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Non Standard Productions. Work Overview. Following 1. By he had begun the early solo projects Metazone and Phobia and begun collaborating with Uwe Schmidt, best known as AtomTM; the two found common ground in exploring the boundaries of the then-nascent techno genre, a project that remains current to this day with exactly the same ideology, always live, fully improvised and extensively documented over 25 years. Let It Snow - The GentsPeter Dijkstra - Follow That Star (SACD) Mozart: Sym K.

January - 25 - Mikrokosmos List Rust: 2 Sonatas No. Melan recital : Liszt: Traurige. SchumacherFant K. January - 27 - Mikrokosmos List Bach: Capriccio, Polonaises; C. Bach: Sonata in f. Golschmann ; Prokofiev: Con 3 cond. Koussevitzky ; Rachmaninov: Paganini Vars cond. Newstone early UK. Kuentz: Shostakovich: Piano Con 1 A. Scherbaum tr ; 130509 - TV Victor - GRV Vol. 1 2 Rumanian. January - 29 - Mikrokosmos List Oistrakh 130509 - TV Victor - GRV Vol.

1 Shostakovich: Sonata Op. Liszt-Bartok Pno. Suk: Piano Works Vol. January - 31 - Mikrokosmos List Gulda, M. Broman, T. Bianca : Tchaikovsky: Pf Con 1 - cond. Anosov good. Mitrani hpschd. Mitropoulos ; Walton: Con cond. Eccles: Sonata in g; R. Clarke: Sonata - Novotna pno. Ackermann ; Prokofiev: Con 2 cond. Cameron deluxe. Gilels, cond. Ackerman deluxe. Ginsburg, ; Schuman: Fant; Chopin:. January - 33 - Mikrokosmos List Mann, Antonietti.

Verlet hrpschrd :. Steinberg US light marks, but nice. Neveu pno, 130509 - TV Victor - GRV Vol. 1. Dobrowen EMI C Barshai Ligo label. Anosov ; Paganini: Con 2 cond. Robertson: Con - Utah SO, cond. Abravanel black Stereolab label.

Neumann ; Sonatas K. Gibson ; Beethoven: 2 Romances cond. Haitink German silver. January - 35 - Mikrokosmos List Geogescu ; Wieniawski: Con 2 cond. Egge: Vln Con cond. Koch ob : Mozart: Con K. Brahms Op. Savall vla da gamba : S. King cond. Marshall: Morawetz: From Diary of. Zimmermann: Double Bass Con in D. Feigin: Shostakovich: Trio Op.

Norton: Reger: Sonata Op. Kuijken vla da gamba. Auriacombe ds SAX. January - 37 - Mikrokosmos List Buckley: E. Hala: J. Christie: J. Marchal: Barie, F. Sanger: Reger, Bach; E. Serkin: Schumann: Pno Quintet 130509 - TV Victor - GRV Vol. 1. Serkin: Brahms: Piano Quartet op. Reicha: 2 Quintets Op.

Stich: Horn Quartet. January - 39 - Mikrokosmos List Kuijken: Musik Tony Cook - Tony Cook EP Versailler: M. Menuhin, A. Doyen: Faure: Piano Quartet Op. Gilels: Tchaikovsky: Trio Op. Virsaladze pno, O. Kagan vln, N. Couperin, Boismortier - P. Derenne, Boulay. Graf sop, comp. Dervaux: Alternances Nantes Percussion. Rogers, L. Johnson, R. Hoffman, Jessop, cond. Cahill sop, Lindsay SQ.

Lehmann, U. Kooper vln, Bloom cl. Machard Songs, Aun Existe Amor - Celine Dion* - A New Day Has Come Op.

Schuller: Quartet for Db - G. Klaus db. January - 41 - Mikrokosmos List Mayuzuni: Mandala Sym - cond. Schultz: Lille Serenade. Rauch pno. Schnabel, cond.

Adler ; 10 Songs E. Francoulon sop, SPA 55 A Milan, Codona pieces - C. Walcott, D. Cherry, Vasconelos ECM Nuno, M. Campos, Espinoza - cond. Paumgartner ; Hrn Con in D Woudenberg, cond. Goldberg ; Ob. Ellsasser, Hamburg ChO, cond. January - 43 - Mikrokosmos List Aubert: Concert de. Goberman with. Gencer, Mazzoli, G. Raimondi, Ausensi, cond. Wagner, Schock, Liebestraum - Ike Quebec - Bossa Nova Soul Samba, L.

Otto, Metternich, cond. Monti, Gobbi, cond. Davy, A. Arena, Cerutti, Zampieri, Mandalari, cond. Hofmann, Conwell, Bergius, cond. Heger gold. Gigli, Simionato, Pacetti, Bechi, Basiola. Gigli, Poli, Pergola, cond.

Koth, cond. Allen, Vaness, K. Lewis, Kavrakos, cond. Stevens, Stoska, C. Kullman, J. Hines, Tibbett, cond. Albanese, cond. Monteil, A. Lance, Jeffrys, cond. Finel, R. Bianco, cond. Reiner ; Elektra Varnay, Hongen. Rimini, Ghirardini, D'Alessio, Baccaloni, cond.

Jones, Fischer-Dieskau, cond. Craus, M. Sereni, cond. Indahl, Dermota, Sorell, Zadek, cond. Weber, Windgassen, Modl, cond. Alexander, Holm, S. Alexander, S. Konya, Talmar, cond. Schmidt, cond.

Konya, Hallstein, Talmar, cond. Kraus, Cesari, cond. Robin, M. Dens, Senechal, cond. Gressier early. Alexander, Hallstein, Hoppe, Bartos, cond. Streich, cond. Konya, P. Alexander, Talmar, cond.

Otto, Holm, Schock. January - 45 - Mikrokosmos List Alexander, Bautz, Talmar, Hoppe, cond. Hanell, Rogner. Stolz: Evergreens songs - cond. Recs Vol. Strauss songs - H. Furtwangler, Kempe. Holecek: Dokoupil: 3. Heger ; Schubert: Songs Raucheisen. Kulka, R. January - 47 - Mikrokosmos List 130509 - TV Victor - GRV Vol. 1 Moore: Mozart, Schubert, Schumann.

Durante, Judy. Klemperer ; Mahler: 3 Ruckert Songs cond. Walter. Hofmann: Gluckliche Reise Operetta aongs by Kunneke. Braschi, M. Cioni, P. Pedani, A. Streich, Uhde, Greindl, Schlemm, W. Ludwig, Fehenberger, Goltz jacket worn. Curtin, Knowles, D. Lloyd, M. Harrell, cond. Ludwig, H. Hennecke, cond. Wenzinger, F. Charpentier, Early In The Morning - Various - Jazz In Chicago 2 - Les Clubs De Jazz. January - 49 - Mikrokosmos List Anderson Vol.

F A 19 UM1. January - 51 - Mikrokosmos List ChopinOverture on the theme of a. Backer-Grondahl: 3 Etudes from Op. January - 53 - Mikrokosmos List Gould, Schumann, 130509 - TV Victor - GRV Vol. 1. Zinman ; K.

Rossi, ; Mozart: Con K. Leitner ; Schumann: Con cond. Heward ; Haydn: Sonata 37; Schubert D. Hermann: Bach: Double Con. January - 55 - Mikrokosmos List Boult gold. Bach: Con in D cond. AdlerFl Trio C. SargentCon for 2 Pnos K. Sanderling ; Choral Fant cond. Kletzki ; Piano Quartet Op. January - 57 - Mikrokosmos List Baumgartner ; Stravinsky: Suite.

Koch vla, R. Ancerl ; F. Couperin: Con for 2 Vcls; Giardini:. Designed using Magazine Hoot. Powered by WordPress. Month: August By: terminal In: discofunkjazzretro. With: 0 Comments. In: acidretro. In: ambientBerlindronedubexperimentalminimaltechnotop In: cumbiaethnotribal.


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  1. Buy GRV Vol 1 at Juno Records. In stock now for same day shipping. GRV Vol 1 TV VICTOR › GRV Vol 1. TV VICTOR. GRV Vol 1. Non Standard Productions Germany Add to Wishlist e-mail me when available. Out of stock. $ Tracklist. Side 1; 1. " 6" Side 2; 1. " 10B" 2. " 1C" Add to Chart Add to Wishlist e-mail me when.
  2. Now celebrating its 10th anniversary and looking back over 35 years of Tobias Freund’s career in experimental electronics, Non Standard Productions has been instrumental in raising the work of its creator and his collaborators to the forefront of contemporary electronic music.
  3. tv victor / grv vol.1 (12") 盤質b powermetal.akinoragavironkalas.infoinfo tobias.主宰のnon standard productionsから!!ダークなベースの反復にハメられるa面""、圧倒的なスケールのサウンドスケープに包まれるb-1""など、このレーベルらしい実験的かつ刺激的な音響が渦巻く1枚!」.
  4. 6 by TV Victor on Non Standard Productions: 1B by TV Victor on R 7 chartings. GRV Vol.1 by TV Victor on Non Standard Productions: 2 chartings. Part 1 by TV Victor on Tresor: The Ways of the Bodies / Timeless Deceleration by TV Victor .
  5. tv victor grv vol. 1. non standard productions (ger) 12inch // nsp08 からのリリースで古くからのコアなテクノ・ファンにもオナジミの奇才udo heitfeldのtv victor名義が、盟友max loderbauerのnsi主宰レーベルから突如リリース。.
  6. TV Victor – GRV Vol. 1 (NSP 08) – 9/ By: terminal On: 26/08/ The introductory lesson lasts 10 minutes 46 seconds and is titled “”. A blunt, even too blunt loop keeps going like Du**cell bunny, only the whole experience is not as soft and furry.
  7. tv victor / grv vol. 1 盤質b (12") れるtv victorがnsiのレーベルから出したambient作品! ダークなベースの反復にハメられるa面""、圧倒的なスケールのサウンドスケープに包まれるb-1""など、このレーベルらしい実験的かつ刺激的な音響が渦巻く1枚!」.

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