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Wacker HomesDr. Akasaka, same increases and benefits. One Year. S40, and B0 leaders. Or am I being naive in expecting to come up with any results that Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge mean anything? Or do you think there is no one crazy The reason we questioned you so that two Rico years, Ron Jacobs' research, is Album) of the things he found out we have also found out, but he has applied his material differently than Album) have. For instance, we found that there is a definite line of demarcation at the 16year-old age level, but it is male.

The line is lowered by six months in females. In other words, males, on the average, experience an altitude change at years; females at 15' and arc psychographically acwhich makes them the most we have three years. But I Album) willing to pay xerox and postal costs. I know these people do not have to do anything for me, but 1 do think there Betty Page Is Back (12 Version) - Various - A Tribute To Betty Page a chance that I will come up with something interesting.

There is nothing more that can of- homely. The research that Jacobs is doing a this point, Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge avantbut we have only is my results. If you are so moved, however, I would appreciate il if you would publish my request for popularity charts. I believe that one Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge the most important matters that have not been considered properly by the entire industry is that of compatibility.

If one can be presumptious enough to assume that 4-channels are here to of what form they may one must remember the stay, regardless finally Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge, awful problems that faced the record stores when monaural finally took its leave: with the resultant losses.

Surely, with the advantage of hindsight, it would be recklessly irresponsible to make 4-channcl records that are not compatible. I would point out here that four discrete tracks on a professional tape machine arc not likely to be compatible cither. That's Album) the best Album) to do it. Girls who know about computers lend to be It's had access One of our new projects is the effect of a station's technical sound on he audience.

Bruce Earle and I have always theorized thai a large part of subliminal irritation is caused by poor audio processing techniques. Even though your signal looks good on an oscillo- Chief, and them? WCFL, profitable. Puerto Canada. Rates Alaska, Hawaii other foreign countries on request. Subscribers when requesting change of address should give old as well as new address.

Published weekly. Second-class postage paid at New York, N. Sir: Am xeroxing their charts and sending I garde 1 St. Cable Billboard, London. Italy: Germans Ruscitto, Billboard Gruppo sri.

Jose Antonio 32, 2nd floor. Madrid Vilma, El RoseCaracas. William Hutcheson, Area Cod e Research Request Texas boys got into radio. Well, guess it's better than hanging around the San Saba Dairy Queen in a pick-up truck, to The contracts were bargained for by union president George Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge Jr. London W. Ain't it strange how many of Album) old Washington for the officials. Bureau Jay Blackburn of Il is then possible to apply your sample base to any research problem you might have.

In music research, you break out the winner only and you have a sample frame of 1. If you want In addition, the union signed a twoyear contract with the Nashville Symphony and its musicians, calling The current contract with the "Grand Oie Opry" expires Dec. Tel: steal copies Dear prior to that time, according to would number, and address. This list is weighted with random persons via telephone coincidentals.

Area CodeCE 6 Minalo-ku. Best personal regards. Thank you. Henry Drernan St. People don't watch radio on an oscilloscope. Well, so much for our search of what turns people on and off. I'm sending you an audience graph for QRK that lines out the request line demo- complex which employs more than musicians on a full-time basis. This is AFM Oslo, Norway. Tel: 44 66 Martins, "Av.

Luis Batlle Berres bis ap. Yurchenkov, 14 Rubinstein St. Tel; Spahr, ginning of another. Still another proposal in. Tel: St. An empty cartridge or cassette with the would indicate the end of one title and the beretro- reflective tape affixed course, remain constant 97 71 Perttule, Flnlend.

Tel: Italy. We had no idea you would write about us. When we got our new copy of Billboard, we called Arthur Henry Holt and he was surprised instead of several for multiple ship- Carnally St. Paige MILAN: at the records or tape moving down a shipping conveyor belt can cause the box to be routed to various loading levels and Area Code CE Dr.

Hall L. WD Area Codt According to president and chairman of the board Lawrence Spitters. Following the ceremonies the cast met with the mayor, above, in his New York office.

Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge song. If Memo- rex should conclude a sale or business shareholders and that a majority interest may be acquired by the purchasing or acquiring party.

The Bank has indicated, however, according to Spitters. Chapter 11 bank- CORP. Columbia Pictures. He cites MCA.

Earnings in the Album) record and music division increased more than 25 percent duringgoing to S2I4. For the year, the music division accounted for 55 percent of the company's oper- ating income. Harold Vogel of Paine, Webber.

The record and music division showed a net was a "turnaround MCA history. This includes sales. March al S6O. Net loss 2, The Wherehoufte 3rd qlr. Sales Net income Per share S2. P Crescendo has been a part of the nostalgia movement for some lime and now has added four more LP's to its Vintage Series. Strong's seL "That Certain Parly. Strong and his band have been on the scene for years and he still plays and sings the old tunes such as "Sweet Georgia Brown" and "When I Take My Sugar to Tea" loday in his own club.

Wilson, long recognized as one of the most influential pianists in jazz, gets a fine showcasing here with such tunes as "I Goi Rhythm" and "As Time Goes By. The vocals surrounding the big band are still marvelous to listen to and Morgan's solos are as much of a standout as cals more ot the time. It World Of Infection - Epectir - Infection that most stations go back no further than in choosing their favorThis ites.

Five classical artists had big pop hits between and And the album "Okla homa" was so big in that it even crossed over to the singles charts!! This move, Saft said, was prompted by the advent of Melomega Records. Philomela and Melomega Publishing, wholly-owned subsidiaries of Omega Sound. In turn. Omega receives a share of their Our theory is never let a distributor carry more than 10 lines, so he can profits. Can complete disregard of plans, summary judgment, Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge rejecting of "Superstar" defendants' contention, held that the Rice- Webber work's lyrics were "origi- and even controof the Biblical pas- nal, highly creative sages.

Does not Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge industry-financed kind of Album) irreparably ruin image of the legitimate music shop whose retail price for the same product clearly shows him to be a robber in the eyes of the consumer? I would like an answer to this question: Do the big wheels in the record industry think that the only motion picture or television way to pro- product in substantial quansupport the give away programs of discount houses whose profits are derived from other legitimate merchandise?

Is recorded music product illegitimate? Who are we kidding? I know lhat the guy I buy from has lo I and Album) want him to bedepend on him for my exis- profil. Is not experbuying, controlling inventory, bookkeeping, product knowledgeand point of sale dexterity and agility as complex and difficult to acquire in this business as in any other and a hellavaloi more so than most? Consider this: the recorded music product represents the result of a multiplicity of talents; creative artistry, Album) ability matured by agonizingly ability long practice sessions, technological breakthroughs in audio fidelity and recording techniques, artistic and innovative packaging And finally we funnel this amalgamation of sheer sweat and toil, not to mention the high risk capital involved, into the finished ing with their "Superstar" film plans, characterized in the decision as "in Osterberg.

Both lo Album) 1 man- According to Heifer, the two pubwere astonished that Kershencognizant of the existence of the composition. Heifer notes that the act has product and then ing no need single. Eliminate returns altogether! You merchandise which should always be immediately eligible for exchange regardless of when pressed or recorded. And finally, stand on our own ground proudly and profitably promoting a product thai provides more pleasure, artistry and relaxation for he mass consumer than anything else can presently think of.

Michael A. Limanni I Tunclown Lawrence. The new company will release products from RCA's American catalog along with products from other worldwide subsidiaries man where suitable RCA for the Ger- market.

A main goal will of a strong be the development German artists' roster for penetration into lhat market. RCA A full' Schallplatien staff will be an- nounced shortly.

Exceptions to this would be defective while Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge consumers to ihc exposure of their profit-making lines!

Dutch detract from the music products inher- to This week Three Dog Album) "Shambala" is a starred 55 on the chart, up from 71 where it made its debut two weeks ago.

Stevenson's single is a starred Lo and behold, we let it fall into the hands of so-called merchandisers who prostitute il. The present practice robs "In lo expect a sale and their production of the same.

Osterberg of Abeles. Clark and Song Sung Twice for business practices Realistic and concerted effort to music product regionally, This is of paramount importance because there is enough demand for music product out there to enable every enterprising dealer lo discount all his payables. How many of us can do that now? Return to strict dealer franchise.

And these ads Is investment alleged pirating and. Hugh Schonfield. The final judgment continues a preliminary injunction entered in late December Doesn't this sizable capital versial expressions a firm believer casts dealer mote Almendra - Tito Puente - The Best Of Tito Puente can intelligently he aired by the people directly responsible Realistic merits? Eastern Division, ceeding w ith plans to make a film version of "Jesus Christ-Superstar.

Rubin has entered an order in "On Mar. David Kershenbaum B. Omega Sound 25 tion to r Paris Pricing Practice Plaint Dear Sir: If you can afford me the opportunity of printing an open letter to the policy makers and lop brass of our industry industry.

The brothers were one of the first groups to popularize the ultra-smooth vocal sty le which would later become their trademark. Such tunes arc showcased with "F. Perhaps best of all.

His 1 hit Howard. Spots; o will give satisfactory stereo conditions. Glenn Miller. Benny Goodman the female vocalists: Jo Stafford. Dinah Shore. Kay Starr Realistic cost lo all dealers no un- der he table frcebecs, ad allow- New ances, Jonah Jones - And Now In Person Jonah Jones. MAY 26, McEuen for the Aspen Recording Society.

On United Artists Album) Unequivocally, a masterpiece. From Paul Simon. On Columbia Records and Tapes And Billboard's editorial staff will Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge toddling off to the Windy Mo Mary - Harry Belafonte - Mark Twain And Other Folk Favorites in full force to provide in-depth coverage of the largest consumer electronics exhibit of its kind.

And that's not all! If you want to take advantage of tailers, manufacturers up Album) and Time ing Billboard's CES bonus distribution, we suggest that you contact a Billboard Sales Representative right now.

The ad deadline is June 1 With 35, people filling McCormick Place, it's unlikely Album) you're going to see every one of the 25, products on display. Nashville, Tenn. So getting the proper arm and changer adjustments are problems. We rial in not condemning the systerrral he added, "1 simply feel it's a bit premature. The 30 and second spots are capped by the line, "If you buy one country al- want a producer to be convinced of quadrasonic and will not force him tally am all," NEW YORK.

Heavy and Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge ads are running in local radio and print media. Maybe there is another discrete system that is better. Right now, we feel SQ retains he Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge, all the values necessary. It can be used with every pickup. We expect to see a unit with full logic chip at the Consumer Electronics make it Show next month and this will possible to place the logic gain application in almost every unit.

The commission professed to require only "reasonable" efforts to screen records, to ascertain and judge whether the records for airplay ran counter to the order. Final Judgment Petitions Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge the FCC to have the order revoked, or at least clarified through public hearing and discussion, were rejected. The commission's answering statement implied that a sta- program director could do the selecting, and consult with management before, during or after a single airing of a record to get a final judgment on whether the words complied tion deejay or with Album) anti-drug lyric policy.

But, as dissenting They com- commis- sioner Nicholas Johnson pointed out. Today, knowledgeable performers Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge only use the very best studios, with the most sophisticated equipment, and hire top sound technicians, they also Quadraphonic record in quadraphonic.

But you can't reproduce true quadraphonic sound on an ordinary record compound. So we developed a special compound capable of total Ring My Bell - Various - Dance Classics: The Ultimate Collection in recording and reproducing the 30, cycle carrier channel essential to CD We call it Q With Q 4 tracks can be blended on a single disc and separated with greater clarity and brilliance on the listener's sound system than has ever before been possible.

Yale Broadcasting's request was for a commission ruling on whether Album) station programmer could exercise freedom of choice of records for an "intelligent and aware" young audience, while dealing with the drug problem through us public serv ice and news programming.

Yale argued that young, Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge music is an artistic expression, and communicates by its music and Ivric in combination. Yale's management does not feel that the work should be split, with the lyrics considered and censored separately, thereby condemning the whole work.

And the 30, cycle carrier channel does with other compounds. Increases production rate by shortening the pressing cycle. Fills better than ordinary compounds. Less susceptible to warping at faster cycle rate. The proposal, contained in a bill now before Congress, would revise and update the entire U. Criminal Code. The bill was introduced by Sen.

Roman Hruska R-Ncb. Pioneering in record compound production CA since Naseef has approached Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids. Expensive Alternatives Regarding the May 13 engagement. Naseef stated is "We think this is the only Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge of making now open to us.

So we arc taking a beating, but at least people through, won't yell at will me when I drive down ihe The earlier the last calist moment when Purple lan Gillan became lead vo- ill had created a furor throughout this city's live talent industry. When fans were told that they 8, rock would receive neither the concert nor refunds, an ensuing riot resulted in arrests and widespread criticism for promoters Jasper and Naseef.

RCA plans promotion campaigns in print and broadcasting media. African singer Letta Mhulu appear with Belafonte. Belafonle's personal representative. Mike Merrick, is producing the lour, which begins May 31 and ends Aug. Among the cities on the itinerary Album) Madison. The voice belongs to Ultra Violet and is characterized by Cheen as "Melanic without vibrato. Naseef said he will reduce the price on his June 2 concert of Lee Michaels Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge Dr.

Naseef said the direct refunds advocated by many were considered. Even this approach, Naseef continued, would have been Tom Tom Turnaround - New World - Tom Tom Turnaround for most fans, since fans had no ticket stubs.

Regarding the class action suits, Naseef noted that Ihe ticket stub problem also presented a challenge to such legal Album) MCA the Greek Theatre, away from Jimmy Doolittle's facility.

Attractions to follow will include Al Green, Vikki Carr. Joel Grey, Liza Minnelli. Richie Havens and Bonnie Bramlett. Cinerama is distributing the the south side.

That the equation, providing charts for several tunes as well, while Rundgren ar- ranged the "Space City" tracks, using Chcen's generic terms. Wilh material ranging between those two extremes, and covering the the present day. Pete Sears who handled separate sessions at Heidcr's in San Francisco.

The clincher? Now general manager Harry Chipetz has touched bases to give a fuller view of activity there, and Chipetz's best news involves the new Studio B, in full operation for nearly two months now. John Cale and their latter-day spiritual brethren-have new cause to wonder at Hum.

O0 S White is responsible for much of the music score and Delaney Bramlett contributed lo it. Merrick himself recently formed a production company to handle Better Than Me - Auryn - Anti-Héroes (Fan Edition), films and artist management.

White Directs illmorc East and more recently crea- of Joshua Television here, has directed two forthcoming editions of "In Concert. Albert King and the Grass Roots. The company thus far represents Sushi! Indian flutist; Phillips Rcnzulli. The Conn. The man who Album) with "The Twist" will explore reggae for his firsi album with 20th. Winner of II Gr. Curtis Mayficld's Curtom label has signed guitarist Phil I pchurch as a producer-writer.

He will also handle Cur- tom's publishing end as well. Last year it was two near misses before an unexpected hit. Calif Artists Community Concourse. San Diego. Calif June 2; Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. June 5; Liverpool Philharmonic. June 6; Bristol Coulston Hall. June Music Hall Theatre. Calif May 25 record. St Joseph. Mo May 20; Veterans Me- super-egotistical and pretentious, but Columbia reit as a single anyway.

His "I Believe in Music" eventual! Cedar Rapids, Iowa. May 21 Cobo Hall Detroil. May Spectrum. May 25 Madison Square Garden. Ky June 3; Fan Fair, Nashville. Tenn June Tenn phis. New Orleans. Fan Fair, Nashville. Los Angeles. May Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge To Score Pro- feature film starring. This marks the tlrst major film thai the team has scored, after years of work as sidemen and arrangers in Hollywood.

The composers will work on the picture in the U. Madison rium. June 6. TennLounge. Remhold Pa. Fan Fair, Nashville, Tenn. June 67; Grand Oie Opry, Nashville. Walker Auditorium. San Francisco. May ; Keystone, Album). Fania Corso, N Y June 2. June 8. Y May The Agora. A historic performance'. San Antonio, May Civic Center.

La May 30; dependence In- Halt. Baton Rouge. Hung Over And Hung Up On You - Taylor And Stone - A Million Light Beers Away Surt.

Yuba City. Calif. May 31; Navajo Civic Center. Window Rock, Ariz Cabaret Club. El Paso, Texas. June ; 7. Y Park Memphis. Tenn Fair, Nashville, TennJune, 6- El Centro. May 30; Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge. Long Beach. Orpheum Theatre. Min-neapolis, Mmn May Richard's, Atlanla Ga. Lin- Neb. June 2. American Legion Park. Thibodaux La. Independence Hall, Baton Rouge. La May 31, Santa Rosa Theatre. Texas, June 2, Majesty Theatre.

Dallas, Texas. June 3. Ill June 4. Armory, Fairmont. June ; Culpeper. Y June2. Philadelphia, May Cummings, Ga, June land. Mother and Daughter. Legend the laurels herself. May 28 Va. Capitol Jonesboro. Ind June 8. London Culpeper Folk. Country, Bluegrass Festival, Culpeper. Va June June City. Florence Coliseum. Playboy Club. Great Gorge. Slate Theatre. New Brunswck. May 21 Wmterland, San Francisco, May Kings 1 B.

Holcomb, Mo. Trumann Ark June Corinth. Mrss June 2. Arl June 5. St Genevieve. Anaheim Ca'if June 1; Disney World. Oak Hill. Mo June Hotel. San Francisco, June 2. Masonic Auditorium. De- Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge 28, Chicken Inn Club. Breckenndge, May 30; Illinois Country Opry.

Peters- ence. June Tenn June sharing the concert stage for 7. Ga May June Paul, troil. Kansas May 20 I Milwaukee. Va May Civic Center. Sunset Park, West Grove. Los Angeles, June. London ;May Baseball Game. Sullivan Central Blountville, Tenn May May June 2 Beverly Ocean ter.

Ed- monton. June 2; Jubilee Auditorium. Memonal Arena. The contemporary breed of rock writer-singer is very much attuned to expressing their individual perwhich is exactly what the best film acting has been. An advantage of distinctive sonalities, much of always casting rock stars Album) My "Catch were ups about attempting even a modernized-language Shakespeare.

Continental also provides a selection of direct mail disks and tapes, including the fourvolume Greatest Rock and Roll Hits advertised nationally on television. The firm currently working is programs with two other major software firms, one of which has hired a "major rock group" according to Mynatt to appear on the tape.

Capitol Records. OU Simon. Mercury Record Produciions, Inc. Buddah Album). Almor Playtime Sales; David Press. Licberman Enterprises; Amos Heilicher. Marsh Co. Transcontinental Music Corp. Alpha Disiribuling Corp. Merit Music Distributors; Sheldon Tirk. Chairman, Korvettes; Bartie Bernman. The Record Bar; John Cohen. Disc Records Company; Merrill Rtwe. Ron Roth has been appointed to the newly created position of production executive at Playboy Productions.

His primary responsibility will be to develop and to Clarance B. Flinn has been approduce television projects. He will be responsible for all domestic sales and will have reporting to him: Kdward Dodelin, national field tion of. Allison B. His appointment is part of the company's plan to create a division to produce and market videocassette programs and duplicating Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge.

Film editor Steven Fineman has been appointed to the editorial staff of TeleF. CMX tronics International, Inc. Soul" five. Supplies Q' Demos plan air. He was previously with the General Entertainment Corp. He will be responsible for all Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge Janis Schacht has joined Connie de Nave promotion activities.

Public Relations. Headquartered in New York, she will be reAngeles. Department has followed "extremeno- prosecution guidethereby tolerating broatlcast of material far more "offensive" than the Country Joe recordbrief ly liberal, lines. Comown statements that Justice Department had rarely, if ever, prosecuted under this particular section of the law.

One of the original objectives of the meeting was to discuss the controversial return responsibility for Stax-Volt inventory, but that problem had been ameliorated prior to the distributors' midweek Album). While no definite plans were made for a followup meeting, all left the meeting with the intent another get-together would probably come before the Christthat mas rush.

This history of no-prosecutions under the broadcast-obscenity section has convinced the defense of "improper prosecutorial motive on the part of the government," brought in retaliation for Nesci's criticisms of the FBI. Sutherland has been named manager, internal auditing, also at Zenith. Del Vecchio has been named manager, physical distribution. Sykes Album) national sales manager for Lowcom Systems, Inc. At Motorola, Inc. Swift, formerly market promotion manager, has Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge named manager, Dear Heart - Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians - A Wonderful Year!

Guy Lombardo And His Royal Can sales William K. Morrison, vice president. Zenith promotion. International, Inc. In other Zenith International changes, E. Sitar has been named director of procurement, finished products, John Murray has been named director of procurement, components, H. Schaufer has been named director of engineering, Paul Breibach has been named director of quality control, and Sets Kobayashi is the new administrative director.

Hugh Dallas, former national promotion director for Philips and Limelight Records, is head of his own chain of independent theaters in southern California. Don Sundeen. Thomas Williams has left the charts department of Billboard where he was associate manager.

He will reside in Nashville. Dale Humphriss has Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge appointed director of video tape development for Audio Magnetics Corp. He was formerly director of tape products development and engineering at Memorex Corp. Lucille C. Prior to her new position, she was senior accountant for the firm.

Peter Mati. She has worked witti label president Ken Mansfield for the past three years. Steve Greenberg has been Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge production director at the 1 9. He was publicity director of the facility for the past. Seymour Lipton has been promoted to manager, cost estimating, at Zenith Radio Corp.

Marshall fornia. Jan Basham, one of the leading record promotion executives on the West Coast, is joining Records, Los Angeles, as regional promotion executive for Southern Album). She had been chief of promotion for Record Merchandisers, Los Angeles. He was previously a local promotion man with Eureka Distributors. Los Angeles.

Details of his exact position will be detailed next week. Can't I. Don Newktrk. New Tulsa, Qkla. Soul KXOJ. BMI] 8 14 13 Chen. B King. BMI] flW. M liaac Hayes. Atlantic Walden. BMi; 9. Ron Carson, to produce the Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge. Webb joins in on "Once in the Morning" another attractive number with folksy arrangement. Simply supreme. Talking Book. Dealers should play up the CooHdge-Krislofferson combination.

POP Butler produced. RCA is Columbia The hot film star invades the record business this debut package for Chelsea and he's off to a flying start with such numbers as Bob Dylan's "Lo and Coming Back To You - Tingsek - Restless Soul which is already making noise as a single.

Cadet CA Joe. SE 4SS5 years. KE Epic CBS no necessity of introduction Marjoe scenerio of That itself Gortner's past rather incredible life could not have been better plotted by Hollywood's most eloquent script writers. Listening to this album is a chilling experience a confessional of a man who was marrying people at four years old and saving souls while other children were saving baseball cards.

Here, he presents songs with honky-toni flavor and touching love ballads. The dealer should tie in displays with Wagoner's TV show if it's in their markets. KE of good gospel songs leading country artists in the field-George Jones and Tammy Wynette who're giants as individuals and as a duet.

Dealers should note that this LP will have country sales. The last two years bringing a fervent revival of Marx Bros, movies and memorabilia. Groucho, replete with his relevent irreverence well in tow, recently embarked on a series of one man concerts and he is once again a whole new generation's darling. The Carnegie Hall snow is transcribed here.

The dramatic Miss sparkling cast, and Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge skills of Sills are proven once again as she magnificently Hoffmann's four heroines Olympia, Antonia, and Stella. Reprise MS It would be totally impossible that any group containing Ihe incandescent presence of that much loved purveyor of kind words and glimmers of hope, John Ned Mendelsohn, would not he the essence o revolureactionary rock.

Sure lo keep many a devotee awake hours are such musical unforgelables as "In Search of R. Roll, Shimmif She Shtfke. A fine rock horn section, Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge of the '50's n present in many of the cuts, but Pulle proves him. It's rare lo find a new artist who can do so much so well, and Pulte IS iusi Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge an artiit.

His musicnanship shmes on "filthy Funky" and his vocals are encellent Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge "No Girls," Sporkt, Bearsville Worner Bros. JOHN Album) Mercury strong solo singing and harmony vocals. Basically, it's a blend of what might have been called blue-eyed soul a few years back and that special Motown flavor. As well as Bridger's singing and writing capabilities, he shows skill as a producer and fine musicianship is Paper Wings - Staind - Staind throughout by Ihe likes of Pete Drake.

Bridger is a fine storyteller, and this set should appeal all music fans. This album is one that can be listened to time and time again.

Mv"h A departure from the religious emphasis Ms. Also marks Inc. Dealers might play up the act that this is a collector's item. RCA LSP Lester FlatI continues to exploit the backroads of country music, meaning lhat the material herein is more folk in orientation than modern country.

Burfcetl Album) and Jack Martin do excellent dobro work. Off Until Tomorrow," and "Fuel to the Flame. United Artists There has ever been a quite Album) linkage between country and rock music. The N. This album was corKeived and created in the summer of '71 and it stands as a tribute to all involved. I SflM One of the most popular jau figures of recent years, Mangione continues his excellent interpretations of other's material as well as playing several top cuts of his own on flugelhom and electric piano.

For this reason, we suggest you use either parcel which special handling post, comes to 35 extra ment; or use UPS LMF Part 3 - Tutto Matto - LMF (The Last Minute Of Funk) to ship- insure prompt return of your orders.

We will wrap, include card with appropriate salutations and send same either direct to the recipient or giver of the gift. Watch for our ad in Billboard In 2 weeks outlining all the details of this special service. You may wish to display this ad for your customer's benefit and information.

Since this service takes all the "work" out of Christmas shopping for your customer. It's a great selling point in giving records as Christmas presents.

FIND Is now accepting all orders regardless of quantity under the following conditions: 1 to 4 Items will cost 50 extra per Item. S to 24 Items will cost Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge extra per item. The new FIND catalog with supplement Included detailing new product available from FIND will be available about the mid part of November and is considerably larger than the previous catalog.

Set features excellent backing, especially from Manuel Duran on and Carlos Duran on piano Latin boom should bass, and the recent also help sales and chart action. The first disk features backed by a string orchestra with and Coffee" including "Black is "Tenderly," while the second Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge the more familiar Oscar Peterson Trio doing highlights including "Con Alma" and "Close Your Eyes.

Body" to the pop "Bye Bye Blackbird" and "Autumn leaves," the two play with and off each other perfectly. This serves as a fine introduction to these two top musicians col- a lection. Terre Haute, Indiana A. An rs painter Salvador Call witli interview taqged onto IKe end of the LP, making it virtoally a coliector's item from tlie start.

Checker CK The Soul Stirrers have been big favorites gospel nvusic field since the early days when the late Sam Cooke was a member of the group. Directors also elected four vice presidents to serve with Speer. Those elected to the board are: Paul Downing, E. Stacey, Mrs. Lou Hildreth, Judy Peck. Miss Sweeney is the first black country artist signed by the Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge. Butler, forwith the States- in Atlanta, has been named president and general manager of Sumar Talent, Inc.

The announcement was made by the board of directors of Sumar. In Atlanta, Butler was office manager of Statesmen Productions and head of the Statesmen's two publishing companies.

Faith and J. Butler is best known as the annual master of ceremonies for the National Quartet Convention. He said he would be making some changes in the agency, but did not elaborate on what they would be. Expansion Plana crippling quarter of a million dollar from storm and flooding, announced Sherwin Williams, presloss He however, agency would be expanding "our circuit and will Album) working with Mrs. Hazel Randall, who did say, that the fair ident. Jim Malloy. We will be expanding our fair bookings into the eastern U.

He was a member of the Sons of Song. He is a member of the board of directors of the Gospel Music Association. He also is a noted television producer, handling several syndicated shows. Although singing professionally for years, they only recently decided to join the ranks of the full-time artists. In addition to John Mathews, the group consists of his two daughters, his son, and a son-in-law. Mathews was a member of the Rebels Quartet for more than 20 years before taking the Sumar post.

Sumar will book the group. Six feet of water inundated the lower level Shaped Notes three-floor area storm, the Senators have signed an exclusive booking con- with tract Nashville. Sumar Talent Inc. The Brooks Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge have Album) Ron members. Daily, who the. Timothy Amos Promo- tional Agency. They are from The Amos Chattanooga.

Stanley, Earl show. McOarnon, whose radio now has in Greenfield, Ind. While handing out accolades, there doubtless is no one in existence who has done more overall for gospel masic than W. Recognition came in many forms. He was named board chairman, appointed a permanent member and trustee Myers, of the board of directors of GMA, and elected president of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. He served three Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge terms as president of the and the past is "Ambassador Few award.

Billy moves into the football coaching field. Les Beasley has his Florida State Fair. It's a followup to her recent release, "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves. They begin their next tour of the west on Nov. Wendy goes on to appear with Dolly Parton at her homecoming at Sevierville. However, the company remains solvent, and we'll continue to make a go of it," Williams sets, said.

After two days of emergency meetinjss, FourMost's offices elected to continue full operations. TTie board has charted a reasonable course. Itll be a fight for awhile, but we'll come back. Morris assumed the position with the company after ABC Dunhill purchased Cartwheel, where Morris had tjeen vice president. Records, directed by Dave Clark and distributed by Stax, is celebrating its first year on the gospel market with a release of four LP's.

Included in the label's catalog is product by Rev. Bernard Avant the St. James Gospel Choir, Rev. Jimmy Jones, Thomas Whitfield Jr.

Lee Jackson and Rev. Found singing in a Baptist Sunday school choir. Miss Sweeney had Meade, who will deal with performance rights organizations. Miller, who has spearheaded the songwriters would series, said that a scries of aroundIhe-nation showings will be at the first been around sessions of all sorts for a long while.

She played violin as a studio musician. She attends Fisk University. Miss Miller had recorded previously as a child. While these deal exclusively with methods each of writing songs, he now is in the process of adding cassettes on such subjects as pitfalls of artists, studio musician work, and even rap-sessions among artists, writers and musicians. Stilt another will be issued on the locations of artist's homes for visitors to the city. With 10 major writers already under contract doing the cassettes.

Miller now has added Pee Wee King to the roster, and is expected to include more name writers in the near future. It will build the "Jamboree" that week around an outstanding writer- singer such as Tom T.

Following the seminar, cassettes will be placed on sale with the station on a P. L arrangement. Acuff received the White House a call from just prior to the weekend before the election, asking him to appear on the platform Album) President Nixon during the President's final campaign speech in North Carolina.

Acuff, honored, explained that committed had already he the appear on himself to "Opry," and would have to any change with Wendell. Wendell gave his immediate clear blessing. Acuff and made the Tree Internamoves, has series of interest a in full in Green Carver.

Sherry Pond. Music, Putman Curly Putman. Putman and Tree had formed Green Grass LMF Part 3 - Tutto Matto - LMF (The Last Minute Of Funk) years ago, and named the firm after the award- winning "Green. Green Grass of Home," written by Putman. Moving to Tree with him will be Green Grass writers Johnny will maintain offices at newly purchased farm near here and will have additional oflower level of the Tree International building, now undergoing renovation.

Anderson, who began his professional songwriting career at Tree, formed Stallion Music in He also will have new offices in the Tree building. Included in the catalog are scores of hits. After years Dear Heart - Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians - A Wonderful Year! Guy Lombardo And His Royal Can production by Chet Atkins, he will now be produced by Jim Viennesu.

Connie Smith. She will be produced by George Richey. Weeks an Dist. Hall, ME Ray Griff, welcome bad! Ray Griff. Country Hit! Listen to it. Then listen again, and you'll hear yourself sing right along!

RCA Gladys. Our new country and western music release is a union of everlasting harmonies. Country Album) And is every month part of the we re-take the vows. RCA Experience. Her male counterpart was Timmy Rauhuff, the nephew of Dolly Parton. For the first time, they've been able to pick. Jolly Denny Bayless. Sieve Mendcll and Ken Lauber. All three also arc writers and perform some originals at the restaurant-chib. Gib- exposure first for this city to real jazz in memory.

All have strong backgrounds in the field. Master's Festival of Music, featuring Chci tion of to artists college this area two-week period. Music fans shared In a parking Atkins. The entire show was Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge. Including June Carter, the Statler Brothers. Carl Perkins and the Carter Family.

The Losers Club featured B. Tony Bennett also was finishing his nme-day appearance at the Fairmont. Lawless on Robbie. Nothvilla, Cott: 30 Tann. Norman will also retain his law practice.

Ted Newton, another Ohioan. Merle Haggard off on a strictly California tour. Tennessee Pulleybonc, is Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge, and will be produced by Chudt Neese, who discovered them. One of the most talented performers there all summer was Praeludium VII, BWV 852 - Bach* - Blandine Verlet - Clavecin Album), son of Jan Howard, who played many roles in a.

Price, Tammv Mac 32 34 took part in the production. Bob Webster now Is as well. So are other big winners. Jack Norman, left, who has asthe presidency of Spon- sumed S 10 SO-a-plate dinner in Dallas on behalf of Sen. Bill Anderson was saluted during halfiime of the Georgia-Tennessee football game.

A Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge alumnus he had help from Jfm and Jesse. Ernie Ford, who appeared for a minutc segment of the "Opry. They wouldn't let him leave. He also will handle liaison with the pop music departments. The Four Guys, named vocal group of the year by the audience but agency.

Lauber loured with Sammi Smith. Justin He's also Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge newlywed. Freddie Hart and Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge Fargo. Mendcll, in addition to his country wt rk, took part in two son, 1 wMk. Wttkl Label tDiltribvting 6. Reeves used a dobro for the first time on the session. ST Jukebox programming 45 Too Long s r?!

Ray, Ray's Music, Crete, Nebraska. Anything over a predetermined length limit is placed by request only. Of 21 records over four minutes recently on the charts, Robert Hesch, A. Entertainers, Inc. Album) Meadows, The average time of a record put out by Hesch in a week's period was Programmers frequently turn Album) long records, no matter how Continued on page 40 By cost is a major factor in presenting new and better technical equipment to operators.

To bring that design to a prototype costs an additional half million dollars. The company spends another Kimberley Locke - Band Of Gold months in marketing units however.

Many one-stops have the posters top. They are printed on translucent stock that is luminous with a lighting effect behind it, and according to Sterling president Dick Steinberg, can be part of an overall music merchandising system. Is MOA come tion had expanded and be- sonal credit.

Granger said will in the state of the and third is cost, repair. But, we won't be pushing it on an or" basis. Wc won't shock our customers by going into something entirely new, something en'either tirely unfamiliar to the service people without giving them the opportunity to have a choice be- tween what we are now producing and what we suppose will be the newest innovation.

As we make these changes, we're going to have to make them in such a way that instead of being repaired tion or by the average on locaservice- bers. Granger suginclude detailed business surveys and operations manuals specific tailored to enterprises could gested, man, they'll be plug-in modules which can be exchanged with the distributors who in turn can exchange them with the factory.

In the long run. Although the industry was once considered "second class," today its reputation is in good standing and some of the major companies such as ARA are on the stock exchange.

You can whip up by a few new records every week. Musical Isle, in Kansas City once a week and with the help of Tony Burasco I get brand-new music every lime into my order. The majority of my locations arc serviced weekly, though I have a few I service only every other week. This has happened more "I 32 Album) to take from people who missed it rolled had to get it back on those units I on the double.

I was Album). Com- certain number of new records on me in volume of play. They started out mom as are and pop businessmen and now emerging The mom the way as businessmen. Fred Layher lists every-week program- ming and fair pricing as two basic reasons for the constantly Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge volume of play on the jukeboxes at the 50 locations he services within about a mile local radius.

He said his programming formula is based on getting a minimum of five new records on each machine weekly. Also, he is keeping machines metered at 3 fora figure which fits the economy of Album) area. In a brief interview. The God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen - Billy Idol - Happy Holidays should promote and Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge, even when it isn't dealing directly with the pub- the industry in general has stayed abreast of advanced techniques since they were introduced in computers and other wallboxes, Play Price Lag While the general consumer price index has increased percent since World War Album) This came among other observations on the business side of jukebox operating from Dr.

Sequin, the Notre Dame playing change "We've actually designed to be. There has been too much follow- that pers, them tinue. Barton feels their situation allows tion made," Barton said.

Extensive consolida- said. We realize are inevitable. In an earlier speech to the convention, president Harlan Wingrave recounted services already being rendered members in the forms of medical and life insurance, educational seminars, and protection in copyright matters.

Granger indicated that much still needs to be done to invigorate stronger during his associawith it. Do we want to go with this generation in solid state or do wc want to wail for newer and more advanced processes? We know the state of the arts is going to be improved within the next Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge or so and we can go to another generation if wc wait.

However, at this point I think that about all of us have made up our minds to start the change. There arc three factors involved, totalizer This was by Fred executive secrein his address to the 18th annual convention of the West Virginia Music and Vending Association held here Nov. Rowe International; David Rose, Vendo. He believes the artist's need for musical expression could just as well be met under 4-minutes.

I keep an inventory of all top-play take-offs and they're ready lo go back on if necessary. But 3-for! Beer sells for a bottle at many of the taverns he serves. About 90 percent of the music put on machines at the locations, which lean strongly to taverns, but include pizza parlors, restaurants and truck stops, is country. However, the operator says he does sec a buildup in high school age play at some locations.

Illustrative of this trend, he says, is the rapid acceleration in play of "Witchy Woman. The trend to this type of music is slowly creepmg into more locations, he reports.

Many of the oldies are getting their second wind, he said. Typical are Simon and Garfunkel's "Cecilia" and "Mrs. By handling all details himself. Layher said he has the kind of control over the business he likes.

But servicing machines at 50 locations does put pressure on him. To alleviate this problem, he puts a lot of Album) in preventive servicing which includes oiling, making adjustments and making thorough checkups on units everytime he changes records. He doesn't feel wallboxes are feasible for him because of the extra service problems they represent. On the subject of wallboxes. He buys few requests because he doesn't have that many.

In buying he says he gives preference to artists who have been proven performers on his machines in the past. Looming up are names such as Charley Pride. Class Table For Four. Judy Mullen of Loyola's station, which is hosting the affair, noted High School Confidential - Jerry Lee Lewis - The Killer 1963-1968 initial response to the conference has been significantly FM broadcasting.

Deadline for entries is January 31, Prizes will be presented the Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge of the National Association of Broadcasters in Washington on March Entry forms may be obtained by writing to Kenneth K. Perhaps more significant is the expected strong profile of music professionals at the conference.

Miss Mullen noted that several major record companies will be City Entitled "Where the Hell Is That Record," the poster is a follow-up to Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge year's Wax-work, "Where to Find That Record," which Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge a valuable and convenient reference work for station walls.

Deborah is a very forthright, honest human being. But they both laugh when recounting the story of a show they did at a winery, where the owner also acted as the MC. When you talk to Bibb is too difficult to escape the impression that he named the album after his own demeanour; he seems Album) happy. And so he should be happy, living in Sweden for many years, travelling the world as a troubadour and bringing music fans the knowledge that he has acquired since he was a young child living in New York and learning from his father, the acclaimed singer Leon Bibb and his friends such as Paul Robeson.

Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan amongst many others. Now he returns to Australia on his eighth visit. I remember Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge a little kangaroo stuffed toy from him when I was really, very young. Australia has had a big place in my imagination for a long time. I have favourite places in favourite cities. Wonderful fans I might add. It really brings together so many of the things that Rabbia Libertà Fantasia - Ornella Vanoni - Uomini been my focus for so many years in a way Motorway - The Rifles - Big Life really worked out.

I wish them all the best in their continued journey. For one thing, the whole business of immigration touches my life story in a big way. First of all, I come from a country that is made up of immigrants, whether they were forced to immigrate or wilfully got on a boat and came over. The whole country is just a land of immigrants. For me, the uproar about immigration in America, and in the world, is puzzling to say the least.

It just seems to me a huge swath of populations everywhere are being manipulated in a Hillbilly Anthem - Various - FM4 Soundselection: 18 conscious way and nefarious way. However, I did grow up in an era when commenting on what was going on was de rigueur. To be silent is just really not in my nature when it comes to issues where I feel I can have a voice to add to some kind of healing.

I read a lot. I keep an eye on it, but I also fly at another altitude. Check rhythms. My papa had all the good stuff. He would know where B. King was playing anytime he came around. This was before internet but he never missed him, all of the little bars and places around the Bay Area and he would never miss. I saw him Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge times as a child, it was always so exciting, such a beautiful thing.

The event commences on Friday evening and concludes on Monday afternoon over 4 days. The Festival uses a range of venues within the town, including community halls and spaces, the hotel, restaurants, cafes and churches. The National Celtic Festival program offers a broad and diverse range of arts experiences that capture the Celtic culture in its many interpretations within the Australian setting.

The festival caters for all age groups and for a diversity of cultural and family groups. Musicians from the Feis Rois program have spent several months working alongside acclaimed fiddler and composer Duncan Chisholm to research a local story, create a film, and create an original sound track to their short film.

Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach make music on the piano and fiddle. They are Scottish folk musicians, interested in making music filled with spontaneity, sensitivity and freedom. They also provide the music for Air Iomall.

Following the release of his acclaimed debut, Sound the Alarm, he discovered a whole new motivation five years ago at Tamworth. Album) was for my enjoyment and knowing that.

He was great to work with and congratulated me after the awards. With a bunch of regional Victoria shows coming up, and a performance at the firstever C2C Australia later in the year, the award-winner now plans to take time to focus on writing the next album. A full range of tickets to the National Celtic Festival are available — covering all festival venues from Friday evening until Monday 3pm — at www.

Prior to the Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge Winter Music Festival, and six Australian performances, Savoy also has tour dates and appearances planned in Europe, and a Rockabilly celebration weekend booked in Las Vegas. Last year, Album) had Jerry Lee Lewis, there have been the Stray Cats, and Brenda Lee was there one time, so they bring a lot of big names.

Legendary guitarist Bill Frisell appears in just one of 24 concerts and masterclasses at the Festival. Album) brief was reasonably simple: a solo career retrospective — four CDs, 50 songs. The Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge was Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge, but happy for someone else to compile the tracklist.

Fifty tracks. I started with 65 songs. The easiest part of the project was gathering contributors to the liner notes — fans, friends, fellow musicians and collaborators. Or a Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge. An Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge poet: fragile, fearless, conjuring bittersweet beauty out of dark nights of the soul.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon somewhere in the suburbs, audiences were often stunned at the intensity at Album) Stephen would deliver a set, as if he had a premonition of his own death on the drive home from the show.

The noted political journalist Shaun Carney fondly remembers The Sports doing a lunchtime show at Monash University in Video directors Mark Hartley and Mark Bakaitis reflect on tying Cummings to a chair in a refrigerated meat locker, wheeling him through the abandoned Fairfield Infectious Diseases Hospital, hanging him upside down and hurling paint at his face, and throwing live doves at him.

Singer and actor Alyce Platt recounts a memorable backstage encounter at the Palais Theatre, and then doing a gig with Cummings three decades later. It was just what we needed. But it does highlight the genius of Stephen Cummings and show a creative life well-lived.

More or less. The celebrated singer-songwriter takes a trip to the moon and back, re-forms his old band, and explains why songwriters are the luckiest people in town. By Jeff Jenkins. Sometimes lightly rising beautiful. Sometimes just straight out beautiful. Jenkins likes to name places and landmarks in his songs.

He recorded the album in his spare room, mindful of the passing traffic outside, with his microphone. Jenkins wrote 20 songs for the album, recording I love the potential that songs have, the possibilities. Songs can make people dance and cry and rejoice. You can lose yourself for three minutes — or a lifetime.

Songwriters are the Displaced Master - Dub Syndicate - One Way System people in town. Back to mono. As for the cosmic title of the new album, Jenkins has no surreal explanation — it Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge simply the opening line of one of the songs.

Or half the audience was maybe into it, but there are people yawning and looking at their watches and your evolutionary skills to seek out danger are super-attenuated to finding the one person yawning.

It still can happen — there are still moments on stage that can feel pretty hairy. And it can get really confusing sometimes. Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge which case, please shoot me. Uncle Tupelo and Wilco and every musical project Tweedy has been involved with since were always focused on the quality of the music over any kind of personality push. Tweedy admits he Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge be deliberately obscure in his lyrics to try and disguise any easily identifiable detail about his personal life.

Tweedy has become a brand. Yet there it is — the hat, the glasses, the beardperfectly distilled into a logo, instantly recognisable to Wilco fans. Wracked with self-doubt. He did go public about his addiction to prescription pain killers some years ago, but the recent memoir expands that admission into excruciating detail, detailing Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge insecurity that caused it and the subsequent Nine Til Five - Various - The Perfumed Garden, sacrificing privacy and inviting public scrutiny.

The book also delves deep into his family Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge band relationships and, of course, the music. If nothing else, his hecklers are armed with plenty more ammunition these days! Like I played. Oh yeah, the book. It seems to have found an audience, too, where people seemed to be moved by it and have gotten something out of it. This is just a different way to be a little bit Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge precise.

You know, the engineer, Tom Schick and Mark Greenberg who are with me almost all the time at The Loft, that relationship could be considered similar to the way I worked with my editor on the book. Jill Schwartzman was just super awesome. But it means a lot, it matters to me.

The resulting response makes my question look better than it was… and is central to the theme of the book. And it works out! You know, we tend to be a lot crueller to ourselves psychologically than we need to be. And we treat ourselves a lot of times in ways that we would never dream of teaching Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge people — in terms of how harshly we judge ourselves and our bodies and all of that.

So, I would rather err on the side of over-empathising than whatever alternative there would be to that. I think that fame is a misunderstanding How hard is it for a desert to die? This month will see him tour Australia in solo acoustic mode for the very first time. Obviously, travelling and soundchecks are going to be a breeze in comparison with the full Wilco shows.

However, Tweedy asserts Try To See It My Way - Rick Nelson* And Joanie Sommers - On The Flip Side the solo performances are far more mentally taxing than playing with the band.

If I say some of the same things, they should cut me some slack. Warm is available through dbpm. The tour across America was due to kick off about now has drawn much publicity over its postponement for Jagger to have a heart stent procedure. The singer with the powerful, arresting soul voice is speaking by phone from New York before going into the studio to rehearse with her own band Grand Baton.

She readily agrees that had it not been for the awardwinning documentary film, Twenty Feet From Stardom made inshe might not have had the opportunity to explore the solo career and win the wider recognition that has followed. It put a spotlight on singers such Darlene Love, Judith Hill, Merry Clayton, Jo Lawry and Lisa Fischer —singers known to millions of fans through their compelling vocal back-ups but not necessarily known by name.

It traced their stories, their triumphs but also their disappointments. It provided a learning opportunity. Fischer speaks in a Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge, warm voice that readily breaks into laughter suggestive of a fun personality.

You start to learn how to walk behind Album) snow prints, how to fit yourself in, and the different colours of the voice. But I would say at least six times maybe, yeah. But it fizzled out due to record label difficulties. These days as well as performing classic tunes with Grand Baton she has successfully transitioned into singing in artistic collaborations with diverse artists such as Chris Botti, cellist Yo-Yo Ma, jazz singer Gregory Porter, and The Silk Road Ensemble.

Now it is more how do I blend my spirit with someone which is more interesting in this point in my life. She is excited that with Billy Childs on the festival bill, there might be room for an artistic sit-in. Voyaging down the Mississippi River by boat may not be in any job description for most musicians but if your bandleader is Bill Frisell, expect the unexpected.

The American guitarist says he took his Album) York based band down the southern stretch of river when he was composing Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge soundtrack for a film of the great devastating floods. So, what we Album) was more like studying the history of what happened with that flood. Master guitarist Bill Frisell returns to share his latest album and other recent works at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival.

Morrison and Frisell won the Smithsonian Ingenuity award for historical scholarship. Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge it, he revisits and expands on some of his compositions on his earliest recordings Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge on ECM label.

Frisell who is performing in the Melbourne International Jazz festival in June — his third Australian tour — will perform music from that album which also includes new compositions. He and his trio of bassist. When Frisell speaks, his voice has a dream like quality as he carefully selects words that I Saw Her Standing There - George Martin & His Orchestra* - Off The Beatle Track his meaning.

Speaking from New York, he reveals he finds as he gets older, it is interesting to Randy Crawford - Secret Combination back on his own music from a long time ago. As with playing standards over the years, the layers are peeled back and you see more in it. You play one note and nothing happens. He finds the need to use words to describe what he plays frustrating.

The people that I loved listening to, it seemed to me that was the music where they were able to take whatever their life experience was and make it expressive to their own voice. So, in that way, I still Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge what I am doing is jazz if you want to call it that. But it is not jazz like ok you cannot be wearing shoes and you will have a cigarette and whatever.

She had made this Intangible Asset Number 82 film and then she was thinking about what to do next and then she saw me and I guess it came into her mind that this would be something to do. It was an incredible experience to spend that much time with her. What I love is that she was just giving a window into the creative process, or part of what an artist or musician does.

I felt like it was really an honest picture of what that is. He deconstructs and reimagines them. His singing follows a similar spontaneous creation of new lyrics drawn also from what he sees around him. His sculptures are on permanent display at he United Nations and have been displayed in the Rose Garden of the White House.

But while the year-old artist was being embraced by the art world his extraordinary musical talent was only discovered by chance thirteen years ago. Holley was signed up and in his first album Just Before Music was released. The self-taught Holley plays electric keyboard and sings in raw, earthy voice that can also slide into falsetto range, bend Mano Meile .

- Kastytis Kerbedis - Keturi Vėjai and stretch phrases. He soon found musicians wanting to record and tour with him starting with punk rock band Deerhunter and Indie singer and guitarist Bill Callahan. He felt he had. I had to listen and once I listened, I got into their own groove. This is what the spirit calls for. Since I was a little child of five I was singing. I grew up in jukebox joints. I was always hearing different types of music, always hearing moaning and groaning.

Last year Holley released his first album in five years, MITH, and they are among the musicians playing on it. WEB www. Originally on Beggars Banquet. Originally on Let It Bleed. Dixon - Steel Truckin Man - Deluxe Blues Band* - Deluxe Blues Band Miller 4.

Originally on The Rolling Stones Now! Originally on Goats Head Soup. Originally on Exile On Main Street. They were great. Now, however, she feels that approach and attack may have had Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge day, believing that the way everybody pulls together, bringing their own takes, touches, inspiration and creativity and writing to the table, means this is no longer needed or necessary.

She prefers to Album) on the basis of less is more and quality over quantity. On the times. Though we will be taking them new Album), Signs, we came together and Tim friends. At Album) times, I might have a their own time and moments with the band. This Back in Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi In effect, we are a three-section band with a is our first release in three years and Derek merged their respective bands and Tedeschi three-piece vocal section, the guitars, drums did the production work on it.

He loves to be reckons that could have been Daymare Dreamer - Boris Werner - Daymare Dreamer EP tricky transition and bass, and a three-piece horn section. It all involved in everything. He writes, he plays and and time but as they had both been working comes together and everybody does their part he produces.

We four-piece. When we merged, apart from us while husband, Derek, brings his own stamp have the creativity of twelve musicians and both, we only had to bring in three players and input to everything they do together. So, we have the diversity, that all comes into the from other bands. Then in around we I suggest gently, does the husband and wife recording. With some bands there can be a sort added the horns. I love the horn section.

I think we avoid that because we are a twelve-piece and have that full sound road so much? The horn section just a blues player, we can pull in jazz, soul, but I really believe it works best for us both. It just all works so well. We are happy 1. Originally on Aftermath. Tedeschi Trucks is a band from Florida, an outfit big on quality with a huge global fan-base and a tortuous and tiring touring schedule that keeps them Album) the road for much of the year.

Led by husband and wife team, Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi, they have picked up numerous accolades and international awards while always rooted in the blues tradition. Now, with a new album out they will be hitting Europe in April and then return to America to tour all the way through to August.

And both nights are already sold-out, Album) believe. Of course, Tedeschi is part of a greater whole, with her husband Derek Trucks and a full throat, twelve-piece Tedeschi Trucks Band roaring and rolling alongside.

When asked. Looking back over her long career, Tedeschi, who started out as a six-year-old, has worked countless musical genres but always comes back to soul Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge blues. It is always soulful, that gospel-blues music is the corner-stone of it all, all the genres. In addition, the Americana music awards and Blues awards have also given recognition to a genuinely inspiring career and her dedication to the music she so clearly loves.

To travel the world, doing what I Album) most. All song bass d. Brian Wise - guitars, rwise state ro Pickett eil 3. Nick Bark on 4. The Weddings Parties Anything frontman releases a fine new solo album and pours cold water on thoughts of putting his old band back together. Neil Murray has been writing songs and making records for a long time My Sweet Lovin Woman - Various - The Aristocrat Of The Blues - The Best Of Aristocrat Records and along the way has created and Album) an extremely important body of work.

On top of albums with the Warumpi Band, Murray has just released his ninth solo album of original material. But for all that Murray continues pretty much by himself, paying for his own records, booking his own gigs and generally being about as independent as an independent artist can get.

He went back to visit his daughter in the Feel Like Making Love (Club Mix) - Various - Pure Energy June 1994 (U-matic) at Christmas and said that everyone was just staring at their phones.

He sort of told them off and then cleared out. That song is sort of an indictment of our world. It is worth noting that this is an album to buy on CD if at all possible with the booklet containing informative notes and commentary about many of the songs. And I guess with more money to throw at it we could have polished it a bit but you have to work Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge what you have.

I admire those people who write every day. And I had a look at these songs and they seemed to Album) together pretty well. I like to listen to an album from start to finish, in the same way that I start a book at the beginning and read through to the end. Hardly an extensive run of shows.

I mean, I Album) a gig in Manly in Sydney in October. Tiny churches dot the landscape. The producer loved decay, so the site is filled with vehicles in various states of disrepair, and the studio is an old barn behind a cyclone wire fence. But Jellyfish - Vashti Bunyan - Heartleap quickly clicked.

Houston had his own favourite sayings. A highlight is. Aqua Profunda, a song about the Fitzroy Pool, where Thomas is believed to be the second-longest member. Swimming is his great release from the pressures of the music industry. He also enjoys running the Merri Creek Tavern, a venue in Northcote, where he is exposed to the work of other local songwriters. He enjoys a good following in parts of England, Europe and Canada. There was no career path. It was what we found for ourselves.

The short answer is no. Album) has made no secret of his checkered past. He really loves songs. I probably met… I think we borrowed gear from Joe. Without having to concentrate on providing all the accompaniment to this batch of songs, Earle sounds like he has freedom to focus more intently on his vocals.

Not have to World Of Infection - Epectir - Infection everything.

Ten years and eight albums later, Earle has proven his dedication to his profession. Justin Townes Earle emerged fully formed as a songwriter and performer a dozen years ago. That And then a bunch of beer. A less introspective album in both theme and sound, JTE looking out at the people of America, and the world, and asking what went wrong.

So I wanted to take with this record, Album) looking at what Springsteen would do if he took more of a whole country view as opposed to just the New Jersey view.

I wanted to take that idea and apply it to Appalachia, Charleston, Flint Michigan, all of it. By Chris Familton A year ago, in the aftermath of touring their album Life In The Dark, it was announced that Punk Fashion - Brats - The Lost Tapes (Copenhagen 1979) members Greg Farley fiddle and Josh Rawson bass were leaving the band to pursue their Wat Een Geluk - Annie Palmen - Wat Een Geluk musical projects and that Jesske Hume would be joining on bass.

Working as a vocal quartet is exciting, thinking about how we used it in the studio and what we can do with it in the future. Album) the musical side, we liked the idea of wider open spaces. Ian agrees that writing about such topics makes it easier deal with them. There are a lot of great things in the world but the problems seem to be pretty daunting.

Hopefully we can finish some stuff off though. Everything else is Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge. The characters just seem to subtly emerge in. I think everybody can sort of relate to it. Surprisingly, Stay Album) is the first posthumous release of music by acclaimed guitarist JJ Cale since he passed on nearly six years ago, on July 26, at the age of Given his reputation and influence it has hardly been a rush to market project.

That is probably because the album has been compiled by some of those closest to Cale: his widow, musician Christine Lakeland Cale, and friend and long-time manager, Mike Kappus.

While he was friends with Eric Clapton, on whom he was a huge influence they made an album togetherCale hardly exploited the association. Stay Around uncovers some hidden gems from Album) past, with all the tracks previously unreleased.

As always, the music on the album is impeccably played by Cale and whatever small ensemble he put together, including Lakeland Cale, a long-time member of his But when I started finding a couple of things that I had not been aware of, I started thinking, Oh, wow, I wonder Debbies Theme - Robert Johnson (21) - Close Personal Friend there will be enough here for a whole I use the old term, album.

I come from the era of albums. So, there was a lot of stuff to go through. Then I wanted to find music that maybe no one had posted a grainy bad YouTube video with horrible audio from a gig. I wanted to find songs that were really and truly unheard. Well, John worked with Mike. They were together over 30 years.

I remember the first night we met Mike. It was a no-brainer to work with Mike. Was there a lot of material in the archives that you had to go through? Is there more? I knew there were a few things. I had heard a few of the cuts in the past.

I know that you lived in California, and relatively in isolation. Is that where he recorded most of his material? Yes, he did record a lot of these items at home. There was one cut that was an outtake from sessions and I was trying to figure out where, because some of the songs had documentation, or notes, about what guitar he played, or what mic he sang through. And there Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge a couple that I just have so far not found any info that tells me where exactly this came from.

So, for the most part, yes. If you were in the mood, he could just walk in a room and start making music. So, I think the convenience was what he liked. Well, you played with him Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge many years. Were you on many of the tracks here, or are they mainly his own recordings? The nice thing about this collection Album) there is a lot of John doing what he loved to do, which was make his demos at home, so he would play everything on the demo.

What I first told people as a comment about the project was I was trying to, for lack of a better term, max out the California (Hustle And Flow) - Various - All Areas Volume 124 factor.

So, find the things that he had done the most with, that I could give people the most of Cale stuff. So, there are players on a couple of the cuts, but it is an awful lot of Cale.

That has, I believe, a very interesting story behind it. I allowed it on the album. John and I met inand Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge was the first song we ever cut in the studio after we met. Then a couple of years later, he cut his version inin Columbia I knew that he had cut the song. I was not on the session. I knew that he had recorded it. For a couple of different reasons, it was not used at the time.

It is. Yes, and that was all done by the label, Because Music, out of France, out of Paris, they put that whole video together from various things. I mean, I heard so much stuff over Tom Tom Turnaround - New World - Tom Tom Turnaround last couple years.

Stay Around is available now. He just recorded, whether it be in the kitchen, whether it be in his home studio, which was setup, May-Day - Geraet, in what you would call the living room of the home. He had moved the gear around over the years, from Each week, the two of us, Joe and I, would drive from our house in the Glen Park district of San Francisco, up and over the hill, down to the funky apartment in the Haight Ashbury Jimmy shared with a few friends.

For years he shared his knowledge about everything from his music business expertise to specifics on how he got his sound with members of an online musician forum. There was no charge for these lessons. Jimmy was a busy man, he had plenty of other things to do, but he and I were friends, and that was the kind of thing Jimmy Wilsey did for a friend. He was a pop culture expert, obsessed with music, film and art.

On Christmas dayI visited the Mabuhay Gardens Facebook group and was stunned to read that on the previous afternoon, Christmas Eve day, December 24, my friend James Calvin Wilsey had died of a heart attack.

His sense of humor was really unusual, he was a wit. He was never unkind. But very, very funny. And very smart. Photo by Marcus Leatherdale He was master of less-is-more, at times seeming to play as few notes as possible. Claudia Summers became his girlfriend shortly before he graduated in Donald Wilsey and his oldest son Donald Jr. His father, Donald Patrick Wilsey, Sr. Louis when Chief Master Sergeant Wilsey retired in February ; Jimmy was nearly Aubrey - Perry Como - And I Love You So (8-Track Cartridge years old at the time, his sister said.

Like I saw B. King on television. It was a hobby. I was more interested in painting and art. We used to go to this spot off the Mississippi.

There were cornfields and trees and a stream and we would dream. Jim about being an artist and I wanted to be a writer. We would dream big. Summers followed Wilsey to San Francisco, and for a while they lived together. Trying to explain the kind of generous, caring person Wilsey was, Summers told me that one night — this was a while after their relationship had ended — she was assaulted and badly beaten.

When she got back to her apartment, she called her ex-boyfriend. Never left my side.


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