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Womack ; P. Raimundi ; T. Ortiz J. Griffin ; J. Jones III and L. Griffin ; D. Williams and D. Green ; G. Reed ; S. Jordan ; J. Johnson ; and M. Cliff Oleta Adams. Musical group ". Quest ". All rights reserved. Remember me on this computer. Cancel Forgot your password? Soul music. Similar Love Is Still Enough - Various - Jasons Lyric - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. U will know. You will know. Forget I was A G. If trouble was money. Just like my papa. If you think you're lonely now.

Rodeo style. Up and down. Walk away. Love is the key. No More Love. Crazy Love. Brian McKnight. That's How It Is. Ahmad A. Firt Round Draft Pick. Brothers and Sistas. Jayo Felony.

This City Needs Help. Buddy Guy. Nigga Sings the Blues. Spice 1. Jesse James. Love Is Still Enough. Mars Lasar. Many Rivers to Cross. Jimmy Cliff. Oleta Adams. Candy Man Chad "Dr. Most memorable song: " Steal My Sunshine ," Len.

A song that is firmly dated, but Untitled - J. Rocc* - Some Cold Rock Stuf (Vinyl, LP, Album, LP) is as charming and quirky as the day it was born for those of us who grew up with it. Sleeper favorite: " Love Is Still Enough - Various - Jasons Lyric - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ," No Doubt.

Such a good and underrated No Doubt single that was written specifically for this weird, great movie. What makes it great: Like teens' actual taste, this soundtrack embraces a MIX of alt-rock, hip-hop, and pop-punk. Really the soundtrack to: The co-ed slumber party that someone's hippie parents let them have. Most memorable song: " Dammit ," Blink The single best song of the late '90s pop-punk explosion, which is a HIGH compliment.

It's a jam, remixed for the soundtrack and basically an ideal, if ridiculous, party grind song. What makes Land Of The Sky Blue Water - Bing Crosby - On The Air, May 27,1937 great: From the brilliant mind of Lou Barlow, which is all that really needs to be said.

Really the soundtrack to: Your poor mom having to clean your room while you're out with your friends because you refuse to do it and there's been food in there for weeks. Most memorable song: " Natural One ," Folk Implosion. One of the first times cool-guy alt rock embraced a certain catchy pop grooviness, and it rulessss. One of the only songs on the album that isn't from one of Lou Barlow's projects, and hopefully responsible for bringing the joy of Daniel Johnson into the life of at least one greasy Love Is Still Enough - Various - Jasons Lyric - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack who needed him.

An unnecessarily difficult-to-listen-to song with guitar pedals overused to a truly masturbatory degree. What makes it great: Because watching Empire Records once a week wasn't enough, you had the soundtrack to relive all of the movie's best moments with. Still dreaming of a boy as sweet as A. Sleeper favorite: " Sugarhigh ," Coyote Shivers. Maybe it's an attempt to channel Rex Manning's creepy vibe, but this song just sounds like some creepy old guy hitting on you outside your high school.

What makes it great: One of the first of many more great hip-hop soundtracks of the '90s, and provides a perfect snapshot of the still-developing scene. Really the soundtrack to: Sitting on the hood of your friend's car and watching Raising Hell - Various - Super Eurobeat Presents Initial D Arcade Stage 4 - Original Soundtracks walk by.

Although this wasn't the biggest single off the Love Is Still Enough - Various - Jasons Lyric - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack at the time, it holds up better than anything else.

Monie had flow. Low point: Love Is Still Enough - Various - Jasons Lyric - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Too Young ," Hi-Five. Do an experiment and listen to Love Is Still Enough - Various - Jasons Lyric - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack song and then see if five minutes later you can remember anything about it. What makes it great: Primarily performed by the cast band, these are adorably authentic-sounding barroom covers of classic soul hits.

Really the soundtrack to: Accidentally singing along in your chair at work The Wait - April (27) - Anthems For The Rejected then getting really embarrassed when you realize it was out loud.

Most memorable song: " Mustang Sally ," The Commitments. It doesn't hurt that this is such a fucking amazing song in the first place. Do yourself a favor and listen to the angry, drunky, wonderful original instead of this vanilla cover. What makes it great: Billy. The brilliant songwriter performs most of the soundtrack, and he is a perfect genius.

Would it sound like hyperbole if I said this is one of the best songs ever written, lyrically? Low point: " 2am ," Catherine. The Billy Bragg songs on this soundtrack are so good that everything that isn't them is a huge disappointment.

Most memorable song: " Are You That Somebody? Babygirl forever. Sleeper favorite: " Same Ol' G ," Ginuwine. Did you know that Ginuwine had songs other than "Pony"? This one is about getting old and it kind of rules. Falling asleep just writing this song's name. What makes it great: Set inthe movie tells a story about an imaginary band who has Love Is Still Enough - Various - Jasons Lyric - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack one-hit wonder with their song "That Thing You Do!

Most memorable song: " That Thing You Do! Do you still know every word and every handclap? Adorably perfect imitation of a bubblegum girl group. So innocent! That lead singer who left Liv Tyler cryin' just took himself way too seriously, and this song is proof. What makes it great: Such a great capsule of fun music circaso subtly seamless that it feels like a mixtape from Love Is Still Enough - Various - Jasons Lyric - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack friend.

Really the soundtrack to: Doing your hair in anticipation of a date you've been thinking about for weeks. Title tracks are always fun — this was written for the film, and it's delightful. Sleeper favorite: " Deadweight ," Beck. A groovy, almost country minus all the beeping little ditty. Low point: " Deeper River ," Dusted. Four minutes too long. Really the soundtrack to: Moving away from your best friend and writing her page letters.

The best vocal group ballad of the '90s, and one of the best karaoke choices you can make with your life. Tribe can't do anything wrong. I just can't take a capella this seriously, sorry. Most memorable song: " Angry Again ," Megadeath. If you let go of any trace of snottiness about mainstream metal, this song is a jaaaaaaam! Sleeper favorite: " Poison Problem - 100,000, Bodybags* - Problem Eyes ," Anthrax.

Doesn't this just make you want to drive your car too fast? Low point: " Last Action Hero ," Tesla. It's fun, but too ridiculous to ever be taken seriously. What makes it great: Consisting entirely of Ready To Love - Outlandish - Warrior // Worrier songs of Prince and Love Is Still Enough - Various - Jasons Lyric - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack various bands, which, who's complaining???

Most memorable song: "Girl 6," New Power Generation. This entire album is about sex, and it rules. Sleeper favorite: " Don't Talk 2 Strangers ," Prince. The sweetest and saddest song on this soundtrack. Low point: I can't critique Prince, ever, but a few songs on here are older Prince songs that I would hope everyone had already heard by the time this soundtrack had come out, so those are the worst by default.

Most memorable song: " Bittersweet Symphony ," The Verve. If you didn't go through a phase in the '90s when this was your favorite song, there's something wrong with you. Sleeper favorite: " Colorblind ," Counting Crows. Wonderful, heartbreaking, and scoring the most memorable scene in the entire film. Low point: " Secretly ," Skunk Anansie. Unbearably bad song by an artist I have no memory of having existed. Really the soundtrack to: Dancing in your kitchen while sweating your face off making cookies in the middle of summer.

One of those songs that makes you snake your body around even if you're sitting at your desk at work, which is super awk. An underrated Jay track featuring a truly fantastic hook by thenyear-old Foxy Brown. Meh, it's fine. What makes it great: A bewitching collection of contemporary country for people with excellent taste.

Discovering Lucinda Williams for the first time is a moment I wish I could go back and relive over and over. Sleeper favorite: " Me and the Eagle ," Steve Earle. Major chills, every time. Low point: " Cattle Call ," Dwight Yoakam. It's not bad, it's just the least good. What makes it great: The perfect companion for every single terrible and wonderful life event that makes you question whether you Open the Gate - Tom, Brad & Alice - Been There Still know yourself anymore.

When no one else is there, the Reality Bites soundtrack will be. Really the soundtrack for: Drinking your first shitty beer, suddenly finding greasy dudes attractive. Most memorable song: " Stay ," Lisa Loeb. NBD just one of the most heartbreaking sad love songs ever recorded.

Low point: " I'm Nuthin' ," Ethan Hawke. Especially painful when he goes, "No Republicrat, no Demican, and nothing in between. Most memorable song: " Everybody Knows ," Concrete Blonde. A Leonard Cohen cover, which are often and in this case even better than the original song. Another gorgeous cover, this one of Robert Johnson by the best cover band maybe ever, Cowboy Junkies. Low Love Is Still Enough - Various - Jasons Lyric - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack " Stand! As if the name Liquid Jesus weren't annoying enough, this song.

This song is such a jam!!! One of those songs that straddles that line between being beautifully dated and being totally timeless. It could only exist in the '90s but it's still golden. Automatically suspicious of anyone who spells "c" words with a "k" for no reason. What makes it great: Capable of instantly making you feel much, much older and cooler than you actually are the moment you owned it.

Really the soundtrack to: Briefly considering knocking off a convenience store just to know what it would feel like. Most memorable song: " Sweet Jane ," Cowboy Junkies. Is this the most beautiful cover of all time? Sleeper favorite: " The Future ," Leonard Cohen.

Leonard Cohen didn't peak in the '60s, '70s, or '80s — he kept and keeps making great work well past most people's retirement age. This song is dirty and funky and smart and great. Low point: " Forkboy ," Lard. Reznor's whole concept for this soundtrack was unease, and this song does the trick a little too well.

This fratty, exhausting rager works shockingly well. Easily the least tough song on this soundtrack, but it's so good! Low point: " Come and Die ," Fatal and Therapy. The two least memorable artists on this soundtrack, luckily paired off with each other instead of any of the better acts so that this track can just be ignored entirely. What makes it great: Essentially a small Elliott Smith album flanked by a few other songs, which means it's brilliant, heartbreaking, and beautiful. Really the soundtrack to: Pushing yourself over the edge when you just really need a good cry.

Most memorable song: " Miss Misery ," Elliott Smith. Sleeper favorite: Say YesElliott Smith. What makes it great: There were a lot of great urban music soundtracks in the '90s and it's sometimes hard to compare them, but what makes this one so good is that it's so perfectly TEENAGE.

Young Usher! Love Is Still Enough - Various - Jasons Lyric - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack first single, y'all! So cute!!! Written by Prince! One of the most fun TLC songs that exists, which is tough competition. Left Eye's first is perfection. This song sounds like a producer forgot to sync the vocal track to the backing track and accidentally placed them a few seconds apart.

What makes it great: An old-school mixtape that is more worried about having a good time than it is about being hip. The dirtiest, coolest, scariest, best song you'd ever heard when you were, like, 12 years old.

The ballad on an album full of sweet bangers is just bound to suffer. Sorry, Johnny. Delightfully dated club cover. Why does your name have so many periods in it? Are you telling me Soul System is an acronym?!? Brooks' rendition of this Bob Dylan love ballad is about as gorgeous and heartbreaking as music can get.

Sleeper favorite: " Paper Wings ," Gillian Welch. Welch's voice will give you goosebumps if you let it. This soundtrack is so consistent that the worst song is still pretty good, if a little immature. What makes it great: All of the songs were written and performed by Shudder to Think with a cast of alternative rock greats singing lead vocals. The other theme is that these are sort of fake oldies in the context of the movie, so the result is an album full of new songs that feel like covers of old songs, which surprisingly works very, very, very well.

Really the soundtrack to: Suddenly realizing that you want to kiss someone you've known for years. Beautiful — pour one out for Buckley right now.

This song is so pretty and sweet, I wish I could go back in time and make it the timeless classic that it is. Unnecessarily weird for weirdness' sake. What makes it great: A solidly depressing, twitterpated, hormonal, wonderful collection of alt-rock love songs. Most memorable song: " Like a Friend ," Pulp. Going to go ahead and say it: This is the best Pulp song, and one of the best songs for having a crush that has ever been written.

Sleeper favorite: " Slave ," David Garza. Raise your hand if you played this song on repeat and imagined that someone was thinking about you while they listened to it. There's already one Poe song on this soundtrack, and this isn't it. What makes it great: Really just a new album by brilliant songwriter Aimee Mann, and actually probably the best album she ever released.

Really the soundtrack to: Being depressed Love Is Still Enough - Various - Jasons Lyric - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack the cavernous emotional distance between you and everyone else on planet Earth.

Most memorable song: " Save Me ," Aimee Mann. I think everyone has related to this song at some point in their lives. Sleeper favorite: " Driving Sideways ," Aimee Mann. One of those wonderfully complex Various - Historia Del Rock Mexicano Vol. 1 that can mean 1, different things depending on your perspective and mood at the moment.

Low point: The four songs that aren't Aimee Mann. Who needs those after the emotional wallop that is her soundtrack to the film and probably her best album? What makes it great: The edgiest and perhaps the most interesting of all of the great hip-hop soundtracks of the '90s. Really the soundtrack to: Trying to make it through 24 hours awake just to see if you can.

Most memorable song: " Juice ," Eric B. Rakim's expertly told short story in rap form was the theme song for the movie and is an absolute classic. Flips the script on the typical '90s rap story about dudes "getting trim" and warns girls to avoid the game. Not the tightest rhymes, and the repetitive title line is repeated approximately throughout the song.

What makes it great: So perfectly teenage, so perfectly girly, Midnight Kiss - Garden Of Joy - Garden Of Joy a slumber party in 14 songs. Most memorable song: " Kids in America ," The Muffs.

Sleeper favorite: " Alright ," Supergrass. Musical Prozac, basically. A boring cover that sounds too much like the original to inspire many feelings at all. What makes it great: The mid-'90s were packed with hip-hop compilation soundtracks, as evidenced by the list above. Literally one of the greatest songs that ever blessed this earth.

The kind of super-blatantly misogynistic rap that doesn't quite hold up outside of the '90s, even though it's still catchy as hell if you tune out the words. What makes it great: To get around Bowie's refusal to allow his songs in this film that casts a fictional version of him as a bit of a villain, director Todd Haynes commissioned new songs from LMF Part 3 - Tutto Matto - LMF (The Last Minute Of Funk) bands and wrote songs for the movie's bands, which were then performed by an all-star cast of musicians including Radiohead, Suede, Roxy Music, Sonic Youth, The Stooges, and more.

The result feels like a new artifact. Really the soundtrack to: Making the guy in your friend group wear eyeliner for your own personal amusement. The "Tommy" of the '90s. It's actually hard to believe that this isn't an authentic glam-rock song. It feels like one. So fun! Low point: " 20th Century Boy ," Placebo. This cover is fine, but it's too similar to the original to be all that memorable. Miss you, Lauryn. Sleeper favorite: " Hopeless ," Dionne Farris.

The pinnacle of '90s slow jams. What makes it great: Introduced countless teens to the entire idea of music that should be reserved for partying and intoxication. Most memorable song: " Mile End ," Pulp. Jaunty and drugged and fitting the film perfectly, which meant that it also served as the perfect soundtrack for youthful antics. Sleeper favorite: " ," Elastica. This whole soundtrack evokes taking drugs, which is perfectly appropriate, and "" is a really good high that you remember the details of for a long time.

Unlike the other songs, which evoke a high even if you're sober, this track is really only good if you're totally out of it. What makes it great: Listening to this soundtrack now is like visiting an old BFF you haven't seen in years and catching up like no time has passed at all.

Familiar and comfortable and fun and warm. Such a delightfully sassy jam. What makes it great: Released in the summer of '92, this soundtrack shares responsibility with Kurt Cobain re: bringing grunge into the mainstream.

Most memorable song: " Would? One of the greatest songs of the era, period. Sleeper favorite: " Dyslexic Heart ," Paul Westerberg. Much cuter than most of this soundtrack, but the Seattle scene owes plenty to Westerberg and this song is just so CUTE. What makes it great: A melancholy and tortured companion on your worst days, and a deeply dark motivator on the best days.

Look, maybe it's true that all STP songs sound the same, but that sound is pretty great. A wonderfully dark and dense take on a classic pop theme: the kiss that changes Love Is Still Enough - Various - Jasons Lyric - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. On an album Various - The Jazz Round of songs that your coolest friend still knows by heart, this song commits the sin of being utterly forgettable.

What makes it great: Will bring back your childhood in seconds and yet still also completely holds up as an album for grown-ups. Really the soundtrack to: Tuning out all the obnoxious kids on your middle school bus ride, via the magic of your Walkman.

This ballad probably inspired s of tiny moments of triumph in post- Space Jam America. The song you hoped your dance would play so you could slow dance with the kid with the spikiest hair. It's Bugs Bunny rapping. Most memorable song: " Kiss From a Rose ," Seal.


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  4. Jason's Lyric is the original soundtrack to the film Jason's powermetal.akinoragavironkalas.infoinfoed on September 27, , it topped the Top R&B Albums chart and was a Top 20 Billboard ranking album. It spawned three singles: "If You Think You're Lonely Now," a cover of the Bobby Womack hit by Jodeci lead singer K-Ci, "Crazy Love" by Brian McKnight and "U Will Know," a major collaboration from male R&B Genre: R&B, hip hop.
  5. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Jason's Lyric - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on Discogs/5(10).
  6. Jasons Lyric () The story of a young man who must confront his own fears about love as well as his relationships with family and friends. movies-to-love A Low Down Dirty Shame: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - powermetal.akinoragavironkalas.infoinfo Music. 90s Movies Great Movies Movies To Watch Awesome Movies Movies Showing Movies And Tv Shows Love Movie.
  7. Jan 27,  · Various Artists - Jason's Lyric (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - powermetal.akinoragavironkalas.infoinfo Music Skip to main content Music From The New Line Cinema Motion Picture Christopher Young. out of 5 stars Audio CD. Love Is Still Enough - Sovory Many River To Cross - /5(54).
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  9. The 99 Best Soundtracks Of The '90s. making out with the cutest girl at school while the Love Jones soundtrack pumped out of The best song on the soundtrack is an original by The Offspring.
  10. The soundtrack gets bluesy with Buddy Guy's "This City Needs Help," and also contains a latino rap moment with LSD's "Love Is The Key." Tears For Fears product Oleta Adams contributes a Jimmy Cliff cover "Many Rivers To Cross," in one of the finer moments of the soundtrack, and Los Angeles based bad boys DRS contribute as powermetal.akinoragavironkalas.infoinfos: 5.

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