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I wanted to perform in Denmark while I lived there so badly that I asked Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis friends to let us use their rehearsal studio.

It was a small concert with only a handful of people watching, but It was so Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis to perform in front of people who helped me settle in a new environment.

The groove of the band was at the highest at this point since we all knew this was gonna be the last performance. Also with help from Mayumi Ikemizu three berry icecream, ex Bridge and Daremo Shiranai Tokoro, we were able to play the songs how they should sound almost perfectly.

The other performers did a perfect job, and it was an unforgettable night. By the way, our first show in was at Chigasaki, where we brought a crazy amount of gear into a cafe-like Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis and tried a very experimental performance.

This might have cast a huge influence on how we ran the band. Taku: Hmm… I agree with Miki. We totally forgot to prepare any extra songs for the in-store event. It was embarrassing but funny. It was our first time being on the radio, so it was a great experience.

Miki: When we were invited to Mito, where aota of with me! It included introductions and interviews with all the performers for the night. I was so happy that I still keep it as my treasure. These three years have been amazing. I could never have achieved this much only by myself. We did have some bad times, but the experience itself is radiant and spectacular.

Miki: I can say the three years has been a highlight of my life, but maybe releasing a full album is the greatest highlight. Although there were challenges, we managed to make a piece of work which I am confident to say is the best I can do for now.

I wanna take it with me to my grave when I die. Taku: I like reading and cooking. Miki: I have so many hobbies like movies, modern ballet, handcraft, architecture viewing and so on.

I go out to see architecture whenever I get long holidays. So I will ask for some recommendations. Taku: Tokyo has countless touristy places.

Asakusa, Tokyo Tower, Yoyogi park, to name a few. I think Asakusa is good because you can enjoy the traditional and modern scenery at the same time. Food is a great attraction of Tokyo! Try Yakitori Japanese chicken sticks with beer at izakayas Japanese bar. Miki: I recommend Asakusa, too. You can experience the combination of Japanese tradition and modern culture. I also recommend the islands in the Seto Inland Sea. They hold the International Triennale and all the islands are filled with art.

The Teshima Museum in Teshima is my museum and piece of architecture, so please consider visiting there if you have a chance. Taku: Well, thank you Roque for having us on your blog!

This was a great chance Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis dig deep into our history and the whole band activity right after we stopped the band. Please follow our music projects as well; we both will keep on playing music! It is an honor to talk about our activities with this opportunity even though Smokebees has stopped. Please follow our new music activities, too! Listen Smokebees — Made for Faking Strong.

Thanks so much to Gerry Cooke for the interview! Happily Gerry came to the rescue and able to answer my questions! I was brought up in a care, but being in care gave me the opportunity of having a record player and access to records. My first instrument was a recorder, which I learned by ear. I started playing bass in ; again I learned to play bass by ear. With this band we made recordings with some of the members of Madness.

Mark Saxby also played with X-ray Specs in later years. We made lots of recordings and did loads of gigs around West London in the early to middle 80s. South East London during that time was great. There were great bands everywhere and record stores on every street corner.

As for the pubs and venues there Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis loads. I played at many of them. The band had already formed when I joined it. He told the other members of the band that he knew a great bass player; I auditioned and was asked to join them.

Yes, inI left because my first child was about to be born. They took on another bass player; he lasted just 6 month and then left. I was given free range to play and create the bass lines.

I was given the chords and went on from there. As for practising, If my memory serves me right, it was in a studio near London Bridge, Borough Market. This was a self-release, right?

How did that work for you, doing the label part? Did you enjoy it? How many copies were pressed? Yes, just one record, and yes it was a self-release. I was curious about the name, what does it mean? Or had you had any experience in recording studios prior to them? I recorded with Polygram before. How was that experience? Any anecdotes that you remember?

And also why does your name appear as Jerry instead of Gerry? My name was spelt with a J and not a G because in those days I just thought it was cooler with a J!

Was there any interest by labels to release you? Maybe big labels? Some labels were interested but nobody seemed to know what to do with us unfortunately. Because it was a complex bass line and when we played it live, it sounded as good as the Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis version.

What I remember was the entire place was rammed and the crowd adored us. It was a great gig. Keith and Sheila went on to other bands, John disappeared.

As for myself I have been involved in many since. The song was reviewed by Kirsty Maccoll and Peter Powell. And Capital Radio played it too. Keith was a cartoonist and he created his own fanzine. Keith had a database of followers and he used to create the fanzine is and send it on to people.

I have been involved in motor racing during my life. I raced in a French championship on my 50th birthday. I worked a racing circuit for 11 Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis here in France. I am still playing bass. I am currently involved in 2 bands here in France.

Some of the local radio stations have played a few of our songs. I am also involved in a band called Black Jack V. We are a covers band, 60,70,80,90 pop-rock. We play most weekends in pubs and bars here in South West France. Listen The Beautiful Strangers — Elizabeth. Thanks so much to Tomohiro for the interview! Join me! First music memories?

It may be a slightly strange music career. My first instrument is guitar. How did I learn? My own way. I slept every night with holding my guitar. At home while growing up, I mostly listened to the good old music, not hit song of the time. I played only cover songs. What were the good record stores? I was able to check out gigs of many 90s bands. We played many times there. We were students of the same university. We talked about music. The taste of our favorite music was similar very much, so we formed a band.

Yuka Banno great bassist and Bo Suzuki great drummerthey have a great talent. I was fascinated by them. And I can sing and play the guitar. So it did not need the recruitment of members. I played Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis in my room to write songs. I usually practiced in my room as private studio.

I was wondering if you have like a Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis 5 Japanese indiepop bands? And also if you would recommend some that are not very well known? Probably you have a detailed knowlodge of Japanese band than me. So I am Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis suitable for choosing top 5 Japanese indiepop bands.

But I try. All 5 bands were splendid, so this list in random order. Their performance was always great. But they released neither album nor single. It is difficult to easily categorize their music.

Keigo Matsumura leader of this band has a great talent of composition. After Bridge stop making music, Mami Otomo joined this band. Chicago Bass is great Japanese alternative band. I was wondering how did you end up working with Masahiro and his label? How did you meet? There were three key persons and our demo tape. First key person is Sin Makino. We played some gigs at his live show, he offered to play gig in Osaka. We went to Osaka by Shinkansen?

Second key person is Takako Kasa. She was organizer of live show in Osaka. The night we performed in Osaka, we met her. I presented our demo tape.

She gave Masahiro our demo tape to listen. Not for sale, for promotional use only. Third key person is Kazushige Kanazawa. Was there ever an intention of forming a band together? There was not ever an intention of forming a band together. Where these your first proper studio recordings? Had there been demo tapes before it?

Not proper studio recordings. We brought small 4 track cassette Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis into rehearsal studio to recorded basic track bass, drums and rhythm guitar of two songs. I am a lucky man. Very nice question!

The answer is yes! He is a great recording engineer. I respect him so much. But we could not meet, there was not yet email. But did not come true. If now time, it might come true. Was there a reason to choose that song twice?

If I remember correctly, label side chose the song, not me. But arrangement of the tracks for each compilations were different, so I agreed to their plan. Loose Sound was a cassette tape label organaized by Takako Kasa. I thank for what he did.

Masahiro wrote a song. Lou Reed quoted from a title of the standard of Jazz, Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis. We contributed songs to some compilation. There were not a few tracks. Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis there were many unrecorded songs, played only gigs. I hope to record those songs someday. In a sense it was the song I wrote for the first time in my room.

Before I wrote the song, I made the music from parts of jam session at rehearsal studio. And the song I wrote lyrics in English for the first time in my life. However I think I could not record it well. We played the song at live show many times. The song often played ending of gigs. And we recorded the song again. However I am not satisfied that recording. I hope to challenge recording satisfactory version someday.

We played many gigs, usually performed in Tokyo, played once in Osaka. Cause, I was able to meet Masahiro. There was a large audience. Many people danced to our music, and seemed happy.

Cause we was not able to rehearse that night. The gig held in the middle of the night. So we did not have time to prepare enough. It was bad to my heart to go on the stage without sound check. A good thing and a bad thing often happen at the same time. Probably it was about I think that we wanted to One Tree Hill - U2 - The Joshua Tree something new.

I joined some units. After that, I joined 3 piece band again. The name of this band is Milk Film. And we recorded and released CDs. I think probably our song did not play on the radio. On the other Try To See It My Way - Rick Nelson* And Joanie Sommers - On The Flip Side, many DJs played our 7inch at club, and still play.

We played as opening act before Television Personalities of their Japan tour! But I was not able to do. I have been impressed just to watch him. Their performance on that night was great and moved me so much. I like reading novels, essays and poetry by American writers and poets. I think Shimokitazawa is splendid place for popkids. Personally, Ochanomizu and Kandajinbouchou are my favorite towns.

There are so many musical instrument stores, new and old bookshops, record shops and coffee shops I especially like Sabouru, very nice coffee shop! Thanks Roque! Your questions inspired me! I thank all friends who cooperated to answer this question. And I thank popkids of the world. Thanks so much to Paul McAllister for the interview! I wrote about Scale the Heights some time ago and Paul was kind enough to get in touch and also to answer all my questions and tell the story of the band! You will enjoy them for sure!

Never really stopped! Liam and I are involved as of today with a band called The City Remains. We will be releasing an eponymous 10 track album early in My first memories were listening to the radio in my dads car at a very young age, there was no real scene of radio in the house because of the TV so the car radio was the Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis real space that I listened to music in.

At 5 years of age my first instrument was a small set of drums from Santa clause a bass drum, a snare Endless Cycle - Lou Reed - New York a cymbal, red and gold in color with thin plastic skins that you could leave a dent it if you hit it hard enough.

My early musical listening was confined to what my parents listen to, early memories are of Frank Sinatra, James Last, Abba… their musical influence and pedigree I will admit was somewhat lost on me at such a young age.

The first band that I was in was a school band with Liam who I played with in STH on bass and and another fellow student called Dave Howlett Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis Guitar, a 3 piece band playing Joy Division covers and the likethere are Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis recordings that I know of….

No, I was from Lucan initially a town on the outskirts of Dublin but then moved closer to Maynooth my school town to a town call Celbridge, it was there that I met Liam who lived in Maynooth along with Dave. Maynooth was pretty much out of the loop musically 30 years ago and beyond the pale, it had a growing college but it was relatively quiet in terms of music scene there. A lot of bands outside Dublin faced different challenges in terms of trying to find places to play and an Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis most roads led to Dublin in terms of finding places to play at the time- hence we looked to the city to provide us with places to play for the most part initially.

Its pretty different now of course thankfully. We started with supports in places like the Underground and Yellow Pack nights where a few bands might play on a Monday night in the Baggot Inn for example and progressed from there really to our own gigs in those venues building an audience.

Maynooth had no record stores as such so if you wanted to get something you went to Dublin on the bus to somewhere like Freebird records or Golden discs on Liffey Street if memory serves. Well I knew Liam from my school days and we both had a good keen interest in music both listening to it and making it, the origins of Scale the Heights as a band started in a hairdressing salon in central Dublin strangely enough. Liam and Dave met in Maynooth and Dave recruited Tony the guitarist whom he previously had met separately elsewhere as I recall.

With the exception of Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis keyboard players that we tried the lineup remained the same throughout the bands life. I think overall we had wide range of individual musical tastes Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis the four of us as a collective unit. What we all Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis on was that the song was king so to speak and that guided us.

Sound wise it was guitar ,bass ,and drums etc so that dictated our basic sound which you can hear. Influences would have been Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis but off top of my head bands such as REM, The Go-Betweens, Replacements, The Chills all were on our radar and influenced us musically and as we matured their antecedents. Apart from the songwriting influences Tony the guitarist had a big say in the overall sound of the band he grew up playing music and was the best musician in terms Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis experience.

His family if memory serves were involved in the covers, show band era in Ireland as players. He had a great knowledge of good country music Gram Parsons is a memory of being introduced to by him for example which he shared with the others and made the self taught Liam and I up our respective Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis and improve as players. There were three songs on it, where were these recorded? Was it your first time in the studio? Like most bands at the time we recorded a // - The Tumbled Sea - Melody/Summer of demos most of which I think still Randy Crawford - Secret Combination in one format or another and of course the tape was the main medium for archiving ones first efforts, and I think some of them are still around, there were always plenty of songs to New Day - The Seer - Arrival from as our set list grow considerably while we were gigging.

We Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis in a few Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis studios in and around Dublin over the lifetime of the band. I personally found the studio at the time a little underwhelming, interesting and educationalbut it never came close to the feeling of playing live for me. We basically filled in a form and sent a demo tape I think and hoped for the best that someone would listen.

We were given musical gear and a four track also which at the time was great and very useful for us to use. How was the experience of working with a Love X Love - Various - Disco Mix Club - November 1983 - Tape 1 label? Did you meet Dave Fanning?

It was a fantastic experienceworking with Dave and the engineers was a great education. Ian Wilson was the producer.

I remember that recorded the songs in one takethe engineer was a bit blown away on how well rehearsed we were we spent no time at all getting the tracks downI guess it was a reflection on how focused we all were on playing our music at the time.

There are plenty of unreleased tracks, Dave put a compilation together a few years ago, a mixture of live and demos i think, no plans to do anything with it…. Did this one exist? Care to shed some light about it? Great that someone still remembers it. Published about his experiences in the run up to and during the first world war. Liam wrote the song after that encounter I believe.

The band as many bands do went through changes in our song structure, tempo and style, we would have had 2 or 3 of those so there were songs from each phase that would have enjoyed the title as favorite in the early days songs like where will we be, two wives, and proud of you stick as highlights, how much longer as another that I loved to play as well as listen to later I guess songs like Harper, down the hillblind mans clothes.

One of the funniest things I remember was a gig that we did were the promoter either got the date wrong or something like that. I hear you were in the Latecomers? Liam and myself still write and record together Liam has never stopped writing. Tony did go on and play with some other bands and he still plays today, Dave dabbled in some musical activities I believe. The Latecomers name was really a tongue in cheek placeholder for a musical project myself and Liam have been working on in recent times.

We will be releasing an album early next year called The City Remains. Its something we have really enjoyed doing and looking forward to releasing soon. We did get together a couple of times a few years ago and it was great. Still tight, plenty of energy, as a drummer I smiled as the muscle memory kicked in and I found my self playing fills and tempos on auto pilot….

As a young band we got a fair bit of air time on radio 2 part of our national broadcaster RTE with Dave Fanning the Irish version of John Peel… at least for our generation. We were also invited to record some sessions for broadcast during his show. We also got local airtime when touring throughout Ireland. Did you play any other songs that time? We where an energetic and melodic band and the press that we received reflected that at the Ma Benz - Suprême NTM - Suprême NTM I think in terms Out Of This World - Anyway - Burden those who were interested in what the band was doing.

We had strong advocates Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis helped in the early stages of the band and encouraged us to develop further.

We were relative outsiders at the time in terms of being a non Dublin City based band who had to build an audience from scratch and the positive attention we got helped those who were curious to come along and see the band at the time.

Just to say to your thanks for your interest and for taking Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis time to do this, I enjoyed the quick trip down memory lane with you. All the best. Thanks so so much to Matt and Mike for the interview!

To keep up to date with them check for news on their website! And if you want to know more about them, learn the story behind this superb indiepop band, well, look nowhere else, read this interview! Tell me a bit about this release! Mike: That sums it up perfectly. And open the whiskey, obviously. My first and only love is the guitar really. I picked one up when I Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis ten years old, and really started to take it seriously from fourteen.

Matt: For me, I wanted to be like my older brother who played a mean bass. Matt: I shared a bedroom with my brother who was an original punk. That taught me to love harmonies and cracking tune. I had no problem with belting these out on the Lady - Gepetto - From Heaven To The Stars seat.

I know you were in Enamel Animals and The Hammering, how did they sound like? What similarities were there with The Chalk Giants? Mike: And as you can probably imagine, the sounds matured with our musical and song-writing ability! Matt: all the Chalk Giants went to the same school in Reading. We started hanging out from around seventeen. There was a lot going on. Mike: Sixth form threw Matt, Chris and me together, and the music followed soon after.

Pete was actually a neighbour of mine when I was growing up. He was super cool — could play drums, bit of guitar, piano, and harmonica, and was already gigging with school and college bands. When we needed a drummer, he fitted into the group perfectly. You never know what the other guys are going to bring to it.

Matt: Hearing the same song practiced over and over can be quite torturous though, so to save our loved ones pain we switched to a rehearsal room in Reading. Matt: It really was the famous Cern Abbas hillside figure. Matt: I guess we were four guys with four different tastes, but there were some cross-overs like The Woodentops and The Housemartins which you can occasionally decipher in some of the early recordings.

How was doing the music part and the label part at the same time? No doubt, we were lucky as the band concentrated on the music while our manager and friend, David Shaw, organised the manufacturing. Matt: I loved doing the Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexisit was so exciting and the final sound still gives me goosebumps.

And where was it recorded? Mike: The recording studio is pretty much our band home now, we know what goes where and why. Back in those early days recording was new and exciting. Knowing you are recording your first record is thrilling. We were all together and having a ball — we even used to sleep on the studio floor. We cut it at Abbey Road and the quality of the manufacture matches the recording.

The recording has stood the test of time — it still packs a punch. Why is he important to you? He understands us well, and gets the best out of us. Matt: He is certainly patient, and honest with his feedback, and cares about the quality leaving the door. His experience and knowledge is mind-boggling. Did you read about the Bob Marley tapes discovered in a basement a Ire Feeling - Rupie Edwards - Rupies Gems or so back?

That was Martin you took the old reels, cleaned them up and squeezed out the songs. Was wondering if you could tell me the story behind this track? Throw It Away is about ending an obsession, letting go and moving on to better times. When you throw away the baggage you are free to find the positive. Was it to coincide with the new interest in the band thanks to the Leamington Spa series where you were featured?

Or what was the idea behind it? Mike: we discovered there are parts of the world where we are getting radio play. In reality though, the biggest change was in ourselves.

We started doing some seriously good work together again. I was wondering two things. One if there had been lineup changes during these recordings and second, where does the name of these recording sessions come from? Mammals All was recorded without Pete the drummer and, although the songs are strong, the vibe is missing.

As for session names. The session names are simply taken from one of the songs we are recording. That session was great — the vibe came right back, tenfold. Why is that? You have never stopped making music, right? Or has there been any pause in the band? Mike, Chris and Pete are family. In fact, better than family — we have never argued about anything between us, ever.

Mike: Something sort of clicked after Mammals. It was a bit of a transition point, and drove us to writing all of Animal Carnival before we hit the studio to record it. What do you think of this change, from the days you started in the 80s, where records were the norm, to today when digital music is every day much more preferred?

Matt: I have mixed views. We used to duplicate cassette tapes, make our own covers and sell them at gigs. Mike: the music scene has changed so much in such a short space of time.

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Also includes Pile Driver taken from the 1st ever single release in Conceptually abstract, Black Light District shows Coil's old guard disregarding the pop rhythms found on previous albums, such as Love Secret Domain, and fully embracing their experimental electronic trajectory. Remastered Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis engineer Josh Bonati and supervised by Coil's Drew McDowall, the double LP vinyl release is packaged in a beautiful matte 24pt stock gatefold jacket, and comes on black vinyl with limited editions on clear, red, and blue.

Also available on digipack CD with booklet and digital. Bilal is now available on vinyl for the first time as a bonus track on this 2 LP reissue. This gram 2xLP track package includes 2 unreleased recordings including 'When Bad Does Good' and a beautiful die-cut slipcase.

Released in at the height of hysteria about Satanism whipped up by the Manson Family Murders, the album was withdrawn after a photo surfaced of Charles Manson carrying a copy. Needless to say, it has since become the cult or "occult" classic to end all cult classics. Real Gone Music's first-ever legitimate vinyl reissue faithfully reproduces the original packaging.

Now available for the first time on vinyl. Most of these songs will see their first vinyl appearance ever in a deluxe edition limited boxed set copies.

He is a founding artist on both Ghostly International and its dancefloor offshoot, Spectral Sound. Bunny is a dual vision of avant-pop; an artistic reckoning from a 21st-century polymath; persona splintered, paradox paraphrased, a riddle rendered. Each one is a specific color too, to coincide with the year it was released.

One time pressing of 1, units for each of the 3 titles. This show from showcases the band on their "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant" touring cycle, their first album to chart in Europe. Their set featured the classic "Stormblast" as well as songs that were unreleased at the While My Guitar Gently Weeps - The Beatles - More Masters. The band has gone Font - DJ Lolo - Lets Go! to sell millions worldwide and is currently working on their 9th studio album for Self-released inthe record drew the attention of Frenchkiss Records, Freqolution - Various - Defqon.1 - Victory Forever signed the band and released their breakout Stay Away - MISTiCAL* - The Eleventh Hour record Visiter in Having been out-of-print for several years, Beware of the Maniacs triumphantly returns to vinyl with this gram pressing -- a treasure for fans seeking to discover the origin of The Dodos' unique merger of pounding percussion and fingerpicking folk.

DOE - GROW INTO IT Drawing on a much wider range of influences than the last record, from The Breeders through to The Cars, the band have been more playful in their compositions; still referencing their 90's influenced roots but reaching wider to create something unmistakably classic sounding but irresistibly modern.

The set also includes a second disc of 14 completely unreleased tracks: nine recently discovered "rough mixes" from the album recording sessions and five live songs from a Copenhagen show. This new studio album sees The Bunnymen, still lead by the indominable Ian Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis and Will Sergeant, revisit some of their greatest songs to rearrange and transform them with co producer Andy Wright Also included is two brand new tracks to accompany the classics.

Gutze's minimal electronic compositions did not fit the concept of Fresh Color, so they formed a new project with their live mixer, Martin Kraft, on vocals. The Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis was quite successful with many concerts, mainly in southern Germany and various TV appearances in Germany and abroad.

It's a fun, tough, dirty rock 'n' roll album. Mirroring Escovedo's own experience as the child of Mexican immigrants, and drawing inspiration from his relationship with Italian co-writer Antonio Gramentieri, their journey navigates cultural identity, ancestral weight, minority rights and racism as they reali. The sample-friendly opus thats the inspiration for hip-hop, house and post punk.

Music that falls outside of the no wave, new wave and post punk library, its for the dance floor but its not funk, theres no horns, no driving organ; its the opposite of Sly And The Family Stone Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis no less cool and no less groovy. A lasting document of their unique brand of minimal funk that would influence subsequent post-punk, hip-hop, The Aquarium - Various - Saint-Saens Collection dance music acts.

Stripped down to the most basic of drumbeats and rudimentary bass lines, Come Away confirms the notion that the real rhythm is what happens between the Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis. New album Obey trades the band's former improvisation-based approach for thoughtful, ambitious songwriting.

Recorded using a drum machine and synthesiser, the debut album Fireside Favourites was released in and is now being re-released as part of Mute's 40th anti-versary celebrations on limited edition Orange vinyl. Contains replica of original ballet program from the performances at Sadler Wells Theatre. Comprised of twenty odd tape-manipulation experiments and freak-out jams, The Faust Tapes stashes away some of the band's best-known songs.

A number of tracks on the rarities compilation are making their first appearance on vinyl. Includes the highly autobiographical "I Was A Robot," which hit 6 on the German club charts, as well as a quasi-sequel to the Kraftwerk classic "The Model" Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis "Cover Girl" and many more superb house, industrial, and techno tracks!

Crazy World also features some amazing musical guests that add to the insanity and continue The Freeks' 'All Are Welcome' legacy. First new album of all new material from Ace since 's "Space Invader". Double LP on black vinyl in wide spine jacket. Includes Includes coupon for full download. Black vinyl. Double LP on opaque yellow blob in clear vinyl in same packaging as standard 2-LP. Indie-only "yellow in clear" vinyl. The album features 11 tracks balancing some classic covers like "Rollin' and Tumblin'" and "Standing Around Crying," along with some of Billy's signature new blues originals.

Even though Zach has not released a lot of solo albums he has been incredibly busy over the past 17 years touring and recording with his band ALO who are also signed to Jack Johnson's Brushfire Records. Available in your choice of red or green vinyl! Recorded and mixed in by GOGGS guitarist and co-founder Ty Segall, the album explores the damaging affects of modern life before blowing them up one by one.

It demonstrates the bands progress as songwriters since their debut, taking the enthusiasms of youth and twisting them into darker, more sophisticated shapes.

With "Burnt Sugar" Gouge Away dive into personal and social political subject matter without getting the bends on their way back to surface. Carrying an emotional vulnerability and honesty that few bands own in today's music world.

Released inthe album contains the title The shows were recorded just a few weeks before the band released its seventh studio album, From The Mars Hotel. The transfers from the masters were transferred and restored by Plangent Processes, further ensuring that this is the best, most authentic that this show has ever sounded.

Angular yet irresistibly catchy, this collection of pop songs pulls influence from powerful groups like The Slits, ESG, Gina X, and early Madonna, with sing-speak vocals from Kassie Carlson nodding to legendary artists like Laurie Anderson, Grace Jones, and Lizzy Mercier Descloux - combining this all into a twisted, crystalline concoction.

The album includes the single "Playin' On The Radio". Their matching guitars, outfits and masks make them easy to see, their crowd interactive shows and incredible sounds make them amazing to hear! Eleven brand new songs that rock and groove like nothing they've ever done before! First time sourced from the original masters with lacquers cut at Sam Phillips Recording Studio.

Pressed on gram color vinyl at Record Industry in the Netherlands and comes in a deluxe gatefold tip-on Stoughton sleeve. Includes 4 bonus non-LP singles making their debut on full length vinyl. Each record comes numbered and strictly limited based on pre-orders. Mao's explorations often cast themselves against danceable structures, creating a duality of crisis and escapism.

A storyteller of the highest order, he commands a personal and universal mythology in his songs of which few songwriters are capable - names like Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Joann a Newsom and Gil Scott-Heron come to mind. Limited edition Smoke colored vinyl. It was his ninth solo studio album and was released in Although the album features moments of funk, it is predominantly seventies-style hard rock.

At first listen, these 11 sparkling tracks are a sun-drenched, irreverent volley with the onset of adulthood, but as the listener dives deeper, they will find an earnest consideration of musical phrasing and deliberately crafted wordplay regarding the complexity of love, loss and skateboarding. This is the first collection of Bert's entire solo career, with insightful liner notes by Bernard Butler Suede who compiled this selection with the Bert Jansch Estate.

Album includes features from Jeremih, J. While Journey Mitchell is laden with new wave-influenced synths, keyboard melodic and infectious dance beats, Dessert Rock Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis an avalanche of appetizing amalgams that incorporate hints of calypso, sci-fi, psychedelic, rock, electro and funk. You are going to want seconds after sampling this dessert! Michelle Branch, who scored many hits in the early double-0 decade as a solo artist and as a member of the Wreckers and lives next door to Audio Eagle, provides backup harmony vocals on three songs.

Their next step was a new step: their first time recording outside their L. They recorded daily to-6 and then slept right upstairs in bunk beds: "Kinda felt like camp," says Johnson. Recorded in at the legendary Palace club in Hollywood now the Avalonthis album contains all of the band's best-loved songs including "Hollywood," "Simple Man," and "Blooze" plus the fantastic ZZ Top cover "Tush!

The album features guest contributions from Pusha T, Yasiin Bey and Ty Dolla Sign, as well as a vocal sample of Louis Prima, who is credited posthumously as a featured artist.

The cover art was designed by Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami, who previously created the album artwork for West's third studio album Graduation Created in difficult circumstances by a band who refused to follow fashion, it is an album of timeless, perfectly crafted songs about growing up and growing old, and the decline of national culture and traditional ways. Enduring and unsurpassed, with its wit, sadness, quiet anger, regret and charm, it is generally considered the high point of The Kinks' outstanding career and Ray Davies' masterpiece.

A calm, nostalgic album which feels like a sweet, hazy dream but with endless layers of musical and lyrical innovation, The Village Green Preservation Society's defiantly British sensibilities became the foundation of generations of British Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis pop. God Save The Village Green! They continue to push forward, seeking out new ways to blow your mind.

Their new record, Accustomed to Your Face, sounds as free and daring as their early forays, but with the luster of confidence that comes with two decades of playing together.

Over the years, critics have tried to pin Kinski down to certain genres the Psych-Rock-Post-Rock-Metal patchwork flag has been planted but Kinski defy easy categorization, fluctuating between fast, driving rawk, and sweet, lilting melodies, they will melt your brain with their supersonic shredding, but they will give you a hug before you go home. It includes 8 bonus tracks as a second, minute LP, the first time they'll be on vinyl.

Includes 3 bonus tracks, including "Another Life," from the album's Japanese release. They made fun of the Sunset Strip's bouffants and machismo while playing the same kinds of flying-V guitars. They also had no Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis for grunge's gloom, even though their friends were in bands like Nirvana, Mudhoney and Soundgarden.

A raunchy punk stampede that predated both grunge and girlpower, L7's self-titled debut is proof that chicks Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis rock just Twee Motten - Cor Steyn - De Beste Van Cor Steyn hard, if not harder, as any guy.

On the 4-LP set, Page made a change to the track sequence, allowing the epic, minute version of "Dazed And Confused" to be featuring in its entirety on one side of vinyl for the first time.

The performances in the film were recorded Julyat Madison Square Garden during the band's tour for its then-current studio album, Houses Of The Holy. Go To School tells the heartbreaking coming of age story of Shane, a pure of heart chimpanzee raised as a human boy as he comes to terms with the obstacles of life.

Todd Rundgren and their real life mother Susan Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis play Shane's parents. This new edition takes Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis on incredibly personal journey through the entire songwriting and recording process - from the very first writing and demo sessions at John's home studio at Tittenhurst Park through to the final co-production with Phil Spector - providing a remarkable testament of the lives of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in their own words.

The album has been remastered and will be available on vinyl for the first time in many years. This deluxe version comes in the original gatefold design but with an additional C and D side, featuring flotsam, jetsam and spindrift from the era.

Each piece of vinyl Сплин - Коллекционер Оружия gram heavyweight, and the album comes with a download code for all the remastered tracks, plus lyric sheet. The album is pressed on gram heavyweight vinyl, and comes with a download code, plus lyric Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis.

The Lost Recordings presents 29 new recordings plus a warm, spoken audio letter from brother Ira originally captured as songwriting demos in the '50s, then filed away for the next six decades. More than just quick takes on new tunes, these are fully realized performances that rival the best of their official discography! Those two LPs comfortably rest in a stunning gatefold jacket they even have printing IN the pocketswith euro-jacket inner sleeves all featuring copious notes from music historian Colin Escott and stunning photos from the Country Music Hall of Fame!

SinceAlan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker - the married couple whose heaven-and-earth harmonies have always held the band's center - have pioneered a subgenre, shrugged off its strictures, Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis a Christmas classic, become a magnetic onstage force, and emerged as one of music's most steadfast and vital vehicles for pulling light from our darkest emotional recesses.

But Low will not commemorate its first quarter-century with mawkish nostalgia or safe runs through songbook favorites. Instead, in faithfully defiant fashion, Low will release its most brazen, abrasive and, paradoxically, most empowering album ever: Double Negative, an unflinching eleven-song quest through snarling static and shattering beats that somehow culminates in the brightest Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis song of Low's career.

With new packaging design by Frank Olinsky and updated audio fidelity, it's a dream come true for Luna collectors. Limited to copies on gram White vinyl. Mascis does almost all his own stunts, although Ken Miauri who also appeared on Tied to a Star plays keyboards and there are a few guest vocal spots.

There is plenty of drumming on the dozen songs on Elastic Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis. But for those expecting the hallucinatory overload of Dinosaur Jr's live attack, the gentleness of the approach here will draw easy comparisons to Neil Young's binary approach to working solo versus working with Crazy Horse.

This is a lazy man's shorthand, but it still rings true. A co-founding member of Pink Floyd, he is the only constant member of the group, performing on all of their albums as well as all of their live shows. Unattended Luggage is a further celebration of Nick Mason and his undeniably Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis contribution to music.

The albums come in sleeves that faithfully re-create the original releases, including gatefolds for Kick Out The Jams and High Times. All three are housed in a hard slipcase with new art and previously unseen photographs by world renowned photographer Raeanne Rubenstein. The band performed for several years before making its first record. The Third Helix is McDowall's product of deconstructive exploration, twisting the fibers of being into new structure, shape, pattern, and pulse, without reconstituting its inscribed template.

Featuring eight new tracks of McDowall's dark, experimental electronics, including the opener "Rhizome", The Hi (Mindset Remix) - Thomas Feijk - Hi Helix is a churning descent into emotion, provoking thought and reflection while carving out haunting space only to fill it with baffling and wondrous structures of layered sound.

McDowall solidifies himself as an architect who transforms otherworldly materials into something fascinating and challenging in the process. Despite his troubles at the time, Meat Loaf proves that he is still a consummate, exciting and hugely professional performer and entertainer first and foremost, and remains one of the finest showmen that modern rock music has ever witnessed.

It compiles Mellencamp's most popular material recorded during his first decade, beginning with 's A Biography, up through 's The Lonesome Jubilee, with a new recording of Terry Reid's "Without Expression".

Mellencamp picked the songs for the album and also came up with the title. Pressed on vinyl for the first time. Limited edition White vinyl. From their first show in to their impending dissolution at the end ofthe Seattle band thrived on the musical awakening in the era of the mp3, the internet, poptimism, and the crosspollinations generated from an expanded consciousness of new music forms.

With their final EP, Fair Enough, Minus the Bear closes the book on their hybrid of Jellyfish - Vashti Bunyan - Heartleap, indie pop, and warehouse party appeal. The opening track "Fair Enough" went through a variety of permutations before the band found new meaning in its lyrical lament of lost passions and finding "the exact moment we turned it off". The other songs of Fair Enough are a continuation and culmination of Minus the Bear's diverse sounds.

The up-tempo drumbeats, lush electronics, and nimble guitar work that initially set them apart are on full display during "Viaduct". The EP closes with a nod to their ongoing remix collaborations, this time with a rave-up reinvention of "Invisible" by Sombear.

A teen-dream magazine collage, a multi-colored sonic mood board featuring torn up images of Ariel Pink, Kim Gordon, Madonna and Kim Kardashian smeared with gluestick goo.

The Hawk Is Howling is the sixth studio album by the Scottish post-rock band Mogwai, originally released on September 22, A year later he was to feature on the cover of TIME magazine, one of only for 4 Jazz artists ever to do so. Now two have come along in the space of a few months. For hot on the heel's of Impulse's hit Coltrane release comes this precious lost treasure from prime-era Monk, featuring his most critically acclaimed Quartet.

It's most definitely Monk in is pomp, heralding a year in which Monk would become one of only 4 jazz artists to ever appear on the front cover of TIME magazine. The original tapes, having been saved from a skip, have been faithfully restored, mastered and cut using Gearbox's legendary all-analogue process, making this a treat for audiophiles, enthusiasts, historians and music lovers of all shapes and sizes.

Pressed on gram vinyl at Record Industry in the Netherlands and comes in a deluxe gatefold tip-on Stoughton sleeve with additional artwork. Arm's raw yawp and his Hi Lili Hi Lo - Manfred Mann - Mann Made Plus long-honed chemistry make Digital Garbage an ideal release valve for the pressure cooker.

It's a bunch of stories about how I remember life being, or at least feeling, towards the end of the 20th Century and the beginning of the 21st. Then there are a few loud complaints about petty things.

Then other jokes and stuff. I wrote and performed all of them. I like doing stand-up comedy very much. The songs stare down the dark realization that love may not be enough to keep two people together through distance and differing needs. By asking these difficult questions about her relationships, Nadler has found a stronger sense of self and a sharper voice as both a songwriter and a vocalist, culminating in her most evocative entry in an already impressive discography.

The box set features 10 vinyl LPs - newly remastered versions of all five of their albums, plus five LPs of bonus tracks and rarities, all carefully curated by Pylon Records and the original artwork expanded into gatefold sleeves, with embossing and spot UV finish.

It also contains a large size page booklet with liner notes by Douglas McCarthy and Bon Harris and unseen photos, flyers and artwork, detailing their entire career in chronological order from Essex to Los Angeles.

These albums have been out of print since the early 90s and have never been reissued. The actual two-piece box is made of hard board stock, wrapped with leather paper and the UV design is hot foil stamped. The box also has space to accommodate their first self released album from and their last release fromto complete the collection by the fans, as these titles have been in print in recent years. BY US Originally release inthis album has been newly remastered for vinyl. Twenty years of recording, touring, and being the most successful and sarcastic punk rock band in the independent world have resulted in a twenty-seven song LP that every NOFX fan must have.

But its events unfold at a very specific time and place; namely, the last day of the school year in Austin, Texas, a moment in rock and roll time which Linklater and his cohorts unerringly capture with a soundtrack that has spawned not one but two releases, of which this is the second. LP debut, pressed on very trippy Purple with Pink Splatter vinyl inside a jacket featuring production stills from the film.

Limited to copies! Musically, it wobbles just like the gelatinous fighters in-game - vacillating between bass heavy, dance party bounty and electric rock riffs. When married with 4-player frenzy, it's motivating and energetic - a perfect compliment to the on-screen action. Blasting this record outside of gameplay, however, is an entirely new Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis designed to take full advantage of your living room speaker set up.

You'll feel beat-drenched thumps in your chest, yet at the same time, be awash in a soothing trance of relaxation. For its vinyl debut, we've fashioned a gatefold jacket festooned with stills from the film to hold the two LPs, which we've pressed in "Gopaque" yellow vinyl limited to copies! The 2-LP set comes in a gatefold package featuring stills from the original film production and is limited to copies. Featuring 26 songs, 24 of which are from the first 3 seasons of the show, and 18 of which were composed by Ryan Elder specifically for the show.

The album also includes songs by Mazzy Star, Chaos Chaos, Blonde Redhead, and Belly, all of which have been featured in the show, as well as two new tunes Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis Chad VanGaalen and Clipping inspired by the show.

Portman plays Lena, a biologist and former soldier, who joins a mission to uncover what happened to her husband inside Area X, a sinister phenomenon that's expanding across the American coastline. Rather than covers from the previous films, the album will feature original songs from Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper and duets by both. The new music highlights Lady Gaga's artistry, giving a fresh take on this classic. And what a unique sound it is, too; the interlocking interplay of guitar masters Bert Jansch and John Renbourn, the piercingly beautiful vocals of Jacqui McShee, and the sublimely agile shuffle of bassist Danny Thompson and percussionist Terry Cox create a style that seamlessly straddles jazz, traditional British folk, rock, blues, and even classical.

And, perhaps most importantly, it swings! Sweet Child, their second album, is probably their finest hour and a half ; the first disc of this double-LP captures the quintet live at Royal Festival Hall on June 29,while disc two brings them into IBC studios, all under the magisterial eye of legendary producer Shel Talmy.

For this LP reissue, we have stayed true to the wonderful gatefold art originally created by Peter Blake, the artist who designed Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and pressed up a limited edition of copies in sky blue vinyl. A beautiful record that deserves repeated spins. An American Treasuremarks the first release of Tom Petty music since the artist's tragic passing in October Vaughan Oliver has returned to reinterpret his original artwork.

Polaroid made their debut with the cassette 6-track EP 'Senza Respiro', self-released in The music was dark and cold, but also melodic especially with regards to guitars and voices. Issued legally for the first time ever licensed from Iggy Pop. Audio restored, and speed corrected. Recorded by local radio during a string of dates in small U.

S clubs after the Soldier World Tour. Gatefold sleeve with printed inner bags. Unseen photos from the actual concert by Sue Rynski and audience Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis. Liner notes by Craig Barman Regan. We made the decision to stick to just the original albums for the vinyl release, to give it room to breathe across two glorious slabs of wax. So, if bonus tracks are your thing, the 2-CD set will have you covered! The private rehearsal provides a rare, intimate glimpse into Prince s creative Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis as he worked through songs which include 17 Days and Purple Rain neither of which would be released untila cover of Joni Mitchell's A Case Of You, Strange Relationship not released until on his critically acclaimed Sign O' The Times albumand International Lover.

Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis Deluxe Edition features the album on both CD and gram vinyl formats, and includes a 12" booklet featuring brand Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis liner notes written by Prince's then engineer Don Batts, as well as candid shots of Prince including never before seen images.

Features in depth liner notes by author Dick Porter, unseen photographs, remastered especially for vinyl. Out of print on vinyl for 25 years. Pressed on gram colored vinyl at Record Industry in the Netherlands and comes in a deluxe gatefold tip-on Stoughton sleeve. Each 2LP set will come numbered and strictly limited based on pre-orders. A year in the making, Rozz went silent, carving out the closely considered and refined works of gothic-tinged hiphop that grace the full length offering of "Epiphania".

Limited edition vinyl release of copies available on white vinyl. Limited edition Translucent Purple vinyl. Saada Bonaire compiles two songs from the original EMI single plus eleven previously unreleased songs recorded between and Also included are never before published photos and in-depth interviews with band members and a full gatef old cover for those dedicated vinyl buyers.

The new album focuses their simultaneously sharp and wobbly DIY pop aesthetic, taking in the wooziness of Young Marble Giants, the bite of Devo and the busy melodies of the Television Personalities. This vinyl reissue is part of Folkways Records' 70th anniversary celebration series, revisiting some of the most iconic and influential albums released on the record label.

Don't get confused here, folks. We're talking real-deal, shoot-from-the-hip group harmony of the highest order. The Shadracks are a three-piece rock n' roll group hailing from Medway, Kent, with Babylonian overtones. Drawing lyrics from the forgetfulness and lost hope the group aims Cor Steyn - De Beste Van Cor Steyn play 40 years in the past, but with modern precision.

The origins of the group date back over 6 months when Huddie Shadrack and Ellisa Abednego had a brief encounter in deserted park land. With a sheared an interest in incompetent punk and beat music it became paramount that they form a group, and quickly. At that very moment they heard the dulcet twang of old onion strings being plucked in the near versinity. Scouring the herbaceous borders the two friends happened upon Elle Meshack, harp in hand.

Could she fix them into shape? After just two rehearsals the cocky kids decided it was high time they recorded a daybut LP. And so it came to pass. A true cultural giant, this Rough Guide showcases a unique talent that spawned a musical revolution.

William Shatner! Limited edition Orange vinyl. Produced by Simon and Roy Halee, who have worked together since the s, the album features a talented cast of musicians who have joined Simon to lend fresh perspectives on 10 of the artist's favorite though perhaps less-familiar songs, drawn from his unparalleled body of work.

It was Simon's first album for Warner Bros. Available on limited edition white vinyl! This recording is taken from a live FM radio broadcast recorded at the band's show at The Palace Theatre in Melbourne on 19th Januaryand captures an act quickly reaching the peak of their creative powers.

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Worker struck by forklift leaves recycling plant out of pocket. Antimicrobial Technology expert releases White Paper. Don't miss out on important UK cleaning industry event. Helping UK plc get 'Waste Smart'. Idrotech Elephants 'tusked' with removing coal dust in China. Trojan adds new AGM battery to its range. IICRC releases details of upcoming courses. Australian company fined for underpaying foreign workers. Cooking behind bars.

NEC announces 'zero waste to landfill' achievement. Vectair Systems unveils a new generation of handcare dispensers. The Hako Virtual Adviser: a stroke of genius! Survey examines use of mobile devices in the cleaning industry. Rubbermaid launches Clean Look coordinated washroom products. Betco announces new Fastdraw Foamer II. Dust Control UK unveils new training programme to Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis silica.

Extended foamer range delivers choice and versatility. If you want to do business in Turkey, don't miss Pulire Eurasia. Just a week until The FM Event opens its doors.

Sustainability strategies becoming more important. Hygiene Group is the right ingredient for Cereform. Final tickets on sale now for BCC Conference Cresswell awarded cleaning contract at new local school. Haulage firm fined after worker is severely injured by vehicle he had just cleaned. OxyBAC hand wash: very safe and highly effective. Ladder Association stresses need for safe equipment following prosecution.

Instazorb super absorbent granule now available in UK. CSSA frustrated by news that illegal migrants are not pursued for economic Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis. Auto Bella launches complete auto car wash capability. New K-CP products protect against risks faced by oil and gas industry workers. Selden acquires Jeyes Professional Division. Sweeping away a fea the r fiasco. Funding announced to increase recycling rate in Scotland.

KD masters Prochem's Sapphire. Clean India journey set to spread hygiene, sanitation awareness. Gum success for Newham Council. New features on offer at The Cleaning Show Ryans ploughs through a clean 10 years. Training flexibility with the WoolSafe Academy. Emprise bulks up its gym cleaning portfolio. Sewage waste to become plastic.

Edge set to unveil " the first truly portable industrial steam cleaner". Assign - next-generation mobile and field workforce scheduling software launched. Korean airforce chooses RCM sweepers. Study finds PurThread hospital privacy curtains resist superbug contamination eight times better than control curtains. Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis WA is looking for Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis - can you fill the role?

We have Mail: Hospital cleaning. Tickets selling fast for 25th Anniversary Loo of the Year Awards presentation extravaganza! Chicopee receives special customs certification. Irish manufacturer seeks distributors. News from the Spanish cleaning industry.

Asfel is looking forward to export promotion. NGOs denounce 'culture of secrecy' in EU chemicals agency. Speed manufacturing makes for record sales at Greyland. Karcher acquires Socofren SA. From beach to bottle: Method's new product line features ocean plastic packaging. New independent studies show Purell Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis Instant hand sanitiser to be ahead of the game.

A self sustaining solution for electronically controlled taps. Australian cleaning contractors face similar issues to those in the Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis.

New success signals unparalleled Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis hat-trick for SkySiren. Norse scores high in schools cleaning and grounds purchasing frameworks. Study shows efficacy of improved hydrogen peroxide against healthcare-associated pathogens.

Greyland 'wins gold' from supplier to the London Olympics. New apprenticeships in facilities management launched. Truvox Multiwash machines keep Glasgow Royal Infirmary floors clean.

Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis hand hygiene in reducing the spread of infections. How to tackle Springtime pests. Deliberately disabled safety mechanisms lead to fine for recycling firm. Personalised feedback makes healthcare workers twice as likely to clean the ir hands. Solving the dilution dilemma Betco launches new Stealth MicroRider scrubber.

Third-hand Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis what the carpet cleaning and janitorial suppliers need to know. Genie will reappear in Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis form. UK Government's flagship employment programme off to a promising start, but low employer awareness hinders progress. Nviro wins Employer of the Year award.

Inaugural FM Event is praised by Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis. Americo launches a new corporate identity.

Kaivac introduces new AutoVac system for the professional cleaning industry. Healthy Schools Campaign thanks supporters as it launches new guide.

Facilitate the future growth and development of your cleaning business. Global green packaging market is expected to reach USDNew OptiSilk range brings touch of luxury to Optimum Professional. Hat trick for Cagney Contract Cleaning.

SCA aims to save Eur million p. Ask the Experts. National head office puts Trust in Principle Cleaning. Clean up at The Golden Service Awards ! Anti-microbial plastic - an Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis to the lack of human hygiene. PDI signs agreement with HealthTrust for surface disinfection products. New 6K Hydrophobic Surface Protection System - it isn't like o the r glass coatings and it protects steel too!

Omega power - an incredibly compact stainless steel steam cleaner! ISS continues solid performance in challenging market. Betco launches new Stealth cylindrical sweeping scrubbers. Ask the Experts: some answers. Will demand for water outstrip supply by ? HiFlo Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis Gloves - a timely launch!

A new standard in skincare science. Time to get on the acquisition trail but take a different path. Trilogy system Soapbox: World Toilet Day - what can you do? Nurses should clean 'only when relevant' says poll. Business efficiency and innovation in the spotlight at BCC annual conference.

Transforming skills in Europe and beyond. Compostable refuse sacks set a record. Nor the rn Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis regions the most Come To Poppa - Left Lane Cruiser & James Leg - Painkillers, reveals new study.

Handy poster demonstrates how to tackle odours and stains in healthcare settings. Forum announces five-point plan for jobs and growth. Soapbox: Why we should all ignore GDP statistics. Agreement confirms elite supplier status. Ingot Services continues its support for Suffolk youth charity. Buc-ee's New Braunfels bathroom is America's best. Cleaning and environmental apprenticeships firm receives industry accolade for second year running.

Ambitious plans announced for Facilities Show Fur the r funding for employer ownership of training will help burst skills bubble. Armchem International continues expansion with acquisition of Handi-Clean Products. Demon success with Hurricane Combi pressure washer. Conference to hear from expert behind British athletes' success. Does new report signal future problems for window cleaning industry?

Limescale removal technology heralded as a breakthrough. WFBSC's new worldwide cleaning report discusses and compares sector's key issues. Free Greyland wallplanner! Global product launch from KGS.

Bacterial test results provided within seven hours. CHSA announces changes to secretariat from 1st January We have Mail: R.

Would you like salt with that? The use - and misuse - of floor buffers and floor scrubbers. Tests of Canadian hotels indicate high levels of contamination. Jangro launches smart cleaning training programme. Danger: chemicals! New online toolkit alerts workers and employers to hazard pictograms.

Vectair partners gynaecological cancer research charity to launch its Femcare MVP range. Tips on Behind - Defrost - Defrost gym mats.

New partnership to find work for unemployed people in Wales. Blaklader to launch multi-certified product range designed for tough conditions. Swedish hospitals failing toilet hygiene guidelines. Avoid the perils of window cleaning in frozen wintery conditions. Five new Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis contractors will keep Mecca clean. Hunters, farmers and a steady diet of new cleaning accounts. Carlisle awarded Arriva contract.

Hull firms in court for worker's Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis in roof fall. Vileda Professional launches flexible and disposable high level cleaning solution.

Bunzl makes acquisitions in Canada and Australia. European cleaning industry reaffirms drive towards efficient, sustainable cleaning. Housing and care provider appoints eight contractors. Christmas energy saving tips for businesses. Greyland: as seen on TV. Soapbox: Funding needed to keep Britain's open spaces clean and litter-free. World's largest floor cleaning franchise plans global expansion. Aurora Capital acquires DuBois Chemicals.

Talks being held today to avert fur the r protests and strike action at hospitals. Healthcare firm in court over severed thumb. Cleanerswarehouse appointed exclusive distributor for Vitec Global in the UK. A clean winner. Cleaning at the sharp end! Powr-Flite troubleshooter: How to safely remove ice melt haze from hard floors. New training videos available from Airx. Clever FM solution can help increase efficiency and lower costs.

A new weapon in your cleaning skills armoury? Biggest idiot on a ladder crowned by Ladder Association after public vote.

UK business needs smarter spending strategies for growth. Swedish cleaner goes off the rails! Holden Industries acquires Vector Technologies. Triangle Services commences operations In Colombia. FM professional and membership bodies "failing employers" - FM chief spearheads campaign for action. New colour for Karcher products makes differentiation easier. AffLink notes emerging distributor and supply chain trends for China air pollution hits record levels but relief may be close at hand - for some.

Improve food safety in food production with cleaning solutions. Brighton hospitals pay dispute: an update. Urgent reviews of anti-Legionella water treatment essential after HSE ban on elemental copper.

AlturaSolutions releases report on marketing directions that will impact the Jansan industry. Tips for cleaning professionals to keep flu and Norovirus germs at bay. Time is running out to make the most of exhibiting at Ausclean WA. Greyland says don't get caught short! Cleaning linked to asthma risk, shows new study. Staying pristine at every height, one year on! Cleaning industry welcomes wider support for the living wage.

Boom Boom - John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom (DVD, Album) brings zero waste to landfill commitment five years forward to Andrew Large announces departure from cleaning industry. Hoover Commercial manufacturer in North America to invest in innovation. Ashkin sees as 'tipping point' for sustainability and the cleaning industry. We have mail: Derrick Blunden responds to last week's leader on the EU.

Trust fined after employees exposed to TB bacteria. Thick fog and smog over North China, presents marketing opportunity! Innovation in the hand towel industry: next generation products from Comax UK and Katrin. New contactless soap dispensers from Kennedy: 'Savona Ellipse Auto'. How important are public washrooms? Rubbermaid launches Spa Fragrance Collection for commercial environments.

Cleaning contractors wade in to clear flooded NHS site. Major expansion plans at Avica. Singaporean washroom association launches awareness-raising online game and competition. LPM wins major contract with Communisis. Truvox scrubs up at Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis Trojans Club. Gojo signs agreement with US HealthTrust.

CMS Berlin: allocation of hall space has already begun. Auditors slam Europe's waste system - for waste. National winner John puts the Who? Don't let the Winter Vomiting Virus take hold. Restroom Association Singapore presents its Neo Slum - Various - Final Count: Old Japanese Flexis Awards. New report gives top considerations for hiring commercial window cleaners. Unger extends indoor window cleaning range.

No damage, just PURfect results! Norse wins Archant facilities management contract. Facilities Show and co-located events to return to London for CMS Advisory Committee gains a new member. Vectair Systems' popular V-Screen urinal screen range welcomes two new fragrances. Tax time for BSCs: be aware of the five tax hot spots. Stackable 10 litre container cuts weight and adds impact.

Bitesize learning with the WoolSafe Academy. RIA members create cleaning solution for flood damage. Textile manufacturer sentenced over worker's death. Helping business to be 'smart' about waste and resources. Prochem Europe customer is UK's fastest-growing franchise. AsepticSure disinfection system proving successful in Canadian hospital trials. Higiexpo set for success. Will you be attending AusClean WA? ISSA ready to hit the fairways. Nviro cleans crime scenes as part of three year contract with Hampshire Police.

Morclean launches machine range for cleaning wheelie bins. Georgia-Pacific and Versus Technology collaborate over healthcare hygiene. Katrin Academy - stepping stones to success. Savortex launches energy efficient hand dryer into FM sector. Spiderman window cleaner surprises patients at children's hospital in Tampa.

Electrolysed water for The Lab at Westminster Kingsway. Motorclean becomes largest provider of car valeting services in the UK. Marriott helps 'Clean the World'. Landfill still the answer for most, despite EU recycling target. Extra funding for emergency pre-monsoon cleaning awarded to Kochi Corp. Cleaning Show organisers release details of seminar programme.

Academic believes awards system will lead to cleaner Mesa - Matt Uelmen - Diablo II Soundtrack in Ghana.


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  7. Which would seem to replicate the old Cartesian mind/body split, a la prog rock, no? Another turning point was going to various freestyle/"eclectro"/illbient type clubs in London and New York, where I was struck by the absence of "vibe" compared with more "blinkered", tunnel-vision clubs that cater to very specific.
  8. Details are scant (no liner notes, even with a gatefold jacket) but, essentially, this is a reissue of a Japanese collection from called "Sleeping Dogs Lie" and side one features all of their recordings from ', plus an unreleased song, "Perth Is A Culture Shock.".
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