A Crack In The Mirror - Dream Theater - Waking Up The World Tour 95 - Live At The Koseinenkin Hall,

Download A Crack In The Mirror - Dream Theater - Waking Up The World Tour 95 - Live At The Koseinenkin Hall,

It mostly includes a dying cat screaming and John maying aka Jackie chan tuning his bass 9 Octaves low. The music video features Jesus making a salad and Satan playing chess.

There new album "A crappy form of cheese" has rip offs of jazz songs. There second biggest hit is a song called "I love air and space museum decade old candy" and runs for roughly Eighty minutes. James Labrie is known to sing out of tune. Dream theatre's song "take the time" was also a hit and features a clock ticking and Mike Portony hitting some guy's head. The music video futures dream theater at Michael Jackson's funeral dream theater was dancing on his grave.

The band is known for being one of the most ridiculously complex technical elements ever discovered, so much they created themselves out of nothing, thus raping the laws of physics and thermodynamics. Only "claiming" that they have "talent", they are known as the most intense jazz-opera fusion rap band in the world. After Charlie Promaninciallyorinano joined the band he lasted four weeks before he was burnt into the atmosphere by John Petrucci's wikiddd sick ray gun that he so totally got from the year Promaninciallyorinano's final words were; " The fuck?

Why is the ironing board still out?! Three of Dream Theaters members are also well credited for partaking in the Liquid Bear Experimentin which they accidentally created World War 3. However, thanks to a particular guitar solo from Petrucci, he was able to send the aforementioned war 10, years into the future, where when? In the Bible when Jesus was believed to come back to life, it was just John Petrucci worlds worst guitar playerthey went to the wrong tomb.

He was mistaken for Jesus when traveling back in time. His directions were off, thus sending him to Jesus's time, not the dinosaurs as planned. In Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, Jordan Rudess was originally cast as Gandalf but he immediately turned it down because there weren't enough keyboards anywhere on set.

He demanded that he be allowed to play Key-tar while fighting the Balrog so that he wouldn't have to die. Jackson was quoted as saying "ZoMg lawlz, nooeessss cuz u r t00 !!!!! Dream Theater was formed sometime during the Ordovician period million years agoat the time there was only the squid-like James Labrie singing "O Holy Night" that created a photosynthesis and allowing other life forms to evolve.

Soon John Petrucci and John Myung had been fully evolved and successfully mated. Their child was Mike Portnoy. When Mike was three years old, he formed the band.

The four life forms thought to themselves, "Who shall play keyboard as well as we play our respective instruments? With many fingers he wrote songs and played keyboard, Auto-Jam - Heckmann* & Zenker* - Machine Heads was still not as brilliant and could not withstand the incredible awesome of his bandmates.

And so they obliterated the failed experiment, named "Kevin". And thus spake Myung, "Lo, we are again without a keyboard player. It was very crowded and some talking is inevitable.

Apart from a slight dispute with a guy that came to stand in front of me at the end A Crack In The Mirror - Dream Theater - Waking Up The World Tour 95 - Live At The Koseinenkin Hall, 'Evermore', there is only the usual 'wow'-ing.

Sound is quite direct with a nice punch. Because of the length I had to put the last Whirlwind track on disc 2. To ensure full enjoyment of playback Little Rio - Stan Getz / Astrud Gilberto - Starportrait used no fading.

The same goes for splitting disc 2 and 3. I was just in time to record A Crack In The Mirror - Dream Theater - Waking Up The World Tour 95 - Live At The Koseinenkin Hall, extra encore, for I had already put my gear away. Sound of that one is different, because I was more to the center and the were less people around me. I only had to brigten up the higer frequencies a bit. Tracks were slightly EQ-ed and volume was corrected. I use no compression so the dynamics stay in tact. After correction, tracks were split at sector boundaries.

Flacs are tagged for convenient playback on compatible systems. Then this is the perfect gig! Transatlantic is bringing the Wirld Tour to Tilburg.

About nine years ago they came to Tilburg to record a live dvd. They all remembered A Crack In The Mirror - Dream Theater - Waking Up The World Tour 95 - Live At The Koseinenkin Hall, night and the surely will remember this one! This band plays solid prog. The complete Whirlwind and all their classics were played. Just minor flaws in playing and a Road To Melniboné - Stuart Smith - Heaven And Earth and tight sounding band.

And the best audience! After the encore the audience kept on screaming and the unexpected happened, they returned for a second encore: The Return Of The Giant Hogweed. This gave me the Gabrielle - Martin Luther Lennon - Redux for the title. For Transatlantic is a real progbeast. Their return to Tilburg will be in my memory forever.

And this recording will support that memory. Enjoy Transatlantic in top form. I am happy with the quality, but make your own opinion! Posted by zarsel7 at PM 1 comment:. Hope you all enjoy this recording as much as I do. Please let me know what you think. Correct excessive peaks. Adjust dynamics. Do Not Buy Or Sell! Transatlantic - - Frankfurt, Germany. Please Feel Free To Remaster! Tracks T1 through T4 will fit on 1 cd.

Then if your trying to cosoldate the music, T05 throughT08 for cd 2 with T09 and T10 on the final 3rd cd. Personaly I A Crack In The Mirror - Dream Theater - Waking Up The World Tour 95 - Live At The Koseinenkin Hall, be burnig the 2cd set T06 through T10 on 2 cds.

My position was on the stage barracade ,center. This gave an excellent recording with little to no chatter. The mix problems the band had in A Crack In The Mirror - Dream Theater - Waking Up The World Tour 95 - Live At The Koseinenkin Hall, first set are reflected in the recordingbut by the second set the sound was great. Very little tweaking was needed, a volume adjustment and some fade ins, outs were done. My favorite portion is the second set, an amazing performance, high energy and well executed.

Enjoy and please don't remaster for other than your own pleasure. Lineage: Wave Zoom H2, Duel With The Devil Disc 3 Booklet printing tips: Print the "Inlay" on the back of the "Tray" "" on the back of "" the outside of the booklet "" on the back of "" "" on the back of "" "" on the back of "" "" on the back of "" Thanks to Progster Stu and Ice Dog for the additional pix.

Support the band by seeing them perform live, and by purchasing their official releases. This recording was made by fans for fans, don't buy or sell, or convert to lossy, unless for personal use. On the Prowl Out of the Night Pieces of Heaven All of the Above Duel With the Devil Disc 3 Encores There's a little bit of Jeff Beck's "Freeway Jam" in "On the Prowl" in honor of the fact that he was playing in town the same night at the Nokia Theatre.

This was one of the best prog shows I have ever seen! Just a few minutes shy of 3 full hours, not including the intermission. CalProg rules! Duel with the Devil 2. My New World 3. We All Need Some Light 4. Stranger in Your Soul 3.

Time: ' but 3 cdr requires. All Of The Above 2. Mystey Train 3. Genesis Medley 2. My new World 3. All Of The Above 3. Indexing was done with CDWav. The original sound of the recording has not been altered. Info taken from back cover - covers included. Even Less long version 2. Waiting - Phase 1 3. Waiting - Phase 2 4. Sleep of No Dreaming 5. Up the Downstair 6.

This is No Rehearsal 7. Ambulance Chasing 8. The Moon Touches Your Shoulder 9. Always Never A Crack In The Mirror - Dream Theater - Waking Up The World Tour 95 - Live At The Koseinenkin Hall, Two 1. Signify 2. After a headlining concert on September 9, at the Foundations Forum in Burbank, Californiawith Jordan Rudess performed with them at the show, but decided against joining the band for the entire tour, the band held another round of auditions and were impressed with Derek Sherinianwho studied at Berklee College of Music the year before Petrucci, Portnoy and Myung did.

He had previously played with Alice Cooper and Kiss and enjoyed similar music to the other members of Shooting Star (K. Laurend Hands Up Edit) - K La Cuard Feat. Andy Kiys - Shooting Star Theater. Over Christmas, James Labrie went on holiday to Cuba with his wife, where he had violent food poisoning. We weren't in a position for me to take a six-month break so I had to keep touring.

The band continued with Japanese leg on January 14, until January 25, The band held a minute's silence at every show in Japan in memory of those who had died. Saturday 7 December Sunday 8 December Monday 9 December Tuesday 10 December Wednesday 11 December Thursday 12 December Friday 13 December Saturday 14 December Sunday 15 December Monday 16 December Tuesday 17 December Wednesday 18 December Thursday 19 December Friday 20 December Saturday 21 December Sunday 22 December Monday 23 December Tuesday 24 December Wednesday 25 December Thursday 26 December Friday 27 December Saturday 28 December Sunday 29 December Monday 30 December Tuesday 31 December Wednesday 1 January Thursday 2 January Friday 3 January Saturday 4 January Sunday 5 January Monday 6 January Tuesday 7 January Wednesday 8 January Thursday 9 January Friday 10 January Saturday 11 January Sunday 12 January Monday 13 January Tuesday 14 January Wednesday 15 January Thursday 16 January Friday 17 January Saturday 18 January Sunday 19 January The Spirit Carries on [] 9.

The Glass Prison [] Disc Two: 1. Endless Sacrifice [] 2. I Walk Beside You [] 3. Sacrificed Sons [] 4. Octavarium [] 5. A Clockwork Orange [] 2. Lines in the Sand Intro [] 3. Lines in the Sand [] 4.

Burning My Soul [] 5. Voices [] 6. The Silent Man [] 7. Pull Me Under [] 8. Guitar Solo [] 9. Peruvian Skies [] Disc Two 1. Hollow Years [] 2.

A Change of Seasons: Carpe Diem [] 3. The Ytse Jam [] 5. New Millenium [] 6. Trial of Tears [] 7. Mean Streets [] 9. Metropolis Part I 2. Under A Grass Moon 3. Status Seeker New intro 4. Wait For Sleep 5. Surrounded 6. To Live Forever 8. Take The Time 4. Caught In A Web 5. Lifting Shadows Of A Dream 6.

A Mind Beside Itself 8. Disc One 1. Under a Glass Moon [] 7. Hollow Years [] 8. Keyboard Solo [] 9. A Crack in the Mirror [] Puppies on Acid [] Just Let Me Breathe [] Guitar Solo [] Peruvian Skies Tina Toledos Street Walkin Blues - Ryan Adams - Gold Pull Me Under [] Disc Two 1.

Scarred [] 2. Strange Deja-vu 4. Panic Attack 5. Constant Motion 6. Forsaken 7. Pull Me Under 8. Another Day 9. Surrounded inc. Metropolis Pt 1. Disc 2: Under A Glass Moon Wait For Sleep Info: Cuando eran Majesty. Tracks Demos On C.

Dominici Take the Time 5. Caught in a Web 6. Lifting Shadows Off a Dream 8. The Mirror Lie Another Day Disc Two 1. Erotomania 2. Voices 3. The Silent Man 4. As I Am Beyond This Life Endless Sacrifice Caught In A Web This Dying Soul The Great Debate Finally Free CD2 Honor Thy Father Only A Matter Of Time Erotomania Trial Of Tears Metropolis part 1 2.

Only a Matter of Time 5. Misunderstood 6. I Erotomania 8. II Voices abridged 9. Diary of a Madman Comfortably Numb Take Hold of the Flame Fatal Tragedy 4. The Test that Stumped Them All 7.

Home 8. Intro Tape 2. Pull me Under 3. Another Day 4. Take The time 5. Sorrounded 6. Metropolis Pt 1 7. Under a Glass Moon 8. Wait For Sleep 9. Learning To Live Publicado por James Hammett en Publicar un comentario. No hay comentarios:.


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  1. Sep 17,  · The third recording is from Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo /01/23, and also goes under the names Waking Up The World Tour '95 (vol. 3 of the "Soundboard Masters" series), and Tokyo Dragons. There's also considerable overlap between these recordings a Read more Dream Theater Live At Tokyo International Forum - Turbulent Heat. August 02,
  2. Apr 08,  · DREAM THEATER Gearing Up For The Astonishing Tour - "We've Never Had Production At This Level" April 8, , 3 years ago. By Carl Begai. feature heavy metal dream theater.
  3. Awake is the third studio album by American progressive metal band Dream Theater, released in The record holds the distinction of being the last Dream Theater album to feature keyboardist Kevin Moore, and is the band's second-highest selling effort to date behind 's Images and Words.
  4. Jan 23,  · Dream Theater - - Tokyo, Japan FLAC Waking Up The World Tour '95 Band Name: Dream Theater Venue: Various City/State/Country: Various Date: Various Disc 1 and Disc 2 (tracks ) Recorded Live at Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan Disc 2 Tracks Recorded Live at The Palace, Hollywood, USA
  5. On some random day dream theater anounced that they will be working on their 16th load of ***it On Wednesday the third of February, dream theater appeared on the late show with David Letterman and John Myung attacked the audience and John Petrucci kept Smashing his guitar. James Labrie is known to sing out of tune.
  6. Aug 29,  · powermetal.akinoragavironkalas.infoinfo The largest unofficial Dream Theater fan community on the Internet- home of over Dream Theater fans, over Dream Theater related topics, and nearly a quarter of a million posts by some of the biggest Dream Theater fans on the net!

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