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A place you can be yourself. A place you can feel safe. And believe it or not, one of the best places to discuss just anything Its Over (Radio Edit) - Various - Taneční Liga 59 could possibly cross your mind - from Speed Life - Aneurol 50 - Next To Your Door to physics, religion, poetry, relationships.

People outside the community may think it was place of Its Over (Radio Edit) - Various - Taneční Liga 59which always made me laugh. Anything that ever happened there was only consensual and sane.

The atmosphere of my first visit so relaxed I became curious about bondage. Kay - Dont Run Away. System - Housetime Is Anytime.

Frank Naples - Ma Quale Idea. Van Der Toorn - Cherish. Anka - The Night. Van Der Toorn - Honey Luv. MP3 09 - Dr. Alban - Enemies. M - Sensation. Hit Mix. Nina - Gimme Sunshine. Shannon - Move Mania. Alban - Papaya Coconut. Ror D. Joanne Houchin - Angel Don't Cry. Des'ray A D - Rock - The. Feat Dr. Alban - Colour The World. Zycro - Birthday Party.

Bo Horne - Spank! More - Run Away. Airplay Edit. Sunbeam - Outside World Single Edit. Mike Koglin feat. Down Low - So Long Goodbye Single Mix.

Pandera - Cecilia Short Cut. Roller Girl - Dear Jessie. Floorfilla - Anthem 2. Kosmonova - Acid Folk Pulsebriver V - I Dominate U.

Bacon Popper - The Key. Basement Jaxx - Randez-Vu. Key West - Sorry, Sorry, Sorry. La Morena - Decadencia. T Spoon Its Over (Radio Edit) - Various - Taneční Liga 59 Summer Love. D Night - Its Over (Radio Edit) - Various - Taneční Liga 59. Mambo Maniacs - Mambo On Lutricia McNeal - Days. The 3 Jays-Feeling It Too. Nightcrawlers-Never Knew Love. Dave Kay - Hypnotizin. Kyria - Genie In A Bottle. Candi Station-Young Hearts. Crucial - After All Africa. Jack-Only House Music ' Express feat-Caprice-Reach Out.

Clint Brings-Show Me Love. Marvin - Let me Stay. Monday Midnite - The G Train. Dj Dave - Eternity Is Past. Kid - Woodpeckers from Space. Cece Rogers-Supastars. Brilliant-I Am Drifting Devotion. Carlo Carita.

MP3 02 - The summer. MP3 03 - No limit. MP3 04 - Will I ever. MP3 05 - Eternal flame. MP3 06 - Cartoon heroes. It's not really easy concerning the amount of accidents, Zadar has one of the richest history stories in all Europe. So much of it could be written here, but then again there's not enough space. It takes some time but it's the only way to do it objectively.

Also it's important to do it systematically, step by step, from prehistory to the modern times, without jumping up and down. It's the only way to have a high quality text.

I'm Life - Various - Basler Band Compilation interested to gain quality here, since I'm born in Zadar and I live in Zadar. I love this city more than all of Coppice Halifax - CMX II [Extension A] together, I know its history very well including many details that only the natives can know about.

Its Over (Radio Edit) - Various - Taneční Liga 59 my intention is to edit it and repair it only by references from the high quality sources. So I must ask you this: please give me some time, join me if you want, or just follow my edits and if you think that something is wrong, write your comment here in the talk page, so we can discuss it in civil manner and find a better solution.

If you want to No Conversation - Various - Technodeath describe your intention here first before editing.

And never war edit. It's the worse thing for the article. Don't jump immidiately to the end of history because it will lead us to chaos, we already have chaos here. If you want to contribute describe your intention here at the talk first.

So we can have homogenous text and not violently joined pieces. Don't attack the article with definitions that prove something just because you think it was like that and not the other way, unless it's something important for the history. I will edit slowly, so if you think that something is wrong, don't panic. I don't own Wikipedia or this article so I can only ask you to behave this way and hope that you are Letter Full Of Tears - Various - Giants Of Soul and intelligent person.

Zenanarh talk22 July UTC. But in the meantime the official page is your Boom Boom - John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom (DVD, Album) After Dalmatia including Dubrovnik came under Its Over (Radio Edit) - Various - Taneční Liga 59 Austrian crown. AfterItalian and Slavic nationalism became accentuated and the city became divided between the Croats People's Party and the Italians Autonomist Partyboth of whom founded their respective political parties.

There are conflicting sources for both sides claiming to have formed the majority in this period; in general the era saw Slavs grow more than Italians throughout Dalmatia, fostering a neatly distinct national spirit. In October 31 the population of Zadar rebelled against Austrian rule and raised the Italian flag and on 4 November the city was occupied by the Italian army. The territory was organized into an Italian province. Zadar remained under Italian sovereignty until 31 October If any have info of nobles families of Zadar in the same way of the Republic of Ragusa?

Ragusino, IP editors, where are we going with these interminably lengthy posts? We're supposed to be talking about how the article can be made better. Can you make your suggestions kind of bullet point style?

I mean, so that we can see what you want? Beacause if we don't make progress here, and you start reverting when the protection is over, you know, the next protect is going to be a very very long one, so, best to list your points here in order for us to see them and get your good suggestions into the article straight away. Any good suggestions we'll accept immediately, by the way, please let me reassure you of that. We're sitting with our fingers on the trigger to type them up.

Two guys that own some distillery die during the Second World War circa 70, dead and we have to write sentences about that on an encyclopaedia?

Completely and utterly irrelevant However, I'm not going to take your word for it, get a reliable source. Also, I consider most ex-Yugoslav sources biased as well, stick to neutral non-local sources. He's trying to include them because they're exiles i. That's biased writing, PIO. I'd like to see some real sources in accordance with WP:V.

The random internet web pages you listed are completely against Wikipedia policy and may be disregarded. Concentrate on historians, scholarly sources, and most of all: actual evidence of a "Tito's conspiracy".

Furthermore, if you engage in any edit-warring whatsoever, you will be immediately reported. I've had enough of that.


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  1. Would you please tell me if the quotation over there is a statement from Monzali himself or from his primary source?? You already told me which book its from, that's not what I am asking. I am not concerned with your take on the matter. I did not say he's an "irredentist", but its an Italian source.
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