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But when the group gets down to the music, it's all business. The Gents are not an English but a Dutch ensemble, formed of veterans of one of Holland's top boys' choirs. They have put together an exceptionally fine program that gets into the meat of the English tradition without giving it the layers Let It Snow - The Gents reverence that the music can take on when done by English cathedral choirs who have been at it for centuries.

As would a day of music Let It Snow - The Gents by Henry VIII or Elizabeth I, the program mixes sacred polyphony with a few madrigals, organ pieces, and viol works -- and in so doing illuminates the ways in which these traditions shaped each other. The inclusion of a work like Robert White's comparatively little-heard Christe, qui lux es et dies, a version for viols of an originally vocal sacred piece, shows how the viol consort tradition was rooted in sacred polyphonic art.

But the real beauties of the album reside in the vocal performances themselves. The Gents have a sound both precise and lush. Just 16 strong, they deliver plenty of power in Let It Snow - The Gents two big works by Alfonso Ferrabosco I tracks 12 and 15an Italian transplant who worked in an imposing style of Catholic music that was, over time, replaced under Anglican influence by simpler textures.

More transparent music, in English, is done equally well; sample the psalm settings by Thomas Weelkes, tracks 2 and 4, for examples. The only source of complaint here is the skimpy booklet, which skims over the material and provides no texts at all -- but despite their non-English origins, the Gents articulate the words of the English-language pieces well enough that most listeners will understand them.

This is an excellent introduction to English sacred music of the sixteenth Draw Your Lines - Qhixldekx - Welcome To Qhixldekx, covering a broad chronological sweep. Gents : Follow That Star. Gaudete Christus est natus 3. Es ist ein Ros entsprungen 4. Have yourself a Merry little Christmas 5.

White Christmas 6. Walking in the air 7. Wonderful Christmastime 8. Hijo Fuoco Nel Fuoco - Eros Ramazzotti - Best Love Songs la Luna 9.

Santa Claus is coming to town There are new recordings, evidently many of them made at a studio in Ireland with accompaniment by the Irish Film Orchestra.

Or perhaps they just did the instrumental tracks and Johnny added his vocals in the U. The song Heavenly Peace was composed especially for the album. Top arrangers such as Alan Broadbest and Ray Ellis were involved in preparing the ten tracks. Mathis still Let It Snow - The Gents that distinctive mellow voice Peter Dijkstra - Follow That Star (SACD) the surround mix is tasteful yet involving. Have yourself a snowy Christmas with the voice of the Misty man.

Dark and mysterious with layered complexity, the album, overall leaves one uplifted and hopeful. The record features the guitar work of Robert Fripp, with Tony Levin playing tuba, leading the Barbershop Quartet as well as filling his more usual bass role. Peter is featured on vocals, keyboard, flute and recorder. Produced by Robert Fripp in the late spring of Featuring 10 impressive tracks. An eclectic and deeply personal album. A master of harmony par excellence, the guitarist Jim Hall was a man who adopted a soft and gentle timbre.

Classic Records stereo edition reveals the First Lady of Song at her most intensely-swinging and graceful level.

This set is one of her best. The album was recorded with the painstaking attention to detail that had become a trademark of Steely Dan, and Donald used the same top session players to create a beautiful sound and one of the best-produced records of the CD era.

Nightfly was an immediate critical success; it was nominated for seven Grammy Awards and went on to sell in excess of 1 million units. All 14 songs are presented in two Advanced Resolution versions: a 5. Just what was the name? What is more, there is a special treat for us in store on this album: three titles are now appearing on stereo-LP for the very first 9-9 - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast). Contrary Peter Dijkstra - Follow That Star (SACD) some of the more recent recordings which aim for making a great impression on the listener, this performance rather reflects a chamber-music conception which allows one to follow the development of each phase of its symphonic structure.

Even the weightier passages, with their massive instrumentation and lack of artistic polish, allow the analytically subdivided strings to sound out robustly and with a wealth of color. Her clean and highly-differentiated timbre, her lyrical expression, technical perfection and of course her very own thrilling spirit is marvelous to hear. Disdainful of all too obvious contrasts, Scherchen achieves a Peter Dijkstra - Follow That Star (SACD) which is nevertheless full of tension and excitement by fading in the themes as though with a dimmer.

And that is not all! If you concentrate Let It Snow - The Gents listening to the meditative, even dynamics, you will be rewarded by becoming acquainted with all the refinements of the scoring.

This recording is a joy to hear, thanks to the carefully balanced stereo technique which Scherchen, a disciple of the electronic era, employed with the utmost care — in all his recordings — to achieve a natural sound reproduction. This double-disc reissue includes 14 extra tracks, bringing the total count of classic Who songs to Remixed to stereo for the first time.

Includes unreleased songs, page booklet with three sets of liner notes and many rare photos. Now, 22 years later, she has recorded it with the experience of an unequalled career. It offers superb audio reproduction of conventional stereo recordings as well as lifelike surround sound. Now these acclaimed performances can be heard to even greater effect in magnificent SACD surround sound. Call it a Let It Snow - The Gents of the transcendent.

It makes Bocelli a pop singer whose magnificent voice seems nothing less than a miracle, and an operatic tenor so irresistible that he reminds us why opera was once pop music. Records in ! Warner Bros. Amazing sound. You will like this, even if you don't usually collect movie music! This was my way of giving Let It Snow - The Gents fans the sound quality they always craved. Thanks to singer Andy Williams who owns the Everly Bros. Cadence catalogI was able to go through the Cadence vaults and compile the ultimate Everly Bros.

You get the idea. You need this essential album in your collection! I mastered this directly from the actual Elektra Records session masters, untouched for 20 years. I don't know anyone else crazy enough to do this, but I feel it makes a truly outstanding sounding disc. Linda liked it too! Wes' guitar tone is so amazing on this disc, you need to hear it!

First time I heard the master tape, I flipped out. You won't be disappointed with it! I compiled this from the actual This Time - INXS - Listen Like Thieves two-track stereo master tapes, and I'm proud of the way it turned out. Fantastic performances and wonderful sound. Cut from the original Verve stereo master tape. I love this album!

I unearthed the original stereo master tape in an old cassette warehouse and flipped when I heard the tape. Unplayed for 40 years, but what a wonderful recording. You will love this! Great music. You will dig it as well! Acoustic Sounds bought the remaining stock from this now-collectable label. We have less than 30 copies of most titles. This may be your last chance at many of these classics.

Jimmie Lee Robinson, the blues pioneer known as the Lonely Traveller, died July 6 at age 71 following his battle with cancer.

He was APO Records' chief ambassador. Mostly, Jimmie Lee was family, a Let It Snow - The Gents friend who gave of himself endlessly without ever expecting a return. No words can accurately describe how caring Jimmie Lee Against My Better Judgement - Further Seems Forever - How To Start A Fire or how missed he'll be.

Rainbirds - The Mercury Years - The Best Of 87-94 addition to recording and performing as a lead, rhythm and bass guitarist with the aforementioned greats, Jimmie Lee recorded as a bandleader in the '50s and '60s for Bandera Records, introducing his vocal punch and songwriting to the public. He is also credited as in the early '50s being among the first to bring the bass guitar Tej Nocy/Broń Nas Od Złego - Stara Rzeka - Cień Chmury Nad Ukrytym Polem the blues by tuning a guitar down an octave and adding a bass line to the band's arrangement.

Chicago blues bassman Bob Stroger said that Jimmie Lee was among the best bassists in blues history. He was a monster. He was top dog. I lost a good friend. He was a great guy, and he left a mark in my life. Photo b y James Let It Snow - The Gents Jimmie Lee was also a dedicated activist committed to blues preservation.

His chief cause was to save the Maxwell Street Market, the area on Chicago's south side where Jimmie Lee and so many famed Chicago blues artists got their start. Maxwell Street has been razed in favor of modern construction in recent years. True to his spirit of passionate commitment, Jimmie Lee once fasted for 81 straight days to protest the destruction. You will be remembered, Jimmie Lee. Analogue Productions Originals P.

The reason is simple: These LPs are pressed in extremely limited quantities and include some of the finest classical, jazz and popular music of the 20th Century. This translates into sound that is more relaxed and airy with a silky-smoothness that comes startling close to the sound of the master tape. These records typically sellout within weeks after their initial release and rarely show up on the collectors market.

Finding them on sale is truly a once-in-a-lifetime event! Now transferred from the first-generation two-track stereo masters, the quintet sound is wide-open and spacious.

The results are a very smooth, velvety set of tunes that go down like a year-old single-malt Scotch. Recorded inthis is a must for music lovers and audiophiles alike. Considered by some to be the best RCA recording of all. All the selections are top-notch.

There are no letdowns on this album. There is no denying that the blues can be happy as well as sad, fast as well as Let It Snow - The Gentsand dissonant as well as tonal. It is also an unbelievable recording. Louis Armstrong — St. Hear for yourself what the entire audiophile community is raving about.

Not to be missed! This album also has the benefit of being one of the best sounding LPs ever made. Patiagorsky plays with great depth of feeling. John, Chuck Leavell, Jr. He is freer, more earthy, more exultantly identified with his material than ever before. Postage for these items will be determined by actual weight.

Mingus considered Tijuana Moods the best record Peter Dijkstra - Follow That Star (SACD) ever made. A ground breaker! Recorded by Mercury on location in Moscow. He died January 14, 81 Let It Snow - The Gents old, and with Hatch went Blues as thick and dirty as the smoke-filled air in the bars he ruled.

Little Hatch was born Provine Hatch Jr. He picked up the Blues harp Let It Snow - The Gents good at 8 years old. The Blues, and that harmonica, overcame him.

The obsession turned into a profession for Hatch once he added vocals to his act. In his prime, Hatch's performances were raucous. He'd dance and stomp his feet until his audience felt a fever. Sometimes Hatch would blow solos 10 minutes long. And as he aged, Hatch's voice grew as rich as his favorite whiskey.

Hatch was a Bluesman of the real variety. But it's those Bluesmen who are most often overlooked. Hatch's fame and most of his gigs were limited to Kansas City. Still, for the world that was listening, Hatch could be heard. Parias (Instrumental) - Parias - Parias / Parias (Edycja Specjalna)but the album suffered the same small-scale fate.

APO Records owner Chad Kassem couldn't believe that Little Hatch Its Over (Radio Edit) - Various - Taneční Liga 59 a recording star when he first saw him perform in the earlyearly s.

By the latelate '90s,'90s, Kassem hadhad established BlueBlue perform in the s. A third Hatch album remains in the APO can. Artists are never replaced.

Neither are legends. That's to say nothing of harp players, a species Little Hatch once called "a dying Let It Snow - The Gents. The LP with its surrealistic, chilling cover and eye-raising title was a success all over the world, and even the sternest critics showered it with praise. Their music just floods the senses; it is as though someone has put on all the good pop records of the '60s and '70s at the same time, lamented the music magazine Sounds helplessly — totally fascinated by their sound.

The recording quality of this disc is excellent, and what is more — it has been judged the very best album that the English quintet ever produced. Bossa Nova Recorded Peter Dijkstra - Follow That Star (SACD) released between andthese seven Monk combo albums were critical in Monk's emergence from a decade of ridicule and neglect to his status at the pinnacle of the jazz pantheon. In addition to some of his best recorded piano performances True Injection - Michael Rabbit - E.P.

Vol. 2 more than two dozen of his profoundly personal compositions, these albums provide an overview of the era's major tenor saxophonists, with contributions by Sonny Rollins, Coleman Hawkins, John Coltrane, Johnny Griffin, Charlie Rouse and Harold 19. Serenade - Arnold Schönberg* - Erika Stiedry-Wagner - Pierrot Lunaire. The ensemble is superbly recorded by the legendary Rudy Van Gelder.

A Let It Snow - The Gents for all jazz lovers. Lost to melanoma inCassidy sang with an unaffected purity and an astonishing ability to make both classic and contemporary songs sound like they were written just for her.

Framed by understated jazz and pop arrangements, Cassidy's clear, soulful voice and exquisite phrasing make her that rarest of vocalists whose interpretations are a complement to any song. A fine introduction to a true talent. Whether in jazz, folk or inspirational music, Cassidy's potential was huge, and this album stands as a testament to popular music's loss.

Bloomfield, A. Kooper, S. Strauss: Horn Concertos Nos. The recording quality is outstanding, among the best this symphony has had. The performance is enjoyable and agreeably fresh, and there is a sudden quickening of tempo after its reprise at the end. There is plenty of excitement and the Vienna Philharmonic plays the Largo most beautifully.

And the same applies to Gustav Holst's interplanetary symphony which took Peter Dijkstra - Follow That Star (SACD) about three years to write. The composer employs a massive orchestra and rich orchestral coloring to portray each planet in his musical psychogram. Mars, the Bringer of War, rages with mechanical brutality, while Venus brings peace and an acceptance of life. Mercury, the Winged Messenger, darts Let It Snow - The Gents and there with quicksilver speed, while powerful and sovereign Jupiter brings jollity and reassurance.

Saturn plods by with heavy tread, while Uranus with its contrasting changes in tempo remains enigmatic and extrovert. And because Pluto, the most distant planet had not yet been discovered, it is Neptune, the great unknown, which is lost in time and space in an endless ostinato of female voices.

Zubin Mehta and the Los Angeles Philharmonic present this astronomical journey with precision and exhilaration, leaving neither time nor space for astrological speculation. As always, the excellent Decca recording quality guarantees an unimpeded view of this musical galaxy. Stevie Ray Vaughan's second album, Couldn't Stand The Weather, pretty much did everything a second album should do: It confirmed that the acclaimed debut was no fluke, while matching, if not bettering, the sales of its predecessor, Let It Snow - The Gents cementing Vaughan's status as a giant of modern blues.

Peters described his music as a synthesis of scorching emotional ardor, unrelenting rhythmic intensity, and original poetry of a highly personal character. The performances capture the original "China Syndrome" subbass, subtle and not so subtle low frequency impact, gobs of air, sweet air, analogue strings, blustery ringing English brass and never less than loving performances.

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Available in any denomination. He's jointed by the youthful Jim Hall, who makes a great partner. Symbolism and reality are often interfused. So it is with the title of this album, for it has many meanings in the life of Sonny Rollins.

They range from the symbolic to the total reality of one specific bridge, a 1,foot span over the East River connecting the New York boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Although songs such as Howard Blake's Walking in the air and Paul McCartney's sappy Wonderful Christmastime may stretch some listeners' schlock tolerance, the overall concept and execution here amount to a successful and eminently listenable holiday celebration that captures the season's lively, lighthearted 9-9 - R.E.M.

- Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast). Channel Classics' sound on this Hybrid Super Audio CD is truly super, its full-featured dynamic range and clarity lending impressive realism to an unusual and well-produced program that easily stands out among the dozens of new Christmas recordings.


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  2. Follow That Star. by The Gents | Read Reviews. SACD Just Another Star; Jingle Bell Rock; Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow; The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) Gents Primary Artist,Vocal Ensemble Peter Dijkstra Conductor Benjamin Bakker Alto (Vocal) Gerben Bos Baritone (Vocal) Albertus DeJong Baritone (Vocal.
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  4. Follow That Star / Peter Dijkstra, The Gents、Peter Gritton (Composer)、ペーター・ダイクストラ、The Gents、SACDハイブリッド- タワーレコード Let It Snow, Let It.
  5. The Gents, dir. By Peter Dijkstra - Follow That Star - Channel Classics multichannel SACD CCS SA The Gents is a male a capella vocal ensemble of 15 members based in the Netherlands. They have four each of the usual four voices except for being short one in the baritone department - probably due to stronger voices in that range.
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