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Peyton normally went to sackmaster Dwight Free- ney and goaded him with: "Let's rattle that quarter- back a little. As the youngest of the three brothers, Eli spent the most time at home without his siblings. It might seem a given that all three would wind up as football players, but Eli says otherwise. And both Harbaugh boys fol- lowed Jack into coaching, although Jim also was a highly successful college and pro player. As a quar- terback, of course.

Malone started its sum- mer schedule June 4 in Blountstown with wins over Wewahitchka and Marianna and a loss to Blountstown, but the Lady Bulldogs were able to turn the tables in Thursday's rematch.

Lady Tigers coach Preston Roberts cred- ited Marianna's adjust- ments on his star player Curteeona Brelove in tak- ing her away and forcing the other Malone players to beat them. Once we get An- gelica Livingston back, we should be able to do a bit more.

It's sum- mer and you're going to have days like that. I thought the girls played hard; we just didn't play well. We were up most of the Carl & Pearl Butler - Greatest Hits against Mosley but just gave it away at the end with some turnovers.

Mosley took advantage and made some shots. Our goal is to keep teams under 40 points and we're doing a great job of that, but we just get out of posi- tion and give up too many offensive rebounds. The girls are trying to adjust to a new coach. I'm trying to give them some leeway, and they're trying to give me some leeway.

It's just a learning process for all of us. Xperusing and con- templating my long hair and beard. I know, I know. I promise I'll get a life as soon as I finish this.

My whiskers and long locks, impressive and dis- tinctive as they are, have begun to bother me a bit. No, it's not the inherent occasional discomfort of facial hair or the inconve- nience of a flowing mane on a windy day, but rather a mental and emotional discomfort regarding why I have long hair and a beard in the first place. We great philosophers do that, you know. Sooner or later we ponder the whys and wherefores of everything.

Back then I fan- cied myself a songwriter and was afflicted with a serious Kris Kristofferson complex. I shaved that one at the behest of my mother-in-law and the re- alization that there was no "Me and Bobby McGee" or "Sunday Morning Coming Down" waiting to burst forth from my poetic res- ervoir. Except for a mus- tache, I was clean-shaven for the next 34 years. So City Of Refuge - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Good Son this desire to be bearded and long-tressed now?

I'm 60 years old and if I have some kind of "statement" to make I've forgotten it. I once thought I was merely curi- ous to see what my beard looks like in the salt-and- pepper stage. Now that I know and still have it, that can't be the reason.

Perhaps, in deeper consideration, I harbor a desire to look like those great outdoorsmen of old, the mountain men of the untamed West, who not only stalked and bested the ferocious grizzly, but bore a striking resem- blance to him as well. Or, maybe, since I've unsuc- cessfully sought to write as well as Ernest Hemingway for the past three decades, I now find I must be satis- fied with merely resem- bling him.

God knows that's easier. Maybe iit's just plain sexy Oops! There's that mirror again. Shoot, Hoss, it's natural. Goodness Gracious (Digital Dog Instrumental) - Ellie Goulding - Goodness Gracious least that's what them head shrinkers on TV say.

Clete better darn well hope it's natural. If not, that new thong bath- ing suit of his just might get him arrested. J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) things considered, my grizzled whiskers and gray- streaked locks might be a comparatively painless way to adjust to growing old.

As for Clete's spe- cific opinion of hair and beards, mine in particular, he doesn't have a lot to say on the subject. Just that I now bear an uncanny resemblance to a man "swallerin' a live squirrel" or one who has contracted a terminal case of face fungus.

So much for a best friend's compassion and consideration. But, hey, who cares for his or anyone else's thoughts on this highly personal matter. It's my beard and my hair and I'm not growing it for anyone other than myself. Actu- ally, I think it lends an air of sagacity and dignity to my overall appearance. You know, like a Civil War general or a dead presi- dent. Not to mention that rugged, old-style-out- doorsman demeanor alluded to earlier.

Why, old Jim Bridger himself would be impressed with the grizzled growth that now adorns these sagging cheeks and jowls. In short, I'm pretty dog- gone comfortable with it and will appreciate all of you withholding your honest assessments. Just tell me I'm even handsom- er now than usual. You can snicker and guffaw after my back is turned. Besides, I'm pretty sure I'm coping with my crisis a whole lot better than my wife with hers.

As far as I know, she's the only something woman in Southwest Georgia who's taken to smoking those skinny French cigarettes and wearing knickers. We make a really cute J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File).

Pin Em! Game: Team 8 High Team Hdcp. Series Cassandra's Crew High Game: Jay Roberts Lake Seminole Bass fishing is good for some anglers using topwater baits early in the morning and late in the afternoon. Buzzbaits can be especially effective over submerged vegetation. Largemouths J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) also be taken on Texas-rig worms near wood structure. Fish slowly and deliberately, especially dur- ing the middle of the day.

Afew crappies are being taken in specific spots, ut thlie crappie fishing is sporadic overall. Anglers who know how to target the crappies this time of year can : till catch them. There is, however, little consistency. Bream may continue to bite in the'shallow, sandy- bottom areas. Bream are also good Lonely Tombs - The Stanley Brothers - On WCYB Bristol for fly fishermen early and late in the day in shallow water.

Catfish have been biting well early in the morning over hard bottoms. Live worms and prepared baits are good. Lake Eufala Largemouths are most active right now in deeper water near the river chan- nel. Fish channel structure with big Carolina-rig worms, deep-running crankbaits, and slow-rolled spinnerbaits. Bass may also be caught early and late in the day on points. For these areas, use Texas-rig worms and crank- baits.

Small Carolina-rigs may also be used to catch smaller bass in deep water with wood structure. Crappies are locked into their summertime pattern. Fishing for them can be fair to good on moderately deep flats just off the river chan- nel.

Look for flats areas with transient brush piles and fish jigging spoons vertically, directly in the brush. Bream are quite active and will readily take crickets, especially near creek drop- offs with structure present.

Fish size is small overall, but numbers aregood. Catfish will bite late in the day on flats as they move into shallower water to feed. During the middle of the day, large- mouths may be taken near channel breaks in spots where the channel curves closest to the shoreline.

Spoons and jig-and-pig com- bos may take a few of these fish. Also fish crankbaits near the mouth of any creek where clear water is present. Bream should be J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File), but few will be caught using shallow-water methods. Catfishing is fairc".

Generation schedules, pool levels, and other such information for area waterways may be obtained by calling toll-free J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) the recorded instructions and access the touch-tone for the Apalachicola River System. Drawing will be June 28, FREE No rebate required. Requires new 2-yr. Stay charged up With rugged j'' protection and two times more I'. Otterbox" Defender Series '. Include child's Full name, parents'name s and city of residence.

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Call: Must sell. Call Steve Barely used. Grab it before band camp!!! Has a scratch, plays great. Ma- hogany wood with maple finish. J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) wood bench included. Puppies are very light in color and raised with small children and other pets. Free Jack Russell Terrier yrs old, neutered, has all shots. Very loving or Lab puppies: AKC.

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Hwy 52 Malve? S 4r Benefits and paid holidays after probationary period. No Phone calls or J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) please only excepting resumes via email S david.

To obtain an application, contact Human Resources at pippenw chipola. Qualified Driver could be hired within a Week! Call Fortis College Today!

Fast Repair! TRIL1 Call toplace your qd. COHI. Must have a valid class A CDL prior to employment. II Must have high school graduate or its equivalent and have some exp. Valid FL drivers license prior to employment. Ph Cleared MIS a 0. MIS a 1. Cleared MIS 1. Spin C le 0 o1 plan. Oif O 11j 0l0 h v. Tr- F. D0ths h- 0 d 10 l,;,d 0,10a. This 4. One side, nf i. Curetl e i e aeos Comielcial building. Make an appointment today! I iii h0,0l l,. Foro 0 0 ,M ,i. The home could use a little work but is basically in fwho Would like to roe in a great shape.

RetreDat fom ,, I. Fish, boating, diving, swimming, etc. Beauo fulf. Don't pass this up, Call today J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) see this home and you could own your own home soon!

Make an appointment O. Bring all offers! Hardwood Mala (Max It Remix) - Various - Moments In Lounge throughout. This home has character that gives it charm! Hardwood floors, fg has I beautiful ,1,i h I.

Bath brick home built in VPn i- ,finh -t,h. I -r ,walking fenced back food. This hom e I- I,0. A minformation ! C and all. Corner n. Great i- ,c. Energy Etficient throughout the honre. Perfect size home and fot for easy maintenance J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) care Located close to shopping and dining.

Fireplace in forge flivingarea. BeautifulKtKochrenr witho lots of cabi nets. You will get plenty of help from the fellows in the patrol you expect to join, especially from your future patrol leader. Your dad can help you, too he was probably a Scout himself when he was a boy. If you are a Cub Scout, you will learn the tests while you work for Needle (Calling) - Blowhole - Seattle Webelos badge in your Webelos den.

When your patrol leader is confident that you know your stuff, he'll get you a Scout appHcation form. Have your parents fill in this form and sign it. Then sign it yourself and take it to your Scoutmaster with your national membership fee. Your Scoutmaster will go over the Tenderfoot tests with you to make sure that you know them and understand them.

When he is satisfied, he will send your application and your membership fee to the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America through your to be a full-fledged Scout. You pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.

From then on you are a member of the world brotherhood of Scouting and are on your way with your patrol and troop toward outdoor fun and adventure, of service to others, of training yourself to become the kind of you want to be. Explain the meaning of each in your own words.

United States of America and tell Demonstrate respect for your flag by lower, display, fold, and salute it. Attach a rope to a post or rail with two half hitches. Tie a bowline around your waist. Tie a rope to a. Give the Scoutmaster your application and fee so he can register you as a Boy Scout. After you have been registered, you take the J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) Oath or Promise and the pledge of allegiance to the flag of J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) United States of America at a ceremony in the presence of your fellow Scouts.

For everything we receive, there are things we must give in return. Duty to God and Country. By following these teachings in your daily life, you do your duty to God as a Scout. Our country- was built upon a trust in God. As you look back into the past, you learn about men and world. It is your duty work forward by working for your country's welfare, by obeying its laws, by showing your loyalty to its government. Duty to Other People. There are many people who need a pair of young shoulders to help them with their burdens.

A cheery Moonshine - Mike Oldfield - Man On The Rocks (Box Set, Album, Album, Album) and a helpful hand may serve to make life easier for someone who is weak or old, for a woman or a child. By obeying the Scout Law Howarth - Check It Out by doing a Good Turn daily, you prove yourself a Scout and do your part to make this a happier world.

Duty to Self. You owe it to yourself to take care of your body, to protect it and to build it so that it will serve you and make it possible for you to help others. You owe it to yourself to develop to carry this. There have always been written and unwritten laws by which men have tried to live.

In the world of today, when you. Most other laws start with a "Do" J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) a "Don't. The Scout Law is that. If you should willfully break the Scout Law, you are not a Scout.

It is as simple as that. When your mother asks you to run an errand, she knows that you will do it promptly and effectively.

When you have said that you are going on the hike or to camp, the other fellows in your Woman - Free - Free know that you will Celebrate The News - The Beach Boys - The Capitol Years ready to go at the time agreed to.

From time to time, you may get youring. By quickbaseball. You show your loyalty also by helping your parents make it into a happy place for a happy family.

People will judge all Boy Scouts Open the Gate - Tom, Brad & Alice - Been There Still the kind of Scout you are.

By being a keep the Scout Oath, living up to the Scout Law, you prove yourself loyal to Scouting and to your millions of brother Scouts around real Scout, striving to. The third point of the Scout Law tells you how by being prepared and by doing a Good Turn daily. A boy who doesn't know first aid is of little use when someone is hurt. A boy who can't swim has little chance to reshelp other people at. Another kind of Good Turn is the kind you plan for alone or with your patrol like feeding broken.

It is. A Good Turn done in the hope of re. By being a friend yourself, you make a friend. But there J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) friends and friends. Some people to whom you show friendliness will pass out of your life immediately afterward. Others may become your friends for life.

That kind of friendship you only give to very few. It is sincere and fine and cannot be divided among many. It is very possible that you will form some of your own lifelong friendships through Scouting. But you need not go to a jamboree to that you are "a brother to every other Scout. He may be a stranger in your town. By greeting him in this way, you make him feel that he is not alone.

You can make him feel at home. There are people with the reputation of being polite in public who seem to forget their manners when at home. Don't be one of them. A "please" and a "thank you" are J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) said, and little helpful things easily done, yet they. He was late. There was not a single seat available. A Spartan youth noticed the old man's plight.

He beckoned him near and gave J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) his seat. A group of young Athenians who had witnessed the incident began to applaud.

The old man turned toward them and said. You want it to love J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) and you know that this will happen only if you take good care of it. You have to understand when it needs food and water and shelter and special attention.

If you live on a farm you know how well poultry and livestock respond to good If. Some evening when you are on a hike, a deer may bound across your path. Some night in camp, a raccoon may come sniflfing around your tent. And when you wake morning and put your head outside your tent door, you may hear the chorus of a Love You Here - Sebadoh - Defend Yourself birds and see them fluttering from branch to branch overin J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File).

The more you live in the out-of-doors, more you will get Jonah Jones - And Now In Person Jonah Jones like the animal and bird life around you. And the more you like wildlife, the more you will do to help it and to protect it. Scout does not kill any living thing needlessly, but he knows that it is duty to help get rid of those that are dangerous to human beings.

He doesn't hesitate to kill animals such as rats or his. Obedience begins with your father and mother. When they request you to do a thing, do it immediately and cheereven if you happen to be in the fully middle of a game or an exciting TV. Soldiers do not enjoy going into battle.

But they obey orders. They know what is expected of them and do it. There are others to whom you owe obedience. When a teacher tells you to do a thing, it is usually for your own good. When your employer tells you to do a thing, it is for the good of the business. And when your Scout leader gives you a job to do, it is for the good of the patrol or troop which means it is good. But being obedient goes beyond the obedience you owe to certain individuals.

It also means obedience to your country's laws. They are dissatisfied when the sun shines it hurts their eyes. It is as you learn to overcome difficulties with a smile that you will grow to be a real man. In Scouting, you will have a lot of fun on sunny days. But peculiarly enough, the memories that will live the longest in your heart will be of the times when you overcome obstacles cheerfully when the patrol fights J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) way home from best prove that.

To be thrifty doesn't necessarily mean money. Far oftener it means to know how to spend money wisely and to take good care of things that represent money your clothes, your books, your home, The Night Is Young - Brock Berrigan - Chapter 10 (File, Album) your school.

It is not only in your everyday life that you prove your thrift. You prove it also by the way you protect and conserve our country's natural resources whenever you go hiking and camping. In spite of these high standards, more than 1, Scouts. Those boys had a glorious opportunity to prove their bravery and were prepared to act. Your opportunity may come. Will you be ready for. But lifesaving is not the only way you can prove your bravery.

You can show it in your everyday life. It takes bravery to stand up for what you think is right when others try to make you do what you know is wrong. It sometimes takes real courage to speak the truth and nothing but the truth. It takes backbone to admit a mistake and to apologize for it.

It takes backbone to defend a friend when he is under attack by others. During the Revolutionary War, young Nathan Hale secretly entered the British encampment at New York to find out what J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) were there. He was caught and was hanged as a spy.

His last words were, "I Eres Una En Un Millon - Ilan Chester - Al Pie De La Letra regret that I have but one. You never need to be ashamed of the dirt that will wash ofT. If you play hard. It sticks. It is the kind that goes below the skin, that sinks into your mind.

A boy has a hard off. By forcing your mind to occupy itself with things that are good and true you will be able to overcome temptations and will be at peace with ing his thoughts clean.

Take a Lincoln penny out of your pocket and look at it. What do you see on it? Just above Lincoln's head are the words "In God we trust. Not only as individuals, but as a nation, too. Most great men in history have been men of deep religious faith who have. Eisenhower prayed to God before taking his oath J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) office as President of the.

God's blessing and help and challenged all Americans young and old to remember "that here on earth God's work must truly be our own. You are reverent as you serve God in :. All your. That is why we respect others whose religion may differ from ours, although for reason of conscience we do not agree with them. Ostatni Pociag (The Last Train) - Various - Thrash Sells.

But Whos Buying? customs may be different ica. Be Prepared. Someone once asked BadenPowell, the founder of Scouting, "Be prepared for what? Some time ago, a school bus skidded in a sleet storm in one of our northern states and overturned. The driver was seriously hurt, but a young boy quickly took command. He immediately turned ofT the. And then I used my Boy Scout first aid training. He was trained for any emergency that might occur.

He acted and did his duty because he was confident J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) his ability. On the contrary it means for you to do at least one Good Turn a day. It means looking for opportunities to J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) and. But Good Turns more often are small things, thoughtful things clearing trash off the highway helping a child cross the street.

To answer the inquiry of a passerby about an address is not a. Give the Scout meaning. When another boy greets you with the Scout sign, you know that he is a member of the world brotherhood of Scouting. Raise your right. To give the Scout salute, place the fingers of your right hand in position as for the Scout sign. Bring the hand smartly up to your head, palm sideways, until your forefinger touches the edge of your cap J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) the right eye or, J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) you are capless, your forehead above the right eye.

When the salute is completed, snap your hand down quickly to your side. Put on your uniform and immediately you feel ready for hiking or camping or any of the other vigorous Scouting activities.

To many a boy, putting on the Scout uniform for the first time is one of the greatest thrills of his. But not only that the uniform is a steady reminder that you have pledged yourself to the same high ideals of living as have your brother Scouts and that dressed as a Scout, you must act as a Scout. It challenges you to do those things that stamp you in the eyes of the world as a real Scout and it keeps reminding you that you have promised to do your best. The khaki color blends with the hues of the forest, making you almost invisible when you track animals or study birds.

The design is made for comfort, for great freedom of action. Thus, the uniform stands for brotherhood, Scout ideals, and outdoor life. That's why you want to wear it correctly. In cold weather, the long-sleeved shirt and J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) are in order.

When the weather is hot, the favorite uniform for hiking and camping is the shortsleeved shirt, shorts. Ask your Scoutmaster what local dealer is the J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) Scout distributor. When you have received your Boy Scout registration card, take it with you to the store and get your uniform and the badges you are entitled to wear: community strip, troop. When you appear ment before a board of review or court of honor.

When you take part in a special Scout service for your community. Throughout Boy Scout Week in February. When you participate in a distinctly political activity. When you appear on the stage professionally except by special permission from. Fold your uniform carefully Wave - The Oscar Peterson Trio - The Good Life use or hang it on hangers.

Keep your uniform clean and in good repair. Remove spots as soon as possible. If you like, have it dry-cleaned. Otherwise, wash in lukewarm water with a mild soap or detergent and hang up to dry. Pull gently into shape and iron while still slightly damp.

Troop numeral is 2 inches below seam, badge of office 4 inches below seam. Bottom of sleeve is clear. Right Sleeve Your patrol medallion goes on the right sleeve, 2 Inches below the shoulder seam. At bottom of sleeve, starting 3 inches above edge, you may wear up to six merit badges. If you have more than six, sew them on a sash; wear the sash over your right shoulder. Right Pocket Centered on the right pocket you sew any temporary badge you are entitled to wear such as a summer camp badge.

The embroidered "Boy Scouts of America" strip is above the right pocket. Scout badge is used in countries around the world as a mark of the Scout brotherhood of friendliness and good citizenship.

The scroll with the Scout motto is turned up at the ends to suggest the corners of a Scout's mouth raised in. They guide you by night and suggest a Scout's outdoor life. And as you look at that flag and think of the pledge you are making, you feel again the thrill of being an Birds - Various - Kompilation II. That flag is far more than the red, white, and blue cloth of which it is made.

It is the symbol of our America. It stands for the past and the present and the future of our country. It stands for our people, our land, and our w ay of life. During the Revolutionary War, men and women fought under that flag to gain their Hberty.

Since then, others have fought to keep that hberty. And whenever victory was theirs, they greeted their flag, their throats choked, and their eyes filled with tears of joy. What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming, Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? Praise the Power that hath made and preserved Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just.

And this be our motto 7n God is our trust: And the stars panoled banner in triumph shall wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave. That day, the young man wrote down what he had felt, a friend sung had his poem printed, and shortly afterward his words were song throughout the country. Francis Scott Key had written the.

United States of America of today has 13 stripes —7 red and 6 white— and 50 white stars on a blue field five rows Thirteen Original of 6, four rows of 5. The stripes remind us of the. States Colonies that gained us our liberty, the stars represent the that are bound together into one country. The flag J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) help hoist at home or over your troop camp grew.

This was the merchant flag George England red with a union combining the crosses of St. Before this, other flags had flown over Spain, of flags parts of America— the banner of the Norsemen the France, Holland, Sweden and an earlier English flag. The Grand Union flag was raised over George Washington's. The Revolutionary War had started the J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) before, and the Colonies needed a flag of their own.

Ano ther aspect of teac hing World Music is to provide students the opportunity to be involved in participating in the J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) making process and experience outside of engaged listening activities. Opportunities within the classroom to participate in the music ma king experience of World Music c ould be: enactive listening activities as described or similar in the Campbell text Teaching Music Globally composition activities on classroom instruments that allow for improvisation as well as written compositio n, singing folk and indigenous 2 Becomes 1 - Various - The Pepsi Silver Clef Concert (DVD) of the world, learning and performing folk dances of other cultures, and finally combining the aforementioned activities to simulate a special event or celebration within a designated culture.

S ome reading, discussion, and paper work may be necessary within a classroom setting to help assimilate the context of the music and other cultural information that it is through experiences and participation in engaging learning activities that the "real" learning takes place.

In a discussion on children learning about music through play Lew and Campbell state: Children learn how things and people look, sound, feel, and taste through playful experiences, and the more that young children can sense and explore, the more they come to know. They learn of their world through the playful songs they sing, and they learn music through opportunities to explore and discover just what music is, how is made, and how they may wish to use it in J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) lives.

Children use play as a vehicle for cultural learning" p. If younger children experience and learn about the world music around the m in this manner than this philosophy can still be true in relation to middle school students who may range in age from 10 14 years old. PAGE 7! Through regular practice these areas of the brain are strengt hened and allows for growth of th ose areas in other settings" Collins, In providing students with many facets of l earning the music of the world they will not only be knowledgeable of new music and cultures, but will be provided the opportunity to discover more about the world and themselves while also helping facilitate learning in other subject areas as well as nurturing skills that can be used outside of music.

A World Music education not only provides students with cognitive development but can also help to build self esteem, a nd it can teach practice and learning techniques that can be applied in other subjects. Project Summary Providing students with the opportunity to gain a music education through a look into the music of cultures from around the world allow s those students to: one, create music through composition and improvisation; two, singing, and playing; three, evaluate and analyze musical performances and experiences; four, cultivate an understanding of cultures in and outside of one's personal experien ces; five, connect to the aesthetic qualities that music evokes when listening or performing; and six, cultivate a sense of community throughout the world among one's peers through musical experience.

The goal of a multicultural music education is to encou rage the development of insight into one's self to one's own culture. Professionally the review of scholarly contextual literature provide s a foundation to support the world music curriculum. The design of such a curriculum provide s colleagues within my school district and others who read this capstone, with a template of unit design from which they can build their own findings on to provide meaningful and engaging activities for their students.

In the implementation of world music curriculum or even in dividual lessons teachers PAGE 8! Koops states that teaching music without attention to its cultural context is a problem in several respects: it risks m isrepresenting the musical practice being studied, it fails to take advantage of the potential benefits of culturally infused music teaching, and it promotes a conceptions of music as isolated sonic events rather than meaningful human practices p.

Pr oviding students with as authentic music learning experience as possible should be the primary goal for teachers when incorporating a world music curriculum into their teaching practices Contextual Introduction The following cultural information is provided as a resource that will support the contextual foundation used to design the suggested unit plans. The J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) information may be taught as a complete course in world music or each unit may be taught individually.

It is suggested that when teaching as a complete course in world music that the music of East and West Africa is taught prior to the unit on Eas tern North America as students are asked to compare and differentiate betw een musical context and practices of these three regions. Music Jesse - Roberta Flack - Killing Me Softly With His Song Japan Intertextuality is at the heart of the Japanese performing arts, as familiar themes and musical material, sounds, and structures are maintained but transformed in fresh ways, servin g to keep cultural memory alive Wade,p.

In an effort to come to an understanding of Japan 's rich and significant music history the following contextual information is provided : one, the PAGE 9!

Music Education The culture of Japan is largely homogenous and gains its cultural diver sity from outside its islands Wade,p. It is through this external reliance on cultural diversity that the growth of music and music education has emerged within Japan.

Japanese contact with European peoples and culture began in the 16 th century when nations and mercantile companies sent traders to the islands Wade, p. Japan's first experience with W estern music was the music that was used for worship such as hymns due to the spread of Christianity. Due to the fact that the music was associated with the Christian faith Japanese leaders were fearful of infringement of the foreign ideas that may threaten political control and therefore Japanese leaders banned Christianity in During the Tokugawa period Japan's government was one of isolation.

The city of Edo now Tokyo was the center of politics and economy while the city of Kyoto served as the center of cultural and spiritual life Wade, Nouvelle Vague Conformist Like Your Parents - Asilo, Tzara - Split. In U.

Naval forces entered Tokyo Bay and because Japan's governm ent and forces had weakened the U. The p olitical economy for Japan began to globalize during the Meiji Period and it was during this time that the education J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) of Japan began to see chan ges. Universal education was instituted on the basis that in order to modernize a federally mandated school system was the most effective tool for communication with the population Wade, p.

The new classless system of education's national po licy specified that music would be included within the primary school curriculum.

The role model for this education system was that of the public schools in the state of Massachusetts in the U. PAGE 10! European hymns of the protestant tradition provided clear melodies, solid harmony, and a predict able structure that offered an appealing form of song for school children.

Including the introduction of hymns the Europeans presented to Japan the western concept of vocal tone, part singing, the use of solfege in sight reading, and the portable organ Wa de, p.

Scholars theorize that the institution of music education into Japan's primary school curriculum had an ulterior motive in that bands associated with foreign armies appeared to Japanese observers as a significant element in military and foreign affairs Wade, p.

Military bands introduced to Japan: standard band and orchestral instruments, the piano, martial arts songs, western singing styles, the public concert, as well as inspiring composition. Music education was also regarded in Japan as valuable for spiritual health, physical health, and character formation Wade, p.

Shuji Izawa, a Japanese teacher J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) had experienced studying music in Massachusetts was significant in that he suggested a plan to the Japanese Minister of Education in October of that European music be the foundation of music education within the schools in Japan. The music of the Gagaku, Bugaku, and N! European music could be constructed as the same for all Japanese, its cult ural status was highly regarded, and careers as European musicians offered prestige in the modernizing world Wade, p.

Luther Whiting Mason took with him from the United States to Japan a variety of orchestral instruments as well as pianos. The p iano quickly became the instrument of choice. At first the PAGE 11! Piano became the instrument most parent's chose for their children to study for their child's personal development and upward mobility Wade, p.

Dramatic Performance. As mentioned earlier the music of the Gagaku, Bugaku, and N were considered inappropriate for school age children, however these forms of musical dramas hold great importance in looking deeper into the traditional music of Japan and its importance to the culture. Gagaku and Bugaku was the mu sic of the imperial court and of Buddhist and Shinto shrine ceremonies.

N was a form of drama of the elite and especially of the Samurai class Wade, p. Gagaku once known as bugaku was a form of orchestral dance music that came to Japan from C hina and Korea s ometime between the seventh and ninth centuries.

Gagaku in literal translation means "proper" music, however it is often translated as meaning "imperial court music" Wade, p. While gagaku has been changed over the centuries it st ill remains to be one of the world's oldest continuous orchestral traditions Mehl, Gagaku ensembles are made up of a variety of instruments and are considered to be the largest ensemble of Japanese traditional music.

The N drama was stylistically set by the early fifteenth century and was molded by the combining of previously existing dance, music, and theatrical entertainment forms Wade, p. In the N drama the actors are also the musicians and dancers as well as J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File). They performers sing, speak, dance and create movement within their performances.

Three drums and a flute create the instrumental ensemble of the N drama. PAGE 12! The koto is a zither instrument J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) is about six feet long and ten inches wide with a slightly arched curve an d it is carved from half a tree trunk Wade, p. The highest pitched string is closest to the player and the bridges can be moved to easily adjust the pitch the string plays.

The koto's strings were once comprised of silk, however due Immer Nur Lächeln (Aus Das Land Des Lächelns) - Franz Lehár / Richard Tauber - Abschiedskonzert the delicate nature of silk strings they have been replaced with strings of synthetic material. The koto can now be fo und having twenty, twenty one, and twenty five strings.

The s h amisen is a long necked lute that is fabricated in three sections. The bottom section turns into a spike that enters the resonator box at one end and extends out the other side; this is what makes the s h amisen placed in the spiked lute category Wade, p.

The top section of s h amisen ends in the pegbox where three pegs are inserted laterally; the strings run from the pegs along the fretted neck, across the resonator and attach to the s pike at the bottom section of the instrument.

The biwa is another notable chordophone, there are four strings of varying thickness that are made of silk thread wound together that stretch from the base of the resonating chamber to the pegs on the bent end of the neck Wade, p.

The Biwa in appearance resembles the Chinese Pipa. The syakuhati is a long vertical flute J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) from one piece of bamboo. The syakuhati can be made in varying lengths Meditations* - Stranger In Love therefore depending on the size of the instrument c an play a variety of pitches.

Associated with the Zen practice of Buddhism the syakuhati takes years to accomplish skilled playing and is typically an instrument that is played by only men. Two pipes do not create sound, but are present to create the symmetrical shape and signifying bird's wings.

The fifteen pipes are each fitted with a small metal reed inside that vibrates with the player's breath when the sm all hole in the side of the pipe is stopped Wade, p. Taiko is a term that loosely means, "drum," however the form of ensemble that it is in depends on the shape and construct of the drum. In a gagaku ensemble the taiko is a double headed frame drum. Its two heads made of oxhide are tacked onto a wooden frame, the rounded ends of the two drumsticks are padded with leather, and the sound of the taiko is strong and resonant Wade, p.

In a N en semble the taiko is a smaller drum that is barrel shaped. It is suspended by ropes on a stand lower to the ground and played with a heavy wooden stick in each hand. The taiko drummer uses large dramatic choreographed movements to accompany the dance scenes within a N performance. Kumi daiko any collection of drums and other percussion instruments has come to be the basis of a new tradition that originated in the United States with Seiichi Tanaka, the American founder of the San Francisco Taiko Dojo in 1 Wade, p.

Tanaka, with an understanding that kumi daiko was a form of local drumming that he learned from his teachers in Japan was able to bring his experiences to America and form it into his own interpretation of choreographed movements th at produce compelling percussive rhythms Wade, p.

Music of East Africa When exploring the music of East Africa it is important to understand that people singing, dancing, and making music is a part of everyday experiences. A brief review of the music of East Africa is important in order to contextualize the lives of J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) and communities by exploring the contexts in which music is made significant and how it is integrated into the PAGE 14!

A look into the region of East Africa geographically, modern music preferences, traditional music practices, instrumentation, and the social benefits of choral singing is discussed in the following paragraphs. The Region. Throughout this region of sub Saharan Africa many peoples and languages reside. Among some of the many languages spoken are Bantu, Nilotic, and Cushitic. For centuries trade routes flooded the coastlines of East Africa connecting across the Indian Ocean and to the Far East.

Good s such as gold, spices, ivory, and slaves were exported from Africa to other areas of the world. Inland the source of economy was mostly hunting, fishing, herding, and farming. Trade routes afforded much cultural influence on the coastline of East Africa. Tanzania, Kenya, and Kenya regained their independence in the early 's. Today Eas t Africa continues to participate in the global economy and in the large cities the use of cell phones and the Internet have added to expanding the geographic borders of Africa.

Modern pop music is heard across the airwaves while traditional music and mo dern blend together to form a unique tapestry of music making styles and traditions throughout Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Fusing Arab and Indian melodies with Swahili poetry, taarab Tarrabu in Swahili is frequently performed along the coasts from the s outhern tip of Somalia down to the coast of Mozambique Barz, p.

Tarrab is often performed for weddings, rites of passage ceremonies, and even used for political issues and campaigns. In small social clubs, dance halls, PAGE 15! Traditional music is however most prominent within the rural communities. As music has f or many centuries in East Africa the activities associated with music making are drumming, singing and dancing. Drumming, singing, and dancing continue to remain the primary source for unifying the community, mediating conflict, educating values and histor y, as well as celebrating ethnicity and culture.

Ngoma is a Bantu derived term that loosely means "traditional music performance. In Uganda ngoma means "music" and is a source of entertainment. The blending of drumming with dancing is at the heart of ngoma's meaning as a performance of traditional music in East Africa. The concept of music for most East Africans does no t exist in the way that W esterners would be most familiar.

In many studies of East Africa, the line between what is music and what is not music is often blurred, especially as "musical" elements in everyday life are heard and experienced Barz, p.

However, music is purposely woven into the fabric of everyday life and reflected on from the time one wakes up until one falls asleep Barz, p. For example: the igembe is a hoe used for farming tasks in Sukumaland.

Instrumentation Instrumentation throughout East Africa is important in the function of ngoma and yet can vary from culture to culture. The filulu is a musical instrument that is found among the Sukuma people who live in the northwest area of Tanzania.

The filulu is a flute made from the naturally hollowed end of a J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) ca labash, which is then stopped by two end pieces that have holes drilled into them, the instrument is completed by drilling in a mouthpiece opening. Each filulu is unique as they are typically constructed by their owner and can create a variety of pitches a nd tonalities due to their uniqueness.

It is said that the filulu evokes the sounds of birds found in Sukumaland Barz, p. Travel into the Busoga region of Eastern Uganda and one may be greeted by the sounds of the embaire The embaire is a large wooden xylophone with 21 keys per instrument, but can be found with having up to 25 keys, the new keys are added to the lower register of the instrument.

The embaire keys are made from ensambiya wood and played by beating the ends of the keys w ith sticks from a heavier wood called enzo Micklem, Cooke, and Stone, The lowest sounding keys of the embaire are played with the instrumentalist's clenched fists Pick It Up - Various - Bravo Hits Vol. 14 a stick adding percussive accents and effects to the overall performance Barz p.

The embaire keys are laid on felled banana stems that will lie across a hole in the ground that is approximately six feet long and half a meter deep.

Now let's use the low pass and put a high pass with it to try to form a diplexer. This is shown in Figure 8 where we now have just guessed at component values. The response, shown in Figure 9, has high pass and low pass outputs that we might expect.

The match is good at the frequency extremes, but is only so-so in the transition band. Let's now look at a carefully designed pair of two element filters.

The circuit is Figure 10 an is a final example. The corresponding response is Figure It is hard to see, for the response merges in with the baseline. However, the reflection is zero and it is zero everywhere.

This filter was designed for a 1 kHz crossover, so it can be scaled to other frequencies with ease. Figure 12 is another final audio example. This circuit is very similar to the one used in the past by Roy Lewallen, W7EL, although the inductor was smaller at uH in his Optimized rig. The response of this diplexer is shown in Figure This is not perfect, but it is probably quite a good performer in typical receiver situations.

Finally, here's a higher frequency example. The filters have a cross over at about MHz. Note that there is a slight reflection in the transition band.

This is probably just the result of our having rounded some values in the design process. Figures J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) and This easy to build diplexer has a low parts count and is easily built using Ugly Construction. Resistors R1 and R2 present a 50 ohm impedance to the mixer output and a 50 ohm impedance to the input of the post mixer amplifier. The IF frequency is passed through the diplexer while out of passband RF is given a low impedance path to ground.

The capacitance for C1 is generally built up by substituting the nearest standard value capacitor or by placing 2 or more capacitors in parallel with each other to achieve the desired value. The same procedure is then repeated for the C2 capacitance. For more strenuous purposes, a portion of C1 and C2 or the inductors L1 and L2 can be variable and adjusted on the bench.

The inductors can easily wound on powdered-iron toroid cores. I have used T or T type toroids with good results. The Q of the inductors is 1. It is possible to design a more generalized form of this diplexer with a higher loaded Q in the resonators. The diplexer shown and used in the program has a Q of 1. Im Wald Auf Der Heide - Peter Schreier - Die Schönsten Volkslieder parallel tuned circuit would then use C that was 10 times higher with L to resonate.

A supplemental web page with some hard-core mathematics for this diplexer can be found on the Diplexer Supplemental Page. But it's a good one, within the constraints of what it can do. The first is the simulation schematic for the diplexer, which is better termed a Bridge-Tee Diplexer. There are bridge Tee filters and attenuators too. That figure is entitled Figure The response for this circuit is shown in Figure This is extremely good. The through response is very flat owing to the low Q of the series tuned circuit.

But even better is the match. It is very good. Indeed, it would have been perfect except for slight roundoff errors that occurred as we designed the networks. This kind of thing works fine if you really have a perfect match following the diplexer. But what if you don't. There are some places where they do not do the job that some folks think they will do.

The diplexer must still be properly terminated at both output ports. In Todd's usual applications, he is worried about providing a good mixer termination for a product detector.

The audio amp that he uses will usually have a common J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) first stage and that will present a good wideband load to the diplexer, so he is okay. But other folks have placed a diplexer after J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) switching mode mixer that then drives a narrow filter. The Jules - Da Monstar Mob - Da Lost Tapes [2004-2005] then does little good.

To illustrate this situation, I J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) a "crystal like" two pole LC bandpass filter with a 50 kHz bandwidth. This represents the general case where we try to put a diplexer between a mixer and a filter. The filter response by itself is shown in Figure The schematic for the diplexer and Slowmotion Girl - Laid Back - .Keep Smiling filter is in Figure The response for the combination is in Figure Here we see a passband response that is fine; it's just the repeat of the filter response we already saw.

However, the input impedance looking into the diplexer, the impedance that would be seen by a mixer, is terrible. The return loss is 0 dB at all frequencies except where we get within the passband of the filter.

Practical Diplexer for Popcorn Receivers Building a diplexer to follow a product detector is not a cheap endeavor. Audio inductors and capacitors such as metalized polyester film types are not common in many builder's junk boxes. I really like the design shown in Figure 10 and wished to use it because it uses just 2 inductors and capacitors which is in keeping with the popcorn nature of this website.

The main difficulty is J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) the inductors and capacitors are not standard value types and series connecting components to achieve the desired values would add to both the cost and size of the finished product. Obviously, it will not likely match from DC to daylight. That is not the intention of this simple design or this web site in general.

I asked Wes to place just 2 standard value capacitors and inductors in the Figure 10 diplexer design and see what happens. Here was his response to my request: OK, here are some "practical values. We start with Change the inductor to 10 mH and get Figure Then change the cap to 2. But now move into the world of even greater reality and acknowledge that many of the inductors we use at audio are very low Q.

Change Qu of L to 10 at 1 kHz, so I put 6. And do the same thing, but with a dB scale, for Figure Note that we can see the difficulties, but J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) are still pretty good.

We see some loss about 1 dB in the low pass path and less than perfect match. But the match is still very good. A 10 dB match is about Hope this is what you were after Wes It was and I will use this "practical" diplexer in my next popcorn DC receiver project. Note that the practical diplexer input and output impedance is 50 ohms and the 2. In the hay day of tube electronics, builders used terminal strips and point-to-point wiring within the project chassis.

I mostly breadboard using Ugly Construction. Ugly Construction, "dead bug", or "ground-plane construction" involves building circuits on top of a double or single-sided copper clad board copper side up for singlesided board. The copper ground-plane provides a low impedance ground and mechanically supports the parts soldered to it. Component J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) requiring I Love You - Jackie McLean - Swing, Swang, Swingin are soldered directly to the copper surface, while the ungrounded leads of these parts anchor any ungrounded parts connected to them.

Isolated sections called stand-offs hold other ungrounded or remotely located parts. Example stand-offs include high value resistors 10 Megohm or greaterterminal strips, or small copper islands glued onto or cut into the copper ground-plane. The Masher - Jimmy Knepper Quintet - Jimmy Knepper In L.A. such as transistors, IC's or commercial diode ring mixers J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) generally flipped upside down and anchored by their grounded lead s.

Metal encased parts such as crystals can be grounded by a short wire or directly soldered upside down to the copper board. DC voltage wires, or decoupling resistors may be supported by soldering 1 lead of a bypass capacitor to the ground plane while the other lead holds the DC voltage carrying part up off the copper board a short distance.

I mostly use grounded caps for stand-offs and not 10M resistors. Shown above — a 10 Megohm, half-watt, stand-off resistor anchors the "hot" inductor terminal plus supports the ungrounded trimmer capacitor terminal. The coil's 24 gauge wire provides additional mechanical stability. The signal loss from adding the 10M resistor was about 0. Ugly Construction allows the experimenter total control over the design of a project and in my opinion, its greatest strength is speed.

Ugly Construction yields rapid and flexible bread boarding — very appealing for prodigious home builders. I asked Wes about this in The term and the bread boarding technique emphasized the fact that there is no correlation between the "prettiness" of a construction project and the way it works.

According to Wes, the goal had a couple of corollaries. Second, is that we all need to look at our projects after the fact to discover what it is that really makes them work well. In the case of the Ugly Weekender, the thing that makes it fly is that J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) is a wonderful ground plane with that PC board material". Indeed, this transceiver functions very well; especially after you temperature compensate the VFO.

Wes also built versions J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) the 30 and 80 meter bands. I have versions on 15, 40 and 80 meters. The transmitter portion is a true QRP classic; both as a Ham radio transmitter and because it promoted "ugly" ground-plane or dead bug bread boarding techniques to the scratch homebrew community.

All ungrounded leads not anchored to other parts are attached to the copper ground-plane via high ohm resistors — no glued pads or islands cut in the copper board. In-situ comparisons of a 10 megohm resistor versus islands cut into the ground plane and glued-on Manhattan-style pads demonstrated that the resistor had the lowest capacitance; around 1 pF versus 4 pF or greater for the pads or islands.

Click for a crystal oscillator. Above — Classic Ugly Construction using a high ohm stand-off resistor. The top of the 10 megohm resistor is the VCC connection point. Bypass capacitors also serve as stand-offs and I prefer thick lead volt or greater caps for stand-off duty.

Above — The original Ugly Weekender. Now this is Classic Ugly Construction. Please refrain from building this transceiver and adding modern notions such as a PIC microcontroller keyer — that's just wrong! Manhattan or "paddy board" construction uses small square or round pads cut or stamped from PC board that are glued copper side up onto a large copper clad board also placed copper side up.

Components soldered to the pads such as transistors or ICs are generally not positioned upside down like in Classic Ugly Construction. Many Manhattan style builders use IC sockets as well. These hobbyists sometimes build beautiful looking layouts — Manhattan is a wonderful bread boarding technique. Google for more City Of Refuge - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Good Son. Click for a blog describing his version of the WBR regenerative receiver.

The circuit board is placed copper side up and holes are drilled and countersunk so that the holes are isolated from the ground plane. Ungrounded components are connected underneath the main board through the countersunk holes. There are many such variations. Each Ugly Construction variant has advantages and disadvantages. On this website, stand-offs are created by cutting a few lines into the copper board with a small, motorized hobbyist cutting tool; with high megohm value resistors, and occasionally by a small Manhattan style pad or 2.

Manhattan pads are great for supporting components needing solid anchoring such as a trimmer capacitor or potentiometer. Classic Ugly Construction dominates circuits breadboarded after May The motor tool may also be used to grind off the copper underneath where VFO toroidal inductors will lie, so that the inductor Q is not effected by the being glued onto a copper surface.

In audio projects, I may also grind off the copper around the copper board mounting bolts so that they are isolated from the chassis and do not provide multiple grounds and create the potential for ground loops. I've received Carl & Pearl Butler - Greatest Hits over Pan - Birch Book - November 19th, 2006 (DVDr) about Ugly Construction since launching the site in Some feel that circuits made with Manhattan pads are more reproducible than Classic Ugly Construction builds.

This might Draw Your Lines - Qhixldekx - Welcome To Qhixldekx true, but to my knowledge nobody has performed a comparison trial. The important question is why would this happen? In microwave breadboards, we fabricate lumped element inductors and capacitors i. I conjecture human error probably inflicts more problems for Ugly Construction builders — Manhattan building, with its slower pace might trigger less mistakes by newbies.

Still, too, Manhattan builders tend to make prettier, squared and aligned circuits and it's easier to spot trouble — plus they look nicer in photographs and some builders carefully document and photograph their builds for others to admire and strictly copy.

I've see Manhattan build photos where every resistor tolerance band pointed in the same direction — wow! I think it might be difficult to put such a 'work of J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) into an RF-tight metal box for much-sought isolation.

Further, in J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) Construction — upside down parts might wreak havoc on the "spatially challenged" builder. Who knows? I'm comforted knowing that kit sellers who provide a screened printed circuit board with explicit instructions, still must provide major email support to mitigate build errors. To err in an ugly fashion is human? Whatever variant of construction you choose, it's sure to be a winner!

Further Discussion Wire Non-stranded solid core copper wire such as the 22 AWG 3-color package sold by Radio Shack seems a good choice for hook up wire. With non-stranded wire, J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) do not have to worry about little stay wire hairs causing shorts and it's easier to wrap around components leads. I use red for wires that carry positive voltage, green for grounding and black for wires that carry AC signals short distances.

In addition, RG or shielded wire is used to carry AC signals for distances greater than 10 cm, and for connecting stages requiring 50 ohm input or output impedances such as diode ring mixers or low-pass filters.

Your Health Please consider the following safety comments: For regular soldering, ensure ventilation of your room — flux fumes can be harmful. Soldering Irons For soldering copper clad boards together, AC grounds on tube guitar amp chassis and performing antenna work, I currently use a Quando Fala Um Português. - António Variações - Anjo Da Guarda SP 80L 80 watt soldering iron.

It is heavy and unwieldy, so you have to be very careful when its plugged in. These high wattage soldering irons produce lots of smoke. Shown above is an 80 watt "heat torch". My main soldering irons are typically in the watt range.

Consider keeping at least 1 back up soldering iron, as you J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) know when a soldering iron is going to burn up. My current 35 watt iron is shown below.

These Weller irons have a built in lamp which lights when they are plugged in; a very nice feature. I also keep a small stock of new soldering iron tips. Copper Clad Board Some builders ask about sources for copper clad board. I personally use boards made by MG Chemicals as they have dealers in my city and are reasonably priced and good quality. Try the search words copper clad board plus your country name in your favorite web search engine.

A few links follow, but as I have only used boards sold locally, I can't comment about the online companies. EMRFD is the main reference for this web site. I built this circuit from start to scope in about 25 minutes.

You may remove entire stages from 1 board and solder them onto another. Note how the 10K output potentiometer holder is soldered to the main copper clad board. The grounded 10K resistor is used to anchor the 22K resistors connected to IC pins 2 and 3 and can be seen in the foreground. Shown above is another project. Entire control panels can be built from copper clad board for prototype circuits.

In this board are numerous cut paths, 7 potentiometers, 3 jacks J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) a switch. Do not build an LC VFO over double sided copper clad board; lest it become "a capacitor" and affect your frequency stability. Pins 4, 6,7, 8 and 10 are grounded to the copper surface; well anchoring this part. Above — a method to anchor op-amps using a split negative and positive power supply.

Pins 4 and 8 are soldered to the copper board via a 10 megohm resistor. The resistor leads were left a little long to allow easy connection of the power supply wires.

I write each pin's polarity on the board to avoid wiring mistakes. Shown above is another use for copper clad board; heat sinks. In this case, 2 scraps are epoxy glued to 2N and 2N transistors. They are great for applying liquid flux to allow easy and precise soldering of SMT components. Also sometimes when adding components to ground in already built up circuit boards, it can be difficult to get your soldering iron down at a low angle for proper heat transfer.

Some flux can help solder a part to the copper ground plane in these situations. Shown above are the basic tools used to cut copper clad board. A felt pen marker, small square and a set of straight aviation shears. If you press one end of the copper board into the side of your bench and keep pressure on the handle of the aviation shears with your thigh, it Jokes On You - Nervous Christians - Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold possible to make long, straight cuts.

The board will flex and move out of the way as you cut. Your leg provides the force to advance the aviation shears. Steel wool used to clean up copper clad board before construction. A box like this will last for years. For 15 years, I've used this 9 mm cutter to scrape the enamel insulation off the magnet wire wound on toroidal inductors.

When Dick isn't sailing he builds and operates his homebrew QRP gear to hams around the west coast of Canada and the U. Presented is a double sideband transceiver that Dick calls "Wee Willy". This rig has a low parts count and is easily built using non-etched PC board techniques. Dick even makes his own radio case using copper clad PC board for the front and back panels and cardboard for the rest of the case. There is a separate container which holds a 6 volt rechargeable battery and speaker.

The back panel has the antenna jack, power input cord and the speaker jack. The battery pack has a uF capacitor to across the power leads for additional filtering and is shown Los Reos - Bajate De Mi Nube the VFO schematic. The text that follows is clipboard pastings from email that Dick sent me with some additional comments and expansions by me.

Dick's project exemplifies practicality and innovation and with that J4 - I-F - Lost Tracks For Lost Minds - Part 10 (File) a major contribution for the QRPHB site. Construction Methods Dick's electronic construction method is quite fascinating and represents yet another derivation of ugly construction.

The electronic wiring is done on single sided PC board, copper side up. Small holes are drilled through the PC board material to allow component leads to pass through them.

Then the holes carrying active leads are chamfered countersunk with a larger drill bit which is not run all the way through the PC board. November 20, Retrieved October 9, December 5, October 26, Juicy J - Money Bag". December 11, December 12, December 18, Retrieved December 18, In 2.

Retrieved December 24, January 3, January Die Sterne Stehn Gut - Various - Souvenirs Der 70er Jahre, Retrieved January 9, Juicy J - Twerk Off". January 14, Retrieved January 21, Complex Media. Retrieved January 23, Retrieved January 11, Retrieved February 3, February 28, Retrieved February 28, March 3, Retrieved March 3, March 19, Retrieved March 19, Martin f. March 28, Retrieved March 28, Rone f.

April 4, Retrieved April 4, April 12, Retrieved April 12, April 16, Retrieved April 16, Me Or Yourself? April 13, Retrieved April 13, Juicy J - Pop A Molly". April 23,


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  2. FLORIDAN FILE PHOTO Fireworks bloom in the skies of Marianna during last year's Fourth of July Celebration. Internet/E-mail Basic Computer Class Part 1 Noon to 3 p.m. at the Goodwill Career Training Center, U.S. 90, Marianna. Free class teaches "Have these men lost their minds?" That trenchant question was posed by Fox News commentator.
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  4. This report is part of EPA's continuing effort to identify, improve, and utilize environmental indicators in its planning, management, and public reporting. PM exposures have been linked to increased school absences and lost work days, hospital admissions and emergency room visits, and even death from heart and lung diseases (EPA, ORD, NCEA.
  5. The servers lost power for many hours on May 4 and June 12 due to bad weather. Severe storms arising from the Pacific Ocean threaten our AC power lines each Spring. The result is Y=(G+jB)=E-6 + jE Of special importance is the resistive real part of the admittance. The 10 pF series capacitor in our example makes the 50 Ohm resistor.
  6. lost if. polluted, grasslands. it is. and. water can be and wildlife can be destroyed by. not properly cared. forests. for, minerals can be wasted. America's natural resources are part of your God.

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