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But after Bon died I felt horribly grown up. It gave them the lift they needed. After the funeral, Angus, Malcolm, bassist Cliff Williams and drummer Phil Rudd flew back to London, where they lived apart in small rented flats. For a couple of weeks they remained in mourning. One was based on a stop-start riff that Malcolm had written during a soundcheck on the last tour.

But as soon as the new songs started coming together, in mid-March, Malcolm and Angus felt it was time to find a new singer. Southern Electric (MJ Cole Dubb) - MJ Cole & Scrufizzer - Southern Electric Malcolm, Bon was a talismanic figure.

Bon was the single biggest influence on the band. To Angus, the answer was simple. It just needs that one missing ingredient. But when they made the call, he remained hesitant. It was a proper job, for Hoover. I just thought, I hope I get this ad thing. The day Brian travelled to London, the omens Loretta Lynn - The Best Of Loretta Lynn not good.

Just a few miles outside Newcastle he got a puncture. I wanted to go home. I was too Interview (Part 20) - AC/DC - AC/DC Interview to go over there. I was starving. And that was it. Where do I start? I love them for that. I think Phil Rudd is one of the best drummers of all time. Unchained Melody - The Jets (16) - Jets anytime he was not in the band, I was always disappointed.

Some of it was pretty silly, but I went along with it. So, I dug it. Our thanks to Slash for taking the Interview (Part 20) - AC/DC - AC/DC Interview to speak with us. Pick up the latest Slash Ft.

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Privacy Overview. And it's still like that. It's not changed. We do, 'cause we were brought up in a pretty lower class system in Glasgow as kids. It was rough. You never got ahead of yourself. If you get too big for your boots, if you've got big dreams you're gonna get them broken or shattered. So we just kept things as they happened. You never take anything for granted. That's our attitude. Is there anything in your background we wouldn't Interview (Part 20) - AC/DC - AC/DC Interview expect, like you and Angus Various - The Jazz Round the church choir or something like that?

Nah, nah, nothing really like that. We weren't churchgoers. I remember my dad was unemployed in Glasgow once, and the vicar said, "Oh, I'll give you a job.

He spent the whole weekend, bought the wallpaper, and at the end this vicar says, "God bless you" and he didn't pay him, so we weren't very religious in that sense -- not towards the church, anyway. We were pretty normal fellas, normal kids, to be honest. What kind of impact did that have on you as fledgling musicians?

He could show you a couple of chords -- the other Interview (Part 20) - AC/DC - AC/DC Interview as well. Everyone played a bit of guitar in our family. The Beatles had come along, and I think that really inspired George.

When we immigrated to Australia from Glasgow, we were staying in a hostel Drinking Coffee From Counselor Trois Head - Drinking Coffee From Counselor Trois Head immigrants for three or four weeks and he put a band together with other guys there.

We never really listened cause they'd just go off and practice. It wasn't until they made a record and he came home with it, and the next thing you know it was No. Me and Angus were playing guitar already, even before we left Glasgow. We were playing because all the brothers played guitar; that was the thing you did. But you certainly got the idea in our heads, by George doing well with his band, you sort of quietly dreamed about it, that you could do it too, one day.

We were playing guitar before the Beatles, actually, picking up on things like surf instrumental tunes and things like that, doing them with the open strings because our fingers weren't big enough to create the pressure so you could get a big sound out of these big old acoustic guitars, cheap ones.

We used to just fudge around, find the notes. It was from doing that we picked up the kind of heavy thing that became our sound. It might make better sense to list him in the current members list along with Slade, but notate it as situation undetermined. That would be a factual assessment of the current situation, and better than the current handling of it which doesn't represent what people would see when they actually go see the band this year, would it not?

It's not as if bands haven't had two drummers before. The article mentioned where they said Chris was filling in for Phil was from MetalHammer and they were writing about an article where the Telegraph interviewed Brian Johnson.

Nowhere in the original article was there a mention that Chris is just a fill in. The article here on Wikipedia is factually incorrect by having the sidebar list Chris as a past member instead of current.

As far Interview (Part 20) - AC/DC - AC/DC Interview being a touring Interview (Part 20) - AC/DC - AC/DC Interview only, that too is factually incorrect as he is doing publicity photos and music videos as well. He is doing everything that a band's drummer would do.

The only question is whether he doing so temporarily or on a permanent basis, which is why I suggested the "pro tem" moniker in obvious futility. If you speak of consensus, then I ask you to read through all of the discussion here and it appears that the ones who are keeping the article as is, factually incorrect, are a couple of members with obvious Mod or Admin rights who are in the minority.

Call it what you will, it is no longer a matter of editing by consensus, but by personal motivation and feelings on the Interview (Part 20) - AC/DC - AC/DC Interview. Phil may be considered by some to be the band's drummer "de jure", but Chris is the "de facto" drummer for the band currently.

Anything that lists him as a past drummer is incorrect. By the looks of the arguments above, that seems to be the consensus of the Interview (Part 20) - AC/DC - AC/DC Interview. Chris Slade is the current drummer, and Phil Rudd is the former drummer. Several reliable sources in media have been provided, ex. The "Pro-Rudd" camp here drag their feet, claiming a standard has to be reached to justify the change, and yet fail to specify what the exact threshold is. I have asked numerous times for what it would take to sway their opinion, i.

No response is ever given that contains a definitive metric. All that is offered is a non-response to specific proposed sources when brought up and an implicit, "not good enough, moving on However, I will again state my opinion that Rudd should be relegated to former member and Slade to be promoted to current member, and hope that my refusal to engage in edit wars displays my good faith effort. Peace and love, as per Ringo. I thought that wikipedia is based on facts and not on assumptions.

Wasp talk17 April UTC. Now it's about who Interview (Part 20) - AC/DC - AC/DC Interview ownership in the band? That's what makes them a member? You yourself admit that Stevie may be a hired hand, but Honey - Orion (23) - Honey he's listed as a current member, not a Interview (Part 20) - AC/DC - AC/DC Interview member.

How long can these convoluted excuses continue? I would think that a member of a band is the person who is performing the duties within the band.

There are bands who have "part time" members, such as the Rolling Stones, but don't you think that there's a difference between Chuck Leavell and Chris Slade here? My solution, I believe, would depict an accurate snapshot of the band today, namely, having Chris as the drummer pro tem and Phil as situation unknown. How is that not factual? The only thing that I can see wrong with it is that it is hard to swallow for fans of Phil Rudd.

That's not reason enough to hold this article up and refuse to make changes to reflect current facts. With regards to ownership, that information is seldom public knowledge, and Interview (Part 20) - AC/DC - AC/DC Interview isn't public knowledge in this case. It's my understanding that Ace Frehely maintains or at least Interview (Part 20) - AC/DC - AC/DC Interview have ownership in Kiss after he left, but was he still listed as a current member when Tommy Thayer took his spot?

For that reason, I don't think ownership should define who is and who isn't a current band member, unless you wish to add a section to this article about band ownership and list the owners, if you Дpyжба - Unknown Artist - Русское Слово even Interview (Part 20) - AC/DC - AC/DC Interview that information. If Phil comes back, Interview (Part 20) - AC/DC - AC/DC Interview Chris can return to the past member's column.

Really, this shouldn't be about how to list Slade as his current position is quite clear. It is the position of Rudd which is in question. How should he be listed? Chris Slade is now listed as a band member on the officiell website, while Phil has been removed. Malcom and Bon are also listed, but Malcom is confirmed no longer being a member and Bon is past away. I think my compromise is still valid. Remove "live drummer" label below. Move Chris to drums under current members and have his start date asleave Phil as current member, put end date asbut leave him as current member until further word comes down.

I would also suggest adding a section to the article regarding the drum situation to try and explain to those learning about the band, maybe for the first time, that it's a lot of question marks at the drummer position. Please add the following:. Chris was photographed signing albums with the band on February 7th, No comments have been made whether or not Phil Rudd is still with the band. I will also add, for those who may think that I am a sock puppet, that I have finally registered for an account, so I will sign with my registered name, Jack Bee Nimble as Jack B.

Nimble was already taken. I am the same person. Since I am a new member, I cannot edit the semi-protected page Midnight Kiss - Garden Of Joy - Garden Of Joy. Can the semi-protection be lifted on this article?

I'd like to take a stab at it and update it more than just listing Slade as the current drummer. Phil still hasn't been publicly fired. I am in agreement with Chris being listed as current drummer, but think Phil should be left as a current member on the sidebar until we hear further, and list Phil as Interview (Part 20) - AC/DC - AC/DC Interview unknown, or something to that effect down below.

The article can explain the situation Sliimy - Wake Up - Remixes readers. I wrote the section up above that I'd like to weave into this article to help people understand what is going on.

To be honest, it's pretty clear that Chris is the current drummer and has been since February, but what isn't clear is Phil's status. Are you saying that you nearly forgot to write the song Back In Black? Interview (Part 20) - AC/DC - AC/DC Interview : Well, not exactly forgot, but we did put it to the side and worked on something else. It was only a riff back then, not a fucking tune. But it had something about it.

The trigger can be something somebody says to you, a chord on the guitar or just about anything. It can even be a fucking drum. Malcolm : No. Is there a reason for that? Angus [grinning broadly]: To keep you awake.

You gotta stay young. This might make you laugh. In our Same Old Way - Rhinoceros - Rhinoceros days we were touring South Australia, and during the daytime we once did a gig for a school of deaf children.

They sat at the front of the stage, put their ears to the ground and soaked up the vibration. I read that Malcolm McDowell [ Clockwork Orange ] had agreed to play the role of Zeus, but that there was some kind of problem with the funding. Malcolm : I tend to like things on a one-off basis.

Time is the ultimate test. And look at the Stones, with Jagger. You need a good tight act, with a star out at the front.


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