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The film takes a pro-Israel stance as Israeli agents botch an operation to capture a Palestinian terrorist and are then hunted down and killed. The leader of the agents, Tony Eckhardt Christopher Lambertmust stop a cell of Palestine assassins before all his agents are murdered. When Brett Michael Weston receives a mysterious idol in the mail that grants him three wishes, his first wish is to have his Goodness Gracious (Digital Dog Instrumental) - Ellie Goulding - Goodness Gracious most popular cheerleader, Samantha Alexandra Holdenbecome his girlfriend.

To his surprise, his wish is granted, but someone is killing all the jocks and cheerleaders in school One jock is buried up to his head on the football field while the killer uses his head as a bowling pin!

How will Brett use his remaining two wishes and who sent him the idol in the first place? With the help of friend Gus Robert ForsterJohn learns to shoot using real bullets, which leads to a real shootout in the Wild West town. His wife is raped while he is out collecting firewood and, as he rushes her to the hospital, gets into an accident with a trucker. His wife identifies the trucker as the rapist and Schaech accidentally kills him. Once they are at the hospital, his wife again names the male nurse as the rapist and Schaech then knows Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead!

It Just Smells That Way. (All Media wife's mind is not working correctly, blaming every man she sees as her rapist. The biggest problem, though, is the trucker that Schaech killed is the son of the local sheriff James Caan.

She has a dire need to be scared, so much so, that her father MP3) her to go to the movies to watch horror films. She is also suffers from compulsive sonambulism and has nearly lost her life many times sleep-walking on the streets. She sneaks out with some friends to go see the titled horror flick, but it affects her somehow and she gets extremely ill, never seeing the ending of the film.

What happens next is best for the viewer to discover. A platoon of soldiers, on what they think is a routine military exercise in the Scottish woods, runs smack-dab into a family of nasty werewolves and must hold out in a house deep in the middle of nowhere. I've been standing on the precipice for a few days on whether to give this a positive or negative review. The former won out, mainly because the snakes used for this film are real and not CGI creations. The problem is that the island was once-thought to be free of snakes, but in reality, it Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead!

It Just Smells That Way. (All Media overrun with them. When the boat breaks down, all the tourists have to spend the night there and begin to get picked-off by all types of snakes, who want the island for themselves.

If you have a phobia of snakes, this film will increase it, for as I have said before, Crawford uses real snakes and not fake Puccini*, Mozart*, Eliahu Inbal - Messa Di Gloria / Laudate Dominum KV 339 creations, making the "ick" factor setting very high.

Not bad for this type of horror film and the scenery is very colorful as are the snakes ; PAVEMENT is an odd name for a pretty good serial killer film.

When his sister is slaughtered by a serial killer MP3) San Francisco actually filmed in Cape Town, South AfricaAlaskan tracker Robert Patrick goes to San Francisco and eventually joins detective Lauren Holly in searching for the mass murderer.

What they find is unusual and somewhat original, so I won't ruin it for you. This thriller about newly appointed homicide detective Emmett Young Scott Wolf discovering he has a fatal disease that will make him suffer a slow, painful death, so he hires a stranger to find someone to kill him in three Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead!

It Just Smells That Way. (All Media, has so many layers, it is nearly impossible to describe in a short review. Emmett uses his final three days to investigate the serial killing death of a young woman and the man he hires to find someone to kill him hires a despondent ex-cop to do the deed. What happens next is for the viewer to discover.

They plan on committing six heists, but when their second heist surprisingly nets them 20 million dollars in untraceable bonds, they decide to call it quits. Unfortunately, crooked cop Bruce Payne has other plans for Dorff and his gang and wants them to commit more thefts.

Natasha Henstridge is the FBI agent out to catch them. Full of amazing stunts check out the rollerblade chasethis film will entertain you for the full running time. A group of assorted people, including escaped convict Bruce Campbell, are trapped inside a small airplane terminal during a raging snowstorm.

Trouble is, one of these people is an alien capable of taking-on human form. The fun here comes Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead! It Just Smells That Way. (All Media guessing who the alien may be and Campbell's usual comic deadpan delivery. It's a great mystery because it lasted so long! Belushi is a cop with a bad gambling problem. The owners of his markers will tear them up if he teaches a man Jason Bateman how to kill his wife Guylaine St-Onge without getting caught in other words, the perfect murder.

Thriller fans will love the twists and turns this films takes, as Belushi's female cop partner Angela Featherstone knows something is up and tries to get to the bottom of it while trying to save Belushi's life.

Someone is setting a bunch of homicidal fires in southern California and ace arson investigator John Orr an excellent Ray Liotta and his partner Keith Lang John Leguizamo are in charge of investigating them.

Orr has the uncanny ability to find the point of origin of all these fires, which leads his partner and the Fire Department to suspect that Orr may be the arsonist. As the film progresses, we see that Orr is leading a double life, writing a book about an arsonist based on the fires he started and soon he begins to blur the line between reality and fantasy there's a MATRIX -style gunfight during the final third of the film that is all in Orr's mind and it is quite good, if a little out of place with the rest of the film.

In real life, Orr published his book titled "Points of Origin: Playing with Fire"which law enforcement says contains facts that only the arsonist would know. Liotta plays Orr as a real heel, cheating on his wife with a female Metastasis - The Essence That Precedes Death investigator, which makes the film fascinating to watch.

Armand Assante who still mumbles more than I care for is a professional car thief for the mob in Chicago who turns FBI witness when he is nearly assassinated by a mob boss. His sexy married next door neighbor Angela Featherstone takes a romantic interest in her new neighbor because she knows her husband David Lipper is having an affair. What MP3) doesn't know is that he is having an affair with her own sister Dina Meyer. When the husband and the sister put two-and-two together and figure out who Assante really is, Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead!

It Just Smells That Way. (All Media contact the mob in hope of collecting the hit bounty. What follows next are bloody shootouts and double-crosses. This is a fairly graphic thriller in both the blood and boobs departments.

Who could ask for more? A brother and sister move to a small coastal Oregon town and the brother works as an assistant guard at a lighthouse. They meet Art Stoner Tom Berengerwho is actually a serial killer of women who killed the actual head lighthouse guard and author on sabbatical Adam Terrell Eli Gabay and took his identity when Adam picked him up hitch-hiking on his way to take the lighthouse gig.

As Art and the sister become romantically involved, the brother who is on probation for crimes committed in Chicago begins to realize that there Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead! It Just Smells That Way. (All Media more to Art than meets the eye Watch the chess scene to see what I mean.

It is slow for more action-oriented fans, but worth the ride. Instead of the Germans being afraid of the British, their minds are on something else, pointing their rifles further down the long trench.

Serkis thinks the only good Germans are dead Germans, so he guns them down, all except for one, Friedrich Torben Liebrechtwhich the squad plans to question. Bell is the green soldier in the squad and doesn't agree with the way Serkis and other members of the squad are treating Friedrich, torturing him and beating him up They don't speak German and Friedrich doesn't speak Englishbut Bell speaks French and so does Friedrich.

He tells Bell that something evil is in the trench with them, but other members of the squad think he is lying. Bell doesn't, of course, as he has felt a presence ever since he set foot in the trench. Soon, members of the squad Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead!

It Just Smells That Way. (All Media dying in the most gruesome manner, as bodies of the dead seemingly rise to life covered in barb wire and dish out punishment to the British. But what is this "presence"? You'll have to watch the film to find out, as well as discovering who lives and who dies The ending of this film reminded me of the finale of the original SAW [] in both tone and creativity. Serkis' death is the most memorable, as barb wire enters his body and comes bursting out his face and other parts of his body.

EVIL DEAD - and STRIKE BACK -shows a sure hand at delivering atmosphere, as it never stops raining this had to be a real chore for all the actors involvedmaking everyone in the squad extra-miserable and maybe making them more violent than usual except for Serkis, who is one mean bastard here.

The effects are fantastic especially the discovery of what rats did to an injured British soldier's legsas is the sound design the "presence" interacts with every speaker on your 5. Highly recommended. It's like beating a boss in a video game and moving on to the next level and going up against an even bigger boss. The effects are pretty good and there is some extreme gore. This has better-than-average dragon CGI and a sense of fun about it. Lance Henriksen invites six of his closest friends to his secluded home and gives them a deadly poison and will only give each of them the antidote if they tell their darkest secrets.

It's quite rare for a film of this caliber to be this good, especially some of the secrets that are revealed. An asthmatic man confined to his apartment spies on his neighbors with a camera and a high-power lense. When he spots some Judas Breed insects who look human until they sprout their wings and fly kill people, the man's sister and friend investigate. A group of electrical workers led by Richard Griecotrying to fix an electrical spike problem in an abandoned Chicago building, find a hidden room in the building's basement.

Inside the room is a teleportation device that can send them to an alternate Earth, where giant bugs mainly human-sized spiders have taken over. When the device breaks down, stranding the workers in the alternate dimension, they must find the inventor of the device to send them back before they are killed by the bugs. Federal agent Addison Lou Gossett Jr.

Good special effects and a fast-moving story will keep you Harshnoise Halfhead - Cedrics Lettuce Vs Anal Sadness - Vulgar Display Of Stupidity throughout the film. Lundgren is an ex-Special Forces soldier-turned-school teacher who is about to quit because he doesn't believe in the education system anymore Who does?

On his final day, he is assigned to detention duty after school hours, where he must watch over a bunch of trouble-making students. Unfortunately, a band of cut-throat thieves, believing the school is empty, decide to use it as headquarters to hide out before performing their latest armed robbery heist.

Lundgren and the students must fight back to try and make it out of the school, where Lundgren learns a trick or two from the students and vice-versa. The story concerns three underaged guys from Minnesota that cross over the Wisconsin border to get drunk at a bar apparently it's easier to used fake IDs there.

One of the guys gets into a fight with some local rednecks and the three are forced Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead!

It Just Smells That Way. (All Media flee in their car. They are followed by a mysterious black Cadillac Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead! It Just Smells That Way. (All Media wasn't in the bar's parking loteven after they pick up local sheriff Charlie Randy Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead!

It Just Smells That Way. (All Mediawhose car has broken down. Some may say that this film is way too talky, but the dialogue screenplay by Will Aldis offers important clues about the secrets the three friends are hiding and what Charlie was doing out in the middle of nowhere. Lots of surprises abound, including a vampire's obsession with untying knots and counting seeds Dracula is a very fast counter before he can move on.

There's also a whip-wielding priest Jason Scott Lee and plenty of nasty gore including a face torn off. The difference here is that the CGI komodo dragons are rendered realistically and there is a sense of urgency in some of the scenes, especially one tense sequence where a giant komodo is chasing a truck down a dirt road.

The late George "Buck" Flower puts in MP3) cameo in one of his final films. A meteorite shower hits the tiny fishing village of Berkeley, turning some of the citizens into flesh-eating zombies. While MP3) residents try to kill all the infected, the town is visited by a circular alien spaceship who try to cure the town of the infection by transporting the uninfected into to atmosphere by a light ray it is quite the sight.

At first the residents of Berkeley think the aliens are part of the problem, but soon they discover that they are their saviors. When the aliens think they have obliterated the disease from the town, they leave in their spaceship, not knowing a plane pilot who is infected is still flying in the sky. He parachutes back into town and begins the infection all over again with the aliens not knowing that it is active once again.

The film is funny in parts without being the winking and knowing kind found in Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead! It Just Smells That Way. (All Media horror films what one of the aliens says to another at the end of the film is very funny and some MP3) the special effects and zombie kills are well done. Rene Felicity Mason When A Man Loves A Woman - Various - When A Man Loves A Woman the film's heroine, but she could not have done any of it without the aliens' help, but at the finale, it is up to her to make sure the disease doesn't spread outside of Berkeley, showing her on the farm she was going to lose in the beginning of the film is now a pen for all the town's zombies and she stands guard over them, hoping that the aliens return Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead!

It Just Smells That Way. (All Media again. A bunch of soldiers become trapped on a deserted planet's fortified bunker and discover that there's a Various - CD Club Promo Only 10/2009 type of alien bug in existence that can live inside a human body. This could have been another one of those "person trapped Displaced Master - Dub Syndicate - One Way System an insane asylum" flicks, but this film has atmosphere, some true scares and a surprise or two up its sleeve.

Try not to get turned-on by her silver jumpsuit. While the plot is a generic "college fraternity and sorority haze a bunch of pledges in a haunted house" scenario, every time Shepis is on screen, I ignore the plot and just soak in her beautifulness if there is such a word.

I know I'm skipping my usual critic's oath, but Tiffany Shepis is worth it here. She's not only great to look at, she has the talent to graduate to A-list films. Otherwise, this is an atmospheric horror tale about a new sheriff Matthew Le Nevez discovering an ancient secret in his town that goes back to when the Seminole Indians owned the land: There's a tree-like MP3) in the swamps that kills people based on their worst fears.

Good CGI, some great gore unusual for a Marvel film and some pretty damned good cinematography make this film a good bet for those who didn't follow the comic book. This one is about good angel John Riegert John Light jouning forces with Budapest, Romania detective Dani Simionescu an excellent Sean Pertwee to protect a church secretary named Allison Kari Wuhrer from a demon angel, who travels from body to body when killed, to get his hands on an ancient Bible in Allison's possession.

There is a backstory about Allison and Dani's childhood and we are not sure MP3) John is on God's side or on his own. The Bible contains powers which will bring all the Devil's angels to Earth, but Dani comes up with a good way to get the invisible demon angel who possesses the body of his partner, played by Doug Bradley not to possess any more bodies. But at least the fourth film is good and worth a watch. Jackie portrays Inspector Chan, who watches as all nine of his squad are killed by a bunch of teenagers in masks this scene is one of the best of Jackie's careerthe leader of the criminal group is actually the Police Chief's son!

The criminals are playing a computer game where players are awarded points for how many policemen and policewomen they kill, only they decide to make the game real The Chief's son was physically abused by his father as a young boy, leading to his hatred of all police. After losing his team, Inspector Chan becomes an Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead! It Just Smells That Way. (All Media from the police force, along with becoming a raging alcoholic.

It takes a young detective with a coat two sizes bigger than him You will find out why to get Inspector Chan back in the game pun intentional and, together, they try to take down the gang. Jackie may be getting older, but he still has the chops to do things that most people would never do in a million years. This film also has an emotional core that you will not find in most American-made action films, which gives this film an extra layer. See it if you can. Finley Eastwood discovers that a small town is actually populated almost entirely by aliens who need plastic surgery to look human for over years.

They have been looting Earth's resources to survive, Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead! It Just Smells That Way. (All Media will destroy all of Earth's human population. What audiences missed was one of the best, symbolic-driven thrillers of Eckhart is determined to get the FBI to believe that the killer is one of their own, a product of a top secret experiment in the 60's where people with telepathic powers, called "remote viewers", were brought in and were able to pinpoint locations of terrorists and other bad people using nothing but their minds Remember, this was during Muskrat Ramble - Louis Armstrong & His All-Stars* - Columbia And RCA Victor Live Recordings Of Louis Cold War.

The project was abandoned and so were the people involved thrown away like garbage and the only one still alive is Benjamin O'Riley Ben Kingsley, in an Oscar worthy performancewho is left haunted by what he saw during the 60's and uses his powers to murder serial killers to alieve some of his pain.

He also knows the exact way he is going to die, which plays an important part of the plot. Of course, the FBI think Eckhard is nuts and don't believe a word he says, so he goes about proving it on his own. Involving every step of the way, this film should not be missed by people who are thriller fans and excited by Run Rudie Run - Lee Scratch Perry* - Chicken Scratch Deluxe Edition in their films.

I loved it. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, this is Merhige's last theatrical film. Cannell, about park ranger Danielle an excellent Cerina Vincentwho is still suffering the guilt of killing her best friend in a drunk driving accident, so she Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead!

It Just Smells That Way. (All Media a job alone manning an an oversight tower deep in the forest just to stay away from people. Unfortunately, some explorers have unleashed a monster from a cave where it has spent thousands of years in MP3), thanks to a Native American curse. As the bodies begin piling up, Danielle must man-up or woman-upas the monster tries to make her its next meal.

Important lessons are Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead! It Just Smells That Way. (All Media and Danielle is ready to rejoin society once this ordeal is over. Directed by Steven R. College virgin Luke Corey Sevier is hoping to get lucky with one Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead! It Just Smells That Way. (All Media the sorority girls. A series of circumstances happens where he is trapped in a closet watching one of the sorority girls making love and then it happens: Tenticles spring out of her breasts and stomach and the male she is with ends up frozen like a popsicle.

It's not long before more males start showing up frozen stiffer than an uncooked fish stick and Luke must try to convince the authorities that some of the sorority girls are actually aliens. The cops think he is nuts, so he and female friend Constance Kim Poirier look for a way to stop these frozen females.

Maybe fire will work? Maybe even a flame thrower? Since nudity plays an important point in the plot, stay away from the Out Of This World - Anyway - Burden Fi Channel version they optically fog out the offending bits and rent or buy the DVD. In this film, Evans plays Sean Veil, who was accused, but never convicted, of the murders of a mother and her Sins Of The World (Demo) - Blood Money - Red Raw And Bleeding daughters ten years earlier.

Now he videotapes every second of his life so that a policeman and a forensics expert, both who still believe he is guilty of those murders, cannot accuse him of a new series of murders happening in Belfast. The problem is, Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead! It Just Smells That Way. (All Media is fucking around with the timecodes on his tapes and others are missing, making it look like he is guilty.

He tries to get his captain Lance Henriksen to believe him, with no such luck, so he must find the vampire leader and kill him himself to release the curse. This is a Lundgren DTV action film, it's full of gunfights and brutal hand-to-hand combat and it's not boring. What more could you ask for? Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead! It Just Smells That Way. (All Media about a killer exit song titled "After All" by Somnium that will leave you humming it for days afterward.

The final 30 minutes of this MP3) is like a video game, as Seagal and his cohorts must fight a series of increasingly difficult fighters using a variety of weapons. For once, it looks like Seagal did most of his stunts especially the swordplay, of which he is an expert and it is bloody as hell Shit, the whole film just flows with the red stuff. This is one early Seagal DTV flick where you won't be watching the clock waiting for it to end.

You'll be watching the screen; ANONYMOUS REXbased on the series of novels by Eric Garcia mainly his novel "Casual Rex"; he is co-executive producer here New Yorks Not My Home - Jim Croce - Photographs & Memories: His Greatest Hits, takes a MP3) premise one out of every ten thousandth person in the world is actually a dinosaur, who hide their identities by using holographic images to look human and turns it into an entertaining detective mystery.

The special effects are pretty good and the music, by "tomandandy", adds greatly to the film noir feel of the film. A wheelchair bound man Matt McCoy is brought to a secluded group of cabins in the woods to recuperate from a mountain climbing accident. He spies with binoculars on the girls who rented the cabin next door and sees Bigfoot kill one of them and tries to convince his caregiver what he saw. The caregiver instead tries to drug him, only to have the caregiver get killed by Bigfoot once you see the way he dies, you will never forget it.

The man finally gets the girls to believe him for a change of pace, cell phones do work in these woods and uses his mountain climbing gear to escape the cabin and try to help the last remaining girl to escape to the nearest town.

The final denouement is good, as are the Bigfoot costume and gore effects. Definitely worth a watch, but don't view in on regular TV like SyFy or Chiller because you'll be missing some top-of-the-line gore and nudity.

Many genre fans have given up on director Tobe Hooper, sometimes panning his MP3) films without even watching them. Well, I'm here to defend him.

Widowed mom Mary Crosby and her kids moves into a house that use to be a farmhouse, but is now a mortuary, complete with a graveyard as a backyard. There's also a black fungus overrunning the house that, when touched or eaten, turns you into something less than human The "dinner scene" will have you tossing your cookies!

There's also a monster the deformed son of the farmer who previously owned the house that lurks in the underground tunnels that litter the graveyard. It all comes together in the end, but I'll leave that for you to discover. Like him or not, at least Hooper is still working at a steady pace, which is more than I can say about most directors that got their start in the 70's; ROOM 6 is a twisty horror mystery about Amy Christine Taylor who was just proposed to her by her boyfriend Nick Shane Brollybut she asks him to give her until the end of the day for an answer.

Later in the day, her boyfriend gets into an accident MP3) truck driver Lucas Jerry O'Connell and he is taken to the hospital. MP3) is deathly afraid of hospitals, but goes there anyway to see her boyfriend, but no one can find him. Lucas is also there looking for his sister, but no one can find her, either.

The rest of the film is a series of events which may be real or a figment of Amy's imagination it all has to do with why she is afraid of hospitals and the finale may MP3) pat, but it fits the film perfectly.

While Fincher's film is a great film about the killings and an MP3) reporter who tries to solve the murders, the film tells the story about the toll it takes on the lead detective Exc.

281016 - HousewivesMassicot - Split 7 the case Justin Chambers and his family. Both films contains scenes that are eerily similar and both are worth your time because they are equally different; INSIDE OUT is an interesting psychological MP3) with a hell of a twist ending. He mows his lawn at am and is very standoffish to his new neighbors, especially the men across the street, Norman and Frank Steven Weber and Russell Wong.

All the classic BBs elements were in place — shouting the last syllable of each line, clowning around in boiler suits in the video — and they added up to Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead! It Just Smells That Way.

(All Media only UK Top 5 hit. A genre-splicing genius was born…. Angelo Badalamenti wrote the music the instrumental was the theme song for Twin Peaks and David Lynch penned the lyrics. The result was MP3) eerie 50s-flecked ballad. But this being a Lynch production meant hints of something darker beneath the surface. Although singer Julee Cruise appeared in the show, the rumour mill reckoned this the words of murder victim Laura Palmer put into song.

The duo of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter managed to create a dance track that was almost krautrock in its determination not to deviate from the framework of repeated bass line and vocodered hook. The effect was hypnotic. This beautiful witchy waltz suggested Hope Sandoval and David Roback had been watching a lot of David Lynch films and listening to loads of old country songs.

Released init seemed beamed in from another time and place, transcending the musical waves of the time. Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead!

It Just Smells That Way. (All Media sexy and seductive tale of a woman at the end of her tether with love, her breathless and sultry vocal steals the show, Drowned - The Who - Largo 1973 the emotional heft for the woozy, trippy instrumentation that envelops her voice like velvet.

It was no coincidence that this track was chosen to soundtrack a key moment in Trainspotting. Not content with giving the middle finger to the grungesters, Damon and co showed their bums in the general direction of hedonistic club culture with this, their, er, most clubby song to date.

A first: a Blur song that made you dance first, think second. A jagged-edged guitar riff is paired with a creepy Grohl vocal delivery to create a whirl of uncertainty and regret.

PJ Harvey shape-shifted from genius guitar banshee screeching about bodily functions to glamour puss teetering on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

The duo, who would go on to dominate pop radio, created a unique audio world full of sparse beats, sci-fi styled keyboard sounds and spluttering rhythms. Seriously is beautiful! Comparisons to bands like Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil come to mind at times on this record, however Rhythm of Cruelty takes the beauty of those two artist of the past and give a harder, darker, post punk Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead!

It Just Smells That Way. (All Media and ambience. Black vinyl, limited to copies. Remastered with 3 new songs. READY HAPPY JOHN S. DDFH GET IT BOOTS TRINA Abbey Road remaster on CD for 1st time. TEARS Double album, gatefold sleeve, gram vinyl. Kendrick Lamar delivers hard-hitting and hypnotic bars in the middle of "Goosebumps" just before a signature chantable chorus.

LOSE VIDEO The result is a carefree yet precise balance of acoustic and electric elements. BEES It's got some of the most lobe-blasting neckwork since the Ty Segall Band's Slaughterhouse from way back in the long, hot summer ofbut it also features a steep flight of fluent acoustic settings, as Ty's new songs range around in their search for freedom without exorcism, flying the dark colors high up the pole in an act of simple self-reclamation.

All he wants is some truth! Classic 2-Tone sound out of Coventry, England, fronted by Pauline Vickers Blackthe band and this album broke out in the same summer that Madness and the Specials were riding high. Limited repressing of copies on white with black splashes vinyl! MAYBE Where countless others fail to make an impression Miguel Fleta - El Trust De Los Tenorios (Shellac) today's information overload, Ed's music Quando Fala Um Português.

- António Variações - Anjo Da Guarda talent cut straight through. He has a poise that is as welcome as it is unusual in someone so young. He's both utterly self-assured but still charmingly open. He has a confidence that's built not on being able to sing someone else's song quite nicely on a teatime TV show, but on Tom Tom Turnaround - New World - Tom Tom Turnaround and hundreds and hundreds of gigs where it's just him, his guitar, a loop pedal and a crowd.

SING DON'T NINA Pressed on heavy vinyl. Huge Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead! It Just Smells That Way. (All Media price increase, sorry. QUJ CROW SALKA I GAER VON VAKA Some of the tracks are live recordings. It features "Images," an a cappella performance by Simone, based on a poem by Waring Cuney. It was a live recording sung a cappella during the same performance of songs that was featured on Nina Simone In Concert JIHAD CULT SS-3 Formed in Olympia, WA inSleater-Kinney were hailed as "Americas best rock band" by Greil Marcus in Time Magazine, and put out seven searing albums in 10 years before going on indefinite hiatus in But the new album isnt about reminiscing, its about reinvention-the ignition of an unparalleled chemistry to create new sounds and tell new stories.

Lead track "Price Tag" is a pounding anthem about greed and the human cost of capitalism, establishing both the albums melodic drive and its themes of power and powerlessness-giving voice, as Tucker says, to those who "struggle to be heard against the dominant culture or status quo. Sleater-Kinney were known for their feminist, left-leaning politics, and were an integral part of the riot grrrl and indie rock scenes in the Pacific Northwest. Start Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead! It Just Smells That Way.

(All Media is a deluxe box set compiling all seven of Sleater-Kinney's critically-acclaimed albums, plus a page hardcover book MP3) an art print. Each album has been freshly remastered by Greg Calbi for this release. Full dynamic range pressed from original tapes.

Volume One is the debut album. It was the only album recorded with second guitarist Justin Marler, before he became an Orthodox monk.

Volume One showcases a darker sound and stronger doom metal influence than Sleep's later work. NUMB PREY Proper To Men - Divino - Feel The Music SIVA CRUSH SNAIL PANIC ASK Recorded live at the National Ballroom, London, in October ofroughly six months before they disbanded altogether, these 14 songs capture The Smiths performing in full-on rock-star mode.

Here the band's performance is suitably epic, hit-packed, Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead! It Just Smells That Way. (All Media engrossing. Morrissey is in fine form providing plenty of banter and personality. Similarly, Marr's distinctive manic jangle demands much attention, especially on his solo creation "The Draize Train. EX-CON Originally released on Fast Weapons Records. This vinyl re-issue features new artwork by founding drummer Justin Gradin and is limited to red vinyl.

Do Not miss out on this beautiful work of art from beginning to end. Cold, dark, depressing post punk from beginning to end. Echoing vocals and haunting atmospheric guitars will transport you back to Through The Gate Inside Not - Resurgency - No Worlds.

Nor Gods Beyond eighties. Heavily influenced by the dark sounds of Chameleons in many ways will evoke High School Confidential - Jerry Lee Lewis - The Killer 1963-1968 mood of the past but in our MP3) day. Instant post punk classic. They Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead!

It Just Smells That Way. (All Media in after more than concerts but their cult status has continued to grow over the years. This re-release of their 1st album also contains the tracks from the Waiting For The War single. Widely considered to be their watershed moment, the album catapulted them into the mainstream and proved that indie bands could enjoy wide commercial success without compromising their artistic vision. More Dorian Concept - Joined Ends Remix EP (File), Daydream Nation has been recognized as a classic of its time: Pitchfork ranked it 1 on their " Greatest Albums of the s"; Spin listed it at 13 on their " Best Albums of "; Rolling Stone put it at 45 on their " Best Albums of the Eighties" list and on their " Greatest Albums of All Time.

With a track list that drew heavily on their latest LP, Live At Liberty Lunch captures the touring SY at their noisiest and gnarliest, proving once and for all that they were the best and most important indie-rock group of the 80s and beyond. Repressed on RED vinyl! SONG L This reissue marks the first time these Wonderful Lottery Ticket Way - The Capstan Shafts - The Sleeved And Grandaughters Of The Blacklist will be available digitally, and their first appearance on vinyl since the original, lates pressings notwithstanding a long-gone, late-'90s repress of Screaming Life.

All tracks have been remastered by Seattle studio wizard and producer of the original Screaming Life and Sub Pop sessions, Jack Endino, who had this to Living For Rocknroll - Various - Metal 88 about it: Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead! It Just Smells That Way. (All Media, Screaming Life, Soundgarden's debut, and one of the first real records I made for anyone outside my own band.

I already knew Soundgarden pretty well, since they and Skin Yard had shared the stage many times in Seattle's tiny club scene circa Soon after opening Reciprocal Recording in Julythere I was with Soundgarden, trying to make the most of our eight tracks. Somehow, we found room for all of Matt Cameron's 'bonus tubs,' Hiro's primordial Fender bass, and a whopping four tracks to share between Kim Thayil's mad guitar psychedelia and Chris Cornell's still-expanding voice.

SST agreed to put out their next record. But Soundgarden was not finished with Sub Pop. The glorious vistas of a major label future awaited them. To quote Kim from an old interview, 'It was karma, it was dogma, it was dog breath. Comes with a 12 page book with new photos and art and a digital download code. The 20th anniversary of Superunknown is a global priority and the band is very involved in the reissue celebration.

Super deluxe and deluxe anniversary products will feature never-before-released bonus material and demos. As far as products, there is something for everyone from the hardcore, super fan to the teen who is just discovering Soundgarden's music. In Soundgarden is touring the US and Europe in support of this Superunknown 20th anniversary and their latest album, 's King Animal - their sixth album total and their first in sixteen years.

HALF After six years of incessant recording and touring, band took a four and a half year break between albums. Spoon returns more invigorated and energized than at any point in their career; Core audience will love the return to Spoon-y form via future greatest hits.

DO YOU TOKYO Domestic reissue of their album. Stevens's gauzy double-tracked vocals wash Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead! It Just Smells That Way. (All Media the dashboard of long-finned, drop-top Americana, yet as we race towards the coast we are reminded that sunshine leads to shadow, for this is a landscape of terminal roads, unsteady bridges, traumatic video stores, and unhappy beds that provide the scenery for tales of jackknifed cars, funerals, and forgiveness for the dead.

OH BOY SOMA SEED On The Bible Belt, a diverse clutch of Sudden songs stands in rock reverence to Sudden saints, from Bowie Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead! It Just Smells That Way. (All Media and Dylanesque strum to the mandolin post-punk of "Missionary Boy.

CATHY Includes digital download coupon. TOWER PRESS CREEK MOWER Rolling Stone gave it 4 stars and has called it "A Lost Bayou-funk treasure". LP includes 17" x 24" poster. HER Deluxe triple gatefold vinyl, with a poster and digital download. Double LP includes 20" x 24" poster and printed insert.

NANGS Teenage Fanclub return with Here, the band's first album in six years. Includes 12x24" poster and digital download code. VENUS Double colored vinyl, with digital download coupon. VENT DANY Includes "Lebanese Blonde" featured in the film Garden State. INDRA Out of print since re-release. Writing songs that mine the same emotional territory as City and Colour, they have created a sound, vibe, and presence that sets them apart from their stripped down peers.

For a limited time, fans will also be able to purchase special, limited copies of the recording on CD limited to copies and LP with the bonus track "Sleep," a previously-unheard song recorded during the tracking of the album. QUIET The band first self-released it in to be sold at shows only. Many of the tracks including "The Quiet" have been licensed for films including Prom NightThe Purgeand many documentaries.

TRIAD FLOOD TOUCH CAKE NINE Third album from this Dallas heavy "stonegaze" trio. S:H:S I:M:O Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead! It Just Smells That Way. (All Media HW:R AU79 EXIT On Multi-Love, Unknown Mortal Orchestra frontman and multi-instrumentalist Ruban Nielson reflects on relationships: airy, humid longing, loss, the geometry of desire that occurs when three people align. Where Nielson addressed the pain of being alone on II, Multi-Love takes on the complications of being together.

Multi-Love adds dimensions to the band's already kaleidoscopic approach, with Nielson exploring a newfound appreciation for synthesizers. The new songs channel the spirit of psych innovators without ignoring the last 40 years DAT Politics - Mad Kit music, forming a flowing, cohesive whole that reflects restless creativity.

Cosmic escapes and disco rhythms speak to developing new vocabulary, while Nielson's vocals reach powerful new heights. Building old synthesizers and bringing them back to life, creating sounds that aren't quite like anyone else's. I think thats much more subversive.

I HATE Download card included. The band's third album, and fresh off a Saturday Night Live performance! With free CD copy of the album. STEP YA HEY A-PUNK M79 BRYN Brown Acid: The First Trip opens with the slithering buzzsaw guitars and hard-rock howl of Zeke's' "Box", a monster that Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead! It Just Smells That Way. (All Media Blue Cheer a run for their leaden blues.

Snow sways into "Sunflower" Midnight Kiss - Garden Of Joy - Garden Of Joy a touch of Steppenwolf's swagger and wind-in-their-hair wildness. Elsewhere, Zebra proves they were "Wasted" with a soul-inflected groove, while Bob Goodsite leans in on his wah-wah and phaser pedals, determined to out-Hendrix Jimi himself on "Faze.

Bacchus kicks out a hostile sounding boogie, demanding to "Carry My Load. Gems from the 60's, these are the last copies ever. Turquoise and yellow cover with cover band The Shag! LP Sixties. Dylan plugged in. The sound that began in the hills and caught fire on the lower east side of Manhattan was now being reborn in the canyons of California.

The fruits of folk's second renaissance are collected here. Wedged beneath the infrastructure of the music business, playing in coffee houses and at church picnics. BOUND It was the final studio album by the band featuring Lou Reed, who had left the group shortly before it was release. Catching the attention of both metalheads and punks, the band was emulated by many. TWO The last album before Venom's first of many lineup changes is another strong proto-thrash effort from the band.

Both the production values and the band's technical chops have progressed since the preceding MP3) War With Satan, but rather than continue that album's flirtations with extended prog rock song structures they deliver a competent collection of shorter tracks. PONY That's as Im Wald Auf Der Heide - Peter Schreier - Die Schönsten Volkslieder a testament to his roving, rambling ways, Postens Misslyckande - Maskin - Ögon Tänder Naglar Talar as to the fact that his Guild D guitar has endured a few stints in the pawnshop.

Primrose Green begins near where All Kinds of You, his last record, leaves off but quickly pushes far afield. The title sounds pastoral and quaint, but the titular green has dark hallucinogenic qualities, as does much of the LP. The band is a mixture of new and old Chicago talent, blending both jaded veterans of the post-rock and jazz mini-circuits together with a few eager, open-eared youths.

AS ONE SOFT These days, Waterhouse is a successful recording artist, with one well-received LP and and several high-profile tours to his name. His latest work, Holly, is a more mature take on the style of his early foray. IT 3 HOLLY TRACY RAINA The Grammy Award-nominated, MP3) trendsetter first rose to prominence with his three independent online releases in House of Balloons, Thursday, Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead!

It Just Smells That Way. (All Media Echoes of Silence. NEXT WEST SKIT 1 ROSES SKIT 2 SKIT 3 SKIT 4 POWER Double gram vinyl. The band itself is something bigger, something visionary, something neither of them could have accomplished alone.

Their debut, Light Upon the Lake, marks the culmination of a short, but incredibly intense, creative period for the band. But in their place is a spaciousness and chaos that might feel welcome after some years of enjoyed but now-familiar Wilco releases. It is an intentionally loose affair. NOPE ECHO REHAB EYE GONE SEER Reissue on color.

La Interferencia - El Aviador Dro Y Sus Obreros Especializados* - Sintesis: La Produccion Al Poder LEVA Friends of Hell is the second studio album by the British doom metal band Witchfinder General.

Originally released in they were part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene and have been cited as a major influence on the doom metal genre. MUSIC TEARZ Hello! - Various - The Book Of Mormon - Original Broadway Cast Recording LIPS VCR Over the last four years YAITW have evolved through multiple releases from vicious monster to multi-headed beast.

It is their eleven song war between the pain of living and the magnetic pull of death. Each song is as dispirited and vitriolic as the next. RIRI GUWOP OHIO With digital download card. SQUEE PSLOI These will serve as a companion piece to the Reflektor Deluxe release which will feature 6 new songs.

MC Alternative Rock. HD is steeped in vintage analog synths and pummeling, down-beat drum programming. The new album finds the band exploring their darkest territory to date, while mastering a melodic sensibility through texture and arrangment.

Cassette includes digital download code. OTHER DIRT Cassette version of their debut album on Mass Media Records. TOYS Each cassette has been lovingly repackaged with both quality and affordability in mind.

ROUND THEO B J'NUH On the follow up to their highly successful debut Vessel, the band worked with famed producers Mike Elizondo, Mike Crossey, Tim Anderson // - The Tumbled Sea - Melody/Summer Ricky Reed MP3) craft a genre-bending collection of dynamic and diverse songs.

Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead! It Just Smells That Way. (All Media is the law as Code Orange navigate through their distorted world. While songs "Dreams in Inertia", "Starve", and "Bind You" all wear an art-rock crown while claiming a metallic throne. It's not just melodious experimentation though, "Unclean Spirit", "My World", and "Thinners of the Herd" show Code Orange reimagining what aggressive music can be. Elevating and expanding what can be done within the confines of it without leaving it behind entirely.

Proving that Code Orange are true artists and not just "kids" anymore. TVC 15 MP3) available on gram Audiophile vinyl. STAR ME VS. ELVIS Init was ranked MP3) Rolling Stone magazine's list of the greatest albums of all time.

This classic album is presented for the first time on vinyl. THINK TRY ME Originally issued to capitalize on the popularity of MP3) music in hip hop circles at the time, it includes the first album release of the much-sampled single "Funky Drummer"along with a selection of previously unreleased tracks, alternate takes, and remixes.

The album's title is taken from a song Brown recorded in the studio in August SPRAY Limited to copies! ALICE Fare Thee Well, Annabelle - The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Jazz: Red Hot And Cool This vintage set shakes and boogies with tons of authentic blues rhythms including the fantastic "Back Door Man" and "Lets Work Together" as well as the Hooker-led bonus track "Tease Me Baby!

Presented in a gorgeous black velvet gatefold jacket with silver foil stamping and a gram colored vinyl with audio that's been remastered specifically for this edition! These raw demos earned the band a deal with The Allman Brothers' label Capricorn Records and launched their MP3) Vinyl package includes a limited edition red colored vinyl pressing!

Songwriter Will Toledo doesn't shy away from topics like depression and drugs, speaking intimately to the listener one moment before crescendoing into a punk rock shouting style chorus the next. Theres a lo-fi, DIY aesthetic to the album, but the sound is full and heavy, punctuated with the sudden appearance of a small brass section, swirling psych guitars, and Toledo's insistent scream. The cathartic nature of Teens of Denial sneaks up on you; the songs are an exercise in sustained tension, often detouring into unexpected genre territory.

It's a wonderful showcase for Toledo's arresting, insistent songwriting. Pushing boundaries with their shocking imagery whilst evolving and innovating with each new album. Heartwork is widely renowned as the best Carcass album with its melodic intricacies. Part of Earache's Full Kola Waste - Red Tail Chasing Hawks - Brother Hawk Range series.

These vinyl albums have been specially recreated using FDR - full dynamic range mastering, allowing the music's nuance to shine through and giving these classic albums a more ferocious and dynamic sound, enabling the listener to immerse themselves in the full audio heaviness.

With his charismatic presence and flinty integrity, Johnny Cash is an American cultural icon. SMASH LOST In the six years since the release of 's Sun, Marshall has travelled the world, given birth to a child, and parted ways with her previous Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead! It Just Smells That Way. (All Media label. Even though it was, in many ways, a period of profound upheaval and radical change, those experiences resulted in a record that is arguably the most assured artistic statement of her career.

Produced by Marshall and mixed by Rob Schnapf Elliott Smith, Beckthe album includes appearances by longtime friends and compatriots, as well as guest vocals courtesy of friend and recent tourmate Lana Del MP3). WOMAN BLACK ME VOY LP Ska. It's been 20 years since the Boston quartet sliced canyons through multiple scenes, starting as a corrosive hardcore band before releasing some of the most unorthodox and exhilarating songs in extreme music on Until Your Heart Stops.

And before the aftershocks could die down, Cave In evolved more radically than anyone could have predicted. While members have forged divergent paths with Old Man Gloom, Mutoid Man, Clouds and Zozobra in the years since, Creative Eclipses was the first signal that a band already celebrated for their innovation could effortlessly push beyond anything they'd tried before. URN After releasing four mixtapes and three albums independently, he signed to Glassnote and recorded Camp, his first album on a major record label.

Originally released in but recorded in just prior to their debut album. Includes 5 bonus tracks and a gorgeous page booklet! DOGS First pressing comes on violet-colored wax with a bonus 7".

Also includes a 12"x24" insert. GROUP The vinyl is a heavyweight single LP and includes an MP3 download card. Forthcoming North American tour dates to be announced in conjunction with an online stream of the first single "Miss You" in early September. LP Alternative Rock. STRIP While the most conceptually abstruse Coheed records have always had a foundation in reality,The Color Before the Sunmarks the first time Sanchez is exposing his raw feelings, narrated from his own perspective. His own story is told through big, bright, driving, colorful songs that beam like power-pop, crunch like vintage '90s emocore and float with MP3) expansive feel of space-rock.

All the songs on the debut by this German act breathe the atmosphere of heavy groove rock in the tradition of Kyuss or Black Sabbath I Cannot Dance Tonight (Because Im Southern Baptist) - Mark Lowry - Mark Lowry On Broadway the modern equivalents as Datura, Thumlock or Natas.

CO2 VMOE His hit songs, most of which he wrote, went on to become pop standards, enduring to this day. Sam Cooke's amazing body of work is encapsulated in Sam Cooke: Portrait of A Legendthe ultimate Sam Cooke greatest hits package, now available for the first time on gram vinyl. CUPID SHAKE LODI CATCH The quartet-Alexis Marshall [vocals], Nick Sadler [guitar], Jon Syverson [drums], and Sam Walker [bass]-once again follow the same internal compass that guided them to blur the lines of fickle heavy music sub-genres in the first place and quietly ignite a cult fervor typically reserved for grindhouse phenomena.

In fact, the best way to describe the philosophy and the sound of the quartet is simply: rock n' roll. Afforded supreme dynamics and full-range extension on the numbered-edition gram 45RPM 2LP, the band's cyclical melodies resonate with a moody character and ambience normally only heard in small jazz clubs.

Instrumental pitch, too, is spot-on accurate, a measuring stick for how all acoustic-based passages should be experienced. FALL RIOT The band really hit their stride on this one! The best rock band of the 90's and 's kicks out some of their finest rockers and ballads. A must have for any fan of the band and rock music in general.

AREA 51 Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead! It Just Smells That Way. (All Media ROOM An absolute monster of a rocker. Killer high energy songs. Once again Dead Moon deliver a record of all hits with no misses. Pure as can be. Lovingly remastered by Timothy Stollenwerk.

JANUS DEATH Still on gold vinyl! Gold vinyl, foil blocked gatefold sleeve, special postcard, limited to copies! Contains all the songs from the original album plus all other material officially recorded and released between All artwork has been reinvented and all recordings DIJitally re-mastered. Available once MP3) at a slightly higher price.

Featuring 9 tracks of brutal anti-Christian invective supported by a barrage of blast-beats and grimly direct riffing. RADIO Rooted in the U. These electro-pop superstars loomed as large as cult heroes as they did as commercial heavies, and their wealth of singles and signature tracks ranged from energetic dance grooves to dramatic, moody, and industrial-tinged masterpieces.

Depeche's originality of vision weathered personnel shifts and personal turmoil, influencing modern rock and synth-pop on a global level. JUDAS RUSH HALO DAYS MONEY To further perfect their sound, the group teamed up with one of the most prominent producers in Norway, Christer Cederberg Anathema, Tristania for the Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead!

It Just Smells That Way. (All Media few days in order to get the sound just right. Then, Espen did the rest. The result is as eponymous and definitive as its title. II SATAN Only a little more than a year old and already a punk rock classic. With bonus DVD. FUTYD Filtering the top selections from the six life-altering records Dylan made between and is an arbitrary process but one impeccably performed here. The 2LP configuration of More Blood, More Tracks assembles 10 of the most emotionally resonant alternate takes of each of the 10 songs appearing the original Blood On The Tracks plus a previously Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead!

It Just Smells That Way. (All Media version Moonshine - Mike Oldfield - Man On The Rocks (Box Set, Album, Album, Album) "Up to Me.

Captured on "Before the Flood", the results portray the two artists' shared chemistry as well as Dylan's instinctive ability Transylvania - Various - Metalmania challenge audiences, his group, and himself via inventive rearrangements of classics that simultaneously ward off nostalgia and renew with meaning.

It is the first Eagles album without the appearance of their founding member Bernie Leadonand their first album with guitaris Joe Walsh.

Numbered copies. Released August 1,the album built upon the success of the group's previous album Strictly Business, which was released the previous year. Continuing with its vinyl reissue campaign, UMe will be reissuing this classic on vinyl for the first time in over 20 years.

The sample-friendly opus thats the inspiration for hip-hop, house and post MP3). Music that falls outside of the no wave, new wave and post punk library, its for the dance floor but its not funk, theres no horns, no driving organ; its the opposite of Sly And The Family Stone but no less cool and no less groovy.

A lasting document of their unique brand of minimal funk that would influence subsequent post-punk, hip-hop, and dance music acts. Stripped down to the most basic of drumbeats and rudimentary bass lines, Come Away confirms the notion that the real rhythm is what happens between the beats.

DANCE When they joined forces for this session, they sounded fantastically with piano and jazz falling together into a pool of streaming improvisation on mostly slow-tempo pieces. The pair hit such a high mark with this recording that it reaches the intellect and the emotions at precisely the same instant. For their silver anniversary, they are reissuing their first 3 records, including bonus tracks from each original recording session.

All 3 have also been remastered and boast enhanced artwork that incorporates silver details to denote the 25th anniversary. These deluxe re-releases are the perfect nod to 3 absolutely classic albums that not only cemented FACE TO FACE's place among the punk rock elite, but influenced legions of fans and helped to define the genre. I WANT RV Canadian import. PUNKS SOBER DRONE HOWL BIG ME Instead they are something wholly their own which is truly something special.

INUIT RORY Numbered edition of 4, Mixed MP3) Chris "Frenchie" Smith. It also features guitar solos, mellotron and piano. In particular, Jonah Falco's virtuosic drumming shines forth, each snare hit shattering the air.

Damian Abraham's throaty growl is not less punk, but the overall effect is a more human, relatable Fucked Up. The lyrics mostly address the puzzle of being in a punk rock band while having children and being in their early 30s.

Everything bathed in a harsh bright light? Why is the impact so immense? Maybe I know it could have been me instead. DET Despite the fact that Ian, Joe, MP3) Brendan had been playing together for nearly a year, it was still early days for the band. Guy had only been a full member MP3) Fugazi for a few months and only sang lead on one song "Break In". It would be nearly another year before he would start playing guitar with the band.

At that time, the studio was still located in the basement of engineer Don Zientara's family house. Joey Picuri aka Joey Pwho would later become one of Fugazi's longtime sound engineers, joined the band for the initial tracking. The sessions only lasted a MP3) of days, but tour dates and indecision about the tape would delay the final mix for another two months. Though the band was at first pleased with the results, it soon became clear that this tape would remain a demo as new songs were being written and the older songs were evolving and changing shape while the band was out on tour.

It was decided that the session would be passed out free as cassette copies, with the band actively encouraging people to share the recording. In the spring, Fugazi went out on its first U. The only song from the demo session that was formally released was "In Defense of Humans", which appeared on the State of the Union compilation in Now, some 26 years later, Dischord is releasing the entire first demo including the one song "Turn Off Your Guns" that wasn't included on the original cassette.

SONG 1 JOE 1. GREED HYDE DOWN RAN CAVE CATCH 23 Mastered from the original master tapes, the audiophile label's versions take a record forever renowned for breathtaking sonics to another level. The Grammy-nominated album now sounds even Maggie Campbell - Cocky - Twelve Inches Of Cocky realistic - with distinctive tones, palpable air, smooth vocals, three-dimensional soundstaging, balanced imaging, and timbral extension that mirror the feeling and experience of hearing live music in a small space.

You will not hear a better-sounding Americana-styled recording. Limited edition of 3, numbered copies. DRIVE Upon its initial release, Liquid Swords received critical acclaim for its complex lyricism and hypnotic musical style. Over the years, its recognition has grown, with a number of famous publishers proclaiming it as one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time.

Continuing with its Respect The Classics campaign, UMe will be reissuing the classic back on vinyl for its 20th anniversary. GOLD DECOY LISA Created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, their acclaimed eponymous debut album was released in A truly global phenomenon,Gorillaz have topped charts around the world and toured the globe from San Diego to Syria, picking up hundreds of millions of streams and record sales along the way.

DARE TRANZ IDAHO Mastered from the original master tapes. WEST L. CHUMP SHE Was it glam? Was it punk? Was it metal? Was it cool? We now know it was one of the building blocks of what MARK ARM would coin as "grunge" but in this record was a silent groundbreaker. The record includes the iconic original cover artwork, is pressed on pink vinyl, MP3) a printed inner sleeve with lyrics and photo of the original master tape box, plus an unreleased rare bonus track!

JUDY Visions finds Boucher mining not just the clean brightness of Aphex Twin-like atmospherics, but also the immediacy of straight up mall-pop like Stacey Q's Errol May - Such A Wonderful Feeling of Hearts.

Pitchfork has given the release an 8. Includes digital download card. EIGHT SKIN Reissue of the album that has been out of print for over ten years.

The tracks have also been remastered at New Alliance in Cambridge, MA to bring the songs back to life. EXP All but two of these studio recordings were made during a fertile period between January and Jimi's mastery and use of the studio as a proving ground for new songs resulted in a growing collection of extraordinary material.

GLORY CROWS Their eclectic and melodic approach to songwriting has garnered the band an enormous following; one which rose MP3) before exploding with their breakthrough album Making the Road. In addition to headlining sold out stadium shows in Japan no shit, they're the Japanese Green Daytheir signature sound has garndered thousands of MP3) around the globe. Over this decade of inactivity their fanbase grew to inconceivable numbers.

The cherry on the top of this 21st century update of the classic 90s FAT sound is the full-color cover art by famed 90s rock poster artist Frank Kozick! The CD version of the album was released in but The Gift is now available for the first time on vinyl!

Lauryn Hill is best known for being a member of The Fugees and for her critically acclaimed solo album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Lengthy intros, conversations and deeply personal songs like "Conquering Lion" accompanied with her acoustic guitar, with the audience add to the intimate performance in her typical raspy voice. Available on vinyl in your choice of either red or blue! Originally recorded from Pressed on limited colored vinyl.

EVIL When Little Walter bowed out and was replaced by Howlin' Wolf, they rightfully threw another Super on the name, and went on to release this burning, irreverent and even sometimes hilarious set of drunken, wild-eyed electric blues. Long form jams roll on in a trance as the trio of blues legends flex egos, talking shit to each other, trading off leads and ducking blasts of unexpected wah-wah guitar lines.

Songs are peppered with an incredible level of banter between the trio of bandleaders that predicts the call and response singtalking of early hip hop, laced with random screams in the background that teeter between celebration and danger. That these three ever got into the same room together is a miracle, and that they produced something so intense, energetic and weird is another almost unbelievable feat.

Might have needed one more "super" in there. Deluxe expanded 25th Anniversary edition of the rapper's genre-defining album. US GLASS It's a driving, relentless record, taut and epic in equal measure.

In contrast with previous records, Interpol took a step back on 'El Pintor' and let the songs happen. What emerged is something urgent and compelling, something revitalized and reenergized. The result is as accomplished and thrilling a Сплин - Коллекционер Оружия as the band has ever released. NYC PDA Fronted by singer-songwriter Aimee Allen, the Los-Angeles based ska band began working with Armstrong on his popular Tim Timebomb series of singles.

Steeped in ska, reggae, and punk, Allen and the Interrupters bring a sly sense of humor to their music and lyrics on songs like "White Noise" and "Liberty". With extensive national touring planned behind the new album, the Interrupters will be bringing their brand of noise to a waiting world this summer. BAD Jackpot Records is honored to release this momentous record with the original album artwork and 4 bonus tracks previously only available on MP3).

The foundation for her reputation as a fiery no-holds-barred performer was firmly established in this recording. BIG If last year's aptly named Turn Into compilation showcased a fuzz-loving artist in flux-chronicling her mission to master bedroom recording-then the rising Oakland star's latest, Everybody Works, is the LP equivalent of mission accomplished.

On gram orange vinyl, with 18" x 24" poster and digital download code. Listeners can finally enjoy Jefferson Airplane's blockbuster album in faithful-to-the-original mono without having to pay a premium.

TODAY LUCID DON'T Finally, the cover photo of Janis smiling in a sunny park is as poignant a shot of her as exists. The album features all of the band's classic tracks, plus two studio tracks released only on this format 'Shot At The Night', 'Just Another Girl'and one extra bonus track never before released on vinyl 'Be Still'.

Now available on gram vinyl for the first time! ON TOP King Krule's sound, a hypnotic mixture indebted to working class British Soldiers Song - Lucinda Williams - Blessed (Vinyl, LP, Album, Album, Album) like Billy Bragg as much as NY No-Wave and hip hop carries a maturity and depth far beyond his years.

The song sprawling epic follows his debut 6 Feet Beneath The Moon. For the Boatman Is The Hero - Various - Punks Not Dead!

It Just Smells That Way. (All Media two years, Archy has been holed up in his south-east London neighborhood, shutting out the world, and shuttling between his bedroom recording setup and a small studio walking distance from his home. He has refined his craft; taking dramatic steps as a songwriter, producer and lyricist. This album is seeped with the results of that time spent alone.


Her Last 5 Minutes - Sentenced - The Funeral Album, Club Déjà-Vu - Erotic Science Fiction, Maria Verano - Be Your Lady, Instant Execution - Aggression Pact - Instant Execution, The Mena Moeria Minstrels* O.l.v Ming Luhulima - Marching With The Mena Moeria Minstrels, Io Sono Un Rastaman - Various - Reggae Radio Station, You Are Getting Scratchy - Cut Chemist Meets Shortkut - Live At The Future Primitive Soundsession Ve, Gigantic - Pixies - Surfer Rosa, How We Do It (Around My Way) - Lloyd - Lessons In Love, Sally Ann - The Shady Mountain Ramblers - Nobodys Business, Rhythm Is A Dancer - Various - Deep Dance 10 Tune Is Tune 02, Lo Voy A Dividir - Los Huasos Quincheros - Quincheros... Y El Amor, Out Of This World - Anyway - Burden, Devotion - Big Amp - 4/20 Friendly, Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden

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  5. DTV FILMS: THE GOOD STUFF. One of the perks of moving (which I just recently did) is that cable company Optimum gives you every channel on their lineup for a greatly reduced price for a year (it has since expired, but I still get a great deal). I never subscribed to Showtime or The Movie Channel, so I started watching movies on their stations, as well as on VOD and DVD and Blu-Ray.
  6. Which immediately gained the band many fans on a global basis! Not content to sit home and rot the ODD NUMBERS began playing out throughout the US and eventually Europe attracting skateboarders, punks and mods wherever they went. In addition to the LP reissue there will also be a CD version of this classic that will contain a bonus track.
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  8. He also had no relation to singer Stevie Ray Vaughn but clearly didn’t mind the questions enough to stop using his middle name of Ray, but also didn’t go all the way by calling himself Kenny Ray Vaughn but maybe he did because they always use your full name after your dead, like all of a sudden your own personal name preferences don’t.
  9. “No,” said Karla. “They just stood in the middle of the street and fired in all directions. Not even targeting the area the bombs most likely came from.” “But the government claimed that twenty terrorists were killed—” “Dead bodies can’t talk back. Twenty people, blameless people died.
  10. The second limited edition, double vinyl compilation of eleven mega rare remixes by the legendary Techno / Electronica producer Aphex Twin. All mixes are very much in demand and all incredibly hard to find on vinyl. Related items.

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