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This is an extraordinary set. That's mainly because I have very Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden of it anywhere else. An admirable reprint has, however, been recently issued in Paris, with the translator's notes and remarks, revised and corrected by the light of the fuller knowledge of Algeria which has been acquired since the translation was made. From that last edition the present translation an exact and literal one has been made, and it is the first time that the work, — one of the most remarkable of its kind, — has appeared in the English language.

In spite of the subject-matter of the book and the manifold errors found in it, and caused Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden the Beautiful Blue Eyes - Various - Thirty Years Of Bluegrass and ignorance of the copyists, it is manifest Rabbia Libertà Fantasia - Ornella Vanoni - Uomini this treatise comes from the pen of a man of great erudition, who had a better knowledge in general of literature and medicine than is commonly found with Arabs.

He will therefore not be surprised to find that some slight details arc not on a level with the knowledge acquired since. X Notes of the Translator that name on the shore of the lake Sebkha Melrir, in the south of the kingdom of Tunis.

The Cheikh himself records that he lived in Tunis, and it is probable the book was written there. According to tradition, a particular motive induced him to under' take a work at variance with his simple tastes and retired habits.

His knowledge of law and literature, as well as of medicine, having been reported to the Bey of Tunis, this ruler wished to invest him with the office of cadi, al' though he was unwilling to occupy himself with public functions.

As he, however, Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden not to give the Bey cause for offence, whereby he might have incurred danger, he merely requested a short delay, in order to be able to finish a work which he had in hand. This having been granted, he set himself to compose the treatise which was then occupying his mind, and which, becoming known, drew so much attention upon the author, that it became henceforth impossible to con' fide to him functions of the nature of those of a cadi.

The pilgrims believe that the land is called Nefzaoua, because there are in it thousand "zaoua" a chapel in which a marabout is buriedand it is alleged that the name was first El Afoun Zaouia, later corrupted into Nefzaoua. But this Arabian etymology does not appear to be correct, as according to the Arabian historians the names of the localities are older than the establishment of Islamism.

The town of Nefzaoua is surrounded by a wall built of stones and bricks; having six gateways, one mosque, baths, and a market; in the environs are many wells and gardens. One need only glance at the book to be convinced that its author was animated by the most praiseworthy intentions, and that, far from being in fault, he deserves gratitude for the services he has ren- dered to humanity. Contrary Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden the habits of the Arabs, there exists no commentary on this book; the reason may, perhaps, be found in the nature of the subject of which it treats, and which may have frightened, unnec- essarily, the serious and the studious.

I say unnecessar- ily, because this book, more than any other, ought to have commentaries; grave questions are treated in it, and open out a large field for work and meditation. What can be more important, in fact, than the study of the principles upon which rest the happiness of man and woman, by reason of their mutual relations; relations which are themselves dependent upon character, health, temperament and the constitution, all of which Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden is the Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden of philosophers to study.

I am glad to render them here my thanks. Amongst the authors who have treated of similar sub' jects, there is not one that can be entirely compared with the Cheikh; for his book reminds you, at the same time, of Aretin, of the book "Conjugal Love," and of Rabe- lais; the resemblance to this last is sometimes so striking that I could not resist the temptation to quote, in sev eral places, analogous passages.

But what makes this treatise unique as a book of its kind, is the seriousness with which the most lascivious and obscene matters are presented. It is evident that the author is convinced of the importance of his subject, and that the desire to be of use to his fellowmen is the sole motive of his efforts. With the view to give more weight to his recommen- dations, he does not hesitate to multiply his religious citations and in many cases invokes even the authority of the Koran, the most sacred book Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden the Mussulmans.

It may be assumed that this book, without being ex- actly a compilation, is not entirely due to the genius of the Cheikh Nef2;aoui, and that several parts may have been borrowed from Arabian and India'n writers. For instance, all the record of Mocailama and of Chedja is taken from the work of Mohammed ben Djerir el Ta- beri; the description of the different positions for coition, as well as the movements applicable to them, are bor- rowed from Indian works; finally, the book of "Birds and Flowers," by A2;eddine el Mocadecci, seems to have been consulted with respect to the interpretation of dreams.

But an author certainly is to be commended for having surrounded himself with the lights of former savants, and it would be ingratitude not to acknowledge Notes of the Translator xiii the benefit which his books have conferred upon people who were still in their infancy to the art of love.

It is only to be regretted that this work, so complete in many respects, is defective in so far as it makes no mention of a custom too common with the Arabs not to deserve particular attention.

I speak of the taste so universal with the old Greeks and Romans, namely, the preference they give to a boy before a woman, or even to treat the latter as a boy. There might have been given on this subject sound advice as well with regard to the pleasures mutually enjoyed by the women called tribades. The same silence has been preserved by the author respecting bestiality. Nevertheless the two stories which he relates, and which speak, one of the mutual caresses of two women, and the other of a woman provoking the caresses of an Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Gardenshow that he knew of such matters.

It is, therefore, inexcus' able that he should not have spoken more particularly on those points. It would certainly have been interesting to know which animals, by Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden of their nature and conformation, are fittest to give pleasure either to man or woman, and what would be the result of such copulation.

Lastly, the Cheikh does not mention the pleasures which the mouth or the hand of a pretty woman can give, nor the cunnilinges. The mouths of paederasts, you say, smell badly; If such be true, as you aver, Fabulus, What about those, think you, that lick the vulva? The kiss on the mouth, on the two cheeks, upon the neck, as well as the sucking up of fresh lips, are gifts of God, destined to provoke erection at Μ Έκαψες Γειτόνισσα - The Orpheus Choir Of Kalamata* - Greek Folk Songs favourable moment.

He has also gifted her with eyes that inspire love, and with eyelashes like polished blades. He has furnished her with a rounded belly and a beaU' tiful navel, and with a majestic crupper; and all these wonders are borne up by the thighs.

It is between these latter that God has placed the arena of combat; when the same is provided with ample flesh, it resembles the head of a lion. It is called vulva. Amongst them how many heroes! The first of these words means to concuss, to stamp, to pound; it is the New Yorks Not My Home - Jim Croce - Photographs & Memories: His Greatest Hits of the pestle in the mortar; the second word signifies a swing' ing movement, at once exciting, exhilarating, and lascivious.

The Arabs have a decided preference for fat women, consequently everything pointing to that coition is with them a beauty. Thus, the ridges forming upon the stomach of a woman by the develop- ment of their stoutness are a very seductive sight in the eyes of Arabs.

The whole is supported by two marvellous columns, testifying to the might and the wisdom of God; they are not too long nor too short; and they are graced with knees, calves, ankles, and heels, upon which rest precious rings.

Then the Almighty has plunged woman into a sea of splendours, of voluptuousness, and of delights, and cov- ered her with precious Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Gardenwith brilliant girdles and provoking smiles. So let us praise and exalt him who has created woman and her When I Dived Into The Dirty Moat - Various - Friends And Friends Of Friends, with her appetising flesh; who has given her hairs, a beautiful figure, a bosom with breasts which are swelling, and amorous ways, which awaken desires.

The master of the Universe has bestowed upon them the empire of seduction; all men, weak or strong, Rock And Roll Slave - Stephen Bishop - Careless subjected to the weakness for the love of woman.

Through woman we have society or dispersion, sojourn or emigration. The state of humility in which are the hearts of Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden who love and are separated from the object of their love, makes their hearts burn with love's fire; they are op- pressed with a feeling of servitude, contempt and misery; they suffer under the vicissitudes of their passion: and all this as a consequence of their burning desire of contact.

I, the servant of God, am thankful to Him that no one can help falling in love with beautiful women, and that no one can escape the desire to possess them, neither by Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Gardennor flight, nor separation. I shall adhere to his precious testimony to the days of the last judgment.

I likewise testify as to our lord and master, Moham- med, the servant and ambassador of God, the greatest of the prophets the benediction and pity of God be with him and with his family and disciples! I have written this magnificent work after a small book, called 'The Torch of the World," which treats of the mysteries of generation.

This illustrious Vizir was his poet, his companion, his friend and private secretaiy. He was good in council, true, sagacious and wise, the best learned man of his time, and well acquainted with all things. He called himself Mohammed ben Ouana ez Zonaoui, and traced his origin from Zonaoua.

It is in pursuance of this precept that the Mussulmans neither pronounce nor write the name of their prophet, without adding the sacramental formula, which runs: "Upon whom be benedictions and blessings of God. When the above mentioned book came into his hands, he sent for me and invited me pressingly to come and see him. I went forthwith to his house, and he received me most honorably.

Three days after he came to me, and showing me my book, said, ''This is your work. Moreover, you are not the first who has treated of this matter; and I swear by God that it is necessary to know this book. It is only the shameless boor and the enemy of all science who will not read it, or make fun of it.

These are the only two cases of submission related by the old historians; and at neither of these periods was an Abd-el-Aziz reigning in Tunis. It is, however, very probable that the Author speaks of the Turkish occupation, when Barbarossa, having been invited by the Emir of Algiers to help him with his Turks in the war with the Spaniards, arrived at the Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Gardenput the Emir to death, and caused himself to be proclaimed King of Algiers instead.

The Bey of the name Abd-el-ziz, who, according to the period of his reign, came nearest to the events named by the author, was Abou Omar Abd'el'Aziz;, who died inand was one of the best Khelifar of Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden dynasty of the Beni Hafs. This error or difference will not surprise those who know how inaccurate the Arabs are in their quotations.

You will describe in the same the motives of the act of generation, as well as the matters that prevent it. You will mention the means for undo- ing spelle aiguilletteand the way to increase the size of the verile member, when too small, and to make it resplendent.

You will Doop (Re-Washed) (Chris Cute Radio) - Beat BangerZ - Doop (Re-Washed) (File) cite those means which remove the unpleasant smells from tKe armpits and the natural parts of women, and those which will contract those parts.

You will further speak of pregnancy, so as to make your book perfect and wanting in nothing. And, finally, you will have done your work, if your book sat- isfy all wishes.

He had promised to answer them the next day, forgetting to add, "If it please God. Their verse runs as follows: "Never say, 'I shall do a thing to-morrow,' without adding 'If it be the will of God. And we pray to God, who directs everything for the best and there is no other God than He, and there is nothing good that does not come from Himto lend us His help, and lead us in good ways; for there is no power nor joy but in the high and mighty God. I have divided this book into twenty-one chapters, in order to make it easier reading for the taleb student who wishes to learn, and to facilitate his search for what he wants.

Each chapter relates to a particular subject, be it physical, or anecdotical, or treating of the wiles and deceits of women. Concerning praiseworthy men. Concerning praiseworthy women. Concerning despicable men.

Concerning despicable women. Concerning the act of generation. Concerning circumstances favourable to the act Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden generation. Concerning circumstances detrimental to the act of generation. About the different names given to the sexual organs of man. About the different names given to the sexual parts of women. The act of generation with sundry animals. Concerning the wiles and deceptions of women. Concerning sundry Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden questions for men and women.

The reason for the pleasure felt in the act of generation. Description of the womb of women who are sterile, and treatment of the same. About the means of producing miscarriage. Causes of impotence in man. Undoing sinister spells aiguillettes.

About means to enlarge the dimensions of small virile members, and to make them imposing. How to remove the bad odour of the armpits and genitalia of women, and how to con' tract the parts. Instructions about the pregnancy, and how to know of what sex the child will be. Containing the Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden of the work, and showing how the deglutition of eggs is fa' vourable to the venerial act. I have made the above table to facilitate the research for readers as they may desire.

When Fuoco Nel Fuoco - Eros Ramazzotti - Best Love Songs meritorious man finds himself near to women, his member grows, gets strong, vigorous and hard; he is not quick to discharge, and after the trembling caused by the emission of the sperm, he is soon stiff again. Such a man is liked and appreciated by the women; this is, because the woman loves the man only for the sake of the coition.

His member should, therefore, be of ample dimensions and length. Such a man ought to be broad in the chest, and heavy in the crupper; he should know how to regulate his emissions, and ready as to erection; his member should reach to the end of the canal of the female, and completely fill the same in all its parts. Such an one will be well loved by women, for as the poet says.

The beauty, the enjoyment, the reserve, the strength, The full'formed member providing a lengthened coition, A heavy crupper, a slowly coming emission, A lightsome chest, as it were floating upon them; The spermal ejaculation slow to arrive, so as To furnish forth a long drawn-out enjoyment. And who will ever stand high in their esteem. The Arab word signifies, "He flies, he works all around, he planes roundly through space. Amongst other things, he asked her what were the quaHties which women looked for in men.

Leilla answered him: "Oh my master, they must have cheeks like ours. There are men with members of twelve, or three hand' breadths; others of ten fingers, or two and a half hands.

And others measure eight fingers, or two hands. A man whose member is of less dimensions cannot please wo- men. He lived about the year 76, for history reports that in that year he caused money to be coined with the legend, "God is unique, God is alone. She was called Akhegalia, as belonging to an Arab family named "the children of Akhegal. The woman inhaling the perfumes employed by the man gets Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden into a swoon; and the use of scents has often proved a strong help to man, and assisted him in getting possession of a woman.

For which reasons he and a great number of Arabs have incurred the ire of the Almighty. He sprang from the tribe of Honcifa, in the province of Yamama. He was the head of a deputation sent by his tribe to the prophet Mohammed, and embraced Islamism in the year 9 of the Hegira. He conveyed to Mohammed the heavenly revelations. He forms part of that order of spirits which the Mussulmans call "Mokarrabine," which means ap- proaching nearest to God.

What is the elephant? What does it mean? What is this quadruped? It has a tail and a long trunk. Surely it is a creation of our God, the magnificent. He said, "We have given you precious stones for yourself, and in preference to any other man, but take care not to be proud of them. He had been at this work when he heard the Prophet the salutation and mercy of God be with him spoken of. When the disciples of Mocailama saw these things or 1 There is in fact a chapter of the Koran with the heading "The Elephant.

Hence the name of the chapter, which perpetuates the name of this victory. It was this name that Mocailama tries to turn into ridicule, by pretending to see only the name of an animal, and not to under' stand its real sense. Concerning Praiseworthy Men 13 Various - Summertime Gold speak of them, they came to him and said, "Have you no knowledge of Mohammed and his doings? Observe, my brethren, what happens to those whose eyes remain closed to the light, and who are deprived of the assistance of the Almighty!

And thus acted that woman of the Beni'Temin, called Chedja et Temimia, who pretended to be a prophetess. She had heard of Mocailama, and he likewise of her. This woman was powerful, for the Beni'Temim form a numerous tribe.

She said, "Prophecy cannot belong to two persons. Either he is a prophet, and then I and my disciples will follow his laws, or I am a prophetess, and then he and his disciples will follow my laws. We and our disciples will meet and examine each other. As for myself, I follow you, with the army. When the latter arrived at Mocailama's place, he greeted him and gave him the letter. Mocailama opened and read it, and understood its con- Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden.

He was dismayed, and began to advise with the people of his goum, one after another, but he did not see anything in their advice or in their views that could rid him of his embarrassment.

While he was in this perplexity, one Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden the superior men of his goum came forward Off The International Radar - Hot Lips said to him. Per- haps in the sense used by the author the word may be rendered as disciples.

Hence a man who is going to be married is called "bani," building; and of a man who has just been married it is said, "Bena ala Ahlihi," which means: "He has built over his wife," Concerning Praiseworthy Men 15 with a variety of different perfximes, amber, musk, and all sorts of scents, as rose, orange flowers, jonquils, jessa- mine, Hypnotic - Govinda - Echoes Of Eden, carnation and other plants.

Then fix the hangings so that nothing of these perfumes can escape out of the tent. When you are thus together there, and she inhales the perfumes, she will delight in the same, all her bones will be relaxed in a soft repose, and finally she will be swooning. When you see her thus far gone, ask her to grant you her fa- vours; she will not hesitate to accord them. Having once possessed her, you will be freed of the embarrass- ment caused to you by her and her goum.

As God lives, your advice is good and well thought out. When he saw that the perfumed vapour was dense enough to impregnate the water Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden the tent he sat down upon his throne and sent for the prophetess. This mixture, which is black, is formed into a small cyhnder. It is burnt upon coals, or hke the pastils of (Walkin Thru The) Sleepy City - The Rolling Stones - Metamorphosis serail by Hghting one end.

According to some authors, "neddle" is only a preparation of amber. The text says only "when the water shall be mixed with the fumes. He engaged her in conversation. While Mocailama spoke to her she lost all her pres- ence of mind, and became embarrassed and confused. When he saw her in that state he knew that she de- sired cohabitation, and he said: ''Come, rise and let me have possession of you; this place has been prepared for that purpose.

If you like you may lie on your back, or you can place yourself on all fours, or kneel as in prayer, with your brow touching the ground, and your crupper in the air, forming a tripod.

Let the revelation of God descend upon me, O Prophet of the Almighty. She then said to him, ''When I am gone from here, ask my goum to give me to you in marriage. The tripod is then formed by the two knees and the head touching the ground.

It is easy to see that this position causes the posterior part of the body to project very much backwards. The way how to practice cohabitation thus is stated in Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden 69th manner, chapter vi. When the goum asked about the rnarriagcdowry of his future wife, he told them, "I dispense you from saying that prayer 'aceur' " which is said at three or four o'clock.

Ever Harshnoise Halfhead - Cedrics Lettuce Vs Anal Sadness - Vulgar Display Of Stupidity that time the Beni'Temin do not pray at that hour; and when they are asked the reason, they answer, "It is on account of our prophetess; she only knows the way to the truth.

For us a female prophet has arisen; Her laws we follow; for the rest of mankind The prophets that appeared were always men. He was, in fact, killed by Zeid ben Khettab. He followed the latter in the year 1 1 of the Hegira. By his and Omar's authority, a great many Mussulmans were turned from their design to apostasize. He was the first Kalif, and remained in power, in spite of the pretensions of the partisans of All Mohammed's son-in-law, who maintained that the Prophet had long before his death assigned Ali as his successor.

God only knows whether it was Ouhcha. I hope that God Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden pardon one of these actions in consideration of the other. As regards Chedja et Temimia, she repented by God's grace, and took to the Islamitic faith; she married one of the Prophet's followers God be good to her hus' band.

Thus finishes the story. The man who deserves favours is in the eyes of women, the one who is anxious to please them. He must be of good presence, excel in beauty those around him, be of good shape and well-formed Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden true and sin- cere in his speech with women; he must likewise be gen' erous and brave, not vainglorious, and pleasant in con- versation. A slave to his promise, he must always keep his word, ever speak Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden truth, and do what he has said.

Hamza, the uncle of the Prophet, was certainly killed in the battle of Ohod, in the year 4 of the Hegira, by a negro, Ouhcha, who after- Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden killed Mocailama. Concerning Praiseworthy Men 19 The man who boasts of his relations to women, of their acquaintance and good Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden to him, is a dastard.

He will be spoken of in the next chapter. One day this buffoon appeared before the King, who was amusing himself. The King bade him sit down, and then asked him, turning away, "Why hast thou come, O son of a bad woman?

Having for a long time made war upon his brother el Amine for the empire, and the latter having been vanquished and killed in a battle near Bagdad, el Mamoum was unanimously proclaimed Kalif in the year of the Hegira.

He was one Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden the most distinguished Abyssidian rulers with respect to science, wisdom, and goodness. I am Murda - DJ Pager + K Stress - High Fidelity scourged Må Dit Liv Gå Op I Ild - De Forbandede - De Forbandede all misfortunes; HI luck has cast me in trouble and peril, And has drawn upon me the contempt of man.

God does not favour a poverty like mine; That is approbrious in every one's eyes. Misfortune and misery for a long time Have held me tightly; and no doubt of it My dwelling house will soon not know me more.

But can you now tell me some more verses about your two wives, and about what comes to pass with them? I said to myself, I shall be Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden a lamb between them; I shall take my pleasure upon the bosoms of ray two sheep.

And Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden have become like a ram between tvo fem. If I am kind to one, the other gets vexed. Concerning Praiseworthy Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden 21 And so I cannot escape from these two furies.

If you want to live well and with a free heart, And with your hands unclenched, then do not marry. If you must wed, then marry one wife only. One alone is enough to satisfy two armies. Then as a proof of his kindness, he gave to Bahloul his golden robe, a most beautiful vestment. Bahloul went in high spirits towards the dwelling of the Grand Vizir. She said to her negress, "By the God of the temple of Mecca!

There is Bahloul dressed in a fine gold-worked robe! How can I manage to get possession of the same? Give the idea up, mistress mine, and take care that you do not fall into the snare which you Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden setting for him. From the same root comes the name of Mohammed, corrupted into Mahomet.

She has a marvelous gift for singing," he continued. Then she began to sing admirably, so as to make people who listened die with love. After Bahloul had heard her sing, refreshments were served; he ate and he drank.

Then she said to him. I have sworn to give it to her to whom I have done as a man does to a woman. It is I who make them copulate in love, who initiate them in the delights a female can give, show them how you must caress a woman, and what will excite and satisfy her. Oh, my mistress, who should know the art of coition if it is not I?

She was endowed with the most perfect beauty; of superb figure and harmonious form. No one in her time surpassed her in grace and 1 "To him who calls you make answer. Some' times it is used in conversation in the same sense as above, but its true meaning is obscure. The words "By the blessing of God" in the same sentence is a form of acceptance or con- gent. Concerning Praiseworthy Men 23 perfection.

Heroes on seeing her became humble and submissive and looked down to the ground for fear of temptation, so many charms and perfections had God lavished on her. Those who looked steadily at her were troubled in their mind, and oh! For this very reason Bahloul had always avoided meeting her for fear of succumbing to the temptation, and, apprehensive of his peace of mind, he had never, until then, been in Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden presence.

Bahloul began to converse with her. Now he looked at her and anon bent his eyes to the ground, fearful of not being able to command his passion. Hamdonna burnt with desire to have the robe, and he would not give it up without being paid for it.

To which he replied, "Coition, O apple of my eye. No one has studied all their concerns more than I. I know what they are fond of; for learn, oh, lady mine, that men choose different occupations according to their genius and their bent. The one takes, the other gives; this one sells, the other buys.

My only thought is of love and of the possession of beautiful women. I heal those that are lovesick, and carry a solace to their thirsting vaginas. There are those whose life is restless and full of misery, While, on the contrary, others are steeped in good fortune. Always in Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden happy way, and favoured in all things.

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