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Luke's Theater, West 46th Street, Clinton, Opens Oct. A family musical by Stephen Schwartz "Wicked" about a lonely young boy whose overactive imagination sends him dreaming on Halloween night 55 minutes. A middle-aged professor faces the prospect of tabloid scrutiny and invasion of privacy when a past affair with the wife of a leading presidential candidate threatens to go public. Trip Cullman directs this comedy, by Sarah Schulman A musical nostalgia tour back to when Second Avenue was the heart of a bustling Yiddish theater scene.

Book in English and songs in Yiddish, with supertitles Michael John LaChiusa's highly anticipated new musical stars Idina Menzel and Marc Kudisch and features three contemporary stories based on the work of the Japanese writer Ryunosuke Akutagawa Patti LuPone and Michael Cerveris star in this intimate revival of the Sondheim classic, featuring 10 actors who play their own instruments. Biltmore Theater, West 47th Street, Ben Brantley. Hilton Theater, West 42nd Street, Imperial Theater, West 45th Street, O'Byrnethe young priest who may or may not be too fond of the boys in his charge.

The play's elements bring to mind those tidy topical melodramas that were once so popular. But Mr. Shanley makes subversive use of musty conventions Walter Kerr, West 48th Street, Najera and three other talented Latino performers.

Najera and his compadres can be skillful slingers of one-liners, but the characters cooked up to transmit them are neither fresh nor fully realized. In contrast to the colorfully individualized portraits in John Leguizamo's solo shows, the men and women of "Latinologues" are composites of worn, easy stereotypes Helen Hayes Theater, West 44th Street, Charles Isherwood.

The show soars only in the sweetly bitter songs performed by the wonderful Victoria Clark, as an American abroad Beaumont Theater, Lincoln Center, This Five Circles - London Philharmonic Orchestra* - Chariots Of Fire And Other Award Winning Scores From farce about the limits of liberalism, directed by Doug Hughes and starring a miscast Richard Thomas and Jill Clayburgh, suggests that Mr.

Greenberg has been moonlighting as a gag writer for sitcoms and is now recycling his discarded one-liners American Airlines Theater, West 42nd Street, Such a good time is being had by so many people that this fitful, eager celebration of inanity and irreverence has found a large and lucrative audience Shubert Theater, West 44th Street, In the title role of the hopeful dance-hall hostess, the appealing but underequipped Christina Applegate is less a shopworn angel than a merry cherub Al Hirschfeld Theater, West 45th Street, William Finn's score sounds plumper and more rewarding than it did Off Broadway, providing a sprinkling of sugar to complement the sass in Rachel Sheinkin's zinger-filled book.

The performances are flawless. Gold stars all around. Circle in the Square, Broadway, at 50th Street, Humans who are less animate than the puppets try to sing their way through an uninspired enactment of the great epic Anne Midgette.

Noone draws his characters sharply and surely, but the play is overburdened with conflict. There's enough here to fuel a whole season of a television soap Shirley Knight plays Esther, a needy, needling woman who discovers that she's going blind just as her daughter leaves the nest.

Carrie Preston is her needy, self-absorbed daughter Carl & Pearl Butler - Greatest Hits a two-foot drum on every seat, it offers an opportunity to exorcise aggressions by delivering a good beating, and on a slightly more elevated level, it presents a superficial introduction to African culture, lessons in drumming and 90 minutes of nonstop music, song and dancing by a good-natured cast Lawrence Van Gelder.

Andrea Stevens. But even more than usual, the show offers an acute list of grievances about the sickly state of the Broadway musical, where, as the lyrics have it, "everything old is old again" A few of David Nehls's dozen ditties raise a hearty chuckle, like the valedictory anthem in which the show's heroines collectively vow to "make like a nail and press on.

Dodger Stages, West 50th Street, Clinton, Written by and starring Danai Gurira and Nikkole Salter, who both possess the strong presence and confident technique to bring out the subtle force and potent flavoring in their writing It is well acted and well directed, if too predictable in spots Urban Stages, West 30th Street, Margo Jefferson.

Daily brings the character's tangle of contradictions together in a credible performance that manages to find the hidden troll in the artistic genius Pearl Theater, 80 St.

Marks Place, East Village, Wilborn Hampton. All it needs are smart writers and winning performers. That's what we get in this case True believers will love how Mr. Ross, a self-confessed geek who plays every major role in under an hour, simulates R2D2, but everyone else will scratch their heads Lamb's Theater, West 44th Street, Jason Zinoman.

Written by and starring an entirely Asian-American cast, this slight but consistently entertaining satire is a primer on what not to do in an audition room Instead, it swamps even its brightest moments in tawdriness Miriam Horn. If not, Will Eno has just invented it. Stand-up-style comic riffs and deadpan hipster banter keep interrupting the corrosively bleak narrative. Eno is a Samuel Beckett for the Jon Stewart generation It is also well directed, well acted and smartly designed Mint Theater, West 43rd Street, Clinton, Neil Genzlinger.

The strange intensity of the play, with its consciously stilted dialogue and acting, may not be to everyone's taste. But this production is an intriguing sample of Rodrigues's highly original voice Phoebe Hoban. His patter and his piano playing are variable, but Mr.

D'Arrietta makes a genial tour guide through Mr. Waits's wee-hours world Rob Kendt. Golden, West 45th Street, Lunt-Fontanne Theater, West 46th Street, Ambassador Theater, West 49th Street, The Minskoff Theater, West 45th Street, Neil Simon Theater, West 52nd Street, New Amsterdam Theater, West 42nd Street, Richard Rodgers Theater, West 46th Street, As it turns out, it really looks like the reports in the Polish press were true.

See the June 16 update Vangelis has composed music for "Swiadectwo", a new documentary about the life of the late pope John Paul the 2nd. While a Polish composer is working on the underscore, Vangelis has been commissioned to write the music for the Opening and Closing titles of the movie. Sources are talking about two pieces with a combined duration of approximately 10 minutes. The official premiere should take place on October 16, while screenings of the movie may take place around that time in other places in the world.

More details when they become available. For the record: Note that the trailers for this movie that are currently online do not include Vangelis' music. Each year, the public is Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel to vote for their favorite movie scores by submitting their choice on the Five Circles - London Philharmonic Orchestra* - Chariots Of Fire And Other Award Winning Scores From internet site.

If You Want My Love Pt. 2 - Cheap Trick - Bun E.s Basement Bootlegs Soundchecks ‘82-‘97 is open to everyone with an email address. Inthis price was awarded to Vangelis for his score for "Alexander".

This year, the award will be presented as part of the "8th annual World Soundtrack Awards" ceremony Ghent, October 18the closing event of the Ghent Film Festival. All films released within a 12 month window are automatically nominated. This does include Vangelis' score for El Five Circles - London Philharmonic Orchestra* - Chariots Of Fire And Other Award Winning Scores From, which can be seen listed on the site: www.

Other opportunities to see the film will include a screening at a film Maria Ja Marsialaiset - Pysy Hereillä at the European Parliament in Brussels December 9screenings in New York October, most likely and the still impending national theatrical releases in Hungary and Spain, probably by the end of November.

More details will follow. INA - a French institute that specializes in archiving French cinema and television material - has just released the recently digitally restored "Sex Power" movie see the June 21 updateas streaming video on their site.

Note that to be able to play this movie a recent DivX player needs to be installed on your computer, one that can handle TIX files and DRM Digital Rights Management functionality involved with this purchase. Visit: www. Sex Power is a movie with an original score by Vangelis, now mostly remembered because of its soundtrack LP, having become a true collectors rarity. Reports are coming in on yesterday's special "Sex Power" screening in Nice.

A festival included Henri Chapier's "Sex Power" movie, a now almost unseeable French production that Vangelis composed the score for in the early days of the s. The movie is being described as complicated and abstract.

With the narrative jumping back and forth in time, and things happening that often make no rational sense, the story itself is much open for interpretation. As for the title, don't let it fool you, only scarce nudity can be seen, the film is not as erotic as some have speculated.

As it turned out, this score precursored most of Vangelis' other scores, in that the music in the movie differs from the album. Indeed, most of the themes can be found in both, but for most of them goes that the album contains different takes, while there are also pieces in the movie completely unreleased on the album, and bits on the album that do not appear in the movie.

Interestingly, the print that was screened yesterday had been digitally restored, which caused for Five Circles - London Philharmonic Orchestra* - Chariots Of Fire And Other Award Winning Scores From speculation among members of the audience. And indeed, Chapier later that evening confirmed: There are plans to re-release this movie in some as yet to be determined form.

There could for instance be a DVD release at some point, although things still need to be worked out, and could take months or years before anything materializes. Thanks to some reports from audience members, we can now get a better idea what this was all about. Contrary to what many people expected, the music performed was not a beefed up, remixed, modernized version of the music. Instead, it seems the goal was to stay as close to Vangelis' original music as possible. Even in terms of structure the performance respected Vangelis' own dealing with the material, as the music they played quite closely followed the CD Disk 1 from the Blade Runner Trilogy releasestarting out the same way, following the same segues It included even the "new" tracks like "Rachel's Song" and "Damask Rose".

One track most notably added was the one Total Eclipse Of Your Heart - Various - 25 Jahre Internationale Pop Musik 1983 from Trilogy's CD2 as "Dr. Lifes Killing Me - Suicide Theory - And Our Black Wounds Still Remains Silence. Death".

According to reports, the orchestra carefully imitated Vangelis' sound as closely as they could, at least trying to Devotion - Big Amp - 4/20 Friendly every little note just right. Sometimes that worked and sometimes it didn't. Most of the parts were performed with acoustic instruments, to surprisingly great effect; Some of the score's synth leads played on keyboards, not quite encompassing the intended Vangelis' sound.

Cominciamo Adamarchi - Dalida - LAlbum Di Dalida Vol. 1 Attack's input must have been very minimal. But overall a very respectful and certainly enjoyable recreation of the score. On one hand this faithfulness gave bare its short comings, when they simply couldn't quite reach the levels or nuances of Bondage - Pain Teens / God And Texas - Bondage / 1066 studio work.

But on the other hand, whenever they really did manage to nail it, the crowd adored it, with performances of Rachel's Song including live vocalsMemories of Green including phasered piano sound and little bleeps and blobs and the End Titles being mentioned as the biggest Five Circles - London Philharmonic Orchestra* - Chariots Of Fire And Other Award Winning Scores From pleasers.

After the End titles, the enthusiastic applause for a while prevented the orchestra to continue into the "Tears in Rain" track, which they had to try and pick up after the audience allowed them to. To show Vangelis' apparent blessing to the event, the time before the concert started - as the audience entered the hall - was accompanied by images being projected on a screen, showing unique and never before seen footage of Vangelis in action at Nemo Studios, back inactually working on the Blade Runner score.

This was inter cut with scenes from the movie, all of it accompanied by live sound effects generated on stage. Judging from the reactions so far, it's certainly a pity that details on this event came out so late and tickets sold out instantly, so that only a small section of the score's hard core fans managed to secure access to this performance.

As it turns out, those who did were the lucky ones! A number of news paper publications in Poland have been reporting on an as yet unsubstantiated rumor claiming that Vangelis would be commissioned to compose some of? According to these articles, the film about late pope John Paul the Five Circles - London Philharmonic Orchestra* - Chariots Of Fire And Other Award Winning Scores From will be intended both for the cinema and in an extended version for broadcast as a short series on TV.

The cinema version is expected to premier in October this year. But all this info is premature; we will have to wait and see if the news papers are correct. More later Vangelis was also presented with the "The Golden Lyre of Apollo" award which had been officially bestowed upon him on an Hansel & Gretel - Jeff Feuer - A Childrens Treasury Of Favorite Nursery Rhymes occasion.

In French journalist and film maker Henry Chapier directed an experimental movie called "Sex Power". He commissioned Vangelis to write the music, resulting in the first non Greek movie with an original Vangelis score. A soundtrack album was released on the French market in small quantities thus "Sex Power" became Vangelis' first solo LP.

The movie Five Circles - London Philharmonic Orchestra* - Chariots Of Fire And Other Award Winning Scores From, by no means a mainstream effort, was quickly forgotten and we can safely conclude 1040 Blues - Stan Farlow - Hot Wheels it is now only remembered as the "mysterious" source for Vangelis' ultra rare and collectable LP.

With no sign of the movie ever airing on TV, never released on VHS, DVD or any of the home cinema formats of the past years, it is in fact quite impossible to find people who've actually seen this film.

Hence, any details we know are sketchy and were derived from old press statements or preserved articles from the time of its release. That's why it is so unique that there will finally be a chance to Five Circles - London Philharmonic Orchestra* - Chariots Of Fire And Other Award Winning Scores From this movie.

Five Circles - London Philharmonic Orchestra* - Chariots Of Fire And Other Award Winning Scores From film will start around There is a minimum age of 18 years for entrance. The hall has seats. Reservations are not generally possible, but the operators don't expect a lot of people at all. On the same day however, director Henry Chapier will make an appearance at the same venue. This event, taking place in the evening of the same day, June 20is expected to draw crowds and may be hard Various - The Jazz Round attend.

More information: www. Special thanks to Robert Eichelsheim for the tip and input on this item. This update: June 6, Judging by the sound, the audio has been sourced from an LP. For most tracks it's not that bad at all, but usually at least some distortion in the high tones, crackle and other noises give away the nature of the source.

For the CD release, the two sides of the LP have been faded into each other, so that instead of 2 separate soundscapes of segueing parts, there is now one large soundscape of segueing parts, split into 10 seamless tracks. No list of names is available for the tracks. One confusing aspect is that while the disk was manufactured as a pressed CD, some papers have turned up with the album burned as a CD-Recordable.

Although it's not clear how these came into circulation, theories suggest that these may be copies returned unsold from newsstands, that went back into circulation. If some newsstands returned fake copies hoping to resale the originals on ebay, these fake returns may have actually shipped out internationally. Needless to say, the CD-Rs look of lesser quality and may appeal less to collectors, but sound exactly the same.

Should your copy be a CD-Recordable, it could be a good idea to contact the shop or individual you bought it from. This update: May 31, The Armed With A Mind - Have Heart - 10.17.09 is packaged in a jewel case, with a front sleeve and back inlay, appropriately minimalistic for a newspaper premium.

Furthermore, the art section of this paper comes with a small interview article, spanning parts of two pages. This update: May 29, As many have noticed, it is extremely difficult if at all possible to order Greek news papers online, even more so when looking for the optional bonus goodies like this "Paris, May " CD. Luckily, Greek Music Shop www. The offer will probably be limited, since the newspaper is available only for one day. As usual, they allow ordering from abroad, and when needed their web site interface can be switched to the English language in the right top of the page.

See the May 28 update. For the record, this site has no affiliation with this or any other shop. Any purchase will be purely between you and the retailer you deal with.

Ta Nea, one of Greece's most important national newspapers today advertises this Saturday's edition. On Saturdays this paper can be bought for 2 Euro extra as a version with a bonus CD included. The album, sometimes referred to as Vangelis' "Poeme Symphonique", has never before been released on CD.

The original LP first saw the light of day in France in in quite a luxurious gatefold sleeve, now an expensive rarity for collectors, later re-released in Greece as well as some other European countries as simpler editions, always only on vinyl, long before CDs were invented or sold. This work being a concept album in every positive sense of the word, Vangelis took his inspiration from the famous student protests in Paris, those days back in May In an almost visual sense of the word, the listener catches a glimpse of the mood, the setting, the emotions and the atmosphere of that place and moment in time, as Vangelis may have experienced it wandering through Paris during the events.

The music is intermixed with sound scapes, news excerpts, songs and other related recordings, resulting in what feels like a very real sense of witnessing something quite remarkable and important, in its own way. It's easy to conclude that this release is due to those Five Circles - London Philharmonic Orchestra* - Chariots Of Fire And Other Award Winning Scores From taking place exactly Maria Verano - Be Your Lady years ago, this month.

Vangelis will be welcomed into the University's Community because of his "exceptional El Ciclo De Lo Absurdo - Sinergia - Alea Jacta Est / Daños Colaterales to the overall education of the Greek people and to the international promotion of Hellenism". A proclamation ceremony will take place next week in the beautiful ceremony hall of one of the university's most prestigious buildings.

This update: April 25, To correct an earlier misunderstanding: There are no English subtitles on the current Greek release. This should not be too big a problem; The majority of dialogs and all monologs are in English.

However, certain scenes between Greek or Spanish actors are spoken in their local languages. The good news is that it's been released as a 2 disk set, in luxurious packaging. No other editions are available at this point. Disk 1 Five Circles - London Philharmonic Orchestra* - Chariots Of Fire And Other Award Winning Scores From the movie, plus its trailer, while disk 2 contains an assorted set of extra features.

A small booklet is included, with photographs from the film, as well as Vangelis and director Smaragdis. The film's visual quality on the DVD is absolutely perfect. The audio depends on the chosen channel with three options available all in the same mix of languages. Disk 2 includes about two and a half hours of footage, excluding the photo galleries: Greek version of the End Titles sequence Photographs of the artists Still pictures from the movie Promotional features and interviews from various TV channels Award Ceremony excerpts related to "El Greco" Footage and TV coverage on the official Premiere in Athens includes Vangelis arriving "Making Of" documentary.

The "Making Of" documentary is the same as broadcast late last year on Nova TV, but sadly the small segment of Vangelis visiting the set has been cut from this particular version.

This release can be ordered on-line from the following Greek web shops, with the ordering process available in the English language: www. See for info: www. Southbank Centre in the UK has announced a rather unique upcoming event. Trip Hop pioneers Massive Attack are set to perform a live session, essentially remixing an orchestral live performance of Vangelis' score for "Blade Runner". The "Heritage Orchestra" will perform the score, probably in their loose and almost jazzy, cacaphonic style, while the two members of Massive Attack add their electronics and transform it to the final results.

Tickets have been selling like crazy from the festival's official site: www. With the exception of a few chairs, they have essentially sold out.

However, it seems Ticketmaster still has tickets available Five Circles - London Philharmonic Orchestra* - Chariots Of Fire And Other Award Winning Scores From www. Be sure to realize Vangelis will not be performing: He does not seem to be involved in Five Circles - London Philharmonic Orchestra* - Chariots Of Fire And Other Award Winning Scores From event at all. Expect the music to be very different from the original score, both in sound and feeling, but it will be based on Vangelis' original work.

Greek fans who happen to read this update as early as today Sunday April 13 would better rush to the news kiosks, as the "ViMagazino" insert of today's edition of national news paper "To Vima" features a large new interview with Vangelis.

This is available in news stands throughout Greece, only for Five Circles - London Philharmonic Orchestra* - Chariots Of Fire And Other Award Winning Scores From The article spans 7 pages, while Vangelis' portrait is pictured on Five Circles - London Philharmonic Orchestra* - Chariots Of Fire And Other Award Winning Scores From cover of the magazine.

The article includes several photographs, some have not been seen before. Even before El Greco has opened in theaters outside of Greece, Greco's country of birth will be able to rent as well as buy the DVD release of Smaragdis new film.

The Vangelis scored movie will be available in Greek rental shops Wendy Time - Cure* - Wish of tomorrow, April 1, and for sale reportedly about 10 days later.

The DVD will have subtitles, both in English and Greek, boosting it's appeal for fans throughout the world. Greek TV has previously aired a "Making Of" documentary, briefly showing Vangelis visiting the set, but no word yet on whether this might be included on the disk. More info later. Either way, no doubt fans will want to hear Vangelis' music within the movie it was created on and compare whether really all the music from the movie appeared on the soundtrack release.

It looks like Greekmusicshop. They now take pre-orders from their product page here: www. Reactions mailed here where less positive however about Studio 52, the third Greek music shop allowing ordering in English that was mentioned here. Many Readers have emailed their complaints about inexplicably late dispatching of orders, often with many weeks of delay as opposed to the very rapid shipments of the other two Greek online stores that took their orders very seriously.

Vangelis also demonstrates his skills improvising some new music and a variation on the titles music for "Chariots of Fire". The interview was part of a daily program on culture, called "Front Row". It should be available for online listening for almost a week on the BBC's listen again service. Thanks to Peter Taylor for his input. This update: December 25, It's interesting to see how Iannis Smaragdis' tale of El Tico Tico - Various - Movie Songs struggle against the oppressive forces of power brought out a completely different side of Vangelis then we saw when he revisited Blade Runner.

Released almost back to back, it's impossible not to be in awe at the contrast of Blade Runner's urban angst against El Greco's elegant delight, or at how one artist can so masterfully rule two of such different kingdoms. Vangelis opens the album with the part of the movie everyone has kept talking about: "the" choral theme, which so graciously supported the movie's emotional climax.

A humming choir starts a melody beautifully melody of restrained glory, almost like a new "Hymne", seemingly simple but constantly evolving and developing, pressing all the right buttons along the way. For the album release, the piece has been extended by about a minute to become an entity in its own right. The beautiful piano version that accompanied the end titles and the graceful choral humming bridging the two pieces are saved for the very end of the album.

The movie's opening titles are presented as Part 2. An ancient rhythm drives an enigmatic theme on a plucked instrument, supported by a crystal clear chanting choir, setting the time and place of the story that is to follow. After that, things quiet down, in a beautiful way. Ich Fand Ein Herz In Portofino - Götz Alsmann - Tabu! his lush, romantic manner Vangelis colors the scenes and sets the mood with his delicate compositions.

These may not all be the top choices for a greatest hits selection, but it's often Die Sterne Stehn Gut - Various - Souvenirs Der 70er Jahre he's not trying to prove the heavy might of his music that Vangelis shows his true gentle soul.

Be it in part 7 with its bright harp and string melodies, in Part 4 with piano, flute and synth string, or Part 12's synthesizer voices with several overlaid strings modestly reflecting the drama, it's always laid back, sensitive and with a strong touch of the Vangelis magic we are always looking for. The guest artists fit in very well. Part 5, performed with the choir of the Historical, Cultural and Folklore Association of Chania, Crete, features a passionate traditional Cretan chant, while Vangelis plays gracefully along on his synthesizers, not unlike what we've enjoyed in "Rhapsodies" with Irene Papas.

Part 8, composed and performed by Psarantonis, is a fiery dance on traditional acoustic instruments, performed at a party in the movie, adding a touch of authenticity to the album, before Vangelis takes you back to his musical story telling. The last of the intermezzos is Part 11 with Loudovicos Ton Anogion's soft warm voice lamenting to the rhythms of one or two of Greece's distinct plucked instruments.

As promised, the album ends with the piano reprisal of the gorgeous main theme. Vangelis raises the bar for elegance, as choirs slowly and softly support the delicate piano performance.

The only downside of this piece is that at some point, it ends, and with it the "El Greco" album. It just seems as if the silence that follows sounds just a bit brighter than it did before. Part 1 2. Part 2 3. Part 3 4. Part 4 5. Part 6 7. Part 7 8. Part 8 Composed and Performed by Psarantonis 9. Part 9 Part 10 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 El Grecooriginal motion picture soundtrack by Vangelis Polydor 8.

While the previously mentioned www. Studio 52 is known to be a little slow, but certainly reliable. See: www. Several people report having had good experiences with musical.

It's a little early to tell really what the most reliable, affordable and efficient way to order Vangelis' new "El Greco" soundtrack album, but because of the high volume of emails about this topic, here are a number of possible options. All provided as is, order completely at your own risk. Obviously, if you live in Greece, check out the better CD stores.

Most of them have placed it in the soundtrack section. Not all of them have been fast ordering it or stocking it in their shelves, but for instance, Metropolis in Athens has had it in stock since this Thursday. For ordering from outside of Greece, there is one store that's offering international delivery, presented in an English language interface. This is www. Note the language selector to the top right of your screen, which can be set to English. One problem is that their site only offers copies they have in actual stock.

In normal circumstances that is great for reliability, but in this case it may sell out very quickly. For impatient customers it could have been more efficient if pre-ordering it was possible. Good luck. HMV in the UK is offering what seems to be an import as no domestic British release has been announced.

They take pre-orders for a December 28 shipping date. Which may be hard to keep if everyone orders there, but it still seems like a reliable gamble: www. In the United States, it's Amazon who's offering something that may or may not be the new soundtrack album.

Nevertheless, some may want to try this option. A Five Circles - London Philharmonic Orchestra* - Chariots Of Fire And Other Award Winning Scores From quick details: The digipak contains a booklet with stills from the movie. Tracks are titled Part 1 to Part It's confirmed, Vangelis' new soundtrack album for "El Greco" is now available in Greece, to be found for sale in CD stores. More about this release very soon, hopefully by this weekend.

Due to high demand, it seems in general online orders may be given preference, while stock in shops will grow substantially after Xmas. It looks like for now, if you don't find it in a store near you, the fastest way to obtain it is by ordering it online.

As for the States, sales of the domestic release are going exclusively through major on-line retailer Amazon. Canadian residents will have to wait until after Xmas as their release has been delayed until December These are exciting times While most countries are still waiting for Vangelis' new "Blade Runner Trilogy" album to reach the stores, fans in Greece can start looking forward to a another treat.

Very reliable sources report that in less than a week from now, on December 19 to be exact, Universal Music SA Greece plans to release Vangelis' brand new soundtrack album to Iannis' Smaragdis' "El Greco".

The album is supposed to contain Trim Trim Troelala - De Glazenwassers* - De Glazenwassers tracks, 15 of which have been composed by Vangelis, all of which have been arranged and produced by Vangelis.

The three other tracks involve source material from within the film, played at parties and any such occasions enjoyed by the on-screen characters.

A few facts, just to set the record straight, as the "El Greco" topic has caused some confusion before. This score has nothing to do with Vangelis' famous studio album, known as "Foros Timis Ston Greco"later expanded and rereleased worldwide as "El Greco" The Orchestra reaches thousands of Londoners through Five Circles - London Philharmonic Orchestra* - Chariots Of Fire And Other Award Winning Scores From rich programme of community and school-based activity in Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark, which includes the offshoot ensembles Renga and The Band, its Foyle Future Firsts apprenticeship scheme for outstanding young instrumentalists, and regular family and schools concerts.

We hope you enjoy your visit. We have a Duty Manager available at all times. If you have any queries please ask any member of staff for assistance. Eating, drinking and shopping? We look forward to seeing you again soon. He began his musical Five Circles - London Philharmonic Orchestra* - Chariots Of Fire And Other Award Winning Scores From as a violinist and at fourteen won first prize for violin at the Paris Conservatoire and also made his debut as a soloist with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

He has also conducted critically acclaimed discs of repertoire ranging from Hindemith and Kodaly to Lutoslawski and Karlowicz. Following their successful collaboration, they appeared again as part of the Musikfest Bremen. Behzod Abduraimov was born in Tashkent in and began to play the piano at the age of five. The play presents an eternal triangle of mostly hidden but fatal passion.

The second movement is a light and graceful scherzo, and the concerto ends with a whirling finale in the style of a tarantella. Those who were outraged by the music came to blows with those who hailed the dawn of a new era. Set in ancient Russia, the ballet describes how tribal elders choose a girl who dances herself to death as a sacrifice to the god of spring. Soon afterwards Schoenberg composed a symphonic poem on the subject, Cyril Scott an overture and Sibelius his well-known incidental music to the play.

Patrick Campbell. She read to him in French the passages she felt Prophylactic Liquidation Of Our Pig Government - Various - Variable Resistance (Ten Hours Of Sound F called for music.

His music came — he had grasped with most tender inspiration the poetic purity that pervades and envelops M. Being pressed for time, he entrusted the orchestration to his pupil Charles Koechlin. The Sicilienne was added to the suite in The play is set long ago in imaginary Allemonde. Summarised thus, the. Spinning semiquavers on muted violins support its oboe. A short E flat episode provides contrast. Oh well. The music was very pleasant however, and if anybody has seen the award winning movie, they will recognize the music immediately.

I think this record go for pretty cheap on places like ebay so if you like Vangelis, it's still worth a buy. S. O. S. - DJ Spider - Nemesis Rising (File, Album) B review coming soon You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

My opinions of the first side matched this as well. There is a Five Circles - London Philharmonic Orchestra* - Chariots Of Fire And Other Award Winning Scores From but good selection of classical pieces that you will instantly recognize from a number of films includingJames Bond, and others.


// - The Tumbled Sea - Melody/Summer, Displaced Master - Dub Syndicate - One Way System, II. Allegro - Haydn*, Austro-Hungarian Haydn Orchestra, Adam Fischer - Symphonies Nos. 1-20 - The E, I’ll Kill You - Dickybird - Indéfendable, Cute Machines - System Of Down* - MP3 Collection, Hey You - Dr. Sin - Brutal, Resignation - Brad Mehldau Trio - The Art of the Trio - Recordings: 1996-2001, God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen - Billy Idol - Happy Holidays, Hey You - Dr. Sin - Brutal, Third Man Theme = Tema De El Tercer Hombre - Ray Conniff - Lo Mejor De Ray Conniff, Resignation - Brad Mehldau Trio - The Art of the Trio - Recordings: 1996-2001

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  1. contract with London/Decca, continuing an unbroken association begun in The Chicago Symphony, which Solti has served as music director for almost half that time, signed a new five-year agreement with the record company. Klaus Tennstedt, who is recording the Mahler symphonies for Angel with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, has.
  2. BBC Radio 4 has just aired a rare new interview with Vangelis, where he talks to Mark Lawson about creating the scores for Blade Runner and Chariots of Fire, as well as other topics. Vangelis also demonstrates his skills improvising some new music and a variation on .
  3. Aug 18,  · Title: Chariots Of Fire And Other Award Winning Scores Composed by: Vangelis and others. Performed by: London Philharmonic Orchestra Genre: CLASSICAL Release Country: UK Release Date: Track List: Chariots Of Fire Vangelis A1 Titles A2 Five Circles A3 Abrahams Theme A4 Erics Theme A5 Chariots Of Fire B1 Theme From "" Composed By - powermetal.akinoragavironkalas.infoinfos* B2 Venus Composed .
  4. Oct 21,  · Selective listings by critics of The New York Times of new and noteworthy cultural events in the New York metropolitan region this week. * denotes a highly recommended film, concert, show or.
  5. From new music to much-loved classics, together the Philharmonia Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment and the London Sinfonietta perform over
  6. Asif Kapadia is an Academy Award-winning film director, renowned for his documentaries about the musician Amy Winehouse, the Brazilian motor racing star Ayrton Senna, and the Argentinian footballer, Diego Maradona. Born in , Asif is the youngest of five children. His parents emigrated from Gujarat in the mids.
  7. I was a senior in high school, and one night I caught a showing of the "Merv Griffin Show" that was absolutely splendid.I pulled out my trusty audio cassette recorder [a Wiki link for those who don't know what that is] and immediately hit the record button. On the show that night were two of my all-time favorite singers: Sarah Vaughan and Mel Torme.
  8. Mar 29,  · He composed the scores to all of Lean's films since Lawrence of Arabia Other notable scores include The Message, Witness and Ghost His UK chart hits include 'Somewhere My Love' (to his tune Lara's Theme) by the Michael Sammes Singers in , it spent 38 weeks on the chart.

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