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A major Bayati Kurd (Azerbaïdjan) / Toutes Mes Joies (France) - Estampie - Marco Polo - Estampie Und Die Klä was that the show can be very depressing. Highs: Heavy and dark, yet ethereal and melodic. Great production and sound quality. Bottom line: "Buried Alive" is perfect for Sentenced fans who never got the chance to see the band live before they broke up.

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Krypteria "Bloodangel's Cry" CD. But comparing the emotions is difficult. It was more Her Last 5 Minutes - Sentenced - The Funeral Album mental thing. Sami - We've poured our souls and given everything into all our albums, but of course it was a bit different this time, since we had our last chance to say what we wanted to.

But comparing the process is tough, since we've always been to it with all our hearts. RockUnited - Now that the album is finished, do you feel you would've wanted to do something differently or are you complitely satisfied with the outcome?

Ville - There's nothing you could've done differently. Everything went really smoothly and when each member gives their everything to it, you can't start questioning the material. While listening to the album I think we all feel it's unique in all aspects and I don't just mean soundwise or how the songs were done, but more from the emotional side. I think we all agree there's nothing we'd like to change. Sami - I think we're more relieved having been able to include the emotional charge into it that we've been going through.

I have no regrets, it's just the way we wanted it to be. RockUnited - Did you have more songs in store? Sami - Actually we had one, but we decided to leave it out. It won't be released as a single or anything, neither will all those other unfinished stuff we've done in the years. All the albums carry a stamp of their own time, so there's no point in releasing them later on.

They'll stay where they've been so far. While trying to get some legend out of each song from the boys, they felt it was too much pain in the ass, but Ville went through the tracks pointing each of them as crap.

He stated it was really difficult to go through each track analyzing them, though lyrically his input dealed with all the issues he's been going through during all these years in the band, and eventhough they might feel negative, they're not Her Last 5 Minutes - Sentenced - The Funeral Album that. Sami came to rescue and decided to mention some points.

What was going to be the beginning song wasn't an easy decision, they had many candidates. All the melodies and guitars work well for an intro to the whole album. Damn it's hard to describe the songs, but it's all included in the songs. Ville - They're actually pretty happy lyrics. RockUnited - But do you feel like you'd want this thing to happen to yourselves?

Ville - I'm actually going through that phase right now and in some level I'm really happy about it and don't feel the need to explain it any further. Sami - It's a very different track compared to the rest. The atmosphere has more a classical Her Last 5 Minutes - Sentenced - The Funeral Album lighter approach, but the lyrics deal with funerals and losing a close person.

In that sense it's a heavy track. RockUnited - Then you've got the really heavy track "Where Waters Fall Frozen", which has brought along some of your earlier influences. Sami - That was weird, we never really composed the song, it turned into a creation while jamming at the rehearsal place.

It's an outburst from all crap and we decided to include it into the album and play it again in the studio with the same outcome. We thought it would be a great track for the listeners just to shake them up a little and it's a good reminder you should never expect anything, everything is possible. Later on we thought it's a reference to where we started from and the mood we had then. But when we did the song Her Last 5 Minutes - Sentenced - The Funeral Album didn't have that in mind, we just created it out of nowhere.

Ville - We haven't really had time to think about them from all the promo work, but I think we'll soon start prepairing the setlists and drink some booze But overall they're unique shows since the band and the audience knows they're our farewell shows.

That alone will be an experience and should create special action there. But we've got the coffin and the band, we don't need nothing else. Sami - Of course we'll plan the setlist well, it's not going to concentrate only on the last album, but it will also be a trip down the memory lane.

But mainly they're the last moments for us and the fans and hopefully will be unforgettable. The funeral theme will be present live as well. But like Ville said we haven't decided on anything yet. When we get back home we start practising and giving more thought to it.

RockUnited - You'll be using that second hand coffin on stage also?! Sami - Yeah, we're Her Last 5 Minutes - Sentenced - The Funeral Album gonna get a new coffin just for the shows. We'll go with that and the stench that follows with it RockUnited - Then you also gotta have a tombstone, but what about the priest's blessing?

Sami - Goes quiet and a little uneased No, we haven't invited a Priest. RockUnited - You will be playing in festivals, but what about club shows? Sami - We will have those too, especially in Finland. We'll play our last show in Oulu the hometown of Sentenced in September and the last shows will probably last Soft Toys - Unknown Artist - For Children Only two hours or Her Last 5 Minutes - Sentenced - The Funeral Album.

The showtime in festivals varies from one hour to an hour and a half, so you can't have all 16 years of our career in those minutes. RockUnited - Is it a big place in Oulu where you play in? Ville - It's the new club Teatria and it holds about people. But we'll also have a friend travelling with us on the tour and he'll be recording especially the backstage scenes. But then we'll have to see if we can use any of that material for the DVD. Maybe we'll just sit nice and quiet and that's it, but we also have old material we've been shooting ourselves from our tours and in the studios, so we'll probably include something from those too.

We also plan to include all our music videos there. Sami - The coffin will be on one of the vids, then we'll put on black suites and go out into the northern wilderness. Our director Petri Veijalainen will be in charge of the projects and what form they'll eventually take. The funeral is included at least on the "Ever-Frost". RockUnited - When you look at some of the latest DVD releases from bands, they're quite boring from the backstage scenes.

But when Her Last 5 Minutes - Sentenced - The Funeral Album think about the specific year in Wacken where you guys Her Last 5 Minutes - Sentenced - The Funeral Album were in great shape, some of the backstage footage can be found from Jens Johansson's Stratovarius homesite. Do you remember what happened there? Ville - I can't remember much. Sami - I think I've seen that stuff and we also have something on video from that trip. If only we had the courage to go through the material Ville - You have to be critical about yourself and use some censorship once in a while.

RockUnited - But it's kind of natural when you see finns drunk. Sami - That's part of this job. But we try to cover many sides to the DVD, the main thing being the funeral night, along with some history and weird backstage stuff.

I think it'll be worth seing. RockUnited - Of all your videos "Killing Me, Killing You" touched me personally with its scenery reflecting to my uncles fate, a man dies and the dog is left behind, of course your song J-J - Fabrice Alleman Quartet - Sides Of Life a deeper meaning about love, but also because the first time seing the video I was desperately craving to see happened to be on the same day I heard about my uncles passing and as I saw the video I could barely watch it.

Also the video coincidentally presents a newfoundland dog, which plays a big role in my life. You shot the video in Norway in the freezing outdoors at wintertime. Tuesday 29 October Wednesday 30 October Thursday 31 October Friday 1 November Saturday 2 November Sunday 3 November Monday 4 November Tuesday 5 November Wednesday 6 November Thursday 7 November Friday 8 November Saturday 9 November Sunday 10 November Monday 11 November Tuesday 12 November Wednesday 13 November Thursday 14 November Friday 15 November Saturday 16 November Sunday 17 November Monday 18 November Tuesday 19 November Wednesday 20 November Her Last 5 Minutes - Sentenced - The Funeral Album Thursday 21 November Friday 22 November Saturday 23 November Sunday 24 November Monday 25 November Tuesday 26 November Wednesday 27 November Thursday 28 November Friday 29 November Saturday 30 November Sunday 1 December Monday 2 December Tuesday 3 December Wednesday 4 December Thursday 5 December Friday 6 December Saturday 7 December Sunday 8 December Monday 9 December Tuesday 10 December Wednesday 11 December However, I'll be as fair as I can be with explaining some "good" things about this album.

But even that's hard because the album's really sour I think it's easy to suggest that this album will never recover from the negative blows that it has suffered from in the last fifteen years that it's been released. Sentenced used to be well-respected, then the end came and nobody even cares about their final efforts, easy to see why Their ideas, concepts and creativity are I’ll Kill You - Dickybird - Indéfendable bland.

This album sounds too "commercial" 'n' "mainstream". Basically, "radio" music However, to be realistically fair, the production isn't terrible. In fact, not anywhere near terrible. The clarity is pretty solid. But I can't say the same for the energy of the musicians themselves. The guitars might have a nice mix in the album, but I'm not overly-impressed at the style they're played with. The progression of the chords are too "groovy", Her Last 5 Minutes - Sentenced - The Funeral Album and "sloppy".

But like, in a bad way. It's kind of like "heavy funk". The riffs aren't created well. Sounds like something that Nickelback would have created that band are so popular, who hasn't heard them, not a fan, as most people aren't either. The bass has a lot of distortion produced into the mixes throughout this album. The drums aren't very exciting either, it's just a lot of the same patterns at different speeds, it sounds like to me personally.

The band also feature They add in-depth "chills" and "mysticism" to the roles of their the band's music. The vocals even remind me, but a worse version of that immature vocalist from Nickelback. Nothing but a mainstream slimeball, by the way. The singer here, has that Also, the vocalist sounds a bit, well A lazy, depressing voice that brings a Verses From The Prophet - Fairuz - At The Picadilly of "negative" vibes to the listener.

It's almost painful enough to suggest it as "ignorance" itself. This whole album is basically for emos who have love-rejection problems in high school It's for the "weak-hearted" people It's fucking fragile, weaker than glass and flimsier than paper. Even the album's artwork is lacking badly It's not even attractive, looks like your everyday, stupid-ass, commercial piece, just waiting to millions of copies, simply because it's shit.

Everything that is popular generally speakingtends to be shit and sells a lot by the masses, which is fucking sad. Maybe it's for the better that the band quit, because this album was their weakest piece Oulu's famous gloom metallers Sentenced decided to kill themselves. They recorded 'The Funeral Album' during the winter and played their final concert in October The band's diverse musical treats varied from death metal of the beginning to dark heavy metal of the middle of the career, and finally to dark hard rocking metal.

The band wanted to include their progress on 'The Funeral Album'. Main ingredient of the music is the last style for the band, gloomy hard rocking metal vocalist Ville Laihiala's other band Poisonblack and Charon are well-known examples of that. At best, the songs are very well rolling, damned catchy and generally flawless in their genre. As mentioned, the album includes earlier styles of the band, so there's even death metal, all bloody 58 seconds of it!

It's simply totally out-of-place, being very much like 'North from Here's material. Western-style harmonica on 'Despair-Ridden Hearts' caused some raised eyebrows here, but the song is another hard rocking hit from the band. The rock goes on until 'A Long Way to Nowhere', which is the album's second limping song and the trend continues until 'Drain Me', the band's frankly rockiest kind of song ever. Acoustic plucking of 'Karu' is truly austere, the song title directly translated.

Lopputhe end. Good bye and thank you for the fish. So, the album is new wave Sentenced, that's for sure, and wasn't a big surprise. The thing is that new wave Sentenced is straight rocking songs, there's not much left of that adventurous spirit that ruled on their earlier albums, especially on 'Amok' Some songs have enough of "it", the "ooomph", some don't Moonshine - Mike Oldfield - Man On The Rocks (Box Set, Album, Album, Album) What did you expect from the music written after my guess the decide to quit?

Lopakka's lyrics are partly awesome. I like the war song 'May Today Okay, 'We Are Us Finns, we like to sing about death and suiciding just like power metal bands wanna sing about dragons and heroes, so for me these are way too old news. Some of the lyrics are a bit naive, but there's also funny naive moments like "Beaten numb, I didn't see you sneaking 'round the corner, how could I? There is no sight in my third eye" from 'Vengeance Frustration, suicide 'n' death topics can be found on songs 8 to 10, which are the music-wise the lame part of the album, too.

Naughty 'Drain Me' has Her Last 5 Minutes - Sentenced - The Funeral Album worst ever Sentenced lyrics, easily. Booklet photography SAC - Xylocaine - Stoma Care very beautiful. The pictures from Northern Finland are simply amazing. Sound-wise this is heavy, but also muffled in lower frequencies.

During this time, bassist Sami Kukkohovi also joined the band, but only as a session member on gigs. Later, in spring he was granted a permanent slot in the line-up. The "Down" album gained great reviews in music-magazines all over the world, Her Last 5 Minutes - Sentenced - The Funeral Album was named Album of the month in German magazines such as Rock Hard and Metal Hammer.

Sentenced's fifth full-length album, Frozenwas also recorded at the Woodhouse Studios, and released inits style is similar to Down. Laihiala and Kukkohovi had become initiated into the band, so they participated in the composition process, resulting in the next album: Frozen.

Ina special edition of Frozen was released, containing a re-colored gold cover and rearranged track running order, with four cover songs included. The next Sentenced album to be released was Crimson in The single " Killing Me, Killing You " demonstrated the band's turn away from melodic death metal. The album was followed by an extensive tour.

That was the first time the band visited USA.


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  1. Jul 21,  · The Funeral Album was recorded at Finnvox and Tonebox studios in the winter of Mixed and mastered at Finnvox. Sentenced thanks everyone involved/5(8).
  2. The band put out an album almost every 2 years. Following "Down" in came "Frozen", "Crimson" and "The Cold White Light". Sentenced decided to lay the band to rest with the final album "The Funeral Album" in , at the peak of their career. It gives a taste of all eras of the career of Sentenced.
  3. Sentenced was a Finnish metal band, formed in and disbanded in Sentenced was originally formed in in the town of Muhos, Finland as a death metal band. The band produced their first album "Shadows Of The Past" in with singer/guitarist Miika Tenkula. The next two albums "North From Here" and "Amok" and the following EP "Love & Death" had bassist Taneli Jarva as singer, but in 7/10(3).
  4. Sentenced started in as a death metal act and have since turned into the leaders of the gothic metal/depression rock genre. 'The Funeral Album' has proven to be the best offering Sentenced have ever put out, which makes it particularly hard to let them go. Sentenced's last album is full of amazing guitar solos and lyrics that just get to you.
  5. Dec 05,  · Her next court appearance is Feb. powermetal.akinoragavironkalas.infoinfol arrangements for Trinity were announced by the Connelly Funeral Home of Dundalk: Visitation will be held from .
  6. A video was made for 'Ever-Frost'. 'Karu' translates to "barren", "bare", "infertile". Recording information: Recorded at Finnvox and Tonebox studios in the winter of

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