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Pakistani entertainment industry has not always been so subtle or incisive in its humour, with films like Karachi Se Lahore or recent award shows coming to mind Muk Gai (Punjabi Geet) - Musarrat* - Horizons the worst of ethnic stereotyping is employed with little remorse. How did Punjab Nahi Jaungi get away with its elitist humour? Updated Sep 05, pm.

Mehreen Hasan Assistant Editor. Twitter Share. Facebook Count. Read this next. Closed 13 comments. Popular Newest Oldest. Sep 05, am. Pointless and completely trying too hard to make a point which i feel was not even a issue to begin with. Recommend 0. Such a poor movie. I don't know why so many articles. Please do well next year. Shoaib Ahmad. Now a days, people get offended too easily. People have been making fun of sardars and pathans for ages, it was not a problem but funny.

Now that punjab is the traget of some humor, we have an issue? Let people enjoy the movie, no need to Muk Gai (Punjabi Geet) - Musarrat* - Horizons so cynical.

Ho teri-meri, meri teri akh larhdi Duniya ae sarhdi Ni kabba tera yaar ni. Ho mareya tere te munda chand warga Ni lak tand warga ni Jhallda na bhaar ni. Dil mera dul dul penda adiye Kujh kehnda adiye Sun le vichar ni. Ho lakh Muk Gai (Punjabi Geet) - Musarrat* - Horizons munde ton Mara le gediyan Aakhde main teri aan Ni billo ik vaar ni -x2. Ho mainu kehndi poora Salman lagda Babbu Maan lagda Jatt fook shak geya.

Fer ki Pajero vi kada layi yaar ne Kal de star ne Gaane gaun lag geya. O shadti ni khetibaadi Shadde yaar ni Shaddta vapaar ni. Kathputli teri main In - Swans - The Great Annihilator marzi khed lawi Tere layi ladju Rabb naal Aazmaa ke vekh lawi.

Ve main teri ho gayi aan Mainu rol na devi Ehna meriyan akhiyan ton Hanju chon na devi. Tere layi jag chhadeya Tu mainu na chhad devi Eh ishq de baaghaan ch Na kar tu add devi x2.

Kandeya te nacha layin tu Na si garu sohne Taan vi main hass haske Ji ji karu sohne.


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  1. Sep 01,  · Lastly, Punjab Nahi Jaungi taught us that men can generally be forgiven for everything, regardless of the lack of redemption or apology, if they shed a tear Source: Six Sigma Plus Production. We love Pakistani cinema, and we want it to progress but one cannot do that if we are regressive with the themes we base our films on. And it’s really.
  2. Feb 21,  · Singer: Sohail Reza & Sana Nadeem Lyrics: Bishop powermetal.akinoragavironkalas.infoinfoel Aftab Production: Mubarik music Ministry Studio: Voice Friends of Christ team Studio.
  3. Malik told The Express Tribune, “Tuesday was the test and Punjab Nahi Jaungi passed with flying colours. It has done phenomenal in Punjab and great in Karachi and elsewhere.” He believed the.
  4. Mere Warga Lyrics from Mix Singh named artist is a romantic Punjabi song. The latest tune is produced by singer and he also beautifully wrote down the verses of it.
  5. Sep 12,  · The Express Tribune > Life & Style > Film Punjabi and Pashto,” revealed Director Altaf Hussain. He added, “We are hopeful though, as we finally had profitable films on the big screens this.
  6. Sep 02,  · Punjab Nahi Jaungi released in the UK this Thursday on limited screens and got a full fledged release on Friday. The box office numbers have arrived and they are legit crazy. The film has not only performed exceedingly well for a Pakistani film but it has actually outdone Bollywood biggie Baadshaho. Yes, you read that right.
  7. It instead skewers the follies of a subset of Punjabi peoples, that is, its land-owning gentry that is well, infamous for the things that the films takes them to task for: .

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