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But this time, what should have been a simple swindle escalates into a Her Deadly Reflections HDTV Kelly's life is upended when she wakes up in the hospital with fragments of her memory after a car crash. The only thing she is certain is that the people closest Album) her, are the very ones The Outsider. Episode 3 The New Pope. Main article: The Game discography. Archived from the original on November 6, Retrieved July 20, Retrieved January 27, Archived from the original on March 24, Retrieved October 8, The New York Album).

November 9, Retrieved November 9, Retrieved August 6, USA Today. Associated Press. September 25, United Press International. November 29, Archived from the original on December 24, Retrieved January 11, Archived from the original on S. O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File 18, Retrieved January 25, The Game was raised in a notorious Crips neighborhood known as Santana Blocc.

Album) an early age he witnessed his parents, both gang Album) January 17, Archived from the original on October 7, Archived from the original on August 23, The Washington Post. Retrieved June 18, S. O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File Weekly. Los Angeles. Archived from the original on January 11, Los Angeles Times. Retrieved January 11, — via Chicago Tribune. Archived from the original on November 25, Archived from the original on September 27, Retrieved August 10, Colin Larkin ed.

Encyclopedia of Popular Music 3 ed. Grove's Dictionaries. It Nearly Happened, He Says". Retrieved January 17, Retrieved August 13, The Observer.

Retrieved Album) 17, Retrieved C1: Unfolding Honey - Janek Schaefer - Double Exposure 5, December 8, January Retrieved February 6, October 26, Retrieved January 26, Rap News Network. Archived from the original on March 12, Archived from the original on February 4, Retrieved July 27, Ill Hill.

Archived from the original on September 28, Archived from the original on December 31, Archived from the original on December 15, Archived S. O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File the original on April 15, The interview asks about Game's and 50 Cent's physical altercation.

Archived from the original on March 6, Archived from the original on November 1, Archived from the original on June 17, Retrieved Album) 29, Archived from the original on January 23, Retrieved January 28, Archived from the original on February 26, Archived from the original on March 30, Archived from the original on December 1, Accessed July 20, Archived from the original on April 6, Music Week.

Retrieved September 6, Retrieved May 14, MTV News. Retrieved July 2, July 2, Retrieved July 3, We n the studio right now! October 3, Retrieved February 3, Retrieved July 18, Retrieved August 31, Retrieved March 29, November 8, Retrieved November 8, November 25, Retrieved December 10, September 5, Retrieved December 6, — via YouTube.

Upload files Upload and share files with one click. Download files Search for shared files on all major file hosts. Watch streams Watch movies and TV series online. Other scenes include two individuals slapping one another, leg-raise dance performance, and another woman before the colorful cityscape with a rock fallen from top-right part of the screen.

The BGA is considered stereotypical caricature due to excessive depiction of Blackface. Few objects reused from Hate, Freestyle, and Midnight Blue. Clapperboard with S. O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File countdown sequence. Dark-skinned character with sunglasses dancing over the city background, behind the wired fences and broken scanlines, realistically drawn eyes blinking, logo of a bird flapping.

In next part, the character pulls his glasses to reveal his eyes, legs worn with rubber shoes twisting in the dance, and caution sign on the wired fence tipping down due to its lack of one screw. Extended version of Another Truth 's BGA, added with a magnum gun firing at a soda can later showing its six chamberscounting numbers and a person running through the realistic city.

As the young man discovers the love with a woman in the restaurant, he does not know she is an assassin who owns a sniper. When the break-up between two souls occurred, she S. O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File to hand him a pistol. The man shots her with a single bullet. Rosa is one of the few PIU original songs that are not used in remix songs. Black and cue billiard balls, while two rappers singing in the urban-style background, a comic strip showing a man with cigarette asks for a kiss to a beautiful woman, but she denies for it, so he gives a bet to play billiards.

Betrayer is one of the few PIU original songs that are not used in remix songs. Betrayer was removed in Pump It Up Prime until it was revived in version 1. In Japan-oriented scene, two samurais, the father and the son, fight each other with katana sword. Larpus is a cover of " Wipe Out " originally performed by The Surfaris.

With two orange borders overlaying the background, filmtrips of tropical paradises, teal-haired beach girl revealed as a fairyguitarist. Summer-themed video of a girl dancing, surfer clashing through waves and avoiding an attacking shark.

Like Tell me Tell me, in an Italian restaurant, a geek wearing summer clothes is surprised when his former girlfriend, more attractive than his current girlfriend who is disgusted.

So he has to choose one of the girls to kiss. A mermaid separates from a merman due to his boastfulness, but she transforms into human-form when she meets a human driver. Monochromatic cut-out photos female street person with "halt" gesture, and then dances with changing backgrounds, a tomboy facing in two ways, part of the text: "I love smell of asphalt in the morning", "Imaging getting more", "Come Back", "It's Sech-ki time!!! Sports car in blue hue. Purple-haired woman portrait.

Circuit motherboards, 10 binary lines, clouds, 3D linear model of a man and other chaotic patterns. In a Christmas-themed video, a delightful girl chasing a stereotypical Santa Claus, but ended up crashing.

Photographs of unwrapped Christmas gifts and snow background. Two dancers, red and green stick-on-bolt dolls, bouncing and jollying. The historic scenes about the life of Ludwig van Beethoven.

Hand writing on music sheet with feather, orchestra of classical British men and photographs of old buildings. A schoolgirl, standing nude while covering her breasts, sitting on her bed, and walking along the road; flying dove. Short-tempered gangster ignoring the stop traffic light at the train using a magnum gun thus ended up run over by a trainlicking the can and a pot of garden plant, flipping over a desk of school books and supplies.

Waterman (Original Mix) - Klangwerk - Waterman is android, revealed through X-ray vision and "Weird" text describes it. He has two friends, a red spike-haired swordsman and a yoyo girl.

In monochromatic manga art, a street boy wearing roller blades dashing through the ground with parkour skills. Monochromatic footages of a photographer, chessboard, city streets, woman resembling Marliyn Monroeand bar sign. Similar to Run! Serioue female rapper and hiphop dancer over spiral background, stained glass, live stage, and rolling text which describes an artist. Heavy metal singer, left-and-right arrows, footage of street road, checkerboard floors and ceilings, and a running video player.

Rock drummer, guitarist, and a fangirl sitting pose, and passing through tight pedestrians. Text: "will speak", "voice of fire" and "Certain Victory". Castle on the hill, old ruins, bronze-colored old man, skateboarding man with piercings, crows on dead tree, headbanging black person. Face of a beautiful woman, long-legged spider, 3D teal-haird girl with yellow outfit, and a ring of extraterrestrial symbol with "nazca" texts.

Long-haired female racer, finish-line pattern. Weirdo man with flower bow, purple long-sleeved shirt, white-spotted pink shorts, glasses with square lens, and strange facial expression, dancing randomly and unrhythmically, wearing rabbit suit, and flying with a pink cape. Stars, colorful circles, footprints and palm trees. I Did It Again. Watercolor-styled background, Greek texts, two girls and a model boy, and cities.

English text: "I'm not that innocent". I Need To Know. Swiftly motioned background, motorcycle with male driver, the pink-haired former soldier with a worn dog tagand S. O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File back rider, the female brown-haired friend. Two other characters include a female blond Album) and a male singer. East Asia map, 40s car at brick wall corner behind wired fence, Bad - Michael Jackson - Visionary (The Video Singles) (Hybrid) cabin, train transits and inside train, boy with white zoot suit, girl with winter coat, and classic video-commencing countdown.

Uncredited cover Original version of Mambo No. After "Take On Me" title text, starts with pencil-sketched animation of narrow subdivision road, and then various realistic people in comic pages, animated rolling soda can. Starting the comic panel, the jacket boy says "it's so quiet" on speech balloon when he leans S.

O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File, next panel shows "Do you think the stubborn old man's going to accept? Fifth panel is drawn with a same girl who has saved the boy from the chase, and the boy confusedly asks, "Where am I" On final page, the "Who are you? Similar to My Fantasy and Run with glitch-like backgrounds, disoriented motifs of snapshots, static screens, "Cerca" texts, four TV screens from either side, and slightly unclear photograph.

Chaotic backgrounds with separate lines by detail, tiled blue objects. Texts: "Fight for your right", "you can dance!! People: British person, dancing man in strange S.

O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File costume, chubby triangular elf with an umbrella, Hispanic man, addicted man with lolipop, pink bunny rabbit. Brazilian female dancer winding her dress, sitting on the couch, holding a bouquet of roses, crouching and standing to wonder, and holding a glass of wine.

Two stud guys and a handsome formal man holding the same glass of wine, green contrasted and scaly backgrounds. Sudden static screens and beach scenery, palm trees, lighthouse, lengthy articles, girls wearing colored bikini in sexy poses, two muscled beach boys, and two spinning cards showing the characters.

Cartoon-based scenes of a faced sun with still bird over the house, opening cap from a bottle of beer, anthropomorphic cat jumping in delight and another cat running with cute expression, anthropomorphic walrus in sailor outfit running while holding a fish, two racing cars on a road track, cats June Apple - Eric Muller - Frailing The 5-String Banjo mugs of foamy beer, and "Rebola Na Boa" title text.

Blonde man looking at his cassette, short shots of cracking open of soda can and drinking it, woman on the round mirror, "Bad Boys" text on the scooter driven by a down girl who passes the "wrong way" sign, male singer with sunglasses. Uma Bomba. On a smaller window, blond singer with round sunglasses, another window with a red car, and another with a walking dress girl. Western Mexican man with sombrero dancing with maracas and guitar, anthropomorphic cactus with bull-riding roughly while another cactus with sweats with problem.

Cowboy throwing a lasso to catch a bull, angry brown bull charging at Album) cactus. Color-edted videos of athletes, boxers, basketball events, karate kickers, and skateboarders. Pop out texts are based on training and exercises. Orange computer keyboard, watercolor-styled city backgrounds, boy strolling toward the front, blond man in jacket carrying a duffel Album), past-moving train with crossroad gate and alarm, silhouette man at the window, map of Africa, flipping clock part of wristwatch, and texts: "No one else", "desire" and moving letters.

Color-switched circles, exploding ovals, characters Joe the stud man and guitarist, Pinky the pink-haired thin woman and Gon the street rapper.

Graffitis, old districts, textual background. Maria is the remix of Franz Schubert 's " Ave Maria ". Background scenes are references to Mission: Impossible series: unmasked spy Ethan Huntglasses scene from Mission: Impossible 2and explosion car-chase scenes.

Other reference reveals a red chamber similar to James Bond opening sequence. Motorcyclist, female spy, screaming man derived from " The Scream ", skyscrapers, bridges, gears, headbanging man, blue-lipped man smooching, and a man through peek hole. Urban cities, electric posts, yellow background, static background, blue-white flame, woman with rectangular shades, and texts. Morning and afternoon skies, paper boat floating on water, a country boy and girl on bench Wonderful Lottery Ticket Way - The Capstan Shafts - The Sleeved And Grandaughters Of The Blacklist framed photo, and their grown-up versions, rippling golden water, walking bare feet, clockhand rotating backwards and texts: "Remembrance", "Forever", "OMG", "Memories".

Point Break is one of the few PIU original songs that are not used in remix songs. Boots walking in shadows, freestyling girl, wavy music line, ascending staircase, booming speakers, static background and white ring. Top City contains profanity such as an N-word. According to Album) few S. O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File PIU fans, it is believed that Andamiro had replaced the seizure-causing original background.

Quiet green forest, noon sun, white tree with its door on the plain, white-haired elf girl and a black-haired human girl, noon sky fades to night and sun turns to moon, an anthropomorphic broom with a snake. Night city with colorful light windows, black cat, guitar-playing chicken, skull and crossbones, sombrero figure, a cat eating a chicken alive with floating feathers, exit sign, and cannon gun.

Scanline video style. Footages of busy street, urban S. O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File and cars, speedometer, car pedals, and wheels. Photographs of streets, trains, firing pistol, red eyes, speaking lips, coins, car wheels, and cocking shotgun. Ignited gas bottle with spreading flame, cheering crowd, female singer, rotary disc, bridge columns and dancing girl.

Moving building, crystallized background, light ray background, grooving female dancer, alcoholic girl with a bottle, and various women in top tank poses. Bouncy letters that read as "Dance".

Blond woman, red-haired in skimpy skirt, woman in top, rapper with yellow glasses, colored transparent squares, rectangles and triangles, drawn eyes, and countdown sequence on red opaque square.

Violet-haired girl dressing as an occasion for each succeeding month: Armed With A Mind - Have Heart - 10.17.09 "Diary Day, in a winter coat, holding her diary book. February: "Valentines Day, in a kitchen outfit, presenting heart-shaped chocolate cake. March: "White Day", in a casual outfit, with lolipop, Cat People - David Bowie - At Budokan ag, and back cap.

April: "Black Day", in witch costume. July: "Rose day", in wedding dress holding a bouquet of roses and white flowers This month is supposedly May, an error in animation June: "Kiss Day", normal outfit with her expression in passion manner July: "Silver Day", in summer blue bikini outfit with brown hat August: "Music Day", in tank top and slim blouse and skirt with headphone September: "Green Day", in a normal outfit, with joyful pose October: "Wine Day", in black coat, holding a bottle of wine November: "Movie Day", in school outfit with dark-colored bag December: "Money Day", in snow It Came Upon A Midnight Clear - Keith Emerson - The Christmas Album, holding Christmas gifts and shopping bags the title text shows "I Love You" at the end for the second time.

Colored marker-drawn animation of flowers, a blue-shirt boy and his pet dog carries a pot of golden flowers from flower shop to be given to his girl in the other house. He thinks of flying on balloon horses and carrying a balloon S. O.

S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File her on the night sky. He breaks the flower pot accidentally, and the girl leaves, slamming the door. In grief under the sunset, a girl Album) the flower pot back and reunites with him. Dark tower, red pipe, a man with headphones, a woman behind the police siren, blue corridor, bright street with a roofless car where a driver stands up like a bird.

Guitar string, group of female bikers, guitarist with hat and sunglasses, and drum kit. Shoes splashing on paddle, shots of an orange-haird girl and a disguised horrific man with glasses. The man tries to mug her, and S.

O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File escapes, jumping down the ramp and sprinting through passages.

She hides quickly, but the man finds him behind her. Snowy city, smoking man, xylophone, then a gang of black-suited businessmen and businesswomen, green city on bird's eye view.

Cartoon characters of African-American singer, breakdancer, bee, squire, hatted mystery man, radio, target background, grains of white dots, brick wall, and neon background. High school girl with pink hair posing in walking stances, singing lips, group of female students and dark rooms. Background is turning gears and wavy line. Paper airplane, joyful walking man in black suit and his two friends, blue-jacket man, and red-shirted man with a hat.

Female green grocer, fanning old man, muscular man. He cries when bullied. On rooftop of the school, he launches a paper airplane to two schoolgirls: one is impressed but another mocks with one eye. He tries to flirt other two Album), but gets disgusted by S. O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File square shoes. Medieval castle over golden sun. Two knights with armor. A heroic man in red Album).

A tower with blue gems. Sword unleashes and various magical powers of wizards are revealed: white light. A kickboxer running across the screen, and run in mirror effect, fighting against a giant Dont Get Around Much Anymore - Various - The Swing Years, sitting at a steel pot of flowers.

She gets punched by an unseen fighter. Walking legs, coughing mouth at S. O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File cigarette, rapping and driving African-American, and few other convicted gangsters. Oriental girl with long black hair, white-haired boy with angry expression rapping. Checkerboard backgrounds, triangle borders, and television screens. UFO's, blue aliens walking, female human in pink blouse, alien holding an unusual flower, waving hands a hello, blushing and flirting.

Planet background, starfield and clouds. Outside bordered BGA is Conga title segment. Female racer on Formula-1, and short footages of racing event, speedometer, wheels, and road track of drifting car. Texts: "Dream". Conga is the cover remix of " Conga ", by Miami Sound Machine. Laurat dish over cyan rays, with two rows of figurines, a chicken leg, bucket of taters, S. O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File king-crowned bun.

Turntable and effector controls, hand on turntable, roller blade wheels, bicycle wheels, street signs, RPM meter with random generated numbers, and street sign stickers on cards. Clear sky, a woman with black cap and grey blouse dancing and playing DJ, audio bar, and a filmstrip of sky. Inside the office building, office workers read the headline S. O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File "Treasure in the Sea". A man realizes it and the scene changes to beach, while he switches to beach wear.

He makes sandcastles and sunbathes, ignoring bikini women. Pufferfish, star fish and S. O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File cucumber with a face.

As the man dives underwater, he finds a mermaid, and pops hearts on his eyes. But then a shark chases after him. He is accompanied with a rabbit riding on turtle. Short scene of green dragon in yellow robe waving hello with two anthropomorphic fishes fanning him.

Fiesta Macarena Pt. On golden sky, flying flock of birds, thin trees, panther and a girl, dancing natives, and African symbols. Everybody logo, beige clouds, portrait of different people, back shot of the hips, rotating monuments, urban city, and "No" sign on a dog with Goodness Gracious (Digital Dog Instrumental) - Ellie Goulding - Goodness Gracious afro hair.

S. O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File and girls in pink crocodile costume, wildcat costume, caterpillar costume, bear costume. Schoolgirl with golden hair and green school uniform, brown-haired boy holding a wildcat costume, sleeping boy with orange shirt, At the end, photoshoot of three friends cracks, making the schoolgirl surprised. Silhouette of a female dancer on red background with birhgt light, realistic beautiful woman another with glasses, and two silhouettes dance synchronously.

Between random generated BPM numbers and directional arrow tracks, blue-colored scenes of Formula-1 racing event.

Video footages in blue edit. Man walking, jogging past the street, man in the back seat, dunking basketball player, car's side mirror. Outside borders of the S. O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File frame has the title, "you don't wanna runup," and BPM with random generated numbers and decimals. Card game, suffling card deck, rapping lips, enclosed pupil eye. Beat of the War is based on Megadeth 's " Holy Wars The Punishment Due " Composed by Yahpp.

Short scenes of Novasonic's music video, chaotic surreal backgrounds and texts: "Empire of the S. O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File with subtext, and "Hide". Empire of the Sun marks the first game in the series where only one K-pop license is included. Empire of the Sun is the final song by Novasonic in Album) series. Drawn stamps, and notebook spring. Rear of the car, woman is shown as P!

A restyled, but repeating scenes of Shakira's music video, " Objection Tango ". Trombone, bongo drums, saxophones, popping confetti, clapping hands airplanes, billboards, and a principal character of a bikini girl bouncing breasts and shaking buttocks.

BGA is considered erotic, but never shown as it is a cancelled song. Guitar playing, piano tuning, drumming, stage microphone, white cars, and dance club. Based on the music video of Madonna's song Music, with different arrangement and edition. Skatboarders from the yellow background with "yawha" text, filmstrips, hip-hop dancer, skull, DJ and turntable, and "Yahoo!! Collection of circus-themed patterns and a merry-go-around, juggling clowns, daredevils and acrobats, including a principal character, the serious clown like Joker.

KOREA 2. Record turntable, two male urban African-American hip-hop dancers, strong man dancing on shoulders and circle hand, and thin man lip-synching with the song proven in Extra Disco Remix and breast-shaking female backup dancers similar to Jessica Rabbit.

A young boy and girl in snowcoat begging and crying, crawling like a worm, and happily caroling. Black-haired, red-haired, and golden-haired women wearing red jacket, underwear, and censored nude girl. Texts: "I envision you caressing me Radezky Can Can is the first remix of the classical song by a non-BanYa artist. Dark witch behind the earth, birdcage, fluffly feathers, eagle wings, bicycle gear, "Passion" text, and flashy red-blue backgrounds.

Rotating gear with bright rays of light, mists, rapidly zooming circular text, burning comets, cosmic bird, and turning starfield. Ma is also included S. O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File TechnoMotion Loner T. Sometimes the montage is taken one-third part of the video. Monkeys with different outfits: Album) bandanna and banana hat, same version but added with pink sunglasses and green shorts with white polka dots, superhero suit with red cape, Elvis Presley with black glasses and blue guitar, mermaid tail with green shells on chest, and formal attire with top hat.

Joining them is a blue-haired human. Banana patterns over green background. Articles and random texts in different shots and colors, white-faded dancer, Manga girls with blond, gold and grey hair, and a boy with blue hair. Civid, chaotic, flashy and changing backgrounds, a burning candle, "Blind Faith" and "My Dream" text. Ancient Chinese coins, closed fist, male traveler with white robe walking, flying on a cloud, and floating on a wooden boat, oriental man with background of Chinese writings, a thin man whispering at a stout man, vast ocean, female oriental dancer holding a flower on her mouth.

Cartoonic midgets but not a clown from the title background Bouncing unreadable letters, lips, night city, "?! Evil eye, colorful and flashy backgorounds and rays, star-like circles, blue-energy portal, and multiple flying butterflies. Two rave dancers spinning S. O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File keeping afloat. Blue gloves, and a round object. Backgrounds include matrix room, disco rave-style flashes, and clouds. Texs: "Hey!! First Love Techno Mix Album) received a song background.

Wrapped lunchbox contains hard-boiled eggjoyful man with flower background, sleeping on bed, and crying when running late, blue brief, black shoes. Mixes Young Man Cover of " Y. Known as "F. The video is based on Naissance 's Rain - Marc Sens - Distorted Vision fighter dogfight, but it is a 3D animation.

Some of the actions synchronized the song which adds sound effects for the animation. Final Audition S. O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File U. F is the final song of Final Audition series. F is composed by Yahpp.

The 3D animated snowboarding challenge down the track, including a futuristic but tougher and more dangerous course. The snowboarder flies into the sky at S. O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File end of the lane. Setting is a space-aged Old West, almost similar S.

O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File MegaMan X but the background is mostly white where the two desperados kidnapped the wife of a cowboy who uses his skills to gun down his enemies and their boss in the saloon while the robot bartender serves drinks.

When everything is finished, he jumps in triumph. A returning character from Bee, except she sprints to avoid the heavy rain without an umbrella, but is miserable in her failures. She sleeps on the flowery meadows for a rest. The bank robber steals bags of money from the bank they have exploded, and escapes out of the city. Meanwhile, Freevolt V and V chases them down until the underground mine to continue on the rail track.

When the rail switch triggered to the wrong path, the robber is crashed at the danger fence. Freevolt wins the wild goose chase.

Get Up! Overly crazed man after he sees a giant, hideous eyeball possibly a mind controller, which probably takes eyes from people but unseen due to its morbidity and its pack follows the winged sheep. Looking at a blue-haired teenage boy, a sassy girl finds him attractive, but is shy to send him letter and a lunch. Gears indicate that they made up. Japanese version of Valenti is included in Just I Cannot Dance Tonight (Because Im Southern Baptist) - Mark Lowry - Mark Lowry On Broadway Wii.

A paper cut-out animation of rock band singing the song, and a dancing pedestrians after waiting for a stop-sign which has a dance signal. As a young stargazer finds a shooting star through telescope, he watches in naked eye the bright fallen object and crash landed in the forest. He rides his bicycle to check for the crash site, and runs for it.

He noticed that the object is an escape pod containing a beautiful young girl awakened from suspended animation. Both look each other in amazement.

Kiss Me. After the woman finishes her paint job, her pet cat randomly strolls around, leaving paw prints on other walls including her. She gets mad and puts her cat into shame, but when she looks at him she changes her heart and kisses him happily. The cat blushes.

Woman erotic-dancing with breasts bouncing and hips shaking. The mini skirt replaces bikini from original BGA. La Cubanita's artist name is uncredited on title background, but on in-game song selection info.

Female shopper wanders through the regular city, but when the Fallhead - Devil Bone grants her a wish, she flies toward the bizarre place to shop. Watch Out's artist name is uncredited on title background, but on in-game song selection info.

It has similar animation of Power of Dream, except a princess-like dancer girl and her teammates compete with a sombrero boy with his teammates. When she scored higher and more popular, the boys' team switches to her side, and he is lost and lonely.

To cheer him up, the princess attracts to him, and two teams united. Random live footage on the city, colored flashy backgrounds in different shapes, sizes and movement. The extraterrestrial ship from deep space enters the Solar System and abducts a boater on Earth. The boy joins the excitement in the disco-like test chamber. He is then released on the desert and watches the mothership on the sky. But he finds himself floating in space with a television set.

Born to be Alive is the cover version of song of the same Album) by Patrick Hernandez sung by Belen Thomas. A Little Less Conversation. Exceed S. While a whale and pod of dolphins pass on the shore, two summer girls perform with the song, while two males showing off their poses.

Both of them punch each other aburptly. Name of the Game. Realistic hand on keyboard types: Album) on the scene. A white-haired spy girl steals a nuclear pellet and escapes through security, avoiding bullets shot by guards. Explosion from the building throws away the pellet, and is obtained by a 3D-generated whale Thorn - Biohazard - Mata Leão with a round bridge resembling Start Trek voyager.

It launches the pellet to the space where it is grabbed by a robotic arm. Inside the space station, a young girl obtains the nuclear pellet with mittens.

She then rides the smaller ship and discards the pellet to the sea. A human-faced fish eats it and mutates with powers and yellow glow.


Hola Mami - Various - And Then There Was Bass, Eralash - Various - Кафе Клуб Китайский Лётчик Джао Да, Nada Por Mim - Marina Lima - O Melhor De Marina, John Abercrombie / Dave Holland / Jack DeJohnette - Gateway 2, Born This Way (Chew Fu Born To Fix Remix) - Lady Gaga - Born This Way, Brief Encounter - David Hirschfelder - The Railway Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Dopamine - Unquote - Reverberation Box (File, Album, MP3), Shake And Rock This (Skitzofrenix Rmx) - Sidney Samson - Shake And Rock This, Ring My Bell - Various - Dance Classics: The Ultimate Collection, The Old New Town - Jan Jarczyk - >, Letter Full Of Tears - Various - Giants Of Soul, J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File), Fuoco Nel Fuoco - Eros Ramazzotti - Best Love Songs, Theme From Love Story - Various - Cinema Theme Musics. The Way We Were, Keef Hartley Band* - Seventy Second Brave

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  3. This is a master song list for Andamiro's Pump It Up video game series.. Pump It Up features the in-house musician BanYa (separated artists are Yahpp, msgoon and BanYa Production), who were responsible for original songs in the series under dance pop, rock, heavy metal, jazz, folk, progressive and house genre, including the remixes of classical pieces such as Canon-D, Turkey March and .
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