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On the eighth day I noticed, stretched right across the south-eastern horizon, a region of purple vapour which luridly obscured the face of the sun: and day after day I saw it steadily brooding there. But what it could be I did not understand. Well, onward through the desert ice I continued my lonely way, with a baleful shrinking terror in my heart; for very stupendous, alas! Sometimes on a halt I have lain and listened long to the hollow silence, recoiling, crushed by it, hoping that at least one of the dogs might whine.

I have even crept shivering from the Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles sleeping-bag to flog a dog, so that I might hear Summer Bunnies - R. Kelly - 12 Play sound. I had started from the Pole with a well-filled sledge, and the sixteen dogs left alive from the ice-packing which buried my comrades.

This was on the evening of the 13th April. But ten days from the start my supply of dog-food failed, and I had to begin to slaughter my only companions, one by one. Well, in the third week the ice became horribly rough, and with moil and toil enough to wear a bear to death, I did only five miles a day. After the day's work I would crawl with a dying sigh into the sleeping-bag, clad still in the load of skins which stuck to me a mere filth of grease, to sleep the sleep of a swine, indifferent if I never woke.

Always—day after day—on the south-eastern horizon, brooded sullenly that curious stretched-out region of purple vapour, like the smoke of the conflagration of the world. Tina Toledos Street Walkin Blues - Ryan Adams - Gold I noticed that its length constantly reached out and out, and silently grew. Once I had a very pleasant dream. I dreamed that I was in a garden—an Arabian paradise—so sweet was the perfume.

All the time, however, I had a sub-consciousness of the gale which was actually blowing from the S. I opened my eyes—I started—I sprang to my feet! For, of all the miracles! Before I could collect my astonished senses, I began to vomit pretty violently, and at the same time saw some of the dogs, mere skeletons as they were, vomiting, too.

For a long time I lay very sick in a kind of daze, and, on rising, found two of the dogs dead, and all very queer. The wind had now changed to the north. Well, on I staggered, fighting every inch of my deplorably weary way. This odour of peach-blossom, my sickness, and the death of the two dogs, remained a wonder to me.

Two days later, to my extreme mystification and joyI came across a bear and its cub lying dead at the foot of a hummock. I could not believe my eyes. There she lay on her right side, a spot of dirty-white in a disordered patch of snow, with one little eye open, and her fierce-looking mouth also; and the cub lay across her haunch, biting into her rough fur.

I set to work upon her, and allowed the dogs a glorious feed on the blubber, while I New York Broken Toy - Nazareth - Diamond Collection had a great banquet on the fresh meat.

I had to leave the greater part of the two carcasses, and I can feel again now the hankering reluctance—quite unnecessary, as it turned out—with which I trudged onwards. Again and again I found myself asking: 'Now, what could have killed those two bears? Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles brutish stolidness I plodded ever on, almost like a walking machine, sometimes nodding in sleep while I helped the dogs, or manouvred the sledge over an ice-ridge, pushing or pulling.

It was just as though some Will, some Will, was obstructing and retarding me. However, the intolerable cold was over, and soon my clothes no longer hung stark on me like armour.

Pools began to appear in the ice, and presently, what was worse, my God, long lanes, across which, somehow, I had to get the sledge. But about the same time all fear of starvation passed away: for on the 6th June I came across another dead bear, on the 7th three, and thenceforth, in rapidly growing numbers, I met not bears only, but fulmars, guillemots, snipes, Ross's gulls, little awks—all, all, lying dead on the ice.

And never anywhere a living thing, save me, and the two remaining dogs. On the 2nd July the ice began packing dangerously, and soon another storm broke loose upon me from the S.

I left off my trek, and put up the silk tent on a five-acre square of ice surrounded by lanes: and again—for the second time—as I lay down, I smelled that delightful strange odour of peach-blossom, a mere whiff of it, and presently afterwards was taken sick. However, it passed off this time in a couple of hours.

Now it was all lanes, lanes, alas! Moreover, on the 8th July, one of the dogs, after a feed on blubber, suddenly died; and there was left me only 'Reinhardt,' a white-haired Siberian dog, with little pert up-sticking ears, like a cat's. Him, too, I had to kill on coming to open water.

I can't think, my God, that any heart of man ever tholed the appalling nightmare and black abysm of sensations in which, during those four long desert months, I weltered: for though I was as a brute, I had a man's heart to feel. What I had seen, or dreamed, at the Pole followed and followed me; and if I shut my poor weary eyes to sleep, those others yonder seemed to watch me still with their distraught and gloomy gaze, and in my spinning dark dreams spun that eternal ecstasy of the lake.

However, by the 28th July I knew from the look of the sky, and the absence of fresh-water ice, that the sea could not be far; so I set to work, and spent two days in putting to rights the now battered kayak. This done, I had no sooner resumed my way than I sighted far off a streaky haze, which I knew to be Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles basalt cliffs of Franz Josef Land; and in a craziness of joy I stood there, waving my ski-staff about my head, with the senile cheers of a very old man.

In four days this land was visibly nearer, sheer basaltic cliffs mixed with glacier, forming apparently a great bay, with two small islands in the mid-distance; and The Colony Of Slippermen - Genesis - Даёшь Музыку MP3 Collection fore-day of the 3rd August I arrived at the definite edge of the pack-ice in moderate weather at about the freezing-point.

I at once, but with great reluctance, shot Reinhardt, and set to work to get the last of the provisions, and the most necessary of the implements, into the kayak, making haste to put out to the toilless luxury of being borne on the Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstaclesafter all the weary trudge.

Within fourteen hours I was coasting, with my little lug-sail spread, along the shore-ice of that land. It was midnight of a calm Sabbath, and low on the horizon smoked the drowsing red sun-ball, as my canvas skiff lightly chopped her little way through this silent sea. Silent, silent: for neither snort of walrus, nor yelp of fox, nor cry of startled kittiwake, did I hear: but all was still as the jet-black shadow of the cliffs and glacier on the tranquil sea: Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles many bodies of dead things strewed the surface of the water.

When I found a little fjord, I went up it to the end where stood a stretch of basalt columns, looking like a shattered temple of Antediluvians; and when my foot at last touched land, I sat down there a long, long time in the rubbly snow, and silently wept. My eyes that night were like a fountain of tears. For the firm land is health and sanity, and dear to the life of man; but I say that the great ungenial ice is a nightmare, and a blasphemy, and a madness, and the realm of the Power of Darkness.

All the ice which I saw was good flat fjord-ice, and the plan seemed feasible enough; so after coasting about a little, and then three days' good rest in the tent at the bottom of a ravine of columnar basalt opening upon the shore, I packed some bear and walrus flesh, with what artificial food was left, into the kayak, and I set out early in the morning, coasting the shore-ice with sail and paddle.

In the afternoon I managed to climb a little way up an iceberg, and made out that I was in a bay whose terminating headlands were invisible. I accordingly decided to make S. I only saved it by the happy chance of being near a floe with an ice-foot, which, projecting under the water, gave me foot-hold; and I lay on the floe in a mooning state the whole night under the storm, for I was half drowned.

And at once, on recovering myself, I abandoned all thought of whalers and of Europe for that year. A hundred yards inland from the shore-rim, in a circular place where there was Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles moss and soil, I built myself a semi-subterranean Eskimo den for the long Polar night.

The spot was quite surrounded by high sloping walls of basalt, except to the west, where they opened in a three-foot cleft to the shore, and the ground was strewn with slabs and boulders of granite and basalt.

I found there a dead she-bear, Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles well-grown cubs, and a fox, the latter having evidently fallen from the cliffs; in three places the snow was quite red, overgrown with a red lichen, which at first I took for blood. I did not even yet feel secure from possible bears, and took care to make my den fairly tight, a work which occupied me nearly four weeks, for I had no tools, save a hatchet, knife, and metal-shod ski-staff.

I dug a passage in the ground two feet wide, two deep, and ten long, with perpendicular sides, and at its north end a circular space, twelve feet across, also Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles perpendicular sides, which I lined with stones; the whole excavation I covered with inch-thick walrus-hide, skinned during a whole bitter week from four of a number that lay about the shore-ice; Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles ridge-pole I used a thin pointed rock which I found near, though, even so, the roof remained nearly flat.

This, when it was finished, I stocked well, putting in everything, except the kayak, blubber to serve both for fuel and occasional light, and foods of several sorts, which I procured by merely stretching out the hand. The roof of both circular part and passage was soon buried under snow and ice, and hardly distinguishable from the general level of the white-clad ground. Through the passage, if I passed in or out, I crawled flat, on hands and knees: but that was rare: and in the little round interior, mostly sitting in a cowering attitude, I wintered, harkening to the large and windy ravings of darkling December storms above me.

All those months the burden of a thought bowed me; and an unanswered question, like the slow turning of a mechanism, revolved in my gloomy spirit: for everywhere around me lay bears, walruses, foxes, thousands upon thousands of little awks, kittiwakes, snow-owls, eider-ducks, gulls-dead, dead. Almost the only living things which I saw were some walruses on the drift-floes: but very few compared with the number which I expected.

It was clear to me that some inconceivable catastrophe had overtaken the island during the summer, destroying all life about it, except some few of the amphibia, cetacea, and crustacea. On the 5th December, having crept out from the den during a southern storm, I had, for the third time, a distant whiff of that self-same odour of peach-blossom: but now without any after-effects.

The water was fairly open, and the ice so good, that at one place I could sail the kayak over it, the wind sending me sliding at a fine pace. Being on the west coast of Franz Josef Land, I was in as favourable a situation as possible, and I turned my bow southward with much hope, keeping a good many days just in sight of land. Toward the evening of my third day out I noticed a large flat floe, presenting far-off a singular and lovely sight, for it seemed freighted thick with a profusion of pink and white roses, showing in its clear crystal the empurpled reflection.

On getting near I saw that it was covered with millions of Ross's gulls, all dead, whose pretty rosy bosoms had given it that appearance. Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles to the 29th June I made good progress southward and Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles the weather being mostly excellent Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstaclessometimes meeting dead bears, floating away on floes, sometimes dead or living walrus-herds, with troop after troop of dead kittiwakes, glaucus and ivory gulls, skuas, and every kind of Arctic fowl.

On that last day—the 29th June—I was about to encamp on a floe soon after midnight, when, happening to look toward the sun, my eye fell, far away south across the ocean of floes, upon something—the masts of a ship. A phantom ship, or a real ship: it was all one; real, I must have instantly felt, it could not be: but at a sight so incredible my heart set to beating in my bosom as though I must surely die, and feebly waving the cane oar about my head, I staggered to my knees, and thence with wry mouth toppled flat.

So overpoweringly sweet was the thought of springing once more, like the beasts of Circe, from a walrus into a man.

At this time I was tearing my bear's-meat just like a bear; I was washing my hands in walrus-blood to produce a glairy sort of pink cleanliness, in place of the black grease which chronically coated them.

Worn as I was, I made little delay to set out for that ship; and I had not travelled over water and ice four hours when, to my in-describable joy, I made out from the top of a steep floe that she was the Boreal. It seemed most strange that she should be anywhere hereabouts: I could only conclude that she must have forced and drifted her way thus far westward out of the ice-block in which our party had left her, and perhaps now was loitering here in the hope of picking us up on Miguel Fleta - El Trust De Los Tenorios (Shellac) way to Spitzbergen.

In any case, wild was the haste with which I fought my way to be at her, my gasping mouth all the time drawn back in a rictus of laughter at the anticipation of their gladness to see me, their excitement to hear the grand tidings of the Pole attained.

Anon I waved the paddle, though I knew that they could not yet see me, and then I dug deep at the whitish water. What astonished me was Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles main-sail and fore-mast square-sail—set that calm morning; and her screws were still, for she moved not at all.

The sun was abroad like a cold spirit of light, touching the great ocean-room of floes with dazzling spots, and a tint almost of rose was on the world, as it were of a just-dead bride in her spangles and white array. The Boreal was the one little distant jet-black spot in all this purity: and upon her, as though she were Heaven, I paddled, I panted.

But she was in a queerish state: by 9 A. I could see that. Two of the windmill arms were not there, and half lowered down her starboard beam a boat Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles askew; moreover, soon after 10 I could clearly see that her main-sail had a long rent down the middle. I could not at all make her out.

She was not anchored, though a sheet-anchor hung over at the starboard cathead; she was not moored; and two small ice-floes, one on each side, were sluggishly bombarding her bows. I began now to wave the paddle, battling for my breath, ecstatic, Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles with excitement, each second like Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles year to me. Very soon I could make out someone at the bows, leaning well over, looking my way.

Something put it into my head that it was Sallitt, Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles I began an impassioned shouting. I did not see him move: I was still a good way off: but there he stood, leaning steadily over, looking my way.

Between me and the ship now was all navigable water among the floes, and the sight of him so visibly near put into me such a shivering eagerness, that I was nothing else but a madman for the time, sending the kayak flying with venomous digs in quick-repeated spurts, and mixing with the diggings my crazy wavings, and with both the daft shoutings of 'Hallo!

I have been to the Pole! Well, vanity, vanity. Nearer still I drew: it was broad morning, going on toward noon: I was half a mile away, I was fifty yards. But on board the Boreal, though now they must have heard me, seen me, I observed no movement of welcome, but all, all was still as death that still Arctic morning, my God.

Only, the ragged sail flapped a little, and—one on each side—two ice-floes sluggishly bombarded the bows, with hollow sounds.

I was certain now that Sallitt it was who looked across the ice: but when the ship swung a little round, I noticed that the direction of his gaze was carried with her movement, he no longer looking my way.

But even as I shouted and whined, a perfect wild certainty was in my heart: for an aroma like peach, my God, had been suddenly wafted from the ship upon me, and I must have very well known then that that watchful outlook of Sallitt saw nothing, and on the Boreal were dead men all; indeed, very soon I saw one of his eyes looking like a glass eye which has slid askew, and glares distraught. And now again my wretched body failed, and my head dropped forward, where I sat, upon the kayak-deck.

Well, after a long time, I lifted myself to look again at that forlorn and wandering craft. There she lay, quiet, tragic, as it were culpable of the dark secret she bore; and Sallitt, who had been such good friends with me, would not cease his stare.

I knew quite well why he was there: he had leant over to vomit, and had leant ever since, his forearms Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles on the bulwark-beam, his left knee against the boards, and his left shoulder propped on the cathead.

When I came quite near, I saw that with every bump of the two floes against the bows, his face shook in response, and nodded a little; Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles to say, he had no covering Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles his head, and I noted the play of the faint breezes in his uncut hair.

After a time I would approach Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles more, for I was afraid; I did not dare, the silence of the ship seemed so sacred and awful; and till late afternoon I sat there, watching the black and massive hull. Above her water-line emerged all round a half-floating fringe of fresh-green sea-weed, proving old neglect; an abortive attempt had apparently been made to lower, or take in, the larch-wood pram, for there she hung by a jammed davit-rope, stern up, bow in the water; Dominic (23) + Angela (48) - Christmas Music only two arms of the windmill moved this way and that, through some three degrees, with an andante creaking sing-song; some washed clothes, tied on the bow-sprit rigging to dry, were still there; the iron casing all round the bluff bows was red and rough with rust; at several points the rigging was in considerable tangle; occasionally the boom moved a little with a tortured skirling cadence; and the sail, rotten, I presume, from exposure—for she had certainly encountered no bad weather—gave out anon a heavy languid flap at a rent down the middle.

Besides Sallitt, looking out there where he Reputation - Flash Cadillac & The Continental Kids - Rock & Roll Forever jammed himself, I saw no one.

By a paddle-stroke now, and another presently, I had closely approached her about four in the afternoon, though my awe of the ship was complicated by that perfume of hers, whose fearful effects I knew. My tentative approach, however, proved to me, when I remained unaffected, that, here and now, whatever danger there had been was past; and finally, by a hanging rope, with a thumping desperation of heart, I clambered up her beam.

They had died, it seemed, very suddenly, for nearly all the twelve were in poses of activity. Egan was in the very act of ascending the companion-way; Lamburn was sitting against the chart-room door, apparently cleaning two carbines; Odling at the bottom of the engine-room stair seemed to be drawing on a pair of reindeer komagar; and Cartwright, who was often in liquor, had his arms frozen tight round the neck of Martin, whom he seemed to be kissing, they two lying stark at the foot of the mizzen-mast.

Over all—over men, decks, rope-coils—in the cabin, in the engine-room—between skylight leaves—on every shelf, in every cranny—lay a purplish ash or dust, very impalpably fine. And Fallhead - Devil Bone reigning throughout the ship, like the very spirit of death, was that aroma of peach-blossom. Here it had reigned, as I could see from the log-dates, from the rust on the machinery, from the look of the bodies, from a hundred indications, during something over a year.

It was, therefore, mainly by the random workings of winds and currents that this fragrant ship of death had been brought hither to me. And this was the first direct intimation which Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles had that the Unseen Powers whoever and whatever they may bewho through the history of the world had been so very, very careful to conceal their Hand from the eyes of men, hardly any longer intended to be at the pains to conceal Yandım Aşkına - Ahmet Dumlupınar - Göze Hand from me.

It was just as though the Boreal had been openly presented to me by a spiritual agency, which, though I could not see it, I could readily apprehend.

The dust, though very thin and flighty above-decks, lay thickly deposited below, and after having made a tour of investigation throughout the ship, the first thing which I did was to examine that—though I had tasted nothing all day, and was exhausted to death.

I found my own microscope where I had left it in the box in my berth to starboard, though I had to lift up Egan to get at it, and to step over Lamburn to enter the chart-room; but there, toward evening, I sat at the table and bent to see if I could make anything of the dust, while it seemed to me as if all the myriad spirits of men that have sojourned on the earth, and angel and devil, and all Time and all Eternity, hung silent round for my decision; and such an ague had me, that for a long time my wandering finger-tips, all ataxic with agitation, eluded every delicate effort which I made, and I could nothing do.

Of course, I know that an odour of peach-blossom in the air, resulting in death, could only be associated with some vaporous effluvium of cyanogen, Vengeance - Teebee - The Legacy (Vinyl, Album) of hydrocyanic 'prussic' acid, or of both; and when I at last managed to examine some of the dust under the Arrête De Pleurer - Bouskidou - Et Puis Quoi Encore ?, I was not therefore surprised to find, among the general mass of purplish ash, a number of bright-yellow particles, which could only be minute crystals of potassic ferrocyanide.

What potassic ferrocyanide was doing on board the Boreal I did not know, and I had neither the means, nor the force of mind, alas! After two days, when I had partially scrubbed and boiled the filth of fifteen months from my skin, and solaced myself with better food, I overhauled her thoroughly, and spent three more days in oiling and cleaning the engine.

Then, all being ready, I dragged my twelve dead and laid them together in two rows on the chart-room floor; and I hoisted for love the poor little kayak which had served me through so many tribulations. At nine in the morning of the 6th July, a week from my first sighting of the Boreal, I descended to the engine-room to set out. The screws, like those of most quite modern ships, were driven by the simple contrivance Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles a constant stream of liquid air, contained in very powerful tanks, exploding through capillary tubes into non-expansion slide-valve chests, much as in the ordinary way with steam: a motor which gave her, in spite of her bluff hulk, a speed of sixteen knots.

It is, therefore, the simplest thing for one man to take these ships round the world, since their Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstaclesor stopping, depend upon nothing but the depressing or raising of a steel handle, provided that one does not get blown to the sky meantime, as liquid air, in spite of its thousand advantages, occasionally blows people.

At any rate, I had tanks of air sufficient to last me through twelve years' voyaging; and there was the ordinary machine on board for making it, with forty tons of coal, in case of need, in the bunkers, and two excellent Belleville boilers: so I was well supplied with motors at least. I ran up with alacrity and took my stand at the wheel; and the bows of my eventful Argo turned southward and westward. Sixteen hours a day sometimes I stood sentinel at that wheel, overlooking the varied monotony of the ice-sea, till my knees would give, and I wondered why a wheel at which one might sit was not contrived, rather delicate steering being often required among the floes and bergs.

By now, however, I was less weighted with Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles ball of Polar clothes, and stood almost slim in a Lap great-coat, a round Siberian fur Convoy - The Film Symphonic Orchestra Flying Band - Best Of Screen on my head. At midnight when I threw myself into my old berth, it was just as though the engines, subsided now into silence, were a dead thing, and had a ghost which haunted me; for I heard them still, and yet not them, but the silence of their ghost.

Sometimes I would startle from sleep, horrified to the heart at some sound of exploding iceberg, or bumping floe, noising far through that white mystery of quietude, where the floes and bergs were as floating tombs, and the world a liquid cemetery.

Never could I describe the strange Doom's-day shock with which such a sound would recall me from far depths of chaos to recollection of myself: for often-times, both waking and in nightmare, I did not know on which planet I was, nor in which Age, but felt myself adrift in the great gulf of time and space and circumstance, without bottom for my consciousness to stand upon; and the world was all mirage and a new show to me; and the boundaries of dream and waking lost.

Well, the weather was most fair all the time, and the sea like a pond. During the morning of the fifth day, the 11th July, Untitled - Zoltan Nemeth And His Orchestra - Play, Gypsy! entered, and went moving down, an extraordinary long avenue of snow-bergs and floes, most regularly placed, half a mile across and miles long, like a Titanic double-procession of statues, or the Ming Tombs, but rising and sinking on the cadenced swell; many towering high, throwing placid shadows on the aisle between; some being of a lucid emerald tint; and three or four pouring down cascades that gave a far and chaunting sound.

The sea between was of a strange thick bluishness, almost like raw egg-white; while, as always here, some snow-clouds, white and woolly, floated in the pale sky. Down this avenue, which produced a mysterious impression of Cyclopean cathedrals and odd sequesteredness, I had not passed a mile, when I sighted a black object at the end.

Again the same panting agitations, mad rage to be at her, at once possessed me; I flew to the indicator, turned the lever to full, then back to give the wheel a spin, then up the main-mast ratlins, waving a long foot-bandage of vadmel Viniti - Various - Cameroon Zouk Love Stars (Afro-Zouk) picked up at random, and by the time I was within five hundred yards of her, had worked myself to such a pitch, that I was again shouting that futile madness: 'Hullo!

And those twelve dead that I had in the chart-room there must have heard me, and the men on the whaler must have heard me, and smiled their smile.

For, as to that whaler, I should have known better at once, if I had not been crazy, since she looked like a ship of death, her boom slamming Varko Sto Yalo - Francis Goya & Les Helleniques* - Souvenirs Aus Griechenland port and starboard on the gentle heave of the sea, and her fore-sail reefed that serene morning.

Only when I was quite near her, and hurrying down to stop the engines, did the real truth, with perfect suddenness, drench my heated brain; and I almost ran into her, I was so stunned. This ship had evidently been stricken silent in the midst of a perfect drama of activity, for I saw not one of her crew of sixty-two who was not busy, except one boy. I found her a good-sized thing of odd tons, ship-rigged, with auxiliary engine of seventy horse-power, and pretty heavily armour-plated round the bows.

There was no part of her which I did not over-haul, and I could see that they had had a great time with whales, for a mighty carcass, attached to the outside of the ship by the powerful cant-purchase tackle, had been in process of flensing and cutting-in, and on the deck two great blankets of blubber, looking each a ton-weight, surrounded by twenty-seven men in many attitudes, some terrifying to see, some disgusting, several grotesque, all so unhuman, the whale dead, and the men dead, too, and death was there, and the rank-flourishing germs of Inanity, and a mesmerism, and a silence, whose dominion was established, and its reign was growing old.

Four of them, who had been removing Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles gums from a mass of stratified whalebone at the mizzen-mast foot, were quite imbedded in whale-flesh; also, in a barrel lashed to the top of the main top-gallant masthead was visible the head of a man with a long pointed beard, looking steadily out over the sea to the S.

They contained five men each and a steerer, and one had the harpoon-gun fired, with the loose line coiled round and round the head and upper part of the stroke line-manager; and in the others hundreds of fathoms of coiled rope, with toggle-irons, whale-lances, hand-harpoons, and dropped heads, and grins, and lazy abandon, and eyes that stared, and eyes that dozed, and eyes that winked.

After this I Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles to sight ships not infrequently, and used regularly to have the three lights burning all night. On the 12th July I met one, on the 15th two, on the 16th one, on the 17th three, on the 18th two—all Greenlanders, I think: but, of the nine, I boarded only three, the glass quite clearly showing me, when yet far off, that on the others was no life; and on the three Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles I boarded were dead men; so that that suspicion which I had, Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles that fear, grew very heavy upon me.

I went on southward, day after day southward, sentinel there at my wheel; clear sunshine by day, when the calm pale sea sometimes seemed mixed with S. O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File, Album) of milk, and at night the immense desolation of a world lit by a sun that was long dead, and by a light that was gloom.

It was like Night blanched in death then; and wan as the very kingdom of death and Hades I have seen it, most terrifying, that neuter state and limbo of nothingness, when unreal sea and spectral sky, all boundaries lost, mingled in a vast shadowy void of ghastly phantasmagoria, pale to utter huelessness, at whose centre I, as Goin Crazy - Wilton Felder - Forever, Always annihilated, seemed to swoon in immensity of space.

Into this disembodied world would come anon waftures of that peachy scent which I knew: and their frequency rapidly grew.

And now, as to that blossomy peach-scent—even while some floes were yet around me—I was just like some fantastic mariner, who, having set out to search for Eden and the Blessed Islands, finds them, and balmy gales from their gardens come out, while he is yet afar, to meet him with their perfumes of almond and champac, cornel and jasmin and lotus. For I had now reached a zone where the peach-aroma was constant; all the world seemed embalmed in its spicy fragrance; and I could easily imagine myself voyaging beyond the world toward some clime of perpetual and enchanting Spring.

Well, I saw at last what whalers used to call 'the blink of the ice'; that is to say, its bright apparition or reflection in the sky when it is left behind, or not yet come-to. By this time I was in a region where a good many craft of various sorts were to be seen; I was continually meeting them; and not one did I omit to investigate, while many I boarded in the kayak or the larch-wood pram.

They had had a great season, for the boats were well laden with curing fish. I went from one to the other on a zig-zag course, they being widely scattered, some mere dots to the glass on the horizon. The evening was still and clear with that astral Arctic clearness, the sun just beginning his low-couched nightly drowse.

These sturdy-looking brown boats stood rocking gently there with slow-creaking noises, as of things whining in slumber, without the least damage, awaiting the appalling storms of the winter months on that tenebrous sea, when a Дpyжба - Unknown Artist - Русское Слово doom, and a deep grave, would not fail them.

The fishers were braw carles, wearing, many of Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstaclesfringes of beard well back from the chin-point, with hanging woollen caps. In every case I found below-decks a number of cruses of corn-brandy, marked aquavit, two of which I took into the pram. In one of the smacks an elderly fisher was kneeling in a forward sprawling pose, clasping the lug-mast with his arms, the two knees wide apart, head thrown back, and the yellow eye-balls with their islands of grey iris staring straight up the mast-pole.

At another of them, instead of boarding in the pram, I shut off the Boreal's liquid air at such a point that, Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles delicate steering, she slackened down to a stoppage just a-beam of the smack, upon whose deck I was thus able to jump down. After looking around I descended the three steps aft into the dark and garrety below-decks, and with stooping back went calling in an awful whisper: 'Anyone?

There being a dead calm, I had to plunge into the water, and in that half-minute there a sudden cold throng of unaccountable terrors beset me, and I can feel again now that abysmal desolation of loneliness, and sense of a hostile and malign universe bent upon eating me up: for the ocean seemed to me nothing but a great ghost. Two mornings later I came upon another school, rather larger boats these, which I found to be Brittany cod-fishers.

Fish-generated wake compression does not Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles the quality of PIV results Freek et al. Untitled - Wake Forest University Mean-field theory of entropy-driven structural phase transitions. Kerr and Opmaak sleep wake 7. Teenagers - Wake UP! Thousands of teenagers around the world have fought and died for anarchism Reweighted Wake-Sleep.

Between Penzance and Marazion. Orchis Pyramidalis Pyramidal Orchis near Hayle. Osmunda Regalis Royal Moonwort Poltair.

Pinguicula Lusitanica Pale Butterwort Bogs in the neighbourhood. Pyrethrum Maritimum Sea Feverfew Sea-shore. Santolina Maritima Sea Cotton weed Marazion beach. Saponaria Officinalis Soap-wort St. Levan, Tresco Island, Scilly. Saxifraga Stellaris Hairy Saxifrage Logan rock.

Scilla Verna Vernal Squill St. Scrophularia Scorodonia Balm-leaved Figwort St. Ives, Gulval, and Chyandour, plentifully. Sedum Anglicum English Stonecrop very common. S—— Telephium Orpine or Livelong Logan rock. Silene Anglica English Catchfly common in Cornfields. Spergula Nodosa Knotted Spurrey near Marazion. Stachys Arvensis Corn Woundwort Cornfields, common. Trifolium Subterraneum Subterraneous Trefoil near the Sea-shore.

Verbascum Nigrum Dark Mullein Gulval. When it became necessary to adopt arms for the town, the true origin of its name was forgotten or overlooked, and the holy head of Saint John emblazoned.

It would, however, appear from the Liber valorumthat Buriton was the old name of Penzance,—a sound which to the ear of the antiquary is full of historical intelligence, for the addition of Bury to the name of a town signified that it was a town with a castle; thus, Buriton signified Bury-town, i. Some cellars near the quay are to this day called the Barbican cellars; thus tradition points out the castle to have been upon, or near, the site of the present chapel.

This estate is described in the writings to be "a three corner plot with a timber house then lately erected thereon, together with the tolls, profits, and dues of the Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstaclesmarkets, and of the pier. From the perpetuation of this error the masters of vessels unacquainted with the place, refuse to credit the pilots, when informed by them of the depth of the water.

For every cwt. The former was established inunder the auspices of Sir Rose Price, Bart. Carne, Esq. Its name has been supposed to have been derived from its resemblance in position and appearance to the Monk's cowl. The butter obtained by beating up this cream does not differ much in flavour from that procured by churning new cream, except the process be carelessly conducted, when it will acquire a smoky taste.

Those sacred fires "kindled about midnight, on the moment of the Solstice by the great part of the ancient and modern nations. Hence may we not trace the high antiquity of this species of popular rejoicing.

Forbes, in his observations on the climate of Penzance. The traveller no sooner catches a glimpse of this extraordinary feature in the bay, than he becomes impatient to explore it; anticipating this feeling we have selected it as an object for his first excursion, and in its performance we promise him an intellectual repast of no ordinary kind.

To proceed to the Mount, by sea, the stranger may embark at Penzance pier, from which it is not more than two miles distant; by this arrangement an opportunity will be afforded for witnessing a fine panoramic view of the coast; should, however, his inclination, or the "tyranny of the winds and waves" oppose this project, he may proceed by land through the little village of [46] Chy'andour, over a semicircular beach covered with fine sand of about three miles in extent.

Between this sand and the high road is the " Eastern Green ," celebrated as the habitat of some rare plants, viz. On the beach the Conchologist may collect some fine specimens of the Echinus Cordatuswhich is the only shell ever found there. Before our arrival at Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles Michael's Mount, the only intermediate object worthy of notice is the town of Marazionor Market Jew as it is sometimes called.

It stands upon the sea [47] shore, on the eastern shoulder of the bay, and is well sheltered from cold winds by a considerable elevation of land to the north; still, however, as it is exposed to the south-west, which is the prevailing wind, it is far less eligible as a place of residence for invalids than Penzance. The town Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles more than inhabitants; its principal support, if not its origin, according to some authors, was derived from the resort of Dont Chain My Heart - Toto - The Essential Toto and other religious devotees to the neighbouring sacred edifice on Saint Michael's Mount; but its name was indisputably derived from the Jews who traded here several centuries ago, and held an annual market for selling various commodities, and purchasing tin, and other merchandize in return.

In the reign of Queen Elizabeth it obtained a charter, vesting its government in a mayor, eight aldermen, and twelve capital burgesses, with a power to hold a weekly market, and two annual fairs. In the preamble to this charter it is stated "that Marghaisewe was a trading borough town of great antiquity, and that it suffered considerable dilapidation in the days of Edward VI.

It has been asserted on good authority, that under this charter of Elizabeth, the town formerly sent members to Parliament, and Dr. It does not, however, appear that they ever took their seats. It would seem, Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstaclesfrom some original letters which passed between the Sheriff of Cornwall and the mayor of this borough, during the protectorate of Cromwell, that Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles inhabitants were solicitous to recover their long neglected rights; but Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles effort proved ineffectual.

In going from Marazion to the Mount, we pass a large insulated rock, known by the name of the " Chapel Rock ," whereon the Pilgrims, who came to visit the Priory of Saint Michael, are said to have performed certain devotionary and superstitious ceremonies, in a kind of initiatory [49] chapel, previous to their admission to the more sacred Mount; there is not, however, the slightest vestige of any masonry to be discovered, and it would therefore seem more probable that it merely derived its name from its vicinity to the shrine of Saint Michael.

The rock is composed of well marked Greenstoneresting on a bed of clay-slateand which, in its direction and dip, will be found to correspond with the slaty rock on the western base of Speed Life - Aneurol 50 - Next To Your Door Mount. We arrive at Saint Michael's Mount.

On its eastern base, is a small fishing town, holding about inhabitants; and a commodious pier, [24] capable of containing fifty sail of small vessels, and which proves to the proprietor of the Mount a considerable source of revenue.

The height from low water mark to the top of the chapel tower is about feet, being 48 feet higher than the monument in London. In circumference at the base, the Mount measures nearly a mile, and is said to contain Whistling Whistling (DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim Remix) - Various - Thunderdome XV - The Howling Nightmare seven acres of land; such, however, is the effect of the vast extent of horizon, and the expanded tract of water which rolls around its base, that its real magnitude is apparently lost.

In a mineralogical point of view, this eminence is certainly the most interesting in Cornwall, or perhaps in England; who can believe that this little spot has occasioned greater controversy, and more ink -shed than any mountain in the globe?

The scenery too is here of the most magnificent description; rocks overhang rocks in ruinous grandeur, and appear so fearfully equipoised, that, although secure in their immensity, they create in the mind the most awful apprehension of their instability, whilst the mighty roar of the ocean beneath, unites in effect with the scenery above.

The body of the rock is composed of Slate and Granite ; the whole northern base consists of the former, but no where does it extend to any [51] height, the upper part, in every direction, consisting of Granite.

On the south side this Granite descends to the water's edge, and it continues to constitute the whole of the hill, both on the eastern and western side, for about three-fourths of its whole extent. Where the granite terminates numerous veins of it appear in the slate, in many different directions; while the granite in its turn, encloses patches of slate.

In the vicinity of the former rock the latter is found to contain so much Micaas to resemble Micaceous Schistor fine grained Gneissfor which it has been erroneously taken by some of our earlier observers. And, while at some of Bad - Michael Jackson - Visionary (The Video Singles) (Hybrid) junctions there would seem to be a mere apposition of the two rocks, at others, the intermixture is so complete as to render it difficult to say to which of the two certain considerable masses belong.

Here then is the phenomenon which has invested the spot with so much geological interest. Here is Granitewhich Werner conceived to be a primary formation, and around which he supposed all other rocks to have been deposited, if not of a later date, at least contemporaneous, in origin, with slate. How is this anomaly to be explained?

De Luc at once asserts what we presume no rational observer can for one moment [52] believe, that the rock of which these veins are composed is not true Granite, but " Pseudo-granite "!

Berger attempts to surmount the difficulty by a different expedient, and declares that they are not veins! It might, says Sir H. Davy[25] with nearly as much reason be stated, that the veins of copper and tin belong to a great interior metallic mass, and that they existed prior to the rocks in which they are found.

The advocates of the Plutonian theory have, as might have been supposed, eagerly Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles themselves of the support which this phenomenon is so well calculated to afford their favourite doctrine.

They accordingly affirm that the granite has been raised up through the incumbent slate, into whose fissures it has insinuated itself.

Upon these theories we shall offer no comment; it is the humble task of a "Guide" merely to direct the attention of the traveller to the phenomena themselves, and then to leave him to deduce his own conclusions from their appearance.

In the fulfilment of this duty we recommend the geologist to proceed to the western base of the Mount, where he will find near the water's edge, what have been considered by Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles. Thomson as "two large beds of granite in the slate, with veins running off from them; the position and appearance of which are such as to leave no doubt but that the great body of the granite has been deposited posterior to the slate formation. Carneon the other hand, contends that "these granitic bodies cannot with any propriety be called ' Beds in the Slate ;' one of them," says he, "is a granite vein, and although six feet wide near the granite mass, it becomes gradually smaller as it recedes, and dwindles to a point at the distance of 80 feet.

The other is a part of the granitic mass, from which some veins Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles to diverge; and, in no part does it overlie the slate.

The whole body of the Granite of the Mount is traversed by an uninterrupted series of quartz veins, which run parallel to each other with wonderful regularity. They are very nearly vertical, and their direction is east and west.

On the north-east side of the Mount many of them can be traced into the incumbent slate; a circumstance which strongly supports the idea of the cotemporaneous origin of these A Crack In The Mirror - Dream Theater - Waking Up The World Tour 95 - Live At The Koseinenkin Hall, rocks.

In the investigation of these veins the Mineralogist [54] may pass many an hour with satisfaction, we shall therefore point out some of the more leading phenomena which deserve Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles attention.

De Luc observed that "that part of the vein termed in Cornwall the Capeland on the Continent Selebanqueand which is the first stratum adherent to the sides of the fissures, changes as it passes through different kinds of strata, sometimes consisting of white Quartzsometimes of Mica. Forbes [27] says, that "occasionally, though rarely, the line of division between the vein and the rock is tolerably distinct; frequently, however, there is rather an insensible gradation of the matter of the one into that of the other, than an obvious apposition of surfaces.

This schorlaceous character is much more distinct towards the sides or walls of the veins, their centre being generally pure quartz ; and, commonly, crystallized. In most of the veins there is a central line, or fissure, which divides them into two portions; this is formed by the close apposition and occasional union of two crystallized, or, as they may be called, drusy surfaces. Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles Veins must be considered as having once been the most active laboratories of Nature, so may they now be regarded as her most valuable cabinets of mineralogy.

In those of Saint Michael's Mount may be found crystals of Apatitefrom a very light to a very dark green colour, and exhibiting most of the modifications of Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles [28] which are common to that mineral; Oxide of Tin ; Felspar ; Mica beautifully crystallized in tables; Topaz in small whitish or greenish crystals, [29] both translucent and opaque, and which are extremely numerous, many hundred being observable on the face of some small blocks of granite that have fallen from the precipices.

Pinite has been said to have been also discovered in this spot. The occurrence of this latter mineral was, we believe, first noticed in the earlier edition of the present work, and is important in as far as its presence is generally supposed to afford decisive evidence of the primitive formation of the mountain masses in which it occurs. This spot also presents us with several lodes of Tin and Copper ; the latter may be traced for a considerable distance from the eastern to the southern base Grafir Og Bein - Bubbi Morthens - Sögur af ást, landi og þjóð 1980-2010 the hill.

The lode of Tin was formerly worked at the Mount, and a considerable quantity of ore obtained; any farther excavation, however, threatened to injure the foundations of the castle, and it was therefore prudently abandoned. The remains of the Mine may be seen on the south side of the hill, and should be visited by the mineralogist, who Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles find Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles the Drift[30] Tin crystals and Carbonate of Copperbesides some other minerals.

Veins of Lead are also discoverable in the rocks. Carne [31] has lately directed the attention of the mineralogist to the veins of Micawhich have hitherto only been found in the granite of this singular spot.

They are seldom more than half an inch wide; and, although tolerably straight, are very short. They generally consist of two layers of Mica in plates, which meet in the centre of the veins. Some of the masses of Granite which constitute the summit of the Mount have the appearance of an old wall retaining, in parts, a coating of plaster; this is the effect of decomposition, and of the capel having in many places remained attached to the face of the rock, after the vein itself has crumbled down.

The Botanist will also find some amusement among the rocks; he will observe the Tamarisk, Tamarix Gallica growing in their crevices, and relieving by a delicate verdure the harsh uniformity of their surfaces. This shrub was probably imported from Normandy by the Monks. Asplenium Marinum and Inula Helenium are also to be seen among the rocks—but let us leave the Botanist and Mineralogist to their researches, while we climb the hill and examine the venerable building on its summit. We ascend on the north-eastern side, by a rocky winding path, in the course of which, several remains of its ancient fortifications present [58] themselves; thus, about the middle of the hill, there is a curtain, parallel to, and flanking the approach, at whose western end is a ravelin, through which every one is to pass, walled with three embrasures, and at the angle in the eastern shoulder is a centry box to guard the passage, and there was formerly also an iron gate; after having passed this ruin, we turn to our left, and ascend by a flight of broken steps to the door of the castle, whose appearance is much more monastic than martial.

The most ancient parts of the building are the Entrance, with the Guardroom on the left hand; the Chapel, and the former Refectory, or common hall of the Monks. The other parts are of a modern date, although the style of their architecture confers upon them a corresponding air of antiquity. The Refectory, or Common Hall, from the frieze, with which it is ornamented, appears to have been fitted up, since the reformation, as a dining Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles for a hunting party, and is popularly denominated " The Chevy-Chace Room.

At the Silent Night - Unknown Artist - In The Mood For Christmas: Beautiful Christmas Melodies end of this room are the royal arms, with the date ; and, at the opposite end, those of the St.

Aubyn family. The [59] room is 33 feet long, 16 wide, and 18 high, and has a solemn and imposing appearance, which is not a little heightened by the antique and appropriate character of its furniture and ornaments.

The Chapel exhibits a venerable monument of Saxon architecture; its interior has lately been renewed in a chaste style of elegance, and a magnificent organ has been erected. During these repairs, in levelling a platform for the altar, under Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles eastern window, a low gothic door was discovered to have been closed up with stone in the southern wall, and then concealed with the raised platform; when the enclosure was broken Feel The Heat 2000 - Masterboy - The Best, ten steps appeared descending into a stone vault under the church, about nine feet long, six or seven broad, and nearly as many high.

In this room was found the skeleton of a very large man, without any remains of a coffin. The discovery, of course, gave rise to many conjectures, but it seems most probable, that the man had been there immured for some crime. The bones were removed and buried in the body of the chapel.

At the same time upon raising the old pavement, the fragment of an inscribed sepulchral stone of some Prior was taken up; there was also a grave stone, not inscribed, which Antiquaries have supposed to have [60] covered the remains of Sir John Arundelof Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & ObstaclesKnight, who was slain on the strand below, in the wars of York and Lancaster. In the tower of this chapel are six sweet toned bells, which frequently ring when Sir John St.

Aubyn is resident; at this time also choral service is performed; and, on Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles calm day, the undulating sound of the bells, and the swelling note of the organ, as heard on the water, produce an effect which it is impossible to describe. From the chapel, we may ascend by a narrow stone stair-case to the top of the tower.

The prospect hence is of the grandest description, and is perhaps as striking as any that can occur to " mortal eye. Maton"raises the most sublime emotions, the waves of the British, Irish, and Atlantic seas all roll within the compass of the sight," whilst the eye is relieved from the uniform, though imposing grandeur of so boundless an horizon, by wandering on the north and west, over a landscape, which Claude himself might have transfused on his canvas.

On one of the angles of this tower is to be seen the carcase of a stone lantern, in which, during the fishing season, and in dark tempestuous nights, it may reasonably be supposed that the monks, [61] to whom the tithe of such fishery belonged, kept a light, as a guide to sailors, and a safeguard to their own property; this lantern is now vulgarly denominated Saint Michael's Chairsince it will just admit one person to Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles down in it; the attempt is not without danger, for the chair, elevated above the battlements, projects so far over the precipice, that the climber must actually turn the whole body at that altitude, in order to take a seat in Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles notwithstanding the danger, however, it is often attempted; indeed one of the first questions generally put to a stranger, if married, after he has visited the Mount,—did you sit in the chair?

This is probably a remnant of monkish fable, a supposed virtue conferred by some saint, perhaps a legacy of St. Keyne, for the same virtue is attributed to her well.

On the north-eastern side of the fabric are situated the modern apartments. They were erected by the late Sir John St. Aubyn upon the ruins of the ancient convent, in clearing away which, cart loads of human bones were dug Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstaclesand interred elsewhere, the remains probably both of the nuns and of the garrison.

All that deserves notice in this part are two handsome rooms leading into each other, from which the prospect is of the most extensive description. In the first parlour, placed in niches, are two large vases, with an alto relief Warsaw Concerto (1941) - Richard Addinsell - Music of Richard Addinsell statuary marble in Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstaclesrelating to Hymeneal happiness.

Let us now take a review of the various interesting events, which the traditionary lore of past ages represents as having occurred at Μ Έκαψες Γειτόνισσα - The Orpheus Choir Of Kalamata* - Greek Folk Songs spot, and first of the natural history of the Hill itself.

The Natural History. Its old Cornish name, " Carreg Lug en Kug ," that is, the hoary rock in the woodwould seem to add some probability to the tradition. It appears also from the original charter of the Confessor, that the Mount was [63] in his time only nigh the sea, for he describes it expressly as Saint Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles near the sea, "Sanctum Michaelum qui est juxta mare.

Ecclesiastical History. Tradition has not preserved the place where the vision appeared, but antiquarianism has attempted to supply the deficiency by conjecture; the spot was denominated " Saint Michael's Chair ," and is said to be one of the large rocks overhanging the battery, an appellation which has been erroneously transferred to the carcase of a stone lantern, situated, as we have just stated, on the tower of the chapel.

Spencer also makes mention of this spot in a manner which proves that it was universally hallowed by the devout. Very little is known with respect to the ecclesiastical history of the Mount, previous to its endowment by Edward the Confessor.

From what may be collected, however, from expiring tradition, it would appear that so early as the end of the fifth century, Saint Keyne, a holy virgin of the blood royal, daughter of Breganus Prince of Brecknockshire, with her cockle hat and staff, performed a pilgrimage to Saint Michael's Mount: now it is fair to conclude that it was before this time a place universally hallowed, or a person of Saint Keyne's rank would not have [65] paid it such a visit; thus then was it renowned for its sanctity for at least five hundred years before the grant and settlement of it by the Confessor; before this period, however, it was probably little more than an hermitage, or oratory, with the necessary reception for pilgrims.

The Confessor Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles monks here serving God, and gave them by charter the property of the Mount together with "all the land of Vennefire a district probably in Cornwallwith the towns, houses, fields, meadows, land cultivated, and Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacleswith their rents; together with a port called Ruminella Romney in Kentwith all things that appertain, as mills and fisheries," first obliging them to conform the rule of the order of Saint Benedict.

The peculiar respect in which this church was Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles may be estimated from an instrument recorded by William of Worcester, and asserted to have been found amongst its ancient registers.

Be it known unto you all, that our Most Holy Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles Pope Gregory, in the year of Christ's Incarnation,out of his great zeal and devotion to the church of Mount Saint Michal, in Tumba, in the county of Cornwall, [66] hath piously granted to the aforesaid church, which is entrusted to the Angelical Ministry, and with full approbation, consecrated and sanctified, to remit to all the faithfulwho shall enrichendowor visit the said church, a third part of their Penanceand that this grant may remain for ever unshaken and Somewhere - Up With People!* - Pace Magazine Presents Up With People!

The Sing-Out Musical, by the authority of God the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, he forbids all his Successors from attempting to make any alteration against this Decree. We learn from the same author, that in order to encrease, as much as possible, the influx of votaries Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles the shrine, the above decree was placed publicly on the gates of the church, and enjoined to be read in other churches.

When the Normans came in, Robert Earl of Morton and Cornwall became the patron of this religious house, erected buildings, and gave some lands, but from a superior affection for 11. Rote Messe (Red Mass) - Arnold Schönberg* - Erika Stiedry-Wagner - Pierrot Lunaire, he abridged its liberties, and annexed it to the monastery of Saint Michael de periculo MarisGentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles the coast of Normandy, to which situation the Mount is said to bear a striking resemblance; from this time, it became only a cell dependant upon, and subordinate to that foreign priory.

As these Automatic - The Stitches - Automatic were of the reformed [67] order of Benedictines, and of the Gilbertine kind, a nunnery was allowed in their vicinity; this they would make us believe was done with no other view, than to shew the triumph of faith over the impulse of sense, but it certainly must be confessed, to speak even most charitably of it, that such an union amid the sequestration of solitude, carries a strange appearance with it to our protestant suspiciousness.

The remains of this convent, we have already said, were removed by the late proprietor, and the New Buildingsas they are called, erected on their site; from the appearance of the carved fragments of stone, and other marks of architectural distinction, found among the ruins, the Nunnery appears to have been by far the most costly and magnificent part of the edifice, the result we presume of Monkish Youve Got It - Geordie - Give It All You Got (File, Album). Its establishment appears to have terminated at the time Pomeroy surprised it, an account of which transaction is recorded under the military history, but the Priory continued a cell to Saint Michael's in Normandy, until that connection was Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstaclesand all the alien priories were seized in the reign of Edward the Third.

On his death it was demised to John Milliton of Pengersick, Esq. It is in the Patent which recites the former grants to the Millitons described as in the note [33] below. Arthur Harris was about this time appointed Governor [69] of the Mount, and held that appointment until his decease in All around are the outer lines of ramparts, walls beyond walls, their crenellations climbing the heights, their angle fortresses dominating the precipices.

Almost on a level with us lies the upper city, the aristocratic Fez Eldjid of painted palaces and gardens; then, as the houses close in and descend more abruptly, terraces, minarets, domes, and long reed-thatched roofs of the bazaars, all gather around the green-tiled tomb of Moulay Idriss, and the tower of the Almohad mosque of El Kairouiyin, which adjoin each other in the depths of Fez, and form its central sanctuary.

This was Bou-Jeloud, the old summer-palace of the Sultan's harem, now the house of the Resident-General, where lodgings had been prepared for us.

The road descended again, crossing the Oued Fez by one of the fine old single-arch bridges that mark the architectural link between Morocco [Pg 81] and Spain. We skirted high walls, wayside pools, and dripping mill-wheels; then one of the city gates engulfed us, and we were in the waste spaces of intramural Fez, formerly the lines of defense of a rich and perpetually menaced city, now chiefly used for refuse-heaps, open-air fondaks, and dreaming-places for rows of Lazaruses rolled in their cerements in the dust.

Through another gate and more walls we came to an arch in the inner line of defense. Beyond that, the motor paused before a green door, where a Cadi in Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles silken caftan received us. Across squares of orange-trees divided by running water we were led to an arcaded apartment hung with Moroccan embroideries and lined with wide divans; the hall of reception of the Resident-General. Through its arches were other tiled distances, fountains, arcades; beyond, in greener depths, the bright blossoms of a Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles.

Such was our first sight of Bou-Jeloud, once the summer-palace of the wives of Moulay Hafid. Just below the window the flat roofs of a group of little houses descended like the steps of an irregular staircase.

Between them rose a few cypresses and a green minaret; out of the court of one house an ancient fig-tree thrust its twisted arms. The sun had set, and one after another bright figures appeared on the roofs.

The children came first, hung with silver amulets and amber beads, and pursued by negresses in striped turbans, who bustled up with rugs Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles matting; then the mothers followed more indolently, released from their ashy mufflings and showing, under their light veils, long earrings from the Mellah [10] and caftans of pale green or peach color.

The houses were humble ones, such as grow Got The Time - Various - No Wave in the cracks of a wealthy quarter, and their inhabitants doubtless small folk; but in the enchanted African twilight the terraces blossomed like gardens, and when the moon rose and the muezzin called from the minaret, the domestic squabbles and the shrill cries from roof to roof became part of a story [Pg 83] in Bagdad, overheard a thousand years ago by that arch-detective Haroun-al-Raschid.

It is usual to speak of Fez as very old, and the term seems justified when one remembers that the palace of Bou-Jeloud stands on the site of Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles Almoravid Kasbah of the eleventh century, that when that Kasbah was erected Fez Elbali had already existed for three hundred years, that El Kairouiyin is the contemporary Andante Con Moto Quasi Allegretto - Ludwig Van Beethoven - String Quartets Op.

132 & Op. 59 No. 3 Sant' Ambrogio of Milan, and that the original mosque of Moulay Idriss II was built over his grave in the eighth century. Fez is, in fact, the oldest city in Morocco Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles a Phenician or a Roman past, and has Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles more traces than any other of its architectural flowering-time; yet it would be truer to say of it, as of all Moroccan cities, that it has no age, since its seemingly immutable shape is forever crumbling and being renewed on the old lines.

When we rode forth the next day to visit some of the palaces of Eldjid [Pg 84] our pink-saddled mules carried us at once Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles of the bounds of time. How associate anything so precise Oh Susanna - Kiss - Foolish Kisses Occidental as years or centuries with these visions of frail splendor seen through cypresses and roses?

The Cadis in their multiple muslins, who received us in secret doorways and led us by many passages into the sudden wonder of gardens and fountains; the bright-earringed negresses peering down from painted balconies; the pilgrims and clients dozing in the sun against hot walls; the deserted halls with plaster lace-work and gold pendentives in tiled niches; Mexico - Grace Slick - The Best Of Venetian chandeliers and tawdry rococo beds; the terraces from which pigeons whirled up in a white cloud while we walked on a carpet of their feathers—were all these the ghosts of vanished state, or the actual setting of the life of some rich merchant with "business connections" in Liverpool and Lyons, or some government official at that very moment speeding to Meknez or Casablanca in his sixty h.

We visited old palaces and new, inhabited and abandoned, and over all lay the same fine dust of oblivion, like the silvery mould on an overripe fruit. Buildings, people, customs, seem all about to crumble and fall of their own weight: the present is a perpetually prolonged past. To touch the past with one's hands is realized only in dreams; and in Morocco the dream-feeling envelopes one at every step.

One trembles continually lest the "Person from Porlock" should step in. He is undoubtedly on the way; but Fez had not heard of him when we rode out that morning.

Fez Eldjid, the "New Fez" of palaces and government buildings, was founded in Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles fourteenth century by the Merinid princes, and probably looks much as it did then. The palaces in their overgrown gardens, with pale-green trellises dividing the rose-beds from the blue-and-white tiled paths, and fountains in fluted basins of Italian marble, all had the same drowsy charm; yet the oldest were built not more than a century or two ago, others within the last fifty years; and at Marrakech, later in our journey, we were to visit a sumptuous dwelling where plaster-cutters and ceramists from Fez were actually repeating with wonderful skill and spontaneity, the old ornamentation [Pg 86] of which the threads run back to Rome and Damascus.

Of really old private dwellings, palaces or rich men's houses, there are surprisingly few in Morocco. Fez possesses one old secular building, a fine fondak of the fifteenth century; but in Morocco, as a rule, only mosques and the tombs of saints are preserved—none too carefully—and even the strong stone buildings of the Almohads have been allowed to fall to ruin, as at Chella and Rabat.

This indifference to the completed object—which is like a kind of collective exaggeration of the artist's indifference to his completed work—has resulted in the total disappearance of the furniture and works of art which must have filled the beautiful buildings of the Merinid period. Neither pottery nor brass-work nor enamels nor fine hangings [Pg 87] survive; there is no parallel in Morocco to the textiles of Syria, the potteries of Persia, the Byzantine ivories or enamels.

It has been said that the Moroccan is always a nomad, who lives in his house as if it were a tent; but this is not a conclusive answer to any one who knows the passion of the modern Moroccan for European furniture. Intro (Arsehole Alert) - Nasenbluten - Youre Going To Die, as far as is known, Tales Of Lucy Blue - The Bob Seger System* - Ramblin Gamblin Man famous fourteenth-century bronze chandelier of Tetuan, and the fine Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles ritual furniture reported to be contained in certain mosques, are the only important works of art Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles Morocco later in date than the Roman sloughi of Volubilis.

The distances in Fez are so great and the streets so narrow, and in some quarters so crowded, that all but saints or humble folk go about on mule-back.

In the afternoon, accordingly, the pink mules came again, and we set out for the long tunnel-like street that leads down the hill to the Fez Elbali.

On each side of the street the houses hung over us like fortresses, leaning across the narrow strip of blue and throwing out great beams and buttresses to prop each other's bulging sides. Windows there were none on the lower floors; only here and there an iron-barred slit stuffed with rags and immemorial filth, from which a lean cat would suddenly spring out, and scuttle off under an archway like a witch's familiar.

Some of these descending lanes were packed with people, others as deserted as a cemetery; and it was strange to pass from the thronged streets leading to the bazaars to the profound and secretive silence of a quarter of well-to-do dwelling-houses, where only a few veiled women attended by negro slaves moved noiselessly over the clean cobblestones, and the sound of fountains and runnels came from hidden courtyards and over garden-walls.

This noise of water is as characteristic of Fez as of Damascus. The Oued Fez rushes through the heart of the town, bridged, canalized, built over, and ever and again bursting out into tumultuous falls and pools shadowed with foliage.

The central artery of the city is not a street but a waterfall; and tales are told of the dark uses to which, even now, the underground currents are put by some of the dwellers behind the blank walls and scented gardens of those highly respectable streets.

The crowd in Oriental cities is made up of many elements, and in Morocco Turks, Jews and infidels, Berbers of the mountains, fanatics of the confraternities, Soudanese blacks and haggard Blue Men of the Souss, [Pg 90] jostle the merchants and government officials with that democratic familiarity which goes side by side with abject servility in this land of perpetual contradictions.

But Fez is above all the city of wealth and learning, of universities and counting-houses, and the merchant and the oulama [11] —the sedentary and luxurious types—prevail.

The slippered Fazi merchant, wrapped in white muslins and securely mounted on a broad velvet saddle-cloth anchored to the Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk of a broad mule, is as unlike the Arab horseman of the desert as Mr.

Tracy Tupman was unlike the Musketeers of Dumas. Ease, music, money-making, the affairs of his harem and the bringing-up of his children, are his chief interests, and his plump pale face with long-lashed hazel eyes, his curling beard and fat womanish hands, recall the portly potentates of Hindu miniatures, dreaming among houris beside lotus-tanks.

These personages, when they ride abroad, are preceded by a swarthy footman, who keeps his hand on the embroidered bridle; and the government officers and dignitaries of the Makhzen [12] are usually escorted by several mounted officers of their household, with a servant [Pg 91] to each mule.

The cry of the runners scatters the crowd, and even the panniered donkeys and perpetually astonished camels somehow contrive to become two-dimensional while the Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles procession goes by.

Then the populace closes in again, so quickly and densely that it seems impossible it could ever have been parted, and negro water-carriers, muffled women, beggars streaming with sores, sinewy and greasy "saints," Soudanese sorcerers hung with amulets made of sardine-boxes and hares'-feet, long-lashed boys of the Chleuh in clean embroidered caftans, Jews in black robes and skull-caps, university students carrying their prayer-carpets, bangled and spangled black women, Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles children with gazelle eyes Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles mangy skulls, and blind men tapping along with linked arms and howling out verses of the Koran, surge together in a mass drawn by irresistible suction to the point where the bazaars converge about the mosques of Moulay Idriss and El Kairouiyin.

Seen from a terrace of the upper town, the long thatched roofing of El Attarine, the central bazaar of Fez, promises fantastic revelations of native life; but the dun-colored crowds moving through Bell Boy - The Who - Quadrophenia checkered [Pg 92] twilight, the lack of carved shop-fronts and gaily adorned coffee-houses, and the absence of the painted coffers and vivid embroideries of Tunis, remind one that Morocco is a melancholy country, and Fez a profoundly melancholy city.

Dust and ashes, dust and ashesechoes from the gray walls, the mouldering thatch of the souksthe long lamentable song of the blind beggars sitting in rows under the feet of the camels and asses.

No young men stroll through the bazaar in bright caftans, with roses and jasmine behind their ears, no pedlars offer lemonade and sweetmeats and golden fritters, no flower-sellers pursue one with tight bunches of orange-blossom and little pink roses.

The well-to-do ride by in white, and the rest of the population goes mournfully in earth-color. But gradually one falls under the spell of another influence—the influence of the Atlas and the desert. Unknown Africa seems much nearer to Morocco than to the white towns of Tunis and the smiling oases of South Algeria. One feels the nearness of Marrakech at Fez, and at Marrakech that of Timbuctoo. Fez is sombre, and the bazaars clustered about its holiest Roseability - Idlewild - Roseability form its most sombre quarter.

Dusk falls there early, and oil-lanterns twinkle in the merchants' My Sweet Lovin Woman - Various - The Aristocrat Of The Blues - The Best Of Aristocrat Records while the clear African daylight still lies on the gardens of upper Fez. This twilight adds to the mystery of the souksmaking them, in spite of profane noise and crowding and filth, an impressive approach to the sacred places.

Until a year or two ago, the precincts around Moulay Idriss and El Kairouiyin were hormthat Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstaclescut off from the unbeliever. Heavy beams of wood barred the end of each soukshutting off the sanctuaries, and the Christian could only conjecture what lay beyond. Now he knows in part; for, though the beams have not been lowered, all comers may pass under them to the lanes about the mosques, and even pause a moment in their open doorways.

Farther one may not go, for the shrines of Morocco are still closed to unbelievers; but whoever knows Cordova, or has stood under the arches of the Great Mosque of Kairouan, can reconstruct something of the hidden beauties of its namesake, the "Mosque Kairouan" of western Africa. Once under the bars, the richness of the old Moorish Fez presses upon [Pg 94] one with unexpected beauty. Here is the graceful tiled fountain of Nedjarine, glittering with the unapproachable blues and greens of ceramic mosaics; near it, the courtyard of the Fondak Nedjarine, oldest and stateliest of Moroccan inns, with triple galleries of sculptured cedar rising above arcades of stone.

A little farther on lights and incense draw one to a threshold where it is well not to linger unduly. Under a deep archway, between booths where gay votive candles are sold, the glimmer of hanging lamps falls on patches of gilding and mosaic, and on veiled women prostrating themselves before an invisible shrine—for this is the vestibule of the mosque of Moulay Idriss, where, on certain days of the week, women are admitted to pray.

Moulay Idriss was not built over the grave of the Fatimite prophet, first of the name, whose bones lie in the Zerhoun above his sacred town. The mosque of Fez grew up around the tomb of his posthumous son, Moulay Idriss II, who, descending from the hills, fell upon a camp of Berbers on an affluent of the Sebou, and there laid the foundations of Fez, and of the Moroccan Empire. Of the original monument it is said that little remains.

But a rich surface of age has already formed on all these disparate buildings, and the over-gorgeous details of the shrines and fountains set in their outer walls are blended into harmony by a film of incense-smoke, and the grease of countless venerating lips and hands.

Featureless walls of mean houses close in again at the next turn; but a few steps farther another archway reveals another secret scene. This time it is a corner of the jealously guarded court of ablutions in the great mosque El Kairouiyin, with the twin green-roofed pavilions that are so like those of the Alhambra.

Those who have walked around the outer walls of the mosque of the other Kairouan, and recall the successive doors opening into the forecourt and into the mosque itself, will be able to guess at the plan of the church [Pg 96] of Fez.

The great Almohad sanctuary of Tunisia is singularly free from parasitic buildings, and may be approached as easily as that of Cordova; but the approaches of El Kairouiyin are so built up that one never knows at which turn of the labyrinth one may catch sight of its court of fountains, or peep down the endless colonnades of which the Arabs say: "The man who should try to count the columns of Kairouiyin would go mad.

Marble floors, heavy whitewashed piers, prostrate figures in the penumbra, rows of yellow slippers outside in the sunlight—out of such glimpses one must reconstruct a vision of the long vistas of arches, the blues and golds of the mirhab[14] the lustre of bronze chandeliers, and the ivory inlaying of You Movin (Demo Version 1) - The Byrds - Preflyte -Complete Edition- twelfth-century minbar [15] of ebony and sandalwood.

No Christian footstep has yet profaned Kairouiyin, but fairly definite information as to its plan has been gleaned by students of Moroccan art. The number of its "countless" columns has been counted, and it is known that, to the right of the mirhabcarved Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles doors open into a [Pg 97] mortuary chapel called "the mosque of the dead"—and also that in this chapel, on Fridays, old books and precious manuscripts are sold by auction.

This odd association of uses recalls the fact that Kairouiyin Genocide Organ - Deadly Actions, Lille 04 11 00 not only a church but a library, the University of Fez as well as its cathedral.

The beautiful Medersas with which the Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles adorned the city are simply the lodging-houses of the students; Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles classes are all held in the courts and galleries adjoining the mosque.

El Kairouiyin was originally an oratory built in the ninth century by Fatmah, whose father had migrated from Kairouan to Fez. Later it was enlarged, and its cupola was surmounted by the talismans which protect sacred edifices against rats, scorpions and serpents; but in spite of these precautions all animal life was not successfully exorcised from it. The mouth of the well was obstructed by an immense tortoise; but when the workmen attempted to take the tortoise out she said: "Burn me rather than take me away from here.

Fifteen monumental doorways lead into the mosque. Their doors are of cedar, heavily barred and ornamented with wrought iron, and one of them bears the name of the artisan, and the date of the Hegira the first half of the twelfth century. But the crown of El Kairouiyin is the Merinid court of ablutions. This inaccessible wonder lies close under the Medersa Attarine, one of the oldest and most beautiful collegiate buildings of Fez; and through the kindness of the Director of Fine Arts, who was with us, we were taken up to the roof of the Medersa and allowed to look down into the enclosure.

It is so Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles guarded from below that from our secret of vantage we seemed to be looking down into the heart of forbidden things. Spacious and serene the great tiled cloister lay beneath us, water spilling over from a central basin of marble with a Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles sound to which lesser fountains made Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles from under the pyramidal green roofs of the twin pavilions.

It was near the prayer-hour, and worshippers were flocking in, laying off their shoes and burnouses, washing their faces at the fountains and their feet in the central tank, or stretching themselves out in the shadow of the enclosing arcade. This, then, was the famous court "so cool in the great heats that [Pg ] seated by thy beautiful jet of water I feel the perfection of bliss"—as the The Come On - Janis Ian - Between The Lines doctor Abou Abd Allah el Maghili sang of it; the court in which the students gather from the adjoining halls after having committed to memory the principals of grammar in prose and verse, the "science of the reading of the Koran," the invention, exposition and ornaments of style, law, medicine, theology, metaphysics and astronomy, as well as the talismanic numbers, and the art of ascertaining by calculation the influences of the angels, the spirits and the heavenly bodies, "the names of the victor and the vanquished, and of the desired object and the person who desires it.

Such is the twentieth-century curriculum of the University of Fez. Repetition is the rule of Arab education as it is of Arab ornament. One well-known oulama has lately finished his studies after [Pg ] twenty-seven years at the University, and is justly proud of the length of his stay.

The life of the scholar is easy, the way of knowledge is long, the contrast exquisite between the foul lanes and noisy bazaars outside and this cool heaven of learning.

No wonder the students of Kairouiyin say with the tortoise: "Burn me rather than take me away. Outside the sacred precincts of Moulay Idriss and Kairouiyin, on the other side of the Oued Fez, lies El Andalous, the mosque which the Andalusian Moors built when they settled in Fez in the ninth century. It stands apart from the bazaars, on higher ground, and though it is not horm we found it less easy to see than the more famous mosques, since the Christian loiterer in its doorways is more quickly noticed.

The Fazi are not yet used to seeing unbelievers near their sacred places. It is only in the tumult and confusion of the souks that one can linger on [Pg ] the edge of the inner mysteries without becoming aware of attracting sullen looks; and Tape Six - Jack Kornfield - The Inner Art Of Meditation only impression of El Andalous is of a magnificent Almohad door and the rich blur of an interior in which there was no time to single out the details.

Turning from its forbidden and forbidding threshold we rode on through a poor quarter which leads to Out Of Nowhere - Django Reinhardt - Django Anthologie - Vol. 3 great gate of Bab F'touh. Beyond the Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles rises a dusty rocky slope extending to the outer walls—one of those grim intramural deserts that girdle Fez with desolation.

This one is strewn with gravestones, not enclosed, but, as in most Moroccan cemeteries, simply cropping up like nettles between the rocks and out of the flaming dust. Here Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles there among the slabs rises a well-curb or a crumbling koubba.

A solitary palm shoots up Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles one of the shrines. And between the crowded graves the caravan trail crosses from the outer to the inner Honey - Orion (23) - Honey, and perpetual lines of camels and donkeys trample the dead a little deeper into the dusty earth.

This Bab F'touh cemetery is also a kind of fondak. Poor caravans camp there under the walls in a mire of offal and chicken-feathers and stripped date-branches prowled through by wolfish dogs and buzzed over [Pg ] by fat blue flies.

Camel-drivers squat beside iron kettles over heaps of embers, sorcerers from Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles Sahara offer their amulets to negro women, peddlers with Slim Smith / The Uniques - Girls Like Dirt wooden booths sell greasy cakes that look as if they had been made out of the garbage of the caravans, and in and out among the unknown dead and sleeping saints circulates the squalid indifferent life of Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles living poor.

A walled lane leads down from Bab F'touh to a lower slope, where the Fazi potters have their baking-kilns. Under a series of grassy terraces overgrown with olives we saw the archaic ovens and dripping wheels which produce the earthenware sold in the souks.

It is a primitive and homely ware, still fine in shape, though dull in color and monotonous in pattern; and stacked on the red earth under the olives, the rows of jars and cups, in their unglazed and unpainted state, showed their classical descent more plainly than after they have been decorated.

This green quiet hollow, where turbaned figures were moving attentively among the primitive ovens, so near to the region of flies and offal we had just left, woke an old phrase in our memories, and as our mules [Pg ] stumbled back over the graves of Bab F'touh we understood the grim meaning of the words: "They carried him out and buried him in the Potters' Field. Fez, for two centuries and more, was in a double sense the capital of Morocco: the centre of its trade as well as of its culture.

Culture, in fact, came to northwest Africa chiefly through the Merinid princes. The Almohads had erected great monuments from Rabat to Marrakech, and had fortified Fez; but their "mighty wasteful empire" fell apart like those that had preceded it.

Stability had to come from the west; it was not till the Arabs had learned it through the Moors that Morocco produced a dynasty strong and enlightened enough to carry out the dream of its founders. Whichever way the discussion sways as to the priority of eastern or western influences on Moroccan art—whether it came to her from Syria, and was thence passed on to Spain, or was first formed in Spain, and [Pg ] afterward modified by the Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles imagination—there can at least be no doubt that Fazi art and culture, in their prime, are partly the reflection of European civilization.

Fugitives from Spain came to the new city when Moulay Idriss founded it. One part of the town was given to them, and the river divided the Elbali of the Almohads into the two quarters of Kairouiyin and Andalous, which still retain their old names. But the full intellectual and artistic flowering of Fez was delayed till the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

It seems as though the seeds of the new springtime of art, blown across the sea from reawakening Europe, had at last given the weltering tribes of the desert the force to create their own type of beauty. The power of these Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles also was in perpetual flux; they were always at war with the Sultans of Tlemeen, the Christians of Spain, the princes of [Pg ] northern Algeria and Tunis.

But during the fourteenth century they established a rule wide and firm enough to permit of California (Hustle And Flow) - Various - All Areas Volume 124 great outburst of art and learning which produced the Medersas of Fez.

Until a year or two ago these collegiate buildings were as inaccessible as the mosques; but now that the French government has undertaken their restoration strangers may visit them under the guidance of the Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles Arts Department. This Time - INXS - Listen Like Thieves de Lunel [16] has pointed out became, with slight modifications, that of the rich private houses of Morocco.

And when all these details are enumerated, and also the fretted panels of cedar, the bronze doors with their great shield-like bosses, and the honeycombings and [Pg ] rufflings of the gilded ceilings, there still remains the general tinge of dry disintegration, as though all were perishing of a desert fever—that, and the final wonder of seeing before one, in such a setting, the continuance of the very life that went on there when the tiles were set and the gold was new on the ceilings.

For these tottering Medersas, already in the hands of the restorers, are still inhabited. As long as the stairway holds and the balcony has not rotted from its corbels, the students of the University see no reason for abandoning their lodgings above the cool fountain and the house of prayer. The strange men giving incomprehensible orders for unnecessary repairs need not disturb their meditations; and when the hammering grows too loud the oulamas have only to pass through Gentian Violet - The Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles silk market or the souk of the embroiderers to the mosque of Kairouiyin, and go on weaving the pattern of their dreams by the fountain of perfect bliss.

One reads of the bazaars of Fez that they have been for centuries the central market of the country. One looks, on the plan of Fez, at the space covered by the bazaars; one breasts the swarms that pour through them from dawn to dusk—and one remains perplexed, disappointed. They are less "Oriental" than one had expected, if "Oriental" means color and gaiety.

Sometimes, on occasion, it does mean that: as, for instance, when a procession passes bearing the gifts for a Jewish wedding. The gray crowd makes way for a group of musicians in brilliant caftans, and following them comes a long file of women with uncovered faces and bejewelled necks, balancing on their heads the dishes the guests have sent Jellyfish - Vashti Bunyan - Heartleap the feast— kouskoussweet creams and syrups, "gazelles' horns" of sugar and almonds—in delicately woven baskets, each covered with several squares of bright gauze edged with gold.

But when no exceptional events, processions, ceremonies and the like brighten the underworld of the soukstheir look is uniformly melancholy. The gay bazaars, the gaily-painted houses, the flowers and flute-playing of North Africa, are found in her Mediterranean ports, in contact with European influences.


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