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One of my co-workers was his daughter. Since he passed in she would have been quite young unfortunately. I think many of us felt this way growing up. Enjoyed the lists Peter and JT, but we're all using different criteria. I do play Don Covay now. Will check them out. I don't know if I'll manage to see Simon Felice - may be a babysitting evening, and if I'm honest I tend to stay with older bands though Al's enthusiasm took me in to Roseann's music, Frightened Eyes - Osmonds* - Phase III / The Proud One (Im Still Gonna Need You) I really enjoy.

It's an interesting article, Jeff. Thanks North West Coaster. I'm warning you - the great Autumn weather has ended today. Your championing of The Move has not registered with me Bill M. The Mountain is a great song and I can understand why Levon recorded it. I thought of your love of the theatre yesterday, Peter. I went to a Mucha exhibition. Surely among the greatest theatre posters ever produced. Hi haso It was many years later that I'd buy Dylan's Bootleg Vol.

Later I bought Dylan's book of lyrics and realized The song is really about Nam right? Anyway, I checked out the song and I liked the jazzy vibe Considering what the song is about I don't know I'm not sure but I think I like Jeff Buckley's acoustic cover.

Thanks for exposing me to Grinspoon - Easy as ya never know It's really an energy exchange, right?

You either feel it or you don't. Hey Bill M Thanks for thinking of me. My brother attended high school in the twin city and University in Waterlooooooou. I never knew until years later!!!!!!!! I remember you saw Teenage Head in Kitchener? I saw them somewhere Lead singer spitting on audience I wasn't amused. I don't know of any musicians from there, but I remember hockey player Bill Barber I can't remember I think. My brother's friend's band Bill M?

In high school we did have a band play for us but I Just One Of Those Things (Brazilian Girls Remix) - Various - Verve // Remixed³ remember that one either Now for the record store Is it located on Waterlooooou Street?

There was one music store there and back in the day there was one other. That's right I grew up with one music store as the population was 36, Thanks for Rolling Stone in the mail and an older brother Boogie Shoes However, being a music fan I can appreciate that every Frightened Eyes - Osmonds* - Phase III / The Proud One (Im Still Gonna Need You) of music has some songs that will either make me dance, feeel, think, space out or meditate.

So the more genres of music you're open to The more you'll connect with others and yourself. Since I'm mostly into singer-songwriters so disco wasn't going to be the vehicle here for my heart and soul and inquisitive mind Cocktail parties bore me. Good food, company and some dance music is a must I Will Survive I worked in a record store and another worker and I would sing along to this song right in the store.

The manager and owner partied with us outside of the store so we got away with it. In the evenings I was taking a political philosophy course so it was all good. Great title! That's The Way I Like It These songs all bring great memories of hangin' with my gay buddies as one was a housemate while in grad school. He'd take me to their clubs and we'd have sooooo much fun.

Sometimes girls just wanna have fun More current song would be Pink's Let's Get This Party Started OK, I set myself rules. I knew that but didn't connect the two.

It vindicates my 68 yr old memory chip. The Move of course are El Loco - Willy El Baby* - La Salsa Y Sabor De Brum. Bev Bevan and Trevor Burton still gig occasionally for fun around here.

Dunc - Ashley Hutchings rewrote the sleeve notes for a re-release of Fairport's first four albums a few years past.

He told the story of doing this the other night. We're off to a Simone Felice gig tomorrow night. Can you get to one of the Scottish ones Dunc? Definitely worth a big effort. Subject: "Written by B. Dylan" posted by Peter V For the first: thanks for the banjo link. I'll spend next weekend for learning to play it! Swedish mostly female so called journalists are making big deal of a few words in so called Bob Dylan's so called Facebook account and so called Twitter acount: "The Nobel Prize Winner ".

Obviously Mr. Dylan does not maintain these accounts by himself. I doubt he knows the username or the password. Subject: The 'other' list - Why 'other'. I don't know. Surfin' USA - Beachboys 2. Shop Around - Miracles 3.

Forever Young- Bob Dylan 4. Fortunate Son - CCR 6. Billy Jean - Michael Jackson 7. Crosstown Traffic - Jimi Hendrix Peter V: Don't be so quick Lifes Killing Me - Suicide Theory - And Our Black Wounds Still Remains Silence. judge.

Two obvious alternatives to Clarence time-tripping are 1 Bob time-tripping in the opposite direction, or both time-tipping and meeting at some as-yet-undefined mid-point. Land Of The Sky Blue Water - Bing Crosby - On The Air, May 27,1937 big news that a guy has opened a big new vinyl record store in downtown Galt. Subject: North America - a list incomplete 1. Seven and Seven Is - Love 3.

Dirty Water- Standells 4. Oh Carol - Chuck Berry 5. Positively Fourth Street - Bob Dylan 6. California Sun - Rivieras 7. Somebody To Love - Jefferson Airplane 8. Good Vibrations - Beachboys 9. The Weight- The Band Hazy Shade of Winter - Simon and Garfunkel Clarence must have had a time machine and whizzed forward 40 odd years to to learn it, because my original Self Portrait states that both Little Sadie and In Search of Little Sadie were written by "B.

Nine of those are on my Best of the 60s playlist, Dunc. I didn't like Fleetwood Mac before Buckingham-Nicks. Joe Boyd says the Move were the best live band he'd seen, and tried to sign then to Losing Your Mind - Various - Juice CD Volume 101. They declined because they hadn't heard of the label.

He said if they had signed they would have been bigger than The Doors. It's just been remastered and reissued in with even more bonus tracks. Subject: Duncan's list Thanks Dunc for the list. UK pop and fashion from the sixties is nowadays underestimated. New York has taken World Of Infection - Epectir - Infection, and with no reason.

I have never been in that overrated corrupt newliberal city and never will. There is nothing about British blues or folk. Time for my afternoon nap, folks. Subject: 10 Iconic British Singles Frightened Eyes - Osmonds* - Phase III / The Proud One (Im Still Gonna Need You) to the sixties singles often in the last couple of weeks. A music collection is not complete if it doesn't have.

Great song and great version. The Hollies - On A Carousel. I really like CSNY and I think you can see something a little different from the norm at the time in this recording, which I think is down to Graham Nash. See Roger's post. Dave Swarbrick was only a session player on this album and Sandy Denny went on to become Melody Maker's vocalist of the year Frightened Eyes - Osmonds* - Phase III / The Proud One (Im Still Gonna Need You) two years running.

I'll just add that Julie Driscoll was seen as hip and appeared in many photographs personifying the sixties. It was no surprise that Absolutely Fabulous used this song as its theme tune. The Move - Flowers in the Rain. Have they ever featured in the GB before? Everybody liked this band. As you can see there is a Band and Dylan presence there, but at that time Bob Dylan was not important to me, I never knew about The Band, or had heard of Fairport Convention.

Iconic singles. Subject: Nobel Prize in literature Our professor had a taste for female beauty nothing wrong with that and especially her sado-masochistic approach nothing She is anti-Soviet and anti-Putin and Jewish, ten points. I say she has not the GOOD qualities you have! Somewhere down the Various - The RCA Victor Encyclopedia Of Recorded Jazz: Album 11- Sha To Ven someone prominent actor whispered in my ears: "Nobel Prize next You read this first time in Mr.

Hoiberghs gb. Peter V, Mr. Dylan must have good reasons for his "unpolite and arrogant" behavior. Living in Sweden and being a conspiratorial alcoholic I have followed Nobel Panel closely for fifteen years or Vanilla Fudge - Mystery. It smells bad. By using Mr. Dylan's wonderful words from the middle sixties The Prize is an economical and political act. Why now? That is the question! Who is he?

Think about it. I have mentioned his name in gb at least twice. He is a former Minister Of Foreign Trade soc. Dylan gave also flowers to Mr. Pagrotsky on his birhtday. Pagrotsky could be the one who can communicate with Mr. Dylan on this inflammated subject. After all he has said that his favourite Dylan album is 'Self Portrait' - something that His Bobness hardly can Missed Opportunities - The Movies - Based On A True Story. However, from Olof's Files, a fairly reliable source, the following songs are listed for this show.

Blowin' In The Wind 2. Ballad Of The Gliding Swan 3. Hang Me, Oh Hang Me 4. Cuckoo Bird 5. It's Frightened Eyes - Osmonds* - Phase III / The Proud One (Im Still Gonna Need You) a cd entitled Big Old Life. The cut "Red Haired Boy" is also a nice one. They sing 4 part harmonies and Rani's husband fits his entire drum kit into a quite small, old-school hardboard suitcase. Ashley Hutchings - the guv'nor and originator of contemporary folk music from the Fairports to the Albion Band, via Steeleye Span, has been touring a retrospective journey through his amazing musical career.

With a small band he told Pick It Up - Various - Bravo Hits Vol. 14, read poems and sang songs which illustrated his musical past. There'd have been about 25 people in the room! It spurred me to check out my old Fairport albums and I'd forgotten that 'Jack O'Diamonds' appeared on the Tic-Tocative - Bert Jansch - Young Man Blues Live In Glasgow 1962-1964 first album.

I didn't know Bob Dylan then but I was mesmerised by him. I recall him singing Jack O'Diamonds over what Boom Boom - John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom (DVD, Album) for credits in those days.

Am I mistaken? I can find no other reference to this. Fairport Convention have been compared to The Band - for their use of traditional song in contemporary context. We discussed earlier this year the influence of The Brown Album on the making of the seminal Liege and Lief - Airport Convention's crowning glory of an album.

Certainly an influence on many including fellow Minnesotan Dylan. Adam Cohen's Ophelia. For Kevin J Anyway, is this true? He does write a humorous column with send-ups. Sadly, Mrs Zimmerman died in If she were alive today, I suspect those phone calls from the Swedish Academy would not have gone unanswered. Hi Kevin. I really liked the French singers, Claude Dubois, Marjo and Robert Charlebois, because they were obviously very different to anything I've got though I do have every track composed by Django Reinhardt but most of the meaning is lost in translation and I'll be missing Charlebois's play on words.

Her performance is great. They take me back to French city holidays when a singer, often female, would entertain at a cafe in the open air and we would drink the wine and listen to French songs, paying about a tenner for the performance. Back to the sixties. The Free Story is playing now. I became convinced that it was confusion with the John Hammond session. But who knows? Subject: Bobby Vee Bobby Vee had a good run. His voice was easily recognized.

His songs were catchy. He must have meant a lot to Bob, I thought, when Suzy Baby was 'called out' in a most positive way and they took a picture together.

BV was beaming. Kevin J: Mandatory military service is unacceptable under almost any circumstances. Calls for the approach generally come from those immunised by advanced age. Maybe Ontario should reinstate grade 13 - but with a focus on gardening, litter removal an visiting seniors and shut-ins. Very sorry indeed. I appreciated his work greatly. Bob Dylan's first boss too. Bobby Vee has died at the age of My assessment so far has been countless hours, stress, research, anxiety, fear and more Hi Lili Hi Lo - Manfred Mann - Mann Made Plus than not painstaking effort with no promise of reward.

Most people, I am sure, would be surprised, pleasantly so, at just how informed the average Joe is. I did my time in this exercise over 30 years ago as I was roped into working on a political campaign in Kingston Granted this was pre-celebrity culture and shorter attention spans of a new generation but it really did make an impression on me.

There are blankets, duvets, throws and comforters. It's all good if Bruce covers me. Congrats again to Pat's Cubbies. Now go get Cleveland tomorrow Peter V: you asked about reaction to the Walloons scuppering Canada-Europe free trade. The majority of media column inches have been given over to explaining what the hell Wallonia is.

I heard one commentator refer to its inhabitants as "Walldoons. Something like a third of our GDP comes from exports, and over half of that is resources food, wood, bitumen, potash etc. Our population is too thin to constitute a useful internal market, and our heads are too thick to add value by innovation.

These are deeply evil bits of fine print that allow Frightened Eyes - Osmonds* - Phase III / The Proud One (Im Still Gonna Need You) to give away chunks of sovereignty and pay for the privilege. Big picture, I see the Walldoonian veto as another instance of the pendulum-swing -- away from trusting experts, big government, big business to do right by us, and toward protecting our patch. The folk feel that the Various - Historia Del Rock Mexicano Vol.

1 have taken our jobs and left us a poisoned planet, so when they say, "this'll be good for you," we call bullshit. Jeff A: Not a bad suggestion. A nobel idea. Subject: Cover Down Like it or not, you gotta serve somebody. Cover Down Though a supreme being is mentioned. The answer for a young person who must do music is wedding a wealthy spouse with a great income.

Even more depressing is dealing with the realities of the industry for real music. When songwriters with a pile of hits are touting that they got a song in a FedEx commercial, it's time to Frightened Eyes - Osmonds* - Phase III / The Proud One (Im Still Gonna Need You) happy for a job at the NYC Department of Sanitation.

Great quote from Leonard on Bob, Peter. Good luck Rockin' Chair. But remember everybody needs a retirement to sit in the rocking chair, but with headphones on rather than the pipe Four Strong Winds is a great song. A lot of interesting posts, Jeff. Is the answer touring? You have to have a decent manager to get you gigs. And there is the cost of touring. How can you bring a band from America and make a profit.

Also how do you build an audience. My oldest grandson is into music, but it's the genre of music that Kashmir Kat plays. JT, I envy you greatly, having seen the Before the Flood tour.

I love the driven feel of this album. Almost aggressive. The Band working so hard for their audience. Wish I had been there. Everytime I play 'The Weight' it still feels fresh.

For me anyway, Robbie's best matches Bob or Paul's best. Thanks Bill M. Really liked that area of Toronto. It was busy when I was there and I liked the feel. Was there an exhibition? Can't remember. As a supporter of the visual arts, can you imagine that area without the Henry Moore?

And one of my favourite songs. Taking a day off from Dylan today and it's sixties British music again. Leonard on Dylan's Nobel prize: "It's like pinning a medal on Mount Everest for being the highest mountain.

Then again. And again! Digitol Frightened Eyes - Osmonds* - Phase III / The Proud One (Im Still Gonna Need You). HaxPigMeow 8. Messages from nowhere 9. My opinion Obsidian Screen door Squid Superlover Cheeeek that out dude. Two albums of melancholy music by Jackie Gleason received gold record honors.

Both were issued by Capitol Records in Hollywood. Orchestra leader David Rose reached the top spot on the popular music charts. The Stripper stayed at the pinnacle of musicdom for one week.

The song stayed at the top for four weeks and was the first of four 1 hits for Vinton. The others were: Blue Velvet, There! The cast included newcomer Bob Dylan making his first appearance at Carnegie Hall. The list has been known as Hot Country Singles ever since. Bob Dylan gave his first major concert outside of Greenwich Village. The Carnegie Hall solo appearance was not well attended.

The song soon became one of the classics of the s protest movement. It later rose to the 1 position March 30th for a four-week stay. The song later became the center of one of the most publicized lawsuits in music history. Through the years, controversy continually surrounded the song. It was banned by several radio stations whose management figured that the song was about the elicit joys of smoking marijuana.

The group denied this startling assumption. The Rolling Stones produced their very first recordings this day. The Stones would make it to the American pop music charts in August, Kyu Sakamoto from Kawasaki, Japan, reached the number one spot on the pop music charts with Sukiyaki.

The popular song captivated American music buyers and was at the top of the Billboard pop chart for three weeks. The entertainer met an untimely fate in Kyu cue Sakamoto was one of people who perished in the crash of a Japan Air Lines flight near Tokyo.

He was 43 years old. Fingertips - Pt 2, by Little Stevie Wonder, was released. Eight of those hits made it to number one. Brenda Lee inked a new recording contract with Decca Records. She was guaranteed one million dollars over the next 20 years.

Conniff recorded dozens of albums of easy listening music for the label. It became one of their biggest hits. Surfer Girl made it to number seven on the hit music charts. It went to number two on the pop charts. It had hit U. Buck Owens started a week run at top of the U.

It eventually became the biggest of all the Buck Owens hits. Peter, Paul and Mary were sitting pretty at 1 and 2 on the U. After giving benefit performances for years, singer Kate Smith presented her first full concert performance to a paying crowd -- at Carnegie Hall in NY City.

Hello Dolly! The milestone put Louis Armstrong on the Billboard music chart in the top spot for the first time in his year music career. Dean Martin emceed the show.

The original cast album of Hello Frightened Eyes - Osmonds* - Phase III / The Proud One (Im Still Gonna Need You) It was quite a feat for a Broadway musical. The 4 Seasons reached the top spot on the record charts with Rag Doll, the group's fourth hit to climb to the 1 position. The song stayed on top for two weeks.

It hit number one for 3 weeks on September 26th Frightened Eyes - Osmonds* - Phase III / The Proud One (Im Still Gonna Need You) became the biggest of his career. It was not one of his more successful recordings. Bob Dylan appeared on the pop music charts for the first time. Subterranean Homesick Blues entered the Top 40 at number The song stayed on the charts for eight weeks. Dylan would chart a total of 12 singles on the pop charts between and He made the film Renaldo and Clara in Dylan co-starred in the film Hearts of Fire in The audience applauded the piano virtuoso with a standing ovation that lasted for 30 minutes.

Roger Miller received a gold record for the hit, King of the Road. The song was Miller's biggest hit record. He wrote songs and played drums for Faron Young inthen won what was an unprecedented six Grammy Awards inhad his own TV show in ; wrote Little Green Apples, a huge hit for O.

Smith and had five tunes in the top ten in The Tops, who had no personnel changes in their more than 35 years together were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Tambourine Man, by The Byrds, reached the number one spot on the pop music charts. The song was considered by many to be the first folk-rock hit.

Bob Dylan appeared on stage at the Newport Jazz Festival with an I’ll Kill You - Dickybird - Indéfendable guitar. He was, in fact, booed right off the stage. Adding to his many credits, accolades and honors, Henry Mancini received a gold record for the soundtrack LP from the movie, The Pink Panther.

Staff Sgt. Sadler, who recorded one other single The "A" Team for the label, had served in Vietnam until injuring a leg in a Viet Cong booby trap. Tragically, Sadler was shot in the head during a robbery attempt at his Guatemala home. He suffered irreparable brain damage and died of heart failure in November, in Tennessee. He was 49 years old. When she cracked open the wooden-framed award to check out the gold disk inside, she heard Pink Shoe Laces by Dodie Stevens. Nancy was reported to have been incensed.

Rock group Buffalo Springfield forms in Los Angeles. Steven Stills, Neil Young, et al. For three weeks Monday, Monday stayed at the top of the pop music world. Eddy Arnold debuted with an array of popular country artists in the Big Apple. Bruce Springsteen recorded his very first song, along with his band, The Castilles. The song was never released. Bruce was just practicing. He was just sixteen. Percy Sledge hit number one with his first -- and what turned out to be his biggest -- hit.

When a Man Loves a Woman would stay at the top of the pop music charts for two weeks. Janis Joplin made her first onstage appearance -- at the Avalon ballroom in San Francisco. The group was a sensation at the Monterey Pop Festival in Piece of My Heart was the When Youre Here - Nathaniel Rateliff - In Memory Of Loss hit to chart for the group in The movie The Rose, starring Bette Midler, was inspired by the life of the rock star.

Frank Sinatra hit the top of the pop album chart with his Strangers in the Night. It was the first 1 Sinatra LP since He was 19 years old. ByCat Stevens [born, Steven Demitri Georgiou], disenchanted with the music business, converted to the Islamic religion and changed his name to Yusef Islam. He may not have liked the music biz anymore but Cat still loves his dog.

They were the first all-female vocal group to hit the top of the LP chart. It was the third 1 hit the group scored. The Beach Boys received a gold record for the single, "Good Vibrations". A-one, and a-two and The Stones gave in Pink Floyd recorded Arnold Layne, their first single released Mar 11, Pink Floyd release their first single "Arnold Layne" recorded Feb 27, It was a two-sided hit, with the flip-side, No Milk Today, also receiving considerable play.

Nancy Sinatra and her dad, Frank, found a Speed Life - Aneurol 50 - Next To Your Door record award in the mailbox, for their collaboration on the hit Frightened Eyes - Osmonds* - Phase III / The Proud One (Im Still Gonna Need You)Something Stupid.

The First Edition hosted a syndicated TV variety show in The Billboard singles chart showed that Windy, by The Association, was the most popular record in the U. Though the song was 1 for four weeks and remained on the charts for 13 weeks.

The Box Tops reorganized right after that first hit and never made it to 1 again. The first issue of Rolling Stone was published. John Lennon was on the cover. Lulu's To Sir with Love, from the movie of the same name, started its fifth and final week at number one on the Billboard Hot chart.

She changed her name to Lulu and The Luvvers in Scotland, early in her career. The Lemon Pipers released Green Tambourine on an unsuspecting psychedelic world this day. The tune made 1 on February 3, Far out, man! A sad day for jazz fans, as the Dave Brubeck Quartet formally disbanded after sax man Paul Desmond left the group. Desmond was a fixture with the quartet for 16 years and can be heard on all the immortal Brubeck standards, including Take Five.

The new name soon became a national pop music favorite as Creedence Convoy - The Film Symphonic Orchestra Flying Band - Best Of Screen Revival climbed to stardom. The Bee Gees played their first American concert, as a group. This is identical to what the Beatles were paid to perform at the Hollywood Bowl a few years earlier.

It became 1 on March 16, and remained at the top spot for a month. He sang duet with Carla Thomas and had 11 chart hits. Four members of the Bar-Kays were also killed in the crash. The Dock of the Bay, his only number one song, was recorded just three days before his death. Singer and famed guitarist, Jimi Hendrix, received an honorary high school diploma from Garfield While My Guitar Gently Weeps - The Beatles - The Beatles School in Seattle, WA, where he had dropped out at the age of Philips, not realizing the potential of the soon-to-be superstar, released him injust prior to his teaming with lyricist Bernie Taupin.

Elton then signed a contract with Uni Records and began to turn out what would become a string of more than 50 hits over the next 25 years.

The Byrds received a gold record for the album, Greatest Hits, which featured Turn! Spaceman; Mr. Dean Martin received a gold record for the album, Houston.

Martin charted 17 hits on the pop music charts in the s and s. Houston was his 12th. Bobby Goldsboro received a gold record for the single, Honey. The poignantly sad song charted for 13 weeks -- spending five weeks at number one.

Goldsboro produced a total of 11 hits on the pop charts in the s and s. Honey was his only million seller and only number one hit. Tiny Tim's warbly Tiptoe through the Tulips was released. An eventual top twenty hit, Tiptoe was a remake of a number one hit for Nick Lucas in Grab your banjo and sing along. He had been the featured artist at the intimate Hotel Carlisle for years. Herb Alpert used his voice and his trumpet to run to the top of the pop music charts. It would rule the top of the pop music world for four weeks.

It was the only vocal by Alpert to make the charts, though his solo instrumentals with The Tijuana Brass scored lots of hits. Alpert performed on 19 charted hits through Grazing was his only entry on the pop music charts. Iron Butterfly's "In-a-gadda-da-vida" becomes the first heavy metal song to hit the charts, it comes in at Another biggie for Stevie Wonder went on sale.

For Once in My Life reached 2 on the pop charts on December 28, The somewhat controversial tune for the times stayed at the top for two weeks. Marvin Gaye was number one in the U. The smash was stuck at the top of John Abercrombie / Dave Holland / Jack DeJohnette - Gateway 2 charts all the way through Jan The song floundered, then bombed.

Johnny Cash recorded his second live prison performance. It followed a concert the previous Frightened Eyes - Osmonds* - Phase III / The Proud One (Im Still Gonna Need You) at Folsom Prison.

Sly and the Family Stone were starting their fourth and final week at number one on the pop music charts also 1 on the soul charts with Everyday People. When presented with the coveted gold record for this achievement, Sly ripped it out of its case, threw it on the platter player and heard, People, by Barbra Streisand.

He was heard to utter a few words that are not printable here this being a family feature. The singing family, The Cowsills, received a Frightened Eyes - Osmonds* - Phase III / The Proud One (Im Still Gonna Need You) record for their hit single, Hair, Frightened Eyes - Osmonds* - Phase III / The Proud One (Im Still Gonna Need You) the Broadway show Ein Feuerwerk - Faust - San Francisco 1994 the same name.

Jazz musician Charles Mingus came out of a two-year, self-imposed retirement to make a concert appearance at the Village Vanguard in NY City. Guitarist Jimi Hendrix earned the biggest paycheck ever paid to that time for a single concert appearance. The work featured piano, drums, bass and vocals.

Three Dog Night received a gold record Frightened Eyes - Osmonds* - Phase III / The Proud One (Im Still Gonna Need You) the single, One. It was the first of seven million-sellers for the pop-rock group.

Two concert goers die at the Woodstock Music and Art Fair in Bethel, New York, one from an overdose of heroin, the other from a burst appendix. Singer, songwriter David Bowie debuted on U.

Sugar, Sugar, by the the Archies, hit number one in Billboard. The Archies sat at the top of the hit heap Oh Susanna - Kiss - Foolish Kisses four weeks.

It was on this day that The Youngbloods hit, Get Together, passed the million-selling mark to achieve gold record status.

On this day, twenty years after the first release of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Gene Autry received a gold record for the single. Their next album, however, would establish them as major international stars Close to You. It stayed at the top for two weeks and was the only major hit for the group that later ran out of Chicago Transit Authority became a gold record Frightened Eyes - Osmonds* - Phase III / The Proud One (Im Still Gonna Need You) the group of the same name they later changed their name to Chicago.

Raindrops hit number one on the pop charts on January 3, and stayed there for 4 weeks. The collaboration marked the start of one of the most successful milestones of music in the s. The song had hit 1 on December More thanpeople attended the three-day event. The soundtrack of the film, Easy Rider, the movie that made a star of Peter Fonda, became a gold record.

It was the first pop-culture, film soundtrack to earn the gold award. Brook Benton received a gold record for the hit single, Rainy Night in Georgia. It was Benton's first hit since 's Hotel Happiness. Joe Cocker played his first American concert. DJs around the U. I Want You Back was their first. The Detroit group recorded Frightened Eyes - Osmonds* - Phase III / The Proud One (Im Still Gonna Need You) other songs inwith moderate success. The title song, They Long to Be Close to You, became a pop music standard and the first of six million-sellers in a row for Karen and Richard.

In all, The Carpenters would have 10 gold records for singles and a dozen top ten hits to their credit. It would be one of three million-seller awards for the group. The group, which dates back todisbanded inwith several reunions since then. The song stayed at the top of the charts for two weeks. It was the third of four number one hits in a row for the group. Jimi Hendrix opened his recording studio in New York City.

Because of its state-of-the-art track recording capability, it attracted many top rock groups. InDiamond would reach a similar pinnacle with Song Sung Blue. It became the third tune by Chicago to hit the pop music charts. Make Me Smile and 25 or 6 to 4 were previous hits. Anne Murray received a gold record for Snowbird. She was the first Canadian recording artist to receive a gold record.

It marked the first time that a concert was aired live and recorded Frightened Eyes - Osmonds* - Phase III / The Proud One (Im Still Gonna Need You) release as aired. Lynn Anderson received a gold record for the single, Rose Garden. In addition to being a singer, she was an accomplished equestrian and California Horse Show Queen in The Osmonds, a family singing group from Ogden, Utah, began a five-week stay at the top of the pop music charts with the hit, One Bad Apple.

The group began as a religious and barbershop quartet in Together, the Osmonds scored with 10 singles in four years -- four of them were top ten hits. Janis Joplin started her second and final week at the top of the pop music charts with the hit, Me and Bobby McGee, written by Kris Kristofferson.

The famous Stones trademark, the lips logo, became widely used. Joy to the World, by Three Dog Night, made it to the top of the pop music charts on this day. The song was number one for six weeks. The Honey Cone received a gold record for the single, Want Ads. The trio had a total of four songs on the charts that were moderate hits.

Only Want Ads, however, made it to the number one position. Oh, and the artist the crowd got unruly over? It was a follow-up to their 1 smash, Want Ads June 12, This was a very good day for singer Rod Stewart. He went on to garner million-seller success with Hey Girl and Puppy Love too. Donny was quite popular with the bubblegum set, as well he should have been. Donny was only 13 years old. He tried to slip in some of his new material and the crowd did not approve. The negative reaction to his performance inspired Nelson to write his last top hit, Garden Party, which hit the top-ten about a year Modulated Leaves - Alex Martin - Eventual Extremes the Madison Square Garden debacle.

If you gotta play at garden parties, I wish you a lotta luck; But if memories were all I sang, I rather drive a truck. It turned out to be her biggest hit, peaking at 3 on the charts October 2, Isaac Hayes of Memphis, TN got his first 1 hit as the Theme from Shaft began a two-week stay at the top of the charts.

It became one of the longest songs with some of the most confusing pick your favorite interpretation lyrics to ever hit the pop charts. It was a disc jockey favorite since there were few songs long enough for potty breaks at the time. American Pie hit 1 on January 15, Melanie Safka received a gold record for the single, Brand New Key, about roller skates and love and stuff like that. This one made it to 1 on Christmas Day, Don McLean received a gold record for his 8-minute-plus hit, American Pie.

Green returned to his gospel roots in and is a minister in Memphis, TN. Green recorded 14 hit songs with six of them making it to the Top The group known as Climax received a gold record for their one and only hit, Precious and Few. Harry Nilsson started his second week at number one with that toe-tapping ditty, Without You. The whiny love song stayed at the top for a total of four weeks. When they tore the golden platter from its protective frame and plunked it on the player, they heard, Hurt So Bad, by Little Anthony and the Imperials.

They were so upset by this that they ran out to the back yard and used the record as a Frisbee for the rest of the day. Some of the preceding is based upon actual fact. America placed 11 tunes on the pop music charts between and The only museum devoted exclusively to jazz music opened. The NY Jazz Museum welcomed visitors for the first time. Billy Preston received a gold record for the instrumental hit, Outa-Space.

Preston, who played for gospel singer Mahalia Jackson, back inwas also in the film St. Louis Blues as a piano player. Preston also performed at The Concert for Frightened Eyes - Osmonds* - Phase III / The Proud One (Im Still Gonna Need You) in The number one tune December 9, became an anthem for the feminist movement. Reddy, from Australia, made her stage debut when she was only four years old.

She had her own TV program in the early s. She had a total of 14 hits on the pop music charts. Elton John landed at the top spot on the Billboard album chart for the first time as Honky Chateau made it to the top for a five-week stay. It was the first hit for the group from Canton, OH. The song got to number five on the pop music charts and was one of two songs that earned gold for the duo. Curtis Mayfield earned a gold record for his Superfly album, from the movie of the same name.

Both songs were also million sellers. John C. Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival called it a career It was number one for two weeks. Billy Paul from Philadelphia received a gold record for his smash hit, Me and Mrs.

The song had reached number one on December 9, Folk singer Joni Mitchell received a gold record for the album, "For the Roses". Get an immediate offer. Trusted seller, fast shipping, and easy returns. Learn more - opens in new window or tab. See other items. Contact seller. Visit store. Item Information Condition:. Add to Watch list Remove from watch list. Watch list is full. Longtime member. No additional import charges at delivery! This item will be shipped Catch Me When I Fall - Let Loose - Take It Easy the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking.

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Catch Me In Old Jaguar - Elán - Kamikadze Lover & Nightshift (CD, Album, Album), Under The Veils - Dakrua - Inner Wastelands, George Harrison - The Best Of George Harrison, Nowhere To Run - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - The Best Of Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, You Concrete - Lee Gamble - Koch (File, Album), Jules - Da Monstar Mob - Da Lost Tapes [2004-2005], Hello! - Various - The Book Of Mormon - Original Broadway Cast Recording, Maria Ja Marsialaiset - Pysy Hereillä, Wonderful Lottery Ticket Way - The Capstan Shafts - The Sleeved And Grandaughters Of The Blacklist, Needle (Calling) - Blowhole - Seattle, Den Sinte Mann - Various - Byen Med Det Store Hjertet 2, Yabby You & Prophets* - Beware, Michael Nesmith - The Minus 5 - Of Monkees And Men, Dos Amigos (El Llanto De Una Madre) - Los Jairas - Los Jairas

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  1. Lyrics to 'When I Look Into Your Eyes' by Shane Harper. 'When I Look Into Your Eyes' Have I told you before, you're one of a kind? The way that you make me feel, like the sun always shines. And have I ever let you know that I could never let you go?
  2. So proud of you We'd go Ooh, la, la, la, ooh, la, la, la Like lovers do Ooh, la, la, la, ooh, la, la, la I'm so proud of you Your face should be the first thing that I see in the morning Cause I wanna be by your side bursting with pride for all to see I wanna shout out in the street So everyone will see That I'm so proud of you We'd go walking.
  3. That's what you need and that's what you pay Some things, we leave that for. however, you may or may not need, and choice up to you. For instance, the basic Model 10 is high impedance in and out, but studio line impedances are available optionally. You'll probably want low impedance mic inputs, but you may not need all low impedance line inputs.
  4. It's what you have to say that's im-portant. E-mail me any time at [email protected] and suggest a meeting place. No matter what's going on, I'm usually available to share just one more cup. Seven dogs took part in Michael Lunny's Basic Obedience class at the Community Church College in Sun City Center.
  5. "Thanks fer standin' still, wanker!" Po zabití více jak 3 nepřítel za 20 vteřin s Odstřelovačkou, nezamířen "You'll be needin' another use for that neck." "Do they make those shirts for men!?" "You'd best keep lyin' down!" "Bloody piker!" "You big head wankers!" "You prancin' show ponies!" "I'm gonna plant one right between your eyes.
  6. Jul 16,  · i have been haven this issue for a few weeks not but the time frame is lasting longer and longer each time now. its a pressure in my head and makes my eyes feel like they are about. to pop out of my head, and everything is so blurry. right now i am seeing double.. i was at my PCP today and why waiting to see him i almost passed out. when i told him this he didnt even check my BP or anything.
  7. Mar 05,  · Flat-stated opinions with nothing coherent presented to back them up can not. In this sense, opinions which are but up in the line of fire with their founding principles and reasoning are Far more valuable than opinions without justification. One you can learn from, one you can not. Of course, not everyone wants to learn from a discussion.
  8. You are, You are The One I'm running to So much I don't understand In the middle of this circumstance But I know my life is in Your hands Tonight I'm gonna fix my eyes On the only Hope that satisfies, my heart You are, You are Everything that's good and right and true Jesus, I'm coming after who You are, you are The One I'm running to.
  9. The Osmonds seventh and eighth albums were originally released in 19respectively. Both are combined on a single CD for this digitally remastered reissue. Among the hit tracks are the title singles - the No. 1 U.S. hit "Love Me for a Reason" and "I'm Still Gonna Need You" - as well as "Having a Party.".
  10. your gonna do what your gonna do you can set me free or bang me up just stop torturing and tell me what your gonna do what your gonna do yeah i've been through the wars, up in that jail all you gotta do is look at the scars, on my face to know that i've been through hell but i'm still breathin, yeah that's right, im .

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