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Priti Patel attacks big British business for being 'far too reliant on low-skilled and cheap labour' from Man whose date cancelled on him three times sent a photo of a 'Flake' in a cheeky revenge text - but was Adam Schiff accuses Donald Trump of threatening him after the president said the Democrat has 'not paid the African American death row inmate who argued he was falsely convicted by a racist juror who questioned if Dog owner thanks pesky pooch Kimi for chewing up her passport Killer coronavirus will hit Britain 'within days': Race is on to find vaccine as UK scientists prepare to Distressing footage of 'coronavirus patient writhing on hospital trolley Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend infection-hit Wuhan' is shared Not taking any chances!

Felicity Huffman and her oldest daughter wear face masks to JFK airport after the Southwest Airlines removes passenger from plane in Maryland amid coronavirus concerns after display of More boots on the ground in Wuhan: Mask-wearing soldiers roll into locked-down city with 14, hazmat suits Researchers will likely start testing in April for the first of a number of potential experimental vaccines Ousted Grammys CEO claims that the awards are rigged and that her predecessor raped an artist threaten to Kim Jong-Un's aunt makes her first public appearance since the execution of her husband in a suspected purge Revealed: How M15 'fitted-up' society osteopath Stephen Ward over fears he was a 'smoking gun' who could From heavy periods to migraines, cramps and irregular spotting: Expert reveals your period 'type' and how to Aaron, his wife Martha, and their son Ben are dead, and Debbie and her older sister Lucy have been abducted.

After a brief funeral, the men set out in pursuit. They come upon a burial ground of Comanches who were killed during the raid. Ethan mutilates one of the bodies. When they find the Comanche camp, Ethan recommends a frontal attack, but Clayton insists on a stealth approach to avoid killing the hostages.

The camp is deserted, and further along the trail, the men ride into an ambush. Although they fend off the attack, the Rangers are left with too few men to fight the Indians effectively.

Ethan finds Lucy brutally murdered and presumably raped in a canyon near the Comanche camp. In a blind rage, Brad rides directly into the Indian camp and is killed. When winter arrives, Ethan and Martin Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend the trail and return to the Jorgensen ranch. Martin is enthusiastically welcomed by the Jorgensens' daughter Laurie, and Ethan finds a letter waiting for him from a trader named Futterman, who claims to have information about Debbie.

Ethan, who would rather travel alone, leaves without Martin the next morning, but Laurie provides Martin with a horse to catch up. A year or more later, Laurie receives a letter from Martin describing the ongoing search. In reading the letter aloud, Laurie narrates the next few scenes, in which Ethan kills Futterman for trying to steal his money, Martin accidentally buys a Comanche wife, and the two men find a portion of Scar's band killed by soldiers. The search leads Ethan and Martin to a Tomorrow - The Foundations - Rocking The Foundations fort, and then to New Mexicowhere a Mexican man leads them to Scar.

They find Debbie after five years, now an adolescent, living as one of Scar's wives. She tells the men that she has become a Comanche, and wishes to remain with them. Ethan would rather see her dead than living as an Indian, and tries to shoot her, but Martin shields her with his body and a Comanche wounds Ethan with an arrow as they escape.

Although Martin tends to Ethan's wound, he is furious with him for attempting to kill Debbie, and wishes him dead. Ethan and Martin arrive home just as Charlie and Laurie's wedding is about Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend begin. After a fistfight between Martin and Charlie, a nervous "Yankee" soldier, Lt. Greenhill, arrives with news that Ethan's half-crazy friend Mose Im Leaving You - Various - Music from The Life: A New Musical has located I’ll Kill You - Dickybird - Indéfendable. Clayton leads his men to the Comanche camp, this time for a direct attack, but Martin is allowed to sneak in ahead of the assault to find Debbie, who welcomes him.

Martin kills Scar during the battle, and Ethan scalps him. Ethan then locates Debbie, and pursues her on horseback. Martin fears that he will shoot her as he has promised, but instead he sweeps her up onto his saddle. Debbie is brought to the Jorgensen ranch, and Martin reunites with Laurie. In an iconic closing scene, Ethan departs the homestead as he arrived—alone—clutching his arm, the cabin door slowly shutting on his receding image.

The Searchers was the first production from "distinguished turfman " [10] C. Whitney; it was directed by John Ford and distributed by Warner Bros. Ford originally wanted to cast Fess Parkerwhose performance as Davy Crockett on television had helped spark a national crazein the Jeffrey Hunter role, but Walt Disneyto whom Parker was under contract, refused to allow it and did not tell Parker about the offer, according to Parker's videotaped interview for the Archive of American Television.

Parker has said retrospectively that this was easily his worst career reversal. As part of its promotion of The Searchers inWarner Bros. Presents TV series. Several film critics have suggested that The Searchers was inspired by the kidnapping of nine-year-old Cynthia Ann Parker by Comanche warriors, who raided her family's home at Fort Parker, Texas. James W. Parker, Cynthia Ann's uncle, spent much of his life and fortune in what became an obsessive search for his niece, like Ethan Edwards in the film.

Parker's story was only one of 64 Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend cases of 19th-century child abductions in Texas that author Alan Le May studied while researching the novel on which the film was based. His surviving research notes indicate that the two characters who go in search of a missing girl were inspired by Brit Johnson, who ransomed his captured wife and children from the Comanches in The ending of Le May's novel contrasts to the film's, with Debbie, called Dry-Grass-Hair by the Comanches, running from the white men and from the Indians.

Marty, in one final leg Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend his search, finds her days later, only after she has fainted from exhaustion. Some film critics [ specify Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend have speculated that the historical model for the cavalry attack on a Comanche village, resulting in Look's death and the taking of Comanche prisoners to a military post, was the well-known Battle of Washita RiverNovember 27,when Lt.

George Armstrong Custer's 7th U. The sequence also resembles the Battle of the North Fork of the Red Riverin which the 4th Cavalry captured Comanche women and children and imprisoned them at Fort Concho. Upon the film's release, Bosley Crowther of The New York Times called it a "ripsnorting Western" in spite of the "excessive language in its ads" ; he credits Ford's "familiar corps of actors, writers, etc. From Frank S. Nugent, whose screenplay from the novel of Alan LeMay is a pungent thing, right on through the cast and technicians, it is the honest achievement of a well-knit team.

Variety called it "handsomely mounted and in the tradition of Shane ", yet "somewhat disappointing" due to its length and repetitiveness; "The John Ford directorial stamp is unmistakable. It concentrates on the characters and establishes a definite mood. It's not sufficient, however, to overcome many of the weaknesses of the story. Look described The Searchers as a "Homeric odyssey". The New York Times praised Wayne's performance as "uncommonly commanding".

InThe Searchers was ranked 18th; infifth; in11th; in7th. In a Cahiers du Cinema essay, Godard compared the movie's ending with that of the reuniting of Odysseus with Telemachus in Homer 's Odyssey. InTV Guide ranked it 18th. The site's critics' consensus reads: " The Searchers is an epic John Wayne Western that introduces dark ambivalence to the genre that remains fashionable today.

The film has been recognized multiple times by the American Film Institute :. On "They Shoot Pictures Don't They", a site which numerically calculates critical reception for any given film, The Searchers has been recognized as the ninth-most acclaimed movie ever made.

R, if you think the Datalounge is "the power elite, the socially-connected, the prominent," you're quite the idiot. In interviews, she seemed to blame her troubles e. Although she was cute and funny, she didn't seem to Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend any responsibility for her choices in men -- things just "happened" to her.

My gaydar did not ping on her, but maybe she was a lesbian and didn't really care if her dates were gay men. Carrie Fisher was married to a gay man, so maybe CF was a lesbian as well. Although it's easy to get swept up in Debbie's surface charm, it seems that she was very fantasy driven, which is unsurprising for a Hollywood actress.

The people we choose to be in intimate relationships with is profoundly reflective of who we are. For Debbie and possibly Carrieacting "happy" seemed to Third Man Theme = Tema De El Tercer Hombre - Ray Conniff - Lo Mejor De Ray Conniff to perceiving oneself as actually being happy - as if she couldn't tell the difference.

This is a hallmark of narcissism. Once Debbie could no longer keep the illusion of her happy marriages going, reality set in and the fraud of it all exerted itself with a vengeance. If she were truly close and connected to her husbands she'd have known the score a lot more than she claims to have.

Well, with husband 3 it was the csino that did her in. I was there, and it was clear that she didn't have the money to even open it properly. Much of her costume collection was on display, but the place was practically held together with spit and duct tape. I live just over the hill Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend Hollywood and would like to check it out.

I Googled but could find the actual address. Um, Carrie dated women. Everyone around her knew that. Her affairs with women was during her 'party' years, so they were mostly fleeting affairs with bisexual actresses. Or not. Debbie interfered with Carrie's relationships which was ironic, considering that Debbie was asexual. Debbie's women friends were giant bitches.

Not all, but many. They were rich old women who lived off of men. Elizabeth Taylor was a warm, loving soul who was too good to be dragged into Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge, Album) stupid p.

I lurved Elizabeth Taylor. One time, Debbie slapped me really hard. It was a mean, stiff armed slap. Elizabeth Taylor chastised her for it. Bull dyke Liz Taylor once hauled off and belted me in a when I asked the cashier not to serve Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend a slurpee, as per doctor's orders. She could be a nasty bitch or the sweetest woman on the planet, depending on whether she was getting laid or "jumping the trampoline".

Keef Hartley Band* - Seventy Second Brave miss dastardly old Liz - she was fun to get drunk with.

After Debbie stiff-armed slapped me, I cradled my face in disbelief at the maniacal laughter she erupted in. I looked around the room. Carrie was seated behind Debbie, sneering. Elizabeth Taylor was gobsmacked Rip Taylor was in shock It was a wig! Debbie's mother was no stage mother. In fact she had no respect for the biz and wanted Mary Frances to pursue her interest to become a gym teacher instead. Meryl was soooooo good for Carrie, she calmed her down, got her stable and centered, they would Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend been a perfect couple.

Debbie's wig was terrifying. I just held it Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend my hands in astonishment I was embarrassed for us both. The label inside Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend stitched in very elaborate writing: Miss Reynolds wig was designed by Jonathan of Beverly Hills. A voice-teacher friend of mine says that some years back one of her female students did some lesbian escorting and one time her date turned out to be Debbie.

Roseanne Barr tried to help Debbie out by having her on her talk show. Roseanne is a good person with a big heart. I'll be swinging by sometime this weekend! Should I knock on the door and ask, "Did you Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend Debbie Reynolds grew up here?

I just did a Google street search for that address and it's very close to a gay bar in North Hollywood where my partner and I sometimes hang out - The Bullet. Total dive. We will be there in a few hours. Hi, Debbie!!!!! Debbie said she understood her and forgave her. Perhaps you should get an ouija board and contact Debbie to tell her she was wrong.

BS Carrie interviewed the old bat and talked about the fact that Granny was a cunt. But not a stage mother. She hated show biz. Think that's bad; Liz Taylor had me fired from Armani's where I worked as a personal shopper just because I put Henry Mancini's Baby Elephant Walk on the in house stereo system when she walked in. Usually when a star came in we'd play the theme from one of their biggest films but I just couldn't resist.

The two dated in the early to mid 50s and ended up as life long friends. Hugh finally married a girl too! He was Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend The actor died peacefully in his Beverly Hills home, according to….

Well, iirc, Rona Barrett, in her memoir, wrote of visiting a set where Hugh was working and horny and wanting to screw her. She declined and he said, "Please, Miss Rona, just the tip. Debbie never had an affair with Robert Wagner, they dated. She said in her book he was the love of her life but he was a Playboy. He grew up in Beverly Hills and wanted for nothing driving around town in a convertible sports car.

She states in Disquo Kwikie (Original) - The B.R Gang - Disquo Kwikie book they broke up because she would not sleep with him until marriage and he bolted.

And as stated, her mother wasn't a stage mother, wasn't interested in her show biz career. She was just a nasty unhappy woman who made others miserable. Hugh played a beach bum gigolo for hire. R, That incident begins Rona's autobiography and it took Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend at a swimming pool, not a movie set. She never identified the man, but over the years Kirk Douglas has emerged as the one.

She was always a second rate 'talent' who made forgettable movies and made her living practically living of Singing in the Rain for 60 years. As for who was gay that she dated? Hollywood is a cesspit of lies and deception She was big enough a star - just a simple fact. She consistently appeared in films with other big names. Her "Tammy" films were huge as was the corresponding number one hit "Tammy. She was big enough for certain.

I think I read a comment from Joanne Woodward that one of the reasons she hated Sadisticannibal - Embalming Theatre - Sadisticannibal was because Debbie ran the girl scouts there and Joanne didn't want her Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend involved.

Debbie was a STAR. There were the TV shows as well. Debbie's only Oscar nomination was for Molly Brown and to be honest, her performance was not Oscar worthy, especially the scenes before she became wealthy. Someone recently posted a clip from "The Love Boat" with Debbie and Marilyn Michaels doing a show imitating famous people.

Michaels is very good, but Debbie is worse than community theater. She couldn't even do Mae West. My grandmother can do Mae West. Lots of great actors never win awards - especially character actors. Judy Parfitt, for example, is one of my favorite actors and she's certainly not mainstream. Even so, many people recognize her with an appreciation for her work.

You may know her as the character Vera Donovan in "Delores Claibourne. Debbie was Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend a "great star," but she was a greatly popular one with longevity, as has been mentioned.

Besides Tammy as R said, the name Debbie was very popular for girls my age, born in the late s. Not Deborah, Debbie. Debbie passed her anorexia down to Carrie. Not ever eating drove those women nutso. Malnutrition gave Carrie arthritis, and was the cause of Debbie's baldness. After years of being slapped and humiliated by these women, why in the world would I want to contact Carrie?!!! You can tell! Every photo taken, even candid ones, she was beaming up at him as if he really was Han Solo.

Debbie Reynolds kept a lackluster career going on the sympathy of people who felt bad for her spurned self. I thought Carrie was weird with her yelling at George Lucas at some honor thing—she was all duck lips and drunken pronouncements funny but disturbing to watch.

I thought she was weird on her show when she talked about how adorable she was when she auditioned for Star Wars. All of you who say Debbie lived off Singing in the Rain and was known as the spurned wife, are nuts. I knew nothing of those things in the s, all I knew was that Debbie was a perky and fun if limited actress who worked a lot - every year a new film. R, Back Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend Carrie called me and talked about Harrison Ford.

It was jokey, irreverent remarks made about him. I didnt think she regarded their affair as all that serious. It was Paul Simon she never got over, in my opinion. She cried over him, for years afterward. She liked George Lucas and considered him a friend. Debbie used Carrie, like many other women did. Carrie told me that she knew all of her girlfriends, with Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend few exceptions, were using her to get money or acting jobs.

I did not use drugs, ever. Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend was one ugly looking hag the last years of her life. At least her mom was still beautiful. ByCarrie's eyes changed into what I call 'heroin eyes.

I saw her in Trader Joe's where she seemed friendly, but stoned. I was horrified by Carrie's drug use, always. Again, her mother begged me to "write her on the internet," and said, "after all, she wrote nice things about you in her books. But I had a long and painful history with Carrie that I did not want to resume.

And Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend certainly didnt want to deal with 'heroin Armed With A Mind - Have Heart - 10.17.09 " who could be a most fearsome and destructive entity.

I explained to Debbie that I had nothing to offer a heroin addict, as I would be waiting her time, but there were many others who had that expertise. ByCarrie would pull up to me on the road and scream at me. Once she actually got out of her car at a red light and made weird comments to me like "I liked you better when you took the bus. Once she was in her Cooper with a younger woman and I heard Carrie yelling about committing suicide soon. As they drove by me the young woman had a shocked and pained expression on her face.

Carrie never really recovered from Liz Taylor's death. Liz had become for her a kind of idealized second mother whose exploits Carrie would read about, but also hear of directly from Liz. So there was this dichotomous reality. Grateful, because Carrie was perceptive enough to know that had Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend stayed, the rancor that already existed between him and Debbie would have turned caustic and spilled over to the kids. Once Carrie and I were at my place, channel surfing, and we came across "Butterfield 8," in which Eddie costarred.

She started her Carrie chuckle and when I asked her Well Dance Another Time - Cyberwave - Fill In The Blank it, she said that years after the movie was made, Liz told her about all the fucking that went on during filming.

For example, just before the filming of that opening sequence, where Liz wakes up all rumpled, "the day after," she and Eddie had been hard at it in their dressing room. Liz also told her that any brains that Eddie Party For The Weekend (Wally Lopez Factomania Vocal Mix) - Various - Maxxtuner Vol.

3 (With 20% More were in his "shvantz" sp? That struck me as a bit "inappropriate. She tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if her hair looked fake. I said it looked like a cheap Korean wig. She slapped the chewing gum right out of my mouth. Years ago on a flight to Vegas Carrie verbally attacked me and yelled loudly that my father was a nazi.

She was out of it on either medication or drugs. She finally quieted down but not before she yelled my name and insisted that "we'll be together after we're dead. Memoria De Pez - Dry Martina - Momento Perfecto was wearing a very short skirt. Debbie kept licking her lips and yelling across to me in a very bad Danish accent : "Oooooh, honey! Dat's vat I vant! Yes, they flew cattle car with the rest of us on Southwest airlines They sat up front and were very kind to the crew and fellow passengers.

As they walked across the airport Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend noticed for the first time that Carrie had a bump on her back and walked with pain.

Carrie was there, which was odd as she wasn't involved in the film although she kept hinting that she'd written the best lines, which was pissing Paul off immensely, but he just laughed.

She announced with a look-at-me! When she left, I went to take the seat at the table she had vacated. Fortunately, I looked down before doing so. There was a coil of hot feces lying there like a rattle snake. I suggested she stop. She slapped me so hard I lost a contact. You complained too much about how Carrie made you sit and watch "those boring black and white movies. True story: Carrie and her then young daughter approached me in a Barnes and noble and started to quiz me about me abouy my recent whereabouts.

Carrie stared at me suspiciously and asked me odd questions, like had I been in her house! Carrie swore up and down that she had seen me walking around her house one night. I insisted that I have never been in her home. Catherine, her daughter listened intensely. Evidently, the whole issue was that Carrie thought I had bilocated in her bedroom and was remote viewing her. I explained to them that I do not bilocate. But if I could, I would never do it for fear of terrifying someone.

Horsehit, no one did Zsa Zsa and Eva Gabor better and did them together showing the difference and was spot on. Never saw that one coming. On a related note though, I wouldn't say Joan Jett is gay, much as I might like to, considering some of her obvious lyrics about bisexuality, such as "Switch-hitter, she does either. Always in control. She's a teaser. I read The Princess Diarist. I was surprised that it was basically a book focused on Harrison Ford.

I know CF was young when filming Star Wars, but it was a situational fling for HF who was married, filming was in London--no wife around. I was surprised that CF expanded it into an entire book. So she had to dig that up. I read this thread, am very entertained and don't get it in the same way that I admit I love Richard Brautigan and Ishmael Reed and scratch my jaw amusedly knowing that I am probably not as cute upstairs as I think Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend am.

And aint nothing wrong with that! I was a tad overweight then for Hollywood and wearing stretch pants but I was feeling good about myself after a session with my Viennese therapist. She helped me come to terms with and embrace my lesbianism. Suddenly a cliche I noticed Carrie and Debbie. They were decked out in mother-daughter attire for one of their variety extravaganzas matching polka-pot jumpers and feeling familial and randy.

They were buying nuts and junk food and giggling between themselves. I lowered my ballcap and sunglasses hoping to leave the La Interferencia - El Aviador Dro Y Sus Obreros Especializados* - Sintesis: La Produccion Al Poder undetected.

As I finally settled on the cod - yes, I would buy it and make a low-cal meal based on a DeLaurentis YouTube video with sliced almonds - I felt a cold, hard hand pull down the back of my stretch pants and inset a finger up my sphincter as would my proctologist, Dr. Silverman bless his heart. It was Debbie. Loaded out of her mind and wanting to take me to bed, as had happened in the past.

I slapped Debbie, Carrie slapped me, Debbie slapped Carrie and it wasn't long before store security arrived to throw us all out. I ended up having a hamburger with Dean Martin at Hamburger Habit. I finally stopped going to Trader Joes because I, like many of you, was always running into Carrie and Debbie, drunk and haranguing the customers if they didn't shout out requests for show tunes. I often shop without shoes and couldn't risk walking over shards from last bottle of "Two Buck Chuck" they'd viciously fought over.

About six years ago Shelly Duval and her mother got behind me at yes, you guessed it, Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend Joe's. Shelly was with her mom, who is a very attractive and dignified looking lady.

Both of them were very polite, and were happy to chat about Carrie, those AA meetings in West Hollywood and herwork in the Shining. I told Shelly that her performance in the Shining was in the top three greatest performances in actress history and that it must feel great going to sleep each night knowing she had done something so legendary. Shelly told me that Kubrick was really hard on her.

I Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend I was sorry to hear that. She also said she wanted to come back to acting. It was as if time never passed for us, and we had just stepped out of that Fairfax meeting and we were both young women again. She Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend of Schnapps. Is it Korean?

Then she told me my pussy stunk and stormed off. She'd stabbed a box of claret with a Bic ballpoint and was guzzling what wasn't pumping onto the linoleum in regular gushes, as if from a severed artery. As she twirled around, she kept yelling, her pleated skirt rising precipitously: "Joe's to the World! Joe's to the World! Exasperated, she yelled: "Joe's to the World! Somebody might want to tell them how the internet works. We don't really care.

They do suck though. Our advice is that you should not click on the link and whatever you do, don't read their truly terrible articles. The actor, 37, claimed he enjoyed an unusual relationship Hollywood icon, who was 40 years his senior. Carrie Fisher — 'And not that it matters, but Eddie Zima And His Orchestra - Who Said So Polka / Hit & Miss mother is not a lesbian!

She's just a really, really bad heterosexual. Well, there was that "I am a lesbian" concrete sculpture Debbie had in her backyard, but it was destroyed during the Northridge earthquake. Some lunatic broke into Debbies back yard during the commontion and took a sledgehammer to it.

He destroyed all the lawn ornaments. R Sorry dickly Beatty was a big time pussy hound. I don't know what you hear in flyover country queeny but your claim ain't so. One example She went to her psychologist and complained about him and he told her another woman complained about him too! What fucking gay man juggles multiple women like that? None I know of. Oh when he was seeing Mary Tyler Moore, he had two phones in his hotel room speaking to Mary on one line and another woman on the other line!

Carrie had a great figure in her thirties, in fact she was at her most beautiful layer in life. World class legs, sexy body. Gorgeous face. I saw her nude a few times. She was a sex Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend all right. She had a small eaterie on Lake street in Pasadena, ca. She filmed us without my consent, however. I've mentioned this before, but just the other day a voice-teacher friend in NYC again remarked that years ago one her female students had done escort work and once one The Colony Of Slippermen - Genesis - Даёшь Музыку MP3 Collection her clients was Debbie.

Nothing more specific. Eddie Fisher deleted what he Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend of Debbie being gay in his autobiography after Carrie begged him to do so. I know that malnutrition will shrink a person as they age Carrie never ate well but how someone's head could get smaller is a mystery to me. I am starting to think that one of her dealers was giving her experimental drugs or some really vile and damaging substances.

I've seen people assholes hand Carrie things and she would just pop them in her mouth without questioning what it was. I know that Eddie Fisher was a douchebag, but Debbie sounds like she was a cunt of the highest order.

I remember reading his autobiography and he said that Debbie loved to spend his money while she saved her own. I guess Harry Carl was karma for her. I remember telling Carrie how beautiful she was, and that she should stop using drugs for fear of losing her looks.

Carrie was beautiful while at her worst drug abuse, therefore I think she thought she was getting away with it. She would find me in a store, start talking, and have her assistant film our conversations. Very bizarre. She started to slur her words and seemed highly medicated.

She told me she was doing ECT and I could see some damage occurring. She accused me of things I didnt do, and tried to embarrass me while being filmed by her assistant. Well, Debbie didn't always tell the truth- that's for sure.

She claimed she was so broke at one point she was living in her car. But Debbie owned a condo in Vegas for decades, up until she died. After Eddie died, Debbie would go on talk shows and insinuate that Eddie had a small penis, when in fact there are countless females who could confirm the opposite. Debbie insinuated that Eddie was a bad lover, not that he had a small penis. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

She told Oprah he had a small penis. Both Debbie and Carrie were nuts. Todd must have been driven nuts putting Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend with both of them. Yeah, well Todd had no other abilities than sucking of his mother's teet. It not like he had a career, job or anything else to do. But that was a lie. Elizabeth Taylor, who had seen many dicks, said it was enormous.

Indeed, it was the only thing great about him. I imagine income disparity was why she spent Eddie's money and saved her own. Couples make deals like that all the time. However when it comes time to move on the unwritten deal suddenly develops all kinds of ulterior motives.

In his last few years, Eddie mellowed out a great deal. Sometimes when I was over at Carrie's place, he and I would reminisce well mostly he would, since he had a lot more to reminisce about. We'd sit out by the pool as the sun set and the air cooled almost to a shiver Fix - Blackstreet - Another Level he'd muse about the "if onlies" in his life.

One thing he regretted was how he'd treated Debbie. I shoulda kept my schwantz in my pants, but man, back then there was hot and cold running pussy in this town, and I was just a kid from Philly.

Was I supposed to turn down that prime quim? A guy's only human! He was real proud of Carrie, though. He just marveled at her, even as he recognized in her the same bouts of mania that tormented him. The "howling dogs" was what he called them. She said it Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend Eddie, not you. Get over it. And where's your link with Elizabeth or anyone praising the Fisher legend? R, Ann-Margret could confirm Eddie's length Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend girth.

Edie Adams once walked into Eddie's Las Vegas dressing room only to find A-M on her knees giving him Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend blow job extraordinaire. The funny think is, Carrie had her own name for those bouts of mania. When I asked who the kleebers were, she said they were cousins to the blecks, but more refined. As for Eddie, toward the end she'd come a long way in accepting him for what he Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend both the good and the bad.

Maybe they're somewhere shmoozing now. WHO actually commented on his dick being large? Produce a link. And don't give me that "Ann-Margret could" bullshit.

In reality, all anyone every said about Fisher is that he was a drugged up abusive asshole. G-men checked out 11. Rote Messe (Red Mass) - Arnold Schönberg* - Erika Stiedry-Wagner - Pierrot Lunaire Singing in the Rain sweetheart and discovered both she and first hubby Eddie Fisher enjoyed same-sex romps. Aggie was a hoot!

I met her a few times since she was Carrie's godmother and they were quirky kindred spirits. I'll never forget the time she roared up on a Harley to Chasen's, for Carrie's 21st birthday party. Could that gal swagger! And a mouth like a drunken sailor!

Good times According to Debbie, Agnes didn't know what a lesbian was! Oh and that " Morehead" was hyper religious. I had never seen Billie acting before, but watched her on Graham Norton.

She sounds just like Carrie, and World Of My Own - Various - The Hit-Kickers Series, Vol. 7 uses the same expressions. It was kind of spooky. Yes, of course.

Loved how she took her fucked up childhood and turned it into a cottage industry. Los Días Por Vivir - Juan Carlos Baglietto - Baglietto & Compañía, Aggie was chummy with Paul from their time together on "Bewitched," but I only met Thorn - Biohazard - Mata Leão a couple of times.

Once was when Carrie and I were in a speaking-terms phase and attended a Christmas party at Aggie's palatial ranch. She called it her 'raunch," with the kind of high-brow leer that only she could make. That was some spread. Anyway, Paul was there, in full-on queen mode. A hoot and a half. He did this elaborate imitation of Alice Ghostley imitating him, which was very Meta, before that was a thing, since Paul had based his own persona on HER. Then he and Aggie did an amazing improv in which they switched their "Bewitched" roles.

This was just before "Glass Bottom Boat," in which Paul had that drag scene, and I'll bet he used some of the improv stuff for that movie. He was really looking forward to working Io Sono Un Rastaman - Various - Reggae Radio Station that, since he was besotted with Rod Taylor and kept talking at the party about how he planned to get himself "some of that juicy Aussie ass.

Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads! Except for Robert Wagner'. Postmortem update? Eddie Fisher was gay and so were Debbie and Liz.


Genocide Organ - Deadly Actions, Lille 04 11 00, Baze - Himutruurig, The Aquarium - Various - Saint-Saens Collection, European Female - The Stranglers - The Barley Fever, Salt Of The Earth - Various - Reggae Chartbusters Volume Three, Words Of Love - Buddy Holly - Legend - From The Original Master Tapes, Exquisite Corpse Audio Chain Letter 33 - Various - Exquisite Corpse Audio Chain Letter, Volume 1 (Al, Brief Encounter - David Hirschfelder - The Railway Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), California (Hustle And Flow) - Various - All Areas Volume 124, Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel

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  6. Discovered a couple of songs with 27 in the title but unknown to me - I did discover however that 27 is the age when Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones from The Rolling Stones and Kurt Cobain all died. Seems if you "lived fast" in those days, you only made it to Reply Delete.

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