DDR. Stephan Schulz: What a Wonderful World.

Norton]; reprint as, Tom Nolan: Artie Shaw. King of the Clarinet. Norton], passim F. Hans Hielscher: Louis Armstrong. Heinz Zietsch: Buchtipp. Phil de Semlyen: Exclusive. Theo Bachteler: Die Gschichte vom Jazz, in: [manuscript], 1. NN: Geschichte Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker genialen Virtuosen. Frank Starke: Hackepeter in Genthin. May F [digi. Detlef A. Niels von Kohl: Pops. Andrew Hamlin: Two Louis. Brittany Epps: The Sons of Satchmo.

Bert Vuijsje: Professor Bop Will Friedwald: What a Wonderful House. Steve Voce. Scratching the Surface. Herb Snitzer: Glorious Days and Nights. John Swenson: New Atlantis. Tad Hershorn: Norman Granz. Jahrhunderts, Teil 2, Laaber [book: Laaber], p. Ira Gitler: Apple Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra.

Alain Tercinet: Louis Armstrong. Daniel Vernhettes. May concert flyer [digi. Critics may have dismissed Louis Armstrong in his later years, but audiences loved him—with good reason, in: Wall Street Journal, Woelfle: Pops Lives! Louis Armstring — zum Geburtstag und Ron Cherian: Zum Todestag von Satchmo. Susanne Kippenberger: King of Queens.

Kommenden Montag wird wieder Satchmis Geburtstag gefeiert — in seinem Wohnhaus. Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra, in: Volksstimme, 4. Satchmos Fans feiern den Geburtstag des Jazzmusikers in seinem ehemaligen Wohnhaus in Queens. Jon Claudio Villa - Io Vivo Con Te My favourite album.

Our writers are picking their favourite albums — with a view that you might do the same. Adam Olivier: Memoires. Louis Armstrong in Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra Steve Voce: Scratching the Surface. Jennifer Odell: Caught. Alexander J. Beissenhirtz: Affirmation and Resistance. Classy Koehler: Jazz History. Derek Coller: Strictly a Musician.

Dick Cary. Ed Berger: Pops Prevails. Ernst Hofacker: Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker Edison bis Elvis. Wie die Popmusik erfunden wurde, Stuttgart [book: Reclam], p. John McCusker: Creole Trombone. Maurizio Franco: Oltre il Mito. NN: Vor 54 Jahren. Jazzfilme 7. Stefano Zenno: Storia del Jazz. Una prospettiva globale, Viterbo [book: Stampa Alternativa], p. Timme Rosenkrantz: Harlem Jazz Adventures. Keith Spera: Louis Armstrong. John Swenson: Armstrong Unearthed. Top 10 Louis Armstrong albums sincein: Offbeat, Aug.

Robert Baird: Pops at His Red Nichols - The Legendary Earl Baker Cylinders 1926 - Red Nichols Ra. Ryan Whirty: A Secret Revealed. Seva Venet: String Theory.

Louis Armstrong, the jazz legend, had a secret daughter who is finally ready to tell her story to the world, in: Daily Telegraph, Bert Vuijsje: Fotografie.

Louis Armstrong John McDonough: Historical. Geraldine Wyckoff: Make a Wish. Firecracker Baby. Le Chateau Herouville, Francia, Ballad For Two. Chet Baker tp Wolfgang Lackerschmid vib. Francia, Gennaio Blue Room. Louis, Roma, Flic Ou Voyou. Chet Baker tp con orchestra. Cobra Parigi, Marzo The Touch Of Your Lips. Copenhagen, Danimarca, Chet Baker Rendezvous. Bingow 04 Londra, Settembre No Problem. Steeplechase This Is Always. Jazzhus Montmartre, Copenhagen, Someday My Prince Will Come.

Steeplechase 31 Just Friends. Arco Zurigo, Svizzera, Chet Baker-Wolfgang Lackerschid. Inak Stoccarda, Germania, Philology W Chet Baker — Steve Houban. Belgio, Febbraio New Haven, Connecticut, In Your Own Sweet Way. Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker 26 Subway Club, Koln, Germania, Circle 27 Subway Club, Koln, Germania, Circle 35 Subway Club, Koln, Germania, Intercord Monaco, Germania, Aprile Night Bird.

Le Dreher, Parigi, Tune Up. Circle It Never Entered My Mind. Circle 36 Le Dreher, Parigi, Circle 32 Le Dreher, Parigi, Fat Tusday, New York, My Funny Valentine.

Circle 24 I Miguel Fleta - El Trust De Los Tenorios (Shellac) You. ENJA Studio Trieste. CTI New York, Marzo-Aprile Milestone Nine Of Cups, Oklahoma, Stesso gruppo, Riccardo Del Fra per Catherine. Father Xmas.

Timeless Monster, Olanda, Skeppsholmen, Stoccolma, Giugno The Improviser. Trumpet For The Sky Vol. Club 21, Parigi, Dragon Nefertiti, Gothenberg, Svezia, Chet Al Capolinea.

Red Capolinea, Milano, Ottobre September Song. New MorningParigi, Star Eyes. Marshmallow Arnheem, Olanda, Marshmallow New Morning, Parigi, Soundtrack Le Jumeau. Carrere Parigi, Settembre Chet Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker Plays Vladimir Interceptor - DJ Tatana - 24 Karat. Blues For A Come Over - Morphine - At Your Service. Chet Baker Live In Buffalo.

CCB Buffalo, New York, My Foolish Heart. IRD Dallas, Sleepy Time Gal - Earl Baker, Gennaio Time After Time. Would You Believe. Jazz Mark Chet Baker tp Paul Bley p. Seven Face Of Valentine. Philology W Bologna, Aprile Chet Baker In Bologna. Bologna, Monster, Olanda, 6 e 25 Giugno The Jazz Festival, Munster, Germania, Sonet Stoccolma, Svezia, Philolog y W Giradini Diaz, Macerata,


Moonshine - Mike Oldfield - Man On The Rocks (Box Set, Album, Album, Album), Various - The Jazz Round, Knokke, Oh Knokke - Eddy Wally - Knokke, Oh Knokke, Para La Libertad - Joan Manuel Serrat - Interpreta A Miguel Hernandez, Convoy - The Film Symphonic Orchestra Flying Band - Best Of Screen, Soma White - Soma White, Brother - Maarten Mittendorff & Jasper Wolff - Zero Zero Five, Dissatisfied Brings - Hidden Aspects - Revelations 1:1, J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File), Fais-Moi Une Place - Françoise Hardy - Vingt Ans Vingt Titres, On The Move (Vocal Club Mix) - Yves Deruyter - The Best Of Yves Deruyter, Kings Kids - Various - Pretty Much, Everywhere, Kids Are Going To Get Rocked!, Bell Boy - The Who - Quadrophenia, Unleash The Hardcore - Karen Joy* - Talk To Me (Acetate)

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  10. The Echols family of Lubbock, Texas, and Clovis, New Mexico, was prominent in 20th-century Gospel and popular music, in broadcast media, and in New Mexico politics. “Pop” Echols and his son Odis Echols, Jr., are the main subjects of the collection.

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