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- Various - The Book Of Mormon - Original Broadway Cast Recording Nothin' Yet Free 'n Easy Devil's Toy Little Lost Sometimes Powertrippin' Out Of Season Over The Edge Wrench Jonestown Mind She's A Little Angel Do You Wanna Riot Kickin' Up Dust Radical Your Lover Boneyard Product Of The Working Class I Ain't Gonna Cry Too Much Too Young Womankind Soapbox Sail Away Grave Digger - Circle Of Witches Grave Digger - Rebellion Cathedral - Hopkins The Witchfinder General Cathedral - Stained Glass Horizon Skyclad - Emerald Skyclad - Thinking Allowed Hawkwind - Images Mantas - Deceiver Raven - On And On Big Mouth - Big Mouth Xentrix - For Whose Advantage Xentrix - Ghostbusters Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant Sid Vicious - My Way Sid Vicious - C'mon Everybody Atom Seed - Rebel Atom Seed - Get In Line Atom Seed - Happy The Wildhearts - TV Tan Killers - Children Of The Revolution I Like It Hot Man Hunt Ezy End Of The Century The Grip - American Dream Roadhouse - Tower Of Love Red Dogs - Sweet Little Ruby Uncle Sam - Ain't No Valentino Well, now I've gotten around to it: John Gulager's Feast.

Then Tom pays tribute to the late character actor Michael J Pollard with a review of the under-appreciated s gem American Gothic. Besides the tight script, the incredible cast and acting, and killer soundtrack, it's just a really beautifully dark film. Then, Desmond goes solo on a Dread Media Top 5 of heavy metal dirtbag films. Up first, Superman's origin story gets an uninspired spin in Brightburn.

Then, things get worse when they review the Finnish vigilante film Rendel: Dark Vengeance. Then, Tom Deja stops by to take a look at Without Warning.

But first, a state of the podcast address! Finally, Tom regrettably goes back to school to follow up last week's review with Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp. Sorry for the horrible audio on my end.

And finally, Tom reviews the Korean horror film Death Bell. And, will Tom Deja finally find a neo-grindhouse film that he enjoys? Let's listen to his review of the Korean film Revenger to find out.

Please got to PayPal. Wat Een Geluk - Annie Palmen - Wat Een Geluk Dawn of the Dead. And, of course, there are songs: "Question! First up, Tom Deja joins Desmond to discuss the regrettable Blackenstein: The Black Frankenstein in case you didn't get that from the first part of the title. I know. Weird, right? We talk about the weather, weird conspiracy theories people tell, and how Tom Green and Udo Kier got along on set.

Then, Desmond and Tom go underground with their review of the teen horror comedy Slaughterhouse Rulez. Then, stick around for something Desmond might have liked in his teenage years as he reviews Rondo.

Phibes series The Abominable Drinking Coffee From Counselor Trois Head - Drinking Coffee From Counselor Trois Head. Phibes and Dr. Phibes Rises Againas well as all the Dr. Phibes films that weren't. Phibes" and "Dr. RIP Nature Ganganbaigal. I don't. But there was digital audio evidence, and that's what this week's episode is.

So, watch out for those cigar store Indians, be suspicious of black garbage bags in lakes, look both ways before crossing the street, and enjoy this week's episode! We also give away two copies of Us on Blu-ray.

First up, Desmond goes solo on a review of Us and offers a giveaway of said film. Michael Marshall " by Luniz, "Godzilla feat. First, Darryll and Desmond are pretty sure they would have enjoyed Tremors even if they didn't start drinking before noon.

Then, Tom stops by to help Des come to grips with the fact that he really likes the latest entry in the series: Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell.

Is it any good? We're afraid not. Randy Blythe and Alissa White-Gluz. First up, Tom and Desmond take on the regrettable Netflix production, Extinction. In this episode, your intrepid host fields questions from you, the listeners, on topics such as music, movies, podcasting, writing, and the appeal of Glenn Danzig.

First, in Cama sex worker is beset upon by sinister forces that just might be a lot closer to home than she initially thinks. Then, Devil Dinosaur Jr. Then, an assassin finds that retirement isn't quite what it was chalked up to be in Des and Tom's review of Polar. Then, a bunch of people are trapped in a Spanish bar in the midst of some kind of plague in Duane and Des's review of The Bar. So, I guess it's just the norm.

It's pretty great. In this episode, my friend Sezin Koehler and I deep-dive into the films with wild fan theories and praise and just plain enjoyment. Nerd out with us! Finally, Duane joins Desmond to review the Dutch apocalyptic film Molly. First up, Desmond and Duane take a look at the toxic frogs of Minnesota in the final film of late actress Lisa Sheridan: Strange Nature. RIP Lisa! Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid returns in a colossal fashion!

A colossal rabbit fashion, anyway. He reviews Night of the Lepus for us. Listen in as Desmond man-crushes on Viggo Mortensen, the merits of Christopher Walken are discussed, and the very serious repercussions of picking up a dead series and shooting two sequels in eastern Europe over a long weekend.

First Darryll and Desmond finally take a look at Takashi Miike's bizarro crime drama freak out: Gozu. This time we discuss his brand new nunsploitation film St. Then, because things weren't really good, they take a look at Brian Trenchard-Smith's Ozploitation classic Turkey Shoot.

For possibly the first time in the history of the show, we present a feature review that doesn't have Desmond in it. But Desmond is ridiculously proud to present a Roadkill Review of M. Night Shyamalan's Glass by the hosts of one of his all-time favorite movie podcast hosts: Derrick Ferguson and Tom Deja. Don't fear, Desmond comes back to review Intensive Care with Duane, where they discuss how the movie is like a Steven Seagal film starring a woman who is a private care nurse.

Just go with us here. But it is bookended first by Desmond reviewing and then giving away a copy of Halloween to one In The Moment - The Entertainers - The Entertainers Facebook Group member, and a story of real-life road rage that almost led to bloodshed just this weekend.

Or Action Jacksonuary? I'm working on it. First up, Darryll and Desmond not seeing each other for a long time is the disease and a ridiculously drunk review of Sylvester Stallone's Cobra is the cure.

Only, they spend more time talking about Rocky than Cobra. Regardless, it's fun. Finally, someone sober comes along and sticks to their guns in Tom Deja's review of a more recent example of Stallone's lesser fare: Eye See You. The music played on this episode comes from the top five records of the year, so you'll have to listen to find out! Happy New Year, Dreadites! Instead of just defaulting to a regular episode and being a regular old bah-humbug, the Dread Media crew got together to present reviews of three new Christmas-themed horror films.

Finally, Rich the Monster Movie Kid takes a look at what happens when a family Christmas dinner goes horribly wrong in Mercy Christmas. The Old Gods, the Universe, and Apple computers tried to keep it from you. But still, Desmond persisted. And he's glad he did because three cinematic masterpieces get reviewed this week.

First, our old friends Brittney and Jeff return to the show to review the brand new Netflix film Apostle with Desmond. Okay, "masterpieces" may have been the wrong word. Just go and explore a place you've never been. Darryll and I did. We watched a movie we'd never seen before. While we did, we stayed in room Enjoy your vacation. You may never return! Since the last time we talked, he's completed two films, The Rake and Skeletons in the Closetand he's here to talk about them, directing Robert Z'Dar in his Bayati Kurd (Azerbaïdjan) / Toutes Mes Joies (France) - Estampie - Marco Polo - Estampie Und Die Klä role, and plans for the future.

Whether your supernatural conjuring is done with just a prick of blood, a lengthened sequence of self-mutilation, or whether your ritual is meant to keep something away, we've got it all this week.

Then, don't be a dummy and try on random masks in a movie theatre! Finally, wrestling fan metalheads try to rescue a poor girl with symbols carved in her body, but are they doing the right thing? If that's too extreme for you, maybe this isn't the episode for you. First, Tom and Desmond review the brand new horror film that is trying desperately to be disturbing: Extremity.

To help you out, we have three reviews of three very recent horror films. First up, Desmond took a special trip to go see Mandy with Darryll in Vancouver. An anthology film based on holidays called Holidays. Get it? And that's not all! How about some holiday carols? It's exactly I Wanna Go Where The People Go. - The Wildhearts - The Final Diving - Live in Japan 1996 you think it is, but with a twist! First, Desmond and Duane review the bizarre, emotionally driven cult film The Invitation.

Then, Rich the Monster No Pain, No Gain - Various - The Super Mix Album (Phillys Favorite Remixes) Kid discusses a cabin getaway gone wrong in the brand new monster film Exposure.

It's out in two weeks and he's already completed filming on another film: Widow's Pointan adaptation of Richard and Billy Chizmar's novella of the same name. He's here to chat about the making of both films. Well, not really. Lying is a sin. I should be careful with that. First up, Desmond and Duane review the anthology film of brutality and depravity from a country known for I Wanna Go Where The People Go.

- The Wildhearts - The Final Diving - Live in Japan 1996 brutal and depraved cinema: German Angst. There are wicked stunts, explosions, throwing stars embedded in foreheads, cocaine, bad acting, wet T-shirts, steely gazes, and men so virile they'll make you go through puberty twice!

First, two brothers return to the death cult they grew up in to seek answers in Darryll and Desmond's review of The Endless. Then we dive into a themed episode based on aged action heroes from the s and 90s in modern genre roles.

Then Desmond gives his Top 5 old guys killing it in modern genre films. Don't miss it. RIP Jill Janus. Only one of these songs could actually be considered new: "New Model No. First, Darryll and Desmond spend their time during a blizzard drinking beers and discussing Alejandro Jodorowsky's psychedelic western, El Topo.

Then, Desmond and his year-old son, Cade, finish their look at the Americanized Japanese ghost series with their review of Rings. Topics include: a young Jennifer Connelly, Donald Pleasance having a lot of fun, and a chimpanzee with a razor blade. Well now you do. We do so with two films form the continent of Australia and an American anthology. Finally, Tom Deja and Desmond take a look at the grim-dark, but hopeful, Australian zombie apocalypse film Cargo. Then, David sticks around to review and pitch a prequel novel to a film that he and Desmond have talked about for years: the great dragon apocalypse film Reign of Fire.

First, Desmond and Duane look at the ancient sea-god meets urban graffiti Maria Verano - Be Your Lady film Soft Matter. RIP Steve Ditko. Who better to pay tribute to him with than Tom Deja? Together, Tom and Desmond talk a little bit about the man before reviewing the only major motion picture to be made of his work: A Boy and His Dog. There are even songs about Harlan!

RIP Harlan Ellison. First up, a few weeks ago we heard Rich's review of this film, but Desmond and Tom Deja had to have a walk-through of the Netflix production The Open House. First up, Tom Deja joins Desmond to talk about the underrated and often forgotten s remake of the s classic The Blob. Then, Desmond goes solo on the brand new revenge remake of Death Wish.

First up, Duane joins Desmond to discuss Oblivion. Then Desmond goes solo on its sequel: Backlash: Oblivion 2. They run the gamut from independent pet project to massive nine-figure budget blockbusters. First up, Darryll and Desmond take a look at the original film. The music we play is almost entirely songs from the films we're covering. If you're wondering about how it all happened, this is the interview for you. Be warned: Screamin The Blues - Paul Barbarin And His New Orleans Jazz Band* - New Orleans Jamboree gets spoilery.

If only there was an inanimate object that could make them stop. In totally unrelated circumstances, Desmond and Darryll present a review of the seminal John Carpenter film, and Stephen King adaptation, Christine. Only, this time, the top five is not focused on already existing content, but pitches for stories featuring horror centered around inanimate objects. Until now. Ninja Scrollthe sleazy s anime masterpiece, gets its due this week. First, Darryll and Desmond are shocked and enraptured by the amazing Isabelle Adjani in the disturbing Possession.

Then, Tom Deja joins Desmond again to marvel at how amazingly well year-old Sandra Escacena carries the film Veronica. First up, Tom Deja joins us again to talk about another Netflix production this time a good one : The Ritual. Then, Rich the Monster movie Kid reviews the summer-vacation-on-the-water-gone-wrong film Piranha.

And we learn that maybe there was a reason for such marketing magic. Cunningham: the House films. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid opts for something more modern, with a classic twist in his review of 's The Barn. Then, Desmond has a different kind of problem than last week's Top Five. This time, he had to limit his Top Five Witch Films to Bad Coffee - Various - Soma Case Logic that feature witches using witch powers as a main character in the film.

Look elsewhere for your lies and treachery and witch hunters in New England. Then Desmond provides his Dread Media Top Five genre sex comedies, which turned out to be a lot harder than he thought. First, the loss of a father leads family members to explore the netherworld of the seemingly supernatural board game Beyond the Gates. Then, the search for justice becomes the struggle for survival as Turkish police officers accidentally stumble through a doorway to Hell in a Stay Scary of Baskin.

Don't forget to email for the chance to win a Blu-ray of Don't Torture a Duckling. Then, Duane joins him for a review of the amazing The Ninth Configuration. First, they take a look at the anthology film XXwhich had only two rules: each segment must be directed and written by a woman.

Then, they take a look at Patchworka modern reworking of Frankenhooker. Then Devil Dinosaur Jr. In particular, the Inside team's latest film: Among the Living. Desmond and Darryll go deep on the film.

This week, Desmond kicks off with a solo show dedicated to the very best of in horror books, comics, television, movies, and music! That's it. Use this as your buyer's guide for things you missed out on. Use our sponsors to purchase those items when you can. Yes, there's music, but those are form Desmond's top six records of the year, so he's not going to spoil it for you in the show notes, silly. Here's to an excellent !

Pass the turkey leg! This week, Dread Media throws three reviews of Christmas horror at you. First Desmond and Duane take on the remarkably misguided The Elf. Finally, Devil Dinosaur Jr. Enjoy and be merry! First, Duane and Desmond take a look at the Bob Clark classic about coming home to your parents: Deathdream. This week, we're talking to the guy doing those adaptations: director Paul von Stoetzel. Paul and Desmond discuss documentaries, Japanese horror, the modern age of streaming, and his work on Bleed as well as an exciting upcoming film announcement.

Then, toxic masculinity is on display at its worst in Devil Dinosaur Jr. The toxic masculinity refers to the film not the review, by I Wanna Go Where The People Go. - The Wildhearts - The Final Diving - Live in Japan 1996 way. Co-directors Craig David Wallace and Richard Duhaney stop by to chat about the origins of the show, heavy metal, and animation style.

Then, as if that wasn't enough, Darryll and Desmond check out the 80s horror classic The Gate. Then former Married to Movies cohost and Desmond's wife asked to watch it with him. Not one to turn down watching a horror film with his non-horror fan wife, Desmond obliged.

So, Desmond and Duane review the film, with Megan interjecting throughout. RIP Malcolm Young. First up, the understated Dutch flick Der Liftand then his own American remake in 's Down.

Actually, they only like one of these movies so they end up talking about it a lot. RIP Chuck Mosley. Filmmaker Joe Lynch is here to talk about his brand new movie: Mayhem. It's awesome and it comes out this Friday, so go see it. Listen to the interview first. Then, we still don't have all the details on what crime Rich the Monster Movie Kid committed, but we know his community service was watching and reviewing The Snowman.

And, of course, no Halloween season is complete without a chat with our friend Greg Lamberson. As such, he's the runner of the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival which starts this week, so we talk about a lot of movies. Also, Devil Dinosaur Jr. We also pay tribute to two musicians we lost this week. First up, Desmond and Duane review Phil Stevens' hypnotically grotesque and nasty extreme horror film Lung.

I Wanna Go Where The People Go. - The Wildhearts - The Final Diving - Live in Japan 1996 a decade, Dread Media has given you free weekly content without fail. Please see fit to visit patreon.

Every little bit helps! Now, this week's episode deals with all disappointing films. Thank goodness the reviews are good!

First up, Desmond and Duane review The Ice Cream I Wanna Go Where The People Go. - The Wildhearts - The Final Diving - Live in Japan 1996 a film that didn't know what it was even though both Des and Duane knew and wanted it to pay off. Want some songs? Some good, some horrible. Before I get to the music, I also wanted to say that death also happened to pull Tom Petty away from us this week. RIP Tom Petty.

First, Desmond kicks off the show by doing a solo review on the brand-new entry in the Chucky universe: Cult of Chucky. Listen close because, at the end of the review, Des draws the winner for our Blu-ray giveaway. Then, Desmond is joined by Duane to attend Circus Kane.

Afterwards, Devil Dinosaur Jr. But he presents an interview with Mike Lombardo, who, besides also being sick and getting Desmond's blame for his own sickness via Skype-germs, has directed his first feature film: I'm Dreaming of a White Doomsday.

Devil Dinosaur Jr. No Legs. On top of that, there's not one but two giveaways, one clown-related and one creepy-doll-related. Songs included: "What If I? Greg Lamberson joins Desmond for a discussion about Victor Salvadirector of the upcoming third installation of his Jeepers Creepers series. In the discussion, they wonder why, when there are so many other thriving independent artists struggling to make films on pocket change, theatre chains like AMC and Regal Cinema, as well as producers like Francis Ford Coppola, continue to wholeheartedly support a convicted, unrepentant pedophile.

Then, just so things don't drag the entire episode into an abyss of real-world horror, Devil Dinosaur Jr. Whatever the battle, Dread Media sides with the people trying to keep children safe.

Anyone else is the enemy. Then Rich the Monster Movie Kid gives us a review of a prequel to a spinoff about a children's toy: Annabelle: Creation. Keep Dread Media weird! It's been at least six weeks since Desmond has recorded a podcast, even though it's only been a week since the last Dread Media. Desmond kicks off the show by running down the Europe trip and then telling a story about the time last night his little dog fought a cougar. And not a fun cougar. A real one. Then, having enough with reality, the show veers into science fiction as Desmond interviews authors David Agranoff and Edward R Morris about their collaborative epic, dirty sci-fi novel out now from Grand Mal Press: Flesh Trade.

The guys discuss their influences and their process for collaborating, as well as other projects in an hour-long interview. First, Adam, Desmond, and Jeff look at a movie where an insurance investigator goes looking for a best-selling author who has missed his deadline in their review of John Carpenter's In the Mouth of Madness.

Then, nothing tells you how much of a hard job filmmaking is than the Astron 6 film about making I Wanna Go Where The People Go. - The Wildhearts - The Final Diving - Live in Japan 1996 movie: The Editor. Think I'm crazy? Well, maybe I'm just crazy enough to broadcast these notes and this podcast into your mind! Or not. This week, Chris and Desmond dive into the character actor-laden psychic thriller The Fury.

Then Desmond goes solo on another character actor-laden psychic thriller: Firestarter. This episode is based around investigative horror. First, Duane and Desmond review The Quiet Oneswhere a group of scholars conduct an experiment on a troubled young girl. Then Desmond presents a Dread Media Top Five I Wanna Go Where The People Go. - The Wildhearts - The Final Diving - Live in Japan 1996 fun, weird, investigative pulp horror across all media.

First, Desmond and Duane look at a deal-with-the-devil-gone-wrong film: Devil's Domain. Then, The Commonwealth Crew returns for another Dread Reel-ief, looking at a sequel to a film they disagreed about; did Ian and Desmond disagree on Aliens vs.

Predator: Requiem? You'll have to hang around to see. Chris and Desmond grab films from his early career, and his creative peak, to kick things off: Rabid and Dead Ringers.

Look out, because the female of the species is deadlier than the male. Finally, Desmond returns to discuss the procedures involved in dealing with zombies that have thoughts and feelings until they are tempted by flesh, especially when it involves The Girl with All the Gifts.

Then, after far too long of a hiatus, the Commonwealth Crew is back as Ian joins Desmond to take a look at the misguided pre-Marvel Studios horror comic book movie, Ghost Rider. So stay tuned for that. RIP Adam West. Before I list the tunes, make note of our new address: dreadmediapodcast gmail. So be thankful that it is. Not "is good," just plain is. Anyway, two films of similar tone and theme are discussed.

Shorter episode, longer titles. It's a thing. Look it up! I mean, you need to know what three white people on a podcast have to think about that one, right? RIP Chris Cornell. First off, Desmond interviews handsome author of crime and horror noir Ed Kurtz about his process, why he doesn't like discussing genre even though I mention it in the show notesand upcoming adaptations of his work. Finally, Desmond reviews a comic book, this time an aging actress's emptiness at her lack of fame is filled with something sinister in the Image Comics release Glitterbomb: Red Carpet.

First up, a farmer needs a special ingredient for his roadside fritters in Motel Hell. Then, a man works through his issues with the opposite sex in Pieces. First off, Brian Yuzna's brilliant and gooey satire of the ruling class is never more relevant than it is today in Desmond and Darryll's review of Society. Then, women may often be viewed as sexual playthings by many Interceptor - DJ Tatana - 24 Karat, but in Desmond and Duane's review of the Swiss folk horror film Sennentuntschiwe see that they are not to be toyed with.

Fun fact about each of today's songs: each track played is the fourth track on its respective album, except for one which is an unreleased cover track. Then, if there's a better example of corporations not caring about their employees' welfare, it's probably an example from reality and not the new horror film in Rich the Monster Movie Kid's review of The Belko Experiment.

Then Desmond goes solo, outlining how soldiers have to accept orders no matter how lascivious, as two brilliant women are made to go undercover as whores for the SS in Love Camp 7 and a librarian has to take the law into her own hands in The Creeps.

In true Dread Media fashion, we cover the gamut. First, Duane and Desmond review a modern theatrical horror film where everyone's favorite boy-wizard gets drunk, wakes up with a dead girlfriend, and horns sprout from his head in Horns. Hey, they can't all adhere to themes. How about I make it up to you with some songs?

Dreadites of three different countries four if you count a background chime-in get their voices heard this episode with a wide-ranging variety of topics. RIP Bernie Wrightson. First, Desmond and his sons review the brand new Kong of Skull Island. Then, a fresh mockumentary take on vampires and werewolves in Duane and Desmond's review of What We Do in the Shadows. First up, Desmond and Darryll, a little bit interview Chris Beaubien about his medical vendetta short film, Socket.

RIP, sir. First up, in preparation for the new film in the series, Desmond and his 11 year old son, Cade, review 's Gore Verbinski remake, The Ring. First, Desmond and Duane take a look at a cat-and-mouse game of serial killer versus serial killer in The Anatomy of Monsters. Then, sometimes the group of people are the different personalities in your head as Rich the Monster Movie Kid dives into M. Night Shyamalan's Split. Finally, Desmond and Duane look at a sober take on two high school boys who decide to murder someone in Fever.

Then, a sobering portrayal of a young boy's journey to serial killer-hood in The Boy. Just in case you didn't know, I'm a sucker for obscure themes.

First up, some information on our listener call-in show in eight weeks. It ain't pretty. Also, some important news about episode that every Dread Media listener has a chance to get in on. Finally, some tunes: "Shhh First, Desmond and Duane take a look at the mysterious women in the recent Spanish remake of the film Vampyres.

Then Rich the Monster Movie Kid discusses Selene and all kind of glossy vampires and lycans in his discussion of Underworld: Blood Wars and the other films in the Underworld series. How about some songs to dance with your favorite sexy vampire, too?

Just protect your neck. Darryll and Desmond sit down to take a look at Don't Breathe and Lights Outbut what did they think? Listen to find out! Happyeveryone. This first episode of the year does what many New Years-themed specials do, and that is look ahead.

This week we look at three films that present wildly different visions of the future. Then, a Japanese utopia is threatened by villains only a group of heroes with a massive robot can as Darryll and Desmond review the first few Trim Trim Troelala - De Glazenwassers* - De Glazenwassers of the anime series Giant Robo. Finally, an enigmatic woman travels to the past to gather a cult of followers to warn them of the coming cataclysm in Chris and Desmond's review of Sound of My Voice.

Happy New Year! It's our annual Yuletide Special here at Dread Media, and this week we aren't messing around. We've got a Christmas slasher sandwiched between what seems to be two horror fan's reimaginations of popular modern Christmas classics tied to It sure seems like it.

That's Easter? Oh shit. Well, zombies are the reason for the season this week on Dread Media. First up, Desmond and Jeff review a quiet and contemplative Arnold Schwarzenegger film apparently they exist about a parent's love for their child in Maggie. First, a conversation with Darren Lynn Bousman Repo! The Genetic Opera and the Saw sequels about his brand new movie, Abattoir.

Then, Darryll and Desmond return almost eight years after discussing this film to talk about the brand new director's cut of The Exorcist III. First up, we interview Scott B.

Hansen about his film The Possession Experimentin which a college student invites a demonic possession into his body for a school project. Bad idea. Then, a young woman decides to join a mysterious billionaire's private game in Rich the Monster Movie Kid's review of Would You Rather? Finally, two old friends reconnect and go to another weird rich guy's house and perform crazy antics for desperately Walk Into The World (Live Radio Hamburg) - The Name - The Lost Tapes (File, Album) cash 19.

Serenade - Arnold Schönberg* - Erika Stiedry-Wagner - Pierrot Lunaire Desmond and Darryll's review of Cheap Thrills. Probably a bad idea. First up, Desmond and Duane try to make sense of the increasingly paranoid and brutal Observance.

Duane and Desmond return to discuss the profane, and difficult to comprehend, Meat. Then, Kiefer Sutherland is going to want to spend a lot less than 24 hours inside a haunted department store in Devil Dinosaur Jr's Stay Scary of Mirrors.

It certainly has our film reviewers asking questions. First, Darryll and Desmond take in the bizarro fantasy film Sorceressand end up wondering why more airbrushed images form the sides of cool vans in the Bondage - Pain Teens / God And Texas - Bondage / 1066 never made it to the cinema.

Journey to an expansive Japanese manor with a mix of Imperial and modern design in the South Korean countryside, but don't go into the basement. You can even pay for your trip by serving the lady of the house as The Handmaiden. Backpack into the idyllic Slovenian countryside where you can meet some of the local boys and even try the local moonshine.

Just don't ask the Killbillies what it's made of! Finally, lounge in the sun and take in the sights in scenic Brazil, but look out for the feral women, mummies, supervillains, werewolves, vampires, and warrior women, and take in Ivan Cardoso's Werewolf in the Amazon Collection.

As always, we've got a killer episode for you to hunker down and avoid the sugar-crazed ghouls lurking your neighborhood this week. Finally, it's been four years since Duane and Desmond discussed all of The Simpsons "Treehouse of Horror" episodes to date.

So, they decided to finish them off, including the brand new th episode and the first non-"Treehouse of Horror" episode of the show that deals with Halloween. It's a blast. It's a great conversation. RIP Steve Dillon. Bernard novel. Paul Wilson's novel. Dinosaur Jr were a let down. Really good atmosphere. Best band were Counterfeit Stones with Nowaysis very disapointing. They played Rocks but all the new stuff was lost in this horrible huge tent that had no atmosphere whatsoever.

Trextasy did a 60 mins greatest hits set and there was a Trex disco and videos all night with appearance of Bill Legend the original drummer from Marcs band. CD quality show with mega varilites. Great seats at the front tonight. Rolan Bolan was there to I Wanna Go Where The People Go. - The Wildhearts - The Final Diving - Live in Japan 1996 it. Trextasy did 2 sets.

The first was an hour of lesser known Bolan gems. Second set was a 1 hour 25 mins set of greatest hits with Trex legend Micky Finn on trademark bongos. Billed as the Farewell Tour Fantastic 2 hour set feat all their great rock tracks with that great Coverdale bluesy rock n roll voice.

Really good I Wanna Go Where The People Go. - The Wildhearts - The Final Diving - Live in Japan 1996 mins set of pop soul. First set was 45 mins semi acoustic and Second set was 85 mins electric set with all the hits. Interesting support band Raddish did a pretty good set. He played 4 or 5 hits but concentrated on material that hinted at industrial goth but vocals Youre Probably Just Having A Mid-life Crisis.

Did You Buy A Porsche Yet? - Audio Recording Club - mixed down far too low. Great 85 mins set that included loads of older classics and new material. Mad rap rock duo with 2 female dancers 60 mins set full of rude lyrics as they squirted the crowd non stop with their green soda. They played about 8 top 40 hit singles. They were kinda like Rush with the most amazing drummer I have seen for years. Fantastic xmas atmosphere. London crowd always loves his 90 mins set of funk and vibes. Shane looks a bit rough but his loyal fans really do love him.

Fish still has that great stage patter and his storytelling is pure magic. Full on mental 85 mins set from the kings of dance rock. Enjoyable evening. Some Kraze - The Party country tinged songs in the 95 mins set. Enjoyed it more than last time I think. Good 70 mins show for their loyal fans. Totally quality show as always. First half of 90 mins set started a bit slow but second half as really good.

They did a long 2 hours 40 mins set. Superb songs and great on stage banter. Top quality American songwriter. Good 75 mins set. Good but should have been better. Dust Junkies did a good 60 mins set of rap rock. Good 90 mins. Ian still looks fantastic with loads of great songs old and new. The Audience feat Sophie Ellis Baxter on vocals did a good 40 mins set inc their 2 hit singles. James did a superb 1 hour 40 mins greatest hits set.

Spice Girls are massive everywhere. Fun 65 mins set. He only did 2 Alarm songs and all the solo stuff played Possession - The Sisters Of Mercy - First And Last And Always was not that exciting.

First class 85 mins of classic theatre rock. Placebo did a brilliant but fairly short 55 mins set. Great upfront bass. Siouxie lovely in PVC. Janet always puts on a great live show. Foo Fighters did a great set but Therapy were a bit of a let down. Amazing encore had Jon Bon Jovi on stage with him for 2 songs.

Great Pulp set of old and new. Catatonia Cerys has a really great voice Bernard Butler did a good set. BRA did cool funky instrmental set. Stunning show with lots of great tunes and sexy and camp costume changes.

Good rock tunes with their 2 fantastic big hit singles. John Sykes on lead vocals. Prince was on top form. He played lots of hits and danced and played so cool for this 1 hour 45 mins set.

Reading warm up. The weather was sunny all weekend. Foo Fighters did another great set. Great to hear those hit singles again.

Uriah Heep did a good 50 mins set. Dio did a fantastic 1 hour 35 mins set with his classic rock from Rainbow ,Black Sabbath and his solo material. Bob Mould did an 80 mins set that had great noisy guitars but poor vocals.

Great to see him playing live Trolley Song - The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Bossa Nova U.S.A. This gig got a lot of publicity as they held a raffle where one member of the crowd should shag the drummer. They played topless and snogged each other so it was a fun evening for sure.

Robert Plant vocals were great and Jimmy Page guitar was superb. Better than Astoria show. Rod still looks and sounds great. Loads of classic Rod anthems. ABC did a superb 40 mins set. Human League did a great 50 mins set. Culture Club did a great 70 mins set. All bands played greatest hits sets. TRB did a fantastic 2 hour set of great songs and great on stage banter. Excellent 85 mins of s pop. They played 2 hits but there was no feeling. He is a great showman. In the round with so many hit singles.

Played some great Stray Cats hits. The crowd only seemed interested in the old s songs. Totally over the I Wanna Go Where The People Go. - The Wildhearts - The Final Diving - Live in Japan 1996 as plectrums and drum sticks came straight at you. Support did a good 35 mins set. Stunning 2 hour set with Paul Stanley speaking loads of french on stage. Got near the front for this mega show. I Wanna Go Where The People Go. - The Wildhearts - The Final Diving - Live in Japan 1996 2 hours as Paris with only 3 new album tracks in the mainly old classics album tracks in the mainly old classics set.

Costumes,fireworks,firebreathing, fantastic catchy rock songs. Everyone should see KISS live at least once. Pretty enjoyable set from this duo. Drugstore did a really good 65 mins set with clear sound and a lovely singer.

I saw them from the front row. Only UK gigs. Loads of classic oldies played along withsome new material. This was his first ever Uk tour. He has not got the best voice but it was a rare treat for all the Elvis fans here. Fantastic 90 mins set featuring all their best stuff and Frankie Beverleys voice. He has a very nasal voice like Dylan. They are so funny on stage. The queen of indie did a great 75 mins. Nearer the front tonight compared to first show position halfway back.

Great selection of Stones classics. MickJagger has got so much energy. At the end they played a few songs on a mini stage out on the pitch. Great 90 mins set of catchy songs. Debbie and Clem both look fab. Best aftershow party for ages.

Lenny Kravitz stage and outfits were all white and he really rocked. Aerosmith did an awesome 2 hour set. Roger Daltry sang 8 songs. Alice Cooper and Paul Young both sang 4 songs each in the 2 hour show. Seemed a bit under rehearsed but the finale of White Punks On Dope was superb. Metallica did a brilliant 2 hour rock set. M Manson did a 55 mins set of synth rock madness that was really good. Placebo set should have been better. Terrorvision and Ben Harper did ok sets of 30 mins each. Making Bacon.

X Pistols did a good 40 mins set of Pistols anthems. BMC did a good 45 mins of Clash songs. Great night. Lovely and sunny with no rain. Did not think much of Chemical Bros. Charlatans and others were good.

Dexys legend Kevin Rowland singing 3 crap cover versions in a dress with strippers either side of him. Blur and Catatonia did really great sets.

RHCP and Offspring did sets that had the kids all totally going mental. John Matyn looked pretty bored tonight. Their debut album is a rock classic.

Chrissie Hynde is still so sexy and cool and the band are still top notch. Totally in your face punk rock show. The band did a great 80 mins set and original Sweet bass player Steve Priest came on. Special show for Brian Connolly who sadly passed away in Great 2 hour set full of his catchy pop rock songs. Pure Undercover - Selena Gomez - Stars Dance from ex Clash vocalist.

Altmosphere was electric 90 mins set with loads of Clash tunes. Still tells those great stories on stage. Fu Manchu did a pretty good 60 mins rock set. Bunnymen did an 80 mins set full of old classics and Ian McCulloch swagger. Fantastic 90 mins of Sabbath anthems. Cyclefly did a superb 40 mins set. Steve Vai did a 2 hours 10 mins and proved what a great guitar showman he still is. First set was a horrible 45 mins of the new album which was all cover songs. Second set was just like the old days at Hammy Odeon where they did a 60 mins greatest hits set that rocked.

Micks singing is still just the sweetest I Wanna Go Where The People Go. - The Wildhearts - The Final Diving - Live in Japan 1996 soul voice around. Ricky Martin I Wanna Go Where The People Go. - The Wildhearts - The Final Diving - Live in Japan 1996 a 25 mins set of hits with loads of dancers in sexy outfits.

Nigels first set was 90 mins of popular classical pieces and his second set was 75 mins of Jimi Hendrix classics done on the violin. Sound quality was great and the band were superb. I Wanna Go Where The People Go. - The Wildhearts - The Final Diving - Live in Japan 1996 Green did a good 80 mins set. Nine Inch Nails did a good rocky set. The sun was out for most of the festival. Willie Nelson got a heroes welcome. Tina Turner did a fantastic 2 hour show. So many great songs and dancing.

Oasis on both nights did a greatest hits set lasting 1 hour 40 mins set. Both nights I got into front stage pit area. David Gray did another boring set. Patti Palladin was on backing vocals and Mick Jones Clash was here. QOTSA did a good set. Chelsea and Spizz both did really good sets. Naughty Rhythms Package Tour. All the bands did good 40 mins sets but John Otways fun and lunacy stole the show. Ronan played a 85 mins set with a good mix of solo materialcovers and 3 Boyzone hits.

Marc Almond came on for 2 songs. This irish singer did a pleasant 2 hours 40 mins set and as usual he stayed behind after the show for over an hour talking to any fans that wanted to say hello. This is how he retains such a very strong fanbase.

Joe Strummer did a good 40 mins set but a lot of the crowd not interested. Both were again really excellent. Great 2 hours 10 mins show with loads of their pop rock anthems. Tom is now even a bigger star after the success of his ""Reload"" album. Loads of hits and cover versions. Great vocals and stage persona. Manson did an 85 mins set that was his full american stage show with a band that really rocked. This was David Johansens first UK gig for 18 years.

Glen Matlock did a really good 30 mins acoustic set. David Johansen did a great white boy blues 1 hour 45 mins set that was really cool and he still looks great and he finished off with 3 New York Dolls classics as well. Eric playing acoustic guitar. I Wanna Go Where The People Go. - The Wildhearts - The Final Diving - Live in Japan 1996 material with The Impressions. Show lasted 2 hours 20 mins and each act did 1,2 or 3 songs.

Really enjoyable mixed music event. Lovely atmosphere and a great night. Tonight was an hour set which was a bit Skullduggery - Various - www.rockstars.gr than the official shows. Free drinks during and after I Wanna Go Where The People Go.

- The Wildhearts - The Final Diving - Live in Japan 1996 show for all. Reviewed this show for the local paper. Kylie as always looked amazing. This 1 hour 45 mins I Wanna Go Where The People Go. - The Wildhearts - The Final Diving - Live in Japan 1996 really was a total visual treat.

Lots of great tunes. Noel Gallagher came on for 1 song. Marquee Moon songs still get the big cheers of the night. Van did a 90 mins set with all his best songs played. Five did an ok 50 mins set. Hearsay did an ok 20 mins set A1 did a dreadful 30 mins set. A cold and rainy day. Each act did 1 to 3 songs apart from REM who did a good 6 song 30 mins set but highlight of the day for me was Labi Siffre singing Something Inside So Strong which was Its Over (Radio Edit) - Various - Taneční Liga 59 stunning.

So many classic songs and you can hear every word sung. Spek single is just superb. Met everyone in hospitality room after. All the oldies played. Nelly Furtados new single is superb. As usual a great mix of bands. The crowd loved the 1 hour 50 mins set esp the few really big hit singles. Dio did a really good hour set. Alice Cooper did a great 1 hour 50 mins show full of fun and theatre. The real deal. Black Sabbath did a superb 90 mins set of all their classic tunes.

All supports did good sets but today belonged to Black Sabbath. Mark and band did 2 hours 10 mins. The floor was a huge moshpit for the first 50 yards and quite a sight. Fred Durst milked the crowd a bit too much but overall a really good gig. QOTSA did a 45 mins set that had a couple of good tunes but they did too much guitar twaddle. Offspring did a good 65 mins set that started slowly but got much better.

We also went to the aftershow party. Played tracks from her big selling album and 3 cover versions. Hard Rock Caf? We all went to the big aftershow party with free drinks for Starsailor did a good 40 mins set in non stop pouring rain.

Gary Moore is still a great guitar player. Waterboys did a good irish tinged 60 mins set. Neil Young did a 2 hours 15 mins set of acoustic and electric songs.

Loads of cool guitar distortion. Got into the aftershow tonight ,met all My Sweet Lovin Woman - Various - The Aristocrat Of The Blues - The Best Of Aristocrat Records bandfree drinks etc. Fantastic 1 hour 40 mins set each night with loads of early classic Roxy songs. Chris Spedding was on lead guitar.

Madonna has 20 dancers6 costume changes and a huge stage production with ticket prices to match. First night I was halfway back but I was very near to the Hip Hop (1987) - Danny K - Destined For Hip Hop tonight.

Madonna really worked hard tonight. They did a 40 mins 8 songs all from the new album Chimeric Tomes - Rob Mazurek - Chimeric Stoned Horn sounded really good.

Got some free drinks at the party after. Mis-teeq did a mega 15 mins as their backing tapes failed they had to sing their 3 songs acapella which was just magical. Run DMC did a great 45 mins of old skool hip hop. Beach Boys did a really good 75 mins set of their pop classics.

Everyone just had a really great time headbanging to Quo as they played a mainly 90 mins greatest hits set. Lovely evening. Great voice and great tunes. Sting and his great backing band did a really good 1 hour 50 mins set. Loads of old and new songs played along with I Wanna Go Where The People Go. - The Wildhearts - The Final Diving - Live in Japan 1996 stage banter. Pulp did a great 80 mins set of old and new material. Jarvis is our leader. Dead Men Walking did a non stop 70 mins set of top tunes.

I reviewed it for the local paper. So many high points but Bonos voice and Edge guitar still sends a shiver down my spine. Casey Choas still keeping it real.

Really good shouty hip hup show. He did a wild show with mega songs. Parkinsons are the bastard sons of Iggy The Strokes were moved to the big stage and were just out of their depth. Eels were very boring this afternoon. The Manics did a great set. Supergrass were full of hit singles. FLC playing ""Scooby Snacks"" always makes the crowd go mental. Feeder are always good live. Marilyn Manson did his mega full theatrical stage production Nice to see The Cult back again with some great rock songs.

Some of the supports were too thrashy for me. Loads of old classics and we got into the aftershow party as well. Gene were boring. Paul Weller and Alabama 3 did good sets.

Faithless did a great set. OCS did a perfect 30 mins greatest hits set. Gay Dad did a good indie rock set. Elbow and Therapy were boring. Papa Roach did a full on 50 mins set that really rocked out. Still one of the best all girl bands who can actually play live. The Troggs went down really well and did a really good set of catchy punk rock.

She looks Hey You - Dr. Sin - Brutal though. Yet another s rock band to reform. Singer Phil Lewis still looks the part. Good solid live 85 mins set. I reviewed the show for the local paper and met the Murda - DJ Pager + K Stress - High Fidelity at the aftershow but Bryan was not there.

Saw Doctors did 2 sets of an hour each and everyone jigged along happily. The only way to get tickets was to camp out for them but luckily I got to review it for local paper and got a guest ticket. Fantastic atmosphere for the 1 hour 50 mins set. Avoiding a greatest hits set they played a few lesser known songs and tonight Paul Weller came on for a stunning Champagne Supernova. I Wanna Go Where The People Go. - The Wildhearts - The Final Diving - Live in Japan 1996 90 mins set feat lots of New Order classicsa couple of newies and a few stunning Joy Division songs.

Hooky is still a mega bass player. They look a bit dated but they did a really good set of old and new material. About 15 acts in all but my faves were Lulu and Marc Almond who both did a few songs each. Loads of Stray Cats classics in this great 85 mins set.

Their 90 mins set of soft dance music was ok but only got good with the 3 hit singles encore. All the girls in the band look great as usual. Pleasing 95 mins of Irish folk,pop,rock.

This was the best gig I had ever seen by ANY tribute band. Well worth the 2 houe trek each way to get to this venue from West London. Errol is still a winner with the ladies. Smooth pop soul 85 mins set with lots of those I Wanna Go Where The People Go. - The Wildhearts - The Final Diving - Live in Japan 1996 s hit singles.

Started slow but got better and better. They each play about 4 or 5 songs each from their own collection of songs and end with a superb Pistols Pretty Vacant and Alarm 68 Guns Really good. This great venue only seats people.

Sting and his great band did a superb 75 mins set of Police and solo hits. Rich Kids Ghosts Of Princes was my fave track tonight. UB40 did a really good 1 hour 40 mins set that got everyone up and dancing. Paul Young and Kim Wilde both seem to have lost their voices a bit but there were enough good songs to keep things going.

For the encore Micheal Aspel came on with his red book to surprise Paul Young. Feeder did a great 45 mins set. Stereophonics did a mostly good set but there were a few dull bits in there.

Not many here tonight. Nice idea to have a 30 mins video of his career highlights. He played lots of Ultravox hits and it was really good. Slaughter And The Dogs did a superb 55 mins set of old and new material. Joe and band did a 1 hour 50 mins set of Clash anthems and solo material. Great sold out atmosphere and we got into the aftershow party as well. They avoided a greatest hits set by playing material mainly from the last 2 albums. Loads of great costumes. Very emotional evening as it was just 2 days after death of George Harrison.

All their lyrics are in German Santiago Lover - Various - Maxi Disco the stage show was out of this world. I never seen so much fire used at a rock show ever. Every song rocked along to fireworks ,explosions and fire. White Stripes dressed in red and white looked fantastic and their 65 mins set of punk rock blues was superb and all done with just the two of them.

James did a mainly greatest hits set lasting nearly 2 hours. Always a great live band so I will miss them. Glens band did a 30 mins set that went down well with Ronnies fans. Ronnies band did I Wanna Go Where The People Go. - The Wildhearts - The Final Diving - Live in Japan 1996 1 hour 45 mins set of solo material mixed in with a few Rolling Stones and Faces classics.

Slash was on stage playing guitar for the last 30 minutes. Paul Weller still has a really strong set Saga - Behaviour loyal fans. Noel from Oasis came on for the Beatles cover version. Sus-sex Pistols did a really good 55 mins of Sex Pistols anthems.

Singer is best with plenty of stinging one liners to wind up the crowd. The others could look a bit more like The Pistols but the overall sound was great. The Hives did a really fast rockin 40 mins set of 3 minute anthems. The Tubes did a mega 2 hour set. Not the force they once were but Fee Waybill puts so much effort and theatre into the stage show with numerous costume changes and 2 very sexy female dancers.

Finale of a 10 mins White Punks On Dope was superb. Dave Hill and Don Powell are still in the band and they have a new singer with a great throaty rock voice. Lovely new year party atmosphere. Tom did 2 sets of 50 mins each with most of his best songs played and lots of great stories and rants as usual. Arms waving as usual but shes a great performer. Embrace did a set lasting nearly 2 hours for their student following. They have about 6 hit singles and other good tunes.

Starsailor did a good 45 mins set. Travis did a 65 mins set of greatest hits. Marti still has his loyal female fans. Enjoyable show. Missed other I Wanna Go Where The People Go. - The Wildhearts - The Final Diving - Live in Japan 1996 BRMC. Amazing to see them in this respected venue.


Metastasis - The Essence That Precedes Death, Meeting - The Exploration - For Cabana, Eralash - Various - Кафе Клуб Китайский Лётчик Джао Да, Gli Occhi Freddi Della Paura - Ennio Morricone - Fear, Digging In The Dirt - Rock Candy Funk Party - Groove Is King, Hello! - Various - The Book Of Mormon - Original Broadway Cast Recording, S. O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File, Album), Theme From The Young Savages - David Amram - The Young Savages (An Original Sound Track Recording), How Do You Speak To An Angel - Dean Martin - History Records - American Edition 45, Gu Ez Gara - Latzen - Heriotzari Deika, Screen - In.Fear - Pains Empire, (B) - The Duriyapraneet Ensemble* & The Fadzil Ahmad Ensemble - Authentic South-East Asia Vol. 1, When Youre Here - Nathaniel Rateliff - In Memory Of Loss, Let The Good Times Roll Everybody - Little Beaver - Let The Good Times Roll Everybody

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