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Ago komande ntsinite, dnnon manem, pandem bago. If thou seekest to obtain by force what the Lord has not given thee, thou wilt not Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk it. Ago fiignbe mminy ogafobe mm bago. Thou Beest what is before, not what is behind thee. Eampnro ago yiminya, ka muskontsibetnro gana- gem, dngo siro ye; wageya niro " ago Bimmi " taenia, ka moBkontsibetiye sedaro naptsin.

If thou givest anything to a blind man, lay it first upon the staff in his Cobras Fang - Phantom Frank* - Dead Man Surfin ere thou givest it to him; in the next world, when he shall say, "thou hast not given me anything!

Kam bnrgo Bonartia derege ademmaro Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk. Being prepared before-hand is better than after- thought. Engoi timi litsia, wa niga beantseskin. I will pay thee when fowls cut their teeth. Earn kargen kam tseteite sima kerdigo. He is a heathen who holds another in his heart. Kam neme Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk wurabe tsatseranite neme kitabube tsetserani, kam neme kitabube tsatseranite, neme komandebe tsetserani.

He Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk does not believe what the elders say, will not be- lieve I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor - Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, Thats What Im N sayings of the Book the Bible ; and he who does not believe the sayiugs of the Book, will not believe what the Lord says.

Koelle by some Christian convert. He informs us, that Pato Ramaba, i. M nemketsindo, wote kargenemga kamnro yimmi. Earn yantse ganawate asimtse tsakkata.

One who has a younger brother, his secrets are covered. Linia yermanem bagoro, yermanemma ngalgo. Since thou hast no benefactor in this world, the having one in the next will be all the more pleasant. Die Armen Falken - Gerhard Bronner - Das Gerhard Bronner Song Book kana kngiiibe ntsetsoma bagD, sai Alia No one can kill the appetite of fowls save Allah.

Hniotoro lenemia, ati pato galifdben tsamnemmi If thou goest to a foreign land, do not alight at a rich man's house. This man was vexed to bear himself called poor. This man was vexed on account of being called rich.

This man was vexed at being called blind. When the traveller returned, after Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk long time, he visited these men again, and saluted each by the directly opposite title; but then they were again vexed, since, during his absence, the prophecy contained in his former addresses bad been realised. A certain man had a most beautiful daughter who was beset by many suitors.

But as soon as they were told that the sole condition on which they could obtain her was to bale out a brook with a ground nut shell what is about half the size of a walnut shellthey always walked away in disappointment. However, at last one took heart of grace, and began the task. So it is popularly said amongst ourselves that, if a man really determined to win it, I Be Low - The Cowsills - Global might wear the crown of England.

Once in a famine a woman asked her husband to look after the pot au feu while she was goibg to fetch water. On her returning unobserred bj him, she found that when skimming off the foam or scum he filled a calabash with it, and hid it somewhere, supposing it to be the best part of the food. The woman did not let him know that she had Since You Left - Various - The Essential Northern Soul Collection him play this triek.

He did not under- stand what this meant till he went to eat what he had put aside for himself, and, as might be expected, found the calabash empty. The question was once asked — " Kamunyin koanganyin nduntsa ngubugo? May Sarah's son, the governor of Dadui, make Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawktill we come and bring him milk, and mash them, that we may drink together!

This message refers to the Fula practice of mashing dumplings in milk and then drinking it: the meaning is, " Prepare thyself for war, and get dinner ready for us: we are about to attack and to defeat thee. On the other hand, the Burmese governor returned the following message to the Fula — " Sandi hoanga kwoya, isa, ngo beri denesgana, halu tsagute, toua sandyua huiye! Andi ngafo Inkranben bonye.

We shall sleep behind the Koran. E — Kala, the head, ia much used in pbraaea, e. As for me, I shall not be in your midst. Tsi manaro or Lebalaro yakeskin. I put my mouth into the matter or dispute i. Kalani pandeski " means, I have received my head, t. This expreaaion is used especially in regard to the delivery of a woman in childbed, but also in regard to any other deliverance. Similarly, " Allah gives a persoc his head," i. See No. Saudi manantsa na tiloro tsaBake, Thej put their words in one and the same place.

Afiyaye Allaye agemesagenate sitema ruiyen. What Allah has decreed for us, that we shall see i. Alia barganem or Alia bargando gotse. May Allah take his blessing from you. Kam kalantsen nigawa besgero letsin bago. Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk who has been three years married does not go to the Besge, or dancing place of young people.

According to M. Koelle's infor- mant, there is a town in Gazir called Kabutiloa, in which every person possesses the gift of lycanthropy.

Ago gedintse bagote nemero, si aram. It b forbidden to tell anything that has no foundation. A black heart " is a bad heart. To divine by cowrie shells, which are thrown on the Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawkand which show futurity by the manner in which they fall. A hippopotamus exceeds an elephant by one basket of flesh, and an elephant exceeds a hippopotamus bj one basket of bones.

An albino, much feared for supernatural powers in Borneo. These men can have meat roasted on their naked arms, or plunge them into boiling water without injury. A wood-demon or ghost, supposed to be of gigantic stature, with long flowing hair and pale skin like the Folas. He lives in large hollow trees, from which he issues after sunset, at midnight, and before sunrise.

If any one comes in his way, be salutes him with a fearful slap in the face — sometimes kills him. He often halloas as if to call people, but he never carries Y Viva España - Various - All Time Party Favourites away as the water-demon does.

How To Loot Brazil - Backwater Prick Kuriram remarkably resembles the Bakshasa of the Hindoos. To the south of Ashante again, and extending along the sea-coast, are their congeners, the Fante Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk who use the same tongue, but with certain dialectic differences, rendering it less pure and agree- able to the ear than that of the inlanders.

Besides these two large divisions, there are three small and non- maritime countries, eastward of Ashante, namely, Akim, Akwapim, and Akwarou, generally known as Ak- wambu, who are also Oji-speakers.

They have, at times, been subdued by the overwhelming power of Ashante; but they are at present Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawkand governed by their own chiefs and caboceers, under the protection of the English, who succeeded the Danes in that part of the coast.

The idiom of Akim resembles that of its neighbour Ashante. It la separated frum the sea by Gra or Accra-land. All these are gold-producing lands, and when the Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk sent inexplicable state of apathy and degradation shall have passed away, they and their language will become Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk importanfce. The Oji is spoken by probably two mil- lions of souls. The proverbs quoted below are borrowed from the work of the Bev.

The two preceding collections are made from negroid races, and bear unmistakeable signs of Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk and the Koran. We now come to the purely Hamitic and Negro literature, in which occasionally a Moslem or a Christian sentiment can be seen dimly reflected.

As the reader has been warned in the preface, a greater amount of illustration now becomes necessary. Detloff The collection of Mmebnaem, or proyerbs, is assisted by explanatory notes, which are inserted with a little prnning — generally a necessary operation in Teutonic " Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk — and the orthography of the reverend author has been preserved.

Zimmerman, and the Vocabulary is both useful and simple. It is hard to understand, however, why the reverend gentleman retains the obsolete letter C; and why in the order of letters T should be promoted to precedence over E. The produce is removed twice a No Fusion Generation - Till Brönner - Blue Eyed Soul, when the contents of the pots are all poured into a single large vesseL If one tree, therefore, has given bad wine, the whole will be spoiled.

Thus we say, " A little leaven leaveneth the Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk lump. The Plnoverfoe of Scripture, chaps. So we say " opportunity makes the thief. Vode kokroko na di emmim-a, anka siimo beba fie. If by bodily strength violence were committed, an elephant would come into the town.

WoBko bi afom da, wose: mi enkn ni kuafo. If you never went into another man's plantation, you would say, " I am the only planter. Bronni or Bro in the Oa language Blofo something or somebody European, Maria Verano - Be Your Lady probably derived from Abro, Maize or Indian corn, for a reason to be quoted, in the Ga proverbs.

Abrokirri, "Europe," is, however, explained by Mr. Charity begins at home. The proverb means, " Do not tantalise others: " " do not excite hopes or give promises which you do not intend to fulfil". R — Because snails and tortoises can be caught without a Hit The Drum - Rebecca & Fiona - Beauty Is Pain ways and means must be proportioned to the object in view.

The monkey says, that which has gone into his belly is hifl; but what is in his mouth is not Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk. West Africans feed with their fingers from the common pot or dish around which they are seated. The women fetch the necessary and each assists the other to lift the full pot upon her head, such being the usual way of carrying it home.

The proverb probably means " In the every day afibirs of life the want of mutual assistance is felt. The proverb exhorts men not to weary of any labour, until they have carried out their purposes. Akoko di wo ypnka aivu-a, pam no; dabi obedi Parias (Instrumental) - Parias - Parias / Parias (Edycja Specjalna). When a fowl eats your neighbour's corn, dnve it away; another time it will eat yours.

Wode kokrobeti ko ayi-a, vode sotorre buaw. R — " Ayi " is a public festival celebrated with processions, Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawkdrumming, shooting, and drinking, which cause the -streets to be crowded. To stretch forth the thumb at a person is a sign of mockery and contempt. Abofra eni anso panyin-a, ofre empopa bo haha. The Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk means that a child so perverse as to withhold respect from his seniors, would be capable of any absurdity.

Gutta cavat lapidem. Obi nto akokonini, na onunon obi aknra. Onipa reba, wonse nse, bera. Wo 86 enye-a, nea wota foro ekirri, ara nen. Though your teeth are bad, they are just what you lick. Rome was not built in a day. The proverb is applied to those who o'erstep the modesty of nature, who, in doing a useful and necessary action, add to it what is useless and unnecessary. Africans who have scanty clothing sleep by the side of a fire daring the colder nights of the year.

When troubled by the smoke, they order a slave, or some one handy, to remove the cause of offence. If, however, this be done too often, the fire will disappear, and the cold will become more troublesome than the smoke was.

The proverb warns men to choose the lesser of two evils, not to incur the risk of a greater, for the purpose of ridding oneself of the smaller, trouble. Everything must be done in due season. Ewaterrekwa se obema wo entama, tie ne din. When a rascal says that he will give you a coat, hear i. And generally, be careful whom you trust, particularly where there is just cause of suspicion. So the European pro- verbs, " Quod quisque introivit, ipsi est excedendum: " As you make your bed so you must lie.

Such at least is the composition explained Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk Mr. Beecham Asbantee and the Gold Coast, pp. Of this Mr. Sapreme Being entertained by the negroes. What may be said with some degree of certainty is that Nyankupon is a compound of 'ny- anku'and 'pon. Pon is added for emphasis, so that the meaning of Nyankupon would be the very high, the Most High. Beecham' s. Riis sub voc Nyankupon also remarks that this Supreme Being is conceived by the negroes of the Oji tribe as a great spirit living above, the author of all good, eternal and omnipotent, to whom the creation of the world and the natural phenomena of the atmosphere, as thunder, lightning, and rain, are ascribed, and by whom the spirits of good men deceased are conveyed to live under his dominion in.

Nyankuponfi or Nyankuponkm. On the other hand, however, he is considered too high above earth to care for the affairs of man, thus Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk agreeing with Pliny, Lib, 2, chap. Bossumimaginary beings worshipped by the negroes and called "Fetishes" by Eurupeans. It is easy to discover the traces of a belief in the Deity, an idea doubtless derived by the West Afincan negroes in olden times from the Portuguese.

I have elsewhere recorded my belief that their con- ception of a Qod is physical, not metaphysical. The proverb means, if the hawk had been allowed to eat his fill of fowl and chicken, he would have become stronger and more dangerous: if evil were left unrestrained we should soon be over- powered by it. The meaning is, you will bestow your best upon those you love. Obi ye ne biribi-a, muma onye, na own ben. When a person does his Death To My Hometown - Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band - Ippodromo Delle Capannelle, Rome 2013 i.

When in consequence of good news spittle is thrown upon the surface of the water, Salt Of The Earth - Various - Reggae Chartbusters Volume Three " aka " will snatch it up.

If your master hates you, he calls you a free man. The general idea conveyed by the proverb is, that asso- ciations are formed for the sake of mutual support.

Obi nto nantyn namon. Nobody will buy the footprints of a bullock. The idea implied is, " Even the Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk may be rendered powerful by leaning upon those that can support them. West Afrieaiu are astute in pnctifling, regardless of truth, the rule hid down Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk this proverb, Tiz.

The mexming is, in performing a work, its dififerent parts must be taken in hand in due order; haste, instead of furthering, will defeat its own object. As we say. Tell me what your friends are, and I will tell you what you are. A warning ia thus en- forced against dissipation, by pointing to its evil consequences. The proverb correnponds with our " Appearances are deoeitfuL" — " 11 ne faut pas juger les gens sur la mine.

Broferr'a nnya 'mmerre sorro, na nnya nye de. A papaw-fruit that has not yet ripened on high i. Wobo aberriki-a na, wohu ne ura fl kwan. If you beat a goat you will find his master's home's way i. Kea womferre no, okoto nea woferre no eki. He whom you do not respect, will seat himself behind him whom you do respect.

The feeble lean for support on the stat ng. The meaning is, looks may be menacing, but they cannot hurt you. Aboa kokoseki kasa kyerre bonukyerre fo-a, ote. When the animal vulture speaks to the big drum he the latter hears it. The "bonukyerre," or "boma," is a long but narrow drum, garnished with the skulls of hostile chiefs, and daubed with the blood Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk human sacrifices: Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk hollow sounds are heard on all state occasions, and, besides being sacred, it is supposed to be initiated in the mysteries of Fetishism.

Hence the meaning seems to be, that members of the secret brotherhoods, of which many exist in West Africa, understand one another, and can communicate by means unknown to the multitude. R — Meaning, may persuade him to give presents, the object ever held in view by West Africans in their intercourse with white men. The proverb informs us, that to get all possible profit out of a person or thing, one must know him or it thoroughly.

So the Esopian fable of the old man and the bundle of sticks. There is no people more keenly alive to the advantages of combination than the West African, and it has long served to defend Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk negro against more highly intellectual. Riis translates "kontromfi " by "chimpanzee;" this, however, appears erroneous.

The proverb remarks that a brave man will trust for hia security to his own strength and vigilancab. Adarre bo bo-a, nankasa na tna. When a hook beats a stone, itself mttst suffer. As yet, however, we know so little eonoeming the anthropoid apes of Africa, that " kontromfi," like the ToralMUL Nake, may be some new and fierce species resembling the gorilla.

The proverb has the same meaning as No. Bru for blue has been borrowed from the English. See also No. The proverb means, he who does the work should receive the reward. The Hindi proverb is, " He who is bitten by a snake will start at the sight of a rope; also, " The leaf crackled, and your slave fled.

The English eroom used for a Gold Coast village is an ignorant corruption of. B-— "Tyo" is a small aniuaal: "vu" or "bobiri" a larger species. Opanyin due mante, mante. I have not heard! The meaning of the proverb is, " It does not become the dignified and venerable man to notice every light word and deed. If the person addressed took the assertion in good earnest, Goin Crazy - Wilton Felder - Forever, Always would appear a fooL Hence the meaning seems to be, A joke must be under- stood as such, not as a serious matter.

Wo ni wo agya akoa tya abe-a, ofre wo ave. When you cut down a palm-tree with the slave of your father, he will call you friend. Riis observes that the saying is akin to, though not BO strongly expressed as, the English proverb, " Tou cannot touch pitch without being defiled. The proTerb is eqtiiyalent to, " A robber's den will never be found empty of stolen goods. Aknra te se nantyn-a. Though a mouse were ai big as a bullock, yet it would be the slave of Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk cat.

The blind-worm said he would grow before he got his eyes; he is grown, but jitill be wriggles his head about i. The meaning is, that youth is the time for study, and Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk this be neglected, old age will rue it.

Otnmfo vro ka-a, ovro fa wo meti. When a strong man pushes your ring, he pushes it to the shoulder. The meaning of the saying is, that a man's character impresses itself upon all his actions. Eni baakon enfye kra, enfye asibe. One eye does not look at the same time on a monkey and on a baboon. The hog says, " It is not my mouth 1 it is not my mouth! R — The word of a rascal must not be depended upon; one who will commit a crime will also deny it.

Bna ananse adi awn, enteknma entra ase, entonkom. The entekuma will not sit down nor sleep imder the very tree, from eating of which the ananse died. Obusmaketew se: entem eye na ognm eye. The chameleon says, " Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk is good, and slowness is good. In the African proverb the words are attributed to the tortoise — the slowest of all animals, and the least likely to profit by flight — in order to make them more emphatical. R — This refers to the censorious, who, if really reformers, would begin by ridding themselves of their own defects.

This saying is pointed at persons who carry on law-suits against members of their own family. Hence, the proverb means, " He who wantonly risks a disaster will be visited with it ere long. The land is represented as being well cultivated with wheat and com, and abounding in elephants, tortoises, horses, asses, and camels; more- over, the Sahara and the European natives dwelling beyond it are known to the people.

The Donko slaves are captured by the Ashantes and are sold on the coast, where they are held to be an inferior race, being mostly caught when adult and unable to Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk new tongues fluently.

Some describe them as mild and industrious. By a sudden change of fortune he would be so puffed up with conceit as to have his head turned by the emotion. It is performed by persons of a certain class, not a priest when the boys are twelve or fourteen years of age. The act does not seem to bear a religious character. Zimmerman denies the existence of cireumcision, viriusqiie texus, such as prevails throughout Islam — Egypt, for instance.

The above saying, " To carry. Enkyienne use nehu nse; xniye de. Though a horn has a bad soond, yet it is applied to a man's month. Ekwai 'agye wo, womfre no akwaiwa. A forest that has sheltered you, you will not call a shrubbery. Obi nsoma bi afiri fye, na annma nlcasa no. When a person is sent to look at a snare, the bird does not upbraid him. R — A feast is referred to for which eatables are collected: these attract to the spot goats, and the proverb is put into the hircine mouth because the animals are ever wandering about the town seeking fodder.

The Ahoho is a red ant of peculiarly ill aavour, generally found in lime and orange trees. The meaning is, " No remedy Trill affect innate and inveterate vices.

Thus the meaning would be, Tou must not count upon mmtns that are not at your disposal,— cut your coat Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk to your doth. Though the beast is dainty-inouthed, it does not eat its collar-bell.

The meaning seems to be, Even greediness does not rush blindly upon evexy- thing nice and attractive. Biribi nko ka empopa, enye knula. If nothing touches the palm-leaves they do not rustle. Ahine tew empanyin enim-a, enyera. If a string of pearls breaks in the presence of grown- up people, nothing is lost. The proyerb means, " That if prudent people are at hand, they will take means to avert the evil consequences of a disaster.

Okwan yarre-a, Tode von nanna tya, enye abonoa. When a way is long you shorten it with your feet, not with a hatchet. When boys were to reap, they did not understand it; when old people were to reap, they trampled about the land. Yose: ko man ko to,— na vonse use; ko man ko sen. When you endeavour to drive the " drivers," and they will not give way, you do not peel palm-nuts and throw among them.

The meaning is either " Let the inexperienced keep aloof from dangerous things, and not meddle with edged tools," or " Things useful in themselves may prove perilous to those Feel Like Making Love (Club Mix) - Various - Pure Energy June 1994 (U-matic) ignore their use.

This, perhaps, is one of the prerogatives of semi-civilised over a more highly cultivated society. Hea Ota wo ommere-a, wo-a wogwan wonse; mabre. If he who pursues you is not tired, you who are flying will not say, " I am tired. R — The crowlDff of a cock in the middle of the night Ib con- aidered by West Africans a bad omen, and the animal is forthwith killed.

The meaning is, "A general hostile disposition towards a person who has no friends or protectors, will soon find a pretext for effecting his ruin. The meaning of the proyerb is obscure. The son of a Krobo man does not run through the com without cause.

R — "Agizma" properly meana the act of going apart, or, more ezactly, of standing apart from the general assembly.

By im- plication, it denotes a committee, a consultation of several persons forming a particular party, who have retired from a greater assembly to converse apart. Then do the same thing the other way, and then repeat. One thing to watch out for is the turn, at which point I usually stay in the bowl because you can't fall out. Each time you go from one float to another is one transfer, so you just need to go back and forth two and a half times. What you must do: Nail Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk tricks as the kids yell them out.

How to do it: This one isn't hard, they list all of the combinations you need to do so just stay on the ramps and hit the buttons. What you must do: Finish the run in less then 30 seconds without hitting any obstacles and clearing all of the gates. How to do it: This one is simple, just press X to jump and if things get too fast for you press down to slow down.

What you must do: Hold on to the car until the thieves get out and run away. How to do it: Just use the D-pad to maneuver the little line back and forth making sure to not hit either side of the meter. You just need to hold it for about seconds. What you must do: Knock 5 frat boys off of their kegs in two minutes How to do it: Just grind by them or run into the kegs to knock the frat boys off, there is three in the frat house balcony and two on the park wall.

What you must do: Knock down the goofy looking banners. How to do it: All you have to do is wallride then ollie into a grind top of the park wall.

When you get to the corner jump off and repeat on that side. What you must do: Transfer over the spine and do some tricks, pretty simple stuff. How to do it: Just do what he says, Spine transfer over R2 then Spine Transfer over and do the trick indicated. Then transfer over and do the last trick it says. What you must do: Nail a Varial mctwist. How to do it: Build up your special then do the combination listed on the screen. If this one is giving you trouble put it in one of you special slots as something easy like up down Circle.

A- The A can be found by jumping off of the frat house balcony. T- Where the pro skater gave you the pro score challenge. E- Same area as the T just hit the ramp and do a spine transfer taking you to the second level, it's on the right side. How to do it: Start by jumping on the close set of rails you'll need to jump then manual to the quarter pipe, revert then manual into a grind then jump to the next rail and grind, keep going until you get 5 if you do it right you only need on pass.

What you must do: Hit all of the Elephants in one run 12 seconds. How to do it: Start by grinding the log, then grind the lower ledge of the pit. Do a Spine Transfer over the ramp, then another spine transfer, then grind the log and jump as you need too. This one took me a few tries, so don't give up right away. What you must do: Medal in the competition, you have ten seconds to start, a combo of around 30, for each round should be enough to medal.

How to do it: Start by doing a Needle (Calling) - Blowhole - Seattle on the quarter pipe, then revert, manual, grind the rail, jump to the next rail, grind, jump, grind, jump manual into another trick on the quarter pipe, repeat.

What you must do: Medal in the competition How to do it: Just get a bunch of combos on the ledges remember to flip in and flip out of grinds and pull some specials on the quarter pipes, 50, per round should be enough to take home a medal on this one.

What you must do: Beat his combos of 4, 5, and 6, How to do it: on the first one, Grind down the rail manual and hit the ledges with some big grind combos. The Second, just grind the rails and jump when you need too, use High point grinds and this is easy Like the nose-Bluntside, Up Up Triangle. The Third, turn left and grind down, add in some flip tricks and this should be cake. What you must do: Distract the seals with a little snack so her husband can get free.

How to do it: This one took a little bit of tinkering, but what you need to do is grind the bench the fisherman's tackle box is on then when he goes to check the box, grind where he was standing, knocking his catch into the water, distracting the seals. You must do this on each fisherman's post.

What you must do: grab all of his packages in less then 2 minutes How to do it: This one is easy all of them are over gaps by the warehouses, they go in order, just hit the gap and grab them. What you must do: Get special and pull a darkslide. How to do it: This is easy all you have to do is get special and pull a darkslide on the rail by the water. As with all the tricks if it is proving to hard for you simply add the trick to your special list and put it in as something easy Up Down Triangle.

Look for a pro skater to give this one to you right in front of the pier she was on. What you must do: 50, in one two-minute run.

What you must do: Getin one two-minute run. How to do it: Use the wedges along with flip tricks to get high combos. How to do it: Just grind till you get the "B" collect COM on the route you'll need to jump in between the balls then manual around the light pole and jump onto the ledge to get the second "O".

What you must do: Nail the tricks Into a grind, during a grind or, out of a grind as they yell them. How to do it: Never Try to do the tricks into a grind, I always have fallen that way, just do them during and out of a grind and you'll Devotion - Big Amp - 4/20 Friendly fine. Also this one is made easier if you use the analog stick instead of the D-pad.

What you must do: Save the painter by knocking a ball loose. How to do it: When you first talk to him he wants you to knock the birds off the rail in one shot, well this makes the dock break and tip and then he is hanging on the sign, then a shark comes. Then you'll appear Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk the painter by Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk ball and he'll say "Save my buddy" so what you must do is grind the wire surrounding the ball, this will knock it loose and will knock the shark out.

What you must do: You need to manual from one set of cones to the other. How to do it: You only have a little stretch to gain up speed, so grind the rail and jump into a manual just before you hit the cones, then Southern Electric (MJ Cole Dubb) - MJ Cole & Scrufizzer - Southern Electric your self balanced till you pass the cones on the other side.

What you must do: Race him to the far warehouse and then back. I Predict A Riot - Kaiser Chiefs - Enjoyment (DVD) the gold arrow, then turn around, on the way back you can either skitch or ride the ledge on a grind back, either way you should win.

What you must do: Pull a lip trick on all three of the signs How to do it: Start with the one right in front of you, do a lip trick off of it, then go around the pier to the other side, turn right at the end of the pier.

Lip trick the far one first and then come back and lip trick the one closest to where you started. That way you don't have to worry about accidentally grinding the sign instead of lip tricking it. What you must do: Manual the first half, jump the gap and then manual the rest of the board things.

Then what you want to do is turn around, build up some speed, turn around again and go at the first section, jump into a manual Up Down then ride it till you come to a gap, Jump the gap and land in a manual. Then ride the manual to the end. Pretty easy on paper a total pain in the game. Building then jump from roof to roof until you get to the wire, jump and land on the wire in a grind. This level houses the hardest goal to every grace an extreme sports game: Escape from Alcatraz, one minute to hit a huge run and collect 33 Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk items.

But you'll find out about that later. From the start turn right and go up the stairs it's a transporter like deal.

What you must do: Get special and Semi-Flip over the bulldozer. How to do it: Start By Getting special and then do the combination listed on the screen over the bull dozer. It is easiest to do it on the side of the dozer that has a small slope instead of the quarter pipe side.

What you must do: Medal in the competition How to do it: This is very easy all you have to do because of all the places to grind. Just flip in and out of grinds and this should be easy. What you must do: Knock 30 tourists into the water in like 2 minutes. How to do it: This is Easy, Just Grind by them to knock them in or skate by them, they respawn. So just grind the ledge all the way down then launch from the boat quarter pipe to the dock Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk pipe and then knock the people on the dock off, and repeat that circuit till you have What you must do: Pull off a tech trick.

How to do it: This one is easy what you have to do is jump off a ramp do a trick land on the rough in a manual then jump out of the manual with a trick. It will tell you the trick you need to do and the combination on Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk to do them.

What you must do: Hold on to the back of his bumper and do some things when he stops. How to do It: Hold up near the back of his Cart and you should grab on to his cart, he'll take off and you just have to balance.

He'll stop three times, the first time you must knock birds off an awning, this is easily done with a grind. Net you'll have grab on and then knock some kegs off a ledge with a grind. Lastly you skitch some more and then you come to the Evil Ranger Bob, he plans on doing something bad to people or jumping off a ledge or something I really don't know, Just Grind the Edge and knock him off.

What you must do: Collect all of the keys he lost. Then Grind the outside of the pool grabbing all but one. The hop in the pool and do a spine transfer to get the last one. How to do this: This is probably the easiest of the "Nail the tricks they yell out" goals, there is really no specifics to do, just hit the ramp and nail the tricks. This goal is a lot easier with the Analog stick for the diagonal combos.

What you must do: Hit a distance of feet and a height of feet. What you must do: First go for distance. So grab onto the right side of Ranger Ron's Cart, then press down before his cart stops. Hit the ramp in front of the bathrooms to go flying into the pit where the competition was held.

There will be Aint No Dirty Games - Roger 23 - Blind Youth E.P. new ramps a slope on the right and a Quarter pipe on the left, Use the Part Time Love - Ann Peebles - Part Time Love / I Still Love You on the right side to launch you up and into the river, there will be floating signs and you need to hit the furthest ones to complete this.

Next you'll re-spawn right by Ron's cart again, so go for height. Skitch on the left side of his cart, hit the ramp by the bathrooms, then hit the quarter pipe on the left instead of the slope on the right.

What you must do: 55, in two minutes. How to do it: There is plenty of ledges to score huge grind combos in this one is easy. If you are having trouble go to where the contest was being held. What you must do:in one two-minute run. How to do this: This is a big step up from the first one, I suggest going back to where the Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk was held.

It shouldn't be that hard. What you must do: Hit a Revert, A revert into a manual and then a Lip trick to revert to a manual How to do it: This shouldn't be that hard just do a revert first r2.

The Bulls eye is worththe ring around it yellow is worth 50, the Green is worth 20 and the Blue is worth Ten. How to do this: The ramp is slightly off, so aim to the left of the ramp to hit the bull's eye. If you're coming up short, try spinning it should give you extra distance. On the far end of the half pipe. How to do it: Grind to the Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk the "C" then jump across to get the "O" continue the grind on the pipe then jump into a grind on the shack and get "M" and "B" then jump off the roof into a manual, and ride the manual to the end of the pier, hit the quarter pipe to grab the second "O".

What you must do: Help the prisoner escape by knocking over things and cause a disturbance. How to do it: Just go up the switch back thing, and grind by the trash cans to distract the guards. Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk all 12 cans to get the guy to the roof. To get there go to the Excersise yard, and take the stairs there should be signs that say "UP" by the stairs What you must do: Collect Skate in Two Minutes. How to do it: S - Jump straight off the roof on the ramp and grab the "S" K - Go straight down the Jay Bird - Jay Jay Johnson* - Featuring Bud Powell, Sonny Rollins, Kenny Clarke, Charles Mingus and grab the "K" A - From the "K" go down the steep slope and hit the ramp to grab the "A" T - Just go around to the Bowl, grind around the bowl you'll need to do this to get the "E" jump from the Bowl to the rail where the "T" is on.

E - If you didn't go around the bowl you won't have the speed to get this. Just Continue down the rail and you'll see the edge of a shacks roof, jump from the rail onto the roof of the shack still in a grind the roof will kink up, launching you up into the Air to the Waiting "E".

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  2. How to do this: Both of the lions are over by the aquarium, just skate by them, then skate towards the cage, if they get you, just go back, don't jump or grind while luring them or they will stop.
  3. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Brother Hawk - Red Tail Chasing Hawks on AllMusic - Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Brother Hawk - Red Tail Chasing Hawks on AllMusic - Kola Wasté. Calvin Standing Bear.
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  7. For Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 on the Xbox, FAQ/Walkthrough by Happybuddha Menu. Home; Answers; it's more or less a waste of load time, I wouldn't bother with it. "Flip" Kenny the Kola Where to find this: The first goal you'll see in the level. What you must do: Hard flip and heel flip over Kenny. How to do it: Do the hard.

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