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Quietly, Peacefully. Untitled Hymn Come to Jesus. We Walk By Faith. Songs knowledge of songs and music artists from the English-speaking world.

In class, divide the learners into five groups. On the Warner Music Group. HERE - Songs. Bob Vs Funkster Deluxe. Children's Bible Songs. Alive Alive. I've Got A Feeling You Are My Destiny A. And J. Memory Www. Jones Duet Dr. E W-Vocal L. Let It B'S Snow! Let It Snow! Streisand And N. Stevenson My Maria B. King Thrill Is Gone B. Dj Hey Mr. Baby It's You Little St. Song L. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Mr. Pinstripe Suit Mr.

Real Love Blige, Mary J. Hit 'Em Up Style Oops! Bartender He Is Mr. I Did It Again Oops! A Born In The U. Oh, Boy! Alright Well. McCall Convoy C. Postman Please Mr. The Herald Angels Sing Hark! Good Johnny B. Goode Johnny B. Jones Mr. Luck And M. Neat Masterblaster D. Heartache Hello Mr. Huckle Up Baby - John Lee Hooker - The Best Of It's My Life Dr.

This Is Earl! Didn't Die Hey Girls! I Need You. Male U. Blue Title www. Crush Frankie J. Midnight Mr. Some of the songs, extend to several screens. Although many of the songs mention artist names, this may not be accurate and these these songs should not be considered as definitive versions representative of any particular performance or artist.

Also the keys and chord sequences chosen may also vary considerably between versions by different artists. Many of these songs are in the public domain or traditional categories, however this cannot be guaranteed, and should you wish to use them as a basis of a performance or for any non-personal study purpose you are advised to contact the copyright holders where available, copyright info has been included with the song.

These transcriptions are made by many different individuals from all over the world for their own research and instruction, and as such are liable to great variation in in interpretation and opinion. They are being shared on this site for educational purposes only, please see our copyright page for more info. Long Haired Country Boy; Uneasy Rider; Cumberland Mountain 9; Devil Went Down To Georgia; Orange Blossom Special.

Runtime: 53 minutesmenu, excellent picture. Filmmaker Don McGlynn examines the tumultuous personal life and creative legacy of jazz legend Charles Mingus as never before in this insightful documentary. Performance footage of Mingus, Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie and Gerry Mulligan accompanies interviews with Mingus disciples, radio performances and more.

Snakes Crawl at NightJust Between You and MeI'd Rather You and Lose YouThe Most Beautiful Girl Promo, ; 4. Behind Closed Doors Midnight Special ; 5. Behind Closed Doors Grammy Awards ; 6. My Elusive Dreams Live 70's, unknown award show ; 7. Behind Closed Doors unknown TV, 70s ; 9. Break Up Elvis Tribute ; Behind Closed Doors unknown Country show ; The Most Beautiful Girl; 2. Behind Closed Doors; 3. Lonely Weekends; 4. Since I Fell For You; 5. A Satisfied Man; 6. I've Got Mine; 7. Mohair Sam; 9.

Pictures and Paintings; Big Boss Man; Jazz Instrumental; A Woman Left Lonely; Feel Like Going Home; A Sunday Kind Of Woman; Dream On Me; Gentle As A Lamb; Something Just Came Over Me. Behind Closed Doors; 2. Rollin' With The Flow; 3. Set Me Free; 4. America The Beautiful; 7. Angelina; 8. Born To Love Me; Break Up; Charlie ballads; Goodbye Mary Ann; Have You Ever Been Lonely; I Love My Friend; I Take It On Home; I'd Build A Bridge; I'd Even Let You Go; It Takes Time; It's All Over Now; Just Like Old Times; Lady; Life's Little Ups And Downs; Love Is A Cold Wind; Love Is After Me; Love Waits For Me; Lovers; My Elusive Dreams; Nice And Easy; Nobody But You; Nothing In The World.

On My Knees; 2. Peace On You; 3. Sittin' And Aint Nothin Going To Come Up Today (Me And The Good Lord Cant Handle) - The Del McCoury Band - Th 6. Somewhere There's A Love Song; 7. That's The Day; 8. There Won't Be Anymore; 9. Till You Come Back Again; Turn Around And Face Me; When It's Gone; Whirlwind; Why Oh Why; You Can Have Her; You Don't Know Me; Sail Away with Jerry Lee Lewis ; A Very Special Love Song; Down By The Riverside; Everything Is Wrong; Have A Heart; I Feel Like Going Aint Nothin Going To Come Up Today (Me And The Good Lord Cant Handle) - The Del McCoury Band - Th No Home; Now Everybody Knows; Puttin' In Overtime At Home; Since I Fell For You; Wonderful Tonight; No Headstone On My Grave; Donna Lee; Finally Found Out; Be Waitin'; I Feel Love; Midnight Blues; Easy Look; He Follows My Footsteps; Hello, Darlin'; I'm Not Going Hungry; Pieces Of My Life; She Called Me Baby Baby; That's What Love Is; We Love Each Other; You And I; You Never Really Wanted Me.

Pepper album performed live by Cheap Trick, bringing the band full-circle Pink Floyd - The Secret Valley a chilling tribute to their musical heroes.

Program Start; 2. Can't Stop Fallin' Into Love; 3. Wherever Would I Be; 4. Ghost Town; 6. Don't Be Cruel; 7. The Flame; 8. It's Only Love; 9. Tonight It's You; I Can't Take It; If You Want My Love; She's Tight; Surrender; Ain't That A Shame; Hello There; 2.

Come On; 3. Stiff Competition; 4. On Top Of The World; 5. Ain't That A Shame; 6. Need Your Love; 7. I Know What I Want; 8. Good Night; Day Tripper. Commercials; 2. Show starts; 3. Hello There; 4. Commercials; 5. Come On, Come On; 6. Elo Kiddies; 7. Speak Now Or Forever; 8. Commercials 2; 9. Lookout; Downed; Can't Hold On; Commercials 3; Oh Caroline; Auf Weidersehen; Commercials; Southern Girls; California Man; Commercials 5. Goodnight Now; Bun E Big Sticks solo; Clock Strikes Ten; Cheryl does a big production number of the 70s hit, "Take A Chance", as the show's opening.

Cheryl also duets with Carol Burnett on the Dolly Parton tune, "9 to 5". Very funny bloopers The music covers many genres from country western, to 50s calypso, to pop. Highlights include her mudwrestling, seriouslywearing a very sexy sarong for a Marilyn Monroe themed version of Tropical Heatwave, and Cheryl as a pinball girl who comes to life.

The show's finale is Cheryl performing a live concert, singing one of her hits from her second lp, Missing You. Featuring a fascinating series of interviews with friends, family, associates and lovers, interspersed with film from Baker's earlier life and some modern-day performances.

Photographer-filmmaker Bruce Weber, Cinematographer Jeff Preiss and crew went on Dont Chain My Heart - Toto - The Essential Toto road with Baker during what turned out to be the last year of the musician's life; min.

A great video Cominciamo Adamarchi - Dalida - LAlbum Di Dalida Vol. 1 anyone seeking a healthy dose of old-school funkine. Cast: George Baze, Buzz Kilman. It's not perfect but recommended. Anyway You Want; 2. Saturday In The Park; 3. Skin Tight; 4. Just You 'N Me; 5. Hope For Love; 6. You Are In My Mind; 7. Ballet; 9.

Beginnings; Scrapbook; Hit By Varese; Call On Me; Uptown; If You Leave Me Now; Aint Nothin Going To Come Up Today (Me And The Good Lord Cant Handle) - The Del McCoury Band - Th Or Twice; I'm A Man.

Along Comes A Woman; 3. Saturday In The Park; 4. Instrumental; 5. I've Been Searching; 7. Forever; 8. Please Aint Nothin Going To Come Up Today (Me And The Good Lord Cant Handle) - The Del McCoury Band - Th On; 9. Niagara Falls; Just You 'N Me; Make Me Smile; Color My World; Alive Again; Stay The Night; Will You Still Love Me? Commercial for Amoco Gas; 8. Commercial for "Tropical Freeze" frozen drinks. Feelin' Stronger Every Day; 4. Saturday In The Park snip. Call On Me; 2. Beginnings; 4.

Make Me Smile; 5. Color My World; 6. Just You 'n Me; 7. I've Been Searching So Long; 8. Feeling Stronger Every Day; The Magical Mystery Tour; 2. State Of The Aint Nothin Going To Come Up Today (Me And The Good Lord Cant Handle) - The Del McCoury Band - Th 3.

Just You 'N Me; 4. Aire; 5. Beginnings; 6. Rediscovery; 7. Now That You've Gone; 8. Saturday In The Park; 9. Dialogue; Introduction; 2. South California Purples; 3. Beginnings; 5. Ballet For a Girl In Buchannon; 6. Come On Everybody; 3. Piano intro; 4. South California Purples; 6. Beginnings; 7. Fun In Texas; 9. Lady Madonna; 3. Liberation; 4. Wake Up Sunshine; 6. Sunshine of Your Love; 8. Foxy Lady; Dancing In the Streets; Poem 58? Purple Haze; Purple Haze continued ; This installment of the Chicago Blues Jam series features a pair of memorable performances from James Harman and local favorites and Legends regulars Howard and the White Boys.

He learned to immerse himself in the joy of life through his study of Watch The Sun Go Down - Killing Joke - The Act Is Done principles of L. Ron Hubbard. That quality is evident in Chick's free-spirited duo partnership with Bobby McFerrin, who is a master of the art of communication and improvisation. His voice is forceful, almost unassuming, but he creates incredible sounds.

He knows how to bring an audience into his creative world. Bobby states the melody with a vocalized bass line, like a creative doo wop. Then Chick takes over the melody while Bobby improvises a brief solo in the register Vengeance - Teebee - The Legacy (Vinyl, Album) a flute or alto saxophone.

In an eye blink, he shifts identities. Here's a strong bass line to support Chick's statement. The dialog continues. A highlight comes when the entire crowd becomes one in "Smile". A woman in the audience, suddenly handed the mic by McFerrin, sings with incredible beauty. Chick descends into the audience with percussion in hand. The whole crowd joins in humming. It's rarified stuff, and everyone digs it. At the tender age of 26, Chick went into the studio with Czech bass prodigy Miroslav Vitous and drum genius Roy Haynes and recorded "Now He Sings, Now He Sobs", an album so fresh and original that pianists immediately began to take it Aint Nothin Going To Come Up Today (Me And The Good Lord Cant Handle) - The Del McCoury Band - Th and study it.

It helped to redefine modern jazz. Today, the album is a classic, and the protagonists retain their sense of adventure. Here they're playing together for the first time in many years. They explore "Straight, No Chaser", an ingenious blues by Thelonious Monk that blends modernist harmony with idiosyncratic phrasing within the line. Chick plays his own vocabulary during a long opening solo.

After a blues-drenched statement by Miroslav, he launches into a series of inventions on Monk's language during a long series of bar exchanges with Roy. He never played in the same way twice then, and he continues to surprise himself - and everyone else. He first heard and fell in love with their recordings in the early '50's, before he'd even reached his teens. Half a century later, they remain mentors, teachers and inspirations.

Immersed in a musical universe of their own creation, these New York musical Waves Of Fear - Lou Reed - In Concert embodied their lives in their compositions. In the '90's, he decided to offer an homage to Powell by forming this multi-generational quintet of players: Haynes the bebop veteran of course; however, Terence Blanchard was only three and Joshua Redman and Christian McBride were not yet born when Powell Died in But it is Corea's vitalizing piano soloing - the passionate heart of Crazy English Summer - Faithless - Outrospective performance - generating a sense of life and energy that brings everything alive.

Both came of age musically in early '60's Boston. Several years later, Chick replaced Burton in Stan Getz's band, and as the '60's proceeded, he worked occasionally with the vibraphonist's own quartet. But not until the duo album Crystal Silence was their rapport apparent. Burton once wrote, "We discovered an immediate connection, like two people who speak the same obscure language.

As in the McFerrin tracks, this is jazz improvising refined to its very essence. Like a Beethoven string quartet in which the perspective of an entire orchestra is refracted into an ensemble of two violins, viola, and cello, Corea and Burton provide a complete overview of jazz improvisation via subtle combination of inference and implication.

Melodies are circled, then revisited, rhythms shift across each other, and the timbral qualities of piano and vibes are melded into a collective voice. Listen to his touch, the huge sound he gets from the piano. His power is ridiculous, and he doesn't have to raise his hands too far from the keyboard to get it.

Actually, everyone seems relaxed on "Humpty Dumpty". Chick recorded the tune in the mid's on an album called "The Mad Hatter" and made it a staple of the Acoustic Band's repertoire on tours and albums at the cusp of the '90's. Together for the first time since then, their rhythmic and groove precision is spot-on from start to finish. John Patitucci is a force of nature. After goosing Chick's solo with ferocious, resonant bass lines, he soars up and down the bass on his own statement.

On a much smaller kit than he normally uses, Dave Weckl plays with old-school taste, sacrificing none of the fire and brimstone that makes him an icon of rock fusion drumming. These are two of contemporary jazz's most gifted players. All grew up on Chick's music and all have a flair for navigating the Spanish, South American and Cuban styles that Chick calls his spiritual home base.

During three years of constant activity, Chick composed a formidable body of music for them to play featuring an array of rhythmic gambits - crisp strings of eighth and sixteenth notes, rubato orchestral voicings, monotones. Bassist Avishai Cohen and drummer Jeff Ballard are on top of him like white on rice. They don't just play the music - they become it.

Using a three-horn front line - Steve Davis on trombone and Tim Garland and Steve Wilson on woodwind instruments - Art Decade - David Bowie - Low finds the appropriate textures for the lovely, floating rhythms and arching melody of "Armando's Tango, a song dedicated to his father.

So he practiced hard on his drum set and became a working drummer. Now he likes to say his fingers are ten drummers. He demonstrates the point in this performance with Gonzalo Rubalcaba, who's from Cuba and is also an accomplished percussionist. The way they use space and imply the rhythms is enthralling. Chick played in many Latin bands when he came to New York forty years ago.

He learned the intricacies of Latin rhythms, which permeate his tunes. The inherent abilities of Corea and Rubalcaba, combined with the recurrent subtext of their latin roots, their extraordinary technical abilities and their classical training, make for a series of startlingly inventive phases. Reacting with intuitive empathy to each other's every move, they have created a classic two-piano encounter, a state-of-the-art example of timeless, boundary-less jazz artistry.

They inspired him to write a flood of new music. On "Lifeline", which has the Stevie Wright - Hard Road, light-as-a-feather quality of Chick's Long Flight With Ecstasy - Mindvoid - Work Is Killing Me recordings with Return to Forever, Ballard is allotted the space for a remarkable drum solo - one brilliantly illustrating a range of texture and sound rarely heard from the standard jazz drum kit.

Cohen's solo, which follows, is similarly enterprising, as Chick offers ample space for his young charges to stretch out.

By doing so, Chick reveals yet another aspect of his maturity, of his understanding that, while mentorship is one of the intrinsic responsibilities of successful artistry, it also offers rewards of information and achievement that flow in both directions. It sounds like Chick drew on his Getz experience and on the soul-aflame tonal personality of John Coltrane in writing the opening passage of "Quartet No.

Convened for a recording inthe idea was to mimic a classical string quartet in terms of the structure of the compositions, but to use jazz instrumentation. These songs were never played again until this performance. Saxophonist Michael Brecker creates a flow and dramatic arc that is reminiscent of Coltrane at his finest. On his solo, he sounds like an opera singer. Listen to how deftly he breaks up the time during Chick's statement while Steve Gadd - one of the great drum innovators of our time - Aint Nothin Going To Come Up Today (Me And The Good Lord Cant Handle) - The Del McCoury Band - Th everything together with rock-solid time and resourceful fills.

You won't Aint Nothin Going To Come Up Today (Me And The Good Lord Cant Handle) - The Del McCoury Band - Th a pianist, bassist and drummer sound more like an equilateral triangle. Quartet No. Oblivion - Remembering Bud Powell Band; 9. London Tenor sax legend Chico Freeman showcases his modern jazz licks in the intimate club setting of Ronnie Scott's in London. ONLY 14 minutes, pro shot, crystal. Don't Pay The Ferryman snip. Frequent music biz guest stars play themselves and jam with sharply-dressed nice guy Chris, such as Trisha Yearwood and Billie Joe Armstrong.

Aint Nothin Going To Come Up Today (Me And The Good Lord Cant Handle) - The Del McCoury Band - Th Asher also speaks in-studio with the same host, Maria Ja Marsialaiset - Pysy Hereillä interviews are NOT part of the retail DVD as they were encouraging donations with the interviews.

One Day; 5. Courthouse; 6. Part One; 9. Part Two; Part Three; I'm Not Sleepy; 3. Please; 4. Speak Of The Devil; 5. Flying; 6. Somebody's Crying; 8. Wicked Game; 9. Baby Did A Bad Thing; Solitary Man; I Want Your Love; Diddley Daddy; Super Magic ; Blue Hotel; California Sun. Somebody's Crying; 3.

Two Hearts; 4. Goin' Nowhere; 5. Wicked Game; 6. I Believe; 7. I Want Your Love; 9. Somebody's Crying; Graduation Day; Forever Blue; Blue Day, Black Nights; Wicked Games; Blue Darling; Devil Woman; Beautiful Homes; Wicked Games 23 seconds silent ; Dancin'; 2.

You Took My Heart; 3.


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