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The CGS or Memovox, on the other hand, had a High Fidelity speed as well as a Speech speed, allowing over two hours of recording time per side on a inch disc. In the s, Atlantic Records started producing a series of albums later designated on a label known as Syntonic Research. Each album consisted Waterman (Original Mix) - Klangwerk - Waterman two full-side tracks, usually at least half an hour long per side, of sounds recorded of various locations.

For example, one side would have ocean waves crashing against the shore and the other would have the sounds of birds chattering away in an aviary; another record might have frogs, crickets and birds making their usual vocalizations that were heard in the early morning hours of a swamp or lake. There were a few dozen [ vague ] made. These were Locked Groove 4 - Hecker - 2 Track 12 used for soundscape or relaxation purposes. A small number of 78 RPM microgroove vinyl recordings have been issued by smaller and underground performers, mainly as novelty items, from the s to the present.

LP records rarely exceeded 45 minutes per disc both sideswith a limit in the early years of 52 minutes, due to mastering issues. By the s—s, some records began to exceed the minute limitation, with single albums going to as long as 90 minutes in some cases.

However, such records had to be cut with much narrower spacing between the grooves, which allowed for a much smaller amount of dynamic range on the records, and meant that Locked Groove 4 - Hecker - 2 Track 12 the record with a worn needle could damage the record.

It also resulted in a much quieter sound. Spoken word, comedy and sound effects albums, not having a wide range of musical instrumentation to reproduce, can be cut with much narrower spacing between the grooves resulting Early In The Morning - Various - Jazz In Chicago 2 - Les Clubs De Jazz lengths considerably in excess of 52 minutes.

The only common exception to this is the 7-inch 45 RPM record, which was designed with a center hole slightly more than 1. The large hole also facilitates use in jukeboxeswhich mechanically place the "45" onto a turntable with a conical spindle having a matching diameter at its base, making the placement Locked Groove 4 - Hecker - 2 Track 12 easier, safer, and surer than it was with the small-diameter holes and spindles in 78 RPM jukeboxes.

Most 7-inch records in the USA continue to be pressed with a large hole, requiring an adapter to be used on standard turntables. In other territories such as Europe, 7-inch records intended for home use have standard-sized holes. Many such 7-inch records had a center which could be easily snapped out, yielding a record with a larger hole to be used in jukeboxes or certain record-stacking players; this approach was common in the United Kingdom from the s until the early s, with standard, solid centres becoming gradually more common.

Some 7-inch singles in the early-mids had large holes also, but this was a rarity. Early on, some 78 RPM records had larger holes in freebie marketing schemes that sold a phonograph cheaply, but required purchase of compatible discs at full-price.

Some records had more than one hole in the label area. Busy Bee, in a marketing scheme similar to Standard et al. This allowed the Busy Bee disc to also be played on a standard phonograph in The Wait - April (27) - Anthems For The Rejected to the proprietary format sold by the O'Neill-James Company.

Many blank acetate discs have multiple holes usually three or four intended to prevent slippage during cutting. NON 's Pagan Muzak Gray Beat, is a one-sided 7-inch with multiple locked grooves and two center holes, meaning each locked groove can be played at two different trajectories as well as any number of speeds. The original release came with instructions for the listener Locked Groove 4 - Hecker - 2 Track 12 drill more holes in the record as they saw appropriate.

The principle was to remove the empty space between each groove. On average, this empty space is as wide as two grooves, and because of this, its removal effectively triples the duration of the recording that could be engraved on average, 55 minutes on a 33 RPM record. The Trimicron process was created by Dr. Rabe, a Locked Groove 4 - Hecker - 2 Track 12 lover in his spare time, and was originally intended for classical music listeners who could not stand having to flip a record in the middle of a piece.

For example, all six Brandenburg concertos could fit on one Trimicron record. However, this process suffered from a major problem: the finer groove decreased the dynamics and the level of recorded signal by nearly 40 percent. It is therefore necessary to play Trimicron records on silent, high performance turntables, equipped with new diamonds and very high performance. Almost 30 Trimicron records were released, though copies are nowadays rare, especially in good Locked Groove 4 - Hecker - 2 Track 12.

Some records are cut with completely independent bands on the same side. In this case, the bands appear as separate tracks on the record and are not intertwined as with parallel grooves see below. This has most often been used on educational records but is also sometimes used on discs of commercial pop and rock music. These individual bands need not be cut at the same speed. Following the fourth song on side one there is a spoken announcement telling the listener to change the speed from 33 to 78 RPM to play the next band of the disc.

To play the last song on the side the listener must pick up the stylus from the record, change the speed, then put the stylus at the start of the fifth and final song on side one. The Gorillaz debut albumlike the CD release, features the remix of "Clint Eastwood" as a bonus track but the LP has a recorded locked Locked Groove 4 - Hecker - 2 Track 12 after what is meant to be the final track of the album so the needle has to be physically lifted and moved to play the bonus track.

This concept has been extended to the production of records consisting entirely of circular multiple bands to provide collections of infinite loop sound samples of duration limited to one revolution of the disc. Most records have a locked groove at the end of each side or individual band. It is usually a silent loop that keeps the needle and tonearm from drifting into the label area. However, it is possible to record sound in this groove, and some artists have included looping audio in the locked groove.

One of the best-known examples of this technique was The Beatles ' Sgt. Locked Groove 4 - Hecker - 2 Track 12 Lonely Hearts Club Band Many UK copies featured a multi-layered collage of randomized chatter in their run-off loops. However, two variations were made: the original British pressing black label with gold logo has the "inner groove" play through the entire locked groove and does not include the laughter at the beginning of the piece.

The re-issue of the British pressing black label with silver logo starts playing the "inner groove" long before the needle reaches the locked groove, includes the laughter and, once the needle hits the locked groove, the listener only hears the last two seconds of the piece played over and over again. The Who responded by putting a musical locked groove at the end of Locked Groove 4 - Hecker - 2 Track 12 album The Who Sell Out.

Early copies of Pink Floyd 's album Atom Heart Mother have the sound of a dripping tap repeating at Locked Groove 4 - Hecker - 2 Track 12 end of side two. Sonic Youth 's album Evol contains a locked groove at the end of the final track, "Expressway to yr. On the original 7 inch, the A-side track "Cat on a Wall" ends with sustained guitar feedback repeating in the lock-groove. English new wave band The Look released their single "I Am the Beat" inwhich ended with the distinctive drum beat and vocal being repeated in the lock-groove.

The original 12" release sees the A-side repeating its persistent echoed vocal in the lock-groove. San Francisco noise-punk band Flipper released a track on the B-side of their "Sex Bomb" single, called "Brainwash" which includes a use of the lock-groove concept.

The song is a simple punk groove, with barely audible singing, lasting less Locked Groove 4 - Hecker - 2 Track 12 30 seconds, over which one of the vocalists apparently attempts to tell a story, reciting the following: "Umm This process Locked Groove 4 - Hecker - 2 Track 12 repeated for a total of 12 times.

The last repetition ends with the loop groove endlessly repeating the phrase "forget it, you wouldn't understa— forget it, you wouldn't understa—. Yer' Albumthe debut album by the James Gang has a locked groove at the end of each side, with the inner spiral on side one leading to the inner groove with the spoken phrase "Turn me over," and the inner spiral of side two leading to the inner groove with the spoken phrase "Play me again. Another example of recorded locked groove record is Godspeed You!

At the end of the song "Bleak, Uncertain, Beautiful The title's "infinity" refers to this phrase. Nail by Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel features a recorded lock groove on the final song "Anything" which results in the final note of the Digital Cortex - Dactilar - Aerophonic (File) slowly repeating itself.

The Man 's album Censored Colors contains a locked groove at the end of the first disc repeating the words "turn me over. Sides 1, 2 and 4 played normally. Side 3 played from the inside out and side 5 was on a 7-inch single.

The side consisted of one recorded groove in the center of the record and was a perfectly timed loop of the music of a non-album song called "All the Shit U Do. An example of a live album with a locked groove is Eagles Live : The applause at the end of side 4 would continue into the locked groove, rather than fading out like on the other sides. On the 12 inch single of Spice released in by Eonthe locked groove at the end of the disc continues the instrumental lead-out of the track indefinitely as long as the DJ wished to let it play.

There are also many techno records featuring loops as recorded locked grooves, which will continuously repeat the beats and musical phrases, which can then be utilized by a DJ.

Warp20the 20th anniversary box set from Warp Recordsfeatures two inch locked groove albums, each containing 20 looped tracks from the record label's Locked Groove 4 - Hecker - 2 Track 12 popular artists. Green Pastures Out of Orbit Anastasia Kristensen Remix Micromoon Never Not Raving Swimming Upstream Time Travel Round and Round Moon and Sun Yves Deruyter Remix The Core Bonus Track Soma Reset Robot Remix Sunset over Coku Tau 4 Attack Whistle Space War Bonus Track However, two variations were made: the original British pressing black label with gold logo Little Rio - Stan Getz / Astrud Gilberto - Starportrait the "inner groove" play through the entire locked groove and does not 19.

Serenade - Arnold Schönberg* - Erika Stiedry-Wagner - Pierrot Lunaire the laughter at the beginning of the piece. The re-issue of the British pressing black label with silver logo starts playing the "inner groove" long before the needle reaches the locked groove, includes the laughter and, once the needle hits the locked groove, the listener only hears the last two seconds of the piece played over and over again.

A second and a third untitled locked groove are located between "Springshock" and "Stalker" B4 on the B-side. On the vinyl version, the last titled track 'Irene' D2 ends in a locked groove before the bonus track. Want to see other lists from the Discogs Community? Check out Recent Lists.


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  1. Mar 11,  · Locked Groove relaunches his own imprint with his first full EP in two years.! Whistle/ Birds Of Prey is a two-track package pairing dancefloor hypnotism with subtle sonic processing.!
  2. Mar 06,  · Buy: powermetal.akinoragavironkalas.infoinfo HF - Locked Groove Release date: February 25th A1. Do It Anyway B1. Wear It Well B2. Firefall C1. Nighttime At.
  3. Sunset Service (Extended Edition) by Locked Groove, released 08 November 1. Pudding Ft. Nate Brown 2. Do Not Freak (Skream x Scuba Remix) 3. Eden (Prequel Tapes Remix) 4. From Beyond 5. Out of Orbit 6. Do Not Freak 7. Trance Child (Bonus Track) 8. Moon and Sun 9. Soma (Carlton Doom Remix) Forever Young (Bonus Track) Eb and Flow
  4. Apr 18,  · After relaunching his own label in January, Locked Groove debuts with a four-track package, including two remixes by the elusive Prequel Tapes, .
  5. May 01,  · Belgian producer Locked Groove lets loose a two-headed monster of a single, the latest on his Locked Groove Records imprint. Rave Alert / Dialogues, whether or not its intended to, rather accurately depicts an evening out clubbing, doing both sides of the night justice.
  6. Explore releases from Locked Groove at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Locked Groove at the Discogs Marketplace.
  7. Locked Groove 4 Lyrics. Instrumental. More on Genius "Locked Groove 4" Track Info. Written By The Flaming Lips. The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends The Flaming Lips. 1. Is David Bowie Dying?.
  8. Chris DeMarco Composer of TROMA'S WAR. Chris DeMarco has been writing and performing music since the early s, playing with the likes of Billy Joel, Tom Scholz (Boston), Dick Wagner (Alice Cooper band) and a virtual “who’s who” of legendary musicians, which culminated in the formation of his band Riff Raff, which was signed to Island Records.
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