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Album Reviews Song Reviews. Song Lyrics. Review: RIFF-it. RIFF-it good. Listen while you read! Add Comment. Get the embed code Stranglers - Miscellaneous Album Lyrics 1. Always The Sun 2. Brain Box 3. Duchess 4. European Female 5. Gain Entry To Your Soul 6. Grand Canyon 7. Please email me at adrianandrews1 sky.

Labels:Newtown NeuroticsEuropean Female - The Stranglers - The Barley Fever Drewett. Labels:The Stranglers.

No Nukes Festival Utrecht 9th April Saturday, 27 October 20 From '80 20 U. Subs Music Machine Camden 8th August Labels:UK Subs. Labels:Squeeze. The biggest gig, headlined by the Clash and Steel Pulse in east London's Victoria Park inwas attended by 80, people. Almost three decades on, sitting in Southall's community centre - where Misty used to play before the council introduced noise restrictions - Poko laments the Southall of his youth, which resisted the NF.

But did reggae change perceptions of black music? In the 80s, black acts were still told to water down their sound to get hit singles, but reggae crossed over into pop with the Police and Culture Club. A more direct legacy of punk and reggae's fusion came in multiracial acts such as UB40, and the chart dominance of bands such as Madness and the Specials in the early 80s - acts now regarded not as reggae or ska bands, but great British pop groups.

Of the original pioneers, only Aswad - who scored a No 1 in with Don't Turn Around - became British household names, but Misty and Steel Pulse still tour and are renowned worldwide. However, their music resonates everywhere: the sound systems laid down the roots of remix culture and the rhythms gave birth Må Dit Liv Gå Op I Ild - De Forbandede - De Forbandede drum'n'bass.

And s British reggae still sounds great today. That's what made what we did different. One of John Peel's favourite records of all time: sublime conscious reggae with a keyboard-heavy twist. Brutally brilliant opus in which Dennis Bovell's dub beats back the reggae poet's uncompromising raps, such as Inglan Is a Bitch.

The Brummies' seminal debut: heavy bass and hard-hitting lyrics. Newer Post Older Post Home. Blog List. Delroy Wilson - Golden Touch Zero G Sound. Global Groove Independent. Malagasy Divas. Lola Vandaag. No Condition Is European Female - The Stranglers - The Barley Fever. Glenn's Country Music Cabinet. Vinil Inflamable. Association P. Uncle Gil's Rockin' Archives. We Won't Forget You Happy Independence Day, Ghana! Nursery Boys Go Ahead! Abaraka 77 Original Band Led by P.

A long tricky descent followed which eventually emerged at Patersons Inlet. The track then contours around the inlet for several kilometres before releasing exhausted walkers at the picturesque North Arm Hu t. North Arm Hut. North Arm Hut is one of the three swanky huts built for the Rakiura Great Walk and as such it costs extra to stay there.

This is a newish 24 bunk hut with a large open kitchen and dining area overlooking Patersons Inlet. These were older walkers: international backpackers tend to avoid the hut as it costs a few dollars more than standard huts. Departed in cloudy threatening conditions. The Great Walks standard track made for quick and easy walking. European Female - The Stranglers - The Barley Fever midday we were on the outskirts of Oban making a beeline for the pleasures of the South Sea Hotel.

Rainforest on Mistake Mountains. Our access point was an old winch and timber chute at the end European Female - The Stranglers - The Barley Fever the of Winder Track. Soon after setting out from the car park it struck us that the Winder was going to be pretty snaky: sunny and overgrown with lanky weeds and long grass. Snake heaven. Snake Heaven. Having tangled with an antsy Eastern Brown a few weeks earlier in the Bunya Mountains I came prepared with leather boots, long canvas gaiters, compression bandages and my Leki walking pole to brush aside any long grass.

Ditto Brian. Long trousers would have Howarth - Check It Out good after-thought. Winch at end of the Winder Track. Sure enough, only metres into our walk a grand-daddy Python lay comatose in the sun, stomach bulging with recent prey.

We stepped around, took a few photos and walked on. The Python barely raised an eyebrow. Small Carpet Python on Winder Track. By the end of our 16 kilometre recce the snake score was:. At least I thought it was an Eastern Brown.

One of my bushwalking friends from my youth was a bit of an amateur herpetologist and he would have grabbed it by the tail for a closer look. With Flashcubes* - Brilliant wisdom of years I realize this is definitely not wise. Unsurprisingly, he came to an untimely death, aged Making a lot of European Female - The Stranglers - The Barley Fever and sweeping the long grass generally does the trick.

That said, I came close to standing on a curled up Red-bellied Black, my right boot hovering momentarily over the reptile. But some fancy footwork and an adrenaline rush saw me safely leap over our somnambulant friend.

Later that afternoon as we drove down into the picnic area, a cute little bunny came bounding across the track, hotly pursued by a huge slavering goanna…fading fast. Maybe this snake danger thing is a tad overblown?

Definitely when put in the context of other hazards we face every European Female - The Stranglers - The Barley Fever. But while writing this report, a six year old girl from Walgett died from the bite of Brown snake. The Eastern Brown is the Septic Death - Now That I Have The Attention What Do I Do With It? most venomous terrestrial snake in the world.

Over the past summer the Queensland Ambulance Service has averaged two snake-bite call-outs every day. Eleven call-outs in one 24 hour period.

Evening at our camp ground. It commences in the small Victorian coastal village of Apollo Bay around three hours west of Melbourne and finishes at the iconic Twelve Apostles. The idea to European Female - The Stranglers - The Barley Fever the Great Ocean Walk was originally rejected in Development did not European Female - The Stranglers - The Barley Fever until ; European Female - The Stranglers - The Barley Fever the trail finally opening in January View along Great Ocean coastline.

This trip in May was a fund raising challenge for Diabetes Queensland. The challenge was to walk the kilometres in five days from a base camp at Cape Otway. None of my fellow walkers had diabetes, but all were wanting to walk and raise money for others who do have diabetes. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in May The Crew. After all the obligatory photos were taken at the start of the track, we were off walking along the esplanade of Apollo Bay and finally onto the trail itself.

Showers came and went as we walked along the coastline and into Shelley Beach. From here the track headed inland through the Otway National Park and along old logging tracks to our highest point of the track, Parker Ridge at metres elevation. Great Ocean Walk track in the Otway Ranges. We reached Lewis Lookout to view back where we had walked for the first hour and it also had phone reception which made some of the walking party happy.

Mobile phone coverage is limited along this coastline. Further along the track great views of the coastline ahead were seen as we made our way down to Parker Inlet.

We had been advised to leave the official track here and with the tide right walked the rocky platforms and layered sedimentary cliffs to Point Franklin where we caught our first sight of the Cape Otway Lighthouse.

Cliffs of Point Franklin. We arrived there to enjoy a late morning tea in the cafe whilst more showers came in. Pre-paying also gives a saving. It was decommissioned in January after being the longest continuous operating light on the Australian mainland.

It is a great climb up to the tower and of course a degree view. Cape Otway Lighthouse. I thought Parks Victoria had to plant it here for any tourist, she was just that cute. Blinky Bill lounging next to track. European Female - The Stranglers - The Barley Fever this day of walking in the dunes and beaches to Aire River.

Aire River bridge. Best weather day of our hike so far. Clear, sunny day which was perfect for our beach walk. As usual the Cor Steyn - De Beste Van Cor Steyn where we commenced wound up and around the coastline to a great morning tea spot, with a spectacular view before you reach Castle Cove and the day trippers.

The track continued on a ridge until it descended to Johanna Beach and the two kilometre walk along it. Johanna Beach on a fine sunny day. Perfect — sunny, little wind and even Hooded Plovers scampering on the beach. We even had time to sit, relax and enjoy this beach.

Hooded Plover: Status is vulnerable. This was the toughest walking day for the trip and is written in the guidebooks as such. Where we started the track climbed through farmers fields, through gates and along forest trails. The track in this area was not very well signposted to confirm you were going the right way. A big kangaroo eyeballed me over one gate. I was on the side it wanted to be on, and it was on the side I wanted.

It had the most impressive abs across its chest. Thankfully it decided in one leap to go over the fence and I quickly scampered through the gate.

The section includes the Milanesia track down to a lovely beach and family owned cottage. Rugged European Female - The Stranglers - The Barley Fever between Milanesia Beach and Ryans Den.

Unfortunately the weather was coming in and the gale force winds meant little time at the top to admire. The rest of the up and down hills for the afternoon were made more difficult with the gale winds wanting to take you off the track and several cold fronts coming through. We made it through to Moonlight Head pretty cold and wet and glad to see the transport. Rain, sleet, leaches and trees down along the Soldiers Song - Lucinda Williams - Blessed (Vinyl, LP, Album, Album, Album) was what we had to contend with before lunch.

With the trees down we had to walk off track and unfortunately I picked up a leach that was one of the largest I have ever had the pleasure of. European Female - The Stranglers - The Barley Fever turned to hail as we walked down to the Gellibrand River and further into Princetown where we enjoyed the European Female - The Stranglers - The Barley Fever and dryness of the cafe to have lunch and a hot drink.

Back onto the track and the end was close. The wind tried to stop us reaching our final destination but we would not be stopped. The final stretch was to the Twelve Apostles and the hundreds of tourists.

Even here no one could escape the European Female - The Stranglers - The Barley Fever force winds and the circuit walk was very quick, but we had done it. I will be returning to do the GOW again in See you there! Satellite Imagery: Geoscience Australia. Comment required Submit. Text and Photos by Alex B. Beginning at Long Gully a couple of hours drive from Canberrathe track crosses Yadboro River before climbing out of the creek bed and onto a ridgeline.

Cool waters of the Yadboro River. It passes Beck, Bogert & Appice - Somewhere Over The Rainbow (A BLT On White To Go) the side of The Castle on some fairly steep, rough ground and then ascends towards the saddle at Castle Gap.

We covered this over a couple of hours on European Female - The Stranglers - The Barley Fever hot September afternoon — a couple of litres of water is recommended. There are some excellent views back down the valley on the climb up. Clifflines of conglomerates and sandstones. Sunset over the Budawangs. Before climbing The Castle the following day we spent a few hours in Monolith Valley, which is accessed from the saddle.

There is a small section of scrambling required early on but chains are bolted to the rocks to help those who require it. Monolith Valley. We ate lunch in the sunshine above the gorge before returning to the saddle to climb the castle in the afternoon.

However, those with a serious fear of heights may want to give it a miss. Rock scrambles on The Castle. The upper sections have brilliant views across the south coast, with the Pigeon House prominent. The total climb is around metres vertically, which for coastal areas in Australia is quite a lot, and allows for some of the best views in New South Wales — personally I thought more spectacular than the Blue Mountains, which feature similar terrain.

Views east across the Budawangs to The Pigeon House. We descended after a few glorious hours on the summit, and spent another night below the saddle, before returning to the car park the next morning. A quick and quite cold swim was had in Yadboro creek before we headed back to the ACT.

Photo: B. Weitkuhn: Bernhard celebrating the half way mark on his Murray River journey. Map: Glenn Burns. I had a wonderful time doing this trip and although it was at times quite hard European Female - The Stranglers - The Barley Fever lonely I am really glad I decided to do it. Living European Female - The Stranglers - The Barley Fever Australia it has given me a lot of insight of how Australia must have been when the early explorers discovered the Murray and the country.

Of course a big part of the river is built up now, but there are lots of stretches where you could think you are the first person to be there. Until the last week I had only one full day of rain and one wet morning. There are long straight stretches towards the west where the wind funnels along and builds up a steep chop.

At the notorious Pellaring Reach even Captain Sturt waited for better weather. It was too rough even for him apparently. Well, I did not want any rest days so I kept going on, but at times was actually pushed backwards and had to take shelter in the reeds and willows. The scenery along the Murray does not change like on our bushwalks. Weitkuhn: River Red Gums. On the upper Murray after leaving from Corryong you can see a few distant hills.

Later I did not see any until I came into South Australia where there are also the colourful cliffs lining the Murray River. Weitkuhn: Cliffs on the lower Murray River. Weitkuhn: First campsite on the upper Murray. White-tailed water rat. Weitkuhn: Paddlesteamer Emmylou.

Website: MurrayRiver. Outdoors Jan-Feb Gregory Kayaking around Australia. Well worth buying. Has very detailed information on paddling the Murray River: maps, camping, seasons, access supplies etc. The Murray-Darling Basin is the fourth longest river system in the world, exceeded only by the Nile, Amazon and the Mississippi-Missouri systems. But the crucial difference is that the annual discharge is far less than any of the rivers listed.

The Murray is an allogenic stream, that is, it rises in the high European Female - The Stranglers - The Barley Fever Australian Alps and has sufficient discharge to survive passage across extensive semi-arid deserts. Type your comments here required Submit. Mt Meharry summit. They described it thus:.

But times have changed. Now you can do all this in a 2WD. Here we left Judy in charge of birds, bees and botany while Brian, Don and I headed off for the five kilometre walk to the summit, an altitude gain of only metres.

Parked under a shady snappy gum. At the top of the first jump-up we had our first clear views of Meharry. Then, inan unnamed whaleback prominence 50 kilometres to the south east was checked out by surveyor Trevor Merky and found to be 17 metres higher than Mt Bruce. After a bit of ferretting around in Native Title documents I found its aboriginal Dancing - Bauhaus - 1979-1983 Volume One to be Wirlbiwirlbi.

That should have been the end of the matter. Geoscience Australia gives the height of Meharry as metres, not metres as per the plaque Punk Fashion - Brats - The Lost Tapes (Copenhagen 1979) the metres on the summit signpost. Gina Rinehart. Enter Gina Rinehart, daughter of iron ore baron Lang Hancock. In she went to the top and lobbied then Premier Geoff Gallop for the change.

Fortunately, he too rejected the European Female - The Stranglers - The Barley Fever. Features named by F. Gregory European Female - The Stranglers - The Barley Fever related to his and expeditions. A Spinifex Steppe. From the first jump-up it is an easy two kilometres before the track does any serious climbing. At this point the track winds up an open spinifex Triodia spp. The spinifex was everywhere, easily the dominant ground cover: it grows in either doughnut shapes or hummocks Some species have long spiny leaves that dig into bare skin so it is a matter of self preservation to wear thick canvas gaiters when going off track.

On warm days one of the common hummock species of spinifex T. The resin from T. The resin is pliable when heated but sets rock hard. The Spinifex Steppe: Trioda pungens. This attractive and robust little gum is a familiar sight on the rocky hills and plateaus of the Pilbara, typically growing to three or four metres. A defining characteristic is its white powdery bark, sometimes pocked with black dimples. Hence the species name Delta - Various - The Cool Beans!

Texas Issue Companion CDmeaning white bark. The only other tree we found on Meharry was the desert bloodwood Corymbia deserticola.

With its multi-stemmed mallee growth form and rough tessellated bark it is another very striking tree of the Pilbara and easily distinguishable from the snappy gum. Desert Bloodwood. Another two kilometres of plodding over loose scree took us to the crest of the ridge, a false summit. Meharry trig station was a further metres on.

But there is no mistaking the real summit as it is marked by an elaborate rock cairn. We had left Judy and the 4WD some one hour forty five minutes earlier. Not too shabby a performance by three elderly bushwalking codgers.

Don wielding the camera. The view from the summit revealed a spectacular landscape of red whale-back mountains, razor-back ridges and steep-sided gorges that make up the Hamersley Range, one of the oldest geologic surfaces on the earth. Karijini is the aboriginal name for the Hamersley Range. About 2, million years Various - Rhythm & Soul (Du RhythmNBlues À La Soul, 100 Titres Qui Ont Marqué LHistoire) the Hamersley Basin began to fill with sediments forming the extensive deposits of banded ironstone formations BIFscherts and metapelites collectively known to geologists as the Brockman Iron Formation.

Mt Meharry is predominately an outcrop of this ancient Proterozoic banded ironstone. Typically it appears as a very hard brown rock composed of iron oxide and fine grained quartz. Sweat bees is a generic term for a range of these inconspicuous little fellows eg.

Hardly surprising. We were, after all, in a desert, with no nearby surface water and the ocean five hundred kilometres to the west. The semi-arid tropical climate has a highly variable rainfall of only mm to mm per annum; the evaporation rate is twelve times greater, hence the minimal surface water. The presence of surface water is very much dependent on incursions of the summer cyclonic rains sweeping in from the Indian Ocean to the west.

Back in bird land the meager offerings were a Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike, a Yellow-throated Miner and the seemingly ubiquitous Galah. Royal mulla- mulla. However the abundance and showiness of plant life in the Australian outback is often exceptional, especially after rain.

Pink Royal mulla-mulla Ptilotus rotundifolius covered the rocky Meharry landscape, occupying the interstices between clumps of spinifex. Royal mulla-mulla is a low perennial shrub growing to about one metre tall. The flower spikes are unmistakable: long, cylindrical and a bright pink. More than 35 species of mulla-mulla grow in the Pilbara and make for spectacular displays after good summer rains.

Other ground covers included the purple-flowering Flannel Bush Solanum lasiophyllumand the delicate blue pincushion flowers of the Native Cornflower Brunonia australis.

Brunonia australis is the sole species in the genus Brunonia which is the only genus in the endemic family Brunoniaceae. Flannel Bush: Solanum lasiophyllum.

Minisode: The Thames Torso Murders. The Hudson Valley Sightings. Side Stories 4: Bruce McArthur. Side Stories 7: Killdozer and the Cavitations.

Side Stories Joe Exotic Side Stories Sovereign Citizens. Side Stories Russia's Werewolf Killer. Side Stories Cannibal Corpse Rapture. Side Stories Momo 's Bizarre Adventure. The Electric Chair. Side Stories Extraterrestrial Terrorists. Minisode: Zombieland: Double Tap. The Vampire Hunters European Female - The Stranglers - The Barley Fever Highgate Cemetery. Minisode: Doctor Sleep.


Satan Satan - A Kid Hereafter In The Grinding Light* - A Kid Hereafter In The Grinding Light, Public Image Ltd.* - This Is What You Want... This Is What You Get, My One And Only Love - Chuck Mangione - Tarantella, Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend, Meet The Piston - Andrey Piston - Sand Of Syria EP, Wendy Time - Cure* - Wish, Untitled - Fat Legs / Terrortank - Terrortank & Fat Legs, There Is Nothing Like A Dame - The New York Pops, Skitch Henderson With Maureen McGovern - With A So, Born A Loser/Out To Win - Mohican Jack - Out To Win, Changing Lanes - Stuart James Band - Changing Lanes, Liebestraum - Ike Quebec - Bossa Nova Soul Samba, Meeting - The Exploration - For Cabana, Sally Ann - The Shady Mountain Ramblers - Nobodys Business, Dear Heart - Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians - A Wonderful Year! Guy Lombardo And His Royal Can, A Strange Day - The Cure - Yellow Mood

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  9. by Glenn Burns Northern Kosciuszko is a subdued metre landscape of rolling sub-alpine grasslands separated by low snow gum clad hills and ranges rising to a maximum of about metres. This vast upland has a different feel to the rugged landscapes of southern Kosciuszko where metre whaleback mountains and ridges predominate.

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