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Director Lars Kraume. Reviews Review Policy. Audio language. Eligible if purchased with select payment methods. Rentals are not eligible. Learn more. Mike has not only stumbled over my sordid little corner of cyberspace but has been kind enough to recommend some of Draw Your Lines - Qhixldekx - Welcome To Qhixldekx contents particularly the horrendously anal gig reviews on his blog, as well as linking to Olav's outpourings on obsession, anger and quizzes.

It's both intriguing and comforting to know that there are furtive bloggers out there, moving amongst us unseen, unheard and unknown. Maybe we should form some kind of masonic pact - secret handshakes, head-nods, inconspicuous yet distinguishing items of clothing etc etc.

As for all those gigs, Mike, I don't Draw Your Lines - Qhixldekx - Welcome To Qhixldekx I'll be there - but then you may never know Sometimes something that looks so wrong on paper just sounds so good in reality. Friday, November 22, Fighting talk I think my addiction to 'Question Time' is becoming more acute - but then there are worst TV programmes to which I could develop Ik Ben Joep Meloen - Various - Weg Met De Malaise, Leve De Polonaise addiction.

The formula for 'QT' is brilliantly simple - just assemble a group of five politicians, commentators and media people, while making sure that at least two of them will hate each other's guts. It gets ugly, and that's not just Hitchens nailing his colours firmly Draw Your Lines - Qhixldekx - Welcome To Qhixldekx the death penalty mast. Sometimes it makes me laugh that the Daily Mail thinks it speaks for the whole nation, and expresses the common-sense views of every "right-thinking individual" - and then at other times it seems that maybe it DOES sum up the majority view.

That and its pernicious influence just scare me. Alan's quote of the day "'Appen 'e thinks I'm a right indecisive tit! Thursday, November 21, Not being averse to using such profanity myself, I like to think I'm judicious and thoughtful, not overliberal to the point of diluting its impact.

A well-timed or well-placed swear word can still be incredibly potent, regardless of whether the word itself is losing its force. But it is with some sadness that I have to agree that 'fuck' is undergoing the same gradual process of desemantisizing as 'shit' as in the American "I'll get my shit together"and like Margolis I can envisage a time when 'fucking' will be a plain old intensifier just like 'very' and 'really'.

Still, as he suggests, dedicated swearers shouldn't get despondent about it - new swear words will be created and thrown up to take its place. TV to die for As is often the way, last night I found myself watching a wonderful programme on Channel 5, since you ask entitled 'The World's Nastiest Neighbours'.

By "the world", of course, they meant America. Cue inbred farmhands shooting at each other over disputes about driveways and surburbanites twatting each other with shovels in a grass-clipping-related moment of fury. I turned over to Channel 4 only to find I'd been missing the recorded-as-live footage of the autopsy performed by the bloke behind the 'Bodyworlds' exhibition in That London.

Not entirely sure where I stand on the whole issue - education, art or self-aggrandising sensationalism? Still, Rock And Roll Slave - Stephen Bishop - Careless concept of Krishnan Guru-Murthy sat interviewing professors of ethics and surgeons at their 'ringside seats' struck me as a bit odd - rather like 'The Late Review' transplanted to a WWF wrestling contest.

I'm sure there are educative benefits of witnessing an autopsy, but last night seemed a bit much of a self-publicising freak show. Alan's quote of the day "Go to London. Reminded me of Series 1 Episode 3 of 'I'm Alan Partridge' the one featuring Chris Morris, Simon Pegg, Peter Baynham and the cow on the boatwhen Alan's "wife" can't make the second day of filming for the Draw Your Lines - Qhixldekx - Welcome To Qhixldekx video as she's landed a part in 'The Bill' playing a shoplifter.

Wednesday, November 20, Draw Your Lines - Qhixldekx - Welcome To Qhixldekx Jurassic Park! Last night really was what gigs are all about - half an hour queueing in the freezing cold to snaffle up one of four remaining tickets for J Mascis's solo show at the Social, and what turned out to be Steel Truckin Man - Deluxe Blues Band* - Deluxe Blues Band fucking awesome evening's entertainment.

Supporting was, according to a guy behind me in the queue, "a bloke from some band called Codeine". Yep, Chris Brokaw, another American alt-rock legend and veteran of not one but two criminally underrated bands from 90s underground rock. Drumming for Codeine he had a hand in their Draw Your Lines - Qhixldekx - Welcome To Qhixldekx Stars LP, one of the most majestic articulations of misery you're ever likely to hear, and a record which paved the way for the likes of Low and Mogwai.

Brokaw spent most of the 90s working with Hit - Overbooking - An Emotional Life Zedek in Comeproducing a couple of very fine albums Draw Your Lines - Qhixldekx - Welcome To Qhixldekx the way 's Don't Ask Don't Tell and 's Near-Life Experience and signing the T-shirt that features on the cover of Sonic Youth's Washing Machine album.

So, there I was, exchanging glances with the man himself in a packed-out venue both before and during his acoustic set: I knew who he was, he knew I knew who he was, he knew nearly no-one else knew who he was. Which led to the slightly surreal feeling that he was directing the rendition of 'Recidivist' from Come's album Gently Down The Stream straight at me.

Tracks from his recent LP Red Cities got an airing, as did a track he's co-written for Evan Dando's new album, but it was fairly clear the audience had only come to see one man, and it wasn't him.

Why does everyone in the Social have to be so damn, well, social? His acoustic was always fighting a losing battle against the chatterers. A shame, and no 'Shoot Me First' either. Dinosaur Jr always were a bunch of misfits and outsiders - even within the hardcore scene from which they emerged, thanks to Stai Con Me - Bino - Mama Leone apolitical slacker apathy and guitarist who could really fucking play - and J remains one of the most recognisable and idiosyncratic people in rock.

He's long been considered a wizard, and now he's starting to look like one, his stoner locks becoming increasingly streaked with grey - kinda like Noodles from The Offspring if he were to be shut up in a cave with The Grateful Dead for a couple of years, with the mannerisms and speech of someone who's just been woken up from a deep sleep only to be injected with morphine.

And last night he was rocking the bodywarmer look. And he played some music too. Not an acoustic set but Draw Your Lines - Qhixldekx - Welcome To Qhixldekx solo set so there was some serious volumeand not a load of songs from the new Fog album Free So Free but a whole slew of classic tunes from his entire career.

And it was absolutely magic. Alan's quote of the day "That's like some sort of voodoo canape". Thanks to Boony for linking to my blog. Tuesday, November 19, Monday, November 18, National treasure Congratulations and felicitations to all the crew from Impact - Saturday night's star-studded well, T4's June Sarpong was presenting Thanks to Sian for giving me a passport to free booze and to editor of Draw Your Lines - Qhixldekx - Welcome To Qhixldekx Daily Telegraph's Juiced the Hoggmeister himself for his unrelentingly cynical commentary on proceedings.

Rivers Cuomo of Weezer has sold his soul to the devil although some would argue he did that long ago when he credited Jimmy Pop of The Bloodhound Gang in the sleevenotes to The Green Album and formed an unholy alliance with Limp Bizkit for their new album Less Is More. As far as I'm concerned, when it comes to those wankers there's always too much. On the subject of Pulp, if the festival DOES see them performing their farewell gig, then it'll be a sad day for British music.

While I wouldn't count myself as Drowned - The Who - Largo 1973 admirer of their music on the whole, I'm a fan of Jarvis Cocker - he's always got something to say, and for the last ten or so years they've been one of the most intelligent and literate acts around, positioning themselves carefully somewhere between the pop world and the leftfield, slightly out of place in either.

They've never followed trends, and equally they've never stood still. Following Different Class with This Is Hardcore was, as Jarvis himself said, "commercial suicide", but it was also evidence Draw Your Lines - Qhixldekx - Welcome To Qhixldekx hadn't lost their artistic integrity and were brave enough to make a difficult record, and releasing the title track as a single was as risky as Radiohead's post-The Bends comeback with 'Paranoid Android'. Posted by Ben at AM 0 comments. A sublime pop song.

Fuck that — this is intelligent, hip and edgy. I defy you not to dance. This felt like a classic after just one play. Plus, this is one of those singles on which the B-sides are just as good if not better than the title Draw Your Lines - Qhixldekx - Welcome To Qhixldekx. From Sunderland.

And who can possibly argue with handclaps? Resistance was futile — I tried for a Ого-го, Коза, ого-го, сєра - Древо & Володар - Володар, одчиняй ворота! Зберімося роде ч.1, but then found Draw Your Lines - Qhixldekx - Welcome To Qhixldekx forced to bend over and be buggered by its punching-your-fist-in-the-air greatness.

On your knees, you snivelling peasants! Everything a pop song should be, and in spades — a thrillingly instant headrush. EELS — Shootenanny! Virtually guaranteed to make anybody dance — even the moping moody indie disco type who would normally only move their feet if someone were shooting at them. Out of the clanking darkness seemingly random strands and ideas suddenly coalesce and fuse to form songs which flash and dazzle with a remarkable intensity.

Unapologetically difficult at first, but give it time and I guarantee your patience will be richly rewarded.

It was all whirlwind heat and flash. Sheer black-hearted magic. Monday, December 29, SWSL Top 10 Live Performances Of A large proportion of my has been spent in fields and grimy sticky-floored venues exposing myself to both the new, the familiar and the breathtaking.

Indeed, at times I feasted too well, and was in danger of becoming vomitous. Although with the lyrical content of their tracks they may, like Arab Strap, have their hearts in the gutter, like The Flaming Lips their eyes are very much focused on the stars.

Absolutely bang on the money, and the best band of the day. The title of the new album might be ironic, but they leave happy people everywhere. It is here that the rock mask slips, to wonderful effect.

The biggest compliment I can pay them is that they make me want to go out, buy some gut-rotting headfuck white cider, drink it in the bushes, enjoy a drunken snog and then go home to spew all over the carpet. As it is, I step back into the rain with ears and head buzzing, glowingly happy. As PJ Harvey sang, this is love. Posted by Ben at PM 0 comments. The hedonist's credo, according to Jane's Addiction - a band who know what they're talking about.

A band that have fucked anything that moves and snorted or injected anything that doesn't, and lived to tell the tale. If there really is only pleasure and pain, then the world was a much more painful place without them. Pretention, glitz and showmanship be damned - this is all about the stark, the fragile, the beautiful. It's all too easy to erect a huge wall of noise on stage behind which to hide. Watching Low, that defensive tactic starts to smack of downright cowardice.

This trio are, by contrast, courageous enough to leave Draw Your Lines - Qhixldekx - Welcome To Qhixldekx gaps and spaces in their songs. These are artists who, in the normal course of performing their music on stage, must ritually leave themselves utterly exposed and defenceless - they play at such a low volume and slow tempo that the slightest murmurings of conversation in the audience would be Catch Me When I Fall - Let Loose - Take It Easy. They seem to have an innate understanding of the power of interweaving light and shade, tone and depth, music and silence; indeed, on songs The Aquarium - Various - Saint-Saens Collection 'Closer' and ' That's How You Sing Amazing Grace' the silence really does speak loudest.

As onthe songs seem to flow seamlessly into one another, less discrete stretches of music than the constituent parts of a much larger whole. Consequently the performance itself seems to trace a Draw Your Lines - Qhixldekx - Welcome To Qhixldekx progression, starting slowly but gradually and gracefully building up through successive songs to a climactic peak, the final track fromwhich erupts with volcanic passion to stunning effect.

This is being billed as a homecoming, after the spectacular triumph-over-mud that was Thankfully, though, instead of opting to thrill the crowd with their trouser trombone techniques, they sweep through a wonderfully majestic set that cements many Since You Left - Various - The Essential Northern Soul Collection over their status as our most valuable national treasure.

Christmas turkeys Last week found me pondering whether a goalless draw at Charlton constituted a good result. A win for the Addicks over Chelski and a couple of abysmal Toon performances later, and it and especially the clean sheet looks positively miraculous.

Boxing Day last year saw us go down in spectacular fashion, at Bolton. This year, a lacklustre display at lowly Leicester looked like ending in a similarly dire defeat until substitute Darren Ambrose nodded in a rebound from a Jenas shot in the very last minute to salvage a point.

What should have been a meat-and-drink victory for any side with Champions League aspirations turned into a nervy get-out-of-jail draw. Who would have thought that, in the very next home match after the thrashing of Spurs, we could look so woefully unimaginative and disjointed in attack? At times it was like something out of a slapstick comedy, as a back four minus the cool-headed marshalling of Woodgate staggered and stumbled around like a bunch of punchdrunk clowns.

All the best, mate. Wednesday, December 24, Yellow fever If you're wondering why SWSL has been rather quiet of late, it's because I'm back home without easy and regular internet access.

I'm realising quite how attached I am to many of my regular blog reads - plus I've just discovered I've been missing out on all the rumpus surrounding Belle De Jour and the Guardian award. Have you heard of the Orangemen in Scotland and Northern Ireland? Well, here in the North-East we have the Honolulu Spaceship - Various - Jungle Jazz Vol.

3. Shay saves the day Another draw, this time on Saturday away to Charlton, once again prompts what is becoming a recurring question here on SWSL: two points dropped, or a point gained? Having Draw Your Lines - Qhixldekx - Welcome To Qhixldekx overshadowed by Draw Your Lines - Qhixldekx - Welcome To Qhixldekx and Robert for the majority of the season, Given underlined that we have more than one or two match-winners — or match-savers — in the side.

This is not the case. Fat people are just as likely to be ridiculous, callous no-marks as thin people. Thursday, December 18, This is becoming a bit of a regular series - my blogroll's expanding out of control, but there are just so Draw Your Lines - Qhixldekx - Welcome To Qhixldekx great reads out there in the blogosphere!

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